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SACKETT - Seeking burial site of Isaac A. Sackett born 1 Oct 1785 d. 1852. Married to E. Davis. Died from self inflicted gunshot in Delhi NY. Inquest held in Stamford NY. He was my gggg-grandfather. Isaac A, Nehemiah J, Charles R., Orin (Harvey), William (Floyd), My Father( living), myself. Please respond to with any informstion. George Sackett-posted 03-2004

SACKETT-Would be grateful for any info on Mary Sackett wife of Samuel Tiffany; daughter,Hannah, married Walter C. Peake 1 Jan 1824. Thanks in advance.Cheryl. Mary Sackett-posted 12-2001

SACKETT - I would like to share information on the descendants of George Augustus Sackett and his two wives. He was born in Jefferson County, June 24, 1833, to George and Eliza Peake Sackett. The family was responsible for the founding of Sacketts Harbor, NY. The family later moved to Downsville, and George returned to marry Huldah Ann Raymond from Canada in 1864. They had two children born in Downsville, Porter (b. 12/1864, m. Alice Miller) and Ida (b. 3/3/1866, m. James Wilcox, res. Shavertown). After having lived in Sackets Harbor and Downsville, George and Huldah and kids moved to Traer, IA where Huldah died in 1872. George returned to Downsville and married Sarah W. Moore in 1873 and had four children, Guy Augustus (m. Ann Eliza VanAlstyne), Frances M., Harriet M. (m. John Snyder, MANY descendants, have info), George W. (m. Mary Herr). The father of all, George Augustus, resided in Downsville until his death and is buried in Downsville. Sarah Moore, 2nd wife, is buried in Hamden. --Collin Haight (note: Collin passed away 26 December 2007)

SACKRIDER - Looking for Moses Sackrider, Kortright (Sackrider Cemetary) Was Jane A Beken his granddaughter? Did she have a daughter, Sarah Beken Gibson, buried in Meridale? Catherine Gibson Havemeier - posted 09-97

SAGUE/SAGUEZ - I am tracing my Saguez/Sague family in central & eastern NY state. One family lived in Delaware Co in the 1840s and 1850s--before relocating in New Jersey. The Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site provides records on the birth of Beldan I Saguez in 1847 at Walton to John and Nancy Saguez. There is no further record of him. John Sague and Maria (her name was evidently Nancy Maria) were baptized at the First Baptist Church at Deposit in 1856, and withdrew in 1860, when they show up at Shrewsbury, Monmouth, NJ. They had three more boys: William (b. 1849) Samuel (1850-1935) and Milo (1857-1910). I am most eager to learn Nancy Maria's maiden name, birthplace, and parentage. Nancy Maria was previously married, as the 1850 Census for Delhi lists Emily Case (b. 1832) and Lavalle Case (b. 1835). Son John L. Case (b. 1836) is mentioned in her obituary in 1900. Alice Sheppard-posted 01-2017

SALADYGA - I'm looking for information on surname SALADYGA, who may have lived in Delaware County in 1900. Ted Saladyga - posted 11-2001

SALISBURY - I am trying to locate any information on William Bentley Salisbury 1849 and Polly Hendry Salisbury. I believe they were in the Delaware - Broome County area but seem to have hit a "brick wall" I would appreciate any information anyone might be able to provide. My mother was their great-great granddaughter, Grace Anna Salisbury Beckwith of East Windsor, Broome County. Barbara Beckwith-deLima - posted 06-2009

SALISBURY - The 1856 wall map of Delaware County by Jay Gould listed and located all the inhabitants of Delaware County in 1856. It also listed the businesses in each community and illustrated some of the homes of prominent citizens. One came up for sale on Ebay last week, but my bid failed to win the day. Does anyone know where a copy of this map can be found? Ron Salisbury - posted 03-2001

SALISBURY - Can anyone tell me where early guardianship records from Delaware county are stored? Here is the situation. My ancestor Henry Salisbury and his wife Amy Cleveland died within a few months of each other around Kortright in 1812/13 leaving seven children. The youngest child was about 2-3 years old. How was guardianship handled at this time? If legal records were kept, are they in Delhi? Albany? How can they be accessed? Ron Salisbury - posted 10-99

SALISBURY - My oldest ancestor (and my 'brick wall') was Henry SALISBURY b. Abt. 1760 and may have come from England. He died in 1812/13 in Roxbury,NY. Henry married Amy CLEVELAND b. 1769,Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY d. Between 1812/13 Roxbury, NY. Amy was the daughter of Elijah CLEVELAND and Alice LAWRENCE both of whom died in Columbia County. Henry and Amy moved to Delaware County. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Ron Salisbury- posted 03-99

SAMPSON - Looking for any information Isaac Sampson JR. b.7 Oct 1801 Genesee Delaware Co. NY. m. Martha Hendryx. Looking for anything on his father, Isaac SR. and grandfather Ezekiel Sampson. Most interested in Exekiel's wife Luranah, no maiden name is know. CW Turner- posted 03-97

SANDERSON - I am looking for information on Patrick Sanderson and Nancy (Hodge) Sanderson. I am looking for the parents of Patrick and Nancy. Gabriele Hammon - posted 10-2001

SANDS - Does anyone know more about the SANDS family mentioned in Capter 41 of the history of Margaretville? On page 11 (of 25 pages in that section): "The Sands family, from Connecticut, brought several slaves with them." index.html/gary/marghst3.htm
Background - I am researching my gggg grandfather, Stephen Sands. Stephen was a Loyalist during the American Revolution; a Queen's Ranger. He settled in New Brunswick, Canada after the war. According to Stephen's 1814 British military discharge forms, he was born in "Connecticut" near "New York" in 1761. I don't know the names of Stephen's parents. Stephen is not mentioned in Malcolm Sands Wilson's 1949 book "Descendants of James Sands of Block Island". I think Stephen might be the grandson mentioned in 1774 Will of Jeremiah Dodge of Cow Neck. The first name of Jeremiah's daughter, and the first name of her husband surnamed Sands, are not known. Only the name of their son, Stephen Sands, is mentioned in the will. I want to find out all I can about any Sands family of Connecticut. Thank you. Rebecca Walch - posted 04-2005

SANDS - My Great Grandfather, Daniel J Sands was probably born in the Hancock area. His wife, Laura Powers from Pierrepont, NY. I am certain of their details. My problem is with Daniel's father, Samuel, and grandfather, Benjamin. I have much conflict data, nearly all of it written in shaky script 80 years later. Here is Samuel's Story: Samuel was engaged in lumbering and timber in the vicinity of Mansfield. In the winter of 1835-6 is body was discovered in a lonely cabin where it was assumed he took refuge while traveling from Elmira, NY and a lumber camp. As he was known to have been carrying a large sum of money. Robber/murder by persons unknown was concluded. To add to the tragedy his wife died on December 14, 1835. The children, Bertha Ann, the 8 years old, Daniel, 6 and Silas, 4 were taken in by Samuel's sister Hetty Knight (Knoght?) and her husband John. Information on my supposed great grandfather, Benjamin, is difficult to decipher. Has wife's name could be Hannah, Harriet or even Catherine. He would have been corn around 1760 and dead by 1826. Here is a list of his children, all or most born in Delaware County, without an assurance of authenticity: Richard married Clara Kent; George died young; Samuel married Jane Wylie; William married Priscilla Thomas. Any help would be appreciated. Hal Sands - posted 03-2003

SANDS - Searching for information about William Sands (1795-1872) and his wife Percilla Thomas (1810-1877) who are buried in the old cemetery in Hancock. Charles B. Woodruff- posted 02-99

SANFORD - I have Sanford Family in Deleware County NY and would be interested in further information. - posted 12-2006

SANFORD - Any family or descendants of my 3rd Great Grandfather Cornelius D. Sanford and Sarah Faulkner formerly of New Kingston, NY. Cornelius D. Sanford b.17 Nov 1830 d.16 Feb 1907 buried in Taylor Farm Cemetery, New Kingston, NY. Sarah Faulkner married 15 Jan 1852. Sarah b. 5 Aug 1830 d. 23 Apr 1892 buried with her husband and daughter in Taylor Farm Cemetery, New Kingston, NY. Tamara Sanford - posted 06-2003

SANFORD - I would like to contact any descendents of Amos SANFORD and Carrie CHAMBERLIN.(b1865-1959) Last known address Halcottsville ,N.Y. I can share information. Jean Grewe - posted 02-2003

SANFORD - I'm looking for descendants of William Sanford who was one of Delaware county's first settlers. He moved from Litchfield, CT and settled at Hubbell Hill in 1797. William married Huldah HULL of Margaretville. They had 12 children: Charlotte, William Jr., Charles, Ziba, John, Phebe, Amy, Polly Ann, Betsy, Lucy, Roxanne, Maransa. My ancestor Maransa (b.12/2/1809) married Eliza Ann JONES of Bovina. Gary Myers - posted 11-2005

SARD - I photographed the grave marker this past August for Leon Sard at the United Methodist Church Cemetery in Roxbury. Leon died 6 March 1890 at the age of one year and 24 days. He was the son of G.A. & C.B. Sard. Can anyone give me any background on the parents, if nothing else, what their complete names were? Thank you. Cindy Coffell - posted 10-2015

SAUNDERS - I am interested in Palmer Saunders, the one married to Emily Bedient, second wife Ophelia Fitch. I believe he and at least two other Palmer Saunder's are buried in the Treadwell, NY cemetary. My grave which is located next to two Palmer's - my wife Linda died and was buried in the cemetary in 2002. If you could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Palmer Saunders Clark, Jr. - posted 11-2005

SAUNDERS - I am looking for info on the Saunders Family. Amasa Saunders was a native of Delaware County, NY. His father parents were Jonathan and Mary (Buck) Saunders. Amasa was born 20 Mar 1809. He was the second of eight children.About 1818 some or all of the family moved to Hocking County, OH where I found them. I appreciate any info on this family. - posted 01-20027

SAUMIER - My name is Richard Saumier from Huntingdon, Quebec. I am looking for the name Saumier or Lajeunesse. Particularly a one Edward ( Edouard) Saumier or Edward (Edouard )Lajeunesse . He was buried in Potters Field. on January 1, 1944 at the age of 82. By my records there was no Edward or Edouard born in 1861-62, I would really like to know who this poor relative was and give him a family, seen as though it looks like he was abandoned by one and all. Richard Saumier - posted 07-99

SAWYER - Searching for further information in the Bovina and Andes area. This family came from Scotland in 1822 and settled near Bovina. The Scott Sawer children married into the following families: Dumond, McUmber (Macomber), Anderson?, Van Curen?, Scott, Ladd, Gilbert?, and Biggam. Tom L. Sawyer - posted 09-2013

SAWYER - I am searching in Delaware County for Information on the family of Daniel Sawyer b. 11 Mar 1771 / d. 20 Feb 1835 and buried in the Simpsonville - South Wocester Cemetery. He was the father of 5 children - Mary Sawyer Andrews (wife of Eli), Henry Sawyer and Catherine Sawyer Utter (wife of John) by his 1st wife, name unknown, and Joshua (husband of Alida Cole) and Abigail by his 2nd wife Lydia Pierce. My line goes through Catherine and John Utter. I'm hoping someone will know who the parents of Daniel Sawyer and John Utter were and possibly who the 1st wife of Daniel was. Dory Brown - posted 08-2009

SAWYER - Seeking information about the family of Captain Jesse Sawyer and his wife, Catherine (White) Sawyer. Jesse and his son, Harmon, settled in Walton, Delaware County, about 1778, near the head of the Delaware River. Any information about this family and/or descendants would be most welcome. Fred Tietbohl - posted 02-2006

SAWYER - Seeking information about the family of Captain Jesse Sawyer and his wife, Catherine (White)Sawyer. Jesse and his son, Harmon, settled in Walton, Delaware County, about 1778, near the head of the Delaware River. Any information about this family and/or descendants would be most welcome. Sonya Bamberg - posted 02-99

SCALLY - Patrick and Catherine (Kelly) Scally, settled in "Deposit" in Delaware County in 1859 or 1860. They came from Ireland, all of their (5) children were born here in the U.S. Childrens names were; Thomas, Catherine, Patrick, Daniel and John. Looking for further information on this family. Patricia Ulbin - posted 01-99

SCHAAF - My grandfather was postmaster in Corbett and ran general store for 50 years. His name was Conrad Schaaf. I would be interested in any information on Corbett, NY and the Schaaf family. Bev Westhoff - posted 01-99

SCHELLENGER - have info to share - Milbrey Otto Burgett - posted 05-97

SCHENCK - My great grandfather came with this wife and four children c. 1850. They settled in Delaware County, then moved on to Monroe, Chemung, and finally Steuben, where generations followed. Does anyone know anything of the Henry Matthias Schenck family, wife Johanna Broekman Schenck, newly arrived from Amsterdam, Netherlands during that time period? Gordon Schenck - posted 02-2000

SCHMITT/SMITH - I am searching for descendants of John & Barbara Schmitt/Smith from Franklin. They had 2 children, daughter Lizzy born Nov. 1895, and son Frank. J., born mar, 1896. John and Barbara are from Clausen Germany and came to Franklin in 1885. daughter Lizzy married Alfred Sickler on April 3, 1920. They had 2 children, Florence and Edward Sickler. Janet - posted 11-2001

SCHRIBER - I am researching the ancestors of Oscar Martin Schriber and Daisy Mae Budine, who married in Delaware County on 12 Sep 1915 and would be grateful for any assistance! Terry May - posted 07-2002

SCHRIER - Researching the descendants of Henry. F, Schrier, born 16 May 1840 Abersdorf, Bavaria, Deu. Emigrated to US ca 1865-1870. Settled in Newburg, NY, moved to Callicoon, Sullivan Cty. Buried Tannanah Lake Cem 1904. Henry's german name was anglisized from Johannes Freidrich Heinrich Schreier. He married Emelie Augusta Rhinehold in Germany daughter Laura Augusta Ermude born in Marane, Sax. Deu.son Adolph born in Newburg in 1870, son Alfred born 1874, son Henry II born in Callicoon 1875, daughter Amelia born ?, daughter Anna born 1879. Sons Alfred and Henry married Gould cousins. from Goulds, town of Hancock, Del. Cty NY. Henry Schrier - posted 10-2003

SCHRIVER - I'm looking for any info on Andrew Schriver. He was a Baptist minister, and was part of the 144th in the civil war. My great great grandmother was Sarah Schriver, (Secrest) but I have no info on the Schriver family and any help would be appreciated. Ed williams - posted 09-2002

SCHUTT - I am trying to find information on Stratton Schutt (or Scutt)? Lisa Bailey - posted 05-2007

SCOFIELD - Hancock, Delaware Co., NY. Looking for information on a Gideon Scofield Line - Son Jonathan Scofield b Hancock, 1780; married Mary Hinkley. Sandi Shaw Scott - posted 04-2003

