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Hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic text by Joyce Riedinger, September 2, 2000; updates by Ed Davidson November 2013
Note: You may need to scroll to the right to view all 8 columns of data.
(W)=Whole District (J)=Joint District
Common School Districts
Jan. l - Dec. 31, 1855

Dist.   Dist.    School    Year  Material   1855      District
No.     Town(s)  Located   Built Built    Condition   Trustees             School-house Location                 Coordinates          Elevation

 1(W)   Bovina   Bovina    18--  wood       good      Wm L Rutherford      Maynard at intersection of         
                                                      John Burns           Bovina Road & Cape Horn Road          42.2835°N74.709°W    1945.5 ft.

 2(W)   Bovina   Bovina    1849  wood       good      John R Thomson       Pink Street near Scutt Mt. Road &
                                                      John McFarlane       present Co. Rte #5                    42.2974°N74.7689°W   1912.7 ft.
                                                      Isaac Atkin
 3(W)   Bovina   Bovina    1830  wood       poor      James Rutherford Jr. Near Village of Bovina "Butt End".    42.2697°N74.7279°W   1952.1 ft.
                                                      Stephen Russell
                                                      John Scott
 4(W)   Bovina   Bovina    1848  wood       good      Robert C Scott       In village of Bovina Center
                                                      Robert Murray        Maple Avenue                          42.2625°N74.7813°W   1669.9 ft.

 5(W)   Bovina   Bovina    1838  wood       good      Sylvanus Bramly      Miller Avenue                         42.2793°N74.8112°W   2027.6 ft.

 6(W)   Bovina   ----      1855  ----       good      John F Graham        On Lee Hollow Road just off           42.2496°N74.8308°W   1617.5 ft.
         & Delhi                                      William Wight        present State Route No. 10
                                                      James Graham
 7 (W)  Bovina   Bovina    1848  wood       in want   E. O'Conner          On Russell Hill Road                  42.2439°N74.7947°W   1797.9 ft.
                                            of repair James Coulter
                                                      H C Burgin
 8(J)   Bovina   Bovina    18--  ---        ----      Thomas Brown         On Biggar Hollow Road about 1/4       42.2027°N74.8162°W   1679.8 ft.
        & Andes                                       Christopher Strangeway    mile off Andes to  
                                                                                Delancey Road

 9(W)   Bovina   Bovina    18--  frame      poor      Robert McFarland Jr  On Cape Horn Road                     42.3036°N74.7159°W   2280.2 ft.
                                                      Morris S Reynolds    (Yankee Town Area)

10(W)   Bovina   Bovina    1836  wood frame good      Malcolm McNaught     On present Jim Lane Road 
                                                      John M McNaught      near New Road intersection            42.3094°N74.7453°W   2263.8 ft.
11(W)   Bovina   Bovina    1848  wood       good      John C Scott         On Coulter Brook Road                 42.246°N74.7465°W    1945.5 ft.
                                                      William Telford

12(J)   Bovina   Middletown 18-- ----       ----      William Elliot       On present County Route 6, 
        & Middletown                                  James Thompson       about 1 mile from the 
                                                                           Middletown/Bovina Line                42.2415°N74.7066°W   2063.6 ft.
13(J)  Bovina    Bovina    1841  wood      good       Alexander Dean       On East Bramley Mountain Road         42.2875°N74.7976°W   2047.2 ft.
       & Delhi                                        Michael Miller

NOTE: The school-houses have been sited, to the best of our ability, by reference to the Gould Map, Beers Atlas & present Delaware County maps.

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