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This page serves as a way to let all volunteers of data to this website know that their efforts are appreciated. It is through a continual stream of submissions from so many that this website continues to grow.

We would love to hear from you too! Joyce Riedinger

29 November 2022
...THANK YOU for the great information you have on this website. I live in Michigan and am descended from one of the early settlers in Delaware County - Nathan Stevens, who died in 1805 (also the Perigos, Wards and Tiffany's - and who knows? Maybe more!) As I research his (or their) history and family history, I have found myself on your site time after time, finding little nuggets of treasure. Today I found the list of "place names" which gave me an answer that google couldn't give me (at least easily) - that the town entered in someone's birth record (Cretona) was likely Croton, nowadays Franklin. So, thank you for all you do to make genealogical research a bit easier for all of us! Great job! -- Kathy Everhart -

17 March 2020
Since this website began, the amount of interesting and valuable information I have obtained from it has been enormously helpful. A very grateful "user," Pat Francisco

6 March 2020
. . . Thank you so much for all you’ve done for so many people over the years. Because of your work and the information on my great-grandfather (Nathan Hilton DuMond) that you posted for me, I connected with a second cousin I didn’t know existed and we’ve shared some wonderful family history, documents and photographs. We even discovered that our immediate families are buried in the same small family plot in the Margaretville Cemetery! --Ginny Garrison

29 February 2020
Years ago, when information was much more difficult to find, this site was responsible for me connecting with a distant NY cousin who had posted a message that included the name of someone I had on my extended family list. It wasn't even the family surname I had come to search for. She became a treasure trove of information. She then connected me with another distant cousin in Ohio. From New York to Ohio to me in Texas. The family had spread out enormously, but unknown to me, had stayed connected for many years. Both these cousins blew open brick walls, gave me pictures and information on people in my direct line, and missing pieces of the family tree. And importantly, they also had the story that opened insights into my family myths and situations. It was amazing what these cousins knew and that I did not even know they existed. I am grateful also that they were so open to sharing with me and that they had taken the time to keep the information fresh.

I have shared the information from your site and these cousins with all my lst cousins, 28 of them, who now have grandchildren. Maybe even greatgrandchildren, I've lost count. One of my first cousins went to Masonville several years ago to just take a look, walk the ground. I would like to do that too, but it doesn't look likely. So I visit Masonville and Delaware County through your wonderful website.

Thank you for all your work and thank you to the people who have posted over the years! --Marie Lawrence, Houston,

29 February 2020
Thanks for all of your invaluable help and precious treasury of shared family history over these years for so many of our varied family trees ... from out AZ way! --Lita and Jack Owens (the Owens family who arrived to Windsor CT in 1639 and migrated over to NY Cannonsville in the late 1700's. --Lita & Jack Owens

29 February 2020
This site has been an amazing help with researching my Russell’s from North Hamden. --Kim

29 February 2020
I would definitely be interested in being on your new mailing list, and I am always so grateful for all the incredible work you put into maintaining this wonderful site for all of us! Thank you!! --Gabrielle Pierce, Delaware County/Village of Delhi Historian

28 February 2020
I cannot thank you enough for your website. It has been a primary source of so much information about my Delaware County Stilson ancestors, and the tribe of settlers with whom they arrived from Connecticut in the Delaware Valley of New York. Be well, and know that you have made a wonderful difference in the historical availability in Delaware County that is unique, and which has taught me so much! --David E. Dillman

28 February 2020
Thank you for all you have done over the years. So appreciated and has been so helpful in searching for needed information and contacts to build our family tree. Best wishes from one of your followers. --Sharry

28 February 2020
Thank you so much for all you’ve done with the dcny site! --Sally Whitney Goodfellow, Charlotte NC

28 February 2020
Thank you Joyce! A relative saw my pics and post to you and contacted me. I found an entire branch of our family. My grandfather’s sisters’ families. Much appreciation --Susan Stone

When I am doing family history and need local information is my first stop! I appreciate all of the time and energy you put into keeping the website up to date and active. --Gloria Rutulante

28 February 2020
Thank you, Joyce, for all you do to make the Delaware County Genealogy and History website my "go-to" place when researching my husband's family. --Louise (Lou) Jones, Stillwater, Minnesota

28 February 2020
Thank you for all the years you have helped us stay United with the past. --Gladys Heath

26 February 2020
Thank you Joyce!!! A relative saw my pics and post to you and contacted me. I found an entire branch of our family. My grandfather’s sisters’ families. --Much appreciation. --Susan Stone

24 February 2020
Hello, Joyce. You are absolutely amazing. You never stop, do you? You inspire us all—and me, in particular! Best wishes for a successful 2020. --Carolyn McPherson

16 February 2020
The site looks fantastic with new items all the time. It's such a help to me in my efforts of sorting family! The Margaretville Cemetery list was particularly wonderful! --Paul Hughson

11 February, 2020
I just wanted to make contact with Joyce Riedinger and say Thank you for the Biography you provided on James Townsend & his son Robert. Thank you is not enough for what you do and the time you give to keep history alive. This article really shed a lot of light on my families early beginnings and confirmed a lot of things I had been told through childhood. I want to pay my respects to those that have come before me. I am so grateful to them for everything they sacrificed and built to allow me to have the life I have. . . . --Christa Townsend Smith

4 June 2019
. . . I would like to thank you for the fantastic job that you do in managing the dcny website by supplying information and updating the records. Through the past few years, the efforts of you and others have answered questions about my heritage and filled in gaps where my family tree seemed gray and barren; now, it is full of life with new branches and fresh leaves! --Karina Scott

11 November 2018
. . . by the way, this website was soooooooo helpful in my research. It's FULL of names and families and I took all the little bits of information and just started putting the pieces together. How nice to do this from my computer in my living room in California! --Sharon McIlwain

25 November 2017
I just found the Yendes Cemetery project! I had visited that cemetery in 2011 and it appears the 4-H'ers did a fantastic job on setting (resetting) the stones. Please let them know that the work they have done is always appreciated by the families and genealogists that either are not "local" or otherwise unable to keep up these cemeteries. Many, many thanks and keep up the good work--Linda Taylor, Chico,California

2 August 2017
I want to tell you I have only spent a few minutes on this site and I am ovewhelmed with how wonderful it is. In just a few minutes I see stories and information about my famiy members. I am in the process of identifying each person in a large photo (52 people) taken on May 3rd 1931 on the occasion of my great grandparent’s 55th wedding anniversary. George Yates Signor and Ida Antoinette Rowe Signor. I am working my way through this project and finding helpful information. I hope there are more photos to be seen which will help me identify the ones I do not know. My father is only 6 years old in this picture. I would love to send a copy to you to add to the site once I have each person identified. Also, I have in my posession other photos and a date book which belonged to Shirlie Etta Signor Hoyt (later Warren) who is my great aunt. . . . --Patricia Shaw DuMont

22 June 2017
. . . This site is always fantastic. Thank you for keeping it up. --Kitti Michalowicz

3 June 2017
First of all I want to tell you how wonderful your Delaware Co., NY website is. It is the best that I have found. You and your volunteers do a great job! . . . --Joe Kelly

11 May 2017
Thanks for a wonderful website that has made my family history searches so much easier. --Enid E Macken

22 March 2017
Just wanted to follow up regarding my query in November, 2016 for John Curry. My information didn't come directly from someone responding to it, but from a combination of information I found through the website. I found (and continue to find) a lot of interesting nuggets of information about the Curry family and about the Travis family he married into. I was then able to locate John's death certificate information and obtain a copy of it from the registrar in Hancock. I can confirm he died May 26, 1916 and was buried at St. Paul's Cemetery. I still have some holes to fill in and mysteries to solve on the Travis side of the family, but I know this website will help me. On a personal note - During my searching the site, I found a transcribed letter my grandfather wrote in WWII. He actually grew up in Orange County, but spent a couple of early years around Hale Eddy and Roods Creek, and later often traveled back to visit family. I was able to share that letter with my dad and uncle and it meant a lot to them to read it. Thank you to everyone who helped get so much valuable information online to help those of us who've become quite addicted to researching family history! --Erin Crean

27 February 2017
Thank you to Joyce for this website. I have been searching for my grandmother's sisters for many years and after much leg a census, finding last names on the backs of photos, etc., I ended up finding my great aunt in Delaware County and sending photos to Joyce. A few days! Just serendipity that someone was looking (not genealogy related) on this site and found my photos...several of which were misidentified but one was not. I have found an entire missing branch of our family and they have photos of their great grandparents, etc., including what happened to people who stayed in Europe. Amazing. third cousin still lives there. --Susan Stone

15 Febuary 2017
I really appreciate your wonderful information on your site, especially the cemetery records, newspaper transcripts, marriages, so much valuable information! I have been researching the Roswell Brant family. Best regards, Valerie Yoder

11 October 2016
I would like to applaud and thank everyone for their dedication to research and design this wonderful website. Through this site , I have discovered a treasure trove of information on my ancestors. . . . . . --Stephanie M Augonis

15 July 2016
The PARADE postcards are great. ( ) One coming, one going. You have so much on the site!!! I think I've looked at everything but most surely haven't. Always something old...and new to find! Thanks for your continuing good work. It's priceless. --Paula Hughson

13 May 2016
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the hard work that you and your team have put into creating this fabulous website. I have been using it for the last few years and still find sections I have not been to yet. Many of my ancestors are from Delaware County, so I have been able to find so much information. I was especially lucky when you loaded the photos and clips of the Jester/Goldsmith & Hall families this January. I now have photos of my great-grandfather Wilber Hall as a child, along with those of Lydia & Sarah Goldsmith. I wish I knew someone who could help identify the rest, as I would not be surprised to find other relative in unidentified photos. I have been working on and other sites to document family trees for both branches of my father’s family (Alton Hall), the Hall’s and McClintock’s. Thanks to the website I have been able to find so much information, not only about the people in these family trees, but also about the history of Delaware County where they lived for many generations. Thank you again for this wonderful resource. --Joyce Rice

25 Jan 2016
First of all - thank you to all who helped get the information online! So helpful as a way to learn more about ancestors! . . . --Erin Edwards