SCOFIELD/SCHOFIELD - Searching for information on Samuel Y. SCOFIELD (1784-1856), from Masonville, Delaware County, NY, husband of Eunice BENNETT (1807-1875). Samuel was Town Supervisor of the town of Masonville from 1851-1854, as well as a member of the Board of Supervisors in Delaware County in 1850. Had 7 children listed on 1840 census: Samuel Augustus SCOFIELD, George SCOFIELD, Phineas BENNETT SCOFIELD, Abel BENNETT SCOFIELD, AND Pliney K. SCOFIELD. Census also listed 2 females ages 15-20, though may have been from a previous marriage. Any infomation on the family of Samuel Y. SCOFIELD, would be greatly appreciated. Especially interested in Samuel's parent's names, or the name of the two females residing in the household in 1840. Feel free to contact with any information. - posted 11-2000

SCOTT - Looking for Date of Death for: Scott, Rose: Section 04, Lot 618 Grave 02 next to husband Scott, Wallace. She is my great great grandmother. Thank you if you can help. Douglas W. Robinson - posted 08-2016

SCOTT - Have reason to believe that John B. Scott of Delaware County (b. 1843, Andes?) was the same as J.B. Scott, druggist of Salinas, CA (arriving in CA in 1868 after three years of teaching prior to discharge from the 144th Infantry, Company E). He might also have been the same J.B. Scott who operated a dairy and hot springs resort in Tahoe area. Looking for confirmation of either. Devin Paine - posted 12-2012

SCOTT - Would like some help with Scott family. My ancestor was Sylvester Lewis Scott (1807-1863) who is buried in China Road (Delaware co.) cemetery. His daugher was Phoebe Ann Dean wife of Milton Dean. Would also like to know if David Scott of Sidney town is related, he was born about 1847 and Delhi courthouse records said he was son of George Scott. David was in the Civil War. Would like to trade records with someone who has the Scott lineage. Thanks so much. Jeremiah Palmer - posted 12-2010

SCOTT - Looking for family of Abraham Scott of Masonville. Records in Delaware County says he was a soldier in the War of 1812. My great grandmother from Masonville was Phoebe Ann Scott and her Parents were Sylvester Lewis Scott 1807 - 1863, married Orpha Pomeroy North 1806 - 1879, child was Phoebe Ann Scott 1840 - 1892 who married Milton Page Dean 1835 - 1907, I have the family from there down. Sylvester by dates might be a son of Abraham. Interested in any help. Thanks. Jeremiah Palmer - posted 11-2009

SCOTT - Would love to share information with anyone interested in the Scott family that married into the Downie family. Individuals include:
Robert Scott 1769 - 1838 married Mary Miller. Their children: James Scott 1802 - 1865, John Scott, Elizabeth Scott,Isabella Scott, Mary Scott, Nancy Scott, Robert C. Scott 1811 - 1896.
James Scott 1802 - 1865 married Christina Thomson 1802 - 1883. Their children: Elizabeth Scott 1830 -, Isabella Scott 1838 -,Margaret Scott 1841 -, Andrew James Scott 1839 - 1844, Nancy D. Scott 1834 -, Mary Ann Scott 1832 - 1900, Sally Jane Scott 1843 - 1866, Christina Amelia Scott 1845 - 1850, James W. Scott 1847 - 1869, Robert L.Scott 1829 -
Robert C. Scott 1811 - 1896 married Janet Hamilton
Mary Ann Scott 1832 - 1900 married John Downie 1817 - 1889, their child: James Scott Downie 1869 - 1946
Our family descended from James Scott Downie who settled in Oneonta 1903. Alan Downie - posted 09-2007

SCOTT - I am researching an Adam Scott who arrived in Delaware County in 1812 and left in 1817. He arrived from Scotland and was a millwright. He married a Patricia Mann, daughter of a James Mann. Scott was only 16 when he arrived and left for Upper Canada in 1817. Apparently he stayed with relatives while in Delaware county. Any information on his marriage, his family etc. would be appreciated. Bob Dunford - posted 03-2002 or write to 1373 Armstrong Drive, Peterborough, Ontario, CANADA K9J6G4

SCOTT - Looking for Charles Scott born18 Sep 1823 and Edward Scott born 1834 died 26 Mar 1869. Parents of both were Jeremiah Scott and Eleanor Fagan Scott. Lu Ann Balch - posted 03-2002

SCOTT - I am looking for any decendants of James & Phoebe SCOTT and Philena Snyder SCOTT. they lived in Hancock. Elsie Smith - posted 03-2001

SCOTT/STEELE - My ggggrandmother was Harriet Zelina Steele, b: October 1836 in Delhi. She married Delos Theodore Scott about 1856. He was from NY but I don"t know where. Any help will be appreciated. (I have lots of their descendants .) Phyl - posted 10-2000

SCOTT - My Question is can anyone give me info on Addison Scott who built the Scott Cottage in 1887 in Griffin Corners? Arlene Maher - posted 10-2000

SCOTT - Would like information on this family: 1. David Thomas Scott b: 5 JAN 1864 Walton, NY; m: 4 JUN 1890; d: ? Walton, NY. m. Hattie C. Sanford b: 27 JULY 1863 New Kingston, NY; d: ? Walton, NY (I know all about the Sanford line). 2. Marvin David Scott b: 30 OCT 1891 Walton or Hamden, NY; m: ?; d: 8 FEB 1971 Houston, TX. Spouse: Beatrice Perry. 2. Myrtle G. Scott b: 30 OCT 1891 Walton or Hamden, NY; d: MAY 1978 Binghampton, NY. 2. Eva H. Scott b: 6 DEC 1892 Hamden, NY; d: ?. 2. Julian C. Scott b: 10 MAY 1896 Hamden, NY; d: ?. Debra McDermott - posted 04-2000

SCOTT -Seeking information on the Scott family of Deleware County, NY. Dates I have range from 1864 (Walton, NY) to 1896 (Hamden, NY). Debra McDermott - posted 06-99

SCOTT - Looking for the death dates of Wallace Scott and his wife, Francis Barnhart Durbin Scott, who died in Downsville somewhere in the 1930's or '40's. Kay L. Mason - posted 07-2008

SCOTT - Found 2 Scotts listed Andrew C. Scott - Co. I Page 172 Line 1210 and John B. Scott of Co. E, Page 112, Line 691. They may have been my gr grandfather's brothers. Hope someone will be able to tell me about them. - posted 02-99

SCOUTEN/SCHOUTEN - Abraham Scouten and Catherine were in Kortright Town by 1800; seek evidence where they came from and whether she was born Ellison, Elvingston, ?Livingston? They had among others Abraham (27 Jul 1784 - 8 Feb 1831, died Kortright Town) whose widow Elizabeth (ca. 1798 - 1860s) married as at least 2nd wife Levi Mabie/Maybee. Seek clues to her parentage. Elizabeth and Levi moved to Tioga Co., PA ca. 1844 with her children and where she had one daughter. Will share data on children of both Abrahams. J. A. Longley - posted 06-99

SCRAMBLING - Looking for info. on Walter D. Scrambling , lived in Johnny Brook, and owned a saw mill bought by the Boydes, if anyone knows about this, please let me know. Val (Scrambling) Nagel - posted 02-2008

SCRIVER - Elizabeth, dau of William Scriver & Hannah "Unknown", born 1812 Delaware County, married 1837 in Poughkeepsie to William Cornwell. Where in Delaware Co did this family live? Mother Hannah's surname? William's occupation? Virginia Byron - posted 03-2007

SCRUM - I am looking for info on surname SCRUM. My father was Richard Arthur Scrum. He was born in Walton 03/31/43. His parents were Arthur L. Scrum and Margaret Dotey. Arthur L. Scrum's parents were Arthur W. Scrum and Rachael Havencamp. I know nothing else. Any info would be helpful. Michelle Scrum - posted 08-2003

SCUDDER - William Francis and MASON, Minnie - I am searching for the parents of William Francis Scudder b. Aug 1877, place unknown, m. Minnie Mason abt 1899 probably Broome Co., NY, d. sometime after 1920 census also prob. Broome Co. NY. He may be a son of Aaron Scudder b. abt 1824, (m. abt 1858 Mary Ennist) d. 2 Jan 1897, but I have nothing beyond census records to support that assumption. (Scudder family in Roxbury area from late 1700's.) He lived and is buried in Roxbury, Delaware Co. NY. Minnie's parents were Watson Mason and Alice R. Shaw of Union area, Broome Co. NY. Any information helpful. thank you. Kitti Michalowicz - posted 11-2012

SCUDDER - I am inquiring about the Scudder Family in Roxbury, Delaware Co., NY area. I am doing an application for DAR for a prospective member and she needs a proof of David Tallman Scudder b. 26 Jul 1818 in Roxbury being the son of John Scudder b. 28 may 1798 Dutchess Co., d. W. Colesville, Broome Co. on 11 Jul. 1867 to Anna Fuller. They were married in Delaware Co., NY on 1 May 1817. - posted 05-2008

SCUDDER - I am searching for descendants of David Scudder and his wife Sarah Pattison Scudder. She was born in about 1793 in Marbletown and grew up in Roxbury. Her father was Michael Pattison and her mother was Nelly Keator Pattison. Any information will be appreciated. Gwen Becker - posted 12-2004

SCULLY - I'm looking in Delaware County for information on my gggrandfather William H. Scully (born approx. 1817). I'm looking for his date of death (sometime in the 1880's) and his place of burial. His first wife's name was Katherine and his second wife's name was Mary Ann. He also had a son named William H. Michele Cannon - posted 05-2008

SEAGER - My great grandmother was Mary Seager Griffin. She is buried in the Woodland Cemetary in Delhi, NY. The only trace of her I've found is my grandfather's marriage record where she is listed as mother of the groom. I'm trying to trace things back but am hung up because I can't find out who her parents were. Can you help me? My grandfather was John Henry Seager Griffin and was married to Evelyn Friend Griffin. My mother is Joan Evelyn Griffin Pfisterer and was married in Delhi. I would be grateful for any help you can give me. Mary Wood - posted 09-2002

SEAMAN - I am looking for any information on Abram Seaman, b. 1811, Franklin, Del. Co., m. Catherine ?, and lived there until about 1860 when he moved to Otsego County. Looking for info on parents, wife's maiden name, children, etc. Nancy Seamon Clickman - posted 07-2014

SEAMAN - I am looking in Delaware County for Eugene Seaman who married Sarah Elizabeth Fort sometime in he 1800's. They are my great grandparents. And I am looking for Carmi Fort, I would like to know where he is buried. Gail Jennings - posted 03-2002

SEARLE - Seeking Info on Jerusha ( Adee , b. 20Jul1820) and Jesse O. Searle (b. 17Jun1811) who had two daughters while living in Walton: Caroline (b. 1844) and Frances (b. 20May1847). Jesse's parents were Dr. Boaz & Mary ( Bellows ) Searle. Jerusha's parents were Joshua and Elizabeth ( Peters ) Adee. It appears that Jesse and Jerusha moved west after 1850 and ultimaley went their separate ways. I have found Dr. Jesse O. Searle in 1880 remarried and living in Ingham Co., Michigan and in 1888 there is a record of Jerusha Adee marrying William Lee in Green Co., Wisconsin. Jerusha also went by the names: Jerutie, Jerusa and Jerushe. Karen Belanger - posted 04-2005

SEARLE - Looking for information on Boaz & Mary Searle's children: Zetus; Luman**; Aurilla; Elorus; Electa; Miriamini; Jesse Born 1799-1813. Also marriage of Luman Searle to Hannah Gould in 1821. Boaz & Mary Searle buried in Vega Cemetery, Delaware County. Shirley Robinson Birling - posted 06-99

SEARLS Searching for ancestors and siblings of Ebenezer SEARLS/SARLES, b. 1787, probably in Mass. or Conn., migrated to southern or southeastern NY state before leaving for Indiana about 1811. Is he a child of or a relative of Ebenezer Searls shown in the U.S 1800 Census for Delaware County in the town of Stamford, p. 268A, or of Boaz Searls p. 273 of Delaware County? Dave Sarles - posted 09-2003

SECORD - Want information on the death of Woodrow Wilson (Toby) Secord. I believe it was an auto accident in Utica NY in November 1945. Karen Kelly - posted 12-2006

SECORD - Looking for information on the parents of Nettie Secord. She was born in Trout Creek Jan. 1860. She married Frank S. Green. Any help will be greatly appreciated. - posted 12-99

SECREST - I'm stuck! My great grandfather was Fred H. Secrest of Deposit, then Sidney. His father was Jacob SECREST (SEGRIST on 1880 Census) and came from Switzerland. According to what I've been told, he came to Delaware Co. as a lumberman and used to raft lumber down the Delaware for his father-in-law. His wife was Sarah E. SCRIVER/SCRIBER/SHRIVER? b. 27 Mar, 1856. I'd like to know more about her family - i.e. father and mother's name, siblings, etc. I imagine they're buried in Deposit, but since I am unsure of last name, and in fact may be totally off, I need some help! Thanks. D. Mott - posted 03-2002

SECREST - I am looking for any information on the Secrest family. Especially Otto Secrest , he was my great grandfather and I believe he died in Sidney. Any info on him or the secrest family would be helpful. My great great grandfather was Jacob Secrest and my Great Great Grandmother was Sarah Schriver they both died in deposit. Ed Williams - posted 05-2000

SECORD- I am looking to find out about Woodrow Toby Secord who was buried (Woodland Cemetary) in Delhi NY in 1945. He died as a result of an accident in Utica NY. I would love to read a newspaper clipping or similiar. Can you help steer me in the right direction? My mother was married to this gentleman. Karen Kelly & Craig Beers - posted 12-2006

SEELEY - I would like to know how these two are related - was Seymour Seely, Sylvanus Seely's Grandson or son? SEYMOUR SEELY was born in 1811 in Walton, and is directly connected with Sylvanus Seely, who came to North Walton in 1795. In 1835 he married Parmelia Sampson, of Broome county. His nephew, Harvey B. Goodrich, was born in 1842, and married Mary Grey in 1864. They are farmers. Joel Perdue - posted 04-2018

SEELEY - Lookiong for information on Jesse Seeley. Was marr. to Deborah DeForest. She died in Sidney, 1/15/1848. they had 9 children of whom I believe 2 were adopted (Possibly relatives children). David Edward, m. 1 Sarah Lent. 2 Ruth Mitchell, 3 Catherine Quackenbush. Isaac, m Marilda See. Lemira, m Stephen Webster. Ann (Deborah), m Henry McIntyre. Hannah, m John Hiram Marshall. Jesse Jr, m 1Nancy A, ? 2 Cornelia Cronk. Rufus, m Nancy Hitchcock. Lewis, Polly. would be extremely greatful for any help on this 12 year search. David J. Seely - posted 12-98

SEIBERT - Seeking to share information re SEIBERT family of Hancock area, Delaware Co., NY, esp. descendants/ancestors of Jacob SEIBERT (1848-1930) and Cecelia JONES. Mark S. Barnes - posted 09-99

