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RAEDER - Delaware County - Walter Raeder married Louise Montgomery 1897. Trying to locate any family members. Celeste - posted 01-2001

RAINEY - I am researching the following names in Delaware Co. Gouvenier M. Rainey; Frances Josephine Dean (nee Rainey); Alexander Dean; Phoebe Ann Bramley (nee Dean); Louise Estelle Dean (nee Oliver); Thomas Oliver; Nellie Josephine Rainey; Frank M. Rainey; Harry Gouvenier Rainey; May Rainey (probably died an infant or small child. Only listed on 1880 census).
RAINEY update Jan. 2006. Frances 'Fannie' Rainey's burial site was found in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Still looking for the burial site of her husband Gouverneur d 12/24/1884 in Oneonta City, Otsego County and their daughter, May, b 1879, who was mentioned in the 1880 census and no other mention of her. Gouverneur was a portrait painter and would love to find some of his work. Carol Rainey - posted 01-2006

RALL - John RALL and Rebecca (GREGORY) RALL had a dau Catherine RALL. In the 1855 NY Census, Catherine (RALL) SANFORD stated she had been born in Delaware County, NY in 1800. I would appreciate suggestion on how to check this information. John RALL is mentioned in one of the Delaware County Histories. Patricia Brown - posted 03-2003

RALPH - I am looking for Almira Ralph (1801-1879) who married Daniel Glover Babbitt (b. 1801). Almira was born in Delaware County, lived in Barnes Corners, Jefferson County, and died in Watertown, Jefferson County. Does anyone recognize this person or the Ralph family? Thank you for your help. Judy Boxler - posted 11-2003

RALPH - Looking for any information on a Ralph family that lived around Delhi late 1700s and later. One son was named Miles and he moved to Jefferson County NY area. Family had numerous children but he is the only one I know of. Any connection appreciated. Nancy Kacmarynski - posted 01-99

RANDALL - Searching for information regarding Susan Minor Randall. Born 1844 Tompkins, Cannonsville, NY to Martin and Adelia Race Minor. Lived Scott, Wayne, Pa. Belonged to the Maple Hill Baptist Church Sherman, Pa.1859-1886. Married name Randall. Any info appreciated. Thanks. Cali - posted 05-2013

RANDALL - Seeking information about Sarah Randall (c. 1823 -1905). She was likely born in NY and probably died in Peekskill, NY. She is supposed to be buried with her husband, Abraham (or Abram Lockwood) (1813-1887), son of Jesse Lockwood (1788-1865) at the Hudler Cemetery in Shandaken, Ulster County. If so, her grave information has not been transcribed. Abraham Lockwood and other Lockwoods there have been transcribed on Hope farm Press ( These Lockwoods and some of their descendents move back and forth between Delaware and Ulster Counties. Abraham and Sarah Lockwood's children were Wilbur, James W., Jane, Mary, Sherman, Charles and Walter. Tom Nevlud - posted 05-2002

RANDALL - Looking for family of Peter RANDALL born ca 1835 married to Sarah BATES lived in Hancock in 1900. Peter had a brother Richard married to Amanda BATES of Wayne County, PA. Amanda and Sarah were sisters. Any information would be appreciated. Perhaps we can exchange information on these families. Marge Fuller - posted 08-2000

RANDALL - A search of records in Delaware Co & neighboring Chenago Co. N.Y. failed to reveal any information on the Randall family even though they were listed in the 1850 Census, Town of Masonville. Henry Randall age 39, farmer b. 1811, New York State, and wife Lucy Randall age 39 b. New York along with their children. Interested to locate others who may be researching this family. Jerry Sanner - posted 03-97

RANKIN - Charles Rankin FYFE emigrated from Letham, ANS Scotland, abt 1860. Probably settled in Hamden-Walton area. Looking forany information on family and residence. Jim Eaton - posted 10-2001

RANNEY/RENNY - The grave of Solomon Ranney has been identified in Riversiede cemetery by Bernice Telian. Does anyone know if his wife, Rebecca Churchill, is buried with him? Are any of his children buried there? Census records from Litchfield county, CT suggest that he had 4 daughters, one son. We have identified two daughters--Martha Patty, who married Harvey Davis in Delaware county and died there in 1876, and Anna, married Marcus Morris in Connecticut and removed to Portage county, OH. I have tentatively identified the son as Stephen Ranney, between 1790 and 1795 in Litchfield county CT, died in New York before 1836, married Olive Jaques, daughter of Jesse Jaques and Maria Boice about 1820. Does anyone know about the other two daughters? They probably had died before Solomon died, as his family group as listed in "Middletown Upper Houses" appears to have been based on his probate records and includes only Martha Patty and "Mrs." Marcus Morris. Dorothy Gaston - posted 08-2007

RAPPLEYEA - Lulu Rappleyea, my grandmother was born 1865 in Lexington NY. Married to Jerome Rappleyea. They resided in the Arkville area in 1920. Searching for information of her year of death and cemetary where buried. B C Stevens - posted 08-2005

RATHBONE - I will help with research on the family of Rathbone/Rathbun/Rathbun. Many were in the county. Would like to exchange. Robert Rathbun - posted 03-97

RATHEBONE/RATHBURN/RATHBUN - Looking for information on David Rathbun, lived in Delhi from at least 1799 to 1802; reported married to Elsie Lewis. Erin Gibbs - posted 09-2010

READ - Found - large box photos, personal letters, business letters for Howard, Charles, Louise, and Francis READ of Hancock NY for late 1800s early 1900s. Would like to locate descendants. Audrey - posted 09-2004

RECTOR and KUBIN - My mother, Mary Florence Rector Bullock's half brother was Rev. Milton Medford Rector (1879-1953). He was pastor of the Baptist Church in Walton for many years. Both he and his wife Leona Grace Swarts Rector (1877-1964) are buried in the Walton cemetery. Their daughter Verna Rector Kubin and her husband Frank Kubin lived in nearby Delancey and had two children Kenton Kubin and Pamela Kubin. I would be interested in making contact with either or both of these cousins. Paul D. Bullock - posted 10-99

REDMOND - (Redman?) Elizabeth ~1794-1889 ... wife of James Robinson. Jim Coomber - posted 03-2009

REDMOND - Seeking parents/siblings of Erastus REDMOND from Delaware County, NY. Born May 1845, wife Jane, sons Jasper and Olney. Any info appreciated. Joan Redmond - posted 02-2000

REDMOND - I am looking for the death record of Mathias P Redmond and his wife Rheuama MEAD Redmond. I believe they lived in the Andes/Bovina area of Delaware county. Their youngest daughters Helen and Hattie were born in 1870. I would very much like to locate their grave sites. Stewart J Laing - posted 04-98

REDMOND - I am interested in sharing information on thefamily of Redmond\Redman, which I believe began in Middletown, Delaware Co. with the arrival of Patrick and Bridget Redman circa 1805 from Ireland. My 3rd great-grandmother was their daughter, Elizabeth b. 1795, who married James Robinson in 1812 before he left for service at Sacketts Harbor, NY. I believe Elizabeth's brothers were Patrick and Nicholas. Wade Robinson- posted 09-2001

REED - Polly Ann Reed, b. 19 May 1832, Roxbury, Delaware County, d/o Oliver Reed and Eunice DeLong. The information that we have is that she married Chapman Greneu. Any information on Polly and/or her husband would be appreciated. Harry Miller - posted 05-2010

REED - Would like to investigate the family history of the Reed family of Fleischmanns, NY. Donald Edward Reed- posted 06-2005

REED- I am searching in Delaware County for Joshua Reed b. August 28, 1802 son of John and Abigail Chamberlin Reed.Diane - posted 11-2004

REED - Looking for any mention of a William REED or Nancy REED (NESBIT) in a settlement along "banks of Delaware River" before the revolution. He was a Loyalist and one of my ancestors. I am trying to link him conclusively to a place and specific Reed family pre-revolution.Possibly in Lot 61, Harpersfield settlement. Lorene Sinclair - posted 10-2004

REED - Searching for parents/birthplace/children of ggg-grandparents, Abram Reed (1819- ) and Louisa (Huggins/Huggens) Reed (1819-1876), and their daughter, Sarah Ann Reed, who married Charles Leonard MacDonald (MacDonalds lived at Grand Gorge/Downsville area). Anyone else related, please respond. Thanks. Sharon White - posted 03-2003

REED - Silas Reed lived in Delarware County New York in 1780 when daughter Polly Reed was born. Polly married Josiah Strong in November 1798. What information do you have on her parents Silas, and --------Reed ? Charles G. Kersch- posted 04-2003

REED - /BENEDECT - Seeking Families of Samuel REED & Mary BENECECT/BENEDICT marr. 1789 , Middletown, Delaware Co. Son Samuel Jr b 23 May 1790 in Rensseler Co. marr Phebe SANFORD. They moved to OH then Ogle Co. IL. Samuel Sr. died 1833 in Ogle Co. IL Was Samuel Jr. in War of 1812 NY? Caroline Villier- posted 06-2005

REED - Need census look-up in Franklin, Deleware for 1865. Am looking for Reed family and my data has them having child in or around Franklin. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank You. Nancy S. Reed-Tracy - posted 10-2001

