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Filed with Delaware County Clerk 1874
Copy submitted by Shirley Houck, electronic file by Joyce Riedinger

Certificate of Marriage
I hereby certify that on the 15th day of January A.D. 1874,
in the town of Andes, Delaware Co. N.Y. Mr. James Jack and Miss
Maranna L. Jamison were by me united in the holy bands of Matrimony.
Also on the 17th day of the same month, in the town of Andes,
Mr. Clark H. McDonald and Miss. Amelia Shaw, were by me united
in marriage
A.F. Ashton V.D.M.
Monroe Butler Co O
March 2nd 1874
Filed Mar. 7,1874

Statement of Marriage
A Union Grove Del. Co. N.Y. Oct.23d 1873 By the Rev. O.
Vankeuren, Bradley B. McCabe to Mrs Libbie E. Hitt
Filed Feb. 26,1874

Statement of Marriage
County Clerk Dr Sr. I am informed that the law requires
that all marriages in the county be reported to you, please
note the following
On the evening of March 4th 74 at the house of the brides
father, by Rev S.W. Meek, Mr. Patrick Arbuckle and Miss Eliza
Kilpatrick all of Walton Delaware Co N.Y.
Walton March 5th 1874
S.W. Meek
Filed Mar. 6, 1874

Statement of Marriage
George Silvernail & Mary E. Brinkman were married in Franklin 
Del Co New York March 4th 1874 by Rev Wm A. Dunning
Filed Mar. 11, 1874

Statement of Marriage
Walton March 10, 74
Mr Whyte
Dear Sir
Please to record the Marriage of Patrick M. Doig aged 42
farmer in the town of Hamden Del Co N.Y. born in Bovina, Del.
Co N.Y. to Miss. Nancy Arbuckle aged 32 born in Delhi now of
the town Walton
The marriage was celebrated in the town of Walton Thurs.
March 5th in the presence of Robert Sanderson Wm Hodge, and
by other witness by me a Minister of the gospel regularly ordained
Boyd McCullough
Let me know by enclosed card if this be all the items required
Yours B.M.
filed Mar 12, 1874

Statement of Marriage
Pine Hill Ulster Co NY
March 23d 1874
Mr. Smith.H. White.
Dear Sir-
As the law of the State of New York obliges all clergymen to
cause all marriages solumnized by them to be entered upon the
County record, I take the pleasure to send you the following
1. December 17th 1873
Mr. Hector C. Burnham of Big Indian Ulster Co. N.Y. to Mrs Susie
A. Morgan, widow, of Griffins Corners Dell. Co. N.Y.
2. Dec. 28th, 1873
Mr. John Depew of Marble Town, Ulster Co. N.Y. to Miss. Mary L.
Murray of Middletown Del Co New York.
3. March 8th 1874
Mr. Albert B. Humphrey of Lexingston, Greene Co. N.Y. to Miss
Sarah M. Osterhoudt of Griffins Corners, Del. Co. N.Y.
Please enter these marriages upon record and oblige your obedient 
Rev. Geo. W. Ferris Pastor of the Clovesville Circuit.
New York Conference
Filed Mar. 1874

Statement of Marriage
Hector C. Burnham To Mrs. Susie A. Morgan
John Depuy To Miss. Mary L. Murray
Albert B. Humphrey To Miss. Sarah M. Osterhoudt
Filed Mar. 25, 1874

Certificate of Marriage
I do hereby certity that the following marriages were solumnized 
by me J.L.G. Ketcham, Pastor of the M.E. Church Downsville, 
Del. Co., New York:
At the "Downesville House", March 17,1874, Charles R. Tremper,
of Andes to Mary C. Lathen of Hardenburg.
At the M.E. Parsonage, Robert O'Neal, of Ozark, Mo., to Sarah
Little John, of Hamden, New York, on the evening of March 25,
P.S. I enclose $0. 50/100
Filed Mar. 30,1874

Statement of Marriage
Wm H. Herring of Walton, Del. Co. NY was married to Nellie A.
Rowley of Sydney, NY April 2d 1874 by
Rev W A.Dunning
Filed Apr. 4,1874

Statement of Marriage
Roxbury N.Y. Aug 3. 874
Dear Sir
The following persons were married by me yesterday Aug 2 in
this village. Mr Grant Russel of Hobart N.Y. and Miss Emma McGarry
of Roxbury N.Y.
Yours Truly
O.P. Dales
Filed Aug. 3,1874

Statement of Marriage
The County Clerk Delaware County N.Y.
James Law of Hamden and Adeline Tomkins of Walton were married 
by me on the evening of Aug 20th 1874 at the house of the
Brides Father in Walton Del Co N.Y.
 S.W. Meek
Filed Aug. 21, 1874

Statement of Marriage
Clerk of Delaware Co N.Y
Albert Lowden of Walton and Adelia A. Bowker of Hancock
Delaware Co N.Y. were married in Walton on the 22d day of
August 1874 by me
S.W. Meek
Walton Aug 22d 1874
Filed Aug. 25, 1874

Statement of Marriage
Geo W. Darlin & Rosalia A. Palmer both of Tompkins Del Co
New York were married Oct 17th by Rev Wm A. Dunning
Filed Oct 21, 1874

Statement of Marriage
Columbus Winchell of Olive N.Y. and Celestia Moseman of Roxbury 
N.Y. were married by me Oct. 18,1874
O.P. Dales
Filed Oct. 30, 1874

Statement of Marriage
Roxbury N.Y. Nov 30 1874
Dear Sir The following persons were married by me to day
Peter Hillsinger of Esopus N.Y. and Betsey A. Simonson of
Conesville N.Y.
O.P. Dales
Filed Dec. 2, 1874

Statement of Marriage
The following persons were married by me to day
James Willard Proper of Gilboa N.Y. and Rosetta Mackey of
Gilboa N Y Roxbury N.Y. Dec 23 1874
O.P. Dales
Filed Dec. 26,1874

Statement of Marriage
The following persons were married by me to day
William W. Mitchell of Napanock N.Y. and Mary W. Preston of
Roxbury N.Y
Dec 29th 1874
Roxbury N.Y
O.P. Dales
Filed Dec 31, 1874

NOTE: Most of these records are on post cards attached to slips of paper. Individual photocopies $1.00 plus stamped, self addressed envelope.

Shirley Houck, Records Clerk
P. O. Box 426
Delhi, NY 13753

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