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MACDONALD - I am writing to try and locate some of our old family possessions over the years every thing has been scattered to the winds and well i would like to locate some thing from the family history. I am primarily trying to locate the old family bible this has our entire family history in it and seem to have diapered. I am also seeking help in locating some butter boxes from the old creamy located on the farm. I have all ready located one of our old milk cans from the farm with the initials JT Mac for John T. MacDonald but it is in poor condition so i'm always looking for another (this was generously given to me and my father Richard McDonald son of William McDonald of Hamden by the current owners of the farm). Scott Flint McDonald - posted 05-2010

MACGIBBON - Looking for information on George MacGibbon who lived in Delaware County (Andes, NY area) around 1850. Thanks. Ann Laing - posted 08-2009

MACGIBBON - Gr.Grandparents, Forrest Laing MacGibbon and Harriet Rose MacLaury MacGibbon were located nearby in Sullivan County (Monticello and Liberty) in 1912 and may have had origins or ties in Delaware County. Children: Forrest, Malcolm(my grandfather-b. 11/22/1887), Milton, Jean. Would appreciate any help. Cannot find any information. - posted 04-2000

MACGIBBON - Looking for descendants of Walter (William) McGibbon who emigrated from Scotland and settled in Delaware County in 1804; married Janet Belfrage Ralph, a widow with two children. Their children were John, William, Katherine, Rachel, Rebecca, Isabella, and Walter. Walter and Janet were buried in Cannonsville. Catherine T. Maloney - posted 05-98

MACGLAFLIN - Looking for connection to MacGlaflin family. Elizabeth married Aaron Shew and her brother married Aaron's first wife. They were from Scotland. Any help would be appreciated. Paula Allen Clark - posted 01-99

MACGREGOR - I am trying to search for the Masonic Lodge Records to find my grandfather and grandmother. Their names are Ernest MacGregor,and Elsie MacGregor. He was a Mason and my grandmother was an Evening Star. I don’t know the exact dates of their deaths but maybe Elsie died in 1958 ?. And my grandfather in the 60’s or 1970’s. Any response will be greatly appreciated. Mary MacGregor - posted 12-2020

MACK - I am looking in Delaware County for info on Orlando Mack b. 1803. His parents were supposedly Orlando Mack and Abigail. Orlando. He later moved to Summit Co. OH and had a son, George. Mary Sue Lutz - posted 09-2004

MACKEY - James S., born in Delaware Co. NY in 1820. He married Louisa Voorhees around 1843. After marriage, James and Louisa moved to Gilboa, Schoharie Co., NY. James was a stone mason. James and Louisa appeared in the Gilboa Census through 1870 (Louisa appears in the 1880 as a widow). I have just found that James died 3 Feb 1875 in Cooperstown, NY. Am interested in any further info regarding James and Louisa. Also am interested in finding more data on their daughter Melissa who married William Bull. Joyce Riedinger - posted 03-2002

MACKEY - Looking for information on Urion MACKEY of Delaware Cty, NY, also looking for Sniffin JENKINS of Delaware Cty, NY. Other surnames I am interested in from Delaware Cty, NY affilated with the Mackey's and Jenkins are BOOKHOUT, any information on these surnames and family lines would be greatly appreciated. I will be glad to share any information I may have. Hope to find links to other's of these lines. Jolene Osmun - posted 07-97

MACLEAN - My father-in-law was born in Beerston in 1926 on June 2nd. He's not exactly sure since no one has ever been able to find a birth certificate for him. He doesn't know for sure that he was born in Beerston but that's what he's heard. There was a doctor, William George Smith that delivered him and he was named after him. His name is William George MacLean and his father and grandfather are Harry and Daniel MacLean (I don't have my notes so I can't remember which is the father). Can you help me? I really would like to give my father-in-law a copy of his birth certificate for christmas this year (if possible) since he has never seen one of his. Any information you might be able to help me with would be great. Debbie MacLean - posted 09-2000

MACLEAN - Alice or James of S. Kortright NY. - posted 03-2000

MACMILLAN - I am looking for information about Albert MacMillan son of William and Christiana MacMillan.He had two brothers, John D. and Willaim B. and two sisters Edith ( Mrs. John B. Taylor ) and __________ (Mrs. John Herrick) both of Watertown NY. Janice MacMillan - posted 10-2000

MACOMBER/McUmber - Looking for information on Christopher Macomber, lived in the Bovina area 1820-1840. Children married into these families: Snell, Baker, Northrup, Elijah, Reynolds and Russell. Christopher came from Cambridge, Washington Co. Looking for his parents, could be Gideon Macomber. Tom L. Sawyer - posted 03-99

MacCOMBER/MacCUMBER - Seeking any info. on Elizabeth Roxana [Drake, Smith] MacComber/MacCumber, b. Dec. 1865, Hopewell, NJ, died [? 1930's ?] in Fleischmann's, NY. MacComber was her second husband, m. sometime after 1903. Her children were Theodore Howard Smith (1890-1966) and Gertrude Smith [Speenbergh?] Marian Smith - posted 04-97

MADDEN & NICHOLS - I am looking for information on the family of George and Sarah NICHOLS, who lived in Franklin from at least 1850 to 1910. Both were born in Ireland, and Sarah's birth date is about 1818. They had at least two children: George S. Nichols and Sophia Elizabeth or Eliza Sophia Nichols, who was born in New York around January 1843. In 1862, Sophia married Robert MADDEN, who had immigrated from Ireland around 1856. Their son George N. Madden was born in January 1863 and married Mary, who was from New Jersey, around 1889. They had four children, all born in New Jersey, but continued regularly to visit family in Delaware County: Catherine B. Madden (b. July 1890), who married Daniel O'Hare; Robert William Madden (b. Dec. 1891), who married Helen Flaherty; Mary Elizabeth Madden (b. April 1894); and Sophia Agnes Madden (b. Jan. 1896), who married Nicholas John CAFARELLI, an attorney. Sophia and Nicholas are my husband's grandparents. Thank you for any help you can provide! Lesley K. Cafarelli - posted 04-2015

MADSEN - I'm looking for the address of my grandfather's old farm in South Kortright, along Roses Brook, where my mother was brought up, and I worked during haying season as a kid. Can you help me locate it. His name was Peter Madsen, and he lived there through the 30's 40's 50's and 60's. I think he sold it in about 1970, or so. - posted 06-2010

MAFFETT(MAFFITT)- Looking for Birthdate of Seth MAFFETT buried in East Branch NY. Died 1/30/1901 in East Branch. Father was George Maffett, Mother was Lydia WILLEY. Seth's Wife was Anna MILLER Born 1/8/1860, died 1/1/1929 also from Delaware Co. and buried in East Branch. Her parents were Squire A.J. Miller and Louisa BARBER. Jim Barbehenn - posted 05-98

MAIN - I would like to share information on William Wallace MAIN (1828-1891, born in Connecticut) and his wife Elizabeth HAIGHT (1836-1882). They were married in the 1850's and lived for the later half of that century in Rock Valley in the town of Hancock. I do not know of any children- possibly from William's supposed re-marriage. --Collin Haight (note: Collin passed away 26 December 2007)

MALLOCH or MALLOCK - Looking for the first evidence of John Malloch, father of John Malloch b 1803 in NY and Sarah also b NY. The first I have of the son is in 1820 in Delhi, Delaware NY. I have John's the father will as an attachment here, but I cannot fine a record of him. The will was written in 1826. Do you have any records of this person. They were in Andes by 1840. Janet Malloch - posted 07-2004

MALLORY - I am seeking any and all information on Charles Mallory. My 2nd great grandfather was Charles Mallory. He was born somewhere in New York state between 1835 and 1845. At some point around 1868-1869 he married to Harriette Belle Silloway. She was born 26 Nov 1847 at China (now Arcade), Wyoming Co., N.Y. the daughter of William and Grace Prudence (Davis) Silloway. In 1870, I can locate Charles Mallory, his wife Harriette and their son, Carl Clayton Mallory bn. 31 May 1870 in Missouri, residing at Jasper Twp., Jasper Co., Mo. listed as post office Carthage, Mo. Charles has given his occupation as carpenter and painter. On 13 Nov 1876, Harriette Belle Mallory marries second at Eaton Rapids, Eaton Co., Mi. to Albert C. Darling. In the History of Eaton Co., a brief biography of Albert states that the husband of his second wife, Belle was Charles Mallory and that he had died in Missouri. Two sisters and a brother of Belle were already living in Michigan. No death record can be found for Charles at Jasper Co. Missouri as records were not kept there that early. After scouring the census records between 1850 and 1880 for the state of NY and coming up with many Charles Mallorys that fit the age criteria for my Charles; I can eliminate most because they either died before 1870 or are still in the various town in 1880 or were married to someone else in 1870. There is a Charles W. Mallory, bn 1843 in Hamden, Delaware Co., the son of William and Frances Mallory. In 1850, this father gives his occupation as a carpenter. In 1860, he is now a farmer and Charles is listed as a student. In 1870, Charles is gone. I have perused the Delaware Co. site and see no record of Charles showing up after 1860. Is it possible that this is my Charles? The distance between Delaware and Wyoning Counties seems to be a great ways and I have no explaination as to how these two young people would have met; but so far, this Charles seems to be my best bet. Any help appreciated. Are there cemetery records available for Hamden? Could William have left a will? Cindy Leutz - posted 06-2006

MALLORY - Ancestory starts with Adna Mallory. Along the branches of Ira Mallory (1792 - 1871) m. Laurene Betts (1795 - 1872). William Mallory m. Julia Ann Launt. Frank Launt Mallory (8 Mar 1873 - 28 Jan 1928) m. Kathryn Beele Launt (16 Mar 1872 - 25 Nov 1942) both of Mallory Brook. Had the cider mill and saw mill on corner of River Road and Mallory Brook. Olive Fances Mallory (8 Mar 1909) m. Ralph Lynnwood Boyd (7 Jun 1908 - 22 Apr 1996). Bruce Boyd - posted 04-2005

MALLORY - My interest is in Adna Mallory's five children, especially Mary who was married to Jared Chace and died in the second year of her marriage. I believe Mary was my wife's My record showsthat Mary had 2 children with Jared: Abby & Edith. I have info on Abby, but nothing on Edith.I have photos of Mary, Abby & Edith. I would appreciate any help or guidance toward finding info on Mary & Edith. see obituary dated 2 Mar 1895 George Rodrigues - posted 11-2002

MANDEVILLE - Do you know anything about a gentleman by the name of Rev. Sumner Mandeville? My father in law gave me a book that was written about him printed in Bainbridge by Republican Power Pressers in 1882 and published by Rev. P.Q. Wilson. My father in law seems to think this gentleman might be a relative since his father's brother (who died as a baby) was named after him. Any info would be a help. Rose Willes - posted 02-99

MANN - Looking for information regarding Nina Mann, dau. of Harry and Nellie Spencer Mann. Possibly died in late 1970's in either So. Delaware Co. or No. Sullivan. Sandra Furgerson - posted 04-2007

MANN - Does anyone know about the Barnum, Mann, or Bligh families there in Delaware County at one time? A Ruhama Barnum was married to a Wm Mann, they are buried in the MORE cemetery in Roxbury, not sure where the stone is. Wer'e trying to find out more about the background of Ruhama Barnum Mann and Wm. Mann. Was there an Amy Bligh (maiden name was Avery) buried there in that same MORE cemetery, around 1827? Were there other members of the Barnum, Mann, and Bligh families there in Delaware County at one time? Marilyn - posted 11-2001

MANN - Looking for information about Oliver H. and Jane A. (Kellogg Smith) Mann. They are burried in the Quaker Burying Ground, Morris, NY. I am trying to connect Mornington Oscar Mann to them as a son and Worden Kellogg Mann as a grandson. Also, I'm seeking information about their parentage. They lived also in Cortland and Delaware Counties. Their children were: Betsy, Martha, Emeline, Nancy, Josephine, Caroline, Frances, Phero, and 3-4 other sons. Mary LeBlanc - posted 05-97

MARSAN - Any info on Gerard Roland Marsan. Last resided in N.Y., County Delaware, Town Middletown, City or Village (not sure of spelling) Arpoille? Died 3/17/56 in Margaretville Hospital, buried in Dowie Cemetary, New Kingston, NY. Any help would be appreciated. Anita Marsan - posted 03-99

MARSH - I am searching for info on Lorinda Marsh, b. 8-15-1815, in Hancock, Delaware County, N.Y. I would like to know this lady's parents, siblings, etc. She died in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois on 11-13-1843. She was married to an Alvin Harr, or Horr, and had at least 1 child, Dyantha, who was my grandmother's grandmother. This lady's name (Lorinda) has been passed down for several generations, and I am also very interested in the origins of the name. LJ - posted 07-99

MARSHALL - I am looking for information on William Henry Marshall and his wife Prudy Ann Ingraham (about 1833- before 1895). I have a census record that says that their parents were born in NY and they were in Sullivan County in 1850, and they show up in the Thomas White 1895 Biographical Review. Family records show William & Pruda Ann lived at Elk Creek in Delhi, NY In 1875. If you have any additional information I would be very interested. Dawn Fleming - posted 06-2012

MARSHALL - My name is Kenneth Marshall and I live near Glasgow it Scotland. My father Andrew, when he died left in his effects a letter dated March 15th 1860 from a Rev William Marshall who was at that time was residing with his brother Andrew's widow who had been Postmaster at Cabin Hill in Delaware County. I do not know the relationship between thr Rev. William Marshall and my father but wonder if there is anyone in your society who is related to Andrew or his son James who took over the position of Postmaster on the death of his father. My e-mail address is Hoping to hear some contact. Ken Marshall - posted 04-2007

MARSICO - I am searching on behalf of a loved one and who is seeking any information and available documentation (photos, records, documents) on John Marsico, his great-grandfather. John Marsico, born in 1882, migrated from Chiaramonte, Italy to Walton, NY in 1903. John Marsico worked for the O&W RR and was killed in 1919, leaving behind his wife Catherine (Caterina) and their 6 children. Descendants of John Marsico still live in Walton, but information on great-grandfatherJohn Marsico are very limited. Wondering if anyone can help. Any information or leads would be extremely appreciated. Michelle Esposito - posted 06-2007

MARTIN - Trying to locate grave of Theresa Martin, Born April 29, 1959, dies two days later. She was put in the "baby cemetery" in Margaretville by Mr. Herrick. Does anyone know where this is or about any records? E. Martin - posted 07-2003

MARVIN - Harriet Sophia-bp. 05.Jun.1831 - to a Lewis MARVIN and wife at the First Congregaeional Church in Walton,NY.--per Baptisms:Book 2..Also to these parents were Adeline- bp. same date; Francis-bp. 02.Sep.1832; and an Albert Barns MARVIN-bp. 05.Nov.1837. Lewis MARVIN,s wife at the last baptism is called Polly. I think she may have been a [WEED].Two questions: 1-Was POLLY a WEED? 2-I h ave a 3-gr-grmo. given name Harriet and have never found her surname, but in two sources she is termed HARRIET M. My HARRIET married c. 1845 A. EVERETT. A ?first? child was born in 1848-a daughter Elizabeth H. plus others including my ancestor- Thomas Benjamin EVERETT-b. Sidney in 1850.QUESTION--Does any MARVIN or other researcher have knowledge of a marriage for the above Harriet Sophia MARVIN bp. in 1831 in Walton ? C.J.Sheldon - posted 06-2007