REED - Searching for information on gggrandfather, Abram Oscar Reed, b. 1819, d. after 1880, and gggmother, Louisa Huggins Reed, b. 1819, d. about 1876. They had several children: Phoebe, Catherine, Oscar, Clarke, Platt, Sarah, James Willis, and Adelbert. Have them in Steuben County, NY about 1870-1885. Any help would be appreciated. posted 08-2001

REED - Ebenezer REED, father of my gr.grandmother Matilda, b. 18 July 1832, and m. 20 May 1858 George W. Hill in Delaware Co., NY. 1840 Census, Town of Roxbury is listed Ebenezer Reed,1 male 30-39; 1 male 60-69; 2 females 5-9; 1 female 15-19 and 1 female. Anyone WORKING on this line? I need help please. Names of Matilda's family. Thanks. Charlotte Chesbrough- posted 02-2001

REED - Looking for info on Ethel REED and her father and/or brother Platt REED. Have Ethel and Mary as stepdaughters of David and Emma EPPS IN 1900 Franklin census. Have Platt Reed-father and son-in 1880 census. I can't find anything before or after this. I'm assuming her father's name is Platt because she named her first son Platt and she was born in Franklin. I sure would appreciate any input. Thanks. Vickie - posted 03-2000

REED - Looking for information on William and Juliette Reed. Lived in Broome during 1900 censes. Had at leat one son named Mortonor Martan ( as spelled on censes) Morton married Edna Van Valkenburg. Had mutliple children. Some are buried in Roxbury some are buried inKeyserkill Cemetaries. Looking for information about brothers and sisters and information about William. His mothers name was Catherine L.So the Census records say. When looking at the cesus records there are many Reeds close together. I believe sometimes that meant they all livedclsoe together. Which means they could have been related. Lu Ann Reed - posted 01-2000

REED - Samuel D. REED Sr. b. 1766 in Mass. He m. 1789 Mary BENEDICT in Middletown, Deleware county. Mary was b. 24 Jan 1771 Easton, Washington county, NY. Their first son Samuel Reed Jr. was b. 23 May 1790 Rensselaer county, NY. Samuel and Mary moved to Ohio about 1820 and to Ill. about 1825 where both died. Looking for parents, brother, sisters fo Samuel and Mary. Jan Gunderson- posted 01-99

REED - Seeking family history information for Samuel D. REED Sr. b. 1766 in Mass. and his wife Mary BENEDICT b. 1771, Rensselaer Co. NY. He enlisted into the army just before the close of the War of 1812 and soon after the close of the war moved to Middletown, Deleware Co., NY and married Mary Benedict, a needlemaker's daughter. Prior to 1820 they moved to Chillicothe, OH and in Nov 1825 they moved to Peoria, IL. Jan Gunderson - posted 10-97

REES - Am researching the surname REES in the Hancock NY area. My father's name was Robert Hillman Rees, b. 1915. He graduated from Hancock High School in 1993. His parents were Charles Henry Rees, b. 1888 in England and d. 1958 in Hancock NY, Louise Hillman Rees, b. 1888, d. 1985 in Utica NY. My grandfather, Charles Rees moved to Hancock sometime in the 1920s or 1930s along with his brothers, George Cecil Rees and Horace Edward Rees. George married Fannie Eichenberg in 1915, though don't know location of wedding. Horace married Ella Whitaker ca. 1924, probably in Hancock. George and Fannie had five children, Doris, Adrienne, Virginia, Warren and Muriel. Horace and Ella had one son, Norman. Carol Balfe - posted 07-2007

REHOR - Do you have any info on the Rehor family. They listed an address as Union Grove which is now under a reservoir, but also owned a farm around 1930. Joseph Koenig - posted 02-2003

REMINGTON - Where have all the Remingtons went?? doing research on my family, particularly Clark Remington family (1811-??), his wife Elizabeth (Carley) and their children. Their daughter is Emeline 1864-1937 and my g-grandmother. I am trying to find any information. Emeline married Fred Wheeler (m g-grandfather), William Merwin in SIDNEY or Unadilla in 1923? and then George Cuyle ?-1937 when they both died. Armanda Crandall - posted 01-2007

RENWICK - Am researching JAMES RENWICK, born 1782 Scotland, wife Margaret [from 1850 census]. Think he had the following children, William, Walter, Christine, John, James Jr, Asher M, George W, Andrew T & Theophilus. Several of the sons moved to IL in the 1830's. The son Walter died in McHenry Co IL, obit says he was 1 of 10 children, 1 girl & 9 boys. Appreciate it if anyone can give me any clues. Peg Heard - posted 09-2001

strong>RESIDE - Thank you for any help you might be able to give to me in my search. I am looking into the RESIDE family tree. Not sure what torequest, only just begun this journey. So anything you can help me with would be greatly appricated. Thank you. Lois L. Mietz - posted 03-2000

REYNOLDS - The object of my research are the parents of William S. Reynolds, born in Bovina about 1811. William married Jane Ann Demond. They resided in Bovina until after the 1855 New York State Census. They subsequently relocated west to the area of Saginaw County, Michigan, where they lived out their lives. Davis - posted 07-2016

REYNOLDS - I am seeking information about Nathan Reynolds born in Horse Neck in 1777, the son of Eli Reynolds who came to Delaware County about 1780-1783. Eli is listed in Kortright in 1790 census and is buried in the Riverside Cemetery Town of Kortright, Bloomville, NY. Eli's dates are 1733-1817. Nathan married Margaret Jaquish, daughter of John Jaquish, Revolutionary War veteran. Nathan and Margaret and some of their twelve children moved to Schuyler County NY in the Finger Lakes about 1836. I would like to know who Eli's father was. Louise A. Kanaley - posted 04-2007

REYNOLDS - I am seeking information regarding Eli Reynolds(1733 -1817) who married Mary (1734 - 1808). They are buried in the Riverside Cemetary, Town of Kortright, Bloomville, N.Y. They were the parents of Nathan Reynolds (1777-1864) who married Margaret Jacquish (Jaquish?) (1784-1862) She was the daughter of John Jacquish (Jaquish?). Nathan moved to what is today Burdett, New York , Schuyler County after 1817 and is my g-g-g-grandfather. I want to know if Eli is the son of Elisha Reynolds born 1706, the son of Henry (1656-1716) and Sarah Greene (1664-1716+) Henry was the son of James Reynolds (d.1700) and Deborah in Kings Town, Rhode Island. James was a son of William Reynolds who came to Providence, Rhode Island from England in 1637. Any information will be appreciated. Louise A. Kanaley - posted 03-2007

REYNOLDS - My gggg-grandfather, James Reynolds, was born in Dutchess County, NY about 1765 to Eli (1733-1817) and Mary (1734-1808)Reynolds. He migrated to Delaware County, settling in Wolf Hollow near Andes in 1819. He supposedly removed to Michigan, where he spent his final years. Other than these tidbits, I have no other info on James or even his wife! Does someone have anything on him? Philip Cochran - posted 06-2001

REYNOLDS - I am looking for information on my grandmother, Florence Reynolds, b. in 1894, m. to Marshall Adrian Hillsinger. Marshall Hillsinger was b. 30 Oct 1868 in Downsvill, NY. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.Joanne Sue (Reynolds Hillsinger) Revelt - posted 06-2001

REYNOLDS - I am looking on any infomation on Nathan Hilton Reynolds, born in Delaware Co. NY May 13, 1812 and died (not sure where) on Nov 16, 1893. He was married to Eleanor Riggs Murdock. They had 14 children, 2 died in infancy. I have the names of the children, one of which was Aquilla Miles Reynolds, my gggrandfather. I am at a dead end, any help is appreciated. Thank you,Lynn - posted 11-2000

REYNOLDS - I am looking for any information on Jason Reynolds & his wife Hannah. They had 11 children and their 3rd child, Elizabeth, was born in Delaware County. Elizabeth was born 30Oct1807. Any information would be greatly appreciated.Michelle - posted 10-98

REYNOLDS - My 3rd great-grandfather, Jeremiah Greene Reynolds, b.26 Jul 1821, NY; d.28 Mar 1901. He lived in Roxbury and Andes from 1850 Census to at least 1860/70.He m.Huldah Van Benschoten, who was b.1 Jul 1826, NY; d.27 Jun 1872, NY. They had William b.abt 1845; Delila b.abt 1846; Lucy b.16 April 1850; John b.abt 1853, and Elizabeth a.k.a. Betsy, my 2nd great-grandmother b.18 Dec 1854. All the children were Delaware Co,NY. Any information on who my 3rd great-grandfather's parent and siblings would deeply appreciated. Ginny Hope - posted 03-97

RHEAD - My 3rd great grandfather was Aden Rhead born 02/12/1812 in Albany County New York. Have any Rhead descendants in Colchester, Delaware County heard of him? He married a woman called Experience-I don't have her maiden name. Does this info ring a bell with any one? Any help is appreciated. Lynda - posted 01-2006

RHEAD - Looking for information on the Rhead family of Delaware Co. Ida Fatina Rhead b. 1843, d. 1914 married George E. Merritt, b. 1836, d. 1905 (both buried East Branch Cemetery) Children: Blake John, Margaret A., George W., Jacob C., Harland, Harriet F., Jenna Louise and Decker. Sandra Merritt - posted 08-2001

