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Please put "Lookup" in the subject line when sending a request to any of the volunteers listed below. Ask for specific information, being as brief as possible. Our volunteers are mostly full-time WORKING people and offer this service in their spare time. Joyce Riedinger
LOOKUPS - Books, Census Records, etc. relating to Delaware County Lookup

bullet I will do lookups from the Margaretville area for people searching kin in our local cemeteries. Other research can be done as well. This will be done as time allows and no time frame for answers given.

Roger Davis

bullet I have received the following titles from the Borders Historical Society in Scotland and from the Dummfriesshire Historical society. I would be happy to look up any inquiries that might be in these little booklets. Names I have recognized in Delaware Co., that are contained in these books include, Jardine, Jackson, Laidlaw, Little Nichol, Nicol, Scott, Oliver, Shaw, Hoy, McDougal, Nixon, Inglis, Irvine, Hogg, Davidson, Telfer, Turnbull, Glendinning, Hislop, Elliott, Hague.

Memorial Inscription

Memorial Inscriptions of Langholm Parish ( From Earliest records to 1950 ( Part 2) Wauchope Churchyard 543 inscriptions

Old Parochial Registers - Deaths and Burials Index - Langholm Parish, Dumfriesshire 1668-1854 - 81 pages ( 63 names per page)

Roxburghshire Monumental Inscriptions III ( 2nd edition) Yetholm 581 inscriptions

Roxburghshire Monumental Inscriptions XIX Cavers & Kirkton - 820 Inscriptions

Roxburghshire Monumental Inscriptions IX (2nd edition) Roxburgh ( 411 Inscriptions)

Parish of Ancrum- Mortcloth Records 1733-1850( Transcribed from the Old Parochial Records) 49 pages, 23 entries per page.

Dumfries Parish Registers- Buccleuch Street U.P. Church Baptisms 1846- 1856

Westerkirk Parish Register - Burials 1706-1719 and 1768-1854 / Irregular Marriages 1768-1824 Dumfriesshire ( too many entries to count)

Parish of Bowden- Mortcloth Records 1697-1803, Transcribed from the Old Parochial Records (47 pages , 20 entries per page)

Parish of Castleton, including Parish of Cavers Mortcloth Records ( 78 entries)

County of Dumfries- Census records of 1841 by surname- Parish of Westerkirk

County of Dumfries- Census records of 1841 by surname- Parish of Langholm Letters J-Y

Gloria Nichol-Rodale

bullet Will do lookups from Families McClaughry by Lyle MacLaury.

Julie Thomas

bullet I am willing to help or answer any questions anyone might have on my book "The Family and Descendants of Dr. Robert Chandler" and John and his descendants as much as I am able. I also have books for sale for $35.00 plus shipping and handling.

Jeannette Chandler Murray
(a descendant of Charles Chandler)

bullet I just acquired the book "The Emigrants from Scotland to America 1774-1775" by Viola Root Cameron who "copied from a loose bundle of treasury papers in the public record office, London, England". This book had my McDonald ancestors who came from Strathspey, Scotland along with many Cummings, Grants, Stewarts and others who may have also migrated to Delaware County. That was only one ship (The George) - there are many other listings of people on ships. I will do lookups.

Pat Watts

bullet History of the More Family and an Account of their Reunion in 1890 by David Fellows More Under The Direction of the Historical Committee with a Genealogical Record by Charles Church More. Binghamton. Samuel P. More 1893. Includes the descendants of John More and Betty Taylor who immigrated from Scotland to Delaware County, New York in 1772 as well as hundreds of surnames of associated families.

bullet Chronicles of the More Family. Grace Van Dyke More, Editor. C 1955 John More Association, Roxbury, New York. The Piedmont Press, Greensboro, North Carolina. This is a family history of the settlement of the More family in Delaware County, New York and includes an update of the 1893 genealogy of the descendants of John More and Betty Taylor.

bullet History of the Town of Roxbury, New York by Carolyn Evelyn More and Irma Mae Griffin. Printed by The Reporter Company, Inc. Walton, New York 1953. No names index, but I've put together one of my own totaling 382 surnames. Some folks are mentioned just once as a farm owner or town supervisor, but some early families are given a few pages on their origins and settlement.

I will look in all three of the above books. Please provide as much information as you have on names, places, and dates of people of interest.

Charles Shaughnessy

bullet Rivermen & Lumbermen - Doug Boyer will do reference lookups from his collection of materials relating to people who worked on and along the Delaware River. See 'every name index to this book'

Doug Boyer

bullet I have a Transcript of the 1820 Delaware Co Federal Census and would be happy to do look ups.


bullet Some Connecticut Nutmeggers Who Migrated, compiled by Grace Louise Knox and Barbara B Ferris.
This volume provides brief genealogical data on men born in Connecticut from the early 1700's to the early 1800's who migrated to other States.

Patty Gaddis

bullet Migration - Utilizing his personal library, Bob Taylor will do lookups for those who have Massachusetts ancestors who migrated to Delaware County and may have served in the Revolutionary War.

Bob Taylor

bullet The Slason-Slauson-Slawson-Slosson Family

by George Clarke Slawson - © 1946,
published/printed by The Waverly Sun, Inc., Waverly, NY
Jim Myers

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