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Note: Taking Alan Malz's Bloomville Mirror extracts as an example, I researched all of the deaths that made the news sections of the newspapers (he did the "death" section already). --Peter H. Lee

Bloomville Mirror Deaths in the News Sections, 1851 to 1858
extracted by Peter H. Lee

Last Name          First Name      Date of Death  Age          Location of Death               

Barker             George          03/10/1852     16           Bloomville                        s/o John Barker hit by tree                                                     
Schafer            John            April 1852     62           Montgomery County                                                                                                 
Champion           Israel          Dec 1851                    Conn                              brother of John Bathrick                                                        
Blakie             Joseph          Nov 1852                    Andes                             drowned in Dunkirk -foul play suspected                                         
Bailey             Joshua          Mar 1853                    Cohoes                            a veteran From Merideth                                                         
Young              Sylvenus        5-4-1853       18           Davenport                         drowned in Charlotte creek                                                      
                                                  11           Halcott                           s/o John and Elizibeth Sharp, hung himself                                      
Boyd               William         6-16-1853      21           Hobart                            drowned in Delaware river, works for Mr. Rich                                   
Jackson            Barton          6-11-1853      27           Andes                             s/o John Jackson, drowned in Rock River                                         
Follet             William         7-11-1853      71           Elba, Genesee Co                  f/o Dr. S. B. Follet of Bloomville                                              
Antisdel           Ophelia         8-16-1853      19           Clarksville                       drowned in Otsego Lake                                                          
Burke              Thomas          Aug 1853                    Hancock                           murdered in John Cole's barn                                                    
Vanderveer         Mary            Oct 1853                    Argusville, Schoharie Co          beesting                                                                        
Sanford            Perry           2-14-1854                   Margarettville                    wagon slid off road, left wife and several small children                       
Cartright          Frederick       before 3-1854  40           Wisconsin state                   formerly of Roxbury, lynched by squatters & hung from tree                      
Hobbie             S. R.           3-24-1854                   hills of Del Co.                  consumption, he was a Major in the Post Office                                  
Merwin             Nathan R.       4-25-1854                   North Kortright                   last seen on 19th, body found on 25th in A.Ten Lick swamp, intemperance         
Nichols            David           4-24-1854                   Roxbury                           suicide by strangulation, leaves wife & child                                   
Hendrickson, Jr    John            May-54                      Albany prison                     executed for murder of wife, protested innocence till end                       
Beatson            William         summer 1853                 Cuyahoga Falls                    murdered by James Parks who was then executed                                   
Parks              James           5-26-1854                   Akron, Ohio                       executed for the murder of William Beatson                                      
Phelps             Asabel A.       5-24-1854                   3 miles below Delhi               suicide-cut throat with a razor, he was a weaver                                
Hall               Elisha          5-21-1854                   Windsor, Broome Co.               found dead in house                                                             
Thomas, Esq        Abraham         7-18-1854      50           Stamford                          congestion                                                                      
Georgia            Elijah B.       7-31-1854      55           Ouleout in Davenport              lightning, leaves wife and several children                                     
Swan               Hiram           7-1854         38           Wright, Schoharie Co              killed by a fall                                                                
Settle             John L.         7-28-1854      38           Wright, Schoharie Co              gored by a bull                                                                 
Griffin            Orrin           7-31-1854      50           Hobart                            disease of heart                                                                
Race               Abraham         8-21-1854                   Margarettville                    while working was found dead in Mr. O'Connor's field                            
Brazie             Sylvester       8-24-1854                   Long Eddy                         s/o Abraham Brazie hit by tree branch                                           
Robinson           Rev. Thomas     8-17-1854                   Shakespeare Cliff, Dover          suicide by jumping                                                              
Hitt               (unnamed boy)                  4            Colchester                        overturned wagon, s/o Hiram Hitt                                                
Griffin            Charles W.      8/8/1954                    Johntown, CA                      formerly of Hobart                                                              