RICE - I am hoping to connect with fellow RICE family researchers in Delaware County, NY. Specifically searching for the family of Lovisa (Louisa) RICE. Benjamin (Sheldon Family Association #S6161) was b. July 07, 1791 in Delaware County, NY, m. Lovisa RICE on January 22, 1815. She was b. July 08, 1796 in Deleware County, NY. Benjamin d. July 17, 1870 and Lovisa d. September 09, 1870, both in Lorain County, LaGrange, Ohio. They moved sometime in the mid-1840's to Lorain County, Ohio. After extensive searching long distance and writing over the years, we still have not been able to locate her parents. Their 7 children, also all born and some married in Delaware County, are: NELSON (b. March 1816, d. April 3, 1816), Sylvina (b. 1817, m Bradley B. Woodmansee), GEORGE m. Jane Lawrence (b. 1819, d. 1897 in Eaton County, MI), BENJAMIN (b. 1821, d. 1897, m. Lucy C. White, ANN (b. 1824, d. 1862 in MI) m. Giles Ripley. DAVID (our gg-grandfather, b. 1829, d. 1913 in MI, m. Adaline Crandall - both at rest in Bosworth Cemetery, Olivet, Eaton County, Michigan), and James m Adeline West (b. March 11, 1831, resided - in Wellington, Ohio). Jack L. Sheldon, Jr. - posted 01-2010

RICE - I am seeking a marriage record from circa 1796 for Ebenezer Rice and Esther Shepard (also spelled Hester Shepperd/Shepherd.) He lived in Otego and her father lived in Franklin at the time. Kate Renner - posted 10-2009

RICE - Henry Shepard lived in Harpersfield in 1790 and Franklin in 1800. Then his son in law Ebenezer Rice lived in Franklin in 1810, on probably the same land. I need proof that Henry's daughter Esther Shepard married Ebenezer Rice about 1796. They lived in Otego in 1800 and 1810. Esther's brothers Benjamin and Elisha Sheppard (note different spelling) and her cousins Peter and Elisha Bundy lived in Otsego County around the same time. I cannot find any deeds or land records--maybe they were not landowners. I need any sort of proof to tie these 3 families together. RICE/SHEPARD/BUNDY - posted 07-2009

RICE -Martha Rice(see Huchins query) proven to be daughter of Henry Rice, b. Ire, resided and died in Delaware County. Looking for further info on this family to clear up mother's name- Agnes A. or Nancy, one woman or two? Siblings included Jane Rice Graham(b. 1791), Samuel Rice(b.1799 m. Ann Smith), and John Rice (b.1800 m. Martha?) These four are listed in Henry's will. Any info on Agnes/Nancy would be greatly appreciated. N. Rose - posted 08-2003

RICE - Interested in persons researching RICE, Mitchel 1820-1880. Kortright ancestor. Have extensive files to share. Dick Hahn - posted 08-2004

RICH - I have the Ithaca College yearbooks for Elizabeth H Rich (Betty) I would be glad to pass these on to a family member. Terri - posted 01-2010

RICHARDSON - Mary (Elizabeth Sweet Treweek Reed) my great-grandmother, lost first husband John Treweek in a mine accident, 1901 in Lead South Dakota. Then married a Mr. Arthur E. Reed. He died. Then, married a Mr. Richardson and moved to New York State to WALTON in Delaware. County. She was born in Kansas in either 1870 or 1872, married my great-grandfather John when she was 15 or 17. I have no records of when she married Mr. Richardson, only that she died July 3, 1942 and is buried in Walton. Any information on Mary Richardson, the Mr. Richardson she married and possibly buriel or death information would be greatly appreciated. J. B. Hazen - posted 01-99

RICKARD - I would like to share information on Daniel and Lucy Watson Rickard, who moved to Goulds, Town of Hancock, in about 1850. Daniel Rickard , born January 19, 1829, was from Schoharie County, a son of Fredrick and Jane Russell Rickard, whom also moved down to Goulds. Lucy, born April 3, 1829, was a daughter of Edward and Eleanor Brown Watson of Greene County. Daniel and Lucy married around 1850 and established a homestead on the current Arlyn Milk Road, Goulds. They had at least six children, Myron (m. Melvina Brazie), Carrie (m. Madison Hughs), Elizabeth (m. Charles May), Joseph (m. Elizabeth Geer), Daniel (m. Minnie Tinkelpaugh)and another girl who died young. Daniel had a farming accident and died on November 14, 1864. Lucy ran the farm until she died on October 9, 1908. They are buried in their own private cemetery near their homestead. If anyone else is descended from these people, please get in touch with me. Thank You. Collin Haight - posted 08-2000

RICKARD - I am looking for information regarding the Rickard family of Delaware County. My grandfather Jerome Rickard was born in Hancock. His fathers name was Cornelius Rickard. His wife's name was Minnie Tyler Rickard. She was a postmistress of Arena about the 1925-1931 time frame. I am also trying to locate any information I can find on her sisters Fannie, Susie, Etta, Vi Tyler or Fansuvia Ransom. - posted 02-98

RICKARD - Willing to share information about the ancestors and descendents of Frederick RICKARD (spelled RICKERT in 1830 Census), born 1804 in Schoharie County, moved to Delaware County in 1853. His first wife's name was Jane RUSSEL. They were married in Schoharie County about 1825. Their children: Daniel b. 1829, Cornelius b. 1840, Jeremiah b. 1831, Charles b. 1841, and George. Daniel, Cornelius and Jeremiah moved to Delaware County between 1850 and 1852. Charles and George fought and died in the Civil War.D Rickard - posted 11-97

RICKARD - Looking for information about Daniel Rickard who married Minnie TINKLEPAUGH approx date mid to late 1800s. They owned a farm in Goulds. they had approx 12 children; some of the names are - Watson, Phoebe, Ellie, Ted, Alice, Daniel, Charlie, Joseph, Dora and Sheldon. Sheldon is the youngest child - his date of birth is 1917. D. Rickard - posted 01-97

RICKELTON - Looking for infomation about William Rickelton (or Rickleton) married to Agnes and resident of Andes 1852 to 1890. Esther Rickelton - posted 01-2008

RIDDLE - I am looking for info. on my gggrandfather William P. Riddle. His children were Jane, Henry, Charles, Sarah, MATTHEWLAWSON b. 1840 , and Augusta. Matthew L. was born in Delhi. Any info. would be appreciated. Pauline Riddle Richardson - posted 11-2000

RIDER - Looking for information on John Rider (Ryder) (1732-1812) and family. John's son John Rider Jr. (1757-1838) was a founder of Bovina, NY. According to a DAR record, John Sr. died in the Bovina area. - posted 04-2006

RIDER - Searching for the parents of Roderick W. Rider in Delaware Co. Moved to central NY in 1822. Any Riders out there? Jan Brooks - posted 03-98

RIDER - Seeking information about Sarah Elizabeth Rider (1847-1926), born in Lexington, Greene County. She married Wilbur Lockwood (1840-1913) in Moresville and died in Union Grove. The family also lived in Ulster County, NY; Wayne County, PA and possibly Michigan. Rumor has it, they went to Michigan with another related family, Blake. Their children are Martha, James W., Harvey or Harry and Ada D. Tom Nevlud - posted 05-2002

RIESDORPH - I am researching the RIESDORPH families. They moved quite a bit around New York area. Starting in Columbia. Also there is other ways to spell the name (Reisdorph, Reisdorf, Riesdorf, Rysdorph,). Fred Riesdorph - posted 06-2003

RIFENBURG - Searching for the parents or any family of my husband, Jack Owens, great, great grandmother, Margaret Rifenburg 1812-1886 who was the wife of John Beagle 1815-1882 both buried Walton Cemetery; married 27 May 1836 Worcester, Otsego Cty, NY. Sincere thanks! Lita North-Owens - posted 05-2017

RIFENBURG - I am looking for ancestors of Henry Rifenburg b abt 1815, married to Elizabeth Vaughn b abt 1813.He was a shoemaker. Jim Howard - posted 08-2003

RIGGS - I am researching the Riggs family from Delaware Co. I would appreciate any info. that you have. - posted 04-2003

RIKARD - Looking for information on Barnard or Bernard Rikard and spouse, Margret Behonce. Their son, my great grandfather, Newton Bernard Rikard was born June 3, 1856, in Franklin, Delaware Co. Patricia Farris - posted 08-98

RINE -Timothy Rine - Supposedly one of the earliest settlers in Hancock area. I believe he married a Fuller girl, possibly the daughter of Nathan and Phoebe Fuller who settled in Colechester area just After(?) the war. Any info you can provide will be appreciated. Kay Cooper - posted 01-2001

RIPHENBURGH - I am looking for any information regarding the RIPHENBURGH family that may have lived in Delaware County. Father = William Wife = Margaret Murphy Son = William H (was a fireman) Daughter = Ella Mae (married to Arthur L. Bartlett). Kenneth Levett - posted 11-99

RIPPENGER - 1870 Census Index: does anyone have access to this Index. I have the digitized census but my man isn't where he is to be in Hancock Twp. He should be in Delaware County. Looking for Lewis C. RIPPENGER. Just need the page number. Thank for any help.Gene Smith - posted 08-2000

ROACH - I have a lot of family still in Delhi NY. My uncle was the President of theDelaware National Bank for 30+ years...Does anyone have any information on the ROACH/WARING name. Daniel Roach - posted 11-97

ROBB - I'm searching for information on Jane Augusta Robb married to John Robb ca.1848. They lived in the Delhi/Andes Area along with John's parents Alexandra and Elice Robb. Jane Augusta's maiden name may have been Morse, Morrison or More. She also may have been the niece of Hon. RichardMorse of Delhi fame. Jeff - posted 08-2002

