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This is a list of people who have offered their services as professional researchers for historical and genealogical data from public records and other sources for Delaware county. Any fees charged are to be negotiated between the client and the researcher. This site assumes no responsibility for the credibility or professional standing of anyone listed here. This space is made available as a courtesy to the users of this site. Please contact researcher directly for further information, either by e-mail or postal.

Anne Pratt Slatin, 78 Main Street, Stamford, NY 12167 - I hold a professional certificate in genealogical research from Boston University. Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists

Karen Cuccinello, a professional and amateur genealist for over 25 years. Vist Karen's site for fees, etc.

Sylvia Hasenkopf - Experienced researcher of Delaware and surrounding counties - see Sylvia's website at: North River Research

William Meredith - I'm attending college in Albany so I can go to the State Library to research.

Cyndie Price - PO Box 108 Gilbertsville, NY 13776

Clarence Putman - PO Box 1, South Kortright, NY 13842

Susan Yerry - PO Box 271, Oak Island, NC 28465 - Revolutionary War Papers, Census, and/or Book Lookups w/copies.

To add your name as a researcher to this list, send name and address to Joyce Riedinger


  • Kurt Riegel - One Stone at a Time, Historic Gravestone Restoration and Cleaning - (607) 316-0117 - E-mail

  • Marianne Greenfield - Gravestone Cleaning and Maintenance Service, 3 Franklin St., Delhi, NY 13753 - (607) 267-2708 -

  • Bill Haines - We clean up, repair, re-set and maintain old gravestones and cemeteries. We also conduct workshops on how to clean up and repair old cemeteries. If anyone needs our services, please call (718) 225-9024 or E-mail

  • Tina and Dale Utter - We are Cemetery Lovers and repair historic gravestones. (607)-895-6131 - (see professional bio)

Welcome Page of the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site . . . | . . . Table of Contents Page . . . | . . . Contact Site Manager

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