14 Jan 2016
. . . In closing I want to let you know that dcnyhistory is great.The best county site I have found. I learned a lot of information from it. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it. --Jocelyn Bonker Bailey aka Jackie

9 Jan 2016
. . . Absolutely love the dcny site! --Paula (Archer) Hughson

1 Jan 2016
I would like to say thank you for all the work you have done on this site. I hope that 2016 brings a lot of good things for both you and this precious site! Take care and Happy New Year! --Helen Hill

31 Dec 2015
I've been exploring the website quite a bit lately looking for information about distant kin. The names I researched today were Hanfords and will get back to it tomorrow. I have to say I'm finding lots of useful information. And quite fascinating! . . . --Cindy Coffell

1 Dec 2015've done a wonderful job...I have so much to read...very interesting! . . . -- Terri -

11 Nov 2015
. . . I would like to first of all thank you for such an extensive web site. It is clear a lot of time and effort has gone into the website, I am appreciative and thankful for your hard work. There are few sites with such dedication to an areas history. . . . --Raymond A. Bonnefond

10 Nov 2015
. . . My gosh ... what a great job on this web site ... DC is the best I've seen -- the most user friendly, very, very helpful to me -- over my 4-year genealogical research. Thank you for your very excellent work! -- DJ Paul

3 Nov 2015
. . . by the way this site has evolved into a beautiful experience, thanks to you. --Shirley Becker

10 Jul 2015
I love the site and the information here. I can picture how things were in the town back in the day. As a child I remember stopping in Hancock and other small towns with my Dad to get food or buy things in a local store. --Peter Bellone

Feb 2015
Good morning - I was so excited to see the outline of Historical Room contents which was posted on the website - I am VERY interested in some of the work and visited the library (Stamford Library) a couple times in the past. (this in reference to one of the items posted at

19 Jan 2015
Dawn, thank you so much for submitting the big box of photographs from the Brundege/Schriver collection on the wonderful Delaware County History website. Those photos are gems! I grew up in Deposit, and went to school with Brundeges and Schrivers, worked for the Dela. Cnty Hwy Dept summers, fished in the river, and hunted above Cannonsville. Good memories! This family gift is appreciated, and will be, for generations! Please pass thanks on to family members. --Jim Fox Adks & SW Fla.

15 Feb 2014
Very grateful for the Delaware County Genealogy and History Website. I am a descendant of the Robert Middlemist family that immigrated to America about 1818 and settled in the Delhi area. Your site has been helpful. Thank you, --Kathy Currier

29 Dec 2013
I wanted to let you know that while reading about a Henry S. Edwards on this site under Biographical Review-1895 I stumbled upon information that I had been searching for since I started my quest of information into my husband's family. I had been unable to find any information on his maternal grandmother, I had even put a query on this site for help back in Feb. of 2004 with no results. It was printed in the article on Mr. Edwards that he always had care over his youngest sister's child, who was married and had two children, one of which it turns out is my husband's grandmother. Thanks for having information on here that filled in a very large gap in my quest of information on his family. --Theresa Ackley

19 May 2013
Interesting this should come in right now. (in regards to some pictures of the construction of the Cannonsville Reservoir). I've been doing some research into which graves were moved and where they went. The web site has been invaluable. :-) thanks to those who've contributed and those who maintain the site. --Kitti M.

5 Mar 2013
I wanted to shoot you an e-mail thanking you for compiling so much great information and links on your website(index.html/military.html.) I've been trying to track down some great references and yours helped me out a lot! --Stan Brickle

24 September 2012
I've enjoyed the Delaware County website for years and find it one of the best of its kind. I know this takes umpteen hours of volunteer work from you and wish to take this opportunity to thank you for that. ..... loved that opening picture of the wooded hills of Delaware County. Brought a tear to my eye as I no longer live near there and the hills are, after all, full of memories and reminders of home as they would have been for my Scottish ancestors who migrated to Delaware from an area of Scotland with similar hills. --Kitti Michalowicz

7 September 2012
I am an archaeogist who has been doing cultural resource work for over 20 years. I would like to compliment you and all who helped you create this site. It is easy to use, useful and I was delighted to find it. Thank you so much. --Gail T. Guillet

24 July, 2012
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the Delaware County History website is. Man-o-man is there tons and tons of great information, plus all the links to other resources. It's just grand. --Katy Lamphier

4 February 2012
Joyce, thank you thank you thank you for this wonderful and outstanding website, I have learned so much. My families came from the Colchester and Gregorytown and Downsville area. I see so many names that came from your area to our area in Michigan and Wisconsin. --Lynda R. Lerum

24 January 2012
. . . my name is Alicia and I am a middle school social studies teacher. I am getting ready to start a unit on the Civil War and I just happened to come across your page index.html/military.html while I was looking for some resources to use during my classes. I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for helping me out, your page is very helpful in creating my lesson plans. I am very grateful for all the information and resources you took the time to post. . . .I really appreciate it. --Alicia Miller

11 November 2011
I just wanted to say that you have a fabulous site! I am doing free research for a friend who was adopted at birth but knows the name of birth mother. I found lots of info on the Georgia family. --Lois Clay Perkins

1 November 2011
Aloha. Your site is incredible! So easy to use and soooooo searchable. Thanks to everyone involved. Wish all sites were this easy and complete. --H. Dixon

25 March 2011
I am doing genealogy research on my husband's family and came across your website after doing some initial work on With only a few names to search, I have already found a wealth of information on your website. So many independent genealogy sites and/or GenWeb sites lack useful information. Not yours! Kudos to you and all the volunteers that have made your website such a valuable resource. --Most sincerely, Julie Wilson

10 Mar 2011
What a wonderful website! It is very well organized and fun to read. Anyone wishing to do research will find it extremely helpful. I'm so sorry my mother isn't able to see it. She could have been a great contributor! She was a member of the DAR and was very interested in geneology. I have a cupboard full of family history. Both of my parents Henry Dayton and Martha Taylor Dayton came from Mayflower stock. I believe it is time for me to revisit that cupboard! I'm again reading grandpa's book, and some of my cousins are too, based on the excitement generated by you and Donald. Congratualtions on your superior work - and dedication. --Warm regards, Rachel Dayton Pace

19 Feb 2011
I am connected to Delaware County thru the Harkness/Kinmoth families---and I just wanted to say that your website is truly impressive! I absolutely love the stories and pictures showing what life was like back in the years when our ancestors were there. Living in the desert southwest-----you all are so very much appreciated! --Sincerely, Sheryl Karlowski-Brown

22 Jan 2011
I have been WORKING on the history of my wife's maternal grandfather and his family (KIlpatrick) and traced them back to Delaware County where I encountered your website. I have been doing genealogy for about 12 years both here and abroad and I have never seen a website with as much information efficiently presented as on I just wanted to thank you. --Stan Ahlers

1 Dec 2010
I just want to commend you on the thoroughness of the genealogical documents that are available on your website! I wish ALL genealogy websites were this concise and as easy to search. Luckily I have many lines of family from Delaware county and I look forward to accessing your website! --Annette Salsman

7 October 2010
First, let me congratulate you and your fantastic website! Very very informative and helped me gather much sought-after background as I research my ancestry. . . . Thank you and keep up the great work. --Kimberly E Friedgen

7 October 2010
I spend an inordinate amount of time on the Delaware county website because it has invaluable information for anyone doing genealogical research there. . . . Thanks so much for your hard work and those of your numerous volunteers. It has certainly helped me in my research --Nancy Porter

16 July 2010
. . . Keep up the good work. I'm proud to brag about Delaware County History's WEB page. You have the best page of any county's page I've checked. --Betty Watson

14 June 2010
I've been using the Delaware County GENWEB site for the past couple of years to do family history research. It's definitely one of the better organized and easier to use sites that I've used. Thanks very much for providing this great service. . . . . . . --Barbara Palmer Grady

6 May 2010
First off, thanks for an amazing web site. I know that the hours you put in must be incredible, but please know that your labor is greatly appreciated. As a matter of fact, yours was the first USGenWeb Project site I had ever visited and I realized I was spoiled when I discovered that very few other GenWeb sites that I've visited since have the organization, ease of use, and dedication to updating that yours does . . . . . . --Alison Martin

30 March 2010
. . . I'm teaching a US History course at a local community college and I love seeing different perspectives and points of view on the web to expand/improve my scope as an educator. Your page has been a great resource and help for me, thank you. --Kathy Ramsey

28 March 2010
I love this website, and have gleaned wonderful information from it over the last several years. I greatly appreciate the effort that you and the other volunteers have invested in its creation and maintenance. --Bill Green

14 March 2010
. . . By the way, I love your site and all of the information. You are helping so many people. It's amazing what you and the volunteers have done. God Bless all of you. Thanks again. --Ron Kinney

20 January 2010
I just wanted to thank you and your organization for all the work you did on the Delaware County, NY cemetery lists at: index.html/f-hcem.html. I am just beginning my family history research and when, on a whim, I googled the name of my great, great grandfather, Stedman Lincoln, I found his name and those of his two wives under your heading of "Old Village Cemetery, East Front St/Railroad Ave." Wow, what a surprise! I live way on the other side of the country (San Luis Obispo, CA), but some day I hope to do a "family history trip" and visit my ancestors' places of residence and gravesites. You have helped me with this task. Thanks again to you and your group for assisting those of us who are exploring past generations. --Sallie Harlan

15 January 2010
Have been enjoying the site and it has helped me in my Delaware County roots immensely and has put me in contact with several living cousins Kudos to you and all who have made the website what it is today! :o) --Monica Carlstrom, Eagle River, Alaska

1 December 2009
. . . You know, when I tell people about genealogy I always tell them that Delaware county, NY, is the best county to research and the best website - you all do a fantastic job! --Kathy Joy Parke

19 November 2009
Linda (Ogborn), Thanks for all you do to make the Delaware County website one of the most useful genealogy sites in the US. . . . Best regards, Asa Gage

5 October 2009
Thank you so much for putting my query online - It is a really wonderful site and a valuable community resource you have created. I have already gotten two responses that helped me in my search. I still have my fingers crossed that I will come across an image of the house back in the day. --Melkorka Kjarval

1 August 2009
I've used your Genweb site for a good long time and am thankful for many of the items I've found there. While our ancestor left your area before 1850 she left behind many relatives. Your site has helped in sorting the family out . . . --Natalie Rose

19 June 2009
Stopping by your website - thanks for the labor of love and caring.
1956 Walton High Graduate. --Donald Finch

26 May 2009
I just wanted you to know that after months and months of dead ends trying to find any information on my grandmother I finally cracked the nut by reading/researching the on-web Margaretville newspaper. Through it, I was able to deduce her brothers and sisters which led me to eventually find info on her. Her information resulted in a huge other family tree that I have only begun to dig into. Thank you very much for all this site does for folks looking for information. I have several branches of family that I do research for (slowly over the years) and this site is by far the best I have encountered. -- Sincerely, Theresa Russell

25 March 2009
I have been searching for my husband's uncle for a long time, I found your wonderful site and was able to find him. You have done a great job, thanks a million for your hard work. --Mrs A. Robinson.

