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Thomas Hollingsworth Dent

Tintype of my great grandfather - Sheila Dent

b. April 12 1799 - d. Jan 20 1881

Thomas H Dent, born in Lincolnshire, England, to Joseph Hall Dent and Ann Tonge (Nancy) Dent. Thomas' parents were married in 1792 at Tattershall, Horncastle Deanery, Lincolnshire. The family moved to New York about 1804 settling in Chenango Co and at Ferris Hill, town of Roxbury, Delaware County about 1805. Thomas was one of 8 children. Thomas' first wife was Betsey Sturges of the Town of Roxbury. She was born July 20, 1794 and died May 8 , 1858 leaving 7 children.

photos and data submitted by Sheila Dent

Below: The original Dent family home in Delaware Co, was on Ferris Hill, Grand Gorge built abt 1805. The original home was situated behind the current house and was later owned by Thomas H Dent b. 1799, Lincolnshire d.1881, Grand Gorge. The barn is of some architectural significance. Joseph H Dent and wife Nancy Tong also lived in Oxford, Chenango County, Cincinnatus, Cortland County. Nancy Tong Dent died in 1813 and is buried in the old Grand Gorge Cemetery. Joseph H Dent married Rebecca Radcliff and moved on to Licking Co. Ohio with 2 of his sons by Nancy. Joseph is listed as an 1820 "Pioneer of Licking Co, Ohio". He died in 1830. A son, Richard and wife Jean McGibbon, former Bovina residents, moved on to Wisconsin during this time period. They traveled over the Great Lakes to reach their destination. Some of Richard's family moved on to South Dakota. Joseph Dent, Jr lived in Greene, Chenango, Co., while Thomas remained in Delaware Co, NY.

Dent Ferris Hill House Dent Ferris Hill Barns

George A. Dent is one of Thomas' sons 1850 census Roxbury- Thomas H Dent 52 farmer B: England, Betsey (Sturges 1794-1858) 56 B: CT, Nancy 24, George 23 laborer, Melissa 16, Elizabeth 14, Edgar Person 14, George G Dinger? 3, Jemima Wheeler 26.

Below: The "Manor House", Maltby-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire, England where the Joseph H Dent family (of Ferris Hill, Roxbury) had lived prior to migration in 1804-05. The home was occupied by the Dents from the early 1700's through the early 1800's if not before. The ancestors of Joseph were strong supporters of the Baptist Church which was not in favor in England during the 1700's. A chapel still sits near the Manor House where Meetings were generally conducted in secrecy. Religion and land may have been the inspiration to come to America.

Lincolnshire was recently visited by a Dent family member and she was pleased to find the home has been restored by the current owners to the style that it was when the Dent family lived there. It is still referred to as the Manor House today in Maltby-le-Marsh. The second is a 2003 photo of the Dent stables on the property which has also been restored. The bricks have been dated back to the 1700's.

Manor House Stables
Thomas Dent Militia Warrant

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