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TAIT/TATE - Interested in persons researching TAIT/TATE surname. Kortright Ancestors. Have extensive files to share. Dick Hahn - posted 08-2004

TALLADAY/TOLLADAY - Seeking information on the Talladay family of Delaware County New York. LDS IGI lists Father: TALLADAY, Abraham having Thomas, Ruth, Mary, Johnathon and Elizabeth as being baptized at St. Peter's Episcopal in Hobart, Delaware County on 28 Feb 1796. I'm hoping to find the wife and parent of Abraham, information on Abraham and any other Talladay's in the area. I have found dozens of variations on the surname - it usually sounds like Holiday with a "T". Should any other researchers find there way to this site - I am WORKING on putting all the data online at: Talladay/Tolladay . . . Diana Tolladay - posted 12-99

TALLMAN/TOLMAN - Looking for burial of Permilla Tallman / Tolman (spelling in 1810 census), died c. 1814. Lived in Town of Delhi. Wife of Giles Tallman. She was dau. of Daniel Mabie, also resident Delhi on 1810 census. Are there, perhaps, Baptist ch. recds. from Delhi area? Jon von Briesen - posted 09-2006

TALMAGE - I am looking for information on Daniel Talmage and his wife Clarrisa, according to 1870 US Fed. Census records they lived in the town of Hancock in Delaware County. They had 5 children that I know of : Charles, Byron, Adelaide, Emma and Frank. I am a descendant of Frank. Would like to know more about Daniel and Clarrisa and who their parents were. Also, I know from census records that Adelaide/Adaline Talmage married a Lark Geer and that Frank Talmage was living with them in the 1880 census and Clarrisa Talmage was living with them in the 1900 census. Michelle Kee - posted 09-2007

TAMSETT - Seeking any information regarding the Tamsett's located in the Kortright area. Bruce Newell - posted 04-2007

TAMSETT - Would like to hear from anyone researching this family name. Lorrie Russ - posted 03-99

TAMSETT - Seeking information or identification of John Tamsett and Sarah Tamnsett, parents of Emily Ann Tamsett 1844-1864. Emily is buried in Sackrider Cemetery, Kortright, Delaware Co., NY. Fletcher Bishop - posted 04-97

TARBOX - Looking for any person with the last name of Tarbox. I am WORKING with J. Willey. I am putting all the children of John Tarbox on this query. Hoping one of their downline will pick up on this. Sally H. b.NY age 14 in 1855 census. George L. b. NY age 12 in 1855. Charles L. b PA age 8 in 1855. Homer S. b. NY age 5 in 1855. John E. b. NY age 2 1/2 in 1855. Any of the off spring from these children could be living in the Delaware County area. Kay - posted 07-2000

TARBOX - I have recently discovered that my TARBOX family may have been in the Delaware area. I do not have much information on them, but here is what I do have. John Tarbox married ?? Lindsay. They had a son named Henry born July 18, 1852 (in NY state,possibly the Delaware area). ANY help would be so greatly appreciated. These people have eluded me over and over. Janice Willey - posted 06-99

TASEY - Henry Tasey, from Hamden, married Catherine Wilson, dau of Addi Wilson and Elizabeth Teed and they had a daughter, Emily Tasey, who married Harry Gladstone, my grandparents. I m searching for information on the Tasey family. Thank you. Al Gladstone, formerly of Downsville - posted 01-2004

TAYLOR - I notice on the family migrating list, there is a Tahan Taylor listed. Does anyone know where he went? Do you know if his family was with him? Any help would be appreciated. My great-great grandfather is listed as Tehan Taylor b. NY. came to WI and settled at Ft. Howard Brown County. It also says that he is a retired solider. Some times his name is spelled Tahan, Tehan, Jehan so it gets tricky. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. More than you could imagine. Thank you. Patti Strasser - posted 07-2005

TAYLOR - Anyone knowing information on Calvin Taylor m. Pauline Hall and wanting to exchange information contact me at:Bruce Boyd - posted 04-2005

TAYLOR - Looking for any information on Elias Taylor, born 20 June 1786. Christening 25 Dec 1787 at St. Peters Episcopal, Hobart,Delaware, New York. Specifically looking for information regarding siblings, spouse and children. Any info appreciated. Thanks! Leslie Y. Rieger - posted 12-2004

TAYLOR-Albert Taylor family lived in Franklin per 1855 census. My gg grandad Gilbert Northrup and who appears to be his sister Elizabeth Northrup lived in the household with them. Does anyone know of a relationship between the Taylor and Northrup surnames. For some reason Gilbert left Oneonta and Elizabeth left the Lyman Betts residence between 1850 and 1855 and went to the Taylor home. Possibly an Elnore/Eleanor or some such name being related to the Taylors. Gilbert's death cert. lists his mother as Elnore Preston, but she may have been related in some way to Taylor. Any help deeply appreciated. This has been a 12 year search for the parents of these two children. Annette Campbell - posted 10-2002

TAYLOR - I am looking for information on Zalmon and Hezickiah Taylor, who I believe lived in Stamford. They came to DelawareCounty in the early 1800's. My ggrandfather Samuel was a son of Hezeckiah. Ibelieve Zalmon maybe Hezeckiah's father. Thanks forany help Carolyn - posted 10-2002

TAYLOR - I am interested in finding information about Andrew Taylor who is buried in Middletown.with his wife Mary Jane. He was born in 1829 in Hobart, NY, was a lawyer in Hancock and died 1897 in Hancock and was buried in Middletown NY. I am his Great Great granddaughter and have been researching the Taylor family. Elizabeth Bevins - posted 06-2002

TAYLOR - My relative Clementina A. Harse b.1800 married James Taylor in 1820 Bristol and settled on a farm at Lordville Delaware County around 1833. Their children were Micheal b.1824 married Marylee in Hancock & children Amasa b. 1849 Minola b. 1854, Nathaniel b. 1834 and served in Civil war until 1865, Henry b. 1836 and also served until 1865, William b. 1838 and Betsy H. b. 1865. Clementina d. 1872 and James d. 1871 both in Lordville. There were also 3 other children who were married in that area. One could have been James b.1827 who married Felina Vernold of Colchester. Also I do nothave firm confirmation of Micheal either. Hoping to hear from someone. Lorraine Moss . Australia - posted 07-2001