Fulford            John            10-3-1854                   West Meredith                     suicide by hanging, leaves wife, no children                                    
Halstead                                          35           Newburgh                          suicde by pistol, s/o Capt. Charles Halstead                                    
McKoon                                                         Oxford                            late principal of Delhi Academy                                                 
Dorr               Thomas W.       12-27-1854     49           Providence                                                                                                        
Smith              Elijah          12-19-1844                  Grafton                           AntiRent murder-Benajah Allen of Grafton accused of the murder                  
McPhial            John            1-29-1855      85           Hancock                           suicide by opium, resident of Hancock for 45 years                              
More               Maria           2-2-1855                    Hobart                            apoplexy-w/o Elisha B. More (deceased), d/o Elisha Wetmore                      
Parker             Col. Amasa      3-1-1855                    Delhi                             born 10-28-1784 in Litchfield Co, Conn - had a bad cold                         
Holliday           William         2-21-1855      104y1m20d    Colchester                        born 12-26-1795 (sic)  in Rye, Weschester Co, NY-                               
Hughes             Edward          3-22-1855      55           Delhi                             saw-log rolled over on him                                                      
Knapp                              5-12-1855      4            Middletown                        little boy hit w/crowbar in County Poor House 
                                                                                                 by Mary Jane Mead sister/of Robert Harkness (pardoned from prison 7-1-1855)
Lane               Stephen         6-1-1855       18           Decatur, Otsego Co                dragged by plough horses in farm accident                                       
Bidwell                            6-3-1855       4            Westkill                          drowned in Westkill stream, s/o Abraham Bidwell                                 
Bidwell                            6-3-1855       6            Westkill                          drowned in Westkill stream, s/o Abraham Bidwell                                 
Sheldon            Jane            8-7-1854       34           Kortright                         decomposed body found - probable murder.  Sister of Draper Sheldon              
Christie           Andrew          6-25-1855      65-70        Basin Cove, Hamden                killed by a wagon                                                               
Brown                                             5            Decatur Hollow, Otsego Co         beaten up by an older boy named Wheaton                                         
Grier              Hugh                                        Meredith                          Irishman here only 2 years leaves 3 children buried 8-5-1855                    
Landfield          Majah D.        10-17-1855     40           Downsville                        killed during a bridge raising                                                  
Secord             Thomas          11-1-1855                   New York                          from Bovina crushed between boat and dock                                       
Steele             Dr. Ebenezer    12-3-1855      62           Delhi                             born 9-8-1793 in Walton, s/o Nathaniel Steele                                   
Waldley            Mark            12-1855                     Burlington Flats, Otsego Co       coat caught in spur wheel at grist mill                                         
Beardslee          Madison         12-24-1855     26           Masonville, formerly of Middleton at Scott H. Clarks house, he was hit by shed beam in head, leaves wife, 2 kids  
Silvester          Stocking        1-1856                      Prattsville                       smallpox                                                                        
Enderlin           Mr.             1-1856                      Prattsville                       smallpox                                                                        
Wilcox             Miss            1-9-1856       20           Harpersvillle, Broomel Co         suicide by cutting her throat                                                   
Ferguson           Rev Samuel D.   12-30-1855     58           New York City                     born 2-2-1798 in NYC, w/o Hannah Ann Jayne of Islip (married 5-1823)            
Bennett            Hannah          1-15-1856      100y11m16d   No 2 Vine St, Boston              native of Roxbury                                                               
Scott              Dr. Horace      1-1856         36           Buffalo Grove, IL                 formerly of Clovesville, accidently shot himself, leaves wife & 4 children      
Early              Gilbert         3-27-1856      68           near Hancock                      he was deaf and dumb, hit by a train                                            
Rogers             Simeon          4-26-1856      94           Chenango Forks                    revolutionary war soldier                                                       
Enderlin           Jacob           5-25-1856                   Roxbury                           suicide by hanging, leaves wife, 6 children                                     
Hatch              son             6-28-1856                   Athens, Greene Co.                                                                                                
Hatch              son             6-28-1856      7            Athens, Greene Co.                drowned - son of Mrs. Lorenzo D.                                                
