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EAGAN - I have a gr-gr grandmother that I think had three siblings that I would like to contact descendants of. Her name was Mary Bridget Eagan, she was born in Delaware County. Her fathers name was Patrick and I'm guessing her mother was either Mary or Bridget . Her parents came on famine ships . She married in Ireland and went back to Delaware and had her first child Maria in 1889. She had her second ( my great grandmother) in 1892 in Ireland. Found in the 1870 US Census Town of Hancock: Patrick Eagan 52, Ann Eagan 40, John 16, Mary 14, Thomas 12, James 10, Henry 8, Frank 5, Ann 2. Found in the 1880 US Census Town of Hancock: Patrick Eagan b. 1820 Widower age 60, Henry 17, Frank 15, Annie 12, Willie 10. Found in the 1880 US Census Town of Hancock: Mary Eagan 60 b. 1820 (widowed), Son James 22. Any help in contacting any of this family would be great. Louise West - posted 05-2017

EARLAY - Searching for information on Ransler and Sarah Earlay listed in the 1880 census for the town of Hancock. I believe their daughter Pheebe is my great grandmother. Were these Earlays related to other Earlys in the area? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Mary Harris - posted 02-99

EARLE - EARLL - Moses Earle, or Earll, had the farm where Deputy Sheriff Steele was shot and killed during the Ant-Rent War. The 1850 U.S. Census for Moses Earl shows his wife as Sarah. Can anyone confirm for me that her maiden name was Washburn. Thanks. Theron Wierenga - posted 02-2020

EARLE - I have more than one link to the EARL family, David and Elizabeth (Palmer) EARL are known as shown below. Can someone fill me in with the children etc. to show a Moses EARL of Andes of Anti-Rent fame as being related? For many years now, I have been interested in this piece of history. It would be very interesting to know that Moses is a grandson (or some relative) to this family. David K. Earl b. 20 Oct 1775 Putnam Co., NY, d. 08 Apr 1856, bur.. - Vega, NY m Elizabeth Palmer, daughter of Solomon Palmer, b. 10 Mar 1779, d. 26 Dec 1863, bur.- Vega, NY Jeremiah Palmer - posted 11-2001

EARLS - Looking for information about Jonathan Earls. He settled in the area of Andes about 1786. Especially interested in the names of his wife and children. Cavid Earls - posted 02-98

EATON - Would like to share information on the family of James Eaton, who first appears on the Delaware County census in 1820 and who died in Cortland County. His daughters Thirza (Thursey) and Fanny married Robert Kilpatrick and Hiram Powell. Ann O'Hara - posted 05-98

EATON - Looking for information on the family of Joseph Eaton and Agnes FYFE who settled in Hamden, Delaware County around mid 1840's. Son Henry's grave in Hamden has Civil War veteran marker, but not listed in 144th Reg't. David F. listed there may be a collateral relative. Any info appreciated. James C Eaton - posted 03-97

EDDY - Seeking information on Henry B. Eddy who was born in Pittsfield NY Otsego County. He married Marguerite Horner and the next information I have is He died in North Harpersfield, Delaware County. P. Terk - posted 04-99

EDICK - My father, Benjamin Wade, used to talk about "cousin Charlie Edick." Can anyone tell me about him? Thanks. Mary Wade Barbone - posted 07-2006

EDWARDS - Seeking info on the marriage of William A. Edwards (1928-1976), son of Fred & Gladys, to Frances Donahue, possibly in 1949? We have little to no info on either of them. Stephanie Murray - posted 09-2014

EDWARDS - Looking for information on Lena Edwards who apparently married two men named Wayman. Don't know the name of the first one, but she is listed as Lena Wayman, widow in 1920 and then in 1930 she is married to a George Wayman. There is a note that he was divorced. Would like to find the name of the first husband, as he is the ancestor that I am looking for. Carol Jeffries - posted 03-2006

EDWARDS - Looking for information on Charles Brazee Edwards, born November 23, 1884 in Schoharie County. Was married October, 21 1912 to Edith E. Tuttle in Delaware County. Any information on his parents, siblings, or life in general would be much appreciated. Thank You. Jonathan Edwards - posted 02-2005