ROBBINS - Looking to exchange information on ROBBINS or ROBINS family. Henry - Polly - Ida as shown in census following. They are also in Schoharie Co 1860 census. They may have been visiting relations at time of census: 1860 TOWN OF MASIONVILLE CENSUS - James Robbins 54; Irinda 44; Henry 22;Delos 19; Amanda 14; Fernando 12; Sumner 8; Alonzo Schrum 23; Martha J. 18; Polly Robbins 19; Ida 7/12.Ed Mac - posted 05-2006

ROBERTS - I am looking for anyone who has done the genealogy for Eli Roberts of Kortright. I have found three marriages from my Forman line into the family and I would like to fit them all into the 'big picture' and perhaps find someone who may have more information on these Forman ancestors of mine as well. Pat Watts - posted 06-2006

ROBERTS - Seeking parents of ROBERTS, David b. 1818 Colchester Delaware NY d.Elgin PA 1890's Married KENT Louisab. March 31, 1820 Colchester area, parents Nathaniel and Sarah TYLER. Known sons/daus David & Louisa are 1.George Henry b.1843 Shandaken Ulster, 2.John P b. 1846 Delaware/Ulster 3. Artemus Ward b. 1850 Delaware/ Ulster 4. Harvey David b.1856 PA 5. Abraham Lincoln b. 1863 PA 6. Mary Ann b. 1854 PA 7. Adaline b. 1859 PA. Parents of David by 1880 PA census both born England. Unable to find David and family on any 1850 census. Have located them on 1860,70 & 80 PA Erie CO census. Chuck Rhodes - posted 07-2009

ROBERTS - The old Halcottville cemetery is mentioned in As the River Runs and says Ira ROBERTS is buried there, so I suppose that his wife would be there also. As the River runs also says his daughter Mary Ann born 1813 and died 1838 is buried there besides her father. Gary Myers says there is a small cemetery approxmately 1/4 mile north of Kelly Corners on Route 30 towards Halcottville on the east side of the road. Could this be the one above mentioned? I would like the dates on Ira and Phoebe Roberts grave stones if they are available. Leslie Johnson - posted 03-99

ROBERTS - Searching for descendants of Robert Roberts, b. 1799 aboard a ship from Wales, and Elizabeth R. DELAMETER, b. 1816 in NY, daughter of Abraham D. Delameter. They were married about 1837 and lived in Franklin, Delaware Co. 1838-1848, when they moved to Carmel Twp, Eaton Co, MI.
Robert Roberts was married previously to Jane GRIFFITH and had three sons, Robert G. - 1832, Thomas - 1834, and Evan - 1836. Children of Robert Roberts and Elizabeth R. Delameter born in Franklin, Delaware Co. include Mariah Angeline - 1838, Eliza Jane - 1840, Thomas Nelson - 1842, Sarah Catherine - 1843, Maranda - 1845, Hannah Maranda - 1846, and Margaret Rebecca - 1848. Three children were born in MI including John D. - 1850, Abraham William - 1852 and Mary Ann - 1854. Sandy Wetter - posted 11-98

ROBERTSON - I am looking for information on the parents of Helen Maria ROBERTSON, born 11 Nov 1827, married James G. ARMSTRONG in Walton on 18 Mar 1845, died at Miller's Station in Walton on 03 Aug 1884. Helen Maria was my G-G-G Grandmother. Any help on this line is greatly appreciated! Willing to share anything I have. Dwight Mott - posted 06-2007

ROBERTSON - I am trying to find out any information about the familt of Alfred Robertson and his wife Maragret King.I don't know where they came from but I know they had at least 2 daughters Ella who married Russel Salton and Isabella who married James Aitken. Isabella and James are my great-grandparents any information would be very helpfull.Debbie Banghart - posted 10-2003

ROBERTSON - I am looking for info on Wm. Robertson born 1853, died 1918 or his father John Robertson dates unknown. Do not know what township. William's widow lived the last years of her life in the village of Andes. Dorothy Stevens - posted 04-2000

ROBERTSON - I am researching the John Robertson family enumerated in the town of Andes in Delaware County, NY in 1880.I am interested in the birth of Anna Robertson around 1871. Enumerated in 1880 are John, age 55; Agnis, age 50; William, age 27; Margerit, age 18; James, age 12; Anna, age 9. When were Agnis and John married? Were they married in Delaware County? What is Agnis' maiden name? Arthur Simpson - posted 03-97

ROBINSON - Thomas Signnor- An interesting mystery - maybe someone would like to join in on this search? See story at RobinsonThomasSignor.html Apr 23

ROBINSON - I am looking for information on an ancestor who was born in Middletown. My 3x GGrandfather, Nathaniel Charles Robinson (in one record spelled Robison) (B:1823-D:1872). I know he moved to Illinois around 1851 and died there, and all the census records I have indicate he was born in NY. However, there are no birth/marriage/death records that I can find for him, nor do I have the names of his parents/siblings or where they are from. Here are the details I know of for Nathaniel: Born- Mar. 4th 1823 in Middletown, Delaware County, NY; Spouse- Married Emaline Sweet in NY Oct. 8th 1842 (12 children); Died- Nov. 8th 1872 in Buffalo, Ogle County, Illinois. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Lynnsey Robinson - posted 04-2015

ROBINSON - Looking for any information about the parents names, birthdate confirmation, and birthtown confirmation for Abram Robinson born in Delaware County about 1821. He married Sarah or Sally VanValkenburg, abt 1843, and then moved to Lexington, Greene County, New York. They have several children, Ester 1845, Isachar 1847, Levi J. 1853, Peter 1853, Harriet 1855, George "Leroy" 1857 - 1927, Arthur Sidney 1860 -1935. he died 19 Feb 1870. I have some source information to share as well. Jeanne Charlene Robinson - posted 05-2010

ROBINSON/Jenkins - Would like to revisit these families. There a lot of discussion back in early 2000 about their accurate family trees. My questions are: Were there two different Betsey Robinson who each married a Nathaniel Jenkins? I have found this couple with birth dates 1786 for Nathaniel and 1788 for Betsey, and 1756 for an earlier couple. I believe the first Betsey was the daughter of Ebenezer Robinson and the later one the daughter of brother, Issachar Robinson. Then there is the whole confusion on the children of Nathaniel (1756) and his brother Samuel (born about 1752), eg, which one is the father of the Nathan Jenkins that married Lydia Morse; and which one the father of Jacob Kniffen Jenkins? Any definitive answers would be greatly appreciated. Ancestry's info on these families is rather confusing. Ann Laing - posted 01-2010

ROBINSON - I would like to know parentage and ancestry of Joanna ROBINSON, born about 1804, I believe of Roxbury, Delaware Co, who married Nehemiah PURDY (born 1797) in early 1820s. They were in Roxbury census in 1830 and 1840, in Hamden 1850, Walton 1860, and in Tompkins 1870 census. I'm descended form their daughter Martha, born 1828, but Nehemiah and Joanna also had Lydia, born 1825, Harriett, born 1835, and Darius, born 1836. I'm also wanting to know the parentage and ancestry of Nehemiah PURDY (probably of Colchester). Andrew Bennett - posted 12-2009

ROBINSON - James -1794-1869 Roxbury ... son of Issachar Robinson (d 2/6/1850) ... grandson of Major Ebenzer Robinson (d 2/16/1802) ... both members of Ludington's Regiment - New York Militia in the Revolutionary War. Jim Coomber - posted 03-2009

ROBINSON - William S. -1866 ? 1869-1935 born Shandaken ... son of Patrick & Melinda. im Coomber - posted 03-2009

ROBINSON - Patrick -June/1819 - 7/8/1896) ... son of James & Eliz (I have his death certificate ... place of death Middletown/Delaware was crossed out and replaced with Shandaken/Ulster). im Coomber - posted 03-2009

ROBINSON - Looking for info on Sarah Francis Robinson, born abt. 1859. Parents names are Alvie or Albah and Rosie or Roxy A. Robinson. Robert Hoople - posted 03-2008

ROBINSON - I am looking for a Dorothy "Dot" Robinson born after 1923. My husband's grandfather (British Navy) spent time in Bloomville, NY during WWII while his ship was being repaired. He corresponded with Dot over the years. Any info on the person or the area during WWII would help. Jessica Page - posted 10-2007

ROBINSON - Searching for information on Edward and Polina Robinson. The 1850 U.S. census gives the following info: Edward Robinson, b. NY, age 55, farmer in Cannonsville. Wife Polina, age 52, b. Mass. Son, Miles, age 18, b. NY. Daughter, Alice, age 15. Son, Ambrose, age 11. I believe Edward and Polina are the parents of Edward Robinson (born abt. 1830). Ambrose Burrows Robinson (born abt. 1858) is the later Edward's son. Jean Evens - posted 07-2007

ROBINSON - I have been searching for information of my great, great Grandfather Jasper Jacob Robinson. He was born in Roxbury New York prior to 1800. I know he had seven sons. I need to know his birth and death dates and anything of his wife. His oldest son Emery was born [1824] Thank you for any help you can give me. Joan Blair Martin - posted 01-2007

