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DAIN - I am searching for further info on the Dain Family. They lived in Masonville, came from Franklin, NY, also Conn. & Mass. Any info on this name is greatly appreciated. I have info to share. Dawn Willis - posted 03-98

DALES/ELLIS - Request any info that anyone has on Miles Cavan Dales and Elvira Ellis, my 3rd great-grandparents. Their daughter, Susan Dales, my 2nd great- grandmother, was born 5/5/1847 in Rose's Brook, married William Elliot Miller 10/2/1867 in Rose's Brook, and died 2/2/1920 in Hobart (buried in Stamford). Thanks! Ed Kohinke - posted 01-99

DAMIANI - Looking for info in Delaware County on the Damiani family. - posted 03-2003

DANA - looking for information on William Webster Dana, He was in Walton in 1898, his wife Anna Stewart Dana. Do you know where they were born or their resting place, or Parents ? - posted 11-2000

DANA - Looking for information on Frank Webster Dana who was born in Walton, March 12, 1898 and his wife, Ruth Cecilia Hall (born October 3,1901- Walton). Any information on F.W Dana or his parents would be preferable. Daniel Pete - posted 11-98

DANIELS - I am looking for information on the family of Sterling/Starling Daniels born 1755 - 1765. On the 1800 census for Stamford he is listed as Starling Daniels age 35 to 45, with wife in same age bracket. They are listed with 2 males under 10, and one female under 10. On the 1810 census for Franklin he is listed as Sterling Daniels. Both Sterling and his wife are listed in the 45+ age bracket with one male age 0-10, 2 males age 10-16, 2 females 0-10, and one female 10-16. Does anyone know the names of Sterling's wife and children? Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Bob Moltzen - posted 04-2007

DANIELS - Looking for information regarding the parentage of Lucy Daniels born around 1808 married Samuel Elwell. Deb Boatwright - posted 03-2000

DANKS - Looking for information re a Simeon H. Danks and his wife Fannie who were living in Delhi in 1880 (1880 census) and were still there in 1886 at the birth of their daughter Fannie. I was unable to find them in the 1890 census. Newb LeRoy - posted 12-2000

DANN - Seeking burial location and obituary of Emma Margaret DANN. Daughter of Matthew Dann and Margaret C. Montgomery. Born 24 Aug 1866. Colchester, NY and Died 17 Dec 1928 in Delaware County. Diana - posted 06-2009

DANN - Looking for information in Lester Dann b. 1851 in Colechester, NY Delaware Co. Died October 4, 1932 in Wadena Co., MN. Son of Ebenezer Dann and Susan S. Williams. Ebenezer Dann and Susan S. Williams . Lester Dann m. Betsy Annette Gleason . Any information on these families will be appreciated. S. Lee - posted 06-99

DANS/DANNS - Seeking any Info concerning this family. George Dans married Phebe H. Hillan 7 Dec. 1832. Town Of Clochester. Thankyou - Clayton Dans - posted 12-2004

DARLING - Researching Darling family of Davenport, NY before 1850. Warren R. Potter - posted 03-2004

DARLING - Jubal: Looking for his parents. He born about 1830, either in Colchester, Delaware Co., or Rockland, Sullivan Co., died around 1905, town of Hancock, Delaware Co., NY. Would like to communciate with descendants. Thanks. Maurice Hitt - posted 12-2001

DART - Need information about Jeremiah Dart, born 1769 in Bolton, CT, died Sept. 29, 1833 in Roxbury, NY; his son, Simeon Spencer Dart supposedly born Roxbury June 1, 1808. Many thanks in advance for any help--and what a wonderful website! Vivian Allen - posted 07-2007

DART- I am seeking information on the family of a Jeremiah DART. He lived in the town of Roxbury. What was his birth and death date? He had sons David (b. ca. 1816/17), Reuben Kelly Dart, and Nelson. What was Jeremiah's wife's name (including maiden name)? Who were her parents? What were other children names? Kelsey R. Kelly (son of Reuben Kelly) was a witness for Jeremiah's Last Will and Testament. I believe this DART family was intermarried into the KELLY family somehow. I wish to find out how. Joe Kelly - posted 08-2004

DART - I am Ann Dart Youngman Glenn and am researching Olive Susan Youngman Dart who married Dr, James Munroe Dart (b 19 Nov 1839; d. 1925). Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. Ann Glenn - posted 03-2004

DART - Looking for information on Anson DART and two wives who were sisters. Nancy SMITH, daughter of James and Elizabeth Smith, married Anson Dart 1818-1819. Emily Smith married Anson Dart 1832-1833. Lynda - posted 12-98

DAVENPORT - I am researching the family of John Davenport (1822-1909) and Catherine (Flansburg) Davenport (1821-1889). I believe that they had approx. 10 children between 1841 and 1860. I am particularly interested in their daughters Caroline (1847-1921) who married Charles Clarke (1835-1908) and Emeline (1849-?) who married William Clarke (1842-1897). William and Charles were brothers from Harpersfield. Any information on the Davenport or Clarke lines would be greatly appreciated. Erik S. Hinckley - posted 04-2008

DAVENPORT - I'm looking for the census report that would show the birth in November, 1830 for William Davenport (father, Henry). Bonnie DiLallo - posted 06-2000

DAVENPORT - Any information on a Mary E Davenport, born Nov. 19, 1839 Harpersfield, N.Y. Looking for her parents, etc. Thank you. Charles - posted 05-99

DAVIE - Looking for info on the Davie Family from Delhi. Henry Born 1802 in SCOTLAND, Wife Jane born 1811.They had 11 childre Dawn Pratt - posted 06-97

DAVIS - Wish to compare notes on the Eli (Grandfather), David (father) and George W. Davis (son) who resided in Delaware County (Duchess County prior to Delaware) from the early 1800s through the 1840s prior to migration to Indiana (Jefferson, Crawford and Perry Counties). Am particularly interested in finding the name of the first wife of David Davis (mother of George W. Davis). Thank you. Rebel Kreklow - posted 11-2017

DAVIS - I am looking for information regarding an ancestor named Orlo Davis who appears in the Herkimer County Census on 1870 census and died in 1875. It is reported that he came from Delaware County. He appears on no other census that I am aware of. I am trying to follow up on knowledge that he is said to have been a dark person. Were there any local Indian groups in the mid - 1800's? Where would I look for possible records? Frustrated/need help. David Henry - posted 07-2006

DAVIS - I am looking for my Great great great grandparents, and great great grandfathers information. I have: Elmer Elsworth Davis born 5/26/1864, married Jenny Swarthout. Parents of Elmer are: Jacob Davis (died 1900)and Julia Ann (died 1894) (not sure of surname). I am also looking for information about Elmers siblings, and who the parents Jacob Davis are. Any information that you may have would be greatly appreciated. Jenifer Osterhout - posted 05-2005

DAVIS - I'm searching for information on an Emmerson Davis who lived in Andes, Delaware County in the 1880 Census as well as the 1865 New York Census. He was born between 1827 and 1830. He was married to a Martha (born 1837) and had at least three childern--James, Henry and Ranson. Henry and James eventually moved to Indiana. I descend from Henry. Emmerson's parents were born in Vermont according to the 1880 Census but Emmerson was born in New York. Martha's father was from England and Mother from Scotland, but she was born in New York. I'm searching for the names of Emmerson's parents and Martha's maiden name and parents. Any assistance or clues that could be provided would be sincerely appreciated. Mike Love - posted 05-2004

DAVIS - Looking for any data about Timothy Davis listed in 1800 - 1820 Delaware Co. census data, first in Middletown which became Andes in 1819. He was born before 1775, according to the 1820 census. If he is the father of Julia Etta Davis born April 27, 1807 in Middletown (Andes), Delaware Co., New York, then he would have been born in Connecticut. Arlana Juarez - posted 10-2003

DAVIS - Looking for the parentage of Martha Davis, born abt 1803 in Vermont; moved to Andes; married Henry P. Webb, son of Levi and Sally (Clason) Webb. By 1830 they were in Hartsville, Steuben County, where they lived out the rest of their lives. Martha died 1886 and is buried in the Churchyard in Hartsville. I do have the Webbs all the way back to the original immigrant. Sheila A. Webb - posted 09-2003

DAVIS - I am searching for information on The Davis family who were in Delaware County NY in the late 1700's and in Delaware County through the 1850's at least. Harpersfield and Stamford areas. Names are - Gershom Davis- wife Sarah Sherwood; Nehemiah Davis- wife Charlotte; Bradley Davis- wife Ruth; I think these 3 men are all sons of Joseph and Abigale Bradley Davis from Conn. Fairfield area. The 3 brothers show up in Delaware County then their children in Orleans County New York and Michigan. I am WORKING at putting this family group in some organization. I would like to share information. Karen Morlan - posted 01-2010