MARVIN - Seeking information on the descendants of Cora Belle MARVIN. She was born in Walton on 17July 1865 to Nathaniel Curtis MARVIN and Julia FITCH. She married Jacob TER KUILE 17 December 1886. Robbie ter Kuile - posted 06-99

MARVIN - Jeremiah Marvin md Phoebe Jane Lake at Meredith 24 Feb 1830 she was from Meredith and he was from Kortright. She was born 22 Aug 1809 in Delaware. Looking for anything on who her family was. Jeremiah was born in Cornwell, CT 17 Feb 1803 to Seth Marvin and Sally. Seth settled in Deleware and md 20 Amaranda, last name unknown. Several of the younger children attributed to her. She is buried at Greene, Chenango Co., abt 1854. Marriage date for this one? or anything about her and her children-Jahiel, Clarinda, Henry? Donna Davis - posted 11-98

MASON - I'm helping a descendant of Roswell Peake and Mary Jane Mason search her roots. We're having luck with the Peakes but are stuck on the Masons. I've identied the father of Mary Jane. He was James Mason who emigrated from Ireland in 1782 with wife and 6 children. He initially settled in Schoharie Co., NY which is contiguous to that of Delaware, but eventually settled in Delaware Co. What we're searching for are his and his unidentified wife's origins. Namely, does anyone of the extended family have information on: 1. Who James Mason's wife was, including her maiden name? when she was born, married and died? Where in Ireland she was from? (county, parish?) 2. Who James Mason's parents were? when/where he was born, married, died? I was hoping that with the 71 reunions over the years that some in the extended families would have some of the above information. My friend descends from Eleazer Peake born 15 Oct 1821 in Hamden. He married in 1846, fought in the Civil War and died an early death due to wounds in the conflict in 1873 in Franklin, Nebraska. Beau Chapman - posted 07-2009

MASON - James Mason immigrated from Ireland in 1782 with wife and 6 children, settled in Delaware co., NY, (Hamden, Andes, Delhi) James is on census, 1790,1800,1810,1820, then gone. Children: Robert, md Anna Ward; William, George md, Phebe Stevens; James 2nd, md. Sarah More; Jane md Roswell Peake; Mary md George Tiffany; Ruben; 4 more children, no names. Rec say James had brother William and Richard, both settled NY or Penn. Need any info, especially wife and other childrens names; burial place of parents. Diane Lockman - posted 06-99

MASON - I am seeking specific information on the forebears of Richard Mason, born September 1, 1823. He married Margret Theresa Armstrong on October 11, 1846, and died February 4, 1889, in Delhi. I believe he was a life-long resident of Delaware County, New York. Specifically, I would like to identify the parents and grandparents of Richard Mason. I would also like to know what church the man attended, and where he is buried. Tyler L. Mason- posted 01-2005

MASON - Searching for the family of William G Mason b- Apr 30 1828 in Hamden, Delaware Cty., N.Y. wife Charlotte Bradley, 8 children. Nancy, William, Catherine, Edwin H, Ida S., Charles A., Mary A.,. Mason Mary married Dixon George b-1861 PA. Searching any info Mason. Dotty Schmidt - posted 01-99

MASON - Seeking data/descendants of James Mason who came to Delhi, Delaware County, before 1795, with grown son, George. His daughter Mary married Roswell Peak/e. Audrey C. Rider - posted 11-97

MATHEWS - Thomas Mathews (b: 1805) m. 2. Sarah Jane Gregory (b:1819) Both likely born and definitely resided until their deaths in Andes, Delaware Co., NY. Offspring: Rancelar (b: 1850) , Hannah (b: 1835), Cyrus (b: 1840), Richard (b: abt. 1839), Charles Wesley (b: 1840), Phebe (b: abt. 1843), James M. (b: abt. 1845), and Eli (b: 1847-1848). Looking for further information. Arlana Juarez - posted 10-2002

MATHEWS - Trying to find out if Charles Mathews and Charles Wakeman Mathews are one in the same. Information I have points to this person comming from Oswago NY and born on January 25, 1844. Died on August 1, 1912. Was married to Delila Ann Hall of Defiance Co. Ohio on Oct 14, 1877. Also have found a Charles W. Mathews who was in the 144 regiment of the NY State Volunteers in Delaware C. Delhi NY. This person might be my great grandfather. I have hit a wall and can find no other information. Any help would be appreciated. Sandra Pearson - posted 03-2001

MATHEWS - Seeking genealogy information for John W. (c.1829-1904) and Mary A. (nee BECKATTS?, c.1839-1904) of Hobart. Children included Georgianna (born about 1859-?, m. Bertram KNAPP of Hobart), Emma (c.1861-?), and Jennie (c.1863-?). John and Mary were born in Ireland and first appeared in Del. County census records as living in Kortright in 1860. Any information that can be provided about this family, particularly place of origin in Ireland, will be most appreciated by Georgianna's g-grandson John McMenamy.) John Levchuk - posted 01-2001

MATHEWS - Would appreciate info on Margaret Mathews- born 31 Oct. 1805 Windham, Greene Co, NY; married Asahel Phelps, 24 May _? They lived in Frasier Station on what is now the Burgen (sp) farm.Thanks for any info as I know nothing about Margaret. Cheryl Flansburg - posted 02-2003

MATTESON - I have seen it written as MATTERSON and MADISON also ... but anyway, I am looking for information on an Amanda born circa 1840 ... she was the third and final wife of George Henry GARDNER, Sr (1823-1889) of Deposit, NY ... they are buried together in Laurel Bank Cemetery in Deposit ... her stone has a lot of writing on it, all washed away years ago by acid rain unfortunately ... except for the date of death of May 13, 1904 ... she collected a widows pension for his service in the Civil War ... and I have noticed that there is always a flag on both their graves after the Memorial Day flag placements ... she and George were married 16 Nov 1867 in Deposit and she raised his two sons George Henry GARDNER, Jr. and Samuel Rose GARDNER ... any information would be very appreciated. John A. Aiello - posted 10-2003

MATTESON - Searching families and info of Moran J. Matteson, MD, b.3/9/1814, who is my His daughter Ida May Matteson married John H.BUMP 12/23/83 and are my Mat. g-grandparents. Carolyn Dellwo - posted 06-97

MATHEWS/MATTHEWS - Seeking information on Olive MATHEWS/MATTHEWS who was born May 1843 in Andes and died March 30, 1919 in Oneonta and was buried in Halcott. She first married with William H. Lake (born 1840 in NY and died Oct. 9, 1864 in City Point, Va). She married for a second time with Peter Hanley (born 1828 and died 1891 and is buried in Halcott). She married for a third time, Tobias Lane on Sept. 25, 1892 in Shandaken. She spent most of her life in the Andes area. Mary Ann Tapey - posted 11-2005

MATTHEWS - I am trying to find information regarding my grandfather Frederick Matthews who's buried in Covesville cemetery. Died in 1950's . He was married (I think) to Nellie Alton, later Barley. That union produced my mother, Laura Barley. The only other names I have are Frederick's brother is George Matthews and I believe there was a sister Marie Shoop. They were supposed successful farmers and had property in Townsend Hollow area. Roots were from Holland. Any suggestions to help point me in the right direction would be appreciated. Frederick Cohane - posted 02-2002

MATTHEWS - HAGADORN and BECKER - Looking for and hoping to share info abt the following persons included in Delaware & Schoharie County Cemetery reinterments during early 1900s:
Charley (Charles) MATTHEWS (1848-1857) and sister, Malissa E. MATTHEWS (1839-1857), first bur in "Old Arena Cemetery" and removed to Pepacton City Cemetery (making way for Pepacton Resevoir). Death notice in Bloomfield Minor newspaper; Malissa Matthews, d. 7/26/1857, Clarks' Factory. Can anyone tell me more about Pepacton & "Clark's Factory"?
Also, Phebe Matthews HAGADORN, (1837-1891), Cemetery Reinterments, from Gilboa, Schoharie Co. to Stamford, Delaware Co, person responsible for removal: Mary H. Becker, daughter. Phebe, Malissa & Charley were ch. of William & Mary (ALLEN) MATTHEWS, to Middletown, Delaware County, from Greene County, NY between 1850 & 1855. After the deaths of Malissa and Charley and sometime before 1865, this family moved to Lee, Carroll, & Ogle Co., IL. Phebe married Frank HAGADORN in Ogle Co.IL in Sept of 1865. Apparently they, or at least Phebe, returned to NY. - posted 02-2001

MATTHEWS - I am looking for any info about Thomas Matthews and his wife Sarah Jane Gregory. They were born and spend their whole lives in Delaware and County NY in the early 1800's. One of their sons was Charles Wesley Matthews, b. 1840 in Delaware Co. and died 1916. Charles Wesley married Angelica Shaver. I can't seem to get any further back than Thomas and Sarah, and I don't have any other info about them except that my line is from England. I have lots of info on descendants. Shari - posted 05-99

MATTHEWS - I am looking for any info about Thomas Matthews and his wif Sarah Jane Gregory. They were born and spend their whole lives in Delaware and County NY in the early 1800's. One of their sons was Charles Wesley Matthews, b. 1840 in Delaware Co. and died 1916. Charles Wesley married Angelica Shaver. I can't seem to get any further back than Thomas and Sarah, and I don't have any other info about them except that my line is from England. I have lots of info on descendants. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Shari - posted 07-98

MATTICE - have info to share - Milbrey Otto Burgett - posted 05-97

MAXWELL - Last summer my sister and I found our Maxwell family graves in Delhi. Joshua G maxwell is buried in Woodland Cemetary and his father Joshua Maxwell is buried in the Flats Cemetary. However my great grandfather Joshua A Maxwell we could not find. From what I have been able to find out he died at the home of his son my grandfather Harry C Maxwell in Trout Creek. We were thinking he might have been buried on Harry's farm but we have no idea where it is. We would appreciate any additional information. Joshua A was a veteran of the civil war. We would like to be able to honor him in some way. Jessie Lopez - posted 06-2015

MAXWELL - Joshua A. Maxwell was my great grandfather. He died 9/ 1915 at the home of his son Harry C Maxwell in Trout Creek. We are trying to find out where he was buried as it was on private land not in a cemetary unlike our other relatives in Delhi. More than likely it was on his son Harry's land somewhere in trout creek. However we have no idea where this was. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Jessie Lopez - posted 06-2015

MAXWELL - Looking for information on Mary Jane Maxwell, born about 1844 in NYS. Her father may have been Alexander Maxwell. Who was her mother? Did she have siblings? Mary Jane married John Henry Bramblee, June 1865. John was born either in NY or PA, April 28,1839. His first wife was reportedly a Louisa Sprague. John was in the Civil War for one year and his father seems to have been George Bramblee. John Henry and Mary Jane's children, Elnora, George Alonzo, & Mary L. were born in IA. Any information on this family would be great! Ann - posted 09-2007

MAXWELL - Looking for information on Silas Maxwell b.1784 ? d. 1877? Also a George Maxwell Bought are in W.W. Munsell history of Delware Co. I could not get this info. on my computer. Could someone do a lookup . The Delware County search engine had both listed in this book. Thank you. Brian Wede - posted 02-2001

MAXWELL - Looking for information on a Silas and Polly Maxwell.Both appear on 1850 Census for Delware Co. Town of Tompkins. I am connected to there sons George and Edgar who moved to Michigan in 1860"s. Brian - posted 01-99

MAY - I can not find the parents to Louisa May but I have her husband Stephen McCabe back two more generations to Stephen McCabe who was a soldier in the Revolution. May is a hard surname as most search engines just find lots of dates in May. Louisa outlived her husband by 12 years so she is buried in the Meredith Cemetery close to where she lived with her daughter Sarah and son in law Edwin Wilson of Meredith. It would be nice to find her parents and then track back from there. Louisa born Dec. 26, 1814 in town of Middletown, She died Oct 16, 1875. Stephen was born Feb. 21, 1807 at Coxsackie, Greene Co. NY and died Nov. 9, 1863. They were married Oct. 8, 1834 but do not know where. His parents Samuel and Millicent were buried in Shavertown. Any ideas or information would be appreciated. Jeremiah Palmer - posted 03-2016

MAY - Great grandfather was Charles H. May, his parents were listed as James W.May born Walton, and Sally J. Houck, born Walton. Need information on the May and Houck lines. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Virginia (Lambert) Couger - posted 02-99

MAYBEE - Searching for the grave and any other information about James Maybee (c.1827- ?) and his wife Hannah Maginnes. He and his family are listed in U.S. census for Hancock in 1880. Charles B. Woodruff - posted 02-99

MAYES - Trying to find information on John Mayes born about 1796 (died before 1875). He married Elizabeth/Betsey Smith in 1835. They had four children: Catherine (b. 10/5/1836), John (b. 3/5/1838), Maria (b. 4/23/1840, d. 2/20/1915), and Samuel (b. 1846). They lived in Middletown for the 1840, 1850, and 1870 census. Cathy Cozine - posted 09-2011

MAYNARD - Does any one have lineage or info for other surnames Judson, Hait, Darling, Reeves connected to this family. Any help would be appreciated. Marge Maynard - posted 03-2009

MAYNARD - I am trying to find obits for the following Maynards. Isaac Horton Maynard d: June 12, 1898 (fmr NY State Legislator), Margaret Marvine Maynard d: July 13, 1926 (wife), Frances Maynard Ford d: Aug 16, 1943 (Daughter), Louisa Ford d: June 2, 1949 (Granddaughter), Lucy Ford Harris - my grandmother, d: June 10, 1989 (Granddaughter). All of them are buried in the Woodland Cemetary in Delhi). John Harris - posted 08-2003

MAYO - I need any information on Vina Mayo - Morgan, she married my uncle Edwin Mayo, did she have a brother Albert Mayo in Kingston, N.Y. I have hit the brick wall , need help, please. - posted 06-2004

MAYO - I am searching for information about Wallace Edmund Mayo, born 16 Sept. 1832, in Dela. Co. His parents were Edmund Mayo, of Walton, b. about 1797, and Lucetta Hoyt, of Walton, b. about 1801. They married about 1821. Wallace had a brother Warren Mayo, b. 1825 in Guilford, who became a Presbyterian minister in Mankato, Kansas, and a brother Hatsell - no information except he died in the Civil War. Family records state that Wallace's father died when he was 6, which would have put Edmund's death about 1837-8. Wallace Mayo worked for Root and Shaver from 1855-57, traveling throughout Delaware County collecting silverware to be initialled. His travels took him eventually to Goshen and Warwick in Orange County where he met and married Ruth Ann Stevens in 1859. While the Mayos are my wife's family, I became intrigued to search further, because I grew up on the Delaware County side of Deposit. James F. Fox - posted 06-2002