EDWARDS - Searching for any information I can find on Aner Edwards or her parents. She was born in Delhi, Delaware, NY about 1819. Her parents are James Edwards born in Delhi about 1776, and Elizabeth Huntington born in Delhi about 1778. I know Aner had a sister Rhoda who married Buel Brown. Aner married Reuben Mason Keen, 22 Oct. 1837. She died in Wisconsin in 1846. Leslie Jensen - posted 06-2001

EDWARDS - HINKLEY/JONES - Seeking information on any/all of my grandfathers 1/2 siblings: Charley Hinkley born 1888 married Ida Wayman, Frank Albert Jones born 1892 married Hallie Lloyd, India Jones born 1894 married William Foster; Barney Jones; Merton Jones; Clinton Edwards born 1886 married Mary Groce; Edward Edwards born 1889; Elmer Edwards born 1890 in Harvard, died 1968 in Livingston Manor married Ella Mae Campbell; Cornelia Edwards born 188/1892 married Lester J. Ward; McKinley Edwards born 1896 married Rosa M. Edwards; Burton Edwards born 1898 married Phoebe Sodan; Anna Edwards born 1892? married Ward. Any information would be appreciated. - posted 04-2001

EDWARDS - Seeking information regarding parentage of grandfather -- George Elmar Edwards born July 6, 1869 or 1879 (have papers indicating both dates) in Pine Grove, N.Y. (stated on his social security as Pine Grove, Sullivan County, N.Y. Does anyone have any idea where Pine Grove was ? Great Grandmother was Ida R. Conklin(g).....great grandfather was Mosie Edwards -- were these people from Sullivan or Delaware Counties ? My grandfather was married first to lady named Minnie and had two children with her prior to her death....Harry and far as I know both children died...Harry was kicked in head by horse. Any Information Please. - posted 03-2001

EDWARDS - Seeking information Moses Edwards born approximately 1840s-1850s in Delaware County, N.Y. - he was my great grandfather. Had son George "Dick" Edwards (my grandfather) with Ida Conkling (she also was married to Hinckley and Jones). Any information on any of these familys greatly appreciated. Dawn - posted 03-2001

EGGLESTON - I am looking for information on James J.Eggleston and family circa 1860 possibly Tompkins. Father may have been John. Wife's maiden name was Elliott or Elliot. - posted 06-2010

EIGHMEY - I am trying to find any information on Barnett EIGHMEY or any other Eighmey living or was living in your area. I have a hand written obit. notice of Barnett Eighmey. He died in his home on Tuesday October 21, 1969. He was married to Angela LaPedula. He had been a mechanic for Coorey Brothers for 20 years and retired in 1967. He was also a member of the Woodbury field and stream club. Any info. would be helpful. He was my grandfathers brother. My grandfathers name was Kenneth Eighmey and was the youngest child. His father could not find work here in America so returned to France as he had a good job as a law enforcer. He left while my great grandmother was pregnant for my grandfather. His father was shot and died so never returned to America and my grandfather never met his father. I am hoping that maybe the older children or their living family may have pictures. Colleen Acquilano - posted 10-2003

ELAM - Does anyone have information on Charles P. Elam? (Born 1882 in London Eng.) He was editor of the Catskill Mountain News from 1919 to 1922 and lived in Margaretville in the Liddle House in the West End (Is this house still standing?) with his 2nd wife Pearle Lewis and son Frank L. A daughter Helen was born in 1921. He left Margaretville due to illness, moved back to the LeRoy area where the Lewises lived and died in Rochester in 1924. According to family legend and his obituary, Charles was a newpaper man in San Francisco at the turn of the century. His first wife and children died in the fire that followed the 1906 earthquake, a loss from which he never fully recovered. Charles must have moved to New York State because he was also employed at the Gazette News in LeRoy, NY (1915 - ), the Daily Canandaigua Messenger and was an editor at the Syracuse Post-Standard. Any info on Charles P Elam would be greatly appreciated. Sandy - posted 09-2004