DAVIS - Looking for parents and/or siblings of Abigail DAVIS born 1784-1794 NY. Abigail married Caleb CRANSTON 6 Jan 1810 Roxbury, Delaware Co., NY. She died in NY after 1830. Was Abigail related to Thomas G. DAVIS also from Roxbury? Harry Muncey - posted 07-2003

DAVIS - Looking for information on these names, my mother was Doris A. Davis , she last lived in cannonsville in 1944, and then married my father Walter K. Scrambling, and they moved to Granton, anyone having any info. on the families please post or e mail me. Also looking for info. on Myrtle Brantz. I am looking for my Grandfather Ambrose M. Davis, I was told he was born in April, 1889, but I do not know when he died, or where he is burried. Also, Irma Davis, I found her on the puter in the census, but nothing after that. Anything you can tell me will be appreciated. Val Nagel ( Scrambling - posted 08-2007

DAVIS - My Great Grandparents, Charles and Margaret Davis and Oscar and Susan Whitaker, and Grandparents, Margaret Davis-Whitaker-Mapes and Ralph Mapes and Arthur and Lucille Leonard-Bonker and parents Frederick and Dorothy Whitaker Bonker were all from Cannonsville. Only Grandma Meggie and my Dad are left. I would greatly appreciate any information or direction in finding history about my family. I am the second child of Fred and Dorothy's (there are 7 of us) and I have wonderful memories of visiting my grandparents in Cannonsville. Colleen S. Bonker - posted 02-2003

DAVIS - searching for Mary DAVIS, born Roxbury, NY; married John NEILD. Daughter Bessie Neild born Andes N.Y. 21 June 1859. Any information as to parents, siblings welcomed. Joe Mansfield - posted 03-2008

DAVIS - Julia Etta Davis b: 6-2-1807 in Colchester, Delaware Co., NY; d: 1898. Married James William Shaver. Offspring all born approx. 1826-1850: Samuel D., Adam, James William, Charlotte, Angelica C., Mariah, Permella J., and Lane. Looking for further information. Arlana Juarez - posted 10-2002

DAVIS - I am looking for any relatives of Jacob S. Davis, born August 8,1858, in Andes, Delaware County, New York. I am just beginning my search and am interested in his siblings, parents, birthdates and locations, etc. I would appreciate any information available. I am the granddaughter of his son Anson Benjamin Davis. Thanks in advance for any information I may receive. - posted 04-2002

DAVIS-I am searching for the parents of my Great Great Grandparents, Isaac and Lydia Davis from Andes NY. He was born in 1822 and served in the 144th Regiment during the Civil War. His wifes name was Lydia (Purdy) Davis and she was born in 1824.He was listed as a farmer in the 1860 US Federal Census Report. My Great grandfather, Jacob , was born in Andes in 1858 and was on of 11 children. I think I can read I. Davis on the 1856 map of Andes by Jay Gould but I'm not sure as it's hard to read. Sometime in the 1863 to 1870 time frame Lydia moved to Tomkins and I think he died during the war. I've sent for his Military and Pension Records (to be recieved in Feb. I hope.) but don't know who his or her parents were. Any info would be helpful. Thank you in advance for any info. Lou Davis - posted 01-2002

DAVIS - I would like to share information on the descendants of Hull & Emeline (Merriam) Davis of Harpersfield and Davenport. Hull Daivs(1801-1879) and wife Emeline Merriam (1803-1892) had 9 children: Henry (m. Lucy BUTTS), Sarah (m. Elijah ARNOLD), Bartley (m. Mary Ann MACK), Oliver (m. Calistie SPERRY), Emily (m. Emery BUEL), Dorothy (m. Louis BRAZIE), Annette (m. Elias WICKHAM), Peter (m. Emily WADE), and Louisa (m. Nathan PIERCE). Hull and Emeline lived in Davenport on a farm that still stands on Charlotte Creek Road. They are buried in Harpersfield Cemetery. If you have anyone here in your line, please contact me. Collin Haight - posted 11-2001

DAVIS - Looking for parents of Hattie Davis, born about 1860, married Levi Olmstead from Davenport. She died in the 1930's in Oneonta. Any info out there? Willie Olmstead - posted 07-2001

DAVIS - I'm looking for my great grandfather Charles H Davis-owned church camps in Fingerlakes area-delaware county-was also a school teacher for several years. Also looking for William G Moore, g-grandfather banker and Delaware county supervisor. He married Margaret E Moore. Any info you can provide would be extremely appreciated. Margaret E Simon - posted 11-2000

DAVIS - BURRELL - Would like to locate family and information on Sarah DAVIS, mother of Fennimore BURRELL (father was Adelbert BURRELL), born 18 Jan 1872. Believe Sarah Davis died very early. Fennimore married Laura MULKINS. Any info would be appreciated and have info to share. Lee Johnson - posted 07-2000

DAVIS - I would appreciate any information on Levi Davis, my grandfather, born October 10, 1821 in Harpersfield. Once source said his father was Gershon Davis. Pat Gilles - posted 05-2000

DAVIS - George Elmer Davis, born 1847 Delhi, NY. Married Clara M (Norton) Snider/Snyder (born 7-31-1867) Deposit, NY. George Elmer Davis was a Civil War veteran - 25th New York Cavalry. Looking for any potential family members. Kevin and Christine Benedix - posted 02-99

DAVIS - Looking for information on Clara DAVIS b. Aug 1874 d. 1926 in Margaretville, Delaware, NY. Married firs to William H. CRAFT and second to Otis KELLY. Father Charles DAVIS. I don't have any info on her mother. Am looking for that info. Roger CRAFT - posted 01-99

DAVIS - Lookng for any historic sketch info or father /mother of John DAVIS b. 1783 Westchester, NY; m. Eunice Northrup (b. Dutchess County, 1786, died 1861). Buried in Andes Cemetary, Delaware County. Was War 1812 Veteran. Also seeking identity of Mary A. Davis in Andes Cemetary. Died Aug 3, 1843 aged 91 yrs 5 mos Sue Christensen - posted 01-99

DAVIS - Looking for Info on John Davis family, His parents. His son Milo Hubble Davis, His children were: Orson Millo b. may 1869, Francis Myers, (M. Ellen Fuller) Mary Katherine, (m. Burt Robinson) Sarah Isabelle Adeline, (m Orrin Brazee) Ora Evelyn (married Charles Henderson), Ella Jane Hamilton, (MCornelius Bristol) John Henry William, Matilda Agusta, (m. Leslie Sines) Edith Viola. Looking for decendents. - posted 12-98

DAVIS - Looking for info on my great great grandfather Mortimer Harvey Davis who was born near Deposit in 1840. His first wife was Francis Decker also of Delaware Co. John Burr Davis and Eliza Ann (Munfort) Davis were his parents. Thank you. Stephen P. Comency - posted 08-98

DAVIS - Looking for the parents or fellow siblings for Sarah Adeline Davis, who is known to have been born on 20 Jun 1828 in Delaware county, New York. She died on 11 Jul 1900 in Ashland county, Ohio. It is thought she is a descendant of William and Mary Beardsley. Thanks! Kirk Greenlun - posted 01-98

DAVIS - Searching for any info on Issac Davis (d.9-3-1863 Civil War). and his spouse. He is the father of Jacob S. Davis b.8-8-1858 Walton. Andrea Fust - posted 12-2006

DAY - It is my belief that my great-great-grandparents lived in, and perhaps died in, Cannonsville. They are: John Arnold Day (1795-1862) and Pamela E (Sisson) Day (1800-1877). I also believe that my great-grandmother was born in Delaware County (Polly Day, 1834-1918). I would greatly appreciate any information or confirmation on my ancestors. It is also possible that Polly Day could have been married in Delaware County. Bruce Furchner - posted 07-2022

DAY - I am requesting information on Charles Day - Born 20 January, 1793 and his brother - Andrew Craig Day - Born 11 January 1805 (both in New London, CT - but moved to Franklin, Delaware Co., NY when young). They were sons of John Day and Nancy Craig (e) Day. Andrew Craig Day married Betsey Spoor of Franklin . They also moved to Buchanan, Berrien Co., MI. in 1835. They settled the town amongst the Indians! Charles Day married and had seven children born in Delaware County - before locating to Buchanan, Berrien Co., MI. in 1840. I would appreciate learning the name of the wife and of the children. I can account for some of them living here in Michigan - but need wife (he would marry three more times - he lived to age 97!! My great grandmother was number four! Thank you! Anita Rodgers - posted 06-2009 58004 River Lake Ct. Elkhart, IN 46516

