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Copy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic file by Joyce Riedinger, May 19, 2000
This is a verbal survey. It locates theses persons at an early date. Shirley Houck, Delaware County Clerk's Office

NOTE: Filed in the Delaware County Clerk's Office December 23,1833 and designated Map N26. The names were abstracted from the metes and bounds description thereon. The introduction to the document reads as follows:

We the undersigned Commissioners, duly appointed to lay out the Charlotte Turnpike road , pursuant to the act of incorporation, passed April 7, 1833; - do certify and report, that, we have laid out and established said Turnpike road, in the following manner: to wit:


page 1

Beginning at a point in the Susquehanna Turnpike near 
R. Hotchkiss' oil mill in Town of Harpersfield
Harpersfield/Kortright Town Line near point marked 5
Hosea Reynolds' shop near point marked 8
James Daugherty's house near point marked 10
over Daugherty's land to traveled road near point marked 11
McIlwaines' saw mill dam near point marked 23

page 2 

John Hyde's house over Middlebrook near point marked 38
to near travelled road near point marked 39
to road and following road in center near point marked 42
near Thomas Harkness 3rds house
to Kortright/Davenport Town Line near point marked 51
to Harpersfield Creek near point marked 54
Isaac Pearce's shed near point marked 62
Main road

page 3

John Sherman's Waggon house near point marked 70
Daniel Ward's house near point marked 76
Jesse Booth's house near point marked 78
Seth Goodrich's front door near point marked 84
L. Kellogg's Cow house near point marked 86
Peter Smith's Barn yard near point marked 89
Frederick Davis' house near point marked  90
Ezra Denend's house & barn near point marked 94 & 95
Seth Goodrich Jr.'s house near point marked 99
Hiram Andrews' westernmost shed near point marked 101
Widow Shaver's Waggon house near point marked 102

page 4 

Charlotte River
Spoor & Davis' sawmill door near point marked 113
E.G. Barnes' flat near point marked 130
Barnes' tail race river near point marked 137
James McDougal's house near point marked 140
John McDougal's house near point marked 142

page 5 

Dayton's Grist mill near point marked 150
travelled road near point marked 153
Delaware/Otsego County line near point marked 156
J. Young's clearing near point marked 166
Susquehanna river near point marked 172
between Luther Baker & 
David Crispell's houses on main road near point marked 179
in road
Samuel Walling's house near point marked 185

page 6 

David T. Evans barn near point marked 191
Joseph Walling's blacksmith shop near point marked 193
Adam Brown's house near point marked 194
street in Village of Oneonta near point marked 195
Edward Meig's house near point marked 196
Between  A. Balou & G.H. Fancher's houses near point marked 214
Otego Creek near point marked 218
Public highway
Daniel P. Straightt's Waggon house in Town of Oneonta (Otsego County) near point marked 220

And, we do further certify and report. That the foregoing survey is laid for the center of said Turnpike road.

And we do further declare that we deem it unnecessary to make said Turnpike road of such materials as is prescribed by law, in any places, except, - from the bank of the

page 7

Harpersfield creek to a point five Chains back from station No. 53- a distance of about eight Chains 70 Links: - from station 130 to station 137,- a distance of about thirty-three Chains 50 Links, - from station 150, back, about seventeen Chains, and from the southerly bank of the Susquehannah, back, about the distance of ten Chains. And that we deem it necessary that said excepted sections of said road, should be made of such materials as is prescribed by law.

And, That we deem it unnecessary to make said Turnpike road, of greater width than eighteen feet, in any dug way, or place where the same shall be formed with but one ditch, - and that said road be made of the full width prescribed by law, in all places where the ground is so nearly level, that in forming said road, it shall be proper to make two ditches.

Given under our hands, this 10th day of September A.D. 1833

Sylvester Humphrey
A. Richtmeyer

I certify the foregoing to be a correct survey of the ground selected by the Commissioners, in laying out the Charlotte Turnpike road; said survey having been made by me, under their direction

Sept. 10.1833. - Isaac Burr Surveyor

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