SELLECK - Seeking any information on surname SELLECK. Bette Selleck McBride - posted 05-99

SEVERT - My grandmother Mary Mina SEVERT was born in Hobart, March 13, 1876. I am looking for information on her parents and family. Harvey English - posted 10-98

SEXSMITH - Am research the Sexsmith families in early Richmond Township, Lennox & Addington County, Ontario, Canada. Several Sexsmith/Sixsmith families came from Kortright, Delaware County, N.Y. Would appreciate any information about the early Sixsmith/Sexsmith families in N.Y. Thank-you. Terry Sexsmith, Ontario, Canada. Theresa Windhager - posted 11-2000

SEXSMITH - Interested in persons researching SEXSMITH 1700 to1880 . Kortright ancestor. Have extensive files to share. Dick Hahn - posted 08-2004

SEYMOUR - I'm interested to get information regarding the Seymours from Cannonsville. Specifically Henry C Seymour, who I think went by Clinton. He was my great grandfather, and I'd like to work backwards to find out more about his father, grandfather etc. I only know that he was a merchant in Cannonsville and had numerous children. Paul Seymour - posted 02-2010

SHAFFER - see Michael L.Shaffer family - posted 03-2003

SHAFFER - Looking in Delaware County for any info about Theophile Shaffer d. 1891, wife Lucinda Rose d. 10-29-1903 they had four daughters. Theo's father was George Shaffer. John Dillon - posted 10-2002

SHAFFNER - I'm looking for info on the 105th n.y. vol inf. in which my grandfather enlisted in in 1862. James R. Shaffner. He wound up in the 94 th inf after the 105 th got shot up at fredericksburg in Dec1862. Jerry Shaffner - posted 04-97

SHANNON - Looking for info on the William C. Shannon family. William b. 9 June 1790 Belfast Ire. d. 23 Jun 1854 in Sidney Center. Bur. in Highland Cem. with wife Pene Sperry b. abt. 1790 d. 1853. Possible children: Oliver J. b. abt 1818 Ct. and Mary Ann b. abt 1819 Ct. William appears on the 1850 Sidney census. It looks like Oliver mar. twice. #1 Betsy Ann #2 Eliza J. Mary Ann mar. Thomas Fitch s/Lewis S. and Polly Rose Fitch of Sidney Center NY. Any help with these families would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sandra Fitch Ritch - posted 01-2008

SHANLY / SHANLEY - Researching John Shanly, b 1807/10 - Ireland; d. 27 May 1884 - Jeffersonville, Sullivan County, NY and his wife Catharine [Kelly] Shanly, b. 1807/10 - Ireland; d. bef 1900 - Jeffersonville SC, NY. The 1850 federal census lists this Shanly family residing in Delhi, DC, NY. John's occupation is farming and later possibly WORKING in a tannery as by 1860 they have moved to Callicoon, Sullivan County, New York where John is employed as a foreman in a tannery. I believe the couple to have immigrated circa 1830 from County Longford, Ireland to1st the Town of Hunter in Greene County, NY where 7 of their 8/9 children are born between 1832 and 1847 then on to Delaware County where my ggrandfather Charles Shanly was born in 1854 and finally settling in Sullivan County. These are my gggrandparents and any information would be much appreciated. Anthony (Tony) Boos - posted 08-2005

SHARP - Looking for origins of Walter Sharp, Hancock New York, died 1933 ? Married to Eva Mae Smith born 1885? died 1971-72 Children Doris, Edward, Leah, Smith (father) born July 14, 1919, I was told the Sharp originated in Indiana. I think grandfather's father's name was warden, not sure any info would be greatly appreciated. Joyce Soto (Sharp) - posted 09-97

SHAVER - I am researching the Shaver/Shaffer families of Delaware, Schoharie, and Tioga counties. I found that Harriet, daughter of James Simonson of Roxbury married Fredrick William Shaffer, born about 1830 in Davenport, Delaware county. Son of Peter and Polly Shaffer. I believe Polly is Julie Elmi Nehr, born 1808 in Otsego. Frederick and Harriet married in 1855, a month before the census was taken. Harriet was in the 1850 census with her mother and siblings in Roxbury and then in the 1855 in Gilboa, Schoharie, along with Fredrick's family. Also, Harriet was in the 1855 census with her mother and siblings in Roxbury but that was taken earlier than the one in Gilboa. So Harriet is in the census records twice. I have not found a marriage record for them. I am wondering if they would have married in Delaware or Schoharie? If you would have the name of the church or records of this marriage? Frederick and Harriet moved from Gilboa to Waushara county Wisconsin between 1860-1870. They had three sons, William/Willard, born 1856 in N.Y., (so there may be a baptism record for him), Willis/Willie, born in Wisconsin, and Wallace born in Wisconsin. All but Willis are burried in the Oasis cemetery in Waushara county Wisconsin. Any information would be appreciated. Jennifer - posted 11-2014

SHAVER - Elizabeth b. 6 Feb 1800, Delaware Co., prob. Delhi. I am looking for her parents, siblings, etc. She married Daniel TIDD/TEED 8 Aug 1816 Andes, NY according to his War of 1812 records. They moved to Cayuga Co., NY, Moravia area abt. 1819/20. Both Elizabeth and husband are buried in the Quaker cemetery there. Any help appreciated. - posted 04-2002

SHAVER/SHAFER - I am trying to find information on the Shaver/Shafer family from Shavertown, NY. My 4th great grandfather Henry S. Shafer (abt 1814 - 1893) was from Shavertown but I have hit a road block in my family research and cannot find his parents, grandparents etc. He moved to NYC and married a Jane A.R. Zeller in 1842 which I found on the dcny site. Other then that I am stuck and would like to know if there are specific genealogies for this family branch or any sources that I am missing. Desiree Alden - posted 03-2013

SHAVER - I am currently looking for information on these two families-Joseph Shaver and wife, Polly (maiden name unknown) and David Silvey and wife, Lucretia (Penfield) Silvey both families lived in Delaware County during the early 1800's (1800-1820/30) Any information on these individuals would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Cathy Thompson - posted 07-2001

SHAVER - I am looking for information on Lucas Shaver (b: 1776-1800), his son John L. Shaver (b: 5-28-1832 d:4-30-1889) and any of their descendants. Jill A. Lutz - posted 08-2000

SHAVER - Seeking info about Harley Shaver (1854-1931) family formerly of Shavertown. Harley and first wife, Lilly White, buried in Shavertown cemetery, Andes. Any info will be appreciated. Harold Mack - posted 11-99

SHAVER - Looking for any info on George Shaver b.1796 in Delaware County. He was married to Elizabeth Banks, also of Delaware County. They had a son, Abram Shaver, in Delaware County in 1820 before moving up to Moravia, Cayuga Co., NY - where they then had more children. I would love to hear from anyone who may know anything about George Shaver and his family back in Delaware County. Thank you. Richard Emmerson - posted 02-2000

SHAVER - Asa Shaver (later changed spelling to Shaffer) was born in Andes in 1818. He was a blacksmith and wheelwright, married Jane Whaley, son Walter Shaffer b.1852, moved to Iowa. We seek Asa Shaver's parents, or additional info. Robert D. Chagnon - posted 11-97

SHAVER - Need info. on Solomon Shaver of the town of Andes, Del. Co. N.Y. He married Hannah Scriver. Who are their children, and parents? how are they related to Samuel W. Garrison and Sarah his wife of Colchester? Thank you. John R. Garrison - posted 01-97

SHAW - Need information into the lives of Josiah and Mary Bundy Shaw, Ci 1820-1840's, they were from Delhi, Meredith. Need information on children, especially any girls. Researching: Shaw, MacDonald,Brant,Robinson, Gregory,Scofield, Juckett,Holbert. Sandi Scott Hill - posted 02-2005

SHAW - Looking for any information on the family of Orrie M. Shaw b.21 Feb1886 New York d.Jan 1974 - Franklin/Delaware Co/New York. Judith Dolpp - posted 07-2001

SHAW - Seeking any information on William K. Shaw (1814-June 14, 1895). Obituary states that he was born in Delhi and moved to Hector. Wife: Permelia Jeffers. Brothers: Rev. J. R. Shaw, P. M. Shaw, and Thomas Shaw. Brad Shaw - posted 02-99

SHAW - have info to share - Chuck Arnold - posted 01-97

SHEARER - Is the James Shearer born 1806.who was naturlized in Delhi 1866 related to you. he reported that he came to U.S. from Warrenpoint Ireland in 1831. Dick Hahn - posted 08-2004

SHELLEY - McFarlane, Sturges - Seeking anyone who has informationor connects to this line. Bertha M. Shelley b. 1888 d. 1947 d/o Catherine E. Smith and Charles Shelley, m1 Lavilla McFarland b. 1886 d.1914 and m2 Edmund C. Sturges s/o Henry Sturges and Mary Barlow. Ronald Salisbury - posted 09-2013

SHELLEY - I am in possession of an old photo, showing an old log cabin structure, with the phrases "Shelley Homestead" and "Hill St." hand-written at the bottom. I have every reason to believe that this would have been in one of three Delaware County locations: Bloomville, Meredith, or somewhere between Bloomville and Davenport. If anyone is has an idea where this "Hill St." might have been, please feel free to contact me. Thank you. Brian K. Shelley - posted 01-2007

SHELLEY - Looking for the dates when the photographer, Shelley, Beers Block, Downsville, NY, had his shop there.Ann - posted 03-2005

SHELLEY - I am currently seeking any biographical information regarding my grandfather, Charles Tracey Shelley. He was born in Davenport, NY 23 Jan 1900, and died in Delhi, Delaware, NY 5 Jun 1975. He was a very active Delaware County woodsman and guide in the middle part of the century. I encourage anyone with personal reminiscences or information on him to relay them to me. I can provide more information to verify the authenticity of my search upon request. Brian Shelley - posted 11-99

SHELLEY - I am researching my ancestors that lived in the Towns of Davenport, Harpersfield, and Kortright. Does anyone have any information on the following surnames: SLOAN - BANNER - PALMETER - SHELLEY. Patsy - posted 11-98

SHEPARD - Henry Shepard lived in Harpersfield in 1790 and Franklin in 1800. Then his son in law Ebenezer Rice lived in Franklin in 1810, on probably the same land. I need proof that Henry's daughter Esther Shepard married Ebenezer Rice about 1796. They lived in Otego in 1800 and 1810. Esther's brothers Benjamin and Elisha Sheppard (note different spelling) and her cousins Peter and Elisha Bundy lived in Otsego County around the same time. I cannot find any deeds or land records--maybe they were not landowners. I need any sort of proof to tie these 3 families together. RICE/SHEPARD/BUNDY - posted 07-2009

SHEPPARD - Is the Thomas Sheppard born 1818 who was naturlized in Delhi 1844 related to you. he reported that he came to U.S. from Warrenpoint Ireland in 1837. Dick Hahn - posted 08-2004

SHERMAN - My records show: Father: Josias Peckham Sherman, Mother: Laura (Cornell) Sherman. I have other information, but need names of any children they had. There is a lot more to this (13) brothers and sisters by Josias by several wives. I am following the trail of George Auther Sherman his younger brother. Need to contact or locate anyone with family information. David Lee Graham - posted 01-2002

SHERMAN - Elisha Sherman was born abt. 1730s- was living 1800 in Delaware County, NY. He married Phebe Canfield in Salem, Westchester Co., NY abt. 1754. The children were Mary, Ebenezer, Phebe, Survignon, Peter, Solomon, Keziah, Sarah, and Chloe. I am interested in any more information available on this family, i.e. Elisha's parents and grandchildren etc. Wayne Davis - posted 11-2000

SHERWOOD - My ancestor,Sarah Bradley Sherwood, died in Franklin, NY on 7 April 1806. I am trying to locate a death notice , obituary or death certificate of somekind. Preferably something that lists her childrens names. She was wife of Joseph Sherwood. Is there anybody that can tell me how to locate this information? This is all that is keeping me from becoming a member in the D.A.R. Thank you. Rhoda Turner - posted 12-2003

SHERWOOD - My ancestor, Sarah Bradley Sherwood died in Franklin, NY in 1806. She was born in 1756 and married Joseph Sherwood on 26, Feb. 1778. I am trying to prove that she was the mother of Joseph Sherwood, Jr. b. 15 Aug 1795 in Ellenville, NY. I am looking for a death record or notice that would list her surviving children. Thank you. Rhoda Turner - posted 11-2003

SHERWOOD - Looking for information on Sarah A. Sherwood born to James and Marilda Sherwood around 1843 in Roxbury. I believe she married James Moot around 1869-1870. James is the son of Peter Moot of Roxbury. Robin Millis - posted 09-2000

SHERWOOD - I am interested in any information anyone has on Elijah Washington Sherwood and his wife, Mary Morgan and their 7 children who lived in Delhi, Delaware County sometime around 1810 to 1829. I am doing research on the Sherwood family. I am a direct decendant of Elijah and have information about his son, Harrison J.M. Sherwood and his decendants. Gen Bullock - posted 08-2000

SHEW - I would like to contact any persons with information concerning the burial site of Mary (Downs) Shew later McLaughin. Shew was married to Aaron Shew who left the Stilesville, NY are and moved to Kansas where he married into the same family of McLaughlins of Stileville. Mary was my Great Grandmother. Chester Shew - posted 06-2019

SHIMER - My Mom, Eleanor Shimer Brooks, age 86, is starting to tell me about the Shimer family. She has excellent long term memory. I have found a history written by Allen R. Shimer, 1908, so 100 years are missing. I'm willing to share oral history, names, relationships from my meager files. Eleanor, dau. of Charles Shimer and Hazel Webb. Family first names: Leland, Willard, Swinton MacKinley, Allen, James, Marvin (FBI) Marguerite. Lived near Fishers Eddy. Janice Brooks-Headrick - posted 08-2009

SHOEMAKER - Looking for information on Elizabeth Shoemaker, born about 1782; married to John K. Bramblee about 1800. I am assuming her father was Henry Shoemaker, since he lived next door to John's father, William in the Town of Delhi. Who was her mother? Elizabeth apparently had more children than Morgan, who was born in 1807 in NYS; who were they? Is it possible other children included Harrison, born in 1818 and John Q. born in 1824. John and Elizabeth leave Delaware County records after 1810, where did they go? Ann - posted 09-2007

SHOEMAKER Looking for information on Edward R. Shoemaker and wife Allie Dateson Shoemaker. They had a son Ralph Shoemaker and a number of daughters, Maud, Pearl, LuLu (maybe more). I believe they lived in Delaware County late 1800s and early 1900s. Any additional information would be greatly appreciated. Ralph Shoemaker - posted 05-2003