DAY - Ketchum ... Seeking all possible information on George Emerson Day died 1907 and Helen Ketchum Day died 1913 (possibly Ellen?) and their descendants of Harpersfield. I did find them in the 1900 Census there. Have no info on her predecessors other than that she was from Simsonville Ketchums. She is supposedly buried in Harpersfield. Anything and everything appreciated. Clarence W. Walker - posted 04-2008

DAYTON - Searching in the Delaware County Query for Parents and Possible Grand Parents of two DAYTON Brothers-- James A. DaytonDOB ca. 1838-Harpersfield -brother George P. Dayton DOB ca. 1833- Both served in the Civil War in the 144th Infantry. James is buried in the Beaufort National Cemetery in Beaufort, S.C. I visited his grave a few days ago--- George died in Alexandria , Va. , have been trying to located exactly where he is buried .Thank You. Tom Sartori Tom Sartori - posted 02-2001

DEAN - I am researching my family genealogy with specific emphasis on my great-great-great grandfather Samuel Dean. He emigrated from Ireland, possibly by way of Edinburgh, Scotland, around 1812 and settled in Stamford, Delaware County around that time. He married Jane Douglas in 1814, I believe at the Presbyterian church of South Kortright. I also have seen evidence that he registered in the Court of Common Pleas around that time. He was naturalized around 1825 and may have done that in Delaware County as well. Sometime prior to 1820 he relocated to Caroline,Tompkins County, NY and over 20 years later he moved to Candor, Tioga County, NY where he died. I have been unable to find his grave site (or that of Jane Douglas Dean who probably died in the 1830’s in Caroline) in either of those three areas and hope someone may know where they are buried. Bob Dean - posted 12-2019

DEAN - Am trying to confirm that Harvey Dean (b. Aug. 3, 1801 NY – d.1850 Lenawee Co. MI) is indeed the son of Capt. William Dean (b. Aug. 19, 1774 Putnam NY – d. June 2, 1862 Middletown, Delaware Co. NY). Am looking for any primary source data that confirms the info posted on: and THANK YOU! Kenneth Byrd - posted 11-2019

DEAN - I would like to communicate with anyone who was familiar with the Dean family of Masonville (Benjamin B. Dean, and his wife, Marion Everett Dean) They lived on a farm, not far from the Teed family (who were murdered by their hired hand in 1940) on a farm called "Echo Valley" Ben was a farmer and member of the local Masonic lodge. They had two sons, Burr and Benjamin Everett Dean. They also raised their neice and nephew, Charlie and Minnie Ethel Robbins. Ben died in Masonville in 1923. Thanks! Dolores Stafford - posted 11-2005

DEAN - Trying to find the parents of Polly (Mary) DEAN, b. 1783 in Orange Co. NY and died March 1857 in Colchester, Deleware Co. NY. Married to Joseph GEE ca. 1806. Children: Benjamin, Betsy, William, Joseph, Sally, Mary, Angeline, and Hannah any information would be greatly apperciated. Delores Kruse - posted 04-2005

DEAN - Researching Robert Dean DOB 10 may 1791 from Ireland and Elizabeth Douglass; 6 children born in Delaware NY 1816-1833. Robert was carpenter and/or cooper. Pat Levinson - posted 03-2013

DEAN - RAINEY, OLIVER - Looking for parents, siblings and any information on the following persons. Where are the family graves? The Rainey name has been found with several variations of spelling. Frances J. (known as Fannie) DEAN, b abt. 1843, married Gouveneir M. RAINEY. Known to have lived with a daughter, Nellie J. RAINEY between 1915 and 1920 in Delhi. Estelle E. DEAN b abt. 1846, married (12/1/1864)Thomas A. OLIVER, born abt. 1845, possibly on a vessel coming from Scotland. They had one known child, Adelia b abt 1867. Estelle was dead by 1900. They are listed on the 1880 Delhi census. Carol Rainey - posted 06-2003

DEAN - I am seeking information on the ancestory of: 1) Marjorie Edith Dean, born about 1918 in Masonville, Delaware County, N.Y. Believe her father was Frank. Married in Trout Creek in 1940 to Charles H. Robbins. 2) Ancestory of Benjamin Butler Dean (1876-1923) born in Masonville, N.Y. Had a farm Echo Valley on Teed Hill---married in 1899 in Delaware Co., to Marion E. Everett. Dede Freece - posted 02-99

DEAN - Nathan - Searching for any information on the Dean family which resided in Deposit, Delaware county in the late 1780 to early 1800. Nathan has a cemetary marker in Deposit which states he was the last of pioneers. Not actually buried there. Neil Strong - posted 03-97

DECKER - I am trying to find information about my grandmother Jenny Pearl Decker and brother Earl parents names or any information. Leon Lewis

DECKER - Currently I've volunteered my time to assist with my son's in-laws in researching their ancestral Decker lineage, much of which took place in Delaware County, NY. Through a variety of sources I've found some family members buried in the Old Church Cemetery in Grand Gorge while others seemingly ceased to exist with no further information available. I will underline the names of those who are buried in this cemetery.
My inquiry is focused on the sons of George W. and Hannah McLean Decker. To my knowledge there were three sons, Fayette Isaac (first or middle name), and twin brothers Omar I. and Homer E. Decker. The family also included two daughters, Clarissa and Sarah. There is a story that during the Civil War that four Decker brothers went to enlist (in the army), but that Fayette was rejected because he was too short. The story continues to say that the three brothers were never heard of again and that Fayette became successful in raising and selling horses. What I did find was a CW registration on one page dated June of 1863 that included the names of Omar and Homer (age 20) and David (21) Decker. All were farmers, single and living in Roxbury. I'm not sure who this David Decker was, but he would fit into the storyline . . . To date I've found no evidence that these men were ever involved in the military.
In Albion, Calhoun, MI, some 18 months later, the twin brothers were married within days of each other. Omar married Nancy Jennie Kern on 1/8/1865 and Homer married Alice V Rice on 1/11/1865. Homer Decker died in Delaware Co. in 1879. Omar was listed in Delaware Co. directories until the mid 1920's. Brother Fayette died in MN in 1896.
I would be very interested in learning when/where Omar Decker was laid to rest. Is there any connection of a David Decker to this family and is there any evidence of Fayette Decker being involved in the importing, breeding and selling of horses in Delaware Co. or at any time elsewhere? Leslie Smith (AZ) - posted 03-2013

DECKER - I am looking for an obit on Matthew (Matt) Decker born March 1871 died abt 1923 in Delaware county. Bonita Decker - posted 10-2008

DECKER - Trying to solve a question of William(s) DECKER; We have only been able to track our Deckers back to several "alleged" siblings from Delaware county New York born roughly between 1818 and 1831. The 1831 guy is my ancestor and one of the best docuemented of the lot. Cousin Judy has another post with more details, and since then she or someone has concluded we "should" add sisters Hannah and Amelia who married a Vroman and Baxter respectively. My problem is I have two William's in my family file and I cannot determine if they are the same guy with two wives, or two different people. The reason I suspect they might be the same guy is I have Wilson (mentioned in Judys post) married to Sarah Ellen Beardslee(ley) and Sarah has a sister Fidelia who is married to the mystery William Decker. Unfortunately I have been unable to find any trace of these people other than name mention in a Bradford County Pennsylvania history book. I did find one fairly extensive genealogy on the Beardsley-lee family, but for the father of these two girls all it gives is his name. I do have pdf's of fairly extensive family histories of the Vroman and Beardsley families I would be happy to share or look for information in Leslie Chapman - posted 08-2008

DECKER - Gilbert D Decker b Delaware Co abt 1789. Married Mary Stanley. Looking for birthdate, parents and siblings. Lois Gable - posted 07-2007

DECKER - Searching for Henry Decker born 1825, living in Colchester, Delaware Co. NY in 1865 with his second wife, Jane Van Pelt Decker. She was 15 and he was 40. Would like to know his parents and first wife, children. Thanks. Linda - posted 12-2004

