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It was a beautiful day for digging gardens, however I was lucky enough to squeeze in about an hour at the Middletown town clerks office today. I'm typing it out and submitting it to the Delaware County NY GenWeb site as there are so many who have written and asked for this info. The last entry I pulled from a different book while waiting to get the old book. I didn't get anywhere close to through the old book, I didn't get to marriages at all. I will try again next week if I have time, I can do look ups for anyone who needs them from the town of Middletown - just send me names and dates. I can look up to 1924. The old book is hard to read at times but I'm willing to give it a shot. --Vesti Snyder, Roxbury, May 26, 1999

Birth and Death Records from Middletown Town Clerks

March 28, 1886  Arthur S Close was born in Middletown to Jerusha 
Kuichercker(?) age 28 she was bornin Tompkins NY  and Ezra J Close age 26 
born in Margaretville, he was a laborer

April 10 1886  Martin Caswell born in Arena to Lana Close age 23 who was born 
in Middletown and Frank Caswell age 27 also born in Middletown he was a 

Feb. 27 1887  a male child born to Hellen Barrett age 19 who was born in 
Conesville and Michael Kelly age 27 born in Margaretville, he was a farmer

Sept 17 1888 a male son (Townsend) born to Jennie Franks(?) age 30 born in 
Middletown and Alfred Townsend age 30 who was born in Middletown he was a 

April 7 1889 Willow Belle Townsend, female, born  to alice michelle townsend 
age 29 and James townsend age 29.  Alice was born in Olive Ulster co.  James 
in Middletown.

October 15 1889  Augusta May Kittle was born in Margaretville to Rillie(?) 
Barrett age 36 (born in Ulster co) and Lascar(?) E Kittle 38 born in 

Dec 31 1889  Lasy Belle Barrett born in arkville to Elenora Orr Barrett age 
25 (born in Schoharie co) and William Barrett age 23 bornin Margaretville, he 
was a rail road man.

July 11 1890 Barrett male child born to Ellen Chase Barrett age 38 (born in 
Livingston Co ) and Benjamin Barrett born in del co age 42 he was a butcher

Sept 14 1891  Howard Watson Townsend was born in middletown to Jennice(?) 
McFraudo(?) age 34 and Alfred Townsend age 33

Jane Townsend  3 mos 21 days born in townsend hollow to walter townsend and 
Marinda rose,  died of phemonia

Dec 9 1893  Alfred J townsend age 36 farmer born in Middletown died.  father 
was Sylvester townsend and mother was Jane townsend

Nov 1 1895  June(?)or Jane Townsend died 67 yrs 3mos 5 days.  She was born in 
England, her father was Richard Barrett her mother was Hannah Barrett.  She 
died in Fleischmanns of heartdisease and is buried in Halcott.

Feb 16 1895   Clara Townsend 30 days old died of suffocation she was born in 
margaretville to melvin townsend and jessie dorthy townsend

Sept 21 1896  Townsend 3 mos 7 days (no name)  died father was david townsend 
mother was Celine M townsend of Griffins corners

Oct 26 1896  Bessie Townsend age 2 y 5m 11d died of urine poision in 
middletown she was the daughter of Melivn townsend and Jessie townsend.  she 
died in dry brook.

May 21 1896  Rillie Barrett Kittle 42 y 7 mos died of TB she was born in 
ulster co to Robert barrett and ruth barrett, she's buried in batavia kill

Sept 29 1898 Arua barrett age 21 died of typhoid, she was a teacher.  her 
parents were Thomas Barrett and Mary Multy

June 27 1898 George W Barrett 60 y 6 mos died of Broncitus.  Son of Samuel R 
barrett who was born in NJ and Mary A Pratt.  Geo died in Kelly corners and 
is buried in margaretville.

April 5 1898  Isaac Townsend 62 y 6m 23d died of intestinal obstruction.  he 
was born in griffin corners and was a farmer.  His parents were Alfred 
Townsend and Catherina Townsend.

Oct 28 1912  Helen Townsend age 1y 8m 28d died of spinal menigitis father 
Granville townsend mother marita griffin.  she died in pine hill and is 
buried in fleischmanns.

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