ROBINSON - I am looking for more information regarding Edward Robinson and his wife, Eunice (Burrows) Robinson. Information from the 1860 U.S. Census is: U.S. Census Record (Post Office: Cannonsville) Name, Home in 1860 (City, County, State), Age, Estimated Birth Year, Birthplace, Gender Edward Robinson, Tompkins, Delaware, NY, 29, 1830, New York, Male; Eunice Robinson, Tompkins, Delaware, NY, 21, 1838, New York, Female; Ambrose Robinson, Tompkins, Delaware, NY, 2, 1857, New York, Male; Charles Robinson, Tompkins, Delaware, NY, 10.12, 1859, New York. Jean I Evens - posted 12-2006

ROBINSON - Looking for info/descendants of my grgrgrgrandfather James G. Robinson b 1806. His Civil War record indicates he was born in Delaware, but 1850-60-70-80 census records indicate he was born in NY. My guess & conclusion is that he may have been born in Delaware Co. NY. He was in Canaan Township, Wayne Co. Pennsylvania by 1840. James died 3 Sept. 1883 in Canaan Twsp. PA. I have information & pictures of some of his descendants. Jean McNamara - posted 12-2005

ROBINSON-Looking for information on the date of death for Hiram Robinson, son of Patrick & Melinda.He died in the town of Middletown (Fleischmanns) between 1920-1930.He was married to Martha Haines (Haynes).Children: Mildred (Lasher), Mary (Hendrick) &Grant. Tim & Diane Rossman-posted 05-2005

ROBINSON - Rose N. (Scott) Robinson died 30 June 1899 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery in Delhi. The Delhi Clerk has no record of her death, nor do the funeral homes there. I am hopeful that someone can help me determine where her death occurred so that I might obtain a death certificate/record/obituary. Survivors included a husband and two young daughters. Deej Dow - posted 04-2004

ROBINSON - Seeking Parents of Miles Robinson born April 17 1821 in Delhi area, he died 1908 in Lost Springs, Kansas. He married Mary Ann White dau of Truman White and Anna Dumond. She was born Delaware Co. and married Miles abt 1848 they lived in the Meredith area until removing to New Milford, Susquehanna Co., PA about late 1850.One son born in Meredith William R. Robinson abt 1849. (see photo of Miles Robinson)Dewey Robinson - posted 05-2007

ROBINSON - Miles Robinson, my great, great, grandfather, was born in Delhi, Delaware county, on April 17, 1821. Does anyone have any Robinson info. It is believed his fathers name was Dan. Frank Cerynik - posted 11-2003

ROBINSON - I am looking for the parents of Miles Robinson born 17 April 1821 in Delhi county, New York. His parents wereboth from NY. I am desperate! Janice Robinson - posted 10-2002

ROBINSON - Listing-for Abram Robinson, Son of John and Elizabeth (Williams) Robinson. b. 1802 believe he was farming in Delhi area until about 1830 when most of the family left for Susquehanna, PA. His children were Sadie married Mr. Pender, Nancy who married Mr. Inglis, Mollie married a Mr. Oakley. One son Martin. No information on his wife, but she may have been Sarah. Seeking information on other families from Delaware Co., who may have traveled to the New Milford area during this time period. Family ties were Hollister, Morse and Burch who I believe relocated at that time. Any Ideas ? D. A. Robinson - posted 06-2002

ROBINSON - I have been searching the web for relatives of the Robinson family.of Ulster Co N.Y. There is a son of Willis Robinson namedMorgan Robinson.born 3-10-1886 and a daughter Louisa May b.7-16-1894. I think maybe they may have emigrated to Deleware Co. I have not been able to find them in Ulster Co..Any help will be greatly appreciated. Aletha Robinson - posted 04-2002

ROBINSON - For many years I have been trying to locate missing pieces of our family. My Father, Donald F. Dufton was born in Walton 6/15/22 to Mae Robinson. The father unknown. He was adopted by Gideon S. and Mary L. O'Dell Dufton. We have alwys wondered about his real Father and more about his Mother. If there are Robinsons in Walton maybe they would know of his birth and could provide us with some information. Judith Ellen Dufton Palmer - posted 03-2002

ROBINSON - Researching the name Ralph Robinson who lived in Franklin before he was adopted and came to Otego. Fathers' name was Charles T. Robinson. The family was originally from Kent, England and came to Rhode Island first as far as we know. Cannot give any dates Joyce Shultis - posted 01-2002

ROBINSON - Looking for information on Rowland Robinson Sr. b. 1776 Rhode Island, died Hamden NY 1870, married to Hannah Chase. Son Rowland Robinson Jr b. 1821 Hamden NY, died 1899 Starlight, PA. Sandra Merritt - posted 08-2001

ROBINSON - I'm searching for Henry Robinson,b.1837d.14 April, 1903. He was in Civil war-Co.C 80'th Reg. - married Ester Slater in Kingston.NY 1855.Their dau. Alice b.1855 later married my g-grandfather James Ellsworth about1876.I believe they were all settled in Hallcottsville and Roxbury, NY where Henry and James had a quarry business. Delaware Co.1880's untill very early 1903 when Henry sold his intrest to Wm.Lee from Olivebranch. Shirley Lee Wood - posted 04-2001

ROBINSON - Seeking any info on John Robinson, early settler of Walton, possibly born in CT. Son Hiram b. 1809 inWalton, grandson George C. b. 1838 in Tompkins. Neil Hawkins - posted 08-2000

ROBINSON - Any/all information on Major Ebenezer Robinson; sons Ebenezer; Daniel; Issachar; David; Nathaniel; grandsons Daniel; Luther; Darius and Enos. Shirley Robinson Birling - posted 06-99

ROBINSON - Seeking information on Johanna France Robinson and Spouse. Lived in Walton in 1880. Had three children. - posted 05-99

ROBINSON - Have information to share on the anc/desc. of Samuel ROBINSON who came first to Hamden about 1793, then lived in Delhi area. Robert Taylor - posted 01-99

ROBINSON - Looking for father and mother of Betsey ROBINSON, b. abt 1810 Delhi, or Bovina Delaware Co. NY. Father may have been John or James Robinson or ? Family may have moved to Bridgewater TWP., Susquehanna Co., PA ca. 1820's/30's as Betsey married a Sam Fancher there in 1845. Jeannette - posted 07-98

ROBINSON - I have extensive information on Robinson families in Delaware County (1770 - 1880) and willing to share with any interested researchers. I am personally interested in establishing the parents of James Robinson, born 1794 in Roxbury and spent is life farming in Griffins Corner (Fleishmanns) Middletown, Delaware County. James and his wife Betsey (REDMAN) had three sons; Patrick, John, Nicholas and two daughters; Harriet and Margaret. Nicholoas died in the Civil War (100th NY Militia) while fighting at Bermuda Hundreds, Va. in 1864. Possible father of James Robinson +includes Issachar (Revol War vet, Nathaniel, David, Daniel and John. Currently researching land/pension/warrants. Any information or advice appreciated. Wade Robinson- posted 09-2001

ROBSON - I am seeking info about Robert Robson and his wife, Jane (?). They immigrated from England and their son, Henry, is historically stated as arriving about 1818 to Bovina, Delaware Co, NY. Henry married Janette Crawford (b. Scotland) and moved to Van Buren Township, Wayne County, Michigan in 1835. I find an 1860 census record that Robert and Jane may have lived in Andes, also a R Robson on an 1856 Andes map, and a descendant's childhood memory of "a big house in a town with a mountain name." Any info would be greatly appreciated. Margie Lehmann- posted 03-2004

ROCHFORD - I am serching for information about my grandfather Willard Henery Rochford. Born 8-16-1872 in Hancock N.Y.His father was Robert Rochford. Thank you. Jean Gorzalka - posted 11-2002

ROCKAFELLER - I am researching the connection between the ROCKAFELLER family and the SURDAM family. I know they were cousins but I don't know how they were connected. Any help will be appreciated. Billie Venner- posted 01-2005

ROCKWELL - I am looking for information on James Rockwell and Mary Rockwell. They were in Delaware Co. in 1870. The Census Record put them in Sidney (PO Franklin) page 417a. Their son John age 3 was there with them. Jamesdied sometime between 1870 and 1882. The death date I have is July 30, 1882. I don't know where he died but his wife moved back to Grant Co. WI. in about 1885 with her son John who was then 18 years old.James was born in Mongeomery Co. N.Y and Mary was born in Berkley Co. VA. The death date of James is from family records so I have not confirmed that date. I have not been able to locate them in the 1880 Census anywhere. I would appreciate any help I can get at this time. Sharon Bryars - posted 11-2003

ROCKWELL - I am looking for information on Mary C. Rockwell who was in Delaware Co. sometime between 1867 and 1885. I have not been able to find out just when I know that she was there at the time of her mothers death in 1876.Mary would be listed as head of household or a member of another household. I don't believe that her husband was living at that time. His name was James W. Rockwell. Mary had a son John James born about 1867 but not in Delaware Co. She also had a daughter born about 1860 but I don't believe that she was living at this time. Her name was Lura. Mary relocated to Grant County, WI in about 1885. I would appreciate any help that anyone could give me. I have hit a brick wall in this search.Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can be in this matter. Sharon Bryars - posted 10-2003