ELDERKIN - I descend from Elnora Elderkin, born 14 Jan 1809. I speculate she was a descendant of an Elderkin family living in Delaware Co., N.Y. Abt 1824 she married Bishop Morton and lived in Mexico, Oswego Co., NY, where the only Elderkin head of household was Jonathan Elderkin. Elnora and Bishop had a daughter Rebecca (Bolton) whose son had the middle name "Nelson." Was he named for Nelson Elderkin? Elnora and Bishop Morton went to Michigan with a cluster of Morton families about 1834, just in case anyone else is looking for this Morton-Elderkin family. Nancy Johnsen Curran - posted 06-97

ELDREDGE - I am searching for information about my 2nd great grandfather Daniel Eldredge. Here is the information I have - Daniel Eldredge (or could have been spelled Eldridge) was born on December 19, 1805 in Saratoga County, NY and died June 30, 1886. I found NY State Census from 1840, 1850, 1860 that showed and his wife Dolly Bunn Eldredge (died January 24, 1876 in Maryland, Otsego, NY) and kids lived in Maryland, Otsego, NY then in the 1870, 1875 and 1880 NY State Census lived in Davenport, Delaware County, NY. So I am not sure where he or Dolly Bunn Eldredge died and where they are buried. I am looking for his death notice or certificate so I can verify where either of them died and also see if I can learn the name of Daniel’s parents. Also, if he left a will or any information on the property he owned since his is listed as a Farmer as his occupation. What I am missing is who was his father and mother. I believe from what I have been able to find out his parents were: Father - Thomas Eldredge March 22, 1782 in Barnstable, Ma - Died February 11, 1843 in Edgar County, Illinois. Mother – Lois Otis May 6, 1788 in Vermont - Died December 7, 1828 in Stark County, Ohio. I need something more official to submit to the Mayflower Society to prove a link to Lois Otis. Any help in finding information would be greatly appreciated. Tracy Eldredge - posted 02-2019

ELDREDGE - Barnabas Elmore. Seeking any information on this individual known to be living on a farm near Sidney Center with daughter Myra SMITH in November-1944, age 82. E. Vernon Buck - posted 01-99

ELIJAH - Looking for information on Lewis Elijah b. 1754 Germany and wife Phoebe (maidenname ?) b. 1766 NY. Children married Ike Nickols, Lazarus Griffith or Griffin, Asa Weed, Burritt Gregory, Dave Lake, Sally Franklin or Sarah Brady, Peter Davenport, Otis Coolidge, John Ferguson, Jane and Mehetabel Samuels, Elisha Allen McCumber (McUmber). Info on any of these would be greatly appreciate and I'll share what I have.) Beryl Morrill - posted 12-2009

ELLETT-MILLER - I am Shoniqua Ellett, the great-granddaughter of Leon Lason Ellett and Senia Sarah (Miller). I have been looking for information on both sides of my family, living and deceased. In case there are any other people looking for information on our family, Leon Lason Ellett (1898-1972) was the son of Lemuel V. Ellett and Marietta (Hunter). Lemuel's parents were Samuel Ellett and Polly Roe. Senia Miller (1900-1976?) was the daughter of Mary Margaret Justin and Andrew W. Miller. Leon was the father of my maternal grandfather, Ronald, who passed away in 2011 before I could find out any more information such as where his family was buried, immigration, kin, etc. He told me about Leon and Senia but I couldn't get more out of him as he would get upset and cry. Any information on both families will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much Shoniqua Ellett - posted 10-2016

ELLETT - Emmeline b. 8/23/58 Davenport N.Y., d. 1939? Daughter of Samuel Ellett & Polly Roe Ellett, Samuel b. 1811, d. 1894 Roe, Polly b. 1812, d. 1876 - wife of Samuel Ellett. Emmeline Ellett was my maternal great-grandmother. J. Bruce Hill - posted 03-2002

ELLIOT - Where do I write to get immigration/citizenship information, such as Declaration of Intent, etc. for a person who arrived in Delaware County and applied for citizenship there, between 1850 - 1870. - posted 04-2005