SHULTIS - Sebastian M Shultis b. 1835 and a member of 144 NYVOL. He is my Gggrandfather from Kelly Corners. I have a photo of him in his military uniform. Along with Sebastians photo is another one of a man in an identical uniform with the name of FAIRBANKS written across the front of the photo.I have some info about Sebastian but I know nothing about Fairbanks. Robert M Vredenburgh - posted 07-2000

SICKLER - Looking for information on Beatrice Mae Sickler born May 08 1907. Downsville NY mother is Katie Bailery born in 1890. Very much appreciated. Great Grandsons School Project. Thank You. Guy Schenck - posted 01-99

SIGNOR - I would like to find a divorce record for my great-grandfather Joel Burris SIGNOR and his first wife, Martha BRASSE (or BUSSEY) Signor. It would have occurred in Delaware County, NY in October or November of 1884. Does anyone know how I would go about locating that? Dorothy Reyes - posted 10-2001

SIGNOR - Seeking info on David SIGNOR, the son of John SIGNOR,(who was b. in CT 1790). John m. Loretta Terry, from Hamden & had 8 children, 4 died prior to Loreta's death abt 1824/25. David married Elizabeth, surname unknown & had at least 5 children, Elbert, Daniel, Joel, George and Albert. Willing to exchane data on this line, as I have alot of the records from the 1860 time frame to 1920/1925. Alan Malz - posted 06-2007

SIGSBY- I need any information on John and Sarah Sigsby or Sigsbee listed on Davenport census, 1880. Also Eunice Sigsby or Sigsbee married to John Bemis listed on same census. Julia Heider - posted 02-2003

SIMMONS – Always seeking for more info on the Andrew Simmons family of Walton. Andrew Simmons (4/20/1807, Col. Co., NY - 7/4/1884, Walton) moved from Greene Co., NY to Walton (Oxbow Hollow Road) around 1836. His father is Conrad SIMON/SIMMONS (1767/8 Dutchess Co., NY - 11/2/1857, NY). So far, three wives have been found for Conrad: Maria KELLERHOUSE/KELLERHAUS, Maria BEARD, and Catharine ____. Although Maria BEARD is listed as Andrew's mother in his death record, I think she is his step-mother. Andrew's first wife is Sally ROSA. More info is needed to determine if she is the daughter of Benjamin ROSA & Maria “Polly” BEARD.
Children: Lucinda, William 'Henry' - #1, Albert, Eliza m. Peter ROSA, Isaac, Miriah
Andrew's second wife is Catherine ROSA (8/22/1832, Ulster Co., NY - 3/16/1902, Walton). They were married on July 3, 1849. Andrew was 42 and Catherine was 16!
Children: Charles m. Harriet 'Hattie' HEATH, Ursula, James, Alonzo m. Armena 'Minnie' FRANCE, Martha/Mattie m. John FRINK, Nelson m. Hattie HOUGHTALING, George m. Nancy HENDERSON, Mary Adelia, Julia m. Oliver John RIVENBURG*, William Henry - #2 m. Eudora ATWELL **, Clarence m. Hattie HOUGHTALING (Nelson’s wife) ***, Mary Viola.
Russ Rivenburg * - Cindy Simmons ** - Donna Wade *** - posted 02-2017

SIMMONS - Trying to research my gg grandfather, John Simmons. 1880 census has him in Andes with wife, Anna and children. Also states civil War Vet, born 1820, NY. How can I find his war unit? record? Unfortunately, I have found 2 John Simmons, Civil war vets in NY. hard to say which is which. Would be glad to hear from anyone who could help me out. Douglas P. Simmons - posted 12-2012

SIMMONS - I am the grandson of John L. Simmons, born 7/11/1891 in Colchester, Delaware County. He had two sister, Florence Simmons, born 1890 in Horton, Delaware County and Ann(e) Simmons born 1894-1895. His mother's name is Ida, from what I have so far, her maiden name is Hinkley. But this might be wrong. I don't have his fathers name and I'm currently searching for him in general. Ida remarried a Wesley Squires and had two daughters named Mary and Eunice. I'm currently looking for anyone who has information about my grandfather, his sisters and especially more about his father. Also, anyone who knows of John's first wife and first child. John second wife was Rosina Simmons, great granddaughter of Baltus Andrew Simmons b. 3/1808 in Davenport. John and Rosina ended up living in Oneonta, Otsego County where John died in 1944. I would greatly appreciate any help from anyone. Christopher D. SImmons - posted 09-2004

SIMMONS - We are reseaching Arthur A. Simmons, his father was Paul W.Simmons, and mother was Grace Beers. They had a dairie farm at or near the Cannonsville Reservoir but have been unable to find anything and the family all have conflicting stories . Arthur Simmons is my wifes father and I am trying to research her family as a surprise for her . Would be thankfull for any help. Bill Fennell - posted 04-2001

SIMONS - Looking for information on Joseph Simons Town of Tompkins. Known to be in Tompkins in 1818 and 1820. Wife Susan Sons James F. and Eli L. Simons. Thanks. Herb - posted 07-99

SIMONS - I am looking for information on the Simons family from Delaware County. Samuel Simons married Aetna Baxter. They had son John M. Simons (my great grandfather) born 1830 in Masonville, NY. Other children were Samuel, Richard, Waite, William, Hannah, & Harriet. I am looking for Samuel's parent's, siblings, or descendant's of there children. The family later moved to Tioga County, PA, then later to Woodhull, Steuben County, NY. Bill Simons - posted 10-98

SIMONSON - I am looking for help on Garret Simomson who was listed in Roxbury Town in the 1800 US Census. I suspect and have not proved : (1) That Garret is the father of my 3rd great gandfather , John B. Simonson , as well as James (B 1776) , Cornelius (B1770) , Abraham (B1773) , and Christopher (B1765) (all in Roxbury Town in the early 1800's) . (2) That the above Garret is the same Garret who was married to Adriana (Areyante) Hoagland (B1735) and who was on the tax rolls in Hunterdon County , NJ in the 1780's . I'd be happy to correspond with any one who has information . I have quite a bit of info on three of John B.'s sons , all of whom migrated to Oakland County , MI in the early 1830's . Don Swords - posted 01-2001

SIMPSON - Looking for any information about David Fox Simpson, born in Pa., married Edna Signor in Downsville, Feb. 2, 1916. Moved to Cobleskill , Schoharie Co. 1929. Disappered in 1930. Any information would help. Doris E. Simpson - posted 09-2006

SIMPSON - I am looking for George S. Simpson (1846-1895). He was born in Hamden, NY. He later married Augusta S. Blowers of New York. He served in the 8th Independent Battery of New York Volunteers Light Artillery from 1/14/1864 - 6/30/1867. It is believed that at the time of his death, he lived in East Branch, Hancock, Prakville area. If you could help, I'd appreciate it. David Hughes - posted 11-98

SISSON - I am trying to find any record of the life or death of one Jabez Sisson, an ancestor of mine who evidently died in Cannonsville, NY on May 5, 1846. Would appreciate any information at all. Thank you! Ron Mosher - posted 04-2015

SISUM - Ruby E. DANN was born July 8, 1912, the daughter of Charles E. DANN (1875-1959) and Cora M. SISUM (1884-1972). She grew up in Walton, worked as a teacher in the Walton Central Schools, and is buried next to her parents in the Walton Cemetery. Ruby is a second cousin to my grandfather, Niles G. DANN. After Ruby's death, a large box of her well-preserved photographs was given to my family. The photographs are almost entirely of her mother's line: members of the SISUM, HANSEN, STEVENS, and TILLAPAUGH families. We'd like to reunite copies of the photographs with interested parties. Carolee Inskeep - posted 02-2000

SLACK - I am looking for information of Mary Slack who married Thomas McCrea before 1836 - both of Delaware County. I apreciate any help. Andres Valenzuela - posted 04-2019

SLACK - Anyone researching the Slack family in Delaware Co? William Slack lived in Middleton, Delaware Co in 1820 when he sold land in Montgomery Co. He apparently died before 1830. Some of his children born Dutchess Co.,others in Delaware Co. Mary Slack Maynard - posted 08-98

SLACK - William Slack lists his residence as Middletown, Delaware Co, in a land transaction in Montgomery Co 1820. Wife may have been Rachel. Looking for any information of William or his family. Mary Slack Maynard - posted 07-98

SLATER - Searching for information on Jacob Slater. He was a Church minister, not sure of denomination. Married Jane Nayborn. Had three children - Charles, Lawson and Mary. Mary Slater was born in Roxbury, NY 1867 (?). She married William M. Reichard on July 22, 1887 in Poughkeepsie, NY. Any info on above would be appreciated. Susan McGloin - posted posted 05-2005

SLAWSON - Seeking graves with headstones of members of Slawson, Slason, Slosson. Slauson families. In particular, looking for Bowers Slawson and wife, Prudence. and also, Anthony Lloyd and wife Elizabeth "Betsey". Slawson. Helena A. Shaver - posted posted 09-2010

SLAYTON - I am doing research for my grandmother, Betty LaFrano Elderkin. Her mother, Edith I. Slayton, died when my grandmother was a small child and she knows nothing of this side of her family. I have found records indicating that Edith's parents were Eugene Slayton and Mary Fairbanks; and that Edith married Thomas LaFrano in Delaware County NY (where my grandmother was born) between Aug. 12 1919 and Oct. 20 1920. Looking for any additional info regarding Edith and/or the Slayton (or Fairbanks) families. Lorna Sgroi - posted 01-2008

SLITER - Andrew J. Sliter - Searching Sliter Roots - Thomas E. Sliter - posted 01-97

SLOAN - James and Margaret HARKNESS SLOAN had John Harkness SLOAN b 31 Mar 1811, Bartley Henderson SLOAN b. 1813, James SLOAN b 25 Feb 1821, Samuel SLOAN b. 12 Mar 1823. Also Martha b 1826, d 1835 (Gilchrist Cem.). Does anyone have data on next earlier or later generations? John Hutchins - posted 08-2002

SLOAN - I am researching my ancestors that lived in the Towns of Davenport, Harpersfield, and Kortright. Does anyone have any information on the following surnames: SLOAN - BANNER - PALMETER - SHELLEY. Patsy - posted 11-98

SLOAT - I acquired an early fanning mill stenciled "Invented by R D SLOAT, Roxbury, Del Co, NY" from a farm near Kelly Corners. Blue in color it is in very good shape. Curious about Mr Sloat. The farm was in my family since 1877. Bob Vredenburgh - posted 06-2010

SLUYTER - I am a descendant of Maria White Sluyter, daugher of Jonathan (Jans) Sluyter, who was a son of Alabartus Sluyter. I believe that she was born in Delaware County in about 1811. Would love to hear from any connections to this line. Terry Mee - posted 04-2002

SLUYTER - I am looking for any descendants of Albertus SLUYTER who settled the Margaretville, NY/Delaware Co. area in the early 1700's. I have found him listed in the historical records there. I am a direct descendant of Albertus Sluyter,Jr. My great great grandfather, Joshua Sluyter b. 1810 d. 7 June 1859 brplace: Brookfield, PA. He married Elizabeth S. PEASE Sluyter b. Whitesville, NY 1798 d. 28 Jun 1831. The are both buried in Brookfield, PA. D. Reynolds Cuccia - posted 07-99

SLUYTER - Looking for information on Jousha SLUYTER born 1790 lived in Delaware co. Middletown. Wifes name Elizabeth, maiden name maybe PEASE, born in Washington Co. N.Y. Would like information on any of this surname that was livng there. Louise P Treat - posted 01-99

SMITH - Looking for info on great grandmother Nettie Smith first wife of William Gay Kellogg . Resided in Franklin NY. She died 1891. Trying to find out what happened. Unfortunately census 1890 lost in fire. Any info be appreciated. Virginia Miller - posted 08-2021

SMITH - I am looking for info about Captain James Smith’s grandson also named James Smith (III), and especially the latter’s wife Polly Warner (1795-1830) because I would like to know who her parents were. She married James (III) in 1816. One of their children was named Asa Warner Smith, so I am guessing that Polly may have been related to Asa Warner (I also think both Polly and her husband James were born in Connecticut and moved to Harpersfield where she died in 1830). Andrew Hyman - posted 11-2019

SMITH - I am interested in contacting anyone that might be related to Perry Smith(1839-1925) the Jeweler in Franklin NY. He was my Great Great Grandfather and I would like to know if there is any family left in the area. Yvonne - posted 09-2014

SMITH - Looking for information on Lester C. and Grace V. (Morina) Smith from Delhi & Andes area.
Looking for any family members and photos. Found this information on Let me start from the beginning. Was married to James and had our in New Hartford, NY. James was 52 yrs old at the time. Knew he has 5 daughters and Aric is his only son. Shortly after Aric was born we moved to Mississippi and James left when Aric was 6 weeks old. Never met his mother or a cousin named Howard Schaefer (on his mothers side that took carry of all her personal business). See from .... Edna S. Selleck, 1911-1998 [obit], Lester had 2 sisters. See James mother was not listed, take it they did not speak after Lester died. Read online from (Lester's obit) also on this site searched old newspapers. Found some where it said Lester and family visited his sisters. Anyways saw this posting .... "Frank H. Smith, Sr., was my great grandfather. I hope some of the Civil War experts will be able to identify or at least date them. My cousin, Elizabeth Selleck Goodrich, sent them to me. --Roberta Meehan, May 19, 2000" at index.html/phmeehan.html. Can anyone tell me anything why Frank Sr. changed his name from Mullings to Smith? Anything about his family in Vermont? Also., if you have any picture you can share. Lester and wife, grandparents, James, etc. Would help a lot as Aric does not have any. Has not heard from James since 1999. All we ever knew was he was from Delhi (birth certificate he listed) and something about his great grandfather Frank Sr. married a girl in VT then left her and went to Delhi, NY and changed his last name. Reason James did not say. See from records Frank Sr was prisoner at Andersonville, GA and on another record was listed he was shot in head. Does anyone know anything of this? Thank you very much for whatever help you can give. Shelly Stoll - posted 12-2013

SMITH - Charles and wife Mary appear in the 1880 Census for town of Walton with three children: Elikeam, Blanche and Herman. Elikeam married Cornelia Davis. Herman married Lucy Crosby. Does anyone know what happened to Charles and wife Mary and daughter Blanche. Dianne - posted 08-2011

SMITH - I have been searching for over 20 years for information on the following people who were removed from Pepacton to Margaretville: SMITH, Henrietta Reside; Freer, Mrs. Albert; SMITH, William; Freer. Mrs. Albert.
I am looking for the cemetery that these people were moved to im Margaretville. I am looking for parentage of William Smith, my ggGrandfather who died in 1870. Any help would be appreciated. Jane Maynard - posted 07-2011