ROCKWELL - I am looking for any information as to John W. Rockwell. Mary C. Rockwell, his wife. In the 1870 cencus they were living in Sidney with their three year old son John J. John W. was a farmer and his wife was a milliner. I am not sure when they left Delaware County or where they might have gone. I know that Mary C. and her son went to Wisconsin in about 1885. I would guess that John W. was dead at that time. Mary died in Grant Co. Wisconsin in 1892. I would appreciate any help available as to how to proceed finding this information. Sharon - posted 06-2003

ROCKWELL - Rockwell, Simmons who lived in Delaware Co NY between 1800 and 1835. My ancestor Mary was born in 1821. Looking for any christening or other evidence of her birth to Simmons and Elizabeth Rockwell. Simmons lived in Roxbury NY and the area was populated by people from Ct especially Stamford Ct from which I believe his ancestors came. His father was a Joseph Rockwell who lived in Albany Co. NY in 1790 census, Stillwater twp. Is it possible that Stillwater of Albany included the area which became Delaware by 1800? Arbella- posted 10-98

ROCKWELL - Looking for any information on Roswell Rockwell and family. He appears in the 1820 US Census records: Roswell Rockwell, Delaware County, Roxbury Township, New York. He was born Nov. 5, 1799 and marriedMiranda Holman in 1817 or 1818. Children were Arron J. Born 1820, David Smith Born 1822, Abraham S. Born 1824, George W. Born 1826(my great grandfather), Horace H. Born 1828, Isac R. Born 1830, Thomas H. Born 1833, and Cynthia Ann born 1835. Roswell died in 1835. I know that when he died the family was poor and his wife Miranda could only afford to keep the oldest child Aron and youngest Cynthia. The other children were put out to live on other farms in the area. I have been unable to trace who Roswell Rockwell's parents were or any Rockwell family history before him. I would especially appreciate that information and any related Rockwell family information on any of the listed children. Bruce Rockwell - posted 06-98

RODE / RHODA / RODA - Searching for information on a Conrad Rode / Rhoda and his wife Margaret of Delhi, Delaware County, New York. Conrad was born about 1825 or 1826 in Germany; married Margaret _________, born about 1820 to 1826 in Ireland. Conrad Rode / Rhoda died before 1870 and 1880 as his wife was a widow in 1880 Delhi, Delaware, New York living with T. F. McIntosh family. Children were: Martha Jane, John A. and William Conrad. William Conrad Rhoda / Roda married Sarah Ophelia McIntyre, she was born November 17, 1870 dau of Tobias McIntyre and Hannah Ophelia Moon. Searching for any information from where they might be buried to any of there children. Please contact me: Michael A. Hunter, 102 Wayne Hunter Road, Waddington, New York 13694-3139 or email me Michael A. Hunter - posted 08-2011

ROE - I am searching information regarding an Emeranda or Tamarinda ROE or ROWE (I've seen it both ways), who was born ca. 1841 in either the Davenport or Kortright area. She married a Robert SHELLEY in September of 1857, and is mentioned on the 1860 census as Robert's wife, with a son named Eli, who is listed as 6/12 years. I also have reason to believe (based upon some cemetery records in Greene County) that upon Robert's death in 1863, she and son Eli moved to Greene County, where she possibly married a Harlan G. TOMPKINS. I also have reason to believe that there may be some tie with a John ROE in Davenport, and who appears to be the son of a Polly ROE. Any contact from ROE/ROWE family researchers would be most happily accepted. - posted 05-2005

ROE - Seek parentage of Rhevamia ROE, b. 1 Jan 1811, Delaware Co., NY, d. 28 Feb 1888, Charlotteville, NY. m. Silas Pickett, 1809-1879. Dates from Charlotteville Cemetery; birthplace from 1855 NY Census, Summit, Schoharie Co. Charles Hollander - posted 04-99

ROE - Need info on Adam ROE b.1804 Albany Co. He is listed in Kortright, Delaware Co. 1830-1840 census.Then moves to Schoharie Co. His wife is Rebecca Houghtaling B. 1805 Albany Co.? Possible brother for Adam is John b. 1800 Alb.Co. Also lived in Kortright, Delaware Co. to Schoharie Co. Can anyone help me? Dawn Pratt - posted 03-98

ROFF - I am looking for a Christopher Roff b:1762 near Albany NY Relocated to Hancock NY some time and he is on the 1830 Census of Hancock. I can not find out where he is buried. He has a son, Henry b:1794. The research I have states that he was born in Delaware County. Where, I do not know. This is the link I am looking for. Henry relocated to Tioga, PA around 1829 and he is buried there. Margie Roff Bunch - posted 07-2012

ROFF - Looking for the parents of Charles ROFF born 1783 in Deleware County, NY. Several Roff families in the area, but can't determine which were parents to Charles ROFF. Marilyn Womeldorff - posted 01-2006

ROFF - A friend is seeking info on Philip and Hannah Roff, buried in Old East Brand? Cem., Delware County, N.Y. He was listed in 1790 US Census. and served in Albany County Malitia under Col. Jacobus Van Schoonoven. Jerry Waddell - posted 05-99

ROGERS- Hugh Rogers, b. Oxford, Chenango, NY about 1795, m. Caroline Sage abt. 1823. This family along with Hugh Rogers brother William Rogers and his wife Olive are said to have removed from New York State to Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, possibly from the Sidney area, about 1836. Seek any information including the names of Hugh's parents. George K. Nichols - posted 11-2006

ROGERS - Does anyone have any information on Stephen Rogers, 1794 in Walton, m. 6/20/1822 TO Mary Seeley Benedict, b. 1/22/1797 or '98 in CT. d. 4/30/1866. Mary is buried in Walton. We had one lead that they were married in New Canaan, CT, but we've checked the records at the courthouse there and came up with nothing. We would like to know who Stephen's parents/siblings are. Thank you, Alison Martin - posted 09-2003

ROGERS - Hoping to find information about Elizabeth Rogers and parents. She was b.Abt. 29.1797 at Sidney? Delaware, Co and m, to John Turner Clark Abt.3/11/1820 at Pomfret/Portland New York,Chautaqua Co..JAlan Clark - posted 06-2003

ROGERS - I am looking for information on Nehemiah Rogers and his wife, Lydia Smith, who joined the Franklin Baptist Church on May 18, 1794.Lydia is listed as "deceased" On May 24, 1807, Weltha Rogers was admitted. I believe this is Wealthy Augur Rogers, Nehemiah's second wife. Both she and Nehemiah are listed as being dismissed by latter, apparently when they left for Erie County, Pennsylvania. I am particularly interested in when Lydia died and where she is buried. Would church records have that data? Ed Rogers - posted 03-2002

ROGERS - My name is Joyce Rogers and I am researching our great great grandfather William Michael ROGERS and great great grandmother Mary Elizabeth ROGERS. William was a horse trainer and he and Mary would bring intire family to Delhi NY during spring and summer for William to train horses. They came in the late 1880's and early 1900's. I am not having any luck trying to get information fromBronx NY for information about family. One of their son's Joseph Michael Rogers was our great grandfather. Any info appreciated. Joyce Rogers - posted 03-2000

ROGERS - I'm looking for information on two relatives buried in East Branch. One is my grandmother the tomb stone reads Mabel Rogers 1907 to 1959, the other is my father. His tomb stone is next to Rogers and reads 1936 to 1961 . I don't have the name of my grandmothers husband or where he is buried. Is East Branch Delaware county? Clayton W. Starkweather - posted 01-99

ROMER - OneWorldTree shows Elizabeth Romer b. 30 Jul 1794 Delaware Co. Father Cornelius ROMER, mother Elizabeth MILLER. Seek ANY info on this family. Don Darms - posted 11-2005

RONK - I am looking for some information on Charles William Ronk. He was my grandfathers dad. I know he was born in Highland, NY around 1894 my grandfather George Henry Ronk was born in 1917. There is a story that Charles was killed when grandpa was a little boy. No one knows anything on this just that it happend and why. Which was Charles was seeing his bosses daughter (he worked on a farm I guess) and the dad of the girl did not like it so he murdered him. I have been searching and searching and nothing is coming of Charles William Ronk. Please help me! Johni Keesler - posted 04-2004

ROOD - My Gr, Gr, Great Grandfather Darius Rood was born in 1798 in NY and is found in the 1850 census living in Tompkins, Delaware, NY. He was married to Saphronier Rood and they had a son Daniel Rood who also had a farm in Tompkins, Delaware, NY. Does anyone have info on Darius, Daniel, Saphronier, their heirs, or their predecessors? Would be interested in hearing any info about this family. Thank you. Jim Roode - posted 01-2013

ROONEY - Trying to find out when John Patrick Rooney married Josephine DelPalo.Josephine died 12/4/1948 in Undilla, New York. - posted 08-2001

ROOT - I have spent many years trying to find the maiden name of my gg-grandmother Elenor Root. What I do know is she was born in Delaware Co. (Delhi) on June 2, 1821. I also know, from census records, that her parents came from CT. She had her first child (Harry V. Root) in 1837 in Bath, NY. She married David B. Root prior to 1837. I wondered if she had a connection to Erastus Rootof Delhi but I can't find an Elenor that fits among those Roots. David comes from Chenango. His father was Nicholas Root, Jr. originally from Great Barrington, MA. I would appreciate any information anyone might be able to provide. Eunice M. Bellinger - posted 01-2016

ROOT - Any information on Jeriel Root, farmer, teacher, and baptist minister, his wife Sarah Coleman, children Clarissa, Erastus, Phebe Emeril, Lucas, Lucia, Jeriel would be greatly appreciated. Vitals and land records especially desirable. Thanks. Peggy Calvert - posted 08-2000