ELLIOT - I am looking for information on John Elliot and his family. They lived in Bolvia, New York. He married Christine Madon and they had 9 children, Margaret, Isabella, Elizabeth, Robert, Eleanor (Elinor), Christina, Harriet, Grace, and George. If you have any information please e-mail me at G. Hammon - posted 07-98

ELLIOTT - I am looking for information on my husband's family - the ELLIOTTS. Looking for information on John ELLIOTT b 1734 Delaware. He married Catherine Evans - they first show up in Dutchess Co., N.Y. - "from Delaware.Z" Their children were born in Delaware. Names of children were: Margaret - b Del abt 1764; Samuel - 31 Dec 1764; John- b Del 1765; Jacob - b Del abt 1765; Catherine b Del 1 or 2 Feb 1768; Susannah - b Del abt 1771; Hannah - b Del abt 1772; Judah - b Del 1773; Phoebe Louise - b Del 1779; Mary "Polly" - b AUG 1780?; Elizabeth - b Del 1784; Henry - b Del May 25, 1786. It is thought that John's father is Thomas ELLIOTT - and that John had brothers Thomas, Jr. married Catrina Van Vrendenburg "Kate"; Jacob who may have marr Rebecca GERMAN; David - United Empire Loyalist; Matthew - Amherstburg, Canada. I am also looking for Christopher Elliott, Sr. and Christopher Elliott JR. -- Senior married Judith Fillow from CT. Many of these Elliotts emigrated to Elizabethtown, Leeds, Ontario, Canada, eventually returning to the U.S. Many were Loyalists.
Correction - Father of John Elliott b. 1734 - resided in Dutchess Co., NY - Christopher Elliott
Mrs. David R. Elliott (Nancy) - posted 10-2002

ELLIOTT - Looking for info on William Elliott born around 1838, married Isabella Cairns Miller 11/21/1861. Children Walter, Jane, Thomas, and Mary. Lived in the town of Andes. Bill Taylor - posted 03-99

ELLIS/ FOSTER - Seeking Info. on Roxy "Thankful" ELLIS b.1779, d.1813 married to Capt. Gilbert FOSTER b. 1777, d.1847 of Roxbury, Delaware Co. They had 6 children (that I know of): Orvill FOSTER Esq. + ? Walton, Mazilla FOSTER + Horace MAYES, Alanson FOSTER died at age 2 yrs., Roxy(lina) FOSTER + Jonathan BALLARD, Cloey FOSTER + James STREETER and Jane FOSTER + ??. Anyone out there who connects to this line please e-mail me. I would like to know the parents of Roxy Thankful ELLIS and Capt. Gilbert FOSTER. Bridget Lane - posted10-2002

ELLIS (EELLS) - Charles Grant Ellis b. 4 Oct 1830 - Charles was listed as related to many of the GRANTs in the Pepacton Removals documented on this website. He resided in Barnstable Co., MA. Occupation: sea captain. Married Abbie E. Lewis and had 1. Eudora Myrtle 2. Sophronia Ellen b. Barnstable, MA. 3. Emmy Vernon (Borne Rockford, IL ) on 7 Dec 1859 4. Charles Grant b. in Barnstable, MA 5. Abigail Webster 6. Grace Mayhew 7.Josie Franklin Charles married 2. Bessie Nightingale (no issue) Charles had siblings, all older I think: Samuel, David, Rebecca, Ellen. At least some went west, probably to IL. This man's parentage has eluded me for a long time. His parents died when he was young, and when about 9 yrs of age he ran away and went to sea. His mothers name was probably Rebecca (possibly Rebecca Grant). Any help would be appreciated. His son (Charles Grant Ellis) identifies himself as the great grandson of Avery Grant and Matilda Van Wagonner of Middletown, Delaware Co., NY in the Pepacton material. Ray Ebbett - posted 02-99

ELLIS - Request birth-marriage-death data and any other info on Miles Cavan Dales and Elvira Ellis, my 3rd great-grandparents. According to a newspaper announcement, they were married 10/1/1845 in Beaverdam, and the same announcement said that Miles was from Stamford and Elvira from Roxbury. Their daughter, Susan Dales Miller, my 2nd great- grandmother, was born 5/5/1847 in Rose's Brook. Ed Kohinke - posted 02-99