DECKER - Looking for the parents of Martin DECKER living in Roxbury, NY. In 1880 he was maried to Frances M. GAGE. Martin is listed as 34 years old in the Roxbury Census (b. 1846). There are other Martin's living in Roxbury, but the dates/ages do not match. 1880 NY Census, Town of Roxbury (Index) Martin Decker, age 34 (b. 1846); Frances M. Gage, age 35 (b. 1845); Jay Decker, age 17 (b. 1863); Lee Decker, age 14 (b. 1866); [Not shown, son Edward O. Decker, age 23 (b. May 02, 1857) left home already]. Living in this household is a Jacob Decker, age 60 (b. 1820). Would like to know if and how the above Martin Decker is related to the Martin(s) in an earlier census: 1850 NY Census, Town of Roxbury (#1696) - Martin Decker, age 50 (b. 1800); Martin Decker, age 15 (b. 1835); and others. Living in this household is a Jacob Decker, age 26 (b. 1824). 1840 NY Census, Town of Roxbury Martin Decker, (presumably 40-49 years old, likely 40, b. 1800, but uncertain); Mrs. Decker, (presumably 30-39 years old); Childrens names not listed, just a count of age ranges. - posted 09-2003

DECKER - I am looking for a Jacob Decker that enlisted in the civil war in 1864 Company G 144 infantry. Discharged in Hilton Head island SC in 1865. If you have any information on him I would love it. He was my great grandfather. Janice Gravelin - posted 01-2003

DECKER - George Samuel Decker was born February 27, 1822 at Franklin, Delaware County N.Y. according to his wife's Civil War Pension papers. He had two known brothers, Wilson M. Decker who was born July 18, 1819 and William E. Decker who was born November 06, 1831 also at Franklin. Both William E. and George Samuel died during the Civil War. Wilson signed the pension papers for both the widows. Wilson and his family moved back to Bradford County, Pennsylvania. I am trying to locate the parents and other possible siblings of the three brothers. Judy Reynolds Decker - posted 02-2002

DEGRAW - I am looking for information for Hannah DEGRAW, she was married to Silas LACEY before he married Rose Ruff. Any information on her would be greatly appreciated, I am trying to find out where she is buried. - posted 04-2002

DEGROAT - Searching for info. re: "DeGroat" in Del.Co. in late 1890's. George F DeGroat m: Emma E Masker in Sidney - 1897.( Are there records someplace - if so, how do I locate) George,Emma and family listed in Thompkins Census - 1900 - J.DeGroat is shown on Nov 24,1989 having a "Housefull of Boarders & Wood Cutters" in his hime in "Goulds", Del. Co. Where is (or was) "Gould/Goulds" ? Any info on names would be appreciated. June Swisher - posted 04-2003

DEKKER - I am looking for the date when Jakob Dekker acquired the full deed to his homestead in Bloomville, New York. I have 51, Liber 199 when he acquired one-half undivided interest in the estate. That indenture was made January 12, 1924. I believe he acquired the other half of the estate through a legal battle with his relative, Zwier Jurjens, perhaps in 1926. I am looking for any copies of the legal proceedings or the deed. Can you help me? The attorney involved was named Youmans. JoAnn Baird - posted 07-2006

DELAMATER - I am looking for information on Isaac Delamater son of Cornelius and Blandina Delamater. I have an 1803 tax record and 1810,1820,1830, & 1840 census for him, in Middletown. He and his wife (unknown) had at least 8 children, 4 sons and 4 daughters then he disappears. There is an Isaac that sold 50 acres of land to Jacob Delamater in 1848. Nan Whitcomb - posted 10-2018

DELAMATER - David, Jane and Elizabeth. Need proof of David Delamaters death where buried in Delaware county 18 Feb 1880 and his wife Elizabeth Roberts. Their daughter Jane Delamater born 14 Jul 1825 died 20 Jan 1922 married Andrew Jackson Knapp born 22 Aur 1828 Middletown, Delaware, NY died 5 Jul 1902. B Schulz Bradenton - posted 12-2006

DELAMATER - I am looking for information about Cornelius A. Delamater, found in the 1840 NY census, Andes Twp., Delaware County, NY. Is there an Andes local historian I could contact? The dates give for his age and his wife's age seem to correspond with those found in 1856 census in Lee County, IA. Cornelius may be the missing son of Abraham D. Delamater of Hurley and later Shandaken, Ulster County, NY. Also, I am looking for information about an Abraham D. Delamater in the 1830 NY census, in Harpersfield, Delaware County. Is this the same one from Hurley and later Shandaken? Is there a Harpersfield local historian I could contact? Phil DeLamarter - posted 08-2004

DELAMATER - I am looking for my G.G. G. Grandparents place of death. Cornelius DELAMATER & wife Blandina DEGRAFF were in the 1790-1800 & 1810 Census of Middletown. Delaware County. Their Son Moses Delamater ( My G.G. Grandfather) was still there in 1820 & their son Jacob Delamater, My G. Grandfather was born in Andes in 1825. This is on his Civil War Papers. Moses & wife Diadama HAINES moved to Broome County before 1830, but I have Never found where his Parents--Cornelius Delamater & wife Blandina DEGRAFF died. I last found them in Middletown in the 1810 Census. They were both from Dutchess County Families & were married at Poughkeepsie. Cormelius's Father was Cpt. Isaac Delamater of Dutchess County. Blandina was born to Moses DEGRAFF & Antoinette VAN KLEEK at Fishkill in Dutchess County. I just can't figure out where Cornelius & Blandina or Dina died. Darlene T. Holling - posted 06-2002

DELAMATER - Am seeking infor on Anne Delamater born in Middletown, Delaware County on Aug. 7. 1811. Parents were Moses Delamater and Diadama Haynes. I need to confirm that she was born here and how long the family lived in Delaware Co. Mary Lou Dillon - posted 06-99

DELAMATER - In the Asel Oles obituary under the Walton Hotel, it says that Eliz.A. is the daughter of Jacob Delamater. Does anyone know if this is the Jacob Delamater that was involved with the Anti-Rent War and has an indictment for murder? Does anyone have any further information about him. If he is my ancester then I want to send for copies of the indictments. Interesting stuff!!! Thanks. Alice L. Geier - posted 03-2002

DELAMETER - am searching the family tree for the Delameter family , descendents of David Cornelius Delameter, b. 1796 in Holland. Several of the family lived in Del. Co. including my mother, Myrtle Delameter Little. I have 600 names for the families of Little and Delameter, my parents who lived in DeLancey, NY. Louise Little - posted 04-97

DELONG - Marcus DeLong was born about 1789 in NY. I don't know who his first wife was but they had my 2nd great grandmother, Rachel Delong who was put indentured to David Smith, on 18March1829 when she was but 10 years old. I have to believe that her mother had died around then or at least was no longer in the picture at this time because I can't see her letting her daughter go otherwise. I know you have the indentured papers for her, as I do. What my dilemma is Marcus DeLong 1860 Middletown, Delaware, NY Census with his 2nd wife Delilah Decker(Decker being taken from Liberty's death info who was Marcus and his first wife's son) but her grave has her as Soules or Sowles. I don't know if that is her maiden name or what! She is buried in Gavett Cemetery in Middletown. She had been buried in Pepacton but was removed due to the reservoir, to Gavett Cemetery. Now what I am trying to figure out is where did Marcus go. Was he buried there in Pepacton and not found and hence not moved or did he get buried in Gavett and no records there. Any suggestion, ideas or comments would be so greatly appreciated. Helen Cronk Hill -posted 09-2014

DELONG - Looking for anyone with ties to Jonas DeLong, Jacob DeLong or any other DeLong who lived in Town of Middletown, Roxbury, in the early to mid 1800s. Jacobs wife was listed by the Roxbury Church in 1809 as Elizabeth Dimond. Trying to locate any info I can on this part of my history. Craig M. DeLong -posted 12-2003

DEMAS - Looking for obituaries for Demas, Gormley family from Delaware County (Folcroft). Gigi - posted 11-2004

DEMELT/DEMETT - I am looking for information on Chauncey DeMelt and his family. Someone emailed me the following information they found on the 1850 franklin,delaware co. With his parents being listed as Henry and Irene. I was looking for DeMett. He is then also found on other census. But the 1850 census has other children listed Caroline,Adelia,Ann E, Georgina R,and Alice. This is the only information I have found on these other siblings. In 1860 Chauncey is listed with his wife and 2 children. Thank you for any help anyone could provide, that I am on the right path to this being his parents. Lori O'Dea - posted 01-2004

DeMOTT - Seeking the maiden name of the wife of Isaac DeMott. In the 1880 Census for Delaware Co., Isaac is listed as being 45 years old and born in NJ. In 1880 he and his family were living in the village of Cannonsville, Tompkins Town. His wife is listed as E. Mary DeMott, age 40, and born in NJ. I have also seen her name as Mary E. S. DeMott. Their children were listed as Charles DeMott, age 20, born in NY; Fred DeMott, age 17, born in NY; and Wellington, age 4/12, born in NY. I have found Isaac DeMott in the 1850 NJ Census living in Hunterdon Co., NJ. Ed Murray - posted 03-97