MAYHEW - I am looking for help in searching for information re. my mother. She was adopted approx age 5 by couple surname Mayhew. I have document stating she was born Sidney Village 16 June 1932. Christian name Kathleen but unsure if birthname. Would like to find information on real name/parents if possible. Has early memories of being on a farm at sometime. I live in UK so ANY advice/help on research/information would be gratefully received. Lynne Taylor - posted 12-2001

MAYNARD - I am trying to find the maiden name of my GGGrandfather, John LOVE's second wife, "Julia A.". One of their daughters was Harriet LOVE who married William B. OLIVER and moved to Osage co., KS. They had three children. Two boys lived to adulthood. One of the boys was named Joel MAYNARD OLIVER. The other two children had grandparent's surnames as their middle names so it seems likely that this is Julia's father's (or mother's) surname.Julia was born in Oct of 1816 in Delaware County- does anyone know of a "Julia A." Maynard that was born at this time? Pam Frederic - posted 06-2001

MAYS - I'm looking for information on Rachel Mays. She lived in Delaware County in the mid-1800's. She is listed in the 1860 Census as WORKING on the Dimmick farm. Julie A Sanford - posted 01-2009

MAYS/MAYES - Looking for information abut the Edmund Mays family listed on the 1850 Census, Middletown Twp., Delaware Co., NY. He was married to Hannah Mulnynex. He died in 1854. Would like to find his and her parents names. Jean Mayes - posted 06-98

McADAMS - I am searching Duncan McAdams and have found information on all of the sons, but am searching for information on the following: Roberta McAdams born 1831, Cahala McAdams born 1833, Mary Ette McAdams born 1840, Hannah J. McAdams born 1842, Isabella McAdams born 1847, Elizabeth McAdams or Affa Emalizie McAdams born 1856 and 1858. Any information would be appreciated. Norma Clark - posted 11-2007

MCADAM - Looking for information about Wm. Mc Adam, his wife Caroline, Children James, Mary A., Sally, Jane, and Wm. Lived in Delaware Co, town of Hamden in the 1850s. - posted 06-99

McADAMS - Looking for information or relatives of Betsy Mc Adams born in 1864 died in 1920 in Delaware county. Might have been born in Liverpool. Also known as "Bessie". Marge Fuller - posted 03-2002

McADAMS - Looking for death date and place of Duncan McAdams. Last found on 1880 census, Town of Hamden, Delaware Co., NY. He was 74 yrs. old at that time. Jackie Guiton - posted 04-98

McARTHUR - I have seen reference to the birthplace of my great-great grandfather having been born in Bovina, NY in 1833. His name was John McArthur and he had been a commissioned officer in the Union Army. I would like to learn more about him and his ancestry. James O'Halloran - posted 06-2022

McBRIDE - My g g grandfather was Francis McBride (wife Susann) who lived in Delaware County in the 1840s and 1850s. I am interested in any information at all about the McBride family: children: Sylvester, Loiza, Martha (Marthy). I do know Francis is listed as a blacksmith in the census documents of 1850. Thanks for any info. Sheila McBride Duane - posted 11-2012

McCABE - I can not find the parents to Louisa May but I have her husband Stephen McCabe back two more generations to Stephen McCabe who was a soldier in the Revolution. May is a hard surname as most search engines just find lots of dates in May. Louisa outlived her husband by 12 years so she is buried in the Meredith Cemetery close to where she lived with her daughter Sarah and son in law Edwin Wilson of Meredith. It would be nice to find her parents and then track back from there. Louisa born Dec. 26, 1814 in town of Middletown, She died Oct 16, 1875. Stephen was born Feb. 21, 1807 at Coxsackie, Greene Co. NY and died Nov. 9, 1863. They were married Oct. 8, 1834 but do not know where. His parents Samuel and Millicent were buried in Shavertown. Any ideas or information would be appreciated. Jeremiah Palmer - posted 03-2016

McCABE - Looking for information: Bradley B. McCabe, 1851-1921. Married Sylvia Rowe: 1851-1937. Children: Jessie Lydia. Helen Bradley - posted 07-2001

McCABE - Family of Bradley B. McCabe, born March 26, 1851, died June 1921. Married Sylvia Rowe. At one time lived in Walton, New York we think. - posted 04-2001

McCABE - Looking for McCABE in Delaware Co. ca. 1800. Parents of Willis and Esther MCKEEBY. Lynda - posted 05-2000

MCCABE - Seeking to exchange of information with anyone that has a McCabe in their family tree. Samuel McCabe and Millicent (Boyce) settled at Shavertown (near Andes), Delaware county, Samuel would die at Shavertown 6 July 1846, and Millicent would die 28 Feb 1864. One of their children, Stephen would also die at Shavertown. Other children to Samuel and Millicent McCabe are Jehoida, Emmiline, Mathew, Harriet, James, Samuel Jr. and Levi. I have some information on this family. Dale Kroeker - posted 09-2007

MCCALL - I’m looking for proof of the birth of George Harry McCall, born Sept. 7, 1865 in Kortright, Ny. Also any information re: the marriage of Joseph G. McCall and Caroline E. Hakes on Jan. 24, 1855 I see the marriage mentioned in the Bloomfield Mirror listing of marriages. They were married in Elmira New York. Florence Finfgeld - posted 07-2018

McCALL - I am looking for information about John Cooper and Mary Williams McCall. They lived in Delaware Co in the early to mid 1800's. Thanks for any help. DMRickerd - posted 09-2007

MCCALL - I am seeking the surname of Mary "Polly", born about 1773 in Lebanon, New London CO, Conn. who married Deacon Ira McCall about 1793. They had at least 12 children, all born in Franklin, Delaware County, New York. I have details on the ancestry of Ira, son of Ephraim McCall and Elizabeth Clark but Mary "Polly" represents a brick wall. Thanks for any help. Chuck Johnson - posted 01-2003

MCCALL - I would greatly aprreciate info re: Alexander and Elizabeth McCall in Kortright around 1830's. ThankYou. - posted 05-2000

McCANN - Looking for info on Alyse McCann. She was born jan 24 1923 died june 1981. She and my grandmother lived with my grandmothers aunt and uncle(calvin and angelett blish) as a child in Fleischmans NY. Her father was Raymond McCann and mother was Evelyn Vroman. Wondering what happened to Ray, and any info on her mothers parents. I think Evelyn had a brother Millard. John Dillon - posted 02-2002

MCCANN - I am searching for the family of Emma McCann. Emma married Orville Alonzo Fuller. Her father was either Patrick or Paddy McCann. Emma had a brother Manny McCann, a sister Augusta (GUSTY) McCann also another sister, which I am not aware of her name.The children of Alonzo( as he was called )and Emma were Elizabeth Fuller m. John Kelder, Pearl Fuller m. Clayton Myers., Clarence Fuller, Julian Fuller m. Marion ?, finally Gladys Fuller m. ? Dolan. I would be interested in hearing from family or friends or anyone with information concerning these families. Susan Gagnon - posted 04-2004

MCCLAUGHRY - I am looking for someone that is familiar with the book "The Families McClaughry" by Rev. Lyle Mac Laury and/or the "Genealogy of the McClaughry Family: a Scoto-Irish family from Galloway, Scotland, appearing in Ireland about 1600, and emigr. to N.Y. in 1765," by Charles C. McClaughry. I am trying to understand its references. Jim Kelly - posted 29-2014

McCLAUGHRY - will do lookups from Families McClaughry by Lyle MacLaury. Julie Thomas - posted 01-2006

McCLAUGHRY - I am looking for further info on the following family line: Matthew McClaughry (c.1665-1735), Longford, Ireland; Thomas McClaughry(c.1717-1793). Salem, NY; Thomas Jr. McClaughry(1747-1827), Kortright, NY; John Reid McClaughry(1778-1864), Kortright, NY; Robert Houston McClaughry(c.1811-1893), Hazelton, IA. I have almost nothing on John & Robert. From Robert's Family, Have you any info on: Ebenezer Rowland McClaughry(1833-1889) Humbolt Co. IA (my gggramps); Margaret Findley Applegate(1836-?; William Rowland McClaughry(1844-?); Robert Findley McClaughry(1849-1881), Tombstone, AZ; Thomas Clark McClaughry(1853-1881), Tombstone, AZ. I have the baptismal records from your site for the first 4 children but not Tom. ..And yes, Robert Findley "Frank" & Tom were the ones shot down by the Earps in the OK Corral. Clay Parker - posted 04-98

McCLAURY - Seeking information about my g-grandfather, Sheldon Hamilton McClaury b. 1 Oct 1828 in Kortright, Delaware NY. He travelled to Ottawa, LaSalle IL where he served in the Civil war. He married Jayne a. (Jennie) Payne from Prompton Wayne PA and then moved his family to Smith and Decatur County KS. - posted 11-98

McCLEAN - Alexander, Christine, Alexander Jr, James or Floyd W. The Alexanders came over from Scotland in the year 1834 or 36. Any and all info greatly appreciated. Michele Melia - posted 01-2002

MCLEAN - Any info on Peter McLean, Shoemaker, Delhi, after 1830 would be appreciated. Originally from Hudson New York. Thank You. Barbara Vinsant - posted 04-2000

McCLENON - My maternal grandfather's name was Charles Frederick McClenon of the Walton area. He married Sarah Ann Knapp of the same area. They spoke often of an Uncle Dr. James Holley who had written a book of "The Life of a Country Doctor". I remember seeing the book and remarking how awful the cases of smallpox were that was depicted in his book. Can you give me any information on Charles and Sarah McClenon. Also remember a Lawrence McClenon owning a lumber company in Walton. Went to Walton as a child visiting a family, but no one left in my family to tell me who that was. My mother was the youngest daughter of Charles and Sarah. Her name was Marian Ruth McClenon Williams. Judith Williams Diekow - posted 09-2002

McCLENON - McClenon, Bruce: The genealogical records of the McClenon family show a Bruce McClenon, son of Albert J. McClenon (b. 1879) and Mabel Tiffany. The genealogical records of the Gould family show a Bruce J. McClenon who married Frieda Augusta Beecher (b. 1909). The Gould records show that they had three children, Donald McClenon, Arlene McClenon, and Janet McClenon. Are the Bruce McClenon in the McClenon records and the Bruce McClenon in the Gould records the same person? What was his exact date of birth and death? Bob McClenon - posted 12-2000

McCLENON - Looking for information on: 1) John McCLENON, who is listed in 1790 census for Delaware County as resident of Kortright. Seeking date and place of birth, parents, wife, children, and immigration information (date of entry and ship). 2. John McCLENON, who is reported by previous researcher to have immigrated from Ireland to Walton circa. 1806, and to have been married to Elizabeth Wells. Seeking date and place of birth, parents, and immigration information. Also, what was relationship between these two individuals? If same person, which report is accurate, and was he married twice? Robert McClenon - posted 01-98

McCLINTOCK - I am researching Dr. Ebenezer McClintock who was born in Kortright in 1837 and died there (or nearby) in 1870. He was the son of John and Anne McClintock and the brother of William McClintock … each of whom is buried at the Kortright Cemetery. Ebenezer is buried in Morris, NY - I’ve wondered about this. My interest in Ebenezer is that he was the Union ship’s surgeon on the transport ship North America, that, on 22 Dec 1864, sank off the coast of Savannah, Georgia. I am writing a paper about this incident. My husband’s great-grand uncle was on board that ship and drowned. Am looking for any family information about Dr. McClintock. Avis Hayden - posted 07-2020

McCLINTOCK - Would be interested in any data regarding Charles McClintock b. 1835 d.1906, and his wife Juliette b. 1842 d. ? They lived in T/O Franklin and followed farming as a way of life. Dave McClintock from North Star state of Minnesota - posted 08-26-2001

MCCONNELL - Searching for McConnell/Dillon/Wakeman family history. Have several historical family pictures available for E-mailing. Tom McConnell - posted 03-2004

MCCRANEY - Thomas McCraney b. 1792 - m. Susannah Slayton b. 1798 about 1814. By 1818 the McCraney and also Slayton Family had removed to Ill., and then on to IA. Thomas passed away 1855 and noted family in Delaware Co., NY where many of his relatives reside. Am looking for these family members. Story notes his parents wer Wm. and Sarah and siblings were John, Prosper, Samuel Fowler and a sister. A Martha McCraney passed also in Dubuque Co., IA. In 1841 and she was noted as Thomas sister. No real proof of this connection yet many family members use this connection. As Wm. and Sarah did have a son Samuel Fowler McCraney we are lead to believe that Saah's maiden name Maybe Fowler from the Samuel Fowler Jr., and Sr. Family of Newburgh, NY when Newburgh was in Ulster Co. Thank You. Karyn Zielasko - posted 06-2012

MCCREA - Any info on Thomas McCrea b 1724? Ireland d. 1822 Kortright, and his wife Elizabeth Montgomery b. Ireland d. 1820 Kortright? They were parents of Sarah McCrea 1771-1847 m. Thomas McClaughry 1770-1859. John McClaughry - posted 05-97

MCCULLEY - Am looking for any info on Jennie McCulley of Davenport, father was Henry McCulley. Nancy Forster - posted 02-2000

MCCULLOUGH - Looking for information on the family of Sarah BRADLEY who married James Brown 1829/30 in Harpersfield. Same info on Martha MCCULLOUGH who was the mother of the above mentioned James Brown. Phil Ernst - posted 10-2000

MCCUMBER - I have spent the last year trying to find the location of where my great grandfather died and is buried. His family came from Delaware Co., which is where many lived and died. He, however, moved to Elmira, Chemung Co., NY in the early part of the century. His name was Lorin William McCumber, son of John Y. and Emma (Van Deusen) McCumber. He was divorced and living with his son in Elmira by the 1920 and 1930 census. However, the city directory indicates that both he and his son, my grandfather Leon, left the area prior to the printing of the 1930 city directory. There is no record of them at all. In the 1939 city directory, however, my grandfather reappears WITHOUT my great grandfather, which leads me to believe he died before that. Requests to Chemung Co. Vital Records, as well as all cemeteries in Chemung Co., have revealed no record of my great grandfather as having died there. I suspect that he and my grandfather may have returned to the Delaware Co. area after 1929, until my great grandfather died, and then my grandfather returned to Elmira. The areas where Lorin's family lived are: Andes, Margaretville, and Bovina. He definitely died before the mid-40's, as his sister's (Cora) obituary (in Kansas) did not list him among her surviving siblings. Any help in finding information on Lorin W. McCumber would be gratefully received. Marge Tracy - posted 10-2003

MCCUMBER/MACOMBER - Seeking information on the burial sites and dates for Charles McCumber/Macomber, wife Prudence Dumond Macomber. Marge Tracy - posted 10-2002

MCUMBER - Looking for locations of burial sites for Mcumber family. Pat Pillsbury - posted 10-2000