ELLIS - Seeking information on Thomas C ELLIS b abt 1812 Delaware Co., NY. abt 1834 Married Phebe Stewart b abt 1812 Delaware Co., NY. They had five children born in Delaware Co., NY. Amanda 1835; Hanna 1836; Hammond B 1838; Alba C 1840; and Cornelia 1843. The family left Delaware Co., sometime about 1845 for Ogle Co., ILL. John Armstrong - posted 02-99

ELWOOD - I would like to be in touch with anyone researching Elwood Family history in New York, especially in Delaware County. I’m interested in information about Alexander Elwood (born around 1818) and Charles, Charlie, or Charles Spooner Elwood (born around 1845). I have some information I’ve found on the internet such as in U.S. Census data. I would be very happy to learn about private family histories or anecdotal information that may not be available on the internet. Thanks to anyone who may have Elwood Family history data or to anyone who could put me in touch with those who may have such information. David Elwood - posted 01-2013

ELWOOD - I would be interested in finding information on the early Colchester settler Nathan ELWOOD, particularly the circumstances of his death. His son Henry was reportedly adopted by an Ebenezer SMITH - could this have been Nathan's father-in-law? Dwight Mott - posted 03-2005

ELWOOD - 1810 census CD - Nathan Alwood: State: NY - County: Delaware Co. - Page #: 408 - Census/Enumeration year: 1810 - Age ranges in household: 32101-12310. I have 8 children of Nathan & Abigail (Smith) Elwood. Does anyone have more data on this family? Anne Townsend - posted 07-2001

EMERSON - I am trying to find information on my father (birth 9/18/10, his father Leroy Emerson and his mother Leila Edson Day I believe all in Franklin,NY. We had a farm on Hill St. I’m hoping for records such as: marriage, death, armed services info (all I know is my dad was in the Army. I would love it if any info could be scanned and sent to my email. Or if there are any pictures sent to me the same way. If not here is my address. Star Emerson, 10 Broad St, Apartment 5, Cambridge NY 12816. Thanks so much. Star Emerson - posted: 11-2017

ENGLISH - NY census records place Robert English in Delaware Co. in 1800, 1810, 1820 in Harpersfield and 1830 in Harpersfield. In 1830 we find Rachel English in town of Maryland, not far away in Otsego Co. I have ancestors Robert and Rachel English. They may have been Irish and/or Wesleyan Methodists. They had a son Noble English, supposedly in 1797 but the 1800 census doesn't show a baby. However, 1810 shows one boy under ten, and a boy and a girl 10-16. How can I go deeper in verifying this info and connecting these folks, who may be my GGGGparents? Is there a NY newsgroup? Are there newsgroups focussed on county genealogy in New York State? Thanks for any pertinent info. Alan English 4 Drum Hill Rd Summit NJ. Alan T. English - posted 03-97

ENSLIN - Looking for information on George, Fredrick, and Gotthold Enslin -lived in Hancock...early 1899's D. Giles - posted: 02-2000

ENSLIN - Looking for information relating to George ENSLIN (1794-1878) of Hancock, NY, who married (1) Thankful GRIFFIN; (2) Rhoda BOLTON (daughter of Jonathan Bolton). George ENSLIN had at least one daughter, Susan E. ENSLIN (15 Mar 1843-1 Apr 1895) who married (1) Augustus LAKIN (son of John Lakin); (2) James Wellington BAKER Many thanks! Deanna Enslin - posted 10-99

ESTES - Need info on Robert Neal Dewey ESTES, b 1898 living in Walton 1930 census - married Ethel Birtch sometime shortly after that. When did they die, and where are they buried? Dau June b 1922 is the one I am researching. Carol Jeffries - posted: 09-2007

EVANS - I would like to contact descendants of George A. EVANS, b: 1853, Sydney Center, d:1903, Bloomville; m: Hannah Goodrich, b:1856, d:1924, Bloomville. George's parents Austin and Jane BROWN EVANS. George's sister, Adella,b:1864, d:1899, was my grandmother, who married Edson W. HARRIS. Would like to share family information with relatives. William M. Harris, Sr. - posted: 02-2003