TAYLOR - I am searching for my relatives James and Clementina Taylor married in Bristol, UK. in 1820 . They were in Lordville Delaware Co. in 1859. They had 8 children and at that time 4 were married and 4 were still at home. Clementina's maiden name was Harse. I would appreciate anyinformation at all no matter how small. Lorraine Moss. Australia. Derran Moss - posted 01-2001

TAYLOR - Looking for info on William F.Taylor born around 1866 to Robert Fletcher and Helen Fletcher. Father Robert died in 1876, motherHelen is thought to have remarried Thomas Taylor. Thomas Taylor died Nov 30, 1911. Lived in the town of Andes. Fletcher White - posted 12-2000

TAYLOR - need to verify if Frederick is son on John and Betsey Taylor, Franklin, b about 1825. Frederick Taylor - posted 09-2000

TAYLOR - I am looking for any information about Uzziel Taylor who was named Justice of the Peace in Mansville, Deleware County on March 1, 1812. Margot - posted 03-2000

TAYLOR - Looking for info on Thomas Taylor born 1828, married Helen Fletcher, died Nov 30, 1911. Lived in the town of Andes. Bill Taylor - posted 03-99

TAYLOR - Have information to share on the anc/desc. of some TAYLOR families who came to Franklin about 1797 to 1808. Robert Taylor- posted 01-99

TAYLOR - Looking for parents of Samuel H. Taylor b. Dec 25, 1834 and was found in Delaware Co. as a Labourer in the 1850's census. No listing of parents at that time. Believed to have married Sara A. Hoyt and (2) Arvilla E. Bond. Dates unknown. Lynn Taylor-Wiltzius - posted 01-2007

TEED - I'm trying to found out some information about John Benjamin Teed, who was born in New York on May 11, 1792, and moved to Chardin, Ohio some time before 1815. He married Sarah Aseneth Mastick there. He may have been from the Delaware County Teeds. Barbara Dye - posted 07-2008

TEED - I am looking for any information on Nathanial K. Teed. He was born in the early 1800's and married SusanChamberlain. The information I have is that they came from Delaware County, NY. Diane Blodgett - posted 11-2006

TEED - I am looking for information on Nathanial Teed and his second wife Laura Johnson Flint. Nathanial was born in 1820 and was the son of Zepheniah and Polly Teed. He died Aug. 10, 1876. I would like to know in what town he Nathanial died (Sidney, Masonville ?) and where he is buried. I would also like to know when and where his second wife Laura Johnson Flint died. Where is she buried. Any help in locating this info would be greatly appreciated. Bob Moltzen - posted 04-2003

TEED - I am looking for information on Herman Ralph Teed born 1874, and Edna Ostrander born 1872. They are my great grandparents. I am trying to find where they are laid to rest to pay my respects. Stacey Teed - posted 05-2011

TEED - I am really hoping that someone will be able to help me and many others who are persuing information on a Daniel Teed who was born about 1725 in Delaware, NY. He had five brothers: Isaac, John (married Hannah Covert), Charles, James, and David. They were Loyalists. Their last name was also sometimes spelled, Tidd and Tweed. The information that we are looking for would be who their parents were. Help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. Brenda Teed - posted 11-2000

TEED - I was just in Delaware County...convinced my husband to visit the cemeteries in Trout Creek where Teed relatives (hoped for relatives) are buried...It was lovely. BUT I am wondering about some information passed to me while I was there. I am looking for parents of Catherine Teed....she reportedly was born in 1778..most of the history accounts start somewhat later than that. Who would have been in the area at the time? Would there be any way of finding any kind of record for someone born at that time? There is a house still standing that was a Teed house built in 1805. That is not that much later. Is there any way of finding if there were any churches in the area? Do you have any advice for how to locate someone at that time? There is a gravestone for a Mary Teed who could possibly have been her's the right age to have been. Are there any records for the cemeteries there? Kathy Wright - posted 07-2000

TEED - I have been trying to find Catherine Teed's parents...born 1788 in Delaware County. I don't know what town she might have been born in but wonder about Walton since Isaac Huyck is listed in the 1800 Census for Walton (she married his son). There are no Teeds in the 1800 Census although there are two Teads. Is there any listing of what churches were around at that time? She and her husband Henry (Hendrick) Huyck were married in 1799 in Delaware County and several of their children were born there before they moved to Huron County, Ohio. Kathy Wright - posted 04-2000

TEED - I am looking for information, birthdate, parents, etc. of Catherine Teed, born in 1778 in Delaware, married Adna Carpenter.Thank you very much. Kathy Wright - posted 03-2000

TEED - Seeking any information on the TEED families in Delaware Co., NY. Also seeking information on the THORP,GRANSBURY, BAILEY, HENDRIX and COLE. Families from the same area. Will share all Information that I have. - posted 10-2012

TELFORD - Looking for descendants & family records (bibles, letters etc.) of the family of William Telford & Elizabeth Clark of Delaware Co., NY 1800-1900. They were married 1801 in Yarrow, Selkirk, Scotland and emigrated to NY, USA 1810-1820. Their children 1)Dr. John Telford & Ellen Turnbull, 2)William Telford & Isabella Ruby, 3) Grace Telford & Timothy Sanderson, 4)Margaret Telford & Walter Forrest, 5) Elizabeth Telford & John Miller.. - posted 8-2002

TenEYCK - I would like to share information on the descendants of Henry and Nancy Goodrich TenEyck, who were a prominent couple in Davenport. Henry was born October 5, 1797, died June 20, 1878, and Nancy was born June 12, 1800 and died March 16, 1876. Henry was a son of George TenEyck of Butts Corners. Nancy was a daughter of Seth and Anna Goodrich. Henry owned and ran the Davenport mill and was the town clerk for many years. I have names of many children. Henry and Nancy are buried in the Davenport Cemetery. Anyone with these TenEycks in their line, please contact me. Thank You. Collin Haight - posted 06-2000