SMITH - Harriett E. (Smith) Benton was either the daughter or granddaughter of Samuel Smith of Sidney, Delaware, NY. She was born in Oct 1824 and died in 1904. She is buried in Sidney in Highland Cemetery in section C. It is possible her maiden name was not Smith. She was married to James Monroe Benton and had 6 known children: Orville A. b. abt 1844; Harriett R b. abt 1846; James Adelbert b. abt 1849; Josephine Augusta b. abt 1851; George W. b. 1861; Sarah b. 1872. This family lived in NY and PA. I would like to know if she was Samuel Smith's daughter or granddaughter. Does anyone know of an obituary or death certificate? Susan Larson - posted 03-2010

SMITH - Does anybody have any info concerning the Smith family in Stamford/Roxbury. I understand John and son James had their homestead on Old Clump. However, I'm confused! Where is exactly the Old Clump? The mountain near the Narrow Notch on Roses Brook Road was supposed to be Old Clump! Now on updated maps I see it is actually called Gray Mountain and Old Clump is to the east further in Roxbury! Does anybody know where there homestead actually was located? BTW the Loudoun County Virginia Farmer's Museum has a great collection of James Smith letters and diarys. Sam Pattison - posted 01-2010

SMITH - Looking for info/descendants of the following SMITH children of Jeremiah P. Smith and Sophia HERDER/HARDER of Davenport: Mary Smith b.Jan. 23, 1794, Elizabeth b.April 17, 1797, Christina b.Dec. 21, 1799, unknown female b. bet. 1802-1810 in Davenport and unknown male b. bet. 1804-1810 in Davenport. The unknown female may have been named Catherine or possibly Sophia, the unknown male William, Henry, George or possibly Peter, as these are names used over and over in the different branches of this family. Have much info to share! Bonnie Hartmann - posted 08-2009

SMITH - Looking for any information on the family of Thomas C. Smith and his wife Frances Eugenia Conkling. They are buried in the Walton Town and Village cemetery. Thomas C. Smith 1865-1911 and F. Eugenia Smith 1869-1918. They had four children: Paul 1885, Leah 1889, Clinton 1893 and Charles 1895. Would love to hear from descendants. Lori MacCormack - posted 01-2008

SMITH - I am seeking information on the families of Reuben Smith and wife, Mary Rose. Their first child, Friend W. Smith, was born April 5, 1831 in Schoharie County (probably Jefferson). Mary's father is possibly Alexander Rose. Reuben is son of John Smith (b. 1807) and Amy Thornton (b. 1805). Richard Kent Smith - posted 09-2007

SMITH - I am looking for any information on the wife of William SMITH, father of Nathan, son of Henry SMITH and Bridget Ann JOHNSON. I have a first name - Anna E. Anna is my G-G-G Grandmother. Any help on this line is greatly appreciated! Willing to share anything I have. Dwight Mott - posted 06-2007

SMITH - Looking for the family of Bernice & Emela (Emily) Smith md: 12 Oct 1812 in Masonville, Delaware, NY. I have the 1850 & 1860 census information. Need chr: or birth dates from church or civil records in Masonville. DeWayne Sperry - posted 01-2007

SMITH - Can anyone tell me where the "New Cemetery" in Masonville might be located and what its current name might be? Several of my SMITH ancestors lived, died, and were buried in Masonville. Some were buried in the "Old Cemetery," and some in the "New Cemetery". Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out where the "New Cemetery" is located or what its current name might be. Can anyone help me? Mark S. Scott - posted 09-2006

SMITH - Researching George A. Smith from Davenport born abt. 1838 in NY. Married Martha E. Huntington Feb. 10, 1866 in Delhi. Died abt. 1874. Two sons Charles born 1867 and Frank born 1873. Martha remarried to B. John Kelsey. Looking for George's family. Any help appreciated. E. Anne Spriggs - posted 06-2006

SMITH - Seek info on Herman SMITH, listed in 1840 census of Davenport, Delaware, NY. He MAY be the Dr. Herman Hoffman Smith, b. 1808, d. 1872 Williamsport, PA, son of Rudolph SMITH. Donald A. "Don" d'Arms - posted 07-2005

SMITH- I am seeking information on the Joseph and Robert SMITH families who lived in the town of Roxbury in the 1800's. I believe that their families married into the Reuben KELLY family. I am trying to determine the connection. A David Kelly Jr. was the mortgagee with a Joseph Smith in 1830. A Mary Kelly was the mortgagee with a Robert Smith in 1836. Robert Smith acquired the Reuben Kelly farm from Reuben's son Kelsey in 1836. Joe Kelly - posted 08-2004

SMITH-Searching for the family of Lewis Smith; in 1861, he is listed as being deceased, late of NYC, in the will of his father-in-law James Bramblee of the Town of Delhi. His wife Caroline, probably born around 1822, then married David Burroughs sometime after 1861.Ann Laing - posted 06-2004

SMITH - Searching for the family of Maria Bramblee Smith, d/o William & Gertrude Kidder Bramblee. Maria, b. 1789, d.1875 ?; maried John or Benjamin Smith, 1809, probably in the Town of Delhi, NY. Ann Laing - posted 06-2004

SMITH - Samuel Sheldon Smith b. late 1790's d. 11 Oct 1887 Delaware Co, NY, m. Faith (J)Gennet Martin b.1801 d. 27 Feb 1882. Children: Martin G Smith b.1825; Benjamin Smith b.1829; George Leroy Smith b. 14 Oct 1830 in Franklin, Del, NY d. 11 Jul 1923 Aberdeen, WA, m. Amelia Ann Williams b. Colchester, Del, NY; John Smith b. unknown; Ruth A Smith b. 17 Jul 1840 NY m. Dibble; Abigail Smith b. unknown m. Cogswell; Sheldon Smith b. Unknown; Albert Smith b.1838 NY m. Catharain; Egbert Smith b. 1840 NY m. Alice A Robinson; Ellen I Smith b. 1842 m. Philetus Hopkins. Anyone with information on this family, please contact me. SusanLarson - posted 06-2004

SMITH - Does anyone have a list of the children of Christopher and Chloe Smith who first came to Delaware Co. circa 1797--Middletown (Griffins Corner area). They had 11 children. I'm hoping one of them was William born 1818 and married to Henrietta/Henryetta Reside. Chloe lived to be 106 years old (died 1885). Does nayone have access to the 1850 Census records perhaps? Hopefully all children listed there. - posted 05-2004

SMITH - Looking for William Smiths parents, he was born in 1818 died in 1870, was married to Henrietta Reside Smith, she was born in 1818 died 1900. William and Henriettas children are Elizabeth b. in 1841, Alice b. in 1844 John H. b. in 1847, Ebenezer b. in ? Frankie b. in? George b. in 1866 and Frank b. in 1855.Frank is my great Great great grandfather. They were married in Platterkill July 10, 1839. Pam Peterson - posted 04-2004

SMITH - My 3rd Great-Granduncle was Nehemiah Smith (b. October 9, 1778 in Haddam, CT, died May 16, 1863 in Harpersfield, NY). He married a woman named Hannah GUERNSEY (b. April 6, 1779, died December 9, 1869 in Harpersfield). The date of death is determined from Burials in the town of Stamford and Vicinity, Delaware Cty, NY 1767-1990 May-Jean Howard. I no longer have the source (May-Jean Howard's book). I have recently discovered that another ancestor, my 3rd Great-Grandfather, Henry DISBROW (b. April 19, 1756 in Fairfield, CT, died May 15, 1838 in Medina, OH) also married a woman named Hannah GUERNSEY. This one supposedly was born May 10, 1771 in Litchfield County, CT and died Abt. 1861 in Cicero, Onondaga Co., NY (age 90). I firmly believe that the 2 Hannah GUERNSEYs are 2 different people, But, since I lack the exact reference from the recently late and remembered May-Jean Howard's book, I have a hanging reference. Can anyone quote the precise reference from Howard book? If so, I would certainly appreciate it. You can email me directly, if you would, at - posted 5 July 2003

SMITH - Looking for information on Nathan (Nathaniel) Smith, born 1736, Delaware Co., died 1779 in Delaware Co. He married Angelina ? and they had one son, Elijah. Elijah married Desire Knapp and Sarah Raymond. Our line comes down from Desire Knapp's child, Hiram born in 1803. Joyce A. Thomas - posted 04-2003

SMITH - /HENDRIX(ICKS)/RESIDE/BURNS - Looking for parents of William Smith, son of ?? born c. 1818 in ??? , married to Henryetta RESIDE, dau. of ?? born c 1820 in ???; they married in 1839 at PlatterKill. They had a son George Smith born 1866 Middletown, died ???, married Mary Elizabeth Burns, b. 1872/3 died 1926, dau. of John Burns, son of ?? and Annice Hendrix, dau. of ?? George and Mary Elizabeth had Annabel, Ina Eleanor, Odell Arthur (my grandfather) and Francis (Frank). J.S. Maynard - posted 01-2003

SMITH - Looking for info on David Smith, born Fallsburgh, N.Y. (Sull Cty.). 1842. Died, Nov 04, 1901 at Kerryville (Town of Hancock, N.Y.) Spouse, Susan Polhamus. Their children were--Elnora, Mar. Geo. Arnold, Elmer, Mar. Rachel Hendrickson, Lorinda, Mar. Isaac Edwards, Melvin, Mar. Florence Freeman, Addie, Mar. Wm. Hendrickson, and Jennie, Mar. Harvey Peaslee. David served with Co C, 25 N.Y. Cav during civil war. Buried, Hancock, N.Y. Thank you for any info you can give me. Larry D. Smith - posted 11-2002

SMITH - Smith, Silas Joshua b: 3 Jun 1795 Delaware Co. m: Sally Maria Thomas 2 Nov 1817 Liverpool, Onondaga Co., NY b: New Haven, CT Looking for parents of both. Diane Marshall - posted 05-2002

SMITH - Seeking information on Benjamin Smith, 1855 NY state census, Broome Co., NY says b. Delaware Co. 1808. Wife Ellen; children, Jeremiah, John, Almira, Lydia, Priscilla, Henry, and Clarissa. Census says Almira b. Delaware Co., 1837, and Lydia b. Broome Co. 1839. Any help appreciated. Darcie Randall Ridolfi - posted 02-2002

SMITH - I am descended from an Elkanah Smith who married Amanda Sled. I suspect he was the Elkanah Smith who was a brother to Samuel Smith and Jackson Smith who had tanneries and mills I believe in Middletown in Delaware Co. I have a list of my Elkanah's children, and would like further information on this family. Steve Smith - posted 12-2001

SMITH/ADEE/GADDIS - In an effort to help genealogists to dissect the many Smith lines in Davenport, NY I offer this genealogy. I would like to hear from anyone who connects to this line. Ron Salisbury - posted 12-2001

SMITH - Requesting information about any of the following ancestors who lived in Franklin, NY from 1801 to 1900. Cyprian Strong SMITH, born 3/17/1801 to Charles and Mary (Strong) Smith. Cyprian Smith married Annis Meraudy HOWLAND, daughter of George Howland Francis Ellen SMITH, Cyprian & Annis Smith's daughter who married Thomas Walter FORSYTH Clara Belle FORSYTH, Francis and Thomas Forsyth's daughter who married Emil E. Hoffman. Clara and Emil Hoffman were my paternal grandparents. Nanci Hobart - posted 09-2001

SMITH-Mary Elizabeth Smith married John Edwards in the late 1800's. Their daughter Hyla married Richard Fuller in 1919. Mary's father may have been a John Smith. We are looking to prove that she had Native American ancestry. Where can we look? Stacey Foote-posted 08-2001

SMITH - I have a copy of social security card application for Charles M. Smith. States his father as John Nicholas Smith and mother as Ida Van Keuren. I will gladly send it to any relative that would be interested. I ordered it by mistake. (Smiths'...Toooo many to differentiate. Sharon - posted 08-2001

SMITH - Looking parents of my GG Grandfather, John Wesley SMITH. Born Franklin, Del. Co., 4 December 1840. Died Broome Co., 6 February 1896. Married Mary Jane BROWN (Otsego Co.?) ca1865. Mike Gillett - posted 07-2001

SMITH - Seymour Smith possible from Sidney Center. Born on May 25, 1782 and died on November 10, 1836. Married Nellie Bonner and had six children. Roxey Buckley Frances Smith, Hiram Henry Smith, A. Hermance Smith, Celina Smith, Harvey Seymour Smith, and Katy Smith. Majority of family migrated to Davenport. Lili Smith - posted 06-2001

SMITH - Is their anyone who can give me information on Caleb Smith, Esq. He died April 18, 1854 aged eighty-two. I am most interested in his siblings. I think it is possible he had a sister named Diodamia. I believe she married my 3rd ggfather Oliver Storrs. Any help would be most appreciated. Phillip Storrs - posted 05-2001

SMITH - I am looking for information on Frances Smith, married to Harriet last name not sure may be Plauce or spelling may be off she was married before, had two sons from previous marriage, Orson and or Orville Plauce. Frances and she had one daughter Marcia not sure if this is acurate name of daughter who married Charles Bice not sure if in Deleware county, ended up in New lisbon or otsego county, Marcia and Charles had four daughters, Frances Maud Bice, Alice Bice, Elizabeth Bice, and Minnie Bice any information will be greatly appreciated as line ends at Frances for some reason. - posted 04-2001

SMITH - John Wesley Smith was born in (Franklin?) Delaware Co., Dec 4, 1840. His death certificate (1896, Broome Co.) lists parents as "I don't know" (filled out by son-in-law). Married Mary Jane Brown of Otsego Co., ca 1867. I'm not too sure what to ask for except HELP. Obviously with a name like John Smith, it's a difficult line. Looking for any info. Mike Gillett - posted 02-2001

SMITH - Looking for the children of Leroy Smith Md. 1 Jun 1847 to Sarah Chandler of Bainbridge. Any information would be appreciated. DeWayne Sperry - posted 01-2001

SMITH - I'm looking for information on a Huldah R. Smith Born July abt.1849 in Davenport, Delaware County NY. Her parents are Michael Smith and Nancy (Stranahan) Smith. any information would be greatly appreciated. Huldah would be my great grandmother. S. Stafford - posted 08-2000

SMITH - I would like to share information about Henry Smith and wife Bridget Ann Johnson Smith. Henry was originally an Elwood, son of Nathan, but his father was killed and Henry was adopted by Ebenezer Smith. Henry was born March 30, 1803 on Campbell Mtn., Downsville, and died June 30, 1873 at the same place. Bridget was born January 14, 1809 (daughter of Timothy Johnson) and died October 18, 1856. They lived on Campbell Mountain, Downsville, their whole lives, and are buried in the Covered Bridge Cemetery, Downsville. I have the names of many kids: Catherine, Samuel, William, George, Johnson, Jasper, Henry, Charles, Matilda, Susan, Eunice and Francis. --Collin Haight (note: Collin passed away 26 December 2007)>

SMITH - I am probably clutching at straws, but does anyone know of a connection between the Joseph SMITH family of Kortright, Delaware Co, NY and a BRETT family in Delaware Co, about 1780+. Any help greatly appreciated. Roberta Smith - posted 05-2000

