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YAPLE - I am still trying to get over that brick wall! My gr gr gr grandfather, Smith Yaple(s) born between 1800 and 1820 in Delaware County, believe to be Middletown Area. With all the Yaple info, I can still find nothing to tell me who his parents were. I know that he was in the Delaware County Census from 1840 to 1855. In 1865 he moved to Steuben County, NY. His wife was Mary Ann Scott. Known children: Jane, Margaret, William, Marcus, Ira, Sylvester, Amanda, and George. Can anyone connect in any way to this family? Betty Yeaples Hites - posted 03-2003

YAPLE - I am descended from the Yaple(s) in Delaware County, NY, as I believe the Erie Yaples are also. I live in Springboro, Crawford Co, PA. The farthest I can go is to my great great grandfather, Smith Yaple(s), have seen it both ways on census records, in Andes, Delaware, NY. He was married to Mary Ann Scott, somewhere shortly before 1837, as in 1840 the census shows him in Andes as at least 20 but not yet 30, the same for his wife, and a daughter under 5. From following census, I know that the daughter was born about 1837 and her name was Jane E. Yaple. In every census he is listed as first name of Smith, but I wonder if that was actually a middle name maybe. Also, maybe his mother's maiden name was Smith. I just have not been able to connect him to any siblings or parents yet. Would ALL who have any Yaple, Yaples, Yeaple, Yeaples connections please check to see if there might be a Smith or Scott connection around that time period? Figuring he must have been born between 1810 and 1820. Other children of Smith and Mary Ann Yaples were: Jane E., William H., Marcus, Margaret M., Sylvester L., Ira, Amanda, and George Yaple(s). We have found info to indicate that both William and Marcus died in the Civil War. In 1840 the family was listed in Andes, Delaware, NY. In 1850 they show up in Colchester, Delaware, NY. In 1855 and 1860 they are on Andes, Delaware, NY. I have not located them ANYWHERE yet in 1870. In 1880 Mary Ann Yaples is listed as a widow with her two sons Sylvester 30, and George 23, in Carrollton, Cattaraugus, NY. Do you happen to have anything that might concern any of these people? Betty Yeaples Hites - posted 11-2001

YAPLE - Looking for information on Mary YAPLE, born in New Kingston, who married Cornelius Dumond (b. 1788). Their children were Minerva, Harriet, Jane, John, Catherine, Mary, Phebe and Prudence. Minerva married Peter F. Swart. Catherine married Cornelius Van Siclen. Steve McNeill - posted 02-99

YAPLE - I am currently looking for any information on the Yaple family in Delaware County. There are references to the name Yaple within your home pages at jury list 1798-1800 for Christian and Nickolas Yaple for Middletown. Also Yaple is listed under the Middletown area as some of the 1st settlers there. I am looking for reference material mostly related to 1770's-1800's. Also info on Margaretville (Pakataghkan). Fred Yaple - posted 05-97

YARNS - YARNES - Researching Yarnes/Yarns/Yearns in Delaware County as early as 1790. Christine Yarns - posted 09-2006

YENDES - I am looking for information on Elizabeth Yendes and who her parents were. I am WORKING on my geanology. I know they lived in Fraser between Delhi and Hamden , NY. Her father was one of the first settlers in the area. Pearl Borkey - posted 05-2000

YEOMAN - I am searching for the parents of Margaret Yeoman in Delaware Co., NY. She was born Dec 1820-Delhi, Delaware Co., NY. Married before 1861 to William R. Whitney of Delaware Co., NY. They migrated to Hollenburg, Kansas about 1884 and later to Holyoke, Phillips Co. Colorado where they both died in 1898 and 1899 Their only surviving child Mary Louise b.1865, Andes, Delaware Co., NY married Fred Borland. All are buried in the Holyoke, CO. cemetery. I notice from the Delaware Co. website that both Andrew and Sarah C. Yeoman migrated to Kansas. Alonzo and Gilbert went to Iowa. I suspect that perhaps some of these people were related to my Margaret Yeoman. Any information appreciated. Helen Rogers - posted 05-2011

YEOMAN - Seeking any information on Matilda Yeoman, born about 1804. She married Cornelius Pulver in Delhi in January 1835. Mary Kane - posted 09-2007

YEOMAN - Seeking information on Gilbert YEOMAN born abt 1756 in England, (Alnwick) or Ireland and died in 1827 in South Kortwright. His wife was Mary Archer. Where and when were they married? Who were their children? Pam Frederic - posted 09-99

YEOMAN - I am searching for further info on the Yeoman Family. They lived in Masonville, came from Franklin, NY, also Conn. & Mass. Any info on this name is greatly appreciated. I have info to share. Dawn Willis - posted 03-98

YEOMAN - Andrew Yeoman of Cannonsville, delaware Co. He died at the age of 39 in 1880. Who were his siblings and parents? Pam Frederic - posted 07-97

YERDON - Looking in Delaware County for information on Julius Yerdon, born December 30 or 31, 1848 son of Thomas Yerdon and Eliza Garlock, married Dora Waffle. Children were: Margaret Yerdon 6 Oct 1872; Elizabeth "Lizzie" Yerdon 28 May 1874 married Frank Lyon; Helen Yerdon 19 Mar 1877; Ethel Yerdon 6 Jul 1879. Looking for census, cemetery and family information. Michael A. Hunter - posted 07-2007

YERRY/EDWARDS - Seeking information about grandparents Anna Kathryn Yerry Craft Edwards and George (Dick) Edwards (may have also gone by last name Jones when younger) -- lived in Hancock in 1917. Any and all information appreciated. Thank you. - posted 09-2000