TERK - Seeking information on Peter S Terk in Delaware County. Any information helpful. P. Terk - posted 02-99

TERNS - Researching Terns family of Greene/Delaware Cos. Need DOD of Eva Terns, w/Jasper Terns. Believed buried in Arkville. Also info on Jasper andsecond wife, Irene. Believe both buried in Margaretville Cemetery. TYIA for any information. Doris Terns Shultis - posted 12-2002

TERRY - Terry's Homestead; do you know where the location was in Stamford? Was it off Terry Rd? My sister and I were in Stamford looking for the old Terry site but were unable to locate it. Any information appreciated. Barbara Barrett - posted 11-2011

TERRY - My father was born on February 22, 1933, in Downsville NY, could any one give me information on the Terry or the Miller family. My grandmothers name is Susie Myrtle Miller and my grandfather was Loyd George Terry. Marcia Terry - posted 07-2003

THOMAS - Looking for information on a Ralph A. THOMAS (Abt. 1876-?). Half brother to my grandmother Bertha (Armstrong) Shaffer (1880-1935) of Hancock. Bertha's parents were Phoebe AVERY (1858-1886) & WilliamARMSTRONG (1852-1928) also of Hancock and area. Have a letter, dated July 9, 1933, he wrote to Bertha, signed: "I am your affectionate brother Ralph", the return address; R.A. THOMAS, New City, NY. He was listed with Phoebe & William ARMSTRONG in the 1880 Hancock census as a 4 yr old son 'Albert'. Guessing that Phoebe AVERY was his mother, but not sure. Have found no record of him after Phoebe died when he would have been about 10. Have been looking for him under ARMSTRONG, and now find this letter. It is very difficult looking this name up, as you might guess. Can you help? Alice Keel Crim - posted 04-2004

THOMPSON - I am trying to locate family for my half brother. I am looking for his father and uncles. 1900 to now - brothers Harold, William,Mervin, and Keith.Deborah McGough - posted 12-2005

THOMPSON - I'm looking for descendents of John Thompson whose wife was Ann. They were born in Scotland and moved to Stamford during or after the Revolutionary War from Long Island, NY. I know of one daughter, Isabella, who married Alexander McDonald. I would like to know when they moved to Del. Co. and info about their history as well as any other children. Pat Watts - posted 11-2005

THOMPSON - Searching for ancestry of Charles Thompson who settled before 1800 in the Sidney area. First wife and mother killed in a lightening strike about 1801 as recalled in early Delaware County history. Married second Lydia ___. Had sons Alanson and Elisha. John Mark Lambertson - posted 07-2015

THOMPSON - Looking for information on my Great Grandfather, John Leonard (Ned) THOMPSON. My understanding is that he was born in Delhi, Delaware County NY 11 Nov 1884 and, at some point, moved to Ashville, Chautauqua County NY. He married Helen Adeline GLEASON (b. 18 Aug 1890) in 1907 in Ashville. John died in Ashville in 1937 and Helen died in April 1926. Any info on John or his family would be greatly appreciated. Chuck Richardson - posted 10-2003

THOMPSON - I am seeking information regarding Mathew Thompson, his sister JaneThompson Adee, and his wife Rebbecca O. Schriver. He was born in Ireland in 1802 and came to America with his family as a small boy and settled in Bovina, Delaware County. The family later moved to DeKalb County Illinois. Cynthia Zieber - posted 11-97

THORP - Would like all family info or pictures of Peter Thorpe and wife Rebecca Johnson Thorpe. Olive Catherine Thorpe their daughter, married Samuel Fuller of Roxbury,NY. Sue Gagnon - posted 01-2015

THORP - Seeking information about my GGGGrandparents Orren and Lauritia Thorp. Orren Thorp born abt 1802 in Delaware County. Orren Thorp moved sometime prior to 1850 to Georgetown, Madison County. They had children: Thomas Thorp b. 1827, Samuel R. Thorp b.1829, Lyman E. Thorp b.1833, Amos H. Thorp b.1835, Rufina Thorp b.1839, Laverna P. Thorp b. 1842 (my GGGrandmother married to Andrew Jackson Keach), Laura Thorp (possibly born prior to 1827 as there in no record of her in the 1850 Census) If anyone has any information regarding the Thorp Family in Delaware County, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. Roger Keach - posted 01-99

THORP -Looking for info on families of Joseph Thorp b. Mar. 1750 Greenfield, CT moved abt 1791 to Harpersfield, Delaware Co., NY, thence to Cayuga Co; living 1832, Groveland, Livingston Co., NY, and 1835, Springport, Cayuga Co. and Joseph's brother: Nathan b. 12 May 1759 Greenfield, CT moved by 1802 to Schoharie Co, then to Cayuga Co. John Hope - posted 02-97

THORPE - Looking for the parents and siblings of Henry Thorpe Possible born Connecticut 1820. married 1840 to Abby Ann Teed b 1822. John Noxel - posted 07-2010

THORPE - Would be interested in Mary Ann Thorpe, her maiden name, her husband and children. Everett Thorpe, (Jr.) - posted 03-2003

THORNTON - Seeking information on Ira and Sarah Whitlock Thornton, son Ira Stebbins Thornton b. April 15, 1813 Meredith Twp., Delaware Co.NY. Barbara Lake Peters - posted 12-98

TIDD - I am looking for the marriage of Francis Tidd and his wife Judith Allen. I have them documented in the 1820 census in Thompkins, Delaware county, NY. There first child was born about 1819 place unknown. I know they were from New England. He was reportedly born in VT about 1793 and she was born in MA in 1797. So far I've not been able to find the marriage. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Brenda L. Struthers - posted 05-2009

TIFFANY - I am searching for the father of Nathan J Tiffany, dob 1829. He appears in many records as stating he was born in Delaware county. His son Otis H Tiffany, married my Great Grandmother Jeannette Montgomery and then he has disappeared from the record. Any help would be appreciated. Les Preston - posted 05-2016

TIFFANY - My Grandmother was Cora Montgomery Preston...Daughter of Jennette Montgomery and Otis H. Tiffany dob 1859 of Roxbury.....He seems to have disappeared in the record after he was married...Any info on him and the Tiffany line would be appreciated! Les Preston - posted 12-2011