Hughes             James                          young man    Forbestown, Ca                    formerly of Delhi, killed in sawmill accident                                   
Hubbard                            12-17-1856                  Oswego Co                         mill accident                                                                   
Potter             Norman          12-9-1856                   Edmeston, Oswego Co.              hit by train                                                                    
Lewis              Mrs. J.         12-24-1856     88y7m        Bovina                                                                                                            
Cowles             d/o J. P.       12-26-1856                  Griffins Corners                  his only child                                                                  
Ryer               d/o E.          12-26-1856     6months      Rose's Brook                                                                                                      
Maples             Darius          1-14-1857      75           Canonsville                                                                                                       
Merwin             Asher           12-11-1856                  Delhi                             born 9-24-1779 in Durham, Conn of sickness, b/o late Rev Samuel Merwin          
Brooks             Preston S.      1-28-1857                   Browns Hotel                      sudden sickness                                                                 
Craft              J.              2-22-1857                   Marborough, Ulster Co             he was robbed and died of wounds                                                
Tanner             Reuben A.       3-3-1857                    Rochester, Ulster Co              suicide by slashing throat                                                      
Barlow             Amelia          2-1-1857       28           Stamford                          w/o Edmund Barlow - coroners inquest of death                                   
Nichol                             3-16-1857                   Bloomville                        fire killed 3 children of John Nichol's - f-8yo, f-14yo, m-12yo                 
Blakely            James           2-14-1857      20           Sonora, Ca                        killed by robbers, s/o James Blakely of Kortright                               
Douglas            Hon. Amos       3-19-1857      78           Franklin                          born in Stephentown, Rensselaer Co                                              
Beardsley          Hon. Levi       3-1857         71           Cherry Valley, Oswego Co          born in Hoosie, NY                                                              
Prime              Eliza           4-18-1857      28           Croton                            w/o Almon H. Prime                                                              
Elemendorf         Edward          4-14-1857      24           Deposit                           formerly of Walton                                                              
McGibbon           John            4-16-1857      78           Walton                            native of Scotland                                                              
Warren             Mrs. John       6-16-1857      31           Deerfield                         killed by a tail of a comet (tornado) along with their 5 yo son                 
Jacobs             Edmund J.       6-16-1857      27           West Meredith                     accidental rifle shot                                                           
Heagney            Mrs. Mary       7-21-1857      32           Hobart                            murdered by her husband John Heagney-leaves m-10yo, f 8yo, infant               
Gibbons            Timothy W.      8-19-1857      64           Bloomville                        barn collapsed                                                                  
Burnham            Melvin          9-14-1857      7            Ashland                           s/o Mrs Eliza Burnham, killed in a planing mill                                 
Hunt               Mrs. Zillah     11-13-1857     83           Kortright                         w/o late Ambrose Hunt                                                           
Easeley            Michael         12-3-1857      63           Roxbury                           a German found dead outside from exposure                                       
Cone               Gilbert         2-1858         72           Unadilla                          killed by logs                                                                  
Hubbard            Elijah          2-8-1858       62           Conesville                        frozen to death, no family                                                      
Smith              Hazard          3-12-1858      70           East Worcester, Otsego Co         frozen to death                                                                 
Sloat              James           5-12-1858      55           Bloomville                                                                                                        
Robinson           David           5-1858         45                                             suicide w/razor                                                                 
O'Connor           Jennet          5-3-1858       31y6m11d                                       she leaves a husband, 3 children                                                
Quackenbush        Garret          7-9-1858       30           South Hill, Davenport             falling tree                                                                    
Harrington         John            7-9-1858       50           Moresville                        leaves wife, 7 children                                                         
                                   Ended at Aug 24                                                       

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