DENEND - Looking for information on Denend family, living in Delaware Co. at least as early as 1800. Erroneously sometimes identified as "Denio" on website, also spelled "Dennend" or, less frequently, "Denid." Richard Leonard - posted 06-98

DENEND - I hope I am spelling this correctly, but I am looking for information about Newton Ezra Denend (b 1843 in Davenport, d. 1876 in California) and his wife Phoebe Ann Coulter (b 1837). Phoebe was the daughter of James Coulter and Esther Brush Mccune. Newton and Phoebe were married in Walton on 20 January 1868 and had four children: Griffith Nathaniel, William Ezra, Francis Newton, and Elma Ann. The first three were born in Topeka, KS. Ray LaFever - posted 08-97

DENIO - Looking in Delaware County for information on Joseph DeNio, married Phebe Lewis, and any of their children: Edwin b.1834, married Marriane Houck, Polly b. 1835, married Amaziah Williams, Emerson b. 1839, Jerushia b.1841, married Levi T. Houck, James b:1850, Josephus b.1838, Henry b. 1842, Holloway (Hawley) Joseph, b.1844, married Dora Lounsbury, Edgar b. 1847, marreid Josephine ?. Any information would be a big help, thank you. Floyd J. DeWitt - posted 02-2006

DENNIS - Searching for info on Joseph Dennis and his wife Nancy Calups (?sp), early settlers of Ovid, NY, Seneca Co., NY. Joseph "died young",perhaps in the War of 1812, and his wife and son, William came to ? relatives (Dennis families in early Bovina and Stamford) in Delaware County. William was "bound out" to Barna RADEKER in Andes, NY; then married Adeline AUSTIN, and subsequently moved to Town of Tompkins, where their descendants continued to live. Wondering if Nancy remarried? possibly to James BRAMBLEE (BRAMLEY). Ann - posted 11-2000

DENNISON - I am trying to find the parents/siblings of Harriet DENNISON b. NY Dec 1806; d. Wms. Co. OH Apr 1879; married abt 1828 Ira Bradford SCOVILL, son of Ira and Ruth Scovill who were living in Hector, Tompkins Co (now Schuyler Co), NY having come from Cornwall, CT abt 1825. I have been going through the NY county censuses 1810, 1820, 1830 looking for Dennison surname. In the 1830 Kortright there is a Joseph & Eleazer Dennison. I have been searching for Harriet's parents/siblings for 13 years and hope that this may be a connection. Alyce in Galesburg, MI - posted 02-2005

DENT - Looking for information on the Dent Family of Ferris Hill in Grand Gorge, and history of the farm. My grandfather owns a piece of the old farm, and I would like to know more of it's history. Richard J. King - posted 02-2010

DERRY - Thomas Derry shows up in Middletown, Delaware,census for 1860. His wife was Nabby(Nabena). I only have his name and where it shows up but no actual details that were on this census. Is it possible for you to get them? Mary Moogk - posted 07-2001

DETWYLER - I'm looking for any information on Carl Detwyler. He is listed in the Hancock census for the year 1900. At that time he is only one year old and living with his Uncle George Peet and his wife Hattie. Hattie remarries a Jon Remington in 1908 so I assume that George has either died or they have divorced at that time. I am curious as to who his parents were and why he is not listed with them. Any info on this man would be greatly appreciated. L Bell - posted 06-2002

DEWEY - Looking for direct descendants of Col. William DEWEY (1775-1857) and Elizabeth WATTLES (1785-1849) of Delware County. I found a set of three framed photographs of William, Elizabeth, and their home built in 1810 located in booth #41 at the Antiquer's Mall near Charlottesville, VA (434-985-1977) where they are listed for $495.00. These remarkable images are still in their period frames. It would be great to reunite these images with a descendant. I can be reached at Morgan - posted 07-2011

DEWEY - Looking for Margaret Dewey and ancesters of Delaware County. - posted 05-2001

DEWITT - Seeking information about the DEWITT family in Delhi in the 1800s. They were a mixed race family. Samuel DEWITT married Joanna ODELL. In 1880 Annie, Charity, John and Ella WARD were living with them. Annie is listed as Samuel's aunt but I think she may actually have been Joanna's aunt. Joanna was originally from Sullivan County, I believe that Samuel was as well. Samuel's grandson, Samuel was last living in Fergusonville, he had a sister Bertha. Thank you for your assistance. Lorraine O'Dell - posted 05-2004

DEXTER - Am looking for information on H(erbert)? Dexter family. Around 1921 they worked as tenant farmers on a large farm in Franklin near top of mountain and intersection with Rte. 28. Wife named Helen and 3 or 4 children. Donnarae Gordon - posted 03-2003

DEZELL - I'm hoping you can locate death &/or burial info on Dezell, James b abt 1793, d 1870-1880, and his wife Margaret b abt 1800, d 13 Feb 1884 in Franklin. They were in Meredith & Kortright previously; and other family buried there. Joan Wolfrom - posted 08-2006

DIBBLE - My husband's Wilson line married into the Dibble family. And I found this from Annual report of the secretary of the State Horticultural Society ..., Volume 17 By Michigan State Horticultural Society "Isaac Wilson was the son of Peter Wilson and Phebe Dibble his widow who died June 1, 1886 at Plainfield Kent Co. (MI) at the advanced age of 107 years. Her father Peter Dibble died at Colchester Delaware Co., NY at the age of 108 years. Mr. Wilson is 78 years old and one of the last of Alcona county's (MI) pioneers and is still hale and hearty." I am trying to find more on Peter Dibble through the Internet as I live in Ohio, and have found absolutely nothing else on him. Delsey Wilson - posted 09-2011

DIBBLE - Does anyone out there know if there was a Jennie Keech (Keach) or a Jerome Doolittle in the Dibble lineage? Polly Stafford - posted 11-2008

DIBBLE - I am looking for information about the Dibble family - 1829. Phylo Dibble left NY and moved to Marshall MI. His daughter Cornelia married Paul Ennis Church in Marshall. Jeanette Studley - posted 12-2007

DIBBLE - Looking for the burial place of Dubois B Dibble Civil War Vet NY 8th Light Artillery. Nyle McMartin - posted 05-2005

DIBBLE - I am looking for information on Lydia Dibble. She was born in 1816 to Noah Dibble and Prudence ?. I am looking for her mother's maiden name, she was reportedly full blooded Iroquios. I am also looking for information on Lydia Dibble's first husband ? Packard. They were married around 1835, in Sept. of 1835 they had Mercy Ann "Ann" Packard. He died sometime before 1850. They supposedly lived in Delaware Co. but could have lived in Ostego or another surrounding county.Lydia's were abouts are unknown between 1850-1853. Ann appears on a census record but Lydia does not. In 1854 Lydia remarried to John Gunn. Any information regarding the gaps would be appreciated. Kassie - posted 08-2000 - address bouncing
Response to Kassie's posting in message from Warren R. Potter
Basically speaking, it was the old Lenape, name changed to Delaware, tribe in that area--southern tier NY and NE Pa. If you need delineation on the Delaware confederacy perimeters, let me know. There wwere numerous bands--Wappnigers, Canoy, etc, consdered part of the Delaware. Iroquois is a term used in Canada, and not by NY Indians, who are part of the Iroquois Confederacy. who refer to themselves as the Huadenosaunee the tribes that make up the confederacy or the Seneca, Tuscarora, Onondaga, Cayua, Oneida, Mohawk. In the area under discussin, it was more likely to be Mohawk if they were of the cnfederacy. Senecas---much farther west. Some Cayuga in the Broome Area But, the Delaware were under the protection of the Confederacy in the 1700s. There were some Tuscarora Desc in the area, but Dibble is not name common to them--- What Prudence's mother's name was would be of importance. You say she was full blood, which puts her birth prior to the 1850s, in all likelihood. --Sheila Stover//Firehair shining Sprit - Tribal Genealogist/Ethnohistorian, Indian Genealogy Consultant, Eastern Delaware/Minisink Band. --Warren R. Potter, Mar 29, 2004

DIBBLE - Am researching a Charles DIBBLE who may be connected to the Delaware county Dibbles. Charles was b. abt. 1816/17 in either NY or CT. He married Lovina (maiden name unknown; born abt. 1823 in Cortland county.) She and Charles had five children: Amelia A.; Mary (b. about 1843/44); Charles H. (b.1845 in Norwich, Chenango co.); Sarah E. (b. 28 Feb. 1848); Bertha A. (b. abt. 1841). CHARLES DIBBLE d. between 1850-1855. Lovina married Daniel H. Greene and resided in Chenango County until her death 8 Sept. 1886. I am trying to find: Charles' parents and siblings; what happened to the children Amelia, Mary, and Sarah? Any help or direction would be appreciated. Rea Trotter - posted 07-2002