TIFFANY - Does anyone know if the Nathaniel Tiffany who was a neighbor of Urbana Terry, along with Gilbert Townsend and Hezekiah Patterson, was the father of Hulda Stevens (Tiffany) Terry? Urbana was the husband of Huldah Stevens Tiffany, was her father? A Nathaniel Tiffany and Gilbert Townsend were with Urbana Terry's grandfather Reverend Samuel Terry in Connecticut. Urbana Terry and family moved to Delaware Co. NY from Dutchess Co. NY between the taking of the 1790 Heads of Household and the 1800 census. My paternal grandmother was Lida Scott (Terry) McCune, d/o Jacob Ferris Terry, s/o Samuel Terry, s/o Urbana Terry, s/o Lt. Samuel Terry, s/o Reverend Samuel Terry, s/o Captain Samuel Terry, s/o of Samuel Terry the emigrant from England. Carol J. McCraw - posted 06-99

TINKLEPAUGH - Minnie Tinklepaugh, born circa 1873, daughter of Frank Tinklepaugh and Alice HUGHS. Minnie married Daniel RICKARD, born circa 1865, and had eleven children -- all whom I know of were born in Goulds, DelawareCounty, NY. Children's names: Phoebe, Charles, Joseph, Lena, Alice, Eleanor, Watson, Edward, Daniel, Dora, and Sheldon. Would like to share info with others researching the Tinklepaugh family. D. Rickard - posted 03-97

TITSWORTH - Am looking for the burial place of my great aunt, Ella Mae Liddle Titsworth from Bovina and Middletown. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Willie Olmstead - posted 03-2002

TITUS - Looking for possible connections to a Willett Losee Titus, b/Apr 12, 1853 and d/Sept.24, 1879, and buried in the Ouleout Cemetery, Franklin, NY. - posted 06-2000

TITUS - Looking for information on Alden Bennet TITUS who married Mary Jane DART, daughter of Anson and Emily DART. Their daughter, Minerva married John S. WILTSIE. Alden & Mary Jane, their twins, Katie and Kenneth along with Minerva and John WILTSIE moved to Colorado in 1887. Lynda - posted12-98

TITUS - Would you have any info on Marvin or Titus family background? I ran across this web site and thought I would inquire. My last time in Walton was about 45 years ago and I think my grandmother lived near the main part of town, but cannot remember the street name. Any help would be appreciated. My father was Marvin S. Titus and he had a brother named Phil. Thanks. Thomas J. Titus - posted 02-98

TITUS - Silas - looking for information re. Silas Titus b. 1734 inHuntington LI. My info. shows Silas and wife Sarah REYNOLDS moving from Dutchess Co. circa 1773 possible to Columbia Co. and later to Saratoga Co. After 1794 I think he moved to Franklin, Deleware Co.. 1800 census records show a Silas Titus in Franklin. The family later moved to Cato, Cayuga Co before 1810. Silas and Sarah's children: Silas b.1767, Stephen b.1772 (m. Sarah Starr), John b.1782, Jonathan b.1774, Seymour b.1775, Platt b. 1777, Elizabeth b. 1780, Jared b. 1786, Dorus b. 1789. Leo Titus - posted 04-97

TODD - I am searching for any information on my father who was Donald Eugene Todd, he was born on October 3, 1929, in Halcott Center, NY and he died May 9, 1989. He was the son of the late Helen Kelly Todd and the late David Todd. I never knew Donald, he and my mother, Joyce Krom Todd separated, and then divorced before I was born. I would like any information for a family tree that I am WORKING on, and also would love for anyone to share stories, memories, pictures, news clippings, who might have known Donald Todd or his side of the family. Sharon Lee Todd - posted 10-2003

TODD - We are looking for information on the family of Elam and Dan Todd, father and son. The latter was born about 1790, believed to have married Elizabeth, or "Betsy" Mitchell, had sons Lauren M. and, hopefully, Andrew Todd, and resided possibly in Meredith, Delaware County, New York, but moved to Monroe County, Ohio sometime before 1840. Since records for Monroe County were destroyed three times by fire we hoped that, since Lauren and Andrew were born in Delaware County some of the other children... possibly as much as nine... may be recorded in some way there. Elam's ancestry is otherwise traced back to Christopher Todd of Pontefract, West Riding, Yorkshire, Englad and New Haven, Connecticut. Stephen E. Momany - posted 02-2002

TODD - Looking of the wife name of Samuel Todd from CT to Delaware Co., in the early 1800's and his family.L.Price - posted 05-2000

TODD - I need some assistance please. My name is James R. Todd, Sgt. with Kansas Highway Patrol, stationed Kansas City Metro area. I'm trying to pin down my great-great grandfather's father. These are known facts: Samuel Todd b. 1821 Roxbury; d. 27 Dec 1888 Marathon, Cortland, N.Y.; Adelbert Todd b. Dec. 1842 Cortland Co. d. 16 Oct. 1922; William Vivian Todd b. 9 Oct. 1877 d. 23 Sept.1945; Lawrence R. Todd b.17 Jan.1903 d. 29 Jan. 1959; James R. Todd. The only Todd located in Roxbury, Delaware, N. Y. in the early 1820's is John D. Todd and I believe he's too old to be Samuel's father. I am having great difficulity locating the names of John D. Todd's sons, if any. If it is any help, Samuel's oldest son was named Hiram. I know during this time period the first male born was sometimes named after his grandfather....but that's like guessing. I would appreciate any help anyone could provide. Jim Todd - posted 02-2000