MCCUNE - I have copies of pages, from the work of Mr. David Fletcher Hoy, on the McCune's from Bovina. According to Mr. Hoy's information, the McCune's were from Ireland. He lists my ggggrandfather, William Seacord, as marrying for the second time to Anna McCune, who was born in Ireland. However, I recently received information written in 1890 by William's grandson, Edward More Seacord, that lists Edward's paternal grandmother as Anna Nichols and that she was born in Bedford, NY. I am wondering if Anna was born to Samuel and Mary Orr McCune and was married to a Nichols before marrying William Seacord? But where does Bedford, NY fit in? Anna and William had a son, my gggrandfather, James McCune Seacord. In Mr. Hoy's work, there is listed James McCune, son of Samuel and Mary, who married Phoebe Ann Nichols. Another thought is that Anna was married to Phoebe's brother, but nothing is listed in Mr. Hoy's work on Bovina to prove this. Any ideas to assist with this twisted puzzle piece would be greatly welcomed. Nancy Frost - posted 12-2003

MCDONALD - I'm looking for McDonalds/MacDonalds in Delaware County - especially women with the McDonald/MacDonald maiden names. I'm planning to publish a book about my McDonalds of Delaware County. It's almost done, but the process to publish will take a while. If you have any McDonald connection, please contact me. Even though the focus will be on my family, I would like to put together the other McDonald's and hope someone else can take on the project to verify and complete the rest of Delaware County McDonalds. The book will focus on descendents of Alexander McDonald in the late 1700's/early 1800's. I'd like the information before the project is done! Pat Watts - posted 10-2009

MCDONALD - I am looking for any info on my family in Delaware County, NY. My Grandmother was Emma Estelle Mcdonald born 1893 Wilmington Delaware. Her father was Daneil Murdock McDonald born in Nova Scotia appx 1865-1870, he married Emma Estelle Colvin Rice born 1870 died 1893 ,10 days after there daughter Emma Estelle McDonald. Emma Estelle McDonald married George Threlfall not sure if it was in the States or Canada they had 3 boys together George Jr, Frederick (my Dad) and Clyde Whitman They were all born in Halifax Nova Scotia 1910,1913,1916. If anyone has any info on this please let me now. John William Threlfall - posted 06-2005

MCDONALD/MACDONALD - If you're researching these names in Delaware County, there is a lot of information available, but is not quite ready to be put in the website. Trying to find out specifically about Alexander McDonald from Scotland (late 1700's/Revolutionary War) or Jennie McDonald (daughter of James McDonald). Pat (McDonald) Watts - posted 01-2004

MCDONALD - My name is Scott McDonald. I have posted other questions here before and goten great help. I am looking for any and all information on the McDonald famly bible. There are the McDonalds of Merideth on Elk Creek Rd. Scott Flint McDonald - posted 10-2001

MCDONALD - Henry and Margaret McDonald of Bovina - Seeking info on their children. Bina was my great, great grandmother so I'm o.k. with that line. Willie Olmstead - posted 06-2001

MCDONALD - I'm searching for information on Edward McDonald (wife was Mary??), father of William Edward McDonald. In obtaining the death cert of William E., my grgrandfather, it said he was from Delaware County here in NYS. Can you assist me in obtaining information on Edward or birth certificate of William Edward McDonald? Holly Berberich - posted 01-2001

MCDONALD -In the continuing search for information about my weekend house in Bovina, I would like information about Henry McDonald. He was born about 1797 and died 1879. He came from Scotland and was naturalized about 1837. He had a farm on Mountain Brook, then in the late 1850s, turned that over to his son-in-law, Wiliam Archibald (husband of his daughter Margaret) and settled in the house I now own just outside the current Bovina Center hamlet. In the 1869 Beers Atlas, it was called Cold Spring Place. Henry's wife was Margaret Donald. Children were Bina, Margaret, Jane, John, Eliza and Mary. Eliza briefly owned my house before selling it to Alexander Hoy in 1882. Her sons, James and Henry Coulter wrote their names in the stairwell into the house's cellar. Bina's son, David Liddle, bought the house in about 1920. I'm trying to find pictures of the house and trying to determine whether or not Henry McDonald built it (he was a carpenter). Ray LaFever - posted 04-2000

MC DONELL - Captain (Spanish) John McDonell he was a native of Scotland and came to America in 1773 settled on 491 choice acres bought from Sir William Johnson on the Charlotte River a tributary of the Susquuahanna. During the war of Independence he fought in the British Army, and after its conclusion settled in Canada- St. Andrews West, Stormont County. In a book I got "Delaware County New York , by John D. Monroe stated that "He had settled on 491 Choice acres on the Charlotte River: 60 acres cleared and fenced dwelling house, barn barracks, 6 horses 7 cows, 10 Sheep ........ all seized by Americans and his wife was turned off the land. His claim was $1,671 pounds. This is when he left and came to Canada. My husband and I would like to locate this farm and are unable to find any records. Lot and Concession if possible . Anything you can do to help us would be greatly appreciated. Norma MacDonald - posted 02-2000

McDOUGAL - McDougal, John. I am looking for the names of people that we on the Franklin and Charolette Patents. I would like to determine why my Delaware County ancestor, who orignially lived in Albany county, moved to Delaware county around 1816. Thomas P. Turiel - posted 04-97

MCDOUGALL - Researching John McDougall b 1774 moved from Albany to Delaware County abt 1816, or his children James McDougall 1808, John Nicholas McDougall 1811, or Hannah Eliza 1809 (married Bartelus Simmons) Or John's wife Elsie Sigsbee, or their descendents. Ed McDougall - posted 12-2004

MC DOUGALL - MAC DOUGALL - Searching for the parents and family of James McDougall born abt 1808 who married a Julia SCHERMERHORN. Julia was supposed to have been married a total of four times. Possibly Antell and Manning were other spouses. My grandfather, Adam Mc Dougall b 1866 in Davenport Center,NY married 1889 to Phoebe BREWER b 1873. Anyone researching the Mc DOUGALL family, I'd sure like to hear from you. Jerrie Moore - posted 04-97

MCFARLAND - WORKING on the McFarland family tree (descendants of James McFarland, b. 1710? Scotland, emigrated to Ireland before settling in the Bovina area around 1785). At least 3 of James' 5 sons (James, Thomas, and Robert) settled in Bovina, and the other 2 reportedly settled in Pennsylvania (I suspect David McFarland, who lived in Bovina for a time, may have been the 4th son). Interested in collaborating with members of any branch of the McFarland family. Tim Hall - posted 09-2007

MCFARLAND - Seeking information on Martha McFarland (b. Delaware County 22 Feb 1819) who married Archibald Gemmell. At least one of their children was born in NY state. John Strobel - posted 08-2005

MC GIBBON - McGibbon/Owens - I am looking for a lead to descendants of Edgar (Edward?) Owens and Katherine McGibbon who moved from Cannonsville, NY to California in 1882 (near Anaheim?). Edgar had been Supervisor and Postmaster of Tompkins/Cannonsville in the 1860's. Katherine's brother William accompanied them and I have an obituary from 1878 in Orange, CA. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - posted 08-2000

MCGILLVRAE - I am looking for any information on Nellie McGillvrae (Spelling varies) married Henry Leal son of Alexander Leal and Ann Cummings (sp) A Daniel McGillvrae was believed to have been on the boat with Alexander. Son of Nellie and Henry b. 1800. Leal Brinegar - posted 03-99

McINTIRE - I am curious if anyone might know about the McIntires who lived in Walton, New York around the year of 1800 or before. My 4th Great Grandmother was Loretta McIntire and was born 1816 in Walton New York and married in 1847 a George Ellsworth BERRAY there. Anay info on EITHER SURNAME I would most be appreciated. Roberta Inglet - posted 03-2005

MCINTOSH - looking for descendants of Theophilus Fletcher McIntosh (my great-great grandfather). Denise Hall - posted 06-2007

MCINTYRE - Oliver McIntyre d. 1841 possibly in Sidney, married Polly/Mary Hitchcock, also had a son Oliver who might have married Damaris Johnson in 1835. Any information on this family would be welcome. Diane Marshall - posted 01-2002

McINTOSH - A Lieut. McINTOSH is referred to in a letter written in 1846 from Bloomville to my Great Great Grandfather, Col. William Yeoman. I am trying to establish what branch of the military service my Col. Yeoman participated in. I have had no luck with Nat. archive or State Archive queries. If you recognize this "Lieut McIntosh" or a "Capt. McIntosh" and know what branch of the military he was in, please let me know- I may be able to find my Col. Yeoman via association with Lieut Macintosh. Other's mentioned were Alm Thomas, Andrew More, Jr. and Henry Drake. . Pam Frederic - posted 02-2000

McINTYRE - have info to share - John McIntyre - posted 01-97

MCKEEBY-SULLIVAN - Seeking information on the marriage: 7-4-1849 of Esther McKeeby to Myron Sullivan in Bristol, Ontario Co. NY. Esther born in Delaware Co. in 1832. Would like to contact anyone with info on these families. I have info on the Sullivan line. Lynda Minter - posted 04-99

McKEE - have info to share - John W. Jack - posted 01-97

MCKEEL - Searching for information on the George McKeel who was involved in the Anti-Rent War and lived in Middletown in 1840's. Especially seeking children's names. Shirley Robinson Birling - posted 06-99

MCKEEL - McKeel (Mekeel) I am trying to locate the names of the parents of Garner McKeel (Mekeel) born in Delaware County in 1831. Dale - posted 06-98

MCKEEL - Mekeel - Seeking info on Caroline Robinson, b-Roxbury, October 26,1838.Mother's name: Eliza )Elizabeth), Father's name: Damis )not for sure). Marriage record of parents, baptismal record, etc. Dale - posted 01-99

MCKEEN - Seeking name of mother (father was James) of : Almira McKeen b. Feb 12 1809. Mother believed to be Amer Ind, converted to Christianity. Thank you. Jane Sorensen Lord - posted 11-2007

MCKIBBEY - MC KEELY - Seeking an exchange of information with anyone that has a McKibbey-McKeely in their line.I have several spellings of the name. Esther McKibbey-McKeely b. 1832, married to Myron Sullivan..settled in Michigan and then Adair, Iowa.I have information on the Sullivan line in Iowa. Tim and Lynda Minter - posted 02-99

MCKINNON - have info to share - Elaine Robinson - posted 01-97

MCLAUGHLIN - Please refer to index.html/crimmollymclaughlin.html for a photo of Molly McLaughlin. Alice Keel Crim - posted 04-2003

MCLEAN - I'm researching the life of James McLean of McLean Mansion (So. Kortright) and finding very little. While I did find two McLeans on this website, they don't seem to be related. Any help would be greatly appreciated. G. Reno Frigo - posted 07-2011

MCLEAN - Looking for information on my g grand-mother, Mary McLean. She died when my grandfather was 7 years old. He (Harold C. Russell) was born in 1883 in Grand Gorge, and she was apparently buried there. She was married to Howard Russell. I am trying to find info on her and her parents. My understanding was they were well-to-do and had ties to New York City, and they did not really approve of the marriage. Steve Russell - posted 07-2000

MCMICKEN - Seeking information regarding MCMICKEN, William b. 1772/4 ?married BATHWICK, Mary b (date unknown) Connecticut. I have much information on MCMICKEN, however; nothing on BATHWICK, Mary. I have found in the IGI : BATHWICK, Mary A. b. abt. 1831 (Delaware of Hamden) married Zenas Mallory....This is the only information I have on BATHWICK surname. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sina Morgan - posted 05-99

MCMILLEN-MCMILLIN-MCMILLAN - Looking for information on James McMillan who moved from Delaware Co. to, what is now, Erin, NY- Chemung Co. about 1815 or 1816, according the town history. "Delaware County, this State, contributed to the settlement made near Erin Center: .........., James McMillanand several of his sons........ Any McMillen (different spelling) from late 1700 - early 1800" could be helpful. Thank you! Don McMillen - posted 01-2000

MCMINN - My Great Grandparents, William McMinn and Edith Faatz, were married in Walton, New York on October 5, 1892 I am trying to find any information that I possibly can about the marriage. My Great Grandmother divorced William McMinn shortly after their daughter, Hazel, was born and she never saw him again. I know nothing about him except from the New York State Marriage Index. That tells me that they were married on October 5, 1892 in Walton and the certificate is #17878. I do know he was married a second time but I don't know to whom or anything else about that marriage. I would greatly appreciate further information on this family. Kay Thomas - posted 09-2019

MCMINN - I am looking for any information on the parents of Francis McMinn, b. 1807 in NY, married Martha. Francis left NY between 1830 and 1840 to settle in Michigan. His parents were both born in NY. Jo Ellen Mattingly - posted 03-2003

McMINN - I am looking for information on the McMinn family in Delaware County,early 1800's-present day,specifically for Edgar Ira McMinn(1860's -1930's) my great great grandfather. Unfortuantely the family knows very little about him due to the fact that he deserted my grandmother and granduncle sometime after his wife's death in 1909. Born in Harpersfield sometime in the 1860's, his family had supposedly immigrated from Scotland in t he 1700's early 1800's,. He worked as a labourer/handyman around the Delhi area where he married Mary Jane McNeilly around 1895-1897(I have very little to go on here, only family tradition, no records to date) and later worked for the Delaware and Hudson railroad as an engineer around Oneonta. He and Mary Jane had 2 children: Ralph Ira(1900-1966) born in Harpersfield, and my maternal grandmother, Margaret Elizabeth(McMinn)Robinson(1902-1995),born in Oneonta. The last news of him that my grandmother had was in the 1930's; he was living in the state of Florida and died there around that time. Maggie Pulgar-Thomspn - posted 05-2002

MCMORRIS - I am writing from Norway, looking for a relative of mine. Helen McMorris (ne Anne Helene Dahlen) was born March 11. 1893 in Norway. She came to the States as a very young girl together with older sisters. Around 1922 she married Fred James McMorris, born Jan.2 1882 in Delaware Co. They got one girl, Helen, that was 4 years and 8 month at the time when the 1930 census was held. The familiy then lived at Hancock, Delaware Co., NY, and he was a station agent.
At this website I find Marjorie V. Gould mentioning Fred J. McMorris: "I like writing about my "remembrances" and wish there were more people around who remembered them. We lived in the Fish's Eddy station for a few years, I believe shortly after Fred McMorris and family moved to East Branch."
Fred J. McMorris is listed at Justice of the Peace at Hancock in 1931.
I have got a picture of the mother and daughter Helen McMorris. The daughter would be around 84 if she is still living. I am WORKING with genealogy and local history at the Ryfylke Museum in the southwestern part of Norway ( I have been looking for this family for about 30 years, but now the internet maybe opens up. Sincerely, Ernst Berge Drange - posted 09-2009

MCMORRIS - Looking for information on Armstrong McMorris who emigrated to Delaware County from Lisburn, Ireland in about 1788...possibly on ship St. James. Born 1738 and died supposedly in Delaware County in 1823. Need birth, death, and parental information. Contact...John MacMorris...11525 SE 175th Street...Summerfield, FL, 34491. John Mac Morris - posted 09-2002

McMORRIS or MORRIS - Does anyone know where John and Lydia (Harkness) McMorris ended up? They were wed in 1840 per entry elsewhere on this site: Kortright, 30th ult. [Sept], Rev. William Cochran, John McMORRIS of Davenport to Lydia HARKNESS of Kortright. John Hutchins - posted 05-2002