DIBBLE - Looking for information on Henry G. Dibble and wife Dorinda Stoutenburgh. I am descended from their son Daniel. Information on Henry's father and siblings is most appreciated. Stacy Moorhead - posted 09-2001

DICKINSON - Frank Dickinson (Great Grandfather), Born August 15, 185. I have found a Frank Dickinson of about the same birth year as son of Silas Dickinson of Delaware County NY. I am trying to figure out if this is the same person. Any information appreciated. Olga Thornton - posted 11-2006

DICKINSON - Currently researching the Dickinson lines in Delaware County. They probably extended into Broome, Tioga and Chenango Counties from 1770's to 1830's. Looking for ties to Berkshire County, MA and Windham County, VT. Dickinson line is probably Quaker. Also looking for families in Delaware County who may have relocated from Windham Co, VT due to the political turmoil during the 1770's--aka Vermont Sufferers. Associated family names are Stowell, Rice, Gates, Pollard, Crawford, Blakeslee, Guernsey, Moore, Jackson, Iddings, Tracy, Willis, Whiting, Doolittle, Redfield, Bixby and Peet. Will share information I have thus far. Cynthia Dickinson - posted 07-99

DICKINSON - Looking for my ancestor Peter Dickinson who was a lumberman in NY during the early 1800. His wife was Mary Tracy and 2 children Peter Tracy and Mary. Anything you can provide would be appreciated. - posted 06-99

DICKMAN - Looking for gravesites of Smith Dickman and his wife Augusta Dickman in the Andes Cemetery. Augusta passed away August 1979. My e-mail address is Veronica Wranovics - posted 01-2017

DICKSON - I am researching my husband’s Dickson family. I have been working on this for years and getting no closer to the gg grandfather Dickson. It’s my brick wall. What I know: Stephen Hunt, b. 1788, Dutchess Co. came to Delaware Co and was there for the 1850 Davenport, Delaware Co., NY census. His wife, was Catharine M. Huff/Hough (spelled both ways on Documents) b. 1817, Dutchess Co. Catharine had 9 ch. all born in Delaware Co. James Edward, 1838; Daniel J., 1840; Sarah Mariah, 1842; 2 unks 1844, Susan A, 1846; Cynthia, abt 1848; and Lucinda Ellen, 1850 Stephen died sometime before 1860 because I found Catharine Hunt on the 1860 Town of Newfield, Tompkins Co. census with her dau., Lucinda E., 9. At this same time she is saying she is Catharine M. Dickson., 43. On the 1865 census, Catharine is living in Town of Catharine, Schuyler Co. with John Cass, as his housekeeper and she has a son, Leroy D. Dickson, 5. It also says she is widow, has been married twice and had 10 ch. Also with her is 2 daus, Lucinda, 16, and Sarah M., 20. (Catharine later says on the 1875 census that she is John Cass’s wife, but when she dies she is back to Catharine Dickson) Leroy goes on a names his eldest son, William and I was hoping that could be a clue to the name of his father. When I first started working on this, there was family alive who swore Leroy was born on the boat coming to America and his father died at this same time. Leroy’s family only knew his parents as Grandpa and Grandma Dickson. Not sure they ever believed me when I told them that was not true. I am hoping someone can help me. Karen Dickson - posted 12-2017

DICKSON - I am interested in information about Theo Dickson diary. I am granddaughter of Dr. Gilbert Dickson and Jane Loughran Dickson of Bovina, NY and would like to learn more about family history. My name is Mary Elizabeth Archibald of Collingswood, NJ. I am the daughter of Marjorie Isabel Dickson and Wilber Archibald, natives of Bovina. They lived in Poughkeepsie, New York for many years and I was born there. Any information is welcome. - posted 11-2003

DICKSON - I don't see any Dicksons on the Query List but there must be some descendants out there. I am about to receive a "Diary of Theo Dickson 1870" recently discovered in Botetourt County, VA, with many references to persons in the towns of Andes, Bovina and Davenport. I believe Theo to be the nephew of William Miller (1792-1870) and his second wife Isabella Dickson (1802-1882). Any one interested in it? Allan Davidson - posted 05-2002 (Allan passed away in 2004)

DIKEMAN - I'm researching William Dikeman who lived in Delaware county in the early 1800s. He was born abt 1773 in VT (not certain). I understand a William Dikeman appeared as a defendant according to records of Delhi, Delaware County 20 times during the years 1807, 1809, 1810, 1815, and 1817. He appears on the 1810 census as Wm Dykman. I also have been told that his first wife was Martha Norton and wonder if she's part of the Norton family in Delaware county. He also married Lizzie M. Lapperman and finally Mary (Polly) Tiffany. Any information greatly appreciated. How would I find the court records? Mable Bateson - posted 01-2002

DILLON - Seeking information about William J. DILLON, born abt. 1881 in Cortland, NY. He married Julia T. MEEHAN Nov 15, 1911, in Delhi, NY. In 1911 William was a barber in Delhi, NY. His parents were Patrick Dillon and Mary Casey, both born in Ireland. Julia Meehan's parents were James Meehan, born in Ireland, and Theresa Bedelia White, born in NYC. The Meehans resided on Delaware Avenue at the time of Julia and William's marriage. Thank you. Roberta Meehan - posted 03-99

DIMMICK - My name is Larry Wilson and in researching my genealogy I've discovered my 5th great grandparents are Frederick Kittle and Adah Dimmick. His father, also named Frederick Kittle, is buried on the Dimmick Farm I think. Anyway, Fredrick and Adah came from Delaware County, NY, and eventually moved to Michigan, where my family is from. Census data and her death notice indicate she was born in NY about 1807. I can find no trace of Adah's parents, but she and Frederick had children named Noah and Eliff, which leads me to believe Adah was the daughter of Noah and Eliff Dimmick as the Dimmick family lived close to the Kittle's. I poured through the Genealogical Notes on the Dimmick Family in North America but there is no mention of an Adah or Ada that was born in that timeframe. Any information anyone might have would be greatly appreciated. Larry Wilson - posted 11-2021

DIMMICK - Samuel DIMICK or DIMMICK b. ca 1800, probably Delaware County, probable son of Joseph DIMICK & wife (--GOODFELLOW). Siblings were Uriah, Daniel, and Phebe, who married a Mr. Slocum. Samuel relocated to Schuyler Co., NY at age 19; married Mary KETTLE (Kittle?) who was thought to be from Delaware County. Need her parents & more information regarding Joseph and wife. Penny Stanley - posted 01-2005

DIMMICK - Seeking any information on Dimmick families in Roxbury and/or Middletown, Delaware County. My great grandparents are buried in Roxbury in the cemetery at the Yellow Meeting House. Looking for info that would connect some Dimmicks found in 1800-1840 census records with my grandmother's family. Mary Nielsen - posted 03-2002

DINGEE - Looking for information on Henry Dingee died 1805 Delaware Co. married Sarah Carle; Marcus Dingee died 1850's Delaware Co. married Janette; Hannah Dingee born 1815 married 1. _____ Northrup, 2nd James Hartwell. would love to share info. Blanche Tate - posted 04-2001

DINGY - Seeking information on family of Angeline Dingy (b 9/25/1826 - in Hancock?). Married George Paige 10/27/1855 in Hobart. Dottie Unruh - posted 05-99

DIX - /CUMMINGS - I am looking for my great-great grandparents, Charles Dix (1851 - 1908) and Emma G. Cummings (1850-1928). I believe they lived in Walton, NY, for their son Charles D. Dix (1880 - 1972) was born there and Emma's second husband ?? Townsend is buried there. Any information would be extremely helpful. Jennifer Donovan - posted 08-2003

DIXSON - George Dixson/Dixon died in Delaware Co about 1803. He married Abigail Lovelace/Loveless probably in Fairfield Co, CT, where Abigail was born to unknown parents. Abigail died in Schoharie Co, NY, at the home of her daughter, Anna Dixson/Dixon Kile/Kyle, in 1826. Any further info on George or Abigail would be appreciated. Vonnie Dixon Kehoe - posted 01-2002

DODD - A man asked me for help. He has an original letter dated 28 May 1816. It was addressed to a Miss Mary Reily Walters care of Mrs. Jeremiah Dodd near Bloomfield. Letter mentions a Mrs. Dodd, A Miss Sarah Dodd, Major Arrowsmith, Kate and Julianna Black, and a McMorris. It is signed my a L. or J Walters—father of Mary. If any of these names mean anything anyone we would appreciate hearing from you. The person asking me for help doesn’t think the letter has anything to do with his family.