EVANS - I'm trying to identify the parents of Phoebe Evans (b. abt. 1779 CT or NY, d. 1837, bur. North Kortright Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Kortright, Delaware Co., NY, md. William P. McMorris). She may have been a daughter of: Edward Evens, b. 3 Mar. 1750 Plainfield, Windham Co., CT, md. Jane. Edward, son of William Evens and wife Jannet of Plainfield. In 1774 Edward Evans and Moses Parsons of Dover, Dutchess Co., NY, sold land to John Phillips of Plainfield (Plainfield deeds, vol. 6, p. 235). Edward and Moses (husband of Edward's sister Margaret) were heirs of William Evins late of Plainfield. The 1880 History of Delaware County, New York, pp. 218-219, says that the town of Harpersfield was founded in about 1776 and one of the earliest settlers was Edward Evans on lot #23. Other children of Edward Evens and wife Jane may have included: Jeremiah Evans, b. 1788, d. 1852, bur. Simpsonville Cemetery, South Worcester, Otsego Co., NY. In 1820 and 1830 censuses of Jefferson, Schoharie Co., NY, and 1840 census of Harpersfield, Delaware Co., NY. Andrew Evans, b. 1790/1800, in 1830 census of Harpersfield. Edward Evans, b. 1795/1800, in 1820 and 1830 censuses of Harpersfield. William Evans, b. 1795/1804, in 1820 census of Jefferson. Rick Crume - posted 04-2001

EVANS - Looking for any information on the Evans line in Delaware County. I have a Sally Evans b. May 20, 1821, Schoharie Co., died March 9, 1887, buried Otego, NY and married Justin Allen. Any help would be appreciated. Dawn Willis - posted 01-2001

EVANS - Charles K, EVANS married Barbara YEOMAN, daughter of William YEOMAN and Mary LOVE, about 1870. When and where did Charles and Barbara die? They had children Mary, born abt 1872, Bertha C., born about 1881, and William Jeremiah, born in 1884. Did any of these children marry and have offspring? Pam Frederic - posted 03-2000

EVERETT - I am searching for the place and date of death for my great-great grandparents, John K. EVERETT (B.1822) and his wife, Lucy Jane PARKER (B.1857). They were last listed on the 1880 census for Triangle, Broome County, New York, but may have died in Delaware County. Had three children: Marion, Willard and Minnie Eliza. Any and all help greatly appreciated! Dede Stafford - posted 03-2006

EVERETT - Looking for information on John Everett Family. Married to Deborah Ann Husted. They were living in Franklin around 1850's and 60's. He was in the Civil War. The children were John A.; Henry; Jennie; Mary?; Hattie. Not sure of birth order. The children were split up into different families by 1870, and I find Deborah in the 1870 census, and nothing after that. I think John must have died, but I don't know when or where, or where he was buried. I have found the children except for Mary and Henry. John A. Everett also had a brother Charles and sister Alice. - posted 04-2003

EVERETT Seeking a "LOST-HARRIET" [unknown] who was probably from the Walton or Sidney area of Delaware Co.,NY;born around 1820-1825; or so .Married by 1845-[-a daughter Elizabeth b. 1848 and possibly one previous child]; Married to George A.EVERETT b.1823 in Walton to Thomas Acton EVERETT and Polly[BENEDICT].Connecting families are the EELLS and ST.JOHN families and other CT.families migrating into NYS in the early 1800's. Perhaps a reader has an ancestor named HARRIET-who can provide a surname for this woman who later also bore 7 other children with George---named Thomas Benjamin;Ellen;Rowena;George R.;Lydia;Charles;Nettie/?Harriet?from1850-1866. This family also lived in Chenango and Broome Counties sometimes. Charlotte J. Sheldon - posted 06-2007

