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by George D. Taylor

Permission given by the Taylor Family, for posting to this website, by Rachel Pace after polling grandchildren of George D. Taylor and cousin Sandy Fraze.

George and Helen Taylor of Stamford, NY had three children, Marian, Martha and John. John was killed by lightening when he was ten years old. Marian had four children and Martha, three. Marian and Martha are both deceased.

. . . Page images reproduced from book and submitted to by Donald A. Danald
. . . Transcription from image files by Linda Ogborn
. . . Proofed and coded for webpage and pdf file by Joyce Riedinger - posted to this website March 7, 2011

Note from Rachel Pace (granddaughter of George D. Taylor): I found the copy of book that grandpa gave to his mother with an inscription "Mother; This is your special copy. I wish I could overlay it with Silver Engraving, for your enthusiasm and appreciation of what is inside is my greatest reward for having written it. George. Apr 24, 1950."


Other comments can be read at: Flicker site --Donald A. Danald
Thanks to all of you that worked to get this available to so many.. Stayed up toooooo late last night reading the book. So very well done and very interesting, even though many of us have read or heard about this time frame. Thanks. --Linda Taylor
How wonderful to have that Century Farm Article to go along with Mr. Taylor's book. Wow and thank you Rachel Pace. --Linda Ogborn
Thank you so much for posting this book!!!! You all are the best------I have communicated with Linda Ogborn in the past------and you both deserve a huge SALUTE for the invaluable information you share with us all. --Sheryl Karlowski-Brown - Harkness and Kinmonth Family Lines :-)
As manager of this website, I would like to express my appreciation to Donald A. Danald for bringing this book to our attention, and for reproducing all pages in image format. Thanks go out to Linda Ogborn for taking on transcription from those images and for all the work she has done in the past for Last, but not least, much appreciation to the Taylor Family for sharing this book and other materials for everyone's enjoyment. As for me, I'm thankful to have survived a computer crash in the midst of it all.! --Joyce Riedinger

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