18 February 2009
No problem opening and reading the Program just posted on the website ( Delaware Academy ). I found a couple of family names and dates that I didn't have, so really appreciate the posting. Thank you (and Jeremiah) for sharing and for your continuing GREAT work in keeping us posted. I haven't been able to find a better website for both information and ability to search in any other areas that I'm interested in. --Linda

20 January 2009
I have spent countless hours on this website and cannot believe how much information I have come away with. I was able to trace back my family roots 5 generations. Thanks so much! --Susan Nelson-Stevens

7 December 2008
. . . Your website keeps growing and it's absolutely wonderful...there is no end to the information available and God Bless all those who contribute and help you make it what it is today. Thank you for all your hard work. --Patricia A. Gray

4 December 2008
I can't tell you how much I enjoy your website. The amount of useful data is phenomenal, I never come away from disappointed. Keep up the good work. --Teena (Mayham) Schroeder

24 November 2008
. . . Delaware County has the best outreach historically of any county in the nation. --Carolyn McPherson

30 October 2008
Thank you so much for taking the time to post the photos of the cemetery and Presbytarian church of Stamford, New York. Forty years ago I worked at the Nursing Home located in Stamford (a summer job). I walked the stone wall of the cemetery and sat by the stream at the bridge - with an old beau. I also attended church on Sundays and on occasion would play the organ there - the door was left open at all times then. My aunt and uncle still live in Stamford and my family visits them once a year, in the fall. I am currently WORKING on our family history and this greatly helps me build the connections. --Sharry Siganowich (Coats)

16 October 2008
Joyce, I just had my first chance to review the reorganization of the Delaware Co. History site. And, as usual I was impressed by the amount of material you have encouraged people to donate. Similarly I was impressed with the way you have organized the information/data and facilitated the retrieval of that information. I commend you and thank you for your efforts. Your work has been of great help to me in pursuing the genealogy of the Bush & Parsons families. --Dean Hunter

14 October 2008
Wakeful in the middle of the night, I just spent a good time at your site. I am thankful and amazed! I did not find my families but really am impressed at the way you have organized everything. I will visit again. Thank you very much. --Olive

2 October 2008
The improvements in the web site just seem to be continuing! I wanted you to know that I have used the search engine a good bit in the past few days and the new partions work well. It does help to have less material to look through, and you can "target" what you are looking for much better. . . The work you do on the site has to be a labor of love, for which we are all very grateful. The countless hours you spend at this are much appreciated and make our hobby much more fun and rewarding than it would otherwise be. I can't help but compare what you have accomplished with the results I obtain from some of the paid subscription sites I use. Your work stands head and shoulders above the crowd . . . --Don Michel

23 September 2008
My name is Helen TEPFER Eckman. I was born and grew up in Grand Gorge. My dad was Dr. G.A. Tepfer and my mom Evelyn Burns Tepfer. They lived in Grand Gorge for more than thirty years. I often go to the Delaware County website and want to tell you it is awesome; one of the best I have seen. I am now retired and living in NC and have been doing a lot of genealogy and your website is just fabulous . . . --Helen Tepfer Eckman

11 June 2008
Note from Joyce: I just loved this little tag line that Jim Fox added to his message when sending his updated e-mail address - "I still am so proud of my home county's website!"

24 May 2008
The Delaware County site is great. I want you to know I have searched for a long time for my mother's family and finally found them in the cemetery listing for Walton Town & Village. Thank you, another piece of our puzzle is in place. --M Fields

16 May 2008
. . . I also want to say that the website for Delaware County is fantastic! You and your helpers, whoever they may be do a wonderful job! I have spent a lot of time searching and it just seems like there is no end of information there. Every time I go in I find something I didn't see before. Your hard work does not go unappreciated. Thanks for all you do. I wish all counties had a website as good. --Pat Gray

21 March 2008
It's been some time since I visited the DelCo website and I'm impressed with the amount of new material available . . . the amount of data available on your site is incredible and extremely useful. Thanks to you and the volunteers that contribute so much. --George Rhinebeck

8 October 2007
Let me start by thanking you and all the folks who obviously put in many, many hours of work on the index.html web site. You have done great work! My name is Bruce Fanning, I currently live in Manitou Springs Colorado, but I was born in and still have many relatives in and around Walton NY. . . .
Once again, thank you and everyone who has put personal time and effort into the site. Especially since you have never lived in Delaware County. Your work is a wonderful and valuable thing! --Bruce Fanning

8 October 2007
I had not checked your website in quite a long time. I was very impressed with the work done in the past several years. I was very excited to find the cemetery indexes and I found the person I was looking for - Michael Gilday. Thanks for all your efforts. --Jolene Murphy

26 September 2007
I just wandered in to your site late last night and have had so much fun reading and looking at all the things you have. It took me a long time to "get to" Davenport, even via the computer researching 3 of my Taber/Smith ancestors, because family lore said Davenport Iowa (how SILLY!). . . . thank you for all your hard work, and all the great work of everyone else that has gone into your site! --Janice Abrahams

20 September 2007
Thanks to you and all your contributors and volunteers for all that is done to make the Delaware County Website a great place to search. I am the Hathaway Family Association Genealogist. Although we have published books, I still learn something about the Hathaways every time I enter the site. --Helen Hathaway Freedman

13 November 2006
This is the best web site in the whole U.S. !!! --Marilyn Schoop in cold snowy IOWA

32 August 2006
I have enjoyed this web site now for several years and tonight I came across your picture of my grandparent's home. James Chandler Cable and Sarah Agnes (Kelly) Cable. Their homestead is now owned by my uncle Robert Cable, who for years had auctions there. Remember several family gatherings, especially at Thanksgiving or Christmas, when I was just a wee bit of a girl. Good memories. Thank you! --Patricia (Cable) Wright

30 August 2006
I appreciate all that you do - yours is the best web site I have ever seen for genealogical info!! --Joann Bonnville

28 April 2006
I would like to tell you how wonderful Mary Cable is and how she located and photographed the grave of my 3rd great grandmother. I had searched for over 50 years for her death date and burial place. Thanks to the Delaware county cemetery lists and Mary it was found. --Leta Olson, Pampa, TX

23 March 2006
I am very impressed with your site. I have only been WORKING with our family's genealogy for the past three years. By far your work is the best I have seen as far as being able to research information on the site. . . . Keep up the good work. Your organizational skills are outstanding. --Layne L. Bumgardner -

18 January 2006
I just found your wonderful website this evening. I am so impressed. I loved all the historical information and photos that you so professionally display but your idea to put current photos of the county was also an excellent one! They made me want to come to Hancock. My father, Robert Everest McGranaghan, (son of Charles Louis McGranaghan, grandson of Hugh & Margaret O'Meara McGranaghan) was born in Hancock. He was 80 years old this past November and although he was raised partially in Nebraska, he has very fond memories of Delaware County. My sister and I are dad's eldest children and we were thinking of taking him on some kind of trip over our spring break. We took him to Washington D.C. to see the WWII memorial a few years back but maybe a trip to Hancock would be something we should consider. Your photos certainly show off the beauty of the area. . . . --Chrissy McGranaghan Chapman -

16 January 2006
I have been in the process of researching my family history, off & on, for the past several years, and I have found more info on this Delaware County site than all the others put together. Not only have I been able to trace my grandmother's family back to the early 1800's, but I have a growing understanding of the history of the area that really gives life to those names and dates. I just found a photo of my great-grandfather, William Jones, in about 1915-1920 standing with neighbors after they had been fighting a forest fire in Arkville, his home town. I have been able to find all sorts of things about Grandpa Jones - and with a name like "William Jones", I once thought that would be near impossible. Anyway, you have been doing a tremendous job with this site! Sincerely, --Kristen Rigney -

22 October 2005
What a surprise for my family on this page:index.html/oldnewsidx/news-raeder.html. I was met with awe. The first newspaper article mentions my 2nd Great Grandfather Joseph Dougherty (wife Sally Betsy Graham) and the tragic loss of his daughters, Jennie and Jessie in Dry Brook. Mind you, the girls were buried in Lake Hill Cemetery and later their parents were also buried there. We have searched for information for years and I was finally glad to stumble upon an actual fact to the event. . . . --Tamara Sanford

6 September 2005
This is a fantastic site. Just recently learned some ancestors passed through Delaware County, some not making it back out! It is a delight to find a county site that really gives access to the county in all its dimensions. Now if it just included one elusive marriage and a couple of burials, I'd be content. Nevertheless, I now feel like I KNOW where they lived and how they lived and who their neighbors were, which is, after all, my goal. Thanks again --djg

8 June 2005
DCNY is one of the best county websites around. I appreciate your diligence in bringing new and fresh information to the pages. My Howland ancestors were once a big part of Delaware County. I grew up in Chenango County not even knowing I had relatives so close! Now that I live in Ohio I wish I were closer, to do more family history, but your excellent site has filled in many, many gaps. Keep up the good work. --Lynne Stamm, Lubrizol Library - Data Specialist, Wickliffe, OH 44092. Lubrizol Library website: http://library/

