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See news clipping

I am trying to locate the farm of an uncle I used to visit when I was young. This uncle is deceased (d.1987). I have fond memories of the farm and just wanted to drive by and show my children if it is still in existence. I have done much research and am hitting a stumbling block.

My uncle’s name was James V. Wert. He bought land in the Sanford/Deposit area from an A. Cutting in approximately 1955. On March 16, 1957, his 11 year old son, James A. Wert, was killed on this farm in a tragic tractor accident (see clipping). Some of the papers say the accident was in Deposit, NY...other clippings say Sanford.

We called this Uncle "Ben" as he commonly/casually was known as "Ben Wert". But his full Name was James V. Wert. Both he and his 11 year old who died are buried in Hackettstown, NJ, at Union Cemetery.

I appreciate any help anyone might give me in locating James’ farm that I was so happy to visit as a child (p.s. It was a dairy farm with an old farmhouse and across the street-a long white barn).

--Kerri Nicole McCaffrey, 1 January 2020

In Harvard, NY: unmarked tombstones (each with a head & footstone) 2 children buried on my property at top of knoll in woods per old timers who have since died > 100 yrs. old placed there for symbolic 'safety': they drown 1903: 10th or 12th of October, The Great Pumpkin Flood.

Any information appreciated. I looked through microfiche at Hancock library. Hancock Herald doesn't go back that far. IDK about Walton Reporter.

Natalie Anderson, 188 Waltz Rd, East Branch, NY 13756 - 607 363 2426 - - posted November 14, 2019

We are trying to tracking down an obscure piece of family history that took place in Delhi. My in-laws trace at least one of their lineages to Delhi County. Recently, we’ve been trying to digitize early family photos, and ran across a curious note on the back of one of them. William Hammond (1806-1901) was born in Delhi, apparently near Federal Hill. (I don’t know if Federal Hill is a town or an actual hill.) Anyway, on the back of the picture is this note: "About 1807 - Indians attacked (on Federal Hill in Delhi NY) and killed 10 of 12 members of family. William and his mother were the only survivors."

Online, I can’t find any records of an Indian raid in Delhi in 1807, but a lot of things aren’t online. Does anyone know where I might find town history from the early 1800’s for Federal Hill?

I’ve documented several of William’s siblings (and both parents) as living well into the 1830’s, so this seems like it might just be family legend, but I thought I’d try to track down any kernel of truth before I ignore it. Respectfully,
Christopher Carlson - posted April 23, 2019

The new throughway Highway 17 was implemented. I'm really looking for some information about the major rock cut just before Hancock, New York. Carl R. Finkle Posted February 20, 2019

Its between Masonville and Deposit. It is directly across from Steam Mill Rd on Rt 8. The road hasn't been used in over 130 yrs. There are 5 old house and barn foundations on that road. Would appreciate any help with road name or people that may have lived on that road.

David Thompson - Posted January 22, 2019

See Map - Road marked in yellow --


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