DODGE - have info to share - Milbrey Otto Burgett - posted 05-97

DOIG - Walter, born 1767 in Scotland (I have pedigree to 1395) settled in Bovina by 1813. His children married SANDERSON, DUNN, McEACHRON, FORREST, and TELFORD. Next generation STRANGEWAY, ARMSTRONG, and HODGE. Some settled in Andes. Doigs still live in Bovina to this day. Ken Doig - posted 08-97

DOLGAS (Dolheck) - I am looking for information regarding my great grandfather, John (Janos) Dolgas, who I believe was living in Horton from around 1905 to sometime before 1915. John was a Slovak immigrant who was reportedly living in Horton NY around 1909. His wife Borbala (Barbara) immigrated in 1909. The "Record of Detained Aliens" for her arrival shows her husband as Janos Dolgas, living at Box 27, Horton, NY. I believe that he is listed on the 1910 census for Colchester as John Dolheck working as a woodsman for the acid factory, though I cannot seem to locate any information for his wife who should have been with him at the time. Their son Michael was reportedly born in Horton in 1913 and their daughter, Mary, I believe was born there in 1910. By the 1915 census, they were living in Livingston Manor. I am trying to locate any information regarding them during this time period. Any help would be appreciated. Elizabeth Roser - posted 01-2022

I am the archivist for St. Peter's RC Church in Delhi. In celebration of the building of the church 100 yrs/ becoming a parish 50 yrs. We are putting together an archives. In the Church over the altar are two stained glass windows - given "In Memory of Dr. Donovan" No one knows when the windows were given, by whom, or who Dr. Donovan was. Cornerstone was laid 1898. If the windows were part of original plan, then Dr. Donovan was already deceased by 1898, but family members still lived in Delhi/Delaware County. I know this is very vague, but this is all we know for now. No one still living in Delhi knows any Donovan's. Deb Kearney - posted 09-97

DOOLITTLE - According to information I have from my deceased mother, her grandfather, Frederick Benjamin Doolittle, was born in Bovina in Delaware Co. NY on Dec 24, 1825. Is this information available some where in Delaware Co.? I would like to have some verification of this information. Is it possible to have a photo copy of this record from the county? Anne Lawton - posted 07-2000

DORLAND - I am looking for relatives of, or descendants of, Howard Dorland, b. 1915, who died in October 1997. I believe we are related. Joe Eckhardt - posted 10-2002

DORMAN - Am looking for information on Daniel Dorman who lived in Delaware Co and died there before 8 Jan 1866. His second wife was Christina Shaver and he had one son born in Del.Co. Daniel M. Daniel Sr. was married to Eve Shoemaker in Schoharie Co and had two sons by her...Charles Ward and Jeremiah Mott....CW was my great-grandfather. Maureen Dorman Wilson - posted 10-99

DORMAN - Anthony and Charlotte (BRISACK) Dorman had one or more children including Jay Myer Dorman b. 28 Aug 1837 at Walton, Delaware Co., NY. The story goes that parents and perhaps sibling(s) were "drowned in the river" when Jay Myer was quite young. He was taken by an aunt? to New Orleans, LA where he grew up. Am trying to determine ancestry of Jay Myer Dorman and would appreciate any help received. James B. Hardin - posted 12-97

DOUGAL - I am searching for two relatives who lived in the town of Andes. Their names: John and Helen Dougal. They were children of John Dougal and Sarah (Monteath). I have found the graves of John, Sarah and one of their children Andrew in Herr cemetery. I am looking for possible marriage records and their burial sites. Their names appear in the Andes 1880 census records. I also have information on their voyage to America from Scotland. David Littlejohn - posted 10-98

DOUGHTERY - Looking for information about a couple that was married in Cannonsville on April 2, 1902..Viola Hazelton and Oran L Doughtery. Leslie Beckett - posted 07-2003

DOUGLAS/DOUGLASS - I am looking for a record for Agnes Douglas or Douglass born Oct 18 1752 in kortright Delaware NY and who her parents were. She married a James Hill in 1775 and died 1825 in orange county ny. Any help would be appreciated it seems like Ive been a this road block for months. Thank you! Debi Callaghan - posted 11-2013

DOUGLAS - Searching for parents and siblings of Mary B[ertaine?] DOUGLAS(S) born 24 Sep 1825 probably Delhi, Delaware Co., NY, died 26 Aug 1888 Newport, Campbell Co., KY, m. 1 Jan 1846 to Parker BODWELL/BROADWELL in Covington, Kenton Co., KY. Birth and death dates are from her tombstone. Her obituary says she had a brother living in Louisville, KY -- but no name! thanks for any help or suggestions. Winifred - posted 01-2000

DOUGLASS - I, along with my twin, Carlyle Douglass and cousin, Michael Douglass, are decendents of Joseph and Mary Douglass of Delaware County. They had five children, Earl (a medical doctor and father of the aforementioned cousin Michael), twins, James Homer Douglass(son, Carlyle, my father) and William (never married), John, a dentist who I believe owned "The Douglass House" in Davenport, NY, (which I visited last year) and Ethel. We are also related to the John Bell's and the Kelso family (Jessie, female, was a cousin of the Douglass family. My grandfather, James, owned a farm in Schenevus, NY and it was there that he and his wife, Georgia, brought up my father, Carlyle. I also remember my dad mentioning the McMurdy family from that area and Helene Bulson (married name - no children). Will you kindly direct me and my cousin, Michael Douglass, to a site where we can investigate our roots when time permits? I was in Oneonta and the Davenport area last summer and plan on returning again this summer. I visited North Kortright Cemetery and took photos of the headstones I knew to be Douglass family members. The name Harkness is also very familiar, buy I cannot remember why. I have two wills at home. One from John Bell and the other dated 1914 from William Douglass. Georgia Douglass Dickinson - posted 07-2008

DOUGLASS - Dean: Robert and Elizabeth Douglass, Robert from Ireland moved to Altay between 1833-1842. Children born in Delaware from 1816-1833. Patricia Levinson - posted 07-2001

DOVENER - Hunting for information on William Dovener and family. Listed as a Franklin resident in 1800 census. Listed as a tavern owner in Sydney NY, Donated land in 1806 to build the church and school. In the history listed on the Delaware site, it says he went west. I believe he and his family went to what would become West Virginia. Dave Powell - posted 02-99

DOWNIE - Would love to share information with anyone interested in the Downie family that sailed from Scotland in 1854 with John Downie as the head of household and settled in Bovina. Individuals are preceeded by a number indicating their generation and include:
1 Thomas Downie married Mary Robertson 2 John Downie 1817 - 1889, married first wife Elizabeth Thomson 1817 - 1862, Children: 3 Margaret Downie, 3 Mary Downie 1849 - , 3 William Downie, 3 Catherine Downie 1838 - 1854, 3 Thomas Downie 1841 - 1917, 3 Elizabeth Downie 1853 -
2 John Downie married second wife after death of Elizabeth - 2 Mary Ann Scott 1832 - 1900, Child: 3 James Scott Downie 1869 - 1946 married Fannie Prudence Harkness 1869 - 1961. Our family descended from James Scott Downie who settled in Oneonta. further information on this website
Alan Downie - posted 09-2007

DOWNS - I am trying to find the parents of Joseph Willis Downs (b. abt 1813, d. aft 1875 Tompkins, Delaware, NY). I am wondering if it might be an Eli Downs found in the 1820 census for Homer, Cortland Co, NY. I'm WORKING off some info that Joseph's parents were E and Betsy Downs. There is an Eli Downs b. 1777 in Woodbridge, CT to a Joseph Downs, b. 1732. This Eli may have migrated to Cortland Co by 1820, bringing his young son Joseph Willis Downs (b. in CT). Joseph Willis had a sister, Sarah, who married Hiram Williams Hulce in Cortland, NY. Any info appreciated. Aline Carr - posted 12-2014

DOWNS - I am looking for any information concerning Mary Downs of Deposit, NY (My G Grandmother). She was married to Aaron Shew and had children by him Gaius Edward Shew (my grandfather) among several. Aaron apparently divorved her and moved to Kansas where he remarried and had one daughter Lenora. Mary may have been the daughter of Willis Joseph Downs and Angeline Benedict. She was a reletive of Rollin Downs a resident of Deposit for many years. I would like any information about her and would like to know where she is intered. Rev. Chester N Shew - posted 02-2013

