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David Bostwick of Meredith, NY - Revolutionary War Soldier

My name is Rodney S. Andrews, member of the DCHA since last August. I have been WORKING with Helen Casey, several clerks up & down your valley, the DAR. the National Achieves (Pittsfield, MA) and especially Bernice Telian. I have discovered that David Bostwick of Meredith, NY was, in fact, in the Revolutionary War as a soldier in Connecticut in 1779. No one was aware in all the history written of the Delaware County. I found, through the National DAR, that 3 women had indeed filed applications using David Bostwick but used other siblings, other than Ammon, his first son. I and my son have presented our applications to the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) and have been accepted. My daughter, Renee Andrews Petsche in Texas, has her DAR application at National DAR Headquarters in Washington, DC waiting for approval. In addition, Bernice and myself are WORKING with the Oneonta Chapter of the DAR in getting National DAR approval for a grave marker and flag in a ceremony sometime later this year. --Rodney S. Andrews, April 17, 2002

  1. David Bostwick born. 24 Apr 1752 in Upper Merryall, CT. Married Currence Hard on 1775 at Newtown, Fairfield Co. CT. Died 12 Jun 1818 in Meredith, Delaware County, NY. Marched 5 July 1779 & discharged 6 Jul 1779. 10 children - Ammon, Jabez, Betsey, Ezra, David Beers, Currence, Lucy, Abner, Mary, and Abel. (underlined were the 3 used by the 3 women who filed DAR applications).

  2. Ammon Bostwick (1st child of David) born 19 Mar 1776 in Stratford, Litchfield Co. CT. Married Lucinda Stilson on 15 Sep 1799 at Newtown, CT. Died 5 Oct 1835 in Meredith, Delaware Co. NY. 4 children - Lucinda, Milton, Homer and Lucinda Jane.

  3. Milton Bostwick (2nd child of Ammon) born 4 Mar 1808 in Meredith, Delaware Co. NY. Married Jane Smith 8 Sep 1841 at Meredith, NY. Died 21 Feb 1899 in Delhi, Delaware Co. NY. 4 children - Ammon, Homer D., Jennie A. and Robert Gage.

  4. Ammon Bostwick (1st child of Milton) born 2 Aug 1842 in Meredith, Delaware Co. NY. Married Annis Yendes 9 Oct 1867 at Delhi, NY. Died 11 Jan 1924 in Delhi, NY. 5 Children - Twins, Jessie Bostwick Hume & Josephine Bostwick (never married) , Anna Bostwick Bush , John Bostwick & Marcia Bostwick Andrews.

    4a) Jessie Bostwick Hume born 8 Aug 1868 in Delhi, NY. Married James R. Hume 26 Feb 1896. She died 21 Jan 1927. 3 children - John Bostwick Hume, Edith Hume Crook and Annis Hume Hillis.

    4b) Josephine Bostwick, Jessie's twin sister, never married and died 13 Jan 1931.

    4c) Anna Bostwick Bush born 3 Jan 1878 in Delhi, NY. Married Clarence A. Bush 21 Dec 1897 in DeLancey, NY. She died 13 Jun 1971. 3 children - Ammon Bush, Elmer Ogden (Doc) Bush and Salenda Bush.

    4d) John Bostwick born 3 Jul 1879 in Delhi, NY. Married Lillian MacNaught 26 Oct 1909. He died 22 Feb 1968. No children.

    4e) Marcia Bostwick Andrews (my Grandmother) born 4 Sep 1882 in Delhi, NY. Married William C. Andrews 11 Nov 1901 in Walton, NY. She died 9 Apr 1973. 1 child - Elmer L. Andrews.

    Any descendants of these people through David Bostwick are eligible candidates for the DAR & SAR.

    Rodney S. Andrews, SAR Compatriot#156874
    21 Forestwood Drive
    Woodstock, NY 12498-1908

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