TODD - Searching for info on children of Lyman Todd, November 1787 - 04 Dec 1866. And Mary (Polly) CRAFT, daughter of Jacob Craft and Effie MABEY. Julia Todd, born 11 Oct 1814. She m. Eber Merwin; Olive (Olivia) Todd, b. 1818 in Ulster Co. She married Edward GEORGE Abt. 1841; John D. Todd, b. 1821 in Town of Middletown, Delaware Co., New York; died 1906 in New York. He married (1) Mary Lee Bef. 1855. He m. (2) Harriet E. Lynch 18 November 1874 in Town of Middletown, Delaware Co., NY, daughter of Jacob Lynch; William Todd, b. 1831 d. 1909 in Delaware Co., New York. He m. Rachel A. George 30 October 1871 in Margaretville, Delaware Co., New York, daughter of Peter George and Deliah Todd; Daniel Lyman Todd, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. (No further info); Mary Todd, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. (No further info);Elizabeth (Betty) Todd, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. (No further info); Deborah Todd, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. (No further info); Lida Todd, b. Unknown; d. Unknown. (No further info);I have information on the Todd family back to England. Christine VanKleeck - posted 10-2001

TOMPKINS - I am looking for the parents of Isaiah Tompkins. Isaiah was probably born in Dutchess County in 1790. He was married to Chloe Foster in Delaware County in 1814. Isaiah is enumerated in the 1820 census in Roxbury, Delaware, NY. In May 1823, Isaiah Tompkins bought land in Dry Brook, Shandaken Twp., Ulster County, NY from a Joshua Tompkins of Middletown, Delaware Co., NY. There is a Joshua Tompkins born ~1760 enumerated in the 1800, 1810 & 1820 Middletown, Delaware County Census. I'm wondering if Joshua Tompkins could be the father of Isaiah Tompkins, but can't find out more information about Joshua Tompkins either. Any leads or information would be appreciated. Rick Groesbeck - posted 01-2015

TOMPKINS - Looking for info on Nathaniel TOMPKINS, b. near where Margaretsville now stands. Married Elizabeth Suttle in 1829. Looking for father, mother, siblings. Have following ref from this website: Nathaniel Tompkins was on the 1829 Ledger from Griffins Corners, Delaware Co, NY -- Genealogy and History Site. Dates are 1829-1835. (from the property of Beadle and Osterhoudt - Close Bill 1829. index.html/ledgervs.html. Have him in Chemung Co in 1840: Nathaniel Tompkins living in Big Flats, Chemung Co, NY in 1840. (New York Census 1790-1890, p.192) Nathaniel Tompkins living in Catlin, Chemung Co, NY in 1850 (New York Census 1790-1890, p. 013). Wife and several children buried in "Sing Sing" Cemetery in Chemung. Marta Wenger - posted 01-2003

TOMPKINS - Looking for Jeremiah TOMPKINS married Loretta SLACK and had daughter Florence Mae TOMPKINS in about 1862-1866. Jeremiah volunteered for military duty and probably deserted after a short time. Loretta SLACK may be from Delaware County also. Looking for any possible information on any TOMPKINS or SLACKS. Andes, NY is a possibility. Judy Olson - posted 11-2000

TOPLIFF - I am looking for information on Frank Topliff, born Sept. 1872, in the Sidney area. Frank was the son of Willard and Catherine Topliff. Three of his siblings were Willis born Aug. 1876, Benjamin born Feb. 1881, and Ella born March 1889, all in Sidney. Frank married Minnie L. Flint June 2, 1903. He served in WW1. Any additional information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Bob Moltzen - posted 07-2003

TORMEY - I am looking for any information on the Tormey family of Hancock, Delaware County, NY. My Grandmother was Margaret Tormey, wife of Frederick Charles Gledhill. Her parents were John and Frederica Tormey. Any information would be appreciated. John C. Leistra - posted 09-2020

TOURNEUR - have info to share - Kathy Hayes- posted 01-97

TOWNSEND -I am searching for information on Hanna O. Townsend, b.abt 1828, and her parents, Josiah and Malinda (Miller) Townsend. Richard Curtis - posted 02-2007

TOWNSEND - Looking for info on the Townsend familiy of Delaware Co.,NY, mostly in the Fleischmanns area. Thank you. J. Payne - posted 03-2003

TOWNSEND - Helping a friend find her heritage - She is trying to find out more about her grandparents on her father's side. - Her father was George Townsend, b.1876, d. May 26, 1952 and buried in Halcottsville, NY cemetery. George married Hattie Scudder. George had two siblings Bert and Mamie. George's parents were William Townsend and Sarah Matheus. William may have been born around 1855. He married Sarah either in Roxbury, NY or later moved there in an area called Meeker Hollow. He was the village tax collector. He mysteriously disappeared, one day. on one of his tax collection ones. Only his wagon and house was found. William was believed to be a halfbreed and some think local Indians did him in because he married a full blooded Indian, yet others just think he was hated because he was collecting taxes. His wife Sarah was said to be a full blooded Indian and her tiny obit only said she was born on a reservation. She was supposed to have lived in our near Arena, NY. Possibly she was from the Indian Village in Shavertown, NY. Bernice has not data of her death, but believes it was in 1931 since she was 5 when she died. Sarah is buried in the Halcottsville cemetery near the Townsends, but has no stone. George Townsend and his family moved to the far end Bragg Hollow and lived in their farm homestead. It was here that Bernice was born and she remembers her grandmother, but said she did not talk much since she was afraid of others being ashamed of her and her Indian heritage. The Townsend burials are known, but none found for Sarah. Record of William's birth or marriage have not been found. There is on knowledge of William's parents either. Since Sarah is said to be an Indian the name Matheus is probably an American given name, possibly after a family that adopted her or maybe a family that took her whole family on their homestead as tenant farm hands. So far no name like this has been found in any Delaware records and it might be Mathews, Bernice says the spelling was more like Matheus. Bernice would like to more about Sarah's Indian background. She thinks she might be Mohawk, but does not know for sure. Without knowing more about Sarah, her parents and her early life she does not have much chance of ever knowing. John H. Beach - posted 01-2001 for Bernice Spielman.