25 May 2005
Thanks to Tamara Sanford and, I assume, Joyce Riedinger for the Stamford Centennial Account posted today -- it really helps to round out an understanding of the area, especially the material describing everyday life in the 1700's and 1800's. --Flo Kemp, Ohio

29 April 2005
I want to thank you for all the work you do on the website. I have a long family history in Delaware County and check the website regularly. It is the best website out there. --Cheryl Miller Sofra

22 April 2005
I had checked this site in 2002, looking for any mention of my father, Jack O'Rourke, or any of his family who we knew had attended Deposit High School, but found nothing. We don't know much about him or his family as Jack died in 1966 when all his 6 children were very young. In late December 2004 I decided to try again and see if anything had been placed on the internet about him. I knew that he had known the Judd family, so I placed O'Rourke and Judd into Google, and followed the connection to DCNY again. Imagine my shock when I found that 4 letters from my father to Coach Fox during WWII had been transcribed and placed on DCNY! We have no letters from or to him during that time period. I immediately contacted all of my brothers and sisters and they were as astounded and grateful as I was. Thank you to James Fox and to Joyce Riedinger for this terrific glimpse (and 2 pictures of him as a young pilot) into Jack's experiences during WWII for my family. --Eileen O'Rourke

15 April 2005
Just a note of thanks, Joyce, for your work on the excellent Delaware County site; to Clarence Putman for the impressive deed abstracts, which represent a huge amount of work, and to all the volunteers that make this site so useful and interesting! --Dori

8 April 2005
...The website has always been excellent but it just keeps looking better all the time. Thanks for all the hard work you do to make it such a grand research tool for those with Delaware County history. --Bill

5 April 2005
Absolutely the BEST county web site I have gone too ..... Thank You for all your hard work. --Marilyn B

4 April 2005
There has been many of us through the years that have contributed to this site. We all share a deeply routed, common interest in finding and preserving our families past. Whether it be in sharing a photograph, or a comment, our stories and our hopes of finding our distant fathers. Since 1996 there has been almost FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND hits on this site! All of this made possible by the tireless efforts of Joyce. I personally want to thank Joyce for allowing me the chance to share the work and the deep passion I have in my continuing restoration of Houghtaling Hollow Cemetery. I also want to thank all those contributers who have helped me over the years in my research . Once again a big Thank You All and to Joyce! And everyone, keep up the great work and keep digging! --Richard L Hotaling Jr.

Thank you Richard! Your comments are so appreciated. As you probably know, I've basically been absent from the website for several weeks. This morning, I am in a position to get back to it! Will start with getting the queries up to date and then will whittle away at all the informational data that is sitting in my 'put online' folder. The Delaware website certainly does have a wealth of materials on it - thanks to so many out there in the field. The data is great, but I must admit, one of my favorite areas is the Delaware photo album. It is there that we see the true face of Delaware County. --Joyce Riedinger
21 April 2005 - 2nd note: in taking time to check the actual stats at the server, quite a different picture emerges. The figure that Richard mentions came from the posted 'hits' from the Counter. For many reasons this is not an accurate figure. Most likely it represents those who go through the index/contents page. However, the real stats show that the visits to the Delaware website are MUCH HIGHER. Visitors are coming to the website from Google or other search engines and going directly to an interior page thereby bypassing the index and contents page thus missing the 'counter'. See the newly posted STATS on the About Website page at: About Website.

10 March 2005
This has to be one of the very best sites I have seen in the 10 years I have been researching! Congratulations to you and all the others involved in this site. I am looking forward to the posting of the will section. Again congratulations on a wonderful, wonderful site. --Kathy Mubareka

22 February 2005
Awesome. Totally awesome. This website has been very helpful in filling in the gaps in the Kilpatrick genealogy and in linking to current researchers. . . . --Karen L Swanson

2 February 2005
... this site is such a wonderful resource! I only wish it had been in existence when my mother was trying to trace geneaology back in the late 1980s - we could have saved a lot of trips to obscure cemeteries. Thank you for doing this for all of us who care about Delaware County. --Ada Marie

10 January 2005
I found a lot of useful information at the site. As I read it I find myself there. You have a true gift and I thank you. --Lerry Yeaples

25 November 2004
Thank you to you and all the others who keep the Delaware County site up to date. For those of us who are trying to fit some genealogical research into an already too full schedule, it is a great help to have the indicators of recent updates as it enables me to occasionally take a quick look to see what is new. That having been said, there are still parts of the web site which I've not had time to look at carefully, but I have already learned quite a bit and made some useful contacts. Thank you for this wonderful resource. --Ann Frederking (Telford, Covil, Wilson, Losey, Woolsey)

31 October 2004
Bless all of your hearts for your devotion to the feeling that history and genealogy should not be lost! Keep up the good work and somehow get your enthusiasm distributed to other areas! --Cindy Guild Hitchens

28 September 2004
I would like to thank all of you who keep this web site going. My road back to Wilson Hollow has been a long one but thanks to this web site I have found many bits of information that I wouldn't have found else where. Your Query section has also linked me with other cousins I wouldn't have known about. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy this site. --Lynn H. Wilson

21 September 2004
You have really put together a wonderful site and my original posting has prompted 4 distant cousins related through Francis to contact me. I met up with 2 of them in Andes this past summer and had a wonderful time. If it hadn't been for your site we may never have discovered each other. Thanks! --Robin Lynn

13 September 2004
Thank you for your assistance in finding info about my grandparents and other family. A very nice lady Marie, saw my e-mail and was able to provide me with a some data about the Woolheater ancestors. Thank you. --Charlotte Bortell

11 September 2004
I just want to THANK YOU for such a valuable, useful, & easily usable site. You've ruined me--now I expect a good page wherever I search, and it doesn't work that way! Thanks again--it is SOOOO helpful! --Ann, Philadelphia

10 September 2004
FANTASTIC website. I love it and have gotten alot of great info from it. ..... --Mark Avery

10 September 2004
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the work you and your staff/volunteers do. With the fabulous information available through the website, my research has been easier and more complete than I could have ever imagined. Sincerely, --Denise Kurkowski
family reserach: Jackson, Oliver, Archibald, Hart

note: there is no staff- this is just a loose bunch of amazing volunteers --Joyce Riedinger

31 August 2004
Thanks for the great job you and your volunteers do on this website. I haven't had much time for my geneology lately but check back quickly every once in a while to see if anything major pops out. My Mom and her family(s) grew up in the Delaware County area so I have found much of my information here. ... ... Thank you. And keep up the great work. It is VERY MUCH appreciated. --Deb Sprechman

28 August 2004
Good Morning, Your website was very informative! I have spent days on end reading and am fascinated. ....... --Sylvia Barbieri

27 August 2004
I must tell you how great the site is! I visit many, and yours is just about my favorite. It's so well organized and it's full of helpful information. I've found some bigtime goodies related to my tree. I'm rather new to doing the family history, and I'll probably be posting to the mailing list soon - I'm stuck on the spelling of a surname interest. Many thanks! --Mary L. Lamb in Syracuse, NY
Surnames: Ternent, Wood, McLaren, McAuslan, McFarlane (not sure if it's that, or McFarland, or MacFarlane)

15 July 2004
What a fantastic job you and the other volunteers have done on this site. I have tried other county sites and none compare to this one. Lucky for me lots of my ancestors came from Delaware County so I have been able to find a store house of useful information. I plan on sending some wonderful postcard/pictures I have that were taken by Perry Durant circa 1905. As soon as I find that elusive round-tu-it. I do hope to be in Franklin in Sept to check out the Ouleout Cemetery for my Smith ancestors. Again, thank you and others for all your hard work on this site. --Yvonne Wigg, Morriston, FL

10 May 2004
Thanks for sharing your pictures. I was born and raised in Walton. In my late teens and early 20's I spent hours and hours and hours cruising the countryside - I could never get enough of this georgous land. I miss it so very much, but your "picture book" allows me to take a trip to the Catskills any time I please! Thanks again, --Carol McLean

5 May 2004
Thank You for all the hard work and love you put into this web site! The love you have for the history of our beautiful Delaware Co really shows up........I grew up in Treadwell/Franklin NY in the Arabria section of Franklin on a farm that is still going today.... .I found this website as a link when I was in the Treadwell NY website (Barlow's store I run into people here in Vt that know Barlow's store well).......dust bunnies are having a holiday in my house, weeds are already a foot high out on the gardens, and I'm not sure if I have anymore vacation days left at work. LOL!!! just because I am on line and at this website.......Thank You again. --Annie in VT

1 May 2004
Thank you so MUCH for including the photo of the Last Class (1932) from the old Hancock High School! My mother was in that class along with her best friend, Hilda and her future brother-in-law Franklyn (he married my late father's sister). Also many thanks for the photo of the Hancock High School. Mom will get a real charge out of it. --Ellen's daughter, Barbara.