ROOT - Denison Root-1785-aft1860. I am attempting to dtermine if Denison ROOT belongs in my family tree, and if so, how. Here is what I have found so far: Denison (Dennison) Root; 1810 census index, NY, Delaware Co., p 468; 20010-00100; Dennison Root 1830 census; age 40-50; Susquehanna Co.;Harmony twp; p.003 1840 census index, Susquehanna Co, Harmony, p. 377; as Denison Roots 1850 census; age 65; shoemaker; born NY; living with James Van Antwerp; Susquehanna Co., Harmony Twp.; Dwelling & Family 11; (Eunice Root, age 19 is living there also.) (Antwerp's wife is Hannah, age 30) 1860 census; age 75; shoemaker; zero real estate; $100 personal; born NY; living with James Van Antwerp in Susquehanna County, Oakland twp. (Antwerp's wife is Hannah, age 40) Somewhere I picked up the notion that his wife was Elizabeth Hale,sister of Emma Hale, first wife of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church. Can anyone help with Denison's parents? Children? Marriage date, place?Roger - posted 03-99

ROOT - I am interested in any information on Erastus Root. I know he was a Senator or Congressman from Delaware Co., but that's about all the info I can find on him. There's a possibility he's my ancestor, as Daniel Root (possibly his son?) is my 5th great grandfather. Any info is greatly appreciated! Robin Palmatier Gornell - posted 04-98

ROSA (ROOSA) – Seeking more information on the Rosa family of Walton. Benjamin ROSA and wife Maria "Polly B" BEARD moved from Ulster Co., NY to Walton in 1834.
1) Maria/Marie m. Frederick BRINK and lived in Ulster Co., NY.
2) Margaret (Peggy)
3) Catharina
4) Jan/John (NOTE: Documentation is needed to prove that John B ROSE who m. Rhoda MOORE & Lucinda HUNTINGTON (who lived in Tompkins and Deposit) is the son of Benjamin and Polly. )
5) Isaac m. Anna SWART and lived in Walton.
6) Jacobus/James m. Maria “Polly” BRINK & Catharina FRANCE WOOD and lived in Walton.
7) Rachel
8) Levi m. Betsey MOORE and lived in Hamden and in Chenango Co., NY
9) William m. Susan LEONARD & Jane RUSSELL and lived in Deposit, Hamden and Colchester.
10) Sally
Cindy Simmons - posted 02-2017

Also, in Jan., Ryan Rosa posted a query below. It took a couple of month of digging. He’s now officially part of the Rosa Family of Walton.

ROSA - My name is Ryan Rosa. I believe I have a couple ancestors buried in the Rosa Cemetery in Walton New York. I am trying to get any information on Benjamin Rosa along with any info on the cemetery itself. Thanks. Ryan Rosa - 01-2016

ROSE - I have a relative, James Rose, born 20 May 1740, Inverness, Scotland; died 25 May 1827, Kortright, NY and am looking for information on him. Did he fight in the American Revolution? Perhaps in the 2nd Regiment of New York, 3rd Company, commanded by Col. Philip Cortlandt, under Capt. Jonathan Hallett? He married Marjorie McIntosh (1747-1817) and she also died in Kortright, NY. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am doing this research for an aunt who is in failing health and she was instrumental in my interest in genealogy. Connie Anderson 392 W. Harbor View DriveCoeur d’Alene, ID 84814 208.664.1498 - 08-2018

ROSE - I am looking for information on Thomas Benton Rose, he was born Jan. 17, 1845 and is buried in Pea Brook Cemetery. His date of death is Feb. 29, 1932/33. He married Lillian Margaret Drumm, her dates are 1875-1931. They had Howard Thomas Rose who was born Nov 4 1898 in Long Eddy. Thomas Rose was in the Civil War NY PVT CO. K 6 NY HV ARTY.
(I'm picking up on my moms research that she has been doing on the Rose family. She had posted this back in 2001 and I'm still trying to figure out this line. Any info will be greatly appreciated. --Jennifer Snyder)Jennifer Snyder - - re-posted 12-2014

ROSE - Does anybody know where the Hugh Rose (immigrant from Dalcross and Croy area in Scotland) homestead was located on RB? Also where was son Hugh II house on RB? Where was grandson Hugh III's homestead on RB? Where was great-grandson James Hugh's homestead located near Bloomville? I know where great-great-grandson Frank S.'s homestead is on RB! The Rose guest house at Kilvarock in Scotland maybe of interest to different people. Also the Rose family website run by Christine Rose is a great resource.Sam Pattison - posted 01-2010

ROSE - I am seeking information on the families of Mary Rose and husband, Reuben Smith. Their first child, Friend W. Smith, was born April 5, 1831 in Schoharie County (probably Jefferson). Mary's father is possibly Alexander Rose. Reuben is son of John Smith (b. 1807) and Amy Thornton (b. 1805).Richard Kent Smith - posted 09-2007

ROSE/CRIPPEN - I am trying to find a marriage record for John ROSE and Rhoda CRIPPEN. John was b 20 Sep. 1772, the son of Wilhelm ROOS and Elizabeth SCHOOLCRAFT in Schoharie Co. NY. On the 1800 census they are in Colchester, Delaware Co.with one daughter, living next to Rhoda's parents, Roswell CRIPPEN. Any help appreciated. Betty Gregory - posted 03-2006

ROSE - Looking for info on Moses Rose, wife Sally Newton, lived in Griffins Corners (now Fleishmanns) between 1845-1855. Children George E. (b.1845), Anzine (b.1847), Anziller ("Zeal", b. 1848), and Horatio (b.abt 1851). Any help appreciated. Bob Rose - posted 09-2009

ROSE - Looking for any info on Moses Rose (b.1810), wife Sally (Newton) Rose (b.1825), children George E. (b.1845), Anzine (aka Auzene; b. 1847), Anziller (aka Zeal, b. 1848), Horatio (b.1851), Estella (b.?). Family appeared in the 1850 Federal Census Delaware County, Middletown. Bob Rose - posted 09-2009

ROSE/HIDECKER - The following obituary was found in the 3 Apr 1924 issue of the WINDHAM JOURNAL newspaper. Matthias ROSE, whose sickness was mentioned in these items, passed away last week. His funeral was held at his late residence last Thursday. Interment at Grand Gorge. He leaves a very lonely, broken hearted widow, also one sister, a niece, a nephew and neighbors and friends to mourn. Matthias Rose died 24 Mar 1924. Looking for assistance in locating his burial site, and that of his wife Eleanor (Ella) E HIDECKER Rose who died 16 Sep 1946. Sherri Minozzi - posted 04-2005

ROSE - I am looking for information on Thomas Benton Rose, he was born Jan. 17, 1845 and is buried in Pea Brook Cemetery. His date of death is Feb. 29, 1932/33. He married Lillian Margaret Drumm, her dates are 1875-1931. They had Howard Thomas Rose who was born Nov 4 1898 in Long Eddy. Thomas Rose was in the Civil War NY PVT CO. K 6 NY HV ARTY. Vesti Snyder - posted 10-2001

ROSE - Looking for Seth b. 1845 & Estella (Stella Beagle or Bengle b. 1848) Rose who lived in McClure Settlement 1770-79 as census showed. Had one son Elmer b. 1875. Estella moved to Binghamton and remarried Frank Rush . No other info on them. Ann Marie Rose - posted 11-98

ROSE - Looking for any information on Donald (also called Daniel) Rose (1769/1771-1830) and his wife, Elizabeth (GRANT) Rose who came from Scotland to Rose's Brook, Delaware County area around 1800 later moving to Albany, NY. Thank you. Marie M. Davis - posted 09-2003

ROTH - I am looking for information on Edward and Mary Roth. They lived in Delaware Co., NY (mostly in the town of Franklin) from about 1800 until approximately 1830. They had at least 2 sons, David and Solomon. David was born in Franklin in 1811. Lynne Alvord - posted 11-99

ROUNDY - My mother, Mae Roundy, lived in Vega app. 1922. She met a man there by the name of James Earl. Would like to know more about them both. Connie - posted 06-2001

ROURKE - Seeking information regarding male offspring of Thomas (1820-1887) and Bridgett Rourk (1831- ? ) also seen as Rook, O'Rourke. They are buried in Long Flat Cemetery, Town of Hancock, NY. Had son James born abt 1852 and in Hancock in 1880. After that we lose track of him. Also son Thomas born abt 1859. Ed and Tina Pabst - posted 02-2009

ROWE - My Gr-Gr- Grandparents were Harmon C. Rowe (b abt 1810, died after 1860) and his wife, Helen Colepaugh. Harmon was listed on the 1860 NYS census for Chemung Co., NY, Town of Veteran. Trying to find out where they were from before (or after) that date. Both born in NYS. Helen prob. died bef 1860. I know of two of their children: my gr-grandfather, Abram Rowe (1847-1907) and his sister, Sarah Rowe (b.1842, died aft 1860). Abram married Catherine Charlotte Barber and lived in Millport, Town of Veteran, Chemung Co., NY . Names of their children are: James, Ella,Samuel, George, Asa (my grandfather), and possibly George. I have seen the name Harmon Rowe in the Delaware Co. databases but dates and wife's name do not match. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who might have info about this family. Pat Stone - posted 09-2001