TOWNSEND - Am seeking info on Colonel John Townsend and any family members. Also any info on Seeley. Can you help ?? Volney Powers - posted 11-2000

TOWNSEND - Seeking parents of Eunice TOWNSEND, wife of Elijah Childs. They were parents of Hawley Childs, born 9 April 1809, possibly in Delaware Co., NY. I am not certain of that location, though it is possible that Morehouse Townsend was in the same family. Harman Clark - posted 04-99

TRACY - I am trying to locate a picture of Robin Sears Tracy for an article I’m writing about Robin who was a transposer of music and a teacher/ salesman for the Zimmerman Autoharp company based in Dolgeville, Herkimer, NY in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I’m assuming he met my grandmother Anna Matilda Phyfe in the capacity of teacher/salesman perhaps when she was teaching school in or near Bovina Center. They were married and are buried in Bovina Center. I have a lovely picture of my grandmother but not Robin S. Tracy. Was there perhaps a news article/picture about their marriage? Robin Tracy - posted 05-2018

TRACY -I would love to discover what became of the children of Jedediah Tracy b 5/3/1797 d 6/27/1847 and his wife Sally. They were Maria b1829, Williiam J. b 1829, Levi C. b 1836, Cynthia C. Clark b 1828, Clarissa Lamb b 1834, Hannah Wiswall b abt 1821 and Lucy Ann Bemis b unk. His oldest son was my GG Grandfather Ezekiel b 1823. He is the only one whose lineage is known to me. All children were born in Delaware or Otsego Cos. Sallys maiden name is unknown to me. They appear in the town of Sidney Census 1850 and 1855. Any info would be fantastic.Don Tracy - posted 05-2001

TRAPHAGEN - Doing family tree, looking for any info. on surname Traphagen. Todd Wilhelm - posted 05-2008

TRAVIS - I have located family that lived in Sidney Center and Morris NY. I have a fair amount of information but am missing one piece - the burial location of my great grandmother. This is the Travis family. Several of them are buried in Highland Cemetery in Sidney Center. There is Homer Travis, my great grandfather. He married Minne Mae Hendrix in 1901. I know Homer, one brother and his parents are all buried in Highland, but I can find no information on where Minnie was buried. A NY death index record I found indicates she died in Morris NY on 6 Mar 1909. I have found no obituary or any other information. I would be appreciative if anyone could assist me in finding this information. I can provide more information if I know someone would be interested in assisting me. I live in Colorado and don’t visit New York very often. Dale - posted 05-2008

TRAVIS - I am looking for information on Nathaniel Fish Travis b.21-Jul-1912 d. 28-Oct-1989. The obit I have for him says he was born inDelhi, NY son of Egbert Travis and Emma Shed. He attended schools in Aldrich. I also have that he had a brother Bert, George and a sisterDorothy. I am seeking info on this family and I am at a dead end finding anymore information for Travis or Shed. Thank you for any help or info youmay be able to contribute. Nicki Jo Vrooman - posted 08-2000

TRAVIS - I am seeking information on Charles Travis and his wife Mercey Sweet who lived in Roxbury or Shandaken in 1840-1850's. They had five daughters by the 1850 census Electa, Mary Martha, Emily, Almira, and Josaphene. Mary Martha m. Horace Dewitt Mullennix. These two families emigrated to Illinois sometime in the 1850's. - posted 10-98

TREADWELL - I am the grand daughter of Andrew H. Treadwell, Jr. My mother is Wilma Treadwell Vanadia. She is the oldest daughter of Andrew Jr. and his wife Alberta VanGordon Treadwell. Her siblings, in order of birth, are Deanna, Barbara (deceased), and Robert (deceased). When her father was killed in a car accident, she and her sister Deanna went to live with Andrew Sr. and Bessie Treadwell (her grand parents) at Green Hill Farm in what was then West Windsor/ Binghamton. I spent my childhood summers at the farm, and visited up until my twenties in the 1970's. The farm was sold then. I would like to know if anyone has information on what became of the property and the name of the road that leads to it. The entrance to the dirt road up to the farm was off a side road that ran parallel to Route 17 right near Titus's Red and White - a gas station and grocery/convenience store. Debbie Vanadia-Mims - posted 01-2014

TREADWELL - Looking for info on Horace, Orin, and Louisa Treadwell. They were all born in Delaware County. Horace's was born in 1823. Louisa was born in 1834. I am looking for the names of their parents and the dates. Thank you, GG Grandaughter of Horace Treadwell.Kelly Valentine - posted 12-2004

TREADWELL - I have often gone through or past Treadwell while visiting friends in that part of the state and it never dawned on me that Treadwell ancestors might have had a hand in putting it on the map! I have a lot of already-published information on the Treadwell family, back to the Ipswich, MA origins and even beyond, but can't find anything in it that could tell me who might have settled the town in Delaware County. Any information about family or town would be greatly appreciated. Joyce Bedell Merletti - posted 03-2000

TREMPER - Benjamin TREMPER m. Sally(Sarah)YAPLES, they appear in the census of 1855 in the town of Andes, along with their children : Lucinda Burr(widow)22, John 19, Mariah 14, Mary 16, Charles 9, and Sarah 3, I amlooking for any info on this family. Lori Wayman - posted 06-98

TUBBS - Seeking information on Lewis Tubbs who married Matilda Swan 1816 from Middletown, Delaware Co. NY. Their child Lysander Curtis Tubbs was born there 3/28/1818. We are trying to find out who Lewis' parent are. Will exchange info. He is my ggggrandfather. Will Sharp - posted 10-2001

TUCKEY - Hillsinger & Curtis - Tuckey and Hillsinger are the two names of my husbands maternal branch. Curtis is the Paternal. I am looking for info on Raymond G Curtis, his early history, he was a Boxer and was pretty good but I cannot locate anything on his early history. He was born in 1898 and passed away in 1998 (100yrs and 3 mos old!) He was in the early Boxing and was to go up against a well known competitor but due to demands on the farm where he lived he never made the match. If you have any info I would greatly appreciate it. Jenny Curtis - posted 09-2003

TUPPER - I am looking for information on WIlliam Tupper (born either 1802 or 1812 to 1842). I believe that he was born in Masonville and married Jerusha Knapp, also of Masonville and the daughter of Jacob Knapp. William died in 1842 in Eldred Pennsylvania. I am specifically looking for birth records and parentage for William. He was my great-great grandfather. John Finley - posted 10-2003

TUPPER - Also interested in Elijah Tupper but can't reach Bob Burns at email address given on this site. Judy Tupper -posted 02-2000

TUPPER -Looking for information on Elijah Tupper Family lived in Franklin 1822-1858. Bob Burns - posted 12-99