MCMULLIN - /McMullen - Seeking information on Sunnyside Farm and the McMullen family located on Rt 28 between Delhi and Andes. McMullin written on the barn. - posted 04-2004

McMURRAY - Thomas Hoban was a bound servant to Henry McMurray in 1833 and ran away in 1837. Conflicting records say McMurray lived in Delaware Co N. Y. and other records say Conn.I am trying to find out why Mr. McMurray took this boy from NYC. Was McMurray a land owner there, was he Irish? etc. Thank you. Zola Riffe - posted 09-2000

McMURRAY - John McMurray married Jane A. Burns about 1852. They lived in Bovina. They had three children: Jane B. born about 1854, Sarah C. born about 1859, and John H., born about 1861. When did John's wife, Jane A., die? John died in 1865- did Jane remarry? Did John's children live until adulthood and did they marry? Pam Frederic - posted 06-2000

MCNAIR - John B. Bramblee (Bramley) married Jane Mc Nair 07-04-1861. Would like more info on both parties. Jim Bramley - posted 05-2000

MCNAUGHT - I am researching the McNaught branch of my family. Many people with this surname were present in Delaware County from around 1811 or 1820. I don't see records of them after around 1900. I know my direct relatives moved to the Washington D.C. area around the turn of the century. They however were from a branch in the Troy, Pennsylvania area. I also am interested in information on that branch and the Lilly and Brust families whith which they intermaried. I am interested in hearing from and about descendants of these folks. They mostly lived around Bovina, Hamden, Kortright, Stamford and Hobart. One item of particular interest is a place called McNaught Hill. It is located about 3.5 miles northeast of Bovina Center and about 2.6 miles south of South Kortright. I would be pleased to hear from anyone having knowledge of this family. Philip McNaught Bunch- posted 11-2017

MCNAUGHT - Looking for information about James and Elizabeth (Scutt) McNaught. He was the son of John and Isabella McNaught. James and Elizebeth had two sons, Robert and John Colin. I've been able to track James and his wife to Delhi NY in the 1900 census but no further. Would like to know where they went, when they died and where they are buried. John Smallin - posted 02-2004

McNEALUS - Seeking James Clayton Mc Nealus b 1850 Roxbury, NY d.1921 in Tx. survived by brother in NY State. Lorraine Mannix- posted 11-2001

MCNEE - Looking for any information on a Christeena MCNEE (b. 1836/7 Deleware, NY - d. 26 Oct 1914 Greeley, Weld, CO). Married Samuel F. BREWER (born in Deleware, NY on 27 Apr 1836/7 - died 18 Apr 1933) on Dec. 19, 1859. Moved to Colorado with husband and children Gertrude and John BREWER in 1879. I believe that her parents are John & Jerusha MCNEE. Any information on any relatives, parents, siblings etc... of Christeena would be much appericated! I'd be happy to share information! Chelsea - posted 04-2006

MCNEILLY - Looking for any information on McNeilly family in Kortright area. Catherine Gibson Havemeier - posted 09-2000

MCQUEEN - In Dec 1838, a letter was received by John Burgess (wife Ann Robertson) at Kortright Delaware Co NY. Mentioned were Douglas Grant, I. Grant and McQueens. Peter McQueen who died in Davenport 3 Nov. 1845 probated 16 Mar. 1846 has a John Burgess and Jane Ann Burgess mentioned. John had a daughter named Jane Ann.John and family moved to Wis and he died there in 1846. John's other daughter (Marjory?) May was married to Jonathon Miles Bradley (from Vermont) in Delaware Co. on Oct. 2, 1857. Any information on these people is appreciated. Carole - posted 01-2002

MCQUIRK - Missing McQuirk's in 1850 and 1855 Census. From information contained in a family Bible I know that my family resided in Delaware Ct., NY for a 10 year period. They were in Bovina Center in 1848-1851, Davenport 1851-1854 and Delhi Center from 1854-1858. I have viewed both the 1850 Federal Census and 1855 NY Census and have had no luck in finding them. Does anyone have a suggestion on where they might be? James McQuirk b. 1826 and wife Margaret b. 1828 with 6 children by the time they left Delaware County. Tonalee Key - posted 03-99

MCQUIRK - Looking for Info on family of Eliza McQuirk. She was born Jan 18, 1854, in Delhi Center, Delaware County, NY. Believe they came from Brooklyn, NY. Lee Waters - posted 07-98

MEAD - I am looking for verification/documentation of the parents of my great grandmother, Rheuama MEAD Redmond. I know she was born on 2/28/1827 in Arkville N.Y. and her parents were Eli and Juda Jenkins MEAD. She was married to Mathias Redmond on 11/4/ 1848 in Lexington N.Y. Greene County and died in Bovina 11/4/1898. She was the mother of my grandmother Helen Redmond Laing. My goal is to join the DAR and I need the documentation of Rheuama being the daughter of Eli & Juda Mead. Any information or leads you could share with me I would appreciate. Linda Laing Riddell - posted 08-2009

MEAD - I am looking for Bertha Violet Mead who was born in Roxbury, New York on Nov 1, 1929. She moved to Moss Rock Court, Boulder Colorado, before she was 19 years old. She had a child while in Colorado (1948) and placed him up for adoption. The father is listed as Reuben H. German, also born in Roxbury NY, Oct 1922. Any information would be appreciated. Sharon - posted 12-2004

MEAD - I'm looking for information on Sally MEAD , b. Jan. 10, 1782 probably in Delaware County. She married Joseph ORR, b. Nov. 5, 1780, probably in Delaware County. Joseph is shown in the 1820 Delaware County census, in the 1830 Chenango County census and in Steuben County after 1830. There were two Sally MEADs, daughters of two Amos MEADs shown in Chenango County, but neither of these married Joseph. Joseph and Sally had children born before 1820, so that leads us to believe they were born in Delaware County. Joseph appears to be the son of Hugh Orr. Hugh lived next to Joseph along with several other sons who moved to Steuben County with Joseph. Any help would be appreciated - Thanks! Dennis O'Connell - posted 01-2004

MEAD - I am seeking the parents and ancestry of Fanny Mead (b. abt.1821, Roxbury) who married Avery Vermilya in 1844 in Middletown, Delaware Co.. Any information would be very helpful. My information is that Avery Vermilya was also b. in Roxbury in 1820. Dick Schottler - posted 08-2002

MEAD - Abner ... I am a descendent of Abner Mead and his wife, Mercy Hazen. Although Amos Mead has been given by several sources as the father of Abner Mead of Delaware County, research has shown that Amos Mead and Ruth Bush were not married until well after 1750. The only Abner Mead which fills the criteria of being old enough to be the father of Sarah Mead, born 6 may 1770, Kent, Dutches Co, NY, seems to be Silas Mead (b 1720)(d 1817) and his wife, Sarah mead (b abt 1724)(d 6 Oct 1787). I do not have proof to back this up, but several other descendents of Abner Mead are using Silas as Abner's father. I would be willing to change my mind, if some proof of some other Mead was the father. Connelly VanValkenburgh - posted 02-2002

MEAD - I'm looking for info for Frederick Hermance Mead b. abt. 1867. He is in the 1880 census in Halcott, Greene Co., NY at age 13. He is the son of Cyrus Mead and Ellen Distin. Frederick married (1)Abigail Maben, (2)Henne Free. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Kevin Mead - posted 01-2002

MEAD - I am seeking the parents and maternal/paternal ancestry of an Abner MEAD. He was born about 1745 either in Dutchess Co., N.Y. or Fairfield Co., CT. He m. Mercy HAZEN (1747-1819). Abner died ca. 1815. Abner and Mercy removed to the town of Roxbury, Delaware Co., N.Y about 1800. Their children were Sarah, Amos, Ruth, David, James, Martha, Eli, and Eleazer. Any help is greatly appreciated! Joe Kelly - posted 11-2001

MEAD - My Great Great Grandmother was Rheuama MEAD, Born 1827 in Arkville, believe that is or was Delaware County, NY. Do not know who her parents were or if she had any siblings. She married Mathias P REDMOND. Stewart Laing - posted 08-2001

MEAD - My name is Kevin Mead. I'm looking for information on Abner Mead m. to Mercy Hazen. Moved to Delaware Co. between 1790-1800. I have he lived and died in Middletown. I'd like to know what where he lived is called now, where he was buried, and if there is any information about his father? Kevin Mead - posted 02-2000

MEAD - Looking for any information on Alfred H. Mead born approx. 1809 in Delaware County, New York. Also, his wife Margaret Hammond b. May 26,1819 in Roxbury, New York. Any help would be most appreciated. Sharon Pierpont - posted 12-98

MEDLAR - Seeking information on the Medlar family of East Branch, Charlie, Bert, Ross, Arthur and others. Some are buried in the church cemetery at East Branch and Ross Medlar had a farm on Brock Mountain about 2 or 3 miles south of Downsville up until he died about 1952. Also there are 2 roads in East Branch or Peaksville named after Charlie and Bert Medlar. Don Medlar - posted 06-2009

MEEHAN - Seeking information about Julia T. MEEHAN born abt. 1877 to James Meehan (born in Ireland) and Theresa Bedelia White (born in NYC). Julia married William J. Dillon on 15 Nov 1911 in Delhi, NY. Julia was a milliner. William was a barber in Delhi, NY. He was born abt. 1881 in Cortland, NY, to Patrick Dillon and Mary Casey, both of Ireland. Roberta Meehan - posted 03-99

MEEHAN - looking for birthplace of Patrick Meehan (1854-1930) known to have lived in Delhi, NY. He was residing in Delhi at the time of his death in 1930. Also looking for birthplace (possibly Ireland?) and maiden name of his wife, Mary, also residing in Delhi at the time of her death in 1930. They were my great-grandparents.
- Looking for birthplace of James Meehan [1882-1951], possibly, Delhi, NY. He resided in Delhi, NY at the time of his death in 1951. Also looking for birthplace of his wife, Eugenia Zeller Meehan, possibly Germany. She also resided in Delhi at the time of her death in 1948. They were my grandparents.
- Looking for birth and/or death dates, and places of death, if applicable, of the following children of James and Eugenia Zeller Meehan: Clarence Patrick, Lawrence, Harold. Roberta Meehan - posted 09-98

MEEKER - I am looking for any information about Hezekiah Meeker. Hezekiah moved to Delaware County from Fairfield County, Connecticut around 1794. Hezekiah is a Revolutionary War veteran. It is believed Hezekiah died around 1800 and his family moved to Ohio after his death. Steve Warner - posted 06-2013

MELIOUS - Looking for information about Alanson (Lansing?) MELIOUS, b. April 09, 1829, d. January 30, 1878 in Hale Eddy. He was married to Matilda BARRINGER, b. July 29, 1830, d. January 20, 1915 in Lanesboro, PA. Both are buried in the Hale Eddy cemetery. Some information indicated that Alanson may have died when he fell down a well on his farm in Hale Eddy. Alanson and Matilda were the parents of my great grandmother, Adelaide MELIOUS, who married Frank TARBOX in Wayne Co., PA. Adelaide and Frank are also buried in Hale Eddy. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Doug Boyer - posted 02-2007

MERICLE - I am helping a friend named Chuck Mericle and his wife Dana (of Mount Vernon, TX) with research into Chuck's ancestor Lewis Mericle (spelled many ways): We need to know: Where and when Lewis was born? Who were his parents? When and where he married Hannah Sickler? We believe Lewis was born between 1801 and 1803, in either Ulster County, NY or PA. We found a Lewis Mericle buried with his son Lafayette in Cayuta Cemetery, Cayuta, Schuyler County, NY. The gravestone is in poor condition, but seems to show the year "1872" and that Lewis died at about 69 years old. We do not know if the 1872 is Lewis or Lafayette's death year? The Hannah Sickler we have been thinking he married is the one born in 1807 in Dutchess County, NY. Her parents were William Sickler and Ruth Sheppard. Some people tell us that Lewis' father may be Jonathan Merickel or John Markle who appears on the early 1800s Census for Middletown, Delaware County, NY. . If anyone can help us out, it would be most appreciated. Jim Seymour - posted 01-2011

MERRELL - Thomas R. Merrell/Merrill. Aprox. 1855 owned and operated a foundry with Thomas Smith in Delhi. 1859 moved to Andes where he started a foundry. Drafted into the civil war but rejected due to poor health. Looking for any and all information regarding Thomas, his family, and his parents. Rich Merrell - posted 07-97

MERRIAM - Erastus T, and Esther A (Bowker) were living in Tompkins City in 1877. Esther was born about 1830. Looking for descendants and vitals for them . Also any info on Esthers ancesters. Gordon Mitchell - posted 12-98

MERRICK - Looking for decsendants Merrick, possibly Gad (b.1765) m. Sybile Harrison, Joseph H (b.1791) m.Eliza Hutchison, Joseph Cornelibus (1833) m.Jane Grant, John Cornelius (b.1867) m. Nellie Gerogia. Also Joseph Roswell (or H.?) Merrick, became Capt of Lt Inf 69th reg, Sep 1827. Have letters addressed to these people in Merrickville (?), Delaware Co. JC Merrick was a buyer of hides, furs etc in Sidney in 191?. Any exsiting relatives of any of these names? Bonnie Ward - posted 10-98

MERRIHEW - I have been trying to locate the marage records for my grandparents: Lewis frank merrihew and Elizabeth M Smith Aug 1910 in Delhi.if you can help it might fill the hole we have. We are trying to find my lewis & elizabeths parents and ware thay came from. Earl L. Merrihew - posted 01-2001

MERRILL - I am looking for information on Pvt. Emmerson F. Merrill who is listed on the 72nd NYV as a private. but can't find it here. Did he enlist on Staten Island? I have 50+ letters that he wrote home and was looking for information. Any Ideas? Thanks. Sam - posted 01-98

MERRITT - Trying to obtain information on George E. Merritt (b. 1836, d. 1905) and wife Ida Fatina Rhead (b. 1843, d. 1914). Children Blake John, Margaret A., George W, Jacob C., Harland, Harriet F., Jenna Louise and Decker A. According to 1880 census they were living in Hancock NY. 1900 census shows occupation of George E as mailcarrier. 1920 census shows occupation of George W. as owning a lumber mill in Margaretsville. Any information would be appreciated. Sandra Merritt - posted 08-2001

MERWIN - I am trying to find the parents of my great-great-grandmother, Sarah Helen Merwin, born 8/10/1854 (some sources say 1856) in Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY. She married George Fernando Tallman on 9/21/1874, and died 3/15/1938. Her children with G.F. Tallman were: Sidney Ladue (1875-1934), George Clayton (1876-1879), Williard Charles (1878-1961), Charles Edson (1880-1948), Freddie (1881-1882), Lee Howard (1890-1891), Lawrence Leon (1892-1974) & Howard Lewis (1894-1977). Geo Larson - posted 06-2003