SMITH - I am trying to find out if Peter Smith's ( b. 1799) parents are Benjamin and Polly Smith, buried on the same plat in the Riverside Cemeery, Bloomville and where they came from and who their parents are. Benjamin may have been a son of Peter Smith, who is buried in the Coventer Cemtery at Doonams Corners and moved to Kortright, Delaware Co from Chatham, Columbia Co. or may have emigrated directly from the British Isles, after the Rev. War period. Gregory A. Cooke - posted 02-2000

SMITH - I wish to obtain the names of the parents of John B. Smith who lived in Davenport. In the 1880 census he is listed as 51 years old and the following persons were in his household: Chloe (age44), Effianna (20, Jennie (14), Charles F. (12), and John C.(2). Any information about this family would be helpful. Ron Salisbury - posted 02-2000

SMITH - Philander SMITH b ca 1794, NY, d 1858, West Davenport, and Ferine/Maria ORR, b ca 1810, d 16 Mar 1885 West Davenport md ca 1827 Delaware Co? They had 11 children: Edwin b ca 1832; Barney, b Nov 1834; Philander, b 14 Mar 1836; Mary E, b 1838, md Henry MICKEL; William Warren, b ca 1840; Eliza Ann, b ca 1842, md. Ira FISH; Matilda, b ca 1844, md Theodore DART; George Herbert, b ca 1847, md Julia DIBOL; Everett, b ca 1851; Irene, b ca 1853, md ?BROWN, and Joseph, b ca 1855. All stayed in Davenport except Philander Jr.(my husband's ggrandfather) who married Elvenah HOKE and removed to Marengo, IA; Matilda who went to Hartford, CT; George Herbert, who removed to Spartenberg, PA, and Joseph, who went to Virginia City, NV. Who were parents of Philander SMITH and Ferine ORR? Any help appreciated -- and will share what I have! Roberta Smith - posted 01-99

SMITH - Here is the SMITH line I am searching. Melinda SALISBURY (one of my ancestors) married John SMITH who was born in Columbia Co.,NY. John was the son of Jeremiah Smith and Sophia?.Melinda and John lived in Davenport, NY and had the following children: Hiram C. (b. Nov. 10, 1825), John B. , and Benjamin Smith. Hiram C. Smith married Harriot ARNOLD (b. Dec 11, 1836) who was the daughter of Horace Arnold and Harriet HINE. They had the following children: Minnie L. (b. Mar. 22 1863), Lillie (b. Jan. 21, 1868 d. Sept 23, 1869) , and Bertie A. (b.Aug. 12 , 1871). In 1878 Hiram was living in Gaylesburg, IL. Does anyone have any information on any of these Smiths? Ron Salisbury - posted 04-99

SMITH - Sally - born Connecticutt circa 1770, married to ? Abell, had two children by him: Zebediah Abell b in Norwich Ct. abt 1793 (married Judith Beadle and served during war of 1812) and Eliza b abt 1795 in Ct.(married Samuel Todd) and died after 1880. Sally belived to have been widowed and moved to Middletown, Delaware County with her two children, where she married Matthias Redmond and had seven more children including William and David. The Redmonds are enumerated in the censuses very close to other Smiths in the locale(Nedebiah). Is she related to them? Who were her parents and her first husband? Ed Stewart - posted 02-99

SMITH - Seeking to exchange information on Smith families that moved from RI to Delaware County, NY then onto Bradford County, PA. Looking for Nedebiah, Christopher and Daniel Smith. Also interested in Bullock name as two of my Smiths married Bullock sisters. Tom Smith - posted 07-2004

SMITH - Al L., and wife SMITH, Myra (nee ELDREDGE). Seeking any information on this couple known to own a farm near Sidney Center in November-1944. E. Vernon Buck - posted 01-99

SMITH - Looking for any info on Hannah Hutchinson Smith. She is mentioned in her brothers obit of 1936 as living in Walton NY. She was married to Dan Smith, had a daughter Elizabeth Smith who maried Bill Wiggins. They had a daughter, Ellie Rhodes Wiggins. Hannah's brother was Abram Hutchinson, born in England. Also possibly had a brother Rhodes. Parents were Matthew Hutchinson and Nancy Rhodes. Dee Tobin - posted 01-99

SMITH - Looking for information on James SMITH Sr and Jr. who came to Delaware county in 1780 with wife and four sons, Frederick, James, Hubbard, and Nehemiah. James Jr. married Elizabeth SHAILOR (SHAYLOR). Lynda - posted 12-98

SMITH - I am looking for any information on Benajah Smith. I know he died in Middletown, NY in 1818. His son Anthony was born in Middletown, and may have married Mary Anna Every in Middletown. At least one of their 14 children Thomas was born in Middletown. Benajah was a Rev. War Vet. I would like to know where he is buried, and if possible the date of death. I believe his wife was Anna Tibbais. Pat Raymond - posted 08-98

SMITH - I am interested in the family of Edwin J. SMITH a farmer, of Delhi Township. In the 1850 census the listing was: Edwin 43 b.CT, Charoltte 37 b.VT. Children- Samuel 17, Ansel 15, and Adeline 9. Living with the family were Mary Rose Smith 72. b. CT, and Addison PARSONS, 26 b.NY, and Jane Foote 46 b. NY. Is there a relationship between Addison PARSONS and this family? His mother was Hannah M. SMITH (1799-1873) born in Conn. or Mass. who married Joseph PARSONS of Franklin, Delaware County. - posted 06-98

SMITH - Trying to determine ancestors. Maternal grandfather Charles Arthur Smith, b. 12/25/1889 Cooperstown, NY, m. Sarah Jane Miller 09/04/1910 Downsville, NY by Minister of the Gospel. d. 01/28/1938. Trying to determine place of death, burial site and his parents. J. Bruce Hill - posted 03-2002

SMITH - Looking for the parents of Elizabeth SMITH, b. NY, married Calvin HOWARD. They had a daughter, Hannah Louise, b. 17 April 1830 in NY. Hannah married Charles H. COLWELL who was born in Kortright, Delaware Co., NY. I believe that Elizabeth and Calvin moved to Bradford Co., PA by 1850. Matthew and Michele Porter - posted 04-98

SMITH - Looking for ancestry of Jesse SMITH who married Annis WORDEN in Walton, Delaware County. Annis and Jesse then migrated to Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA in 1820s followed by her sister Elizabeth WORDEN and husband David CRIPPEN. My files contain many hundreds of descendants of both couples and ancestors of all but Jesse. Jesse's origin is not known but may have been born in Vermont or New York. Joyce M. Tice, Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Joyce Tice - posted 01-98 Joyce's Index

SMITH - Looking for information on the SMITH families that are in the Delaware Co., NY 1810 census, Harpersfield area. James, Hubbard, Frederick and Nehemiah are all listed one after the other on that census. I believe that Hubbard is father to a Nehemiah Smith I have in my line. Ann - posted 01-98

SMITH - Peter Smith born Dec. 25,1742 in CT, died Jan. 11, 1843 in Meredith, NY, was a Sargeant in the NY, Albany Co. Militia during the Revolutionary War. He lived in Columbia Co. until about 1796 when he came to Kortright, Delaware Co. He married at least 3 times and had 19 or 20 children. I have a book on his descendants and would be willing to share info. I would also like to learn the identity of his first wife, a "Miss Bathrick". His second wife was Abigail Cleveland, widow of Thomas Bathhrick. Peter and wives Abigail and Mary are buried in the Coventer Cemetery near Kortright. Leslie Granat - posted 06-2004

SMITH - My g-g grandfather George Leroy Smith was born in Franklin, Delaware, NY in 1830 to Samuel Sheldon Smith Jr b.Vermont and Jennette MARTIN b. Vermont. Susan Larson - posted 04-97

SMITH - Wesley William Smith was born in New York on July 22,1831.We believe he was born in Delaware Co. because it was stated on the 1920 Minneapolis,Minn.census where he died on July 22,1920. His father's unknown,mother's Mary Jane. Possible siblings Abe,Ira,Janet,Ruth. Wesley Smith had migrated to Wis by 1851. Any info welcome,I'm desperate! Bonnie Hartmann - posted 04-97

SMITH - Amelia Ann Elizabeth Jennette Williams was married to George Leroy Smith b. 1830, Franklin, Delaware, NY. Susan Larson - posted 06-97

SMYTHE - I would appreciate any help you can give me in locating the cemetary that an Ida Smythe, approximate date of death would be about 1904 or later. This is a baby or very young girl, parents are Chester A and Jessie M. Smythe, there is also possibly a baby boy stillborn, Paul Smythe, year unknown. I am also looking for the Emory Methodist Episcopal Church, Hancock, NY. - posted 02-2009

SNEDAKER - I am researching Effie L. Snedaker: Born 11/1877 married John Schrader 1895. 1900 and 1910 census shows them living in Hancock, NY. They had 3 daughters, Genevive, Irene,and Alvina. I would like to find out when she died and where she is buried. Any leads would be helpful. Doris Falkenberg - posted 09-2011

SNYDER - Searching for the parents of Charity Snyder. She was born 1801/02. Died 9-28-1878. She married Michael Houghtaling. They lived in the town of Walton. Marcia - posted 03-2010

SNYDER - Searching for Mary E Snyder/ Mary E VanSteinburgh. This is the same person who came from Delaware County approx. 1865-1905. Any help is greatly appreciated! Gail Herter - posted 11-2001

SNYDER - Does anyone have information regarding the following name in the Rock Valley Cemetery? The names I am looking for are: SNYDER, John W. - SNYDER, Sophia, and any other SNYDER. Donna Gigliotti - posted 06-2004

SNYDER - Catherine Snyder b. 1792 married Frederick Shafer (b. 1783). I am looking for parents of Catherine. Celeste - posted 06-98

SODAN/SODEN - Looking in Delaware County for information on the Sodan/Soden Family. PamelaCurry - posted 01-2011

SOULES - Seeking information on the Soules family from Delaware/Sullivan county. Peggy - posted 01-2002

SOULES - My sister and I are beginning to research our family history. What we have at this point, is our grandparent's marriage certificate dated September 1915. It states that Emmett Soules age 29 married Kathryn Ebert age 26 in Delaware County. It states Emmett was the son of George Soules and Kathryn Walker and was born in Sullivan County NY. It states Kathryn Ebert was from Elk Brook her parents were Henry Ebert and Louisa Wagner both born in Germany. Any help you can give us would be appreciated we would like to have more information about Emmett's and Kathryn's parents, if possible. Joyce Soules Williams - posted 03-2000

SOWLES - Seeking info on the Sowles family, many who are buried in Mount Upton Cemetery. Charles L and Loyd E. were the sons of Calvin and Mary Catherine (Reynolds) and were born in Delaware Co. prior to moving to the Otsego Co. Alan Malz - posted 10-97

SPAFFORD - Looking for information on the Spafford family of Delaware County. Olive V. Spafford, b. 1859, Hale Eddy, d. 1910, married Alfred H. Robinson. Both buried East Branch Cemetery. Any information would be appreciated. Sandra Merritt - posted 08-2001

SPENCER - I have been trying for years to find out where ancestor Asher Spencer is buried. He died in Sidney Plains, now Sidney in 1835 after being thrown from a horse. Checked all cemeteries you have listed. Was not there. Any ideas? Nancy Spencer - posted 07-2001

SPENCER - Looking for any info on lineage of George W. Spencer, DOB 1840, (parents, siblings etc.) believe he had a brother James A. or O., who served in the civil war in the 144th. children were John W., (who married Cora Shaver and moved with his family to bridgeport ct.-my line) Nettie F., and Henry J. Also, any relatives still in the area of Colchester? Carol Spencer - posted 03-99

SPENCER - I am looking for information on the George Spencer family that lived in Masonville in 1875. In that year, both he and his wife Charolette claimed to have been born in Delaware County. I am particularly interested in finding the maiden name of his wife. Thomas P. Turiel - posted 02-98

SPERRING - Seeking info on Amelia Sperring b.1840 Delaware Co. , listed in 1900 census - Broome Co. Seeking maiden name, husband, etc. Sperring family in general. Lew Thomas - posted 05-99

SPIERS - I am helping my father-in-law with his family history. He comes down through Chamberlains in Andes (they ran the Andes Hotel) and Spiers also in Andes. We are at a dead end with his grandfather, Frank Moore Spiers. Any suggestions on where to search would be welcome. Thank you. Kathie Spiers - posted 02-99

SPRAGUE - Seeking any info on Austin Sprague buried in the Long Flat Cemetery, born Nov. 10, 1881, died Mar. 5, 1951. Pvt. 28 U.S. Volunteer Inf. I have some photos of him, and would like to put a life story to the face. Tim Mallery - posted 10-2007

SPRAGUE - Seeking info on Abel Sprague and Tabitha Hazen. No one seems to be finding info on two Abel's living in close proximity with similar birth and death dates, if two existed, where are the wills, obits, and ancestors of both? My guess...Tabitha was Abel's third wife and her children were from a previous marriage. Ideas? Hannah - posted 02-2007

SPRAGUE - Does anyone know if Abel SPRAGUE b. 1794, Delaware Co., married Fanetta and Rachel GREGORY is the same Abel SPRAGUE who married Tabitha HAZEN d. White Lake, also the Abel whose will was probated (1847-1863) town of Andes (G-580), and served in the Military-War of 1812, as a Private under Capt. Jeremiah Gale? I haven't found any records confirming an Abel, son of Solomon. Penny - posted 05-2006

SPRAGUE - I am looking for the family Sprague that is part native american somewhere in the family tree. Has anyone heard of that? - posted 09-2005

SPRAGUE - I am looking for information on the family of Abraham and Mary Ann Sprague. On the 1865 Delaware County census for Middletown, Abraham was 59 born Delaware Co., Mary Ann was 57 born Ulster Co., and son Thomas was 23 born Delaware Co. Three residence down, there was an Ebeneser W. Sprague age 36, with wife Sarah A. age 34, son Edwin age 12, and daughter Olivia A. age 11. Any help in locating information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Bob Moltzen - posted 09-2003

SPRINGSTEAD - I am researching my Springstead ancestors. I thought that they always lived in Rockland County. However, I find that William Springstead and his wife Elizabeth Lavina Tomkins lived in Delaware County. At this point I am not even sure that they are my great great grandparents. Their son, my great grandfather would be William Springstead from Rockland. Any help would be appreciated. Marie Munroe - posted 06-2001

SQUIRE - I am trying to locate info about the Squire family Morher Elizabeth, daughters Belle and Mary Frances who lived on the main road before Doonans Corners East Meredith. Thank you! Lynn McCrea Oakland - posted 07-2016

SQUIRE/SQUIER - Searching for any data concerning George Squire/Squier known to have been Co. Clerk of Delaware Co. as of 1795. Born in Ct., s/o Samuel Squire. Where did he die and when? In New York? Any data appreciated. M. Virginia Mills - posted 07-98