21 April 2004
A few years ago I posted a query on the Del Co website. Last summer a connection was made via Linda Ogborn, genealogist extraordinaire. On Easter Sunday an in-person connection was made. From Czechoslovakia to Delhi NY to Vienna Austria to New Jersey to Washington DC. Unbelievable. --Roberta Meehan

15 April 2004
Thank you, Joyce, for coordinating the historical records of the Delaware County region and making it accessible on line. I started doing research in the early 1980s on the part of my family that settled in Kortright, in Delaware County, in the 1830s from Ireland. .... We are going to Ireland this year for the first time and wil be visiting the area my Irish ancestors emigrated from....Armagh County, Ulster, N. Ireland. The information I received from your site will be so helpful in my visit there. I will be able to focus in on records that might pertain to my family. My goal is to, someday, find the name of my gggrandparents and where their home was in Ireland. I am so grateful that someone was able to find a way to pull all these resources together and make them accessible finally. --Carolyn Stinson Nichols

31 March 2004
... As I work on my Forman family line and go to other states and counties, I appreciate your website more and more! Many other towns have genealogy websites, but most either have links to information or they explain what kind of information is kept in various sources - they don't give out any real facts! When you live out of the area, it's not a lot of help! This website gives us what we need - without lots and lots of digging. And you have it well organized. ... --Pat Watts

29 March 2004
Many thanks for making all the information on Delaware County so accessible. There is an immense amount of hard work there but the search engine makes short work of finding gems. ..... --Mike Osborne

29 February 2004
I'd like to add my grateul thanks to others you receive for producing a web-site of such scope and informational depth. I found here valuable family history and leads to missing relatives which otherwise might never have been known. If there are awards for best Internet site, I nominate yours for your category! --Jerry Meyer

29 February 2004
What a wonderful website has been created for Delaware County - clear, concise and fast. ...I was born eons ago in Walton and the Walworth name was my grandmother. --Marie Webster Weisbrod

21 January 2004
... I also wanted to let you know that this is the best County site I have come across in any state. You are doing a great job and it is very much appreciated. Thank You, --Gladys in NH

21 January 2004
... on behalf of 4 generations of Delaware County---thanks for your work. --Jerry DaBrescia

3 January 2004
I wish to thank you for the excellent web site you have created. You posted in September 2003 for Shirley Houck an interesting Indenture document, entitled Three Lives Lease. That lease was the indenture of Jotham Bellows, Betsy Bellows and Charles W. Bellows are my ancestors. I'm the GG Granddaughter of Charles Wesley Bellows. The family left Delaware County in 1834 and settled in Eagle Point Township, near Polo, Ogle County, Illinois on a farm Jotham Bellows purchased. Charles W. Bellows inherited it in 1850 at the death of his father. Charles W. Bellows' oldest son, Franklin Pierce Bellows, migrated to McCool Jct., York County, Nebraska in 1875 following his Uncle Hammond B. Ellis who had settled their in 1869, and established a homestead that has been handed down father-to-son to this day with a Bellows living on it. Four other Bellows brothers joined Franklin in York County, Nebraska and established homesteads around McCool. The Ellis and Bellows families of Delaware County, NY are still going strong in McCool Jct, York County, Nebraska. Your web site has brought this interesting unknown fact of our families history to our notice. Our family meets every year, either at a local Nebraska reunion or at the National Bellows Reunion, and this will definitely be a topic of general discussion on the program. Please forward my thanks to Shirley Houck for her interest in her communities history. I'll contact a local researcher about further Bellows and Ellis research in the Middletown area. But I wanted you to known how much your work and time is valued. Thank you. --Pam Hendricks Lincoln, Nebraska

30 December 2003
A Great- Granddaughter of Miles Robinson, born 1821 in Delaware county, contacted me, a Great-Great Grandson of Miles. Sandi has pictures of Miles and his son Ezra. Also a bio of Charles Robinson her father, and the diary of her grandmother when they went to Oklahoma territory for land. What a connection! --Frank Cerynik, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

9 December 2003
Just when I think I have mined your website for all it can possibly have on my family, I find some more! I think I have been at the site at least twenty times in the past two years and searched for everything I could possibly find, and then tonight I find new material I know was not there before! Just while browsing tonight, I found information about the parents of Earl Hillis of Hobart, who was my uncle. I don't know how you do it, but please keep up the good work. ... Thanks again for all the hard work you do to make the site interesting, fun and easy to use! --Don Michel

4 December 2003
A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a long lost relative, and it has been great! We have talked almost every day, and many e mails, thanks. And now it happened again thanks to your site. Years ago, my Father lived next door to, and was good friends with a family named Teed, well not to long ago, I heard from the Grandson, and we have had fun exchanging stories. He got my name from your Query site, this is just so exciting that I had to let you know , and say thanks, and tell everyone out there, keep digging!!! Thank You and your staff for the great site. --Val Nagel

10 November 2003
... I recieved an e mail from a woman about the Caleb Kelsey family, she read the query I posted on your site, turns out we are related, we have the same Great Grandfather, and so on down the line. She lives in Canada. I was just wonderful to have this happen and I wanted to say thank you for the opertunity , if it was not for your site, we never would have found each other. Thanks again, --Val Nagel

31 October 2003
Your Delaware site has been a pleasure to use. I have been amazed, surprised, and thankful for people like you and your volunteers and sponsors. I am putting together info on my family and have broken into some areas with names, births, marriages and family records, most from your site. Names are Johannes Van Waggoner/Annie Prentiss, Sands Van Wagoner/Philena Woodin, John Woodin, Henry Woodin. The hunt is fun. ... --Bruce Van Wagner, Plano, Texas

31 October 2003
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the Delaware Co site. There is so much ON it - goes far beyond any other county website (or most any genealogy website) for information actually THERE. Most others I get on, I get so frustrated that they are mostly links to other places with no information. ... Sue Burt

23 October 2003
Congrats for the terrific job on this site. It really is a pleasure! --Carroll R. Jenkins

21 October 2003
I have stopped by your site so many times to look up information but never stopped to commend you and the volunteers. Whatever I might be able to say about the site would be far short of how great a resource it is. Wonderful! Simply, wonderful! --Daniel Myers

16 October 2003
...If I haven't before, let me commend you on your excellent web site and all the volunteers that have helped you. I really think this is one of the best sites I've come across in my family research. --Patricia Davidson-Peters in AZ

3 October 2003
You have created a great resource for genealogists. Thank you. As a professional researchere it is wonderful to find so much information at my fingertips. I wish all counties in the U.S. would create such Internet sites. Congratulations. --Sheri Slaughter

3 October 2003
First, if I haven't before, let me commend you on your excellent web site and all the volunteers that have helped you. I really think this is one of the best sites I've come across in my family research. ... --Patricia Davidson-Peters

12 September 2003
I can't thank you enough for all the information you have on your site. I have spent the last three hours going through information. You have given me so many new leads to look into. I have had a hard time finding anything on my Great Grandparents, and I am so happy to have found your site. THANKS again, --Marcia

1 September 2003
Many thanks for your wonderful site. Thanks to the efforts of another Christian researcher (THANK YOU ANN!) I have been able to correctly identify my gr-grandfather and the Christian line through Del Co. --Kim Hovey

17 August 2003
A few years ago I drove to Harpersfield trying to find information on my great great grandfather who taught school there. I could find nothing and there wasn't even an historical society. On a whim I typed in Harpersfield this morning and was richly rewarded. Even found out he owned lot 18. Thank you so much for all you have done. I don't know if any of my information will be of use, but if it might I will gladly convey it. --Miki Clements Collier. (g.g.grandaughter of James Morrison)

17 August 2003
Thanks very much to you and all who have put this site together. It has been very helpful in our search for the pieces of our family puzzle. --Natalie Rose

17 August 2003
Thank you so much for your truely outstanding website. I don't think I would have found my Cable ancestors without it as I had very little to go on. I stumbled on your website while looking for cemeteries in the Tioga Center area and found the email addresses of 2 living Cables. I ended up with 3 Cables helping me find the link between my greatgrandfather, Silas Cable, and the other Cables in the area and now I am back to the immigrant, John Cable who came to America in 1630. I also discovered that I am a gggg granddaughter of Ephraim Beers, one of the founders of the Den. All of this in just a couple of months due to your website and these distant Cable cousins from Delaware County with whom I have been having delightful email correspondences. I would be so happy to hear from other Cables, Beers, Woodbecks, Merwins, etc. who are related, if they happen to read this. Thanks again Joyce - I am having such a good time with my search! --Bev Cable Becker

11 August 2003
I would like to take this opportunity to say a very loud and very public thank you to Linda Ogborn whose contribution to the Del Co site resulted in my connection with family in Vienna, Austria. I had despaired of ever finding a link! So thank you, Linda Ogborn, and have a great rest of the summer! --Roberta Meehan

18 June 2003
Because of your website and the many people who have spent countless hours transcribing I was able to finally find my Great Great Grandfather John Garkey. Thank You so much. --Karen in Washington State

15 June 2003
Tamara, Thanks so very much for transcribing: Delaware County, NY - Genealogy and History Site Centennial History of Delaware County, New York : 1797-1897 edited by David Murray, LL.D. I know it is a lot of work, and I so appreciate it. I hope to find information on Cornelius Bassett that isn't anywhere else. I waited with baited breath. I plan to visit Andes in July. Thanks again. --Marita in California

7 June 2003
Re: Chapters in the History of Delaware County by John D. Monroe
Thank you so much for putting your great book online! Jane Zipp

7 June 2003
Tamara, Thank you so much for putting Chapters in the History of Delaware County, New York - by John D. Monroe on the Delaware Co. site. All I have had before was some poorly photocopies of the pages. . . . Bob Rowe, Rochester, NY

21 May 2003
... Many, many thanks to you people who work very hard and long for the Del Co Web Site!!! Respectfully yours, Malcolm R McNaughton

20 May 2003
Since my original visit several years ago, I have returned again and again to the site and certainly have seen the results of your work in growing the material there. I think I have found something of interest on every visit, if not of my family, then something that reminds me of my youth in the area! . . . Many thinks to you and to all of your volunteers who make all of this material available and so well organized. Don Michel

20 May 2003
First of all let me thank you for this most outstanding website. It is truly the best I have found among regional sites. Your information has opened many doors for my family's history and relationships, leading to other finds in Sullivan and Ulster Counties. . . . Joe Mansfield

20 May 2003
Thank you for providing a wonderful documentary of Delaware County (and its Inhabitants). The writer was a lifetime Delaware County resident, born in Cannonsville, but my senior years are being "spent" in Florida... Pete Adams

21 Apr 2003
Would you pass my thanks on for the contribution of those wonderful letters (Thomas and Wiliam Elliott in April, 2002) to the site. My ancestors, Humes/Scotts settled in Lanark County,Ontario -- and are mentioned in William Elliott's letters. These letters offer a vivid description of life in the backwoods of Canada in those very early days of settlement. What a thrill it is to have a first hand account of the terrific struggles of life at that time. Please also tell Sally that by placing John Scott as from Weenland(?) and wife, Ellen Hume, as a daughter of Peter Hume -- it helps us to now look at the district of Hawick, Roxborough for our Humes. This is a huge break through--so-- so many thanks. Katie Valentine

19 Apr 2003
I would like to say that this is the best site I have found for information. I have been searching for Thompson families and had found many of them. I have been on many other sites but this one is very helpful. Many thanks for it. Diane C.