EVERETT - Seeking information about a George EVERETT/EVERITT family found on the 1850 US.census in Sidney. Designated a farmer, value $300.Wife named Harriet, age 30; child Eliza B., age 2; infant,apparently just-born as not named and age designation is 0/12--a male child.Household 321/334 and neighbors were a Joseph BISHOP family [a SR.and a JR.Bishoop] and a Chester POMEROY and an Aaron GRAINGER family. George was age 36 at this time and a Benjamin H. or H.Benjamin Everett is later found in Broome Co.on both the 1865 and the 1875 NYS.censuses, stating his birth was in Delaware Co., and the age given would correlate with that of the male infant in the 1850 Delaware Co.census. Two other Del.Co.Everett families on the 1850 census did not have any male children of that approximate birth year or given name. I have some descending share from Benjamin H.Everett and wife Eliza [CAPRON] and two children. Charlotte J. Sheldon - posted 06-2007

EVERETT - Everett, George - b.c.1814.Found Sidney on 1850 Census;wife Harriet [age 30]; dau. Eliza B.[age 2]; infant son,unnamed, [age 0/12 mo.].Seek name of this son as a possible gr-grandfa. Everett, Benjamin H.or H. Benjamin-b. Delaware Co.c.1850;City of Oswego 1870; m. by 1872 to Eliza [CAPRON] of Broome Co.NYS.Son Albert DelosEverett b.1872/3 in Oswego;then by 1875 to Broome Co.;dau.Kitty/Mabell b.1878;B.H. Everett ?dec.? by 1880 Eliza remarried by 1892 to ?given? Canfield. Charlotte J. Sheldon - posted 06-2007

EVERETT - Gr-fa. Albert Delos Everett, b.c. 1873 in city of Oswego, Oswego Co.NY, but by 1875 parents were living back in Lisle, Broome County where the mother Eliza 2CAPRON), dau. of a William CAPRON, was born. Father and husband of Eliza was a Benjamin H. Everett or H. B. Everett. The NYS census of 1875 states his Co.of birth as in Delaware Co. NY - no placename stated. As yet, from here in Calif., I have only looked at one del. - the 1880 History of Del. co.printed at Munsell & N. Y.C.A Wm. Everett in the vicinity of Franklin is mentioned and there was a John Everett from the same area - a civil war veteran I located from a NYS return in Broome Co. that said John was from Delaware County. Charlotte J. Sheldon - posted 06-2007

EVERSON - Looking in Delaware County for any info about Jefferson Everson buried in Kingston NY. John Dillon - posted 10-2002

EVERY - Looking for information on George Every b. 1835 (?) Delaware Co. married Elizabeth Scott. Could be son of John & Minerva. Larry - posted 09-2003

EVERY - I am searching for one relative Robert Every. We have a copy of his will, and he died I believe about 1780 or so. He lived in Middletown at that time, and I believe that was changed to Margaretsville later on. I understand there are three cemeteries in the Margaretville. Two of his sons were Uriah, and John. As far as I know Uriah was his son, wh happens to be my 4th g grandfather. We have the family tree from there down to the present. My brother Roger Every found Phebe (Wilday) Every's gravesite in the Stonebridge cemetery near Durham. She died in 1831 at age 98. Any information would be welcomed. Harold V "Van" Every - posted 04-2002

EVERY - Needing information on John Every b.1800 d.abt 1857 in Bloomville. Married Minerva. Children; Margaret, Alfred, George, d.Kansas; Richard, Phebe, Miles B. married Ophelia A. Kettle abt. 1873, Franklin, Delaware, N.Y. Everys' were known to have lived in Kortright. Shirley Brier - posted 09-2004

EVERY - I am trying to find some information on Abram Every who came from Delaware county. He was born in 1802 and was a farmer. He also had children Henry b1827, Howard b 1830, Mahala b1833, and Angeline. Darlys Every - posted 10-98

EWAIN - Seeking information dealing with the 1st wife, children, siblings, parents, and grandparents of a Daniel EWAIN, born 5 April 1863 on the border of Delaware Co. and Sullivan Co. NY. He died in Broome Co., NY on 23 October 1941 and is buried in Vestal Hills Memorial Park, Vestal, NY. The name of the first wife is unknown at this time.Marriage date and place unknown. His second wife was Carrie Griswold. Marriage date and place unknown. By his first wife he had at least one child, Charles D. Ewain/Ewing. By his second wife he had at least one child. I. E. Ewain. C. Edwin Murray - posted 11-97

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