STANLEY - I am seeking documentation of the following about the following families from Harpersfield in the late 1700s and early 1800s:
1. That Richard Stanley was the father of John Joseph Stanley; 2. That John Joseph Stanley married Mary (Polly) Lamb; 3. That John and Mary Lamb Stanley were the parents of John Orsemus Stanley. Thank you for any help you can give me. Robert Eads - posted 04-2004

STANLEY - I am looking for information on an opera singer who owned property around Perch Lake in Andes. His name is John Edmund Stanley.Thank you. Lynn Oles - posted 01-2002

STANLEY - Searching for the parentage of John Orsemus Stanley b: 1806 in Delaware Co., NY. m: Dolly Flansburg 1829 Delaware Co., NY. d: May 12 1877 Marmaton, KS. Bob Boyd - posted 10-98

STEVENS - I am searching for the living children of Robert M. Stevens. He was born in South Kortright, NY, 5/29/1925 and died 4/1985. He served in World War 2 and graduated from Cairo High School in 1947. My searching has led me to believe he may have married and lived in Delaware County. I have ran into a dead end and finding any of his living children would help me continue with my genealogy project. B.C. - posted 10-2009

STEVENS - Looking for trail of my ggg-grandf from "somewhere in CT" to NY, I was given this reference: W.W. Munsell "History of Delaware Co" pg 197, Nathaniel Stevens came from CT and settled in Terry Clove 1801. Good starting point for me because Nathan's son Andrew was born in NY in 1802 and Nathan is said to have married a NY girl named Lana. Just don't seem to be able to find Terry Clove. Any help greatlly appreciated. - posted 04-2001

STANTON - I am looking for any information on my grandfather Robert E. Stanton, who married Katherine Reynolds bringing into this world two daughters Verna and Barbara, a son Robert was to come along also. I am trying to complete a family tree for my family. I am looking for settling info/who were my great grandparents and right on up the ladder to who was the first Stanton and where did he come from. I do know that my grandfather owned a farm in Hancock, NY and lost his right hand in the corn harvester doing so. He served in W.W.II and moved to Deposit, NY to run a gas station, he then proceeded to my hometown of Masonville, NY and opened his own Texaco station which is now closed but if you ever met him and wonder what he's doing stop in and see him he is still there on my favorite corner in my home town. Any info on the Reynolds family would also be greatly appreciated. Paul J. Longwell - posted 04-99

STAPLES - I am looking for anybody with the mane STAPLES from the Gouls Rock Valley Area. Jim Staples - posted 04-2000

STARKWEATHER - Looking in Delaware County for any information on James Starkweather father Alfred. James First wife was Lucy Stevens his second Lucy Bliss children of James were Henry Walter Irving Benjamin and Fred. - posted 10-2002

STEELE - John, born 10-3-1779 son of Nathaniel II - Married Polly St. John. Looking for any confirmation or records. Marriage - Polly's parents - anything. Thanks. RalphLeftwich - posted 01-2001

STEENSON - David B. Steenson/Stinson lived in Kortright and Meredith until 1870s. He was married to Grace B. McClaughry in 1850 in Kortright by Rev. Clark Irving. First son, Richard was baptised on 1852 at Gilchrist Memorial Presbyterian Church, Kortright, NY. Cannot find any info on parents. Believe they died between1830 and 1850 in Kortright area. 1830 NYCensus/Kortright has 3 Stinson families - James, John and William. They were from County Armagh, N. Ireland. He died in 1893, age 81, in Winfield, Henry Co., Iowa. Carolyn Nichols - posted 04-2004

STEPHENSON - I am trying to find information on my Grandfather's half brother. His name was William Wallace Stephenson. He was married to Cathrine (unknown maiden name) and had two children, Anne and Wallace. All I have to go on is an album with photos and a map of his residence there. Apparently he lived on a large farm near Manor Kill off of highway 342. Anyone knowing anything about this family, where he is buried or his descedents would be appreciated. I would be happy to submit copies of the info I have on his home as there are several photos from the 1950's of his farm and of course this map he made up. Cindy Stephenson Robertson - posted 08-98

STERLING - My name is Dean Baker. My wife Robin (Purchell) Baker and I are looking for info about her father’s (Gordon E Purchell) half-sister Betty (Ruby) Sterling. She was born about 1926 and lived on the George Purchell farm when Daniel Sterling married Melissa Purchell after her husband died. After Melissa died in 1940 she lived in the William Dannheimer home in Meredith NY. And she may have attended Delaware Academy Central School, and would have graduated about 1940. We are looking for any info about her, did she get married and have children. Did she stay in Delhi area? Dean Baker - posted 12-2017

STERRY - I am searching for information re: William STERRY and his wife Eleanor. They were both born between 1790 and 1800. While living in Delaware County, they were members of the Harpersfield Presbyterian Church. One known daughter, Delia, who married ____ SIMONS. There was also a Mary Sterry mentioned in Delaware records. Also, Silas C. Sterry who married Marie or Maria Underwood. I would appreciate any information on the STERRY name. I am hoping to connect these families to Onondaga County and find my g g grandparents. Anne Henges - posted 12-98

STEVENS Searching for living children/wife of Robert Stevens. He was born in Delaware County May 29, 1925, died April 1985 (SS death Index), He grew up in Cairo, NY. WW2 veteran, returned to Cairo High School, graduated with class of 1947. WORKING in 1950 at Rockface Diner in Cairo. Robert moved, could have married and raised children in Delaware County. B.C.Stevens - posted 08-2010

STEVENS - Looking for information on the family of Benjamin STEVENS b. about 1795 d. 1867 in Wyoming County, PA. Married Polly BROWN about 1832. In particular I am looking for information on parents, grandparents and any brothers or sisters. Joan Stevens Cook - posted 07-2010

STEVENS - Looking for info on: John STEVENS, listed in 1800 Franklin, Dutchess Co, (now Delaware) census. Melanie Mattson - posted 02-2002

STEVENS - I am looking for the parents of Philo Hull Stevens Date of Birth March 28,1802 in Harpersfield, NY. Helen Stevens - posted 11-2000

STEVENS - I am trying to find information on my great grand mother Minnie Carl Stevens Ward. She married Joseph Stevens and they had a son James Corbett Stevens in Harvard NY, town of Colchester, in 1897. She married a second time to Ira Ward in 1914. She had a daughter Margaret born in 1908-09 her last name was Carl, which was Minnie's maiden name. I have traced Minnie and Ira to Thompson Hollow in the town of Colchester to the 1925 census, from there I am lost. I have checked obit's and cemetery's all over Del Co. and can't locate them. Can anyone help I don't know where to look next, and no one in the family remembers her, they were all to young. VMSnyder - posted 02-99

STEWART - BALLARD - My 2nd great grand parents Margaret Ballard and Augustus Stewart are my brick wall. Thanks to this website, I found Augustus father's name was Abijah:
"Smith S. Ballard was born at the old homestead, February 3, 1850. He attended the district school, and then began work on his father's farm. When he was thirty-six years old, he married Miss Estelle Stewart, daughter of Augustus and Margaret [Ballard] Stewart, who live in the town of Hardenburg, Ulster County. Mr. Stewart was a well known farmer of that locality, and lived to be about sixty years old. His wife is still living at Hardenburg. They had five children-Sarah, Martin, Estelle, Ernest, and George. Mr Stewart was a son of Abijah Stewart, one of the early settlers, and was a Democrat in poltitcs. After his marriage Mr. Smith Ballard bought two hundred acres of land adjoining the homestead, and has resided on this place until recently, keeping twenty five cows, his dairy constituting his principal industry. Having leased his farm, he now has his residence elsewhere in the neighborhood. Mr. Smith S. Ballard is a Republican in politics."

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sherryl Hale - posted 12-2018

STEWART - Look for information about the Alexander Stewart family of Delhi. Stewart (born 1790 possibly in Delhi) was married to Mary "Polly" Flower (born 1795 either in MA or CT). She was the daughter of WIlliam Flower. They had five children: Duncan, Alexander Jr, Maria Augusta, William, and Aldura. I'm looking specifically for information on Alexander's and Mary's births and their families of origin. Mary had a brother named Willam as well. Catharine Dollase - posted 02-2009

STEWART - Can anyone give me the names of the Stewart's buried in the Croton Union Cemetery, Franklin, village of Treadwell? Thank You, Shirley Stewart - posted 09-2005

STEWART - There is supposed to be some Stewart's buried in the Croton Union Cemetery, would anyone know what Stewart's they are ? Shirley Stewart - posted 07-2005

STEWART - My relative, Peter Grant Stewart, was born in Stamford, Delaware County, in 1809. His father, William Stewart, was also born in Stamford in the year 1776 (before it even became a town). I have not been able to trace these ancestors any further. I know my ancestors came from Scotland, but I do not know what year they arrived in North America. Perhaps there is someone out there who can help me? Graeme Stewart McCrady - posted 03-2003

STEWART - I am searching for the marriage of Charles Stewart and Isabelle Gordon time frame 1810--1816---Delhi, Deleware Co NY---Thank You for your help-- Shirley Stewart - posted 11-2004

STEWART - Family reports say Donald Stewart and his family came to an area near Delhi in 1837, later going to Wisconsin after 1843. Does any one have census records for 1840 or deed abstracts that would confirm his presence? Would be much appreciated! Diana Granger - posted 05-2002

STEWART - Seeking information about the family of Robert C.Stewart and Phoebe Gardner (Garner)- they had 3 children - Robert C. who married Loie Wilbur from Walton. Susie who married Alfred Ostrom from Cannonville. Helen who married Fred Knickerbocker from Hancock. Robert's wife Loie Wilbur is buried in Walton Cemetery. All this data came from an aunt, now deceased. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Cedric Stewart - posted 02-97

STILES-Looking for birth information of Benjamin L(ocke) Stiles; possibly born in Delaware County. His birth date was October 22, 1804. Anyone with information about this please contact me. Diane Stiles - posted 01-2001

STILES - Is the James Stiles found circa 1830-1840 censuses in Cannonsville the same James Stiles who married Lucy Judd of Penn Yan? Pam Frederic - posted 11-2000

STILSON - I am looking for the parents of Agnes Stilson, born about 1870. She married Adelbert Robinson in the 1890's , they lived in Franklin with there six children. Theresa - posted 02-2004

STILSON - Would like Info. on the Porter Stilson Family of the town of Meredith. Re: We have purchased a home on Warner Hill Road in East Meredith that we have traced to the Porter Stilson Family, son of Lucien, and husband of Mary. Porter purchased the home in 1871 or 1872. It was probably built around 1865\1868? We would love any info., or to make copies of any pictures that you may have on this family. We also have some info. to share. Thank you, Vincent - posted 03-2003

STILSON - Do you have any info on Joel Stilson DOB 10/27/1811 in Delaware Co.? Parents, etc. He was probably a farmer. Thanks for any help you can offer! Patricia Rodgers - posted 03-99

STILSON - I have recently learned that Madison Stilson and wife, Anna Celinda Church lived in the Croton/Treadwell area. I am looking for their burial in which cemetery. I believe Anna's parents are buried there also. Their names are Silas Church and Betsey West. This would be in 1870-1900 era. Diane Titus - posted 10-98

STILSON - seek anc/desc of Nathan STILSON - b 14Oct1746 in Milford, Conn & Elizabeth STEWART - B 13Jul1751, dau of Jas & Keziah SCOFIELD Stewart, settled W Meredith/Treadwell, Del Co, NY @ 1791; had: Cyrenius - 25Dec1771, New Milford, Conn, m Sarah BALDWIN b 10Jan1769, dau of Asahel e Esther BALDWIN Baldwin & had Corinna - 25Dec1791 who m Medad JACKSON; Moses - 25Sept1774, m Charlotte FOSTER; Sally - 17Apr1776, m Zadock NOBLE, their line settled in southern tier [NY;] Lucinda - 4Nov1779, m Ammon BOSTWICK; William - 23Sept1783, m Affa WARD, res W Meredith; Nathan -24Mar1785, m Sophia FORD, res W Meredith; The Stilsons were prominent members in the Bapt Ch where Nathan, Sr (& Jr?) were Deacons. Dan Touse - posted 03-98

STOCKTON - I would be interested and corresponding with anyone who is researching the STOCKON or ST.JOHN families of Walton, NY. One of my ancestors, Charles Witham Stockton came from NJ to Walton where he d. Dec 1, 1822. His son Richard Witham Stockton married Elizabeth St. John in Walton on Jan 5, 1811 (Elizabeth was dau of David St. John and Elizabeth WARING from CT) Richard and Elizabeth had moved to Chautauqua Co., NY and then on to Northeast, Erie Co., PA by 1850. Their dau Julia married Otis STILLMAN in Chautauqa Co., NY. They were parents of my grandfather, George Stillman who was b. in 1852. Richard Keister - posted 02-97

STOCUM - Orrin Stocum married to Rowanna. Prior to 1849. Looking for Rowanna's last name, children born and Orrin's obit...he is said to have died in this county (abt 1849). Carol Stocum Orme - posted 01-2001

STODDARD Charles (b. Nov 1828) was the son of Heley Stoddard and his wife Betsey Bates Stoddard. He had a brother Henry (b. 1827) and a sister Almira (b. 1831 per census data, 1839 per gravestone). Heley and Betsey were married in Dutchess Co, NY (where I believe they were both born) in 1826, and are next found in Deleware Co in the 1830 census in Franklin, where he is listed as Helia Stoddart. She is also shown as a member in good standing of the Baptist Church in Franklin in 1830. By the 1840 census they are in Chenango Co NY, and shortly thereafter relocated to WI. I am interested in finding any evidence of their stay in Delaware Co, other than the two sources I've listed. Land records, records of the birth of their children, or mention in any wills, tax records etc. I would be particulary interested to know if they are related to other Stoddards in Delaware Co! Thank you :-) Donella Spencer - posted 06-2002

STONE- I am seeking the paternal and maternal ancestry (parents, grandparents etc.) of an Anna STONE. She was b. ca. 1738 and m. an Ebenezer ROBINSON in 1756 in Carmel, Putnam Co., NY. They both died in the town of Roxbury, Delaware Co., NY. Some of their known children are: Issacher, Anne, Nathaniel, Ebenezer, David, Hester, Stephen, and Daniel. Thanks for any help! Joe Kelly - posted 09-2005

STONE - I am seeking information on Russell Stone from the Town of Middletown. I found information about him in a deed book at the Delaware County Clerk's office and believe he might be my ancestor. It was the settlement of his estate and the following were listed as his heirs: Lydia, wife of William Craton; Phebe, wife of G Horton; Robert Stone; Annis, wife of Gilbert Finkle (my ancestor); Margaret, wife of David Denton; and Polly, wife of William Vermilya. I'm assuming they are his children, though they could be grandchildren or other heirs. William died in October 1845. Ray LaFever - posted 01-2001