MERWIN - Looking for name of spouse of Oscar MERWIN, married abt 1871. Oscar appears in Delaware Co. (Roxbury) as 7 year old in home of parents, David S. and Betsey MERWIN. In 1880, Oscar is a 28 year old widower with 3 children, living in Roxbury with his children at the home of his parents. Judy Swan posted 01-98

METCALF - I am seeking parentage of Almond G. Metcalf. He was buried in Ouleout Valley Cemetery. I’d be curious to know if there is any inscription on the back side of the stone though I don’t believe there is. I’m not sure that there is much in the records but I also believe that he was born in Delaware County, somewhere between Davenport, Masonville, and Meredith. I’m having trouble locating him on the 1850 census as well. I’m looking for someone local to help me put some pieces together. See photo of his headstone and death notice.
Cheryl Harding - posted 08-2021

METCALF - I'm looking for any and all baptism/death/marriage records in any and all Delaware County churches for the family of George Metcalf. He may have been married three times - Anna Eliza Wells, Sarah Wells, and Julia Faulkner. I'm specifically looking for the three marriages and any baptisms of their children - Joel C., Anna Eliza, Levi, Almond, etc.
Joel's obituary in the Kingston Daily Freeman states that he died November 28, 1915 in Franklin and was the son of George and Eliza Wells Metcalf. Horace Metcalf's death certificate shows that he was the son of George Metcalf and Anna E. Wells. He was born February 28, 1839 in Delaware County, NY, and I specifically believe in Masonville. The death certificate for Levi Metcalf shows him as the son of George Metcalf and Sarah Wells. There is an Almond G. Metcalf buried in Ouelout Valley Cemetery with dates 1833 - 1855. The Bloomville Mirror states his death as March 6, 1855.
George is documented as having seat rents in Masonville Presbyterian in 1825 and 1826. He is in Masonville in the 1830 census and in Davenport in the 1840 census. I am hoping to be able to help me track down a Wells family with both Sarah and Anna E. as the pattern has been with some in that time frame to marry a sister or other female close relation when there where children to raise. I still firmly believe that the Analiza buried in Davenport Cemetery is the Anna E. on Horace's death certificate. Additionally, I am given to believe, as of today's new information, that Sarah was George's first wife and Anna Eliza the second. I am at a loss as how to find any more information and could use some local assistance from church records. Cheryl Harding - posted 08-2021

MEYERS - Looking for any information on the family John and Carrie (Caroline) Meyers that lived in Corbett NY or Colechester NY from 1913 to about 1922. Richard Meyers - posted 02-2006

MEYER - Need Help in locating Obit for Ollie Pearl (nee Daniel) MEYER, who died 23 April 1988 in Walton, Delaware Co. NY. She was survived by husband Henry W. Meyer who later died on 13 August 1900 in Colchester, Delaware Co. NY. Your Help would be greatly appreciated. Sharon L . Stone - posted 08-2001

MICHAEL - Looking for information on Henry S. Michael/Micheal. Thought to have been born in Delaware County in 1807 or 1808. 1st wife Sylvia Randall; supposedly married in Delaware County. Second wife Elizabeth Shults or Shultis. I can trace him in the 1870 and 1880 census in Saratoga County, but can't find him on the 1860. Looking specifically for his parents' names. Any help would be appreciated. Brandi Hargrove - posted 26-2007

MICKEL - Christian Micker, b. 16 Sept 1827 or 29 in the town of Davenport, Deleware Co. Married Ximena Agusta Buck, 20 May 1858 in New Lisbon, Otsego Co. NY. I would like to know the names of his parents and/or siblings. Cidney Engberg - posted 05-97

MICKLE - My great great grandmother was born 20 June 1842 in Delaware County New York. I believe the city/township was Kortright. Her parents were Michael MICKLE and Laura PENNOCK. Any information on these people would be appreciated. Joan R Brown - posted 04-2004

MIDDLEMAST - Seeking any descendants of Robert and Anna (Mitchel) Middlemist, who arrived from Scotland in 1818. They were the parents of 9 children, including Catherine, James, John, Nancy, Catharine, William, Mary Ann, Andrew, and Walter. Mike M. - posted 11-98

MIDDLEMAST - I am looking for information on Thomas Middlemast. He came to Delhi from Scotland. He married Isabel Wright. They had 6 children, Thomas, Jr, John, Elizabeth, Ann, William and James. Gabriele Hammon - posted 10-2001

MIDDLEMIST - Looking for information on the Middlemist family that lived in Delaware County. Rebecca Middlemist Erickson - posted 03-2006

MILLARD - Looking for maiden name of Betsey Millard, wife of Daniel Millard. They appear in the 1810 Federal Census of - NY, Delaware, Meredith - as a young couple and then moved to Troy, Michigan. Carolyn Hubbard - posted 11-98

MILLER - I've been look for information on a Frederick Miller who came to Delaware county in the 1750's. I'm having trouble finding any before 1800. I believe he is the same Frederick that was one of the first settlers in the area. Frederick and one of his brothers joined a few of the Shavers on their journey up the Delaware River eventually they came across some land they thought would make a good homestead. They settled down and built one house for the Shavers and Millers could live in durning the up and coming winter. The Millers were experienced trappers and good at it. After getting some animal skins tougher Frederick and one of the Shaver men ventured into town to sell their goods to get food and items they needed. They learned a few things from the local Indians such as what berries are good to eat and what trees make the best for shelter. I don't have much information on Frederick or his brothers but this is what I have:
Frederick's 2 brothers were Pieter married Margareet Chesiham, christened Hendrik in Colchester 1764 and Samuel married Rebecca Schafer they also christened their son Schephert in Colchester 1796.
*Frederick Miller that was born in about 1753 married Maria Elizabet Lang, they had 5 boys and 3 girls. I have the names of the boys but not the girls. *Frederick; *Jacob; *Peter Miller was born in 1787 and christened 14 Feb 1796 in Delaware county. He married Phoebe Effie Rose. Peter was my 4th great grandpa; *David; *John
If anyone can help me with my research I would greatly appreciate it. Jodi A. Creel - posted 03-2018

MILLER - Looking for a copy of Requisition # 39523 (MILLER, MARY - 1915 REQUISITION 39523 SHAVERTOWN PEPACTON CEMETERY(CITY)) for moving Mary Miller's body from Shavertown Cemetery to Pepacton Cemetery by New York City before they filled the Pepacton Reservoir in the early 1950's. Bill Justin - posted 11-2014

MILLER - Fredrick Miller is the family I'm looking for. I'm looking for any family that could be related to Fredrick Miller. He was one of the first in Walton, New York Delaware. He was born about 1740 Had a son named after him 1777 and he had a son name John C. Miller. John Miller is my great-grandfather. His wife was Phebe Tiffney and thier daughter was my grandmother who married a Charles Lockwood. Any thing please contact me. Donna Rushing - posted 12-2011

MILLER - I am looking for the parents of my husband's great great grandfather, Andrew James Miller, born in Delaware County on Nov 3, 1820. He married Mahala Seeley in Bradford County, PA in 1842. After having 6 children there they moved to Jackson County, IA where Andrew died in 1880. Per Andrew's census records both of his parents were born in New York. I would like to connect him to the children of Thomas Miller in Delaware County. Would appreciate. Donna Scott - posted 09-2011

MILLER - I have been trying to find anyinformation on Peter Miller DOB 1856, Parents: Lovica & Squire (Andrew) Miller. My ggg grandmother was a sister to Peter. Doris Falkenber - posted 02-2011

MILLER - I'm writing a book about the James and Grace Archibald Miller family of the New Kingston/Bovina area. Anyone with information or photo's of these family's would be of great help to me. They lived on Jensen Rd. and the children's names were William, Andrew, John, James, Walter, and Jennet(Forrest). John Miller - posted 09-2010

MILLER - I am looking for any information on Peter Miller son of Squire & Lovica Miller. His DOB is 1856 in Hancock, NY. His sister Helena was my ggg grandmother. Doris Falkenberg - posted 02-2009

MILLER - Seeking information on William Herbert Miller born 1878 in New York died 1930 in New Jersey. Bert married Phebe Early born April 1878 daughter of William Ranseller and Sarah (Rose) Early of Delaware County on Sept 15 1898 in Rockland County. Who are his parents? Bert and Phebe's children were born in Fishes Eddy. Mary Harris - posted 07-2007

MILLER - I'm looking for information about Phebe Miller b1820 d? Who first lived in Hamdonwith her Husband John C. Miller (who didn't return from the Civil War, His son Alonzo made it back home. Phebe Had 9 Children. She was alive in 1910 but lost her after that. Her daughter who married a Hoyt died 1919 and Phebe was living with her. I understand that her last name may have been Tiffeny. Thank You Donna Rushing. Donna Rushing - posted 06-2005

MILLER - Looking for information about the "suffocation by hanging" death of a NY relative. Norman Ward Miller/Millar died in Hobart on March 4, 1941. If anyone remembers this incident, I'd love to know if it was a murder or suicide. Please email (Jackie)at: Jackie McTaggart - posted 04-2005

MILLER - Looking for information about the "suffocation by hanging" death of a NY relative. Norman Ward Miller/Millar died in Hobart on March 4, 1941. If anyone remembers this incident, I'd love to know if it was a murder or suicide. Please email (Jackie)at: Jackie McTaggart - posted 04-2005

MILLER - Robert Miller as listed in Munsell came from Lyme, Conn., in 1803, and purchased the premises now owned by William A. Dewey..... Mr. Miller paid for his farm in Spanish silver dollars, which he brought with him in his saddle-bags. There was but a small clearing, and the house stood on the lower side of the road from the present residence. His family consisted of wife and four children; afterward four children were born to them. Marvin married Polly Mann; Phebe married a man named Curtiss; Harriet married a Scott; Robert married Rubie Murray; Eliza Ann married an Abell, and moved to Ohio. The names of the remaining children were George, Almira, and Anson S., who resides in the village. I am a direct descendant from their son George who married Lucina Sumner (also born in Franklin). Would love to touch base with this line of Millers! Jan Johnson - posted 04-2005

MILLER - Seeking verification on the birth of George A. Miller born 1799 Delaware Co., NY to parents Samuel and Rebecca (Shafer/Schafer)Miller. George Miller married Anna Akerly/Ackerley probably in Delaware County, NY also if you could find anything on their marriage I sure would appreciate it. Anna Akerly parents were Johannes "John" and Catherine (VanWaggoner) Akerly/Ackerley/Aikerly in Delaware County also. Beth - posted 12-2003

MILLER - Looking for information on Norman W. Miller, born July 27, 1874, died March 4, 1941 in Hobart New York. Would like to know family ties or cemetery/obit information. Jackie McTaggart - posted 01-2003

MILLER - Looking for any info on the following people. Found this info in the 1880 Hamden census, but have nothing else.
George Jr, 42 - Head of house; Betsey 40 - wife; Edwin 20 - son; Harriet 19 - daughter; George A 15 - son; William S 10 - son (my gg grandfather); George 70 - father of head
William Sheldon Miller (1867-?), married(?) Clara Esther Maxwell (1873-1919). CHILDREN; Lillie A Miller (1892-1963) married (1909), George Lynck(1888-?) in Franklin,Del.Co; Florence M Miller(1891-?) married (1927), William Clum (1881-?) in Franklin, Del.Co; The family of William S Miller is listed in the 1900 Census in Franklin. The birthplace of both daughters is in Hamden. Any info on any of the above people would be great. Looking for wife of George Miller SR (age 70 above). Cindy Roussin - posted 02-2002

MILLER - Searching for info. on Samuel Miller b abt 1775 NY (parents unknown). Samuel m Rebecca Shafer. Their son George A. Miller b abt 1800 Delaware Co., NY m Ann Akerly, daughter of John and Catherine (?) Akerly (both from Holland, Netherlands). George and Ann Miller moved to Kent Co., Michigan where their son Charles A. Miller was born 1839. Can you help me? Please e-mail. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Beth Tippett - posted 10-2003

MILLER - I would like info on David Miller, Wife Nora. David Miller was born in 1871,Nora was born in 1879. I would also like info on Sylvester Head 1874 in Masonville .David Miller died in 1940. Thats all I know and I thank you. Roger Miller - posted 01-2000

MILLER - Seeking lineage of the Frederick Miller referred to in History of Delaware County by W.W. Munsell. My mother's records indicate we are descendants of George Frederick Miller b.1753 in Rhinebeck, NY, m. Elizabeth Lang. They did live in Town of Colchester. Could there be any connection? Don P. - posted 07-99

MILLER - Looking for information in connection with Carlton W. Miller married to Violet Irwin. Carlton's parents were Gideon Miller and Christina Northrup. I am WORKING on my Miller family lines. Any information helpful. Dale Miller - posted 10-2004

MILLER - I am looking for Information on William Herry Miller, Born Apr 12,1916, Married to Fannie Hicks born Feb 12,1922 of NY and Married in NY, there 2nd child George was born Feb 9,1941 in Delaware Co. John Miller - posted 05-99

MILLER - Any information on a Frederick Miller, Pre World war two. Ran a wood and coal lot in Walton and worked in cannery producing caned milk. Had a large family and may still have some living in the area. Raymond Mole - posted 02-99

MILLER - Looking for information on children of Mary JUSTIN & Andy MILLER: Serria, Walter, Fred, and Grace Miller. All are first cousins of Vernon Israel Justin b. 1906 in Delaware County. Fred Miller is supposed to be in Walton, NY. Grace Miller supposedly moved to Illinois. All born in late 1890's or early 1900's in Delaware County. Bill Justin - posted 11-2003

MILLER - Am interested in finding ancestors,decendents of Derick(Richard) Miller b. 1782 Colunbia Co N.Y. M. 4 July 1808 Davenport Delaware Co. N.Y.Sally White. Sally Dau.of Uriah White (d.15 March 1846) and Orpha. Both famlies lived in Delaware Co. from about 1800 until? Ann M. Ashworth- posted 06-2002

MILLER - Have information to share about descendants of Thomas Miller and Agnes Laidlaw from Hawick Scotland. Four children, William, David, Christina and Berry Shaw all settled in Delaware County in the 1820s or 30s. Ray LaFever- posted 01-97

MILLER - Looking for info regarding parents and descendents of David Miller b.abt. 1780 d. aft. 1855. Lived in what is now called Miller Hollow located near the former site of Pepaction, Colchester Township, Delaware Co. NY. His wife's name was Susan. They had 4 children; Townsend b. 1824, May b. 1835, Albert S. and Jane. David may have been the son of Frederick Miller and Maria Elizabet Lang early settlers of Colchester Township near Pepacton. Have info to share. Russ Miller - posted 09-2002

MILLS - I am seeking info regarding my ggg grandfather Hugh Mill(s) who lived in Stamford, NY in 1800. He was an officer in the NY Militia before and during the War of 1812 and died in 1814 from injuries while serving. Had sons Alexander b . 1800, Thomas b. 1802, Hugh b. 1805 and Peter b. 1810 and daughter(s) names unknown. Trying to find name of Hugh Mill(s) wife and date/place of marriage. Children were minors at time of Hugh's death and may have been placed under guardianship. Also looking for info regarding where Hugh died and where he is buried. Michael J. Mills - posted 06-2011