DOWNS - I'd like to find info on the father of Ada A. Downs, born ??, died 1899 in Deposit, NY. Was married to Edgar Charles or Charles E. Burrows of Deposit. Had at least one daughter, Cora Belle Burrows (1882-1939). If anyone has info on Ada or the Downs' of the area, please email me. Thanks! Aline Carr - posted 04-2015

DOWNS - Looking for information on this family:Joseph W. Downs sometimes Willis Joseph Downs was born 1813 in CT. He married Angeline Benedict born 1809.In 1850 they are living in the town of Tompkins. They had Mary born circa 1836, Cordelia born circa 1838, Emily J. born circa 1840, Charles S. born circa 1843, Lewis Lysander born 1847, Lenora born circa 1848 and Morgan M born circa 1852. Lewis Lysander married Sarah Elizabeth Hulce. They had Louise born circa 1877, Lena M born 1882, and Rola Lynard born 1885. Lena married 3x..once to Clarence Davis, then Floyd Crawford, then William Lewis. Rola married Anna Baker. Michele R. Lockwood - posted 02-99

DOX - Michael Dox (born c. 1800) married Mary (last name unknown) (born c. 1805). Moved to Delaware Co c. 1846 (originally from Schoharie Co.). Possibly buried in Marysville cemetery in Goulds area of Delaware Co. Any info appreciated. Carol Parrella - posted 11-2004

DRAKE - Looking for those interested in the Drake family of Walton, NY. Mary Louisa Drake married George Dallas Niles about 1867. Had children Ismay Cecil, Altheal, and Charles Burton Niles. Vernon Purvis - posted 06-2001

DRAKE - Henry DRAKE has signed a letter written in 1846 to my GGGrandfather, Col. William YEOMAN. It concerns an appointment of an Andrew More, Jr. to the "office of Adjutant". I am not sure what this letter is referring to but I am guessing that it is some military appointment, possibly State Militia. I cannot not find any military records for my Col. Yeoman through the usual Nat. Archives or the NY State Archives queries. I am hoping someone can tell me what branch Henry Drake was in and then maybe, by association, I can deduce what branch Colonel Yeoman was in." Pam Frederic - posted 02-2000

DRAKE - I am looking for information on my ancestor Mary Drake. She would have been born about 1850 somewhere in Delaware Co., NY. She married George Niles and settled in Trout Creek. She may have been from there. I am looking for her parents and/or information on the Drake family in Delaware Co., NY. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kevin M. Kelbaugh - posted 12-97

DRUMMOND - I am looking for information about David Drummond, probably born in Scotland about 1805. He married Margaret Shaw and they lived in the West Delhi/Platner Brook area. They had eight children and one daughter, Mary, married my Great Grandfather, John McCandlish in 1862. I am a beginning geneologist and would appreciate any leads. - posted 09-2000

DuBOIS - Looking for any information on Leon DuBois , he married Lenor Smith several children one being Howard Lewis DuBois b. Nov 1,1909 in Windham , New York, family lived (I believe) in Deposit, Walton, Cooks Falls areas. Please any help at all. Arlie DuBois - posted 01-99

DUDLEY - Looking for information on John Dudley and his daughter Mary Todd x Samuel Todd. Are they buried in Clovesville Cemetery? John died in 1826 in Middletown area. Larry - posted 06-2000

DUFF- I am searching for Alexander and John DUFF, from County Tyrone, Ireland. They arrived in Delhi, Delaware County about 1835 - 1845. Alexander and his wife Martha were the parents of John. Perhaps there were more children than just John, I do not know. Alexander was born about 1795. John was born 20 June 1820, all in Ireland. John married Caroline WARREN, in Delhi, or Hamden, in 1850, and moved to Wisconsin about 1853-4. I am searching for the descendants of Alexander and Martha, other than John. Thank you! Ed Duff - posted 02-2001

DUFF - I am searching for a marriage between John DUFF and Caroline WARREN, in Delaware County, maybe Hamden, or Delhi, 1850-51. Thank you, sincerely! Ed Duff - posted 11-99

DUFTON - My Great Grandmother/parents, Josephine Dufton and Elmer Fisher possibly from Deposit. Resided in Deposit in 1904. Daughter who is my maternal grandmother Cecil (Cecilia) Viola Fisher b. 3 May 1904 in Deposit, NY. Searching for any information on the family, siblings, etc of Josephine Dufton. Tamara Sanford - posted 06-2003

DUMOND -I am looking for information on a William Dumond. All I know is that he married Abigail Finch and they had a daughter, Mildred born in March of 1885. I think they lived in Walton. Gabriele Hammon - posted 10-2001

DUNAGAN - I am interested in finding descendants of Morris Dunagan (1859 - 1923) and his wife Anna ____. Morris was the son of Michael Dunagan and Jane Hook of Ulster County. Morris apparently died in Sidney, NY. I am a descendant of Michael's brother Andrew, and I have quite a bit of family information. Gary Dufel - posted 10-2000

DUNCOMBE - I am a direct Duncombe descendant and have researched this family since 1985 and have accumulated extensive Duncombe family information on my Ladely and Collateral Lineages on I am willing to share and to help researchers. Dave Ladely - posted 09-2018

DUNCOMBE - Happy to share information on the Charles Duncombe Family. Early settlers from Fairfield,CT. to the Town Brook Valley,Stamford Township (1793-1829). Katie Valentine - posted 03-2002

DUNLAP - Seeking information on James A Dunlap and Luvinda (possible Lucinda) Banks. Dunlap of Paisley, Scotland b 1830, Banks origin unknown, b1835-7. NY ? The two were wed in Deposit NY in 1848 and somehow made it to Central Wisconsin by 1860 or so. First Child Hiram b 1850 NY I have no knowledge of residency in the area, only the wedding. I don't even know the religion, so I've no idea what church type to look for. Any information would be most welcome! - posted 02-2002

DUNN - I am looking for James DUNN. He was in Delaware Co in 1820. Jane R. Kellam - posted 06-2001

DUNNING - Looking for information on Ephraim Dunning found in the 1820 census for Colchester. I'm not sure if this is 'my' Ephraim, who was born around 1767. He had at least one son, Jedediah Dunning, born 1805. Joni Armstrong - posted 06-2005

DUNSHEE - /Dunchy - I am looking for information on Mayland (Mae) Ernest Dunshee (Dunchy)(born about 1858) and his wife Frances Nichols. Parents of Mayland were Franklin and Lucretia Dunshee, who lived in Sidney 1870-1880. Frances Nichols Dunshee (born 1864) died in 1914. Does anyone have any information on Mayland or their three children, Berton, Mary E. and Jennnie M. Dunshee? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bob Moltzen - posted 09-2003

DURFEY - My 2x great grandmother was born Jan 15, 1827 in Stamford NY according to her death certificate. She died in Meriden CT. In 1850 and 1860, she lived in Harpersfield with husband Jonathan Griffin and children Julian , Byron Charlotte and Florence. I don't know who Deborah's parents were. Would be apprective of any info anyone could provide. Deborah Glantz Hanna - posted 06-2021

DURY - I am looking for any information on Mariah Dury b.1839? Also could be known as Mari, Maria, Margery or Marria. She was married to William Utter and her father may have been Thomas Dury. I am trying to find out where the Durys came from and more information on the family line. Theresa - posted 02-2010

DURY - Looking for a marriage date for Saul Dury Sr. and Dealia Dury. They were married in Hancock N.Y. between 1857 and 1886. Linda Dury - posted 11-98

DUTTON - Seeking information on Oliver Dutton, one of the original settlers of Meredith, NY. Oliver fought in the Revolutionary War at Bunker Hill and settled in Meredith in 1793. Can anyone tell me of his descendants or wife? Ron Salisbury - posted 03-99

DUTTON - Seeking the parents of Horace Dutton (b.1833 Meredith, NY d.1920 Dakota City, NE) and his brother Squire.Both moved to Dakota County, NE in 1855. Ron Salisbury - posted 03-99

DWYER - Looking for info on Dwyer family. Thomas Dwyer 1873-1954 wife Minnie Hayes 1875-1910 Birthplace and parents are unknown. children: Lucinda,Thomas Jr. 1902-1930, Mary, Minnie, Kate. Thomas Jr. was born & lived all his life in Middletown, Delaware County, NY. Would like information on Thomas Dwyer (Sr.) parents and birthplace. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Sue Dwyer - posted 12-2006

DYON - Searching for parents of either Charles DYON b. 6/18/1906 d. 9/1986 Delaware Co., NY m. Margaret Manx b. 8/1911 NY d. 11/1/2000. - posted 02-2001

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