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Names Abstracted from

Field Book of the Ulster and Delaware Turnpike Road

hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, Delaware County Clerks Office - electonic text by Joyce Riedinger, August 28, 2000

From the division-line-between the Counties of Ulster and Delaware to the division line between the Counties of Delaware and Chenango

James Darling Surveyor Anno 1809
Will Cockburn Com rs
David Van Ness

Beginning on North side of the road on the division line between the Counties of Ulster and Delaware.

      1 mile                              14 miles
        Imry Brook                           William Howards house
        Brook                             15 miles
      2 miles                                Peter Kettles house
        Elias Dotys house                 16 miles
        Brook near Joshua Taylor             Brook
        Uriah Everys house                17 miles
      3 miles                                turnpike gate kept by Peter Hull
        Abraham Beagles house             18 miles
        Red Kill (a stream)
      4 miles                             19 miles
        Jonathan Smith's house               Samuel Hulls house
        Russel Stones house                  Brook
        Joseph Everys house                  Peter Hiesers house
        John Winns house                     John Nawns (?) house
      5 miles                                Thomas Bassetts house
                                             Philip Walkers house
      6 miles                                Brook
        Curtis house                      20 miles
        Cornelius Newkirks house             Thomas Cards house
      7 miles                                Daniel Waterberrys house
        Brook                             21 miles
        Alexander Cockburns house            Brook
        turnpike gate kept by Asa Lee        Alexander Grants house
      8 miles                                Brook
        David Demuns house                22 miles
        John Demuns house
      9 miles                             23 miles
        Cornelius Coles house             24 miles
        Henry Myres house                    Alexander Mores house
                                             Robert Masons house 
     10 miles                             25 miles 
        Grants Brook house                   Phineas Beardsleys house
        his house                         26 miles
        Albertus Sluyters house              Brook
        across East Branch of Delaware River Obadiah Beardsleys house
        John Lees house                      turnpike gate kept by William
     11 miles                                  McKnee
        Daniel Barras house                  Brook
        the main Platte kill              27 miles
     12 miles                                James Mcknees house
        John Griffins house               28 miles
                                             Benjamin Clarks house
        Smiths house                         Am Barbers house 
        Grist mill                        29 miles
     13 miles        
        Thomas Griffins house
     30 miles                             45 miles
        Samuel Tiffenys house                Seth Berrys house
        Rathbone Creek                       Wheeler Robinsons house
     31 miles                             46 miles
        Goodrichs Tavern
        across the West Branch of the     47 miles
            Delaware River                   Brook
     32 miles                                Lumes house
        Peleg Benjamins tavern               Brook
        Brook                                the fence across the road by
        William Cornels house                Adams & Lumes
     33 miles                             
        James Whites house                48 miles
        John Richs house                     Henry Louthers house
     34 miles                             49 miles
        Phineas Howlands house               E Simons house
        Daniel Lumes house                50 miles
        division line between Walton         Trout BrooK
           and Delhi                         a branch of Trout Brook
        Samuel Tiffenys house                John Teeds house
     35 miles                             51 miles
        Curtis Tiffenys house             
        Benjamin Myres house              52 miles
     36 miles                                Brook
        Virgil Andrews house 
                                          53 miles 
     37 miles                                Baldins Barn
                                             his house
     38 miles                             54 miles
        Turnpike gate kept by Isaac          William Bissbees house
          Hathaway                           Hugh Rogers house
        Thomas Griswolds house            55 miles
        Charles Smiths Tavern                Nathan Fosters house
        Abm Ogdens house                     Wearam Willis house
        Isaac Ogdens                         Post Office kept by Abm
     39 miles                                  Severly
        Cases house                       56 miles
     40 miles                                Robeft Welles tavern
        Isaac Townsends house                turnpike gate
        Townsends Grist Mill                 School house
        Gabriel Norths Sawmill               Brook
        Gabriel Norths house                 Darius Smiths house
        Jeter Gardners house              57 miles
        his store                            Bissels Store
        Brook                                Arise Coes house
        John Roots Office                    Enos Goodmans house
        Shadrach Haywards tavern             Faulkners house
     41 miles                                the line of property which
        Brook                                 is the division line 
        William Townsends barn                between the counties of 
        his house                             Delaware & Chenango
     42 miles
     43 miles
     44 miles
        Cook St Johns Tavern
        fence made across the road by
          Adams & Lumes

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