MILLS - Seeking the direct maternal/paternal ancestry of a Samuel Mills. He was born about 1778 in Orange Co., N.Y. and died about 1863 in the Town of Middletown, Del. Co., N.Y. He came to Delaware Co. from Ulster Co. between 1810 and 1820. He married a Jane (Jennie, Janet) ??? She was b. ca. 1782 in Wales and died in 1856 (Town of Middletown, Del. Co., N.Y. I am also interested in her maiden name and who her parents were. Some of their children were Loretta, James, John, Jane, and Phebe. Thanks for any help. Joe Kelly - posted 11-2001

MILLS - Hiram born 1814 N.Y. State. Mills, Nelson born Delaware Co. 5-3-1837. Burdan or Borden or Burden , Emeline born in Wales lived in Middleton, that is now Margretsville. Married Hiram Mills in Andes on Oct.13,1831. Nelson Mills was there son born in 1837. Lee Mills - posted 05-2001

MILLS - Looking for any information on Nelson Mlls born May 3, 1837 in Delaware County, N.Y.& fathers name was Hiram Mills. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Leland H. Mills - posted 04-99

MILLS - I am interested in Henry Mills, who came from Scotland to Greene Co, then to PA, then to Hancock in Delaware Co. His son Henry Delancy Mills married Sophia Brown. Henry D. and Sophia were both still alive in 1905 and yet I have no idea where they're buried. Her grandfather was a William Brown, supposedly a native of RI, who drowned about 1826. His wife was Sophia Benedict and I know all about her ancestry, but his is a complete mystery to me. I am related to Reads, Apleys, McCalls and other Delaware Co. families and would be delighted to share information. Fran Dumas - posted 03-97

MINER - I am looking for the father of Lewis A. Miner born in Andes N.Y. I don't know his name but, I think he might be the son of Oliver and Amy Bishop Miner. The Biographical Review said they moved to Andes, N.Y. from Connecticut with 10 children. I hope he is one of them. I would appreciate all the help anyone can give. Shirley Miner - posted 08-2008

MINER - I am seeking information on the family of Hiram W. MINER who was born in Colchester on 30 May 1857. His parents were Lorenzo Miner and Elizabeth FULLER. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Diane Brookshire - posted 03-2000

MINOZZI - Looking for any information on the Minozzi family. Sergio - posted 07-2005

MISNER - I am looking for information on Agnes Misner who married Charles W. Fuller and Walter Fisher. John D. Wylock - posted 10-2003

MITCHELL - I am researching the Pierce Mitchell (b. 1781 CT, d. 1854 NY) -Abigail (Nabby) Burr family who moved to Delaware County from Connecticut. I am curious if you have any family Bibles, wills, or other records which lists their children, particularly Pierce Jr. (b, 1822). Other children names may include Burr, Ransom, Hudson, Elizabeth (Betsey), Eliza, Harriet, Sarah, Selina, and Marshall. I am also curious if you have any references linking Pierce Mitchell with David Mitchell (1748-1810) and Sarah Pierce. Bettina Esser - posted 12-2006

MITCHELL - Looking for parents of William Mitchell: (B: 1763, CT?, D: 12-10-1841, Franklin, Delaware, NY), mar Phebe Kellogg: (B: 1770, Austerlitz, Columbia, NY, D: 3-27-1861, Franklin, Delaware, NY), dau of Benjamin and Phebe Stark. Jackie M. - posted 09-2003

MITCHELL - Am searching for information on grandmother Maude Mitchell born in Vestal NY Jan 9 1900. Had sister Emma. Father's name Arthur, Mother 's name Edith. Married Morris Mott Bentley in 1920's. Had 2 children Arthur James and Edith. Morris died in hay accident in 1937. Children were in orphanage home in Binghamton.Married John Holbert of Hancock NY in 1950's. Died March 25 1973. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Jane Bentley Holloway - posted 12-2001

MITCHELL - I am looking for a Hugh D Mitchell (b1883) married Alice Milne (b1885) Both were born in Arbroath, Scotland and emigrated to Tompkins County -Ithaca-, NY. in1906 Their children were -Lilly Ann Mitchell-b.1907/8 and Harold Mitchell-b.1916? I have checked all possible records, and as a last resort, a Hugh Mitchell born in the same year is recorded in the S.S.I. as having died in Delhi, Delaware County in1966. This may be 'grabbing at straws ' but I hope to find some connection. Alf Milne - posted 12-2001

MOFFETT - - Lucy Moffett - have info to share - Thomas E. Sliter - posted 01-97

MOIR/MORE - Looking for information on Alexander Moir/More who would have been in Delaware County in mid 1770s. He was born in Forres, Moray, Scotland & married Janet McDonald who died about 1764 in Scotland. I believe he came to the USA after her death. He died in Roxbury, Delaware, NY in 1805. My great-great-grandfather also came from Delaware Cty., NY & may have been related to Alexander. Any help appreciated. Dianne Moore - posted 11-2007

MONDORE - My name is Daniel Mondore and I am looking into my family history on my father's side. There is limited information that the family has and I am trying to find out more about my families past. It was believed that my relatives were native american and I am curious about that. I know there is information listing my great great grandfather as black which sometimes were native Americans. If anyone can help with any information or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
Grandfather john h Mondore
Great grandfather Omer Mondore
Great grandmother Carrie Mondore
Great great grandfather Ransom Mondore
Great great grandmother Polley Mondore
Dan Richard - posted 11-2020

MONDORE - I would like information on the Mondore family name. Especially Ransom Mondore and who came before him if at all possibe. Please email me at Bridget Bryant - posted 12 May 2011

MONTGOMERY - Looking for confirmation that Lewis Montgomery, born 1797-8 in Harpersfield, NY, is the son of James Montgomery and Mary (Polly) Baldwin, from Blandford, MA. James and his father Robert Montgomery were members of the Presbyterian Church. Perhaps there is a record of baptisms? The families moved to Ashtabula County, Ohio in 1799 and 1800. Bob Montgomery - posted 11-2009

MONTGOMERY - Jennet Montgomery of Red Hook, Dutchess County made an indenture dated 11 December 1813 conveying to Elihu Fuller of Delaware county approximately 80 acres of land in the Hardenburgh Patent. It has been suggested that Jennet Montgomery is the sister of Elihu Fuller. I am seeking information as to any relationship between the two parties and also as to the method and time of acquisition of the property by Jannet Montgomery. Anyone having such information please contact me. Forrest L. Fuller - posted 03-2002

MONTGOMERY - John M. Montgomery was the son of James L. and Hannah Clark Montgomery and believed to have been the twin brother of James C. Montgomery which would have made his birth the 12 Feb. 1809, born in Town of Kortright on Montgomery-Clark farm, McMurdy Brook Road. John married Animary (Animarie) Evans. They had one daughter, Emily Josephine who married Thomas Maynard and they had son James Harper, and Minnie E. Maynard, James married Myrtel Bender and Minnie married Jessie Benjamin Gilbert (The start of the Gilbert line in Delaware). I need to establish birth date, married date, death and location, and any information on wife Animary. George L. Montgomery - posted 12-99

MONTGOMERY - William C. Montgomery married to Adela Charez Montomery daughter Nellie Montgomery believed to be from Masonville, NY who later married Joseph Feyrer, place unknown Nellie Montgomery is my grandmother, but I have no other information other than what's posted above. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Vicki L. Feyrer - posted 05-97

MONTGOMERY - Seeking parents of Thomas MONTGOMERY b.Roxbury,Delaware Co. where he served as town clerk 1810,1811.He m.Miss BEERS of Roxbury,b.abt 6-13-1790. He was confirmed 6-6-1835 (as an adult) at St Peters Ch.,Stamford, NY. The children of Thomas Montgomery and Miss Beers are as follows: 1.Thomas E.b.1815, confirmed 6-6-1835 St. Peters Ch. 2.Henry. 3.Amelia. 4.Mary Ann (Polly) b.1824,confirmed 6-6-1835 St Peters Ch.
Jacqueline Fennelly posted 10-97

MORE (MOORE) - Looking in Delaware County for Patrick More (MOORE) born in Ireland 1834 father is I thing Charles More.Immigrated to New York around 1850.Patrick More's(Moore) wife was Bridget was also born in Irleand 1838 she immigrated in 1852.Charles wife was also Bridget. They were in 1870 Gilboa's cencus and also 1880 ,1900 Patrick's children were Anna, Catharine, Charles, William, Bridget, John, Thomas, James, Edgar Edward, . I am looking for more information on Charles the father and Patrick or any information on the immigration of this family or any other information would be greatly appreciated. Dee - posted 04-2006

MOORE - Looking for the parents of Edward P. Moore. Fleischmanns area I think. Edward married Deana Mann they had a son Manley Burr Moore married Doris Bushnell. Any date on this family or any info would be great. Thanks. Dee Greene - posted 10-2012

MOORE - Looking for decedents of Warner Moore and his sister Nettie Cooper, who are decedents of Zebulon and Asa Moore. Family reunions used to be held in Cannonsville before it was flooded. The Moores owned a farm on Sands Creek Rd. near Kelsey, as late as 1940. Nettie Cooper lived in Hancock. Jacqueline Moore Mirsky - posted 10-2008

MO(O)RE - Green(e) Married Mary Denio Mar 1830. Married Polly in June 1834. 1843 sheriff of Del Co. Married Matilda Sloote (Sloat) in Nov 1844. Married Catherine Gilday Oct 1858. Married Lucinda Perkins. She died in 1921. Green(e) Mo(o)re had a daughter Frances who married Silas Oliver. They had a daughter Mrs. Barton Gladstone. Information gleaned from Del Co site. Greene Moore had a daughter Adeline born Nov 27, 1861. Could be more than one Greene Moore? Any and all responses welcome. Roberta Meehan - posted 3-2001.

MOORE - Looking for William G Moore, g-grandfather banker and Delaware county supervisor. He married Margaret E Moore. Any info you can provide would be extremely appreciated. Margaret E Simon - posted 11-2000

MOORE - Am searching for Elijah Moore b. abt 1760 d. 4 Jan 1835 in Lexington, Greene Co., NY. m. Mary Whitcomb b. 4 Mar 1765 in Chatham, Middlesex, CT. May be a Delaware county connection. Pam Moore Leitt posted 11-99

MOORE - My Grandfather was from Delhi N.Y. and my mom would like to find out who his dad was what his name or was. My grandfathers name was HARRY MOORE..his wife name was Georgian. If you have any info on this we would be glad to get it. Thank very much. Nick & Pat Kroenung - posted 08-98

MOORE - Ira G. Moore was b.1824, (in Delaware Co. NY,) d. December 17, 1879 (in Delaware Co. NY.) He wed Hannah Schriber in 1847 (in Delaware Co. NY.) she was b. 1827. (in Delaware Co. NY.) Ira G. Moore was enlisted in the 144th Regt., N.Y. Volunteer Infantry out of Delaware Co. Ira & Hannah had four children born in Delhi, Mary Jane Moore, Alice Moore, Anna Moore b. abt 1848 & Howard Moore b. abt 1850. Daniel Roach - posted 09-2008

MOORE - Looking for William Moore who married Elizabeth Cornell of Delhi around 1815. He was born in Westchester County around 1791. Don't know parents name. Eliazbeth was born in Delhi around 1794 the daughter of William and Hannah Finch Cornell. E. Moore posted 05-98

MOORHOUSE - John and his wife, Eliza (BODDY) MOORHOUSE. see Galen BODDY. Patricia Tharp - posted 03-2009

MORE - I am seeking info on my great-great-grandfather John More who was born on Dec. 2, 1801 in possibly Roxbury or Delhi in Delaware County . I do not know his parents' names or if he had siblings. By Apr. 3, 1838 he was in Dunn Township, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Dianne Moore - posted 01-2005

MORE - Looking for the ancestry of the family on the 1850 Andes Federal Census:
Richard More jr age 26 head, farmer
Sarah 24 wife
Jabez 1 son
Richard More age 71
I believe this is the same family as 1855 Andes census
Richard Moore farmer
Sarah wife
James son
Daniel B. son
Sarah C. dau
Richard More of Roxbury married to Sarah Sharp (dau. of John and Elizabeth) of Lexington in Lexington, Greene Co. He was a lumberman on Delaware before marriage and farming. By 1860 the federal census list son John H. b1857 and dau Etta age 1 (who died before they removed to Monroe Twp., Wyo Co. Pa This is my MORE/MOORE family. Any help is tremendously appreciated. Karen Shields - posted 07-2002

MORE - Andrew MORE, Jr. has written a letter to my Great Great Grandfather, Col. William Yeoman in 1846 saying the he "would be Glad to accept of the Office of Adjutant" I have been unable to discover what branch of the military my Col. Yeoman was in by the usual routes of queries to the Nat. Archives and State Archives, although I am guessing this letter is referring to a State Militia position. If Andrew More is your ancestor and you know what military service he was involved in, please contact me. I may be able to find a clue to my own ancestors military service by association. Others mentioned in the letter are Alm Thomas, Lieut. McIntosh, and Henry Drake . . Pam Frederic - posted 02-2000

MOREHOUSE - I am seeking information on Mary MOREHOUSE, who died in Stamford, NY, in September 1830. I would like to know where I might order a copy of her will (not through Sampubco), if any existed, and if anyone knows where she might be buried. Her husband pre-deceased her in 1809 in another county. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Dianne - posted 06-2002

MORENUS - I am looking for information on Peter Morenus (spelled variously) who was born about 1791. According to the state census of 1855, he was born in Delaware Co. At some time between those two dates, he moved to Schoharie Co. where he lived for the rest of his life. I have no knowledge of his background in Delaware Co, but hope that someone else may be able to help me out. JoAnn Carothers - posted 01-2004

MORGAN - I am trying to find out when Curtis Morgan married my grandmother Mary Fox, they had a son born in Laurens. Any help will be appreciated. They had 3 sons, Edwin, Ernest & Vern. Edwin had a store in Hancock for many years. Please help. - posted 03-2006

MORGAN - My grandmother, Ella Margaret MORGAN, was suppose to be born at Bear Spring Mountain. Does anyone have any idea where I should direct a query for her birth record etc? Any help would be very welcomed and most appreciated. Sharon - posted 08-2001

MORLEY - Searching for the grave and any other information about William Morley (c.1827- ?) and his wife Julia Sands (1830-1865) and second wife who was also named Julia. He and his family are listed in U.S. census for Hancock from 1850 to 1880. Charles B. Woodruff - posted 02-99

MORRIS - Searching for information on the family of John J. Morris, alias AndrewJ. Morris, born June 16, 1848 in Delaware Co. NY. He ran away to join the civil war and never returned home to his family. He married Mary Ellen Landrigan of PA and raised a large family there. I need to find his parents and siblings. Nancy Hess - posted 02-2001

MORRISON - Looking for info on the Morrison familiy of Delaware Co.,NY, mostly in the Fleischmanns area. Thank you. J. Payne - posted 03-2003