TURK - I'm researching my mother's Bergman, Turk, Dutcher and Blossom family surnames in Delaware County and surrounding areas. On my g-grandmother's death certificate it reads: Rose E. Turk - Spouse: George Lyman Turk - Residence: 539 State St., Binghamton, NY - Date of Death: Sept. 12, 1940 - Date if Birth: Aug. 15, 1858 - Birth Place: Binghamton, NY - Father: James Dutcher, Binghamton, NY - Mother: Unknown
OBIT for Rose E. Dutcher Turk; Binghamton Sun Saturday Sept. 14, 1940; TURK - Mrs. Rose E. Turk, 82, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Francis Nathans (Orphie J. Turk), 539 State St., Binghamton, NY; Thursday night at 10:15. Besideds Mrs. Nathans, she is survived by four other daughters, Mrs. Nancy (Turk) Chase and Mrs. P. (Turk) Bergman both of Binghamton and Mrs. Blanche Stankus (should read Stankevicze) of Chicago and Miss Grace Turk of Roxbury; three sons, Mahlon J. Turk of Binghamton, J.W. Turk (James) of New Milford and George L. Turk of Castle Creek; 21 grandchildren and 12 g-grandchildren. The funeral will be held at 1:30 o'clock Monday afternoon at her home. The Rev. Theodore J. Dewees will officiate. Burial will be in the Chenango Valley Cemetery. Arrangements by J.F. Rice.
On my g-grandfather's death certificate it reads: George Turk; Spouse: Rose Dutcher; Residence: 105 Park Ave., Binghamton, NY; Date of death: May 14, 1932 Binghamton, NY; Date of birth: June 4, 1854 Chicago, Illinois; Father: James Turk; Mother: ? Peterson
OBIT for George Lyman Turk; Binghamton Sun Monday May 16, 1932; TURK - George L. Turk of 105 Park Ave., died Saturday Morning at the City Hospital. He is survived by his wife, Rose; four sons, George and Mahlon Turk of this city, John W. of New Milford and Clarence of Grand Gorge and six daughters, Mrs. May B.) P. Bergman, Mrs. (Orphie) Frank Nathans and Mrs. (Nancy) J. H. Chase of this city, Mrs. Milo Tibbits of Norwich, Mrs. E. H. Slater of Chicago and Miss Grace Turk of Roxbury. The funeral will be held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Nathans, 36 (or 38) Frederick St. Rev. Theodore J. Dewees will officiate. Burial will be in the Chenango Valley Cemetery. Arrangements by M. J. Moriarity. George is buried in the Chenango Valley Cemetery, Hillcrest, NY. Although both George and Rose Turk were not born in Delaware County, their children were. Orphie J. Turk b. 1897 -married Francis Nathans, lived in Binghamton - May Belle Turk b. 1900 -married Percy S. Bergman, lived in Binghamton. - Grace Turk b. abt. 1880-never married. left home as a teen, never to return. kept house for a couple in Roxbury. - James Turk, Mahlon TurkBlanche Turk, Ella Turk, Nancy D. Turk, Clarence Turk.
I've been fortunate to connect my g-grandfather, George L. Turk to the correct Turk family. Now I'm hoping to connect my g-grandmother, Rose E. Dutcher Turk with the correct James Dutcher family. May B. Turk is my grandmother b. 1900. She married Percy S. Bergman and they lived in Binghamton where they raised their 3 children, Lillian, Edan and Leon. May died in 1946 from cancer and is buried in the Chenango Valley Cemetery. My grandfather, Percy S. Bergman is the son of Richard Kimball Bergman and Myrtle May Blossom. Percy was born in Susquehanna County, PA on 10/21/1903 and died Nov. 1963 in Binghamton. I just recently found out that Myrtle's maiden name was Blossom. I don't know where she was born, the 1910 census for Richard K. Bergman in PA show's that Myrtle was born in PA. Myrtle May Blossom died at age 64 on July 23, 1943 in Binghamton and is buried in the Chenango Valley Cemetery next to her husband, Richard Kimball Bergman who was born abt. 1874 in New York and died at age 77 on Dec. 8, 1951 and is buried in the Chenango Valley Cemetery. I'm hoping the information I've posted here will ring some bells, especially for the family of Myrtle May Blossom Bergman and Rose E. Dutcher Turk. Linda - posted 10-2001

TURK - While seeking a different ancestor, the name George H. TURK, b. 1834 showed up at the "Military men still in the service in 1865" page! He was a private in the 1st NYE. I have tracked George through five counties and am trying to find out when and where he and Jane Marie Cole b. 1844 got married. I believe it was in 1861 or so, based on children, but cannot find records. He was born in Delaware County and, I believe, moved to Greene County with his family around 1852. Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated! Ray Fuller - posted 03-99

TURNER - Looking for information on David Turner (1808 - 10/26/1886). Buried in the Doonans Corners Cemetery in Kortright. Married to Mary Lamb Turner (Born 1815) Also buried in the Doonan's Corners Cemetery in Kortright. I believe this is Edwin Turner's (1848 - 1916) mother and father. Edwin was married to Effie A. Beers (1861-1902). They are both buried in the Schenevus Cemetery Maryland, Otsego County, NY. Any information on David Turner's mother and father would be greatly appreciated. Including any information on the names mentioned above. Tony Turner - posted 06-2012

TURNER - I am having great difficulties in locating my ancestors from Delaware County 1830-1850. My g-g-grandfather Alexander or Archibald Turner (Scotland), his wife Mary (England), and children emigrated from Scotland to Delhi area around 1828. They probably lived in the country farming. Robert born [1828], George M born [1833], and Archibald born (1831) Turner were born in Delaware County, but I need to verify the dates. I have a Jacquard coverlet embroidered Delhi 1836 that was inherited. I can find no record of any Turners in the area at that time. Alexander Turner must have died because his children and wife moved to Buffalo in 1850 and I can find them in the 1850 census there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The son Archibald Turner was President of Franklin Savings Bank, New York City 1891 (NY Times citation) They were members of the social club New York 400 whose roster in 1885 I would love to find. Ann Duncan - posted 07-2004

