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In November, I received an e-mail from Michelle Henry, the County Historian for Chautauqua County, stating that an old scrapbook had been received by them that contained clippings from Delaware County newspapers. She kindly mailed the scrapbook to me and as time permits, I will be transcribing the various lists contained therein. The following list does not state from what newspaper this was clipped (I assume this was from a Walton newspaper). The following was transcribed and posted here December 4, 2009. --Joyce Riedinger


In Kansas City, Mo., April 2nd, 1881, Marcia Erma, only child of Arthur D. and Amelia Mann, aged 1 year and 4 months.

At North Franklin, April 3d, Harriet A. wife of Wesley Pomeroy Jr., aged 44 years.

In Walton, March 25, Colonel Thomas Marvin, in the 60th year of his age.

In Delhi, March 28, Daniel Shaw, aged 60 years.

In Walton, March 23, Isaac N. Ogden, aged 76.

In Walton, March 24, Daisy, daughter of Pete and Eliza Rosa, aged nearly 2 years.

In Walton, March 26, Mrs. Sarah Tiffany aged 67.

In Walton, March 26, John D. Bunto, aged 62 years.

In Walton, March 27, Thomas J. Ogden, aged 74 years.

In Tompkins, March 29, Daniel D. Chamberlin, aged 62 years.

At West Brook, in this town, April 3d, 1881, George Palmer, aged 82 years. The deceased was born at Hebron, Conn., in 1779, and in company with his grandmother, father, mother, wife, and Capt. Wm. Page, a nephew of the deceased, emigrated to this town in 1822, and settled on the farm on which he lived up to the time of his decease. The journey from Hebron occupied nine days, and their household effects were loaded on a large wagon drawn by three yoke of oxen. At the time Mr. Palmer settled on Strong Hill, July 3d, 1822, there were but three small clearings on the hill; one made by Deacon Daniel Root, who settled there in 1791, one by a man named Brazee, and one by a man named Mack, or McIntosh. From the clearing of Silas Smith to the place where he settled there was but a cow path, and it was almost impossible to get the large Yankee wagon through the woods. Mr. Palmer was a man of quiet, unassuming manners, a good citizen, and much respected by his neighbors and acquaintances. He leaves a wife and large family of children. His remains were interred in the buying ground near the residence of the late Augustus Waters, on the hill. L.F.R.

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