29 Mar 2003
. . . I'm continually impressed by the way you Delaware County folks seem to be able to work together to collect and share the records of your County. It's a good example for many counties where that doesn't seem to happen! Cheers! Geoff Brown -

29 Mar 2003
This is a great web site. More sites should be as good. Dave Nicholls, Tucson Az

24 Feb 2003
This is a great website and it should be an example for other counties to follow the format. I am following a family (Wheat/Wheet) that moved back and forth from Sullivan to Broome to Delaware and sometimes back again. I have found their names here and there. Wish I had paid more attention to this site long ago. Joan (Wheat) Field

24 Feb 2003
Funny thing... I've been casting my net around the world to crack the code of my German roots. They've been in Delaware County all along. Yours remains the best site on rootsweb, bar none. . . . Roberta Meehan

30 Jan 2003
I've been looking for my great grandfather for about 20 years. I doubt very much if even my great grandmother spent that much time in the search, but she never did find him. I just did, and it's thanks to your Delaware County site. I did a Google search for "Hanamy" this morning and found Kieran (Kiernin) Hanamy living as a boarder in the town of Deposit, according to the 1900 Federal Census. No one ever knew what happened to him or where he went. I'm the first to know the answer in over 100 years. If you have any suggestions about where to look to find out more about him, I'd love to hear them. Thank you again for your website! Jeanne Hall

26 Jan 2003
Thank you to everyone who has made this tremendous site possible and who are involved with its maintenance and growth. We have not found any other nugget as brilliant as this site in our search for our ancestors. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Alison and Margie,(descendents of Rogers family)

22 Jan 2003
Dear Ms. Sanford: Thank you so much for your hard work in transcribing this work (Centennial History of Delaware County, New York: 1797-1897) on the history of Delaware County. My grandfather spent every day of his WORKING life as a conductor on the Ulster and Delaware Railroad, so you can imagine how exciting it was to read this history. You are appreciated. Carolyn McPherson

22 Jan 2003
Joyce, you totally amaze me and mere words cannot not express my appreciation for the time you spend on this purely fantastic Website. I subscribe to numerous ones and nothing even begins to compare to ours thanks to you. And my thanks to all of you who are furnishing the information to Joyce for without you, Joyce would not have the foundation for the Delaware Co. Website. Way to Go! At 82 years of age, I am not contributing as much as I should but I will try better. Carol J. (McCune) McCraw.

22 Jan 2003
. . . I truly am enjoying your site and will recommend it to my Delaware Co. NY distant relatives. What fun! Alice (Keel) Crim

12 Jan 2003
I love your website! It's the best I've seen so far concerning New York State. I was able to locate a long lost relative... one my 87-year old Mother couldn't remember the name of... :o) B. Miller

14 Dec 2002
I have to tell you what a treasure trove of information the Delaware County history site is. I stumbled upon it today as I was searching for information on my mother's family, who lived in Hancock, Rock Royal, Deposit, and Cannonsville. . . . Thanks again for a wonderful site! - Mary Anne Parker-Hancock

10 Dec 2002
You can't know how excited I am tonight to come across your Delaware History and see my ancestor listed, with another place for me to look for records on her. I'd never have looked at Norwalk, CT. No reason. I'm truly grateful for posting that history out there, from the bottom of my heart I thank you. I've looked for it for about 20 years now. Please convey our family thanks to the ladies who allowed this to happen! They're wonderful to share it. Blessings, Permelia's descendant, Billye Dolores Cleveland Jackson, Victoria, TX
re: HISTORY OF CANNONSVILLE on the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site - (by Mrs. Hester Lane Miles - The following pages were written by Mrs. Miles between 1887 and 1892. It was given to Mrs. Rena Brundege Chamberlin who in turn gave it to Mrs. Eunice A. Love in 1962. Permission to use online given by Pat Conklin of Deposit. Electronic text submitted by Linda Ogborn)

18 November 2002
Re: Murrays Book - Tamara, Thank you for all your hard work! So much great information! - Susan Koch

12 November 2002
I've said this before, but want to say it again...this is the BEST county site on the internet! So much information, so well organized, so many hard-WORKING really is wonderful. What a treasure - we are all very, very lucky :) - Kathy in MO

11 November 2002
Joyce, All my family from my grandmother side of family came from Delaware Co, All my Grandfather's came from ______ and ________ and ______. If those counties had web sites like your Delaware Co site, doing genealogy work would be alot easier. I have gotten so much information from your site, it seems to be so smooth and helpful to a person who only started to do this about 6 months ago. I'm always finding new info and family every night. Keep up the good work. My heritage lines from Delaware are Curtis, Gregory, Houck, DeNio, Lewis. Thanks again. - Floyd J DeWitt.
Joyce's Note: I edited out the county names.

10 November 2002
Joyce, Wow, a comment, compliment and kudos to you! Its incredible, simply incredible. Let me quit babbling and make sense.. I submitted the newspaper articles on my Grandfather Stiles/Styles Fairchild to the Delaware County, NY Genealogy & History website and since then I've discovered and have been in contact with family I didn't know I had! This website truly "RAWKS"! With regards, Tamara Sanford

Note: the following 3 e-mails regard the book "Centennial History of Delaware County, New York: 1797-1897" that Tamara Sanford started to transcribe for the website Oct 31.
--------------------------- 3 November 2002
Tamara - I just want to commend you on the task you've set out to do! The book sounds wonderful and will be very helpful to people like me, who are trying to put together our family histories from Delaware County. Thank you for making it available to all of us! - Pat Watts

3 November 2002
Tamara - Thank you for transcribing this book. I've never heard of it, but I'm sure it will be invaluable. Regards, David Knapp

3 November 2002
Tamara - Very nice of you to transcribe the Centennial Book to the website, you might like to know it is available as well as Gould's & Munsells Historys of Delaware Cty.the 1949 Monroe book and many other old Delaware Cty reference books from Higgonson Books of Salem , Mass in very nice hard bound reprints ,but costly. John Culligan Hamden NY

24 October 2002
I enjoy your Delaware Co. website so much! My cousin and I are researching our Lewis family line and have found lots of interesting things on the site. . . . Our John and Sally are our brick walls! We have a lot of pretty good theories, ideas and family stories but haven't been able to find anything "concrete" to verify the parents of either one of them yet. From your site though - we found a John Lewis from Hancock was in the War of 1812 and from there - we sent off for an equipment claim form filed by his "widow" in 1858. We didn't know the "widow's" name for this John Lewis though until we received the form and sure enough - it was our "Sally"! - B. J. Shawd

2 October 2002
This website has been great - what started out to be a search to find out where my Scottish background came from has escalated in the last 1 1/2 year and I've "met" many cousins on the internet, put together a huge family tree with the information from each of them and my own research. I also went Upstate and spent a week in Delaware County around Labor Day weekend. I'm hooked! This site is great - and it helps that so many families have remained in the same vicinity for a couple hundred years making the searches much easier. . . . . Pat Watts

23 August 2002
Thank you for all the information you have on this site. It is by far one of the best. It has allowed me to reunited the Brace family. Starting with Anson Brace. Again Thank you, J. A. Palmer, Sacramento, Ca

30 July 2002
I enjoy coming back to the site every so often. You always are so good about keeping the updates coming in on it. In talking to several people around the country side, I often hear how much they enjoy this site and can't believe all the info on it. Thank you very much and keep up the great work you do. - Betty in Delhi

23 July 2002
A note to say what a great site you have developed on Rootsweb. A 3rd cousin (found via the internet) of my husband and I are researching their ancestry (their Grandfathers, Frank and Harry Rainey were brothers) and the information we've been able to find on the Delaware site is amazing. We have confirmed two and possibly three generations from information listed there. Whoever contributed the Bovina information on marriages, etc. is to be commended. Today the cousin went to Delhi to search for first hand info and found very little available through the libraries and some at the courthouse (a will of Alexander Dean (b 1807 Ireland d Bovina 1868). . . . . . . Again, thanks..... Carol Rainey and Jeanie Kenyon

13 March 2002
You have done a wonderful job collecting and posting information. In early February I opened a old black box that my mother had had for years. In it was a deed from Otis Preston deeding land to William Preston in 1815 in Roxbury among other papers. I had known my great grandfather Daniel Preston had come from Roxbury to Kingston, but that was all I knew about him. Using your site I was able to trace the Prestons back through Ashford CT to the Witch Trials in Salem, MA and to a boat from England in 1635. ... Preston Perlman

13 March 2002
When I relocated to South Africa from the Sidney, NY area last summer, I thought sure that my research would have to be put on hold - how wrong I was. A few weeks back, one of my students asked a question that I was dying to find the answer for (if I'm descended from Lucretia Mott), so I decided to get on the web and see if I couldn't get a little further with my research. Wow - I've returned nearly every day to Delaware County, and every day, I find something new - Thank you for such a comprehensive site, available to me halfway around the world! Makes me feel right at home! Still no connections to Lucretia, but I've gotten through several Smith roadblocks from my mom's side of the family. - Dwight L. Mott

8 March 2002
Your records on the cemeteries provided a very useful resource in finding my great great great grandfather and his wife. I will be traveling this summer and will be doing further research as to the locations of the gravesites. So thanks again for your effort! - Dave

1 March 2002
I just keep coming back to your site, even when I am not looking for anything in particular. Easy to navigate ALWAYS up-to-date and the MOST informative of all the rootsweb sites I visit. You have done some wonderful things here that give those of us who are searching such great hope that the rest of the sites will follow your example and become as helpful as yours...GREAT JOB --Marilyn Blinsmon

20 February 2002
Thanks for a great website, your work has enabled me to find family going back 4 generations. I also found a friend who shared a wealth of information. Thanks again. --Richard Bodiot

15 February 2002
I've just come upon your site for Del. Co. Genealogy. I'm overwhelmed! I can see that I'll have to spend hours here. My early relatives were the Whitakers: Benjamin, Daniel , etc. dating from the early 1800's or earlier. They were farmers there. My grandmother was born in Deposit. Thanks for all of your work.