ROWE - Looking for info on ROWE family living near Harpersfield, Meredith or Kortright about1820-1850. Dtr. Catherine married Charles Gilbert BURRELL (b 5 Jul 1828 in Delaware Co., NY) and maybe her brother who married Susan Ann Burrell (b 31 Oct 1837 in Delaware Co., NY) Believe another daughter, Mary/Aimee may have married my ggrandfather, John B. Burrell (b 20 Jun 1834 in Delaware Co., NY). John B. Burrell served in 21st MO Inf in the Civil War and died in 1870 in Stronghurst, Henderson Co.,IL -- 2 children: George (b 2 Jul 1865) and Aimee (1868?). George was my grandfather. Any information would be appreciated. Lee Johnson - posted 02-2000

ROWE - Peter Rowe Delaware Co. early 1800s. NY state. Helen Shanahan - posted 06-99

ROWE - I am looking for any information I can find on my Grandmother Kathryn Mae Rowe (b: June 6, 1918 - d: Dec. 1, 1978) she was married to William Germond. Daughter of Ephriam Rowe and Belle Munson. I have some information mostly decendents need ancestors. Christine Wyatt - posted 04-99

ROWE - I am at a dead end looking for any info, can you help? ROWE, Charles Ogden - born 26 Jan 1825 Delaware Co. NY. Harlan Hogue - posted 12-97

ROWLAND - Amos Keith (age 80) living with son in law "Ira" Rowland in Davenport in 1860 census. Looking for info on dau Jane Rowland age 52. Gerald Keith - posted 02-2006

ROWLAND - Looking for info on Samuel ROWLAND and Mary HARKNESS who had several children bap. at the Gilchrist Mem. Church in the 1810's and '20s' particularly interested in Mary. John Hutchins - posted 03-2003

ROWLEY - Looking for documentation that Moses Rowley b. 19 September 1784 in Greene County NY was the son of Daniel Rowley b. 6 April 1752 in Kent Ct.They both are listed in the Baptist Church records in the early 1800's at Franklin, NY. The Church records only list both individuals but do not specify relationships.Ronald Rowley - posted 02-2011

ROWLEY - I am looking for the descendants of David Bonesteel born Jan. 27, 1765 / Died Oct. 15, 1854, Son of Johan David Bonesteel & Anna Barbara Hagedorn. From Claverack/Pine Plains New York area. David married Hannah Rowley (Anna Rowley) and they had a daughter named Polly I just recently discovered a Charles Rowley and his wife and children Polly, Olive, Hannah and Moses, who in 1808 were members of the (Baptist Church of Christ, Franklin, Delaware Co. N.Y.) I believe this may be the parents of Polly. Any information you can offer will be appreciated. Carol Stuart - posted 06-2005

RUEZ - Looking for any informationPaul Ruez - posted 03-2007

RUFF/RUEF - Seeking info on gr grandfather, Anton BOSSLEY's first wife Magdalena RUEF of Hunters Point m 19 Aug 1871. Is Hunters Point an old town name in Delaware County? Maybe had a brother Henry. Holly Bossley - posted 06-2002

RUNDEL - Seeking information on Mary Catherine GAVITT and Ruebon RUNDEL who married Abt 1835. Looking to find out who were their parents and thelocation where they originated from. It apprears that there may be a connection to a Charles SOULES, as Mary and Ruebon were his g-g-grandparents as they are for me. It was only through Joyce's data on the cemetery removals from Cannondville Reservoir that I located this link. Any assistance would be deeply appreciated. Alan Malz - posted 06-97

RUSS - Would like to hear from anyone researching this family name. Lorrie Russ - posted 03-99

RUSSELL/FISH - I’m updating my genealogy sources and discovered that I am missing sources for the birth and death dates of Ann Elizabeth (Fish) RUSSELL. I have a birth date of 15 Sep 1841 and a death date of 21 Jul 1884. She was the wife of Wilson Russell. Please advise if anyone has sources for these two dates.Richard Dodge - posted 03-2015

RUSSELL - Looking for information on the wife (Lettie Russell) of Charles Eggleston. Charles was born 1855. He lived in Tompkins, Delaware County. I have no information on Lettie. Thank you for any help. - posted 01-2013

RUSSELL - REED/BROUGHTON? - There are family trees showing Mary Ann Russell, b. 1825, Platskill, Delaware County, having a child, Erastus, b. 1848, father unknown. One family tree includes a David Broughton as a spouse, no additional information. It is well established that she was married to Orrin Reed, having three children with him. Their family also includes Erastus Reed, formerly Erastus Russell (1850 Census). Is it possible that David Broughton was the biological father of Erastus? Harry Miller - posted 01-2009

RUSSELL - The 1850 U.S. Fed. Census for Hamden, Delaware, New York, lists the William Russell Family. He was born abt. 1790 in Scotland. The family lists two persons of interest. First, Mary A. Russell, b. abt. 1825, Plattskill, Delaware, New York, who married Orrin Reed, b. 15 Oct 1834, in Roxbury, Delaware, New York. The second Russell family member of interest is Erastus Russell, age 2 (1850), apparently born abt. 1848. The first census of the Orrin Reed/Mary Ann Russell Family, which was 1860 for Cincinnatus, Cortland, New York, lists Erastus Reed, age 13. It appears as if this Erastus is the same one listed in Russell Family. My question, was Mary A. Russell the birth mother of Erastus? We have not been able to answer this question. 585-334-1008Harry Miller - posted 01-2009

RUSSELL - Searching for information on Wesley R. Russell who married Minnie Bertz daughter of Eugene Bertz and Deborah Stowe. Any information on the Russell line beginning with Wesley greatly appreciated. He is my brick wall since 1997. Kathie Volante - posted 10-2006

RUSSELL - Looking for info on Julia Palmatier Brasee Russell, the 3rd wife of William Taylor Russell. He was born 1820, died 1905. She was born 1841, died 1925. Lived in Colchester. Dan Stifflear - posted 06-2005

RUSSELL - Looking for info on Russell family from Cannonsville, Tompkins Township. Fred Russell was a minister c1890s. His sons were Charles (my grandfather), Asa, William (Harmonica Bill) Russell. Please contact me if you have any info. Jack Doescher - posted 01-2005

RUSSELL - Need any info and ancestors of my gr-grandmother, Jane Leonora Russell. b. 12 Nov 1820, Town of Bovina: d. 26 Jun 1913, Cannonsville. Frank R. Hathaway - posted 04-2004

RUSSELL - I'm looking for anyone connected to my g-g-g-grandmother, Jenette (Jeanette?) Russell Weaver. She was born in 1818 in Delaware Co. NY, I believe, and she married James Weaver. They had three children, at least: Emeline (Ernestine?), Ransom and James Frank. I'd like to discover who her parents and siblings as well as grandparents were. For many years they lived in the Andes/Shavertown area. Beverly - posted 05/2003

RUSSELL - The obit for Thomas D. RUSSELL (20 June 1937) says he was "a prominent farmer of Glenburnie, and all his life a Delhi resident." Is Glenburnie a specific location in Delhi or Delaware County or is it the name of his farm? I lean towards the latter, but would like to be sure.Tom Park - posted 11-2000

RUSSELL - My great grandfather, Walter Matthew Russell, was born in Walton 2/23/1869. His parents were, I believe, Matthew Russell and Mary Sanderson, though I do not have any more information on this couple. Walter had an older brother named William. Walter's first wife was Katherine Isabella Davidson (12/4/1872-10/25/1903) of Hamden, daughter of George William Davidson and Esther Graham. When she died he married my great grandmother, Julia Swinnerton of Plainfield, VT. I would be very grateful for any information on what line of the Russells Walter came from, as well as information about my Sanderson forbears.Andy Bowen - posted 12-15-99

RUSSELL - My brick wall is James RUSSELL b. in Scotland, died May 13,1809, married to Sarah. His son Matthew was born 1774 in Scotland, settled in Bovina and then New Kingston. They may have come from Glasgow, Scotland around 1800. Any help? Kim DePew - posted 03-99

RUSSELL - I am looking for anyone who has information on the Mathew and Ester Russell family that lived in Delaware Co. NY in the Early 1800's. Linda Lohrum - posted 11-98

RUTAN - I am trying to locate the obituary notice of Anna Rutan. I believe she passed away within the past 15 years in Delhi. Her last address was on Meridith St. She is buried in Delhi. If you have any background on the Rutan's from Delhi, I would appreciate you sending me an E-mail. I am also researching the Rockefeler, Howe and Maxwell names. - posted 08-2001

RUTESHOUSER - Am searching for information on Charles B(ush) Ruteshouser b 6/11/1876 d 1949 married Caroline (Carrie) E. Cantwell b 1880 d 1954. Together they had one natural son: Edward Lewis Ruteshouser b 1/1903 and adopted one daughter Virginia b 1919. Believe his family lived in the Roxbury/Delhi area. Need any info on parents and ancestors. All help appreciated. Debby Sprechman - posted 09-2004

RUTHERFORD - I have information to share on the Rutherford family.Carol Wissmann - posted08-2001

RYDER - Hannah Ryder (Rider) b. 22 July 1823 Delaware Co, d.15 May 1900 left NY withparents in 1842 m.31 Dec 1844 Schuyler RANSOM want to exchange info! Bill Scholtes - posted 12-97

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