MORRISON - I am interested in any information Morrisons that lived in the Middletown are from 1800 to 1870. They were in the Griffin Corners/Fleischmann's area up into Halcott. Jeff Morrison Moore - posted 05-99

MORRISON - In the Canadian census of 1851 William Morrison gives his age as 77, born at Delaware (this is the best I can make of the entry for his birthplace). His father was Hector Morrison and his mother Barbara Fraser. Hector was a loyalist who settled at Kortright's Patent either in 1774 or sometime later. I have not seen Hector's name in any of the Loyalist military units. Yvan Goulet - posted 10-98

MORRISON - Hector; his wife Barbara FRASER. Hector's estate was confiscated by judgment signed on 29.12.1783 during the Revolution. Had been indicted on 3-5-7 (whatever this means). One son William born about 1777. Probably Hector came from Scotland. He was from Kortright's Patent. This information comes from a compilation made at the State Archives and the original papers have been almost destroyed by a fire. Yvan Goulet - posted 06-98

MORSE - Seeking parents, siblings and other info on Hannah Morse born 4 July 1830 in Roxbury, New York. Ann Boix - posted 01-2007

MORSE - Seeking in Delaware County for information on family of Caroline Morse (1810-1898). Believe she is the daughter of John and Hannah and that she was born in Salt Point. In about 1828 she married Schuyler Lake (1811-1880) who was born in Albany County of unknown parents. Any information or suggestions on where I could search would be appreciated. Barbara Coughlin - posted 04-2005

MORSE - Seeking parents of Anna Patterson Morse (possibly her 1st husband). She mar Asa Ballard. He was b 1797.Roxbury, Delaware Co, NY. Thanks. Nancy Gray - posted 01-99

MOSCRIP - I am seeking the location of the Moscrip farm on Scotch Mountain. William Moscrip does not appear to be buried in the Old Scotch Cemetery and I suspicion, since he died first, might be buried on the old farm. He was one of the Indians indicted for the Steele fiasco so probably was on a lease. --Doug Moscrip - posted 10-2017

MOSCRIP - Looking for information linking Robert and William Moscrip to Father and Mother in Scotland. Doug Moscrip - posted 08-2016

MOSCRIP/MOSCRIPT - Am looking for fellow researchers following the line of Robert and/or William Moscrip/Moscript in Delaware County from about 1805 to 1855. Am a descendant of Nancy Catherine Moscript, daughter of either Robert or William and Elizabeth unknown. Nancy b. 1805 in Delaware County according to her obit. Donna Lewis - posted 02-2000

MOSHER - Need info on Charles Hayes Mosher d. 1933 Deposit New York m. Helen A. Ford three children died young 2 lived Elizabeth Mosher and Katherine Mosher Hathaway. Sisters Mary Mosher Knapp, Grace Mosher Fox, and ( I believe) Mrs. Milton Smith. Any other family? Carol Ann MacMaster - posted 09-2002

MOSHIER - Junis Ivan. Looking for information about this surname. Might be spelled MOSHER. Relatives supposed to be burried in East Kortright. Relatives also lived around E. Meridith. Bill Justin - posted 11-2003

MOSS/DIBBLE - Looking for info on William T. Moss (b.1860) and his wife Angelica Dibble (b.1867 or 68) , m. sometime around 1890. They show up in 1900 Harpursfield census, and William died either that year or the next. Angelica remarried a man by the name of Craig (could be first or last name) and died in 1906. No burial record for either William or Angelica. Also looking for burial site of John Moss (b.1829) and Mary Bronson, who were William's parents and came from England. They are in the 1880 Kortright census but can find nothing else. AND would love any info on the location of Moss farm on Bagley Brook Road in DeLancy, which was lost during the Depression around 1931. Home of William Moss (b. 1891, son of William T. and Angelica) and Mary Reed. Any info would be gratefully appreciated. Kevin Moss, Geneva, NY - posted 11-2004

MOTT - The person I am researching is: Israel Mott: b.1784 in Dutchess Co NY - perhaps died in 1865, Arkville, Delaware Co., N.Y. Would welcome confirming information of his being a resident and perhaps passing away in Arkville. Sharon Sterle - posted 03-2019

MOTT - Been to the Riverview Cemetery in Hancock several times locating family graves. Still unable to find one last grave for Mary A Mott. I have been told by several family members that her gravesite is on top of the hill near the north entrance but after scowering the hillside we still cannot find it. I wanted to contact the cemetery to see if they had a location index available but I am unable to find a phone number or a website for them. Does anyone know where I can get an index? Vikki Jankowski - posted 05-2012

MOTT - The 1850 census for Hamden shows a MOTT family of Matthew, 42; Mary, 36; ?illegible?, 13; Hiram?, 12; Phebe, 09; Pratt, 06; and Sophia, age 2. Then in 1860 in Leroy, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania (page 12, stamped page 368) are listed ?Nathan MOTT, 53; Polly, 32; Nichobacker, 24; Heiram, 22; Phila, 20; Pratt, 14; (several children under 10: Nathan, Fairmont, Mary, and Mata); and Sophia, age 12. Are these the same folks? Can anyone help me on who the wive(s) are? John Hutchins - posted 02-2007

MOTT - Searching for Matthew Mott born 1808 Delaware Co., NY m. Mary Ann Knickerbocker. Patricia Gobea - posted 06-2001

MUIR - Annette - Looking for information on her and her relationship to Bertha Ada KINCH or Israel Borden JUSTIN. Bill Justin - posted 11-2003

MULFORD - Looking for any info on Mulfords in Delaware, Greene, and Schoharie Co. They lived in Harpersfield, Stamford, Deposit, Roxbury, Kortright in 1800's. I have a lot of info on this family. Dennis Rodman - posted 02-99

MULLINEX- Looking for information on Lucy Mullinex born 1872 or 1875 or to find out if Louisa Mulnix and Lucy Mulnix are the same person. She seems to be married to a George Foulds in 1890 claims to be 18. She also seems to be Married to a George Gransbury in 1889. By George Foulds she had a Charles in 1893 and Herbert Uriah Foulds born in 1896. Herbert Uriah is my father but he went by the Mulnix/Mullinex name since 1900 until for a brief period as a Foulds when he married an AnnnaBella McGraw. Louisa then gave birth to 10 more children by George Gransbury, Married Clark Beers and then a Garrison. John - posted 11-2002

MULLINEAUX-MULLINNEX - I am looking for information on my gggrandfather, Israel Mullineaux(Mullinnex). I found an Israel Mullineaux on the 1800 Delaware county census. I am wondering if this is my Israel. I know he was born circa 1770 somewhere in New York according to an 1850 census I found. He was married in 1821 in Hampshire county,VA to a Mary Poland. If anyone has any info on Israel, I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Carolyn Mullinnex Cole - posted 04-2002

MULLINEX/MULNIX - I am searching for any information on my gr-gr-grandparents who are Samuel and Debbie Van Dusen Mullinex. They lived near Andes, Delaware County, NY. They married there in 1840 and were on the census records until 1870. They had 12 children all born near Andes and Pleasant Valley areas. They moved to Ogle County, Illinois and then on to Shellsburg, Benton County, Iowa. I'm looking for siblings of Samuel and Debbie Mullinex as well as parents of both. Need info on Charles Mullinex Sr. and Charles Mullinex Jr. as they might be father and brother. They are buried in New Shavertown Cemetery. Appreciate any help. Marilyn Schoop - posted 08-99

MULLINEX - I am looking for information on the Mullinex family that lived in Andres in 1860 according to census records. Jarvis Mullinex age 45 is a farmer. According to family his wife is Louise and she died in 1859 during child birth. Jarvis's children are Sarah (19), Charles (16), Maria (14), Thomas (9), Marcus (7), George (3), Mary (3), Louisa (1). An Abigail Mullinex is also living with him and she is age 65. According to Pepacton Reservoir - Cemetery Removal Records, Thomas married a Phebe C. MILLER (b) 1850. According to the party of interest, Maggie Coulter, Thamas and Phebe was her mother and father. Also found in this document is Louise Mullinex (d) 1859 (Aunt) which would establish her as Jarvis's wife and agree with what I have heard that she did die in 1859 during child birth. Also listed are the Grandparents being Charles Sr., and Abigail Gregory Mullinex. Now if Thomas is Jarvis's Brother, this would mean the Charles Sr. and Abigail are Jarvis parents also. Since in 1860 an Abigail was living with Jarvis, I believe that Abigail was living with Jarvis to help him out with the children. Mark A. Conley - posted 04-99

MULLINNEX - Need proof of date of death and location of burial for Jane Bridget Turk Mullinnex b. 16/6/1811. The approximate date of death is 31/7/1855, however this and her death location are unclear. /She was married to John Mullenix in 1829 and they lived in Roxbury, Andes and perhaps Greene County. Her mother was Jannetje Burhans of Kingston; her father was Benjamin Turk, perhaps also of Kingston. - posted 10-98

MULNIX - I am searching for information about my Gr-Great Grandfather Andrew Jackson Mulnix and his wife Olive Ruth Miner who moved from New York to Michigan. He was born January 24, 1833 in Delaware, New York died March 28, 1900 in Sidney, Michigan. Olive Ruth Miner was born in Wilna, Jefferson, New York on 9-24-1842. They married on 4-30-1856. I can't find any additional information of his ancestry. Any info to validate either my Gr-Great Grandfather or Mother's genealogy would be very helpful. I think this maybe the time when the surname spelling changed to the Mulnix from another derived spelling, but I can't seem to find what it was before Mulnix. Hopefully, you can be of some help. Robert Mulnix Jr. - posted 10-99

MUNRO/MONROE - I am looking for any other descendants of Andrew Munro B. abt. 1780 Scotland who immigrated to Andes, NY from Dunbartonshire, Scotland around 1820 and died in Andes Nov 07, 1861. His wife was Nancy MacFarlane also B. abt 1795 in Scotland and died in Andes Nov 30, 1870. All their children were born in Scotland, they were; Henrietta Monroe married Andrew McNaught; Margaret Monroe married Jacob Lawrence; Mary Ann Monroe married David Tallman Scudder (son of John Scudder); Duncan Monroe married Phoebe Stewart; Kate Monroe married Henry P. Reynolds; John Monroe; Janet Monroe married Alexander Shaw; Malcolm Monroe married Hannah E. Covert; Nancy Monroe married Madison Hawyer; Gilbert Monroe married Jane Anderson; Caleb B. Monroe married Mary Ann Coulter; Abner Monroe. I am a descendant of Mary Ann. I have an online database here: Louise Johns Neu - posted 05-99

MUNRO - Andrew and Nancy McFarlane MUNRO setled in Andes around 1822. I would like to gather more info on their large family: Henrietta, Caleb, Malcolm, Jeannette, Duncan, Gilbert J., Kate, Nancy, John, Margaret, and Mary Ann. I'm especially interested in Gilber J. MONROE who migrated to Illinois then Iowa. Janet Snyder Smith - posted 05-99

MUNSELL - Looking for anything on the Munsell name that has to do with Judge Munsell Christopher D. Munsell - posted 12-2004

MUNSON - Seeking to locate Abraham Munson who lived in Deleware county in the l700s.His daughter Phebe married my great great great grandfather Michael Richards. Frederick H. Richard - posted 05-2000

MUNSON - Looking for information on Clarence W. (Bill) MUNSON who married Mary E JUSTIN abt 1921 in Delaware County. Bill Justin - posted 11-2003

MURDOCK - I am looking for any information about John Murdock, b. abt. 1760 in Delaware County, or his wife, Eleanor Riggs, b. abt 1762 in Harpersfield, Delaware County. John Murdock is listed as an adult in 1790 census in Kortright, Delaware County. Rebecca - posted 01-99

MURPHY- /Smith - Searching for living relatives of well-known artists, John Francis Murphy (1853-1921), and his wife, Adah Clifford (Smith) Murphy (1860-1949). Both are buried at Margaretville Cemetery. They had a summer home and studio at Arkville. Trying to solve the mystery of an historic flag in the family. Contact Karen Daniel at Karen Daniel - posted 05-2008

MURRAY - I am looking for my parents. I was adopted at 4 months of age. I was born in Sidney at the City Hospital on July 14, 1950. My birth name is Roberta Louwella Murray. I have serious health problems and need to find my Murray line. If any one knows of Murray's that lived in and around that area I would like to know their names so I can try to trace them. This may lead me to my birth parents. Thanks. Peg Davis - posted 03-2008

MURRAY - I am a direct descendant of William Murray, born in Scotland, August 16th, 1818 coming to America aged 19. He settled in Delaware County, Margaretville where he married Helen Douglas. I am trying to trace this William Murray's birthplace in Scotland and perhaps be able to trace family history furtner back. Andy assistance you can give, would be greatly appreciated. Kathryn Berry - posted 08-2007

MURRAY - I am seeking information about one of my great-grandfathers -- George Washington Murray, Sr. I believe my grandfather lived on a farm in Margaretville from about the time of World War II to his death around 1962. Although he died in Delaware County, I believe he is buried in Valhalla, NY at Kensico Cemetery. I believe he was born around 1882 in New York City. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone with information about George Murray. George M. Strander - posted 03-2006

MURRAY - I am looking for information on Diana MURRAY, b. abt 1789 in Oxford, Chenango Co., NY. Married to Chandler WATTLES, abt 1807 in Franklin, Delaware Co., NY. Diana and Chandler moved to Blue Island, Cook Co., IL abt. 1835. Diana died in Blue Island on 25 Mar 1871. I don't know who her parents were but would like to find that out. Any information is greatly appreciated. Susie Clayton - posted 03-2003

MYERS - Does any one know the names of the 23 children that Henry Myers and Catheine Shafer had. I am trying to link my GGGgrandfather Peter Myers born in 1788 in the Ulster/Delaware County NY area. Martha Meyers Gaibl - posted 08-2011

MYERS - Looking for info re parents/siblings of George Nelson Myers born Sep-1841 in Delhi, Delaware Co. Barbara Grandfield - posted 12-2002

MYERS - I am 7th generation off Henry Myers and Catherine Shaver. On this site under first settlers, it states that these 2 are the first married. I was wondering if anyone can provide me with any info on either 2 as far as their parents and names and any applicable years. I do have some info on their children but would welcome more. Lonnie Myers - posted 02-2019

MYERS - Looking for information on Henry W. Myers, who came to America during the Revolutionary War and joined the Patriots. Henry married Catherine Shafer/Shaver of Shavertown in 1789 and settled near Margaretville. Some of their children: George, Henry, William, Adam, Sally, Betsy, Catherine, Jane, and Jacob Myers. Jacob, born about 1808 and died 1872, married Permelia GANOUNG of Westchester county. Jacob's children: Donald, Jack, John, Henry, James W., Jane Catherine Daniel H., Hannah Elizabeth, Mary E., Orson, and Charles J. Myers. Jacob's grandchildren include names such as Wilfair, Jane, Jennie, Henry, Milo, Helen, Harry, William, Permelia, Newman, Delila, Amasa, Sherman, Hattie, and Charles Myers. Gary Myers - posted 11-2005

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