14 February 2002
This is the best county resource. Thanks to all volunteers. Ann Ashworth

14 February 2002
I have been on the Delaware County List for several years now, but not progressing too fast on my genealogy. I'm afraid if I find any info I'll have to get to work. Well, I recently went through the entire Website using the Pico Search Engine and what fun! Although I only searched for 1 surname (out of at least 5) I found at least 40 references. It was so easy and I was able to see what a great job you have done of setting it all up. Thanks so much for all you do (and you do it well). --Linda Taylor

23 January 2002
Thank you for the help you have given me and so many others. All though I'm from N Y and My Mouther was from Delaware county, It is impossible for me to return there and get anything personally. You have been a great help and please keep up the wonderful work. - Marge Purchell

18 January 2002
This is a really good site, keep up the good work. Brings back a lot of memories for a former resident. Liked the photos of the Hancock area, one tries to visulize the old buildings that once were there, and of course the ones that are still there. -

26 December 2001
Some Success - for the past couple of years I have been trying to locate some information on my grandfather and his family. I believe that I have finally located some information that will probably help. I had believed that my grandfather Thomas S Crosby b1776 Hancock NY father was Malcolm or John, in the 1880 census his name is listed as Mallon and Alvira being the wife, I thought it was Elvira. Also it listed a sister Lucy that I did not have a name for and his brother being Elmore rather than Elmer as I had believed. Diligence pays off and is never ending . Thanks for the wonderful maintenance of this site. - J. Kevin Moran

29 November 2001
Dear Joyce, I was overjoyed to find your site today, and even more impressed when I used it's search engine - and found tons of interesting articles, among them the History of Cannonsville by Mrs. Hester Lane Miles, wherein I finally ended a two year search for an elusive ancestor - the father of Orlando Hale, who turns out to be an Oliver Hale, mentioned in her piece. Ironically, all my ancestor searches have been out west - and I wind up right near home (I live in neighboring Ulster County). I'm getting in my car tomorrow and heading over to take a look at Trout Creek. Bless you, and all the volunteers who have made this site a rewarding genealogical resource. - Denise Oliver-Velez

28 November 2001
Dear Joyce, I would like to add my kudos for your site. My search has only recently taken me to Delaware County and your site has been an invaluable resource. For years, I have only come up with "born in the USA", but *finally* came up with a Delaware Co. birthplace on a marriage certificate, so I am now trying to trace several births in the 1820-30 period. Your site is so incredible. I have never been to Delaware County so it has really been educational to follow all the links. I appreciate all your hard work. --Kirsten Fabritius-Brzozowska, Delta, British Columbia Canada

20 November 2001
Nice job. I just happened on this site by accident by running by dad's name, i.e., "Carroll R. Jenkins." Found the names of some other relatives too. Thanks, --crj

20 November 2001
. . . Thank you for this and for the best genealogical web page for any county I have ever seen. --Patricia Francisco Kroncke

28 September 2001
Thanks again for one of the best research sites imaginable! --Nanci Hobart

27 September 2001
My son Jon just sent me your Delaware Co. web site info. This is a wonderful discovery for me. I was born in Davenport. . . . I only have a Web TV terminal (no computer) so there is a limit on what I can do, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful thing you have done. My son Jon lives just a few minutes away and has a very complete computer set up. --Lynn Q

14 September 2001
. . . I feel very good right now as I have found through your cemetery listings in the Congregational Church Cemetery the Bartletts and Lovelands that I am descended from. I didn't think I would ever find anything but your website has been great as well as yourself. My great, great (or more) grandparents were Maria Loveland and Orrin Bennett. Maria's parents were Eliphaz Loveland and Desire Bartlett whose parents were Judah Bartlett and Luna Abel. Judah, I found, was a Revolutionary War soldier. News I had never heard before. I will keep searching your website to see if I can find anymore relatives. My Drake and Freeman side of the family were also from Delaware County and perhaps I will get lucky again. . . . --Marion R. Drake

30 August 2001
Have just spent a productive couple of hours on your truly wonderful site. It is rare to find so much useful data in one place. Thank you. --Ann

15 August 2001
In perusing the Delaware County WebPages this morning after having been away for a year or more, I found that you have made many wonderful changes. I love it; it's even better than before! One of the changes I found was that you are linking to individual webpages where there is data on Delaware Co. families. . . . --Jerry Cahill

7 August 2001
. . . Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you and all the other volunteers on the Delaware site put in to get the information out to those of us in faraway places who are searching----So THANK YOU!!! --Susan Lemley Scott

28 July 2001
Re: North Harpersfield Cemetery Internet Page
Dear Annette, Hello. I am Dawn (Dayton) Lewis and I grew up in North Harpersfield. I can't tell you how elated I was to find the typed list of persons buried in the North Harpersfield Cemetery. The first three names were just what I was looking for. A friend of mine and I went to the old cemetery in Jefferson today and to the Stevens Cemetery on Peck Street. We ended up at the Stamford Public Library where they have a wonderful collection of information in their historical room. I plan to go back there someday when I have more time to read through their printed materials. I had hoped to get to the North Harpersfield Cemetery today but time didn't permit. I just want to thank you for spending the time and effort to enter this information into a public document so easily accessible through the internet. I want you to know that at least one person has found it and found it very useful so that you know your efforts didn't go undetected or unappreciated. So many times people don't take the time to say thank you. Thank you from me and from the others that may be interested in something as small as the North Harpersfield Cemetery. Yours truly, --Dawn Lewis

28 July 2001
. . . As always Joyce, your work on keeping the List and the Website running is much appreciated and never said enough...also thanks to those that contribute to the List and Website. If not for Joyce and all who contribute, this List and it's Website would not exist and be so full of information. MUCH THANKS go to Joyce and her contributors. . . . --Dale Miller
Searching Miller and McLean

28 July 2001
You did a great job on the cemetery files you posted! Thanks so much for your time and effort and willingness to share. --Cathy Kachmer

20 July 2001
As a beginner in genealogy study I have found the Delaware County site to be interesting, informative and easy to use. Thank you for your superb work. --Helen Lorenz

29 June 2001
Just wanted to send a special thanks to all the personnel at the Delaware County offices, especially Shirley. I was at the courthouse for two days last week and received the most wonderful help from everyone, spending time looking for wills, deeds and any other documents I could find. I am now pouring over the almost 200 pages of documents that I was able to copy and seem to have found a new relative who was the product of my 4GGF and his second wife. While trapesing around the countryside I also found the grave of my 3GGF and many other relatives in the Bovina Cemetery. Hadn't realized there was another cemetery just down the street. I had just seen the small one across the road. What a find! Unfortunately, a rather large thunderstorm chased me out before I could finish reading the last headstone, but at least I know where to return to on my next trip. Thanks ever so much to the county clerks personnel. --Larry Campbell, Grand Rapids, MI

21 June 2001
Yesterday I followed a link from the Delaware County site and found my great-grandfather's name in a list of articles that had been published in the Worcester Times. It mentioned a daughter that our family had never heard of, so I asked (begged!) the person who had posted it if they'd PLEASE type the newspaper article for me. They kindly responded, and we were shocked by what we read, which is below [rest of message not included here].Worcester Times March 5, 1913 page 1 column 3 . . . --Terri Kunze
Joyce's Note: I include the first part of Terri's message here to emphasize 'leave no stone unturned'. Worcester is in Otsego County, across the Delaware County line. I include a link to abstractions from the Worcester Times on the 'Vital Records' page.

15 June 2001
Just a comment. If anyone else provides as great a site search engine as you, I have not found it! Many of my ancestors resided in Delaware county and it is delightfully easy to find what is available on them! THANKS! --Nanci Hobart
...a descendant of the Hoffman, Leonard, Huyck, Forsyth and Smith lines

15 June 2001
My name is Pat Krussow and I live in Hood River, Oregon. I have spent unbelievable hours on the Delaware County pages. They are terrific. The best I've seen. . . . . . --Pat Krussow

12 June 2001
I can't express enough on how great your site is. I have found out so much information on my family. I come from the Olmsteads in Davenport and the Liddles in Bovina and this is the best county site on the internet for information. Thanks --Willie Olmstead, Hollywood, California

8 June 2001
You have one of the best, if not the best county site I have ever researched. I have researched a lot of them from NY to ND and nearly everywhere in between. Congratulations on a job well done. - Fran

6 June 2001
I had a great time at the Delhi County Courthouse. My sincere thanks to Shirley Houck for her help while researching there. She really made me think 'outside of the box' when interpreting census information. I probably would have never checked out the wills without her 'hints' which would have been a HUGE mistake. Also, she found 3 ancestors jailed during the Anit-Rent Wars (guess I better start studying that too) which I didn't get a chance to puruse. . . . Also a big thanks to the cemetary staff at Andes Cemetary in helping locate Woodin tombstones back to 1812. Just wish it wouldn't have been so hot when we were there! - Sandra Townsend

3 June 2001
Hi, I just logged on to your site. Boy is it great, the information was awesome. Thank you so much for your site. - Bearsboss

3 June 2001
Hat's off to the folks at the Delaware Surogates Court. After 2 years of searching, I finally found my great great great great grandfather.. the papers from the court showed he died in 1812 and left behind a fair amount of debt. Family legend had it that he died in Scotland, so this is very significant for me. It also linked my family to Ebenezer Rowland, whom my grandfather and his grandfather were named after. Thanks! --Dave Finlay

29 May 2001
Dear Joyce, I would like to take this moment to express my thanks and gratitude for the monumental amount of work you and all of those who contribute to your site have done. The more I get into research here and elsewhere the more I appreciate it. Your site is un-equaled. A friend of mine from Phoenix Arizona who has ancestors here and in Otsego Cty sent me a e-mail today of someone she corresponds with who was upset that his request for information from one of the links here wasn't being given the "priority" I assume he thought he should have, she and I both advised him of the excellant work here and that as such sometimes the load can be appreciable to those people doing it, I hope it sunk in to him, and at the same time I sent a letter of appreciation to this same source he was griping about who had just recently done a fair amount of work for me, expressing my appreciation for their efforts, and while I was at thought it is a good time to do so to everyone here who works so hard in this field. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU and please pass on my appeciation to everyone you can. You are all outstanding. With Warmest Regards, --John W. Culligan, Hamden NY

Dear John, Your message came at a really good time for me and a couple other Delaware County volunteers. This month alone, my family faced two deaths and another illness. Two other volunteers had family members die. Not only do these life events slow us down, things like family, shopping, cleaning, lawn mowing and (WORK!) are also in our daily schedule. It is funny how much damage to our 'morale' a couple 'complainers' can do. The first thing we think is, 'don't they realize we are volunteers? Not many complaints come in to us, but it only takes one to make us feel like walking away from the project, then we remember all the great people who have contributed to the site and all the appreciative researchers, like you, who have written. Thank you so much for your very welcome message! Sincerely, Joyce, Delaware County NY Genealogy & History Site.