YORKS - My ancestors, Andrew Yorks and wife Alphazina Odell had at least two daughters that settled in Delaware County. Katie M. Yorks married John H. Davis in about 1900 and they were the parents of William, Benjamin, and Verna. In the 1900 census, Katie's younger sister Mary was living with them. Katie must have died before 1910 because in that year's census record, John Davis has a different wife, Emily. Emma L. Yorks married A. Ward Merwin. Their children, according to Emma's obituary, were Carrie Ives, Alice Barnosky, Frances Curcio, and sons Mason and Kenneth. I don't know if any of Andrew and Alphazina's children lived in Delaware County. I'm descended from their son Charles, who came to Ohio. But their other children who survived to adulthood were Andrew and Jane, besides the three mentioned above. Does anyone here have a connection to this family or to any Yorks family? Jeanne - posted 04-2010

YOUMANS - My name is Kelly Irion, I’m Shari Irion’s daughter and Frances Shaw’s granddaughter. My mother was born and raised in Delhi and I visited with my family once when I was much younger. It is my understanding that the house my family lived in for many years was quite well known in Delhi. I would like to get more information on the Youmans Mansion (the only thing I’ve heard it referred to as) that stood in Delhi in the early 1900’s. I’ve heard stories about the house from my grandma, but we have no pictures and no other information on it. I know that it was lived in by William and Susan Youmans before it was sold and I have general descriptions of what the house looked like (architecture, number of rooms, etc.), but I’d love to know more. Does anyone have any information on this house? Old newspaper articles, historical documents, photographs or drawings? Would appreciate any information. --Kelly Irion, (480) 467-8489 - posted 12-2018

YOUMANS - I am always looking for more information on our ancestor, Jonas Youmans, b. May 18, 1758, in Frederickstown, Dutchess Co., NY. By 1800 he was in Colchester, NY. We believe he was married to Thankful Barber in Ridgefield, Ct. (although his name was spelled Humans on the Record of Early CT Marriages. He moved later to Steuben Co., NY. His son John B. Youmans who married Amy Aldridge, is our line. We have looked for years to find who Jonas' parents were, but we have been unable to prove anything. I do have 16 pages of dates on this family--mostly taken from Steuben Co. records. Pat Drummond - posted 11-2001

YOUNG - Looking for relatives of Enoch Young born in August of 1817 and died in 1901. His first wife was Cynthia and his second wife was Sophronia born in 1814 and died in 1891. Joyce Young (Herndon) - posted 09-2010

YOUNG - Searching for info on Thomas Young d. 1887 Hamden. Daus. Jennie, Jane, Bell and Lily. Young of Hamden. Other family names include, Kinch, Vail, Davey, Kilmar, Mein, Murray. Russell Smith - posted 10-2007

YOUNG - I'm seeking any information about the Young family in Barbourville & Masonville. Herman Young (son of Stephen Young and Sarah Haight) and his wife, Sarah Avery lived on Steam Mill Rd from 1880s to early 1900s. They had 3 boys; Ralph Waldo Young, Robert Avery Young and Paul Roscoe Young. I'd love to hear back from anyone that knows whatever became of the three brothers or are somehow related to them. Thanks a lot! Mark Avery - posted 06-2007

YOUNG - Looking for ancestors of Ambrose Young b. 1853 d. 1918. Pat M. - posted 06-2007

YOUNG - Seeking info on Charles Cortland Young b. 1883, father was Harry Pierson Young, mother was Alice B. (Slack) Young. Thank You, I greatly appreciate your assistance, have a good day! Charles C. Young - posted 11-2004

YOUNG - I am looking for information about any or all memebers of the Young family from Downsville, Corbett and surrounding areas. Dina Young - posted 06-2001

ZEININGER - My name is Pam and I am looking for any info someone may have on my great grandparents and grandparent's, whom were from delaware county. The name's are George Zeininger and Rena Sodan Zeininger (My grandparent's), I'm the daughter of there son Richard and my great grand parent's Henry Zeininger and Inez Griffin Zeininger. If anyone know's of them or has documents or photo's or anything please email me at . Pamela - posted 03-2008

ZIEMAN - Seeking information on what happened to E. Julius & Alice (Miller) ZIEMAN and their two children, George and Hilda, listed in 1910 US census Sidney NY. In 1915 Hilda was a servant with John H Kelsey family in Albion, Orleans NY. Daughter Laura married in November 1908 to Earl Henry Brownson of Holmesville, Chenango NY and have unconfirmed report of her death within a few years of marriage. Looking for descendants. Have Brownson descendants. Thank you. John MIller - posted 12-2001

ZIMMER - I am looking for the burial place for Julia A. Lawton Zimmer d. Nov. 1875. Also her children Peleg Zimmer, b. 7/29/1867, d. 10/30/1873; Orlena Zimmer, b. 4/5/1869, d. 9/7/1870 and Baby Zimmer b. 11/13/1875, d. 1/10/1876. Thanks. Betty Kent - posted 11-99

ZORN - Looking for information on Zorn family who resided in Township (Stamford*), late 1800's. I would like to come down this Summer to visit the gravesite (perhaps township cemetary) and/or review church records. My paternal granmother was Lila Zorn Davis (Hobart) whose father was William Zorn but I have no information as to the burial site of his siblings or parents. Also causes of death (they all died young). I would also like direction as to those people I could call or write so I may visit the area of township and maybe even the old Zorn homestead if possible. Carol Davis Niederbuhl - posted 05-2012

*The locals refer to it as "Township" located in the valley of Town Brook. Originally it was planned to be the center of business and was referred to on the plan as the township of New Stamford (1787). There is a church there, the Methodist/Episcopal church which may contain burial information on the Zorn family (other than William, he is in locust Hill, Hobart.

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