TURNER - My grandfather was born in Delhi, NY in 1865 and his parents and siblings lived there from sometime after 1812 to 1875. I looked in your very census reports online, but could not find any reference to them. My grandfather's name was Frederick Chester Turner; his father was George Malcolm Turner married to Elizabeth Chester in 1858.I need evidence of their residence, birth, deaths. The Alexander Turners emigrated from Dumbarton Castle Scotland just after 1812 and had many children born in Delhi. They were Archibald, Robert, James, George, etc. to name a few. Any help would be greatly appreciated.A. Duncan - posted 10-99

TURNER - I'm looking for information on Elisha TURNER and his family and friends. He was probably born between 1775 and 1780. After Elisha's parents died, he was raised by a man named John BOICE or BICE. The earliest record I've found of him is in the Census of 1800. At that time, Elisha and his family were living in Colchester, Delaware county, NY, near his brother-in-law Zenas COVEL and father-in-law James Covel. Elisha and Patience Turner's two children were born in Colchester: John Boice (or Bice) Turner b. 14 Jan 1799 and James Covel Turner b. 22 Mar 1800. Elisha took a raft of lumber down the Delaware River to Philadelphia and never returned. A search party concluded that he had been murdered for the money he was carrying. The Letter of Administration of his estate is dated June 1801. His friends and business associates included "General" David PHELPS, James WRIGHT, Jeremiah GUNONG, and William HOLLIDAY. Elisha's widow Patience married Arnold HUNTER (probably the son of Daniel Hunter of Colchester) and moved to Tioga county, PA, with her younger son James. Her older son John was adopted by Arnold's sister Elizabeth and her husband David POWERS. Jim Turner - posted 02-2007

TUTTLE - In 2005 a Massachusetts-born Moses Hubbard Tuttle and some of his family became research subjects, off and on, and a recent Google led me to this website, via the posting concerning the Delaware Literary Institute graduates. A Moses H. Tuttle is included in the class of 1860. I wonder if there are Tuttle researchers who are interested in the life and times of the same one who caught my fancy last year. HE came to Mississippi in the 1860s and was an officer during the Civil War, leading Negro Troops. He showed up in the Census of 1860 as 21 and a student ... without looking at old notes ... his father was named Leonard, and so was a brother; both Moses or Mose, as he was often called, and Leonard Jr. were in Mississippi after the Civil War and in 1870 were both in Carrollton, Miss. A house on the southern approach to the town square has just been rehabilitated is being used as a coffee house ... it's always been known as "The Tuttle House". It's believed Moses lived in it and it's known that Leonard Jr owned it later. Both served as Carroll county, Miss., Reconstruction Era sheriffs. P. S., I believe Moses' father was born in New York state. Susie James - posted 05-2006

TUTTLE - The History of Roxbury says Grant FOLLETT was the last of the Follett family to live in Roxbury. I see from the Delaware web page that his daughter Ada Follett, born 1898, married Paul Tuttle in 1927. Minnie Baggs was her mother, Grant Follett her father. I am wondering ifanyone knows of any member of this Tuttle family is still living in the area that would possibly know more about their Follett background. Lynda & B.J. Ozinga - posted 04-2001

TWADDELL - I am searching for information on Jacob Twaddell. I feel this must be the same person as the one mentioned in query directly below. I tried to respond to the email address in the previous post, but it is no longer valid. I live in the Jacob Twaddell house which is on the border of New Castle County, DE and Delaware County, PA. I wonder if this is where Jacob Twaddell ended up after his stint in Texas. There are other historical Twaddells in Delaware County, PA. I see it is sometimes spelled Twaddle. Any information would be appreciated, including how to contact the gentleman in the previous post. Pam Cawood - posted 05-2003

TWADDELL - I have been able to find quiet a bit of information on the Twaddell family who lived in Hancock. There is a person, named Jacob Carl Twaddell who I run into a blank wall. This person left Hancock in 1851 from New York to the Port of Galveston, Texas. He then took an oxcart from there to Waco, Texas. He later joined the Texas Rangers and then fought for the South in the war between the states. (We southerners are not supposed to say "Civil War") I know that the original Teaddells in Delaware County were a William and a Daniel who came from Coleraine, Ireland. I have exhausted my reasources from this point. Any ideas? By the way, I am doing this for a sister-in-law who lives in Austin, Texas. Bob Myers - posted 11-99

TWEEDIE - I have been researching the Tweedie Family who settled in Delaware County in 1849. I am looking for descendents of the following: 1. John Tweedie and Mary Ann Middlemist; 2. Archibald Tweedie and Nancy Strangeway; 3. Robert Ballantine and Christina Tweedie; 4. John P. Middlemist and Nicholas Tweedie; 5. William Tweedie and May Munn; 6. Daniel Shepard and Mary Tweedie; 7. William Hodge and Elizabeth Tweedie; 8. Alexander Tweedie and Margaret Smith; 9. Edwin Kilpatrick and Euphemia Tweedie. I have completed the updating of the family history done in 1948 with the information I have been able to collect while living in the state of Washington. I would love to share the information with other members of the family and hopfully get more information on the family.
Please email me personally at Gabriele Hammon

TYLER - Searching for parents of Alva H Tyler b. 1817 d 30Aug1886. He was reportedly from Roxbury, married Sarah Grant in NYC, Lived and died in Davenport, NY. He is buried in Davenport Cemetery. He was listed as a harness maker and constable. His daughter Birdella Tyler married Solon LeValley and lived in Fremont, NY area where they had two daughters, Mabelle and Josephine. Birdella died 24Dec1888, abt 4 months after the birth of daughter, Josephine 26Aug 1888. Josephine LaValle (names changes), married Lyman Bell Chandler. Josephine and Lyman Chandler were my maternal grandparents. Any information re Alva's origins would be greatly appreciated as I have looked "high and low", without success. Jeannie Russell - posted 09-2010

TYLER - I am trying to locate family history of the Tyler family in Delaware County. There is the Tyler cemetery in Roxbury where my grandparents are buried but I cannot locate any info prior to those buried there. I would appreciate any info you can offer. Gary Tyler - posted 07-2008

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