STORRS - I am trying to locate a man from Cannonsville NY displaced by the reservoir. Not sure of family name; Stoor, Store, Storr, Storrer, may have an S on the end of name. First name John, he would have been about five years old when moved, he would be around 50 years old now, had an older brother, mother drank tea, father's name and occupation unknown. The family may have relocated to California. Any information would be appreciated. Peter Yakaitis would like to contact him. - posted 12-2004
NOTE: I had a reply to this query from a lady, in summer of 2005, that remembered my mother in law- Paulette Yakaitis. Before I could reply, our computer died, we are now back online, and I would love to hear from her, or anyone, again please; at or

STORRS - I am searching for the ancestories of Isaac Storrs and beyond. Isaac lived in Thomkins, Delaware County, NY. and moved to Bradford County, Pa. prior to the Civil War. He had three son that served in the Civil War after they moved to BC. They were Jonas, Everell, and Charles E. all born in NY. Everell was my Great Grand Father, making Isaac my GGG father. Jonas was born on September 3, 1841 so his father Isaac must have been born around 1820's. He was married to a Emily Owens of Delaware County, NY. I am also willing to share with any one my findings to the point that I am at. Charles Storrs - posted 11-99

STORY - Researching Charles Story family from Andes, NY. - posted 01-2006

STOUTENBURG - looking for any info from 1900 back. Donna Diaferio - posted 02-2000

STOUTENBURGH - Looking for information on Henry G. Dibble and wife Dorinda Stoutenburgh. I am descended from their son Daniel. Information on Dorinda's father and siblings is most appreciated. Stacy Moorhead - posted 09-2001

STRAIN - Willing to do lookups for this family name. Roger Smith - posted 01-98

STRANAHAN - I'm looking for information on a Nancy Stranahan and her parents were John Henry Stranahan and a Margaret (McCauley) Stranahan. They were from N. Kortright, Del. County NY. Any Information on these people would be greatly appreciated. S.Stafford - posted 08-2000

STRANAHAN - I'm looking for information on a John Henry Stranahan wife is a Margaret (McCauley) Stranahan. From N. Kortright, Delaware County New York any information about these people would be greatly appreciated. S.Stafford - posted 08-2000

STRANGEWAY - I am searching for information on Thomas Strangeway. I think he was married twice to Ellen Henderson and Agnes Nesbitt. I know he had a son Christopher Strangeway. I think the Nancy Strangeway I have in my line is related to this line. Her parents are listed as Thomas Strangeway and Agnes Nesbitt. Nancy was born September 1833 in Andes, New York. I would appreicate any information that would help solve this puzzle. Gabriele Hammon - posted 10-2001

STRATTON- Looking in Delaware County for info on Edgar/Egbert Stratton b. circa 1810 Green Co. m. Sarah Ann Molyneaux b. 1813 Andes. Had the following children: Sylvia 1843, Julia 1845, Mary 1851, Charles 1855, Jane 1855, David 1859, Adalaide 1861, George 1865. They resided in the Andes area. Sylvia Stratton m. Jeremiah Sparling of Woodstock. I have their descendent information to share. Debbie Campbell - posted 05-2002

STRINGER - I'm researching my dad's family, and although there is a lot of Stringer info. on the web, it's usually on a different group. We have no information on my grandfather's dad, Albert Stringer, except that he married Edith Jones just long enough to produce one son, Leland Stringer, my grandfather. There is a possibility that he married Idah Josephine Preston from Rockland, Sullivan Cty. after that, but we have no proof it's the same Albert. In the book "Early Records From the Past" printed by RGS Publishing in Bainbridge, handwritten notes (pg. 129 & 130) shows a connection between Lulu R. Stringer (dau. of George Stringer and Lillian Preston) and record # 132; the marriage between Leland & Flora (so, either there's a connection betweed George & Leland, or George and and Leland's father Albert?? The Prestons are from Rockland. Leland is shown as coming from/being born in Hancock. His birthday is 7/23/1905, and died 1/1/1980. Edith Jones was born about 1878, and her husband, Albert, around 1864, we think. Leland married Flora Jennie Dewey (dau. of Claude Dewey and Jennie (Flummer) Dewey) on 7/31/1927. Jennie was the dau. of John Flummer and Carrie (Murwin) Flummer. Carrie, b. 7/3/1874 in Sidney, was the dau. Henry Murwin and Sarah (Bidwell) Murwin. I have lots of info. on the Dewey side, but nothing on these particular ancestors on the; Jones (Edith (Jones) Stringer later married Henry Ostrum), Murwin, Bidwell, Flummer or Preston sides. The Flummers and Bid-wells may be from Norwich, Chenango Cty., because that's where Carrie Flummer returned to when she died 12/1969. All/any help/info. would be much appreciated. Mary Stringer - posted 07-99

STRONG - I need information on Caleb Strong b. 20 June 1749 in CT and moved to Meredith, Delaware Co. in 1793 with his wife Amy LEE Strong and children. Caleb Strong d. 27, Nov. 1815 he is buried in West Meredith Cem. Who are the others buried in the cem.? Barbara Kirkpatrick - posted 01-98

STROPE - George Strope was in 13 U.S. Inf War of 1812. What were his parents names? Thank you for any help. Robert - posted 05-2000

STURGES - Searching for the family of Rachel Ellen Sturges (1821-1896). Married Henry Lafayette Carroll and buried in the Carroll cemetery in Trout Creek. Marge McNeill - posted 06-99

ST. JOHN - My gg grandfather was William Ogden St. John b. 1830, Walton, Delaware county. Do you know if there is an Ogden and St. John family connection? The information I have says his parents were William St. John and Pamela/Parmelia Gould. I have not verified this information myself. Barbara Heard - posted 02-2003

ST. JOHN - Looking in Delaware County for Adam St. John born in NY. Melanie Brown - posted 04-2002

ST. JOHN - Looking for accurate information on Anna St. John, Norwalk, CT., b. 1674, m. 1693 to John Benedict (1676-1766). John Benedict was ancestor of Delaware County Benedicts. Various family trees have incomplete and inconsistent information about the children and marriages of John Benedict, who appears to have been married twice, first to Anna St. John, and then to Mary Haite (1674-1749). What was the date of death of Anna St. John? (It appears to have been between 1693 and 1700.) What children were born to John Benedict and Anna St. John? Bob McClenon - posted 12-2000

ST JOHN - Mary, b. 15 Jan 1832 in Walton. Father was Amos, b. abt 1805. Married ____ Waring, moved to Kansas 1857. Interested in more information on her family and this marriage. Bruce Rockwell - posted 04-98

ST LEGER COWLEY - I am doing research into my family history . I have a paper of the history of Delaware County by Jay Gould . The date is 1856. Family name is St Leger Cowley. I would like all the information i can get. If you can help me i would be greatful. thank you. Shire Haley - posted 08-2000

ST JOHN - seek any info on David ST JOHN, pioneer of Walton, who was exec for will of Ephraim WARING, 1804. David was m to Elizabeth WARING, sis of Ephraim. Dan Touse - posted 01-99

SULLIVAN - Searching for Sullivans In Delaware Co. I have located David in Franklin on 1810 Census - URL Roll # M25226 showing 1 male age 10-15,1 male 16-25, 2 females 10-15 and 2 females 16-25.( Neighbors John Davis, Dennis Davis, William Dietz) Have located Isaac Sullivan in Town Of Franklin Census 1840 (URL # M704_274 - pg # 449 ) showing 1 male 15-20 and 1 male 20-30. Neighbors: Chambers, Daniels, Alanson Benedict, Polly Donnelly, Miller, Barnes,and Smith. Is there a way to discover the exact location of where the residences might be ? Any help greatly appreciated. name is St Leger Cowley. I would like all the information i can get. If you can help me i would be greatful. thank you. Felicia J Swisher - posted 03-2004

SULLIVAN - Found "Isaac Sullivan" on 1840 Census - Town of Franklin. Would welcome any information regarding him. F J Swisher - posted 02-2004

SULLIVAN - My Search for Daniel Sullivan prior to 1820 (in Otsego Co) has me banging my head on the Brickwall of genealogy! I have found a listing in the 1800 Census for his name in Delaware County in an "unknown Township" - (Pg #1283) Is anyone knowledgable enough to advise me how to locate the Township? Help gratefully appreciated! Felicia (Sullivan) Swisher - posted 07-2003 Felicia (Sullivan) Swisher

SULLIVAN - Searching for info on Solomon Sullivan :1829/27-Oct 1913 - (my Great-great-great-great Uncle) wife Elizabeth ? - Son, "Fred" Solomon was in Civil War : Enl: 29,Dec.1863 - E Co, 2ndHA (in New Berlin, Otsego Co.) Discharged: 29,Sept 1865 - Vol. (1878) in 101st NY Vol.Co.A Solomon, Elizabeth & Fred all buried in Davenport Cemetary -behind Quickway. Any help appreciated. - posted 08-2001

SUMMERS - My second great grandfather, Isaac Milk, who was born in Delaware Co. was married to Elizabeth "Betsey" Summers and his brother, Henry Milk, was married to Almira Summers who was probably Betsey's sister. Does anyone know who the Summers girl's parents might be? Might her father be a Captain Summers or the Mark Summers who was an early resident of Delaware County? Sue Geiger - posted 07-2001

SUMNER - I am looking for any information on the family of James SUMNER (1800-1865) He was born in Delaware Co.,New York and then moved to the Ashtabula Ohio area before finally setteling in Washtenaw Co. MI. One of his grand daughters, Charlotte SUMNER, married Thomas Henry COOK in Ann Arbor in 1919. They had one son, also named Thomas Henry Cook, who is my father. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Kathleen - posted 02-2000

SUTHERLAND Looking for information descendants of Adam Sutherland, born 1775; Musselburgh, Scotland; wife Marion Dudgeon. Following children came to Andes: George, Adam and Euffan. Adam married Catherine Dougal whose family came from Auchterarder, Perth, Scotland. Adam's son, John, married Zelma Gibson and farmed in Meridale.l They had two sons, Adam John, and Edward Gibson. Catherine Gibson Havemeier - posted 10-2010

SUTHERLAND - Looking for information regarding Adam Sutherland born 1785 in Scotland. Looking for name of spouse. Adam lived in Fisherrow, Scotland till his death, I believe. Have information on children who came to Delaware County. They settled in Cabin Hill. Those who came were George, Adam and Euffan. Catherine Gibson Havemeier - posted 10-97

SUTTLE - Ackerly, Sarah Suttle. I am interested in Sarah Suttle before she married one of the Ackerlys. She and her husband had a son Sylvester Ackerly. She was a pepacton indian and I was interested in her famiy. Beth Rupert - posted 01-2001

SUTTON - I am looking for Calab SUTTON. He was in Hancock. His daughter Vittie SUTTON married Joshia GREGORY. Jane R. Kellam - posted 06-2001

SUTTON - I am looking for information of Calab SUTTON and his wife Sally______. They had a child Vilotta/Villetta born about 1802. She married Joshia Gregory JR. about 1820. She died in 1877 Town of Tompkins Delaware Co. NY. Jane Kellam - posted 04-2001

SWAN - Need information regarding Issac SWAN who lived in Delaware Co. Who were his wife and children? Where did they come from? Rosalie Kimmerly - posted 12-97

SWART - Searching info on George Swart listed on 1810 Census in area of Town of Kortright. Census shows female under 10 years old. Am searching for'Anna Swart' (or form of this name) of abt. this age any help greatly appreciated. June Swisher - posted 02-2007

SWART - I have in my possession a picture of Betsy Swart of the New Kingston, New York area. I am looking for any information or identification pertaining to this lady. Pat Howe - posted 07-2005

SWARTOUT -(Swarthout) I'm seeking information on James O Swartwout's death and burial location. He was born abt 1809 and until the death of his wife (1876), Anna M Salisbury, they lived in Schoharie Co. A Schoharie Co history book notes "he became a resident of an adjoining county. He died january 20, 1881 aged 72 years." Brett Mac Donald - posted 07-98

SWARTS - I have an up-date on Simon Swarts/z. His wife is Polly Blanchard. I still am looking for Simon's parents. I am almost certain that they are not Jacobus Swarts and Sarah Veddar. My e-mail has changed to for those of you who have tried to contact me. Peggy Bollenbaugh - posted 03-2003

SWARTZ - I am looking for the marriage of Simon SWARTZ and Polly. He was born 22 Apr. 1804/5 in Davenport. He married in 1827 to Polly. They had 10 children Hannah, Catherine Jane, David, R.L., Melissa, Alonzo, Levi, Charles, Harriet, and Margaret. I need to know who the parents of Simon and Polly are. Did they have siblings?They came to Oregon in 1852. Their Cathrine married my husband's anscestor Daniel Jackson Bollenbaugh in 1853. Peggy Bollenbaugh - posted 09-2005

SWEENEY - We are looking for info regarding the Sweeney family - Arkville NY- we know they owned Sweeney Lumber Co. James and ada, others ? - posted 07-2000

SWEET - I am looking for parentage of James Sweet, b. 22 April 1809, Delaware County, New York d. 22 January 1890, Limestone, Cattaraugus County, New York m. 31 May 1835 Caroline Bosworth (daughter of Amasa and Thirza (Fuller) Bosworth) b. 31 August 1812, New Hudson, Allegany County, New York d. 27 December 1884, Limestone, Cattaraugus County, New York. Timothy C. Finton - posted 05-2005

SWEET - My 3-g grandfather was Morgan L. SWEET born 3 April 1820 Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY. He married Mary Ann HAYSE 1841. The 1850 census finds them in Middletown Township, Delaware Co, with children Cordelia and Emerson. Cordelia was my 2-g grandmother. The 1860 census finds them in Ogle Co, IL. Any information would be appreciated. Betty Jackan - posted 04-2000

SWEET - I looking for any info on the Sweets in Delaware Co. Any year.but esp.late 1700's and early to mid 1800's. Diane Jacques - posted 01-99

SWEET - Chester SWEET b. 1794 and his wife Eliza PECK b.1801. They were born in Coventry, CT but emigrated to Youngs Station, Town of Sidney. Chester died there in 1866. Their children were Joseph (M.D. in Unadilla), James, George, Clarissa, Otis, Eunice, Joshua, Marvin, and Marian Jane "Jennie" . I am the latter's g-g-granddaughter. In what cemetery is Chester buried? I have some bible records and considerable information about the Peck line but little on Chester's ancestors. Garry & Kim Grimes - posted 01-98

SYKES - I have been able to verify that Thomas M Sykes was my 3x great grandfather, but have not found out specific information about his birth in 1817. I know he married Parmelia Barnes (b. 1816). Both were born in Connecticut but they married in New Marlboro, Massachusetts. Thomas Sykes was born to Lorama O’Brien Sykes who I believed was married to William Sykes. I am looking for anyone in the East Masonville area who may be related to them and could provide additional information. Kirk - posted 01-2019

SYLVESTER - Am trying to find any info, on Purdue Sylvester, will exchange. Lindy Powell - posted 04-99

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