1 May 2001
You have an amazing site. It is fast loading, fun to be on, and full, full, full of useful links and information. --Bob & Lin Sullivan

30 April 2001
Thanks so much for a great county geneology web site. I was recently able to trace my maternal grandmother's family back to Scotland from the information contained on the site. Her name was Lavina (Boyd) Gardner, daughter of Henry and Lydia (Smith) Boyd. I grew up in Bainbridge and now live near Albany. You and your volunteers are to be commended for continuing to build a great research site which is constantly changing. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. --Bon & Bruce Scott

23 April 2001
. . . You all do such wonderful work! I sit at the computer for hours and feel like I come away after just being able to skim what's there! Most of my mother's families all come from the Delaware Co area, so once I find someone to search through, it takes me hours because I'm looking for so many people..can't keep up with all that you add! Thanks for all the hard work! ---Cyndie

23 April 2001
Just wanted to drop a quick line to thank you for your wonderful mailing list. I have learned so much about genealogy and history in a few short months and soon will be visiting your beautiful county. I don't think I would have even thought of visiting until I saw your Web site and learned so much. Again, thanks for your dedication. . . . --Sandra Townsend, Chicago, IL
researching my gr. gr.grandfather Ebenezer Wooden.

16 April 2001
Hi Joyce! My name is Mary Liber and I live in Hamburg, PA, which is about 75 miles NW of Philadelphia. Last year I found that I had ancestors in Delaware County (my GGG Grandfather lived in Stamford). I discovered your Delaware County website last year and have returned to it many, many times. In fact, two weeks ago I found the names of my GGGG Grandparents there! I am writing to tell you that this site is, by far, the BEST county site I have ever seen! So much information, and so easy to use! I know you are not the only one responsible for the site, it takes alot of people to put together something so great. Congratulations on a fine website, and THANK YOU ALL for putting the information out there for all to see! Keep up the good work! --Mary Liber, Hamburg, PA
researching GGGG Grandparents: Nathan & Margaret Ames ... GGG Grandparents: Francis Ames & Jane Mattice ... GG Grandparents: Marcus Blinn & Jessie May Ames

15 April 2001
Joyce, you are doing a fantastic job! Not only of managing the Delaware County site, but also encouraging others to participate and contribute. I salute you. This site has been invaluable to me in researching Parsons and Bush ancestry. . . . --Dean Hunter

13 April 2001
I wanted to let you know of my excitement of finally finding gold from the nydelawa e-mails. I have been a recipient member for over a year and diligently watched every listing for a family name. I have saved the references for the day when I have or take time to search more but time after time from reviewing hundreds maybe a thousand e-mails of finding no matches I remember some article of a person complaining about the volume, then, lo and behold, not one but two family names Woolheater and Dickman side branches of my Davis family of Andes area came out. Both people, one from Long Island and one from California. I have been in discussion with trading pictures, etc. Also I found alive my grandmother's sister's daughter in Halcot Center and talked to her last night. What a wonderful delightful appreciative person. They had basically not heard from my family since the 1920s as my Davis grandfather moved his family to Champaign, Il. So, I am hooked, and will keep participating. Thank you for your efforts & support. Sincerely, Bob Prevette--, South Bend, In.

2 April 2001
Even I myself, enjoyed immensely reading again the newspaper clippings that my mother saved for me. Nostalgia is the applicable word here, I guess. I think others will enjoy them as well. John Harper and I were good friends; and soon after I arrived in Italy, I made arrangements for a three-day pass to go visit him, but the day before I was to leave (my diary says Jan 14th) I got a letter from Home telling me that he had been KIA Dec 6.
I had forgotten the poem at the end. However, I dreaded greatly getting a letter addressed in my fathers hand, for it was always bad news. For instance, it was he who wrote about my brother Ed being MIA after being shot down over France. And news of relatives passing were from him. --Allan Davidson

29 March 2001
I must say thank you & I can appreciate all your long hours & hard work in putting this web site together ..... --AnnaMarie (Rynearson) Wilson

29 March 2001
The Delaware County Website has become a great place to gather information. You and your assistant have done a great job in growing this site from what it was to what it is now! Keep up the good work! --Teena (Mayham) Schroeder, Bridgewater, NJ

15 March 2001
The Delaware County web site is amazing. I am so firmly stuck there (since 1968 looking for anything on one man) that I've been a frequent visitor and realized that I'd not written to compliment your fine work. Thank you for all you and other contributors have amassed. Take care, --Clemi

13 March 2001
. . . You are doing a great job with the site! It is the best informative site I've been on yet- I have been able to find much info on my family here! Sincerely, --Renee Kelley Wright

11 March 2001
I just wanted to thank you (and Westy) for putting together and maintaining the Delaware County Geneaology and History website. Because you have posted such extensive records online, I have been able to do a tremendous amount of research about my ancestors from Delaware County (Shultis, Slauson, and Walker families). Best regards, --Elizabeth Walker Shultis Kotowski, Acton, Massachusetts

11 March 2001
I love your list of place names and what they were at one time. I've used it a number of times to find cemeteries, etc. Thanks! --Carol Barton

8 March 2001
I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the effort you and all of the other volunteers involved in the project to place Delaware County information of interest to those of us tracing our family roots. I can only imagine the countless hours you and many others have spent assuring that the information we so desperately need is available in a suitable format to be put online. My immediate family lived in Walton from 1940 until my Mom finally left for good in 1995. I have been away from Delaware County since 1975. Thanks to you and all the others who make it much easier to find records relating to the Michel's (of Walton) and the Laux's (of Stamford). You have done a superlative job. Many thanks! Why do all wait to get interested in our family history until it is so hard to find the information? If I'd only started twenty years ago! --Donald Michel

5 March 2001
. . . It is always interesting to read about the past and family histories. Blessings to you all. --Judy Kauffman

1 March 2001
I just want to send a big thank you for all your research and hard work in posting information and photos on the Delaware County website. I started researching my genealogy only about a month ago and this website has been wonderful. . . . . . Sincerely, --Sandra Merritt, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

22 February 2001
Thanks for your wonderful website! --Donna and Brian Walsh

21 February 2001
Just a note to tell you what a great county genealogical site and thank everyone for their generous contributions. Thank you. --Louella

21 February 2001
I discovered this site quite by accident, browsing during my lunch hour. I share a weekend house in Andes with my partner and his two children. We love the area and hope someday to live there full time. The material you've posted makes for fascinating reading. Excellent job! Thanks. --Jackie Cantor

21 February 2001
Thank you for all the information about what is available on the Delaware county website. I am very impressed with the quality and quantity of information that is available. It helps those of us who do not live in the local area. Please thank all the volunteers for me. . . . --Robbie ter Kuile

5 February 2001
First let me congratulate you and any one else who is involved in the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site. It is the most extensive, well-maintained, valuable site I have ever visited. I have been able to obtain information that I have been looking for for years in a matter of hours, rather than trying to do it by snail. . . . Thanks again for a GREAT site, I will visit it again and again. --Deborah Sweet

5 February 2001
I have to tell you how much this site (and it's "sister" for Sullivan County) have meant to me. It is designed so well, easy to navigate, and I have filled in many tidbits of data (and unearthed a few puzzles, as well) for my family history. Thank you ever so much --- and keep up the good work. Your volunteers must be wonderful people. --Jon Koons

25 January 2001
I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job that you have done with this web site. Thank you for all of the time that you have put into it. It certainly has been a real joy to me and I know others. Thanks for the work you have done to put happiness into peoples' lives. Have a nice day. --Beth Rupert

17 January 2001
I have been searching this site for over a year now - it is probably the best of all New York counties and I can't wait to check it out (often) to find all new info. Keep up the good work - it is certainly a labor of love and it shows. Thanks. Sharon (Walker) Gray, Tampa - native of Sidney.

15 January 2001
Thank you, Joyce and your volunteers for all of your hard work. The site is so well organized and easy to research. I have been able to find out so much info about most of my family. Thanks again, --Mary Jackson Morgan

11 January 2001
To everyone who contributes to the Delaware County site and its environs: I clicked on the Greene county link and then to the Rensalaer [sp?]: county link and on the e-mail address of a professional researcher. Result: two mysteries that endured for two generations solved. Wonderful. Best regards, --Roberta Meehan

8 January 2001
Your web site is one of the best that I have come across in about 3 years. Keep up the good work! --Bob Myers, Alexandria, LA

4 January 2001
. . . While trying to find a real estate agency on the Internet I came across your website and just wanted to let you know that you have done a nice job putting it together and I enjoyed reading it and looking at the pictures. It is so beautiful up there in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Winter is my favorite time of year and though I have never seen Franklin in the Winter, it must be breathtaking with the snow. Thank you for putting the website together. Have a nice day. --Alice Cachia

3 January 2001
Happy New Year Joyce and all of your staff of volunteers. I want to thank you for the addition of the new Greene County site link at the Delaware County site. I see you have been instrumental in making this site an excellent one too. It has been very helpful to me and I appreciate all of the work you have done in behalf of research. I think Delaware is the best site on the net, and it looks like Greene County will be following in it's footsteps. Many thanks, --Lucille Murray Mead

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