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1860 Federal Census

Schedule 3 - Persons Who Died During the Year Ending 1st June 1860,
Delaware County, New York
Copy provided by the Delaware County Clerk's Office, Delhi, NY
Electronic Text prepared by Laurie Kyle, Spokane, Washington

LAST           FIRST          AGE    SEX   FR/SL  MAR/WID  BIRTH PLACE  MO.DIED  PROFESSION             DISEASE                             DAYS ILL

Dowie          Catharine      6       F                    Andes        Mar                             putrid sore throat                  5           
Black          William        78      M           mar      Scotland     Sep      farmer                 gen. debility                       1 yr        
Black          Margaret       65      F           wid      Scotland     Feb      farmer                 gen. debility                       6 mos       
Weaver         Emery E.       2       M                    Andes        Sep                             cholera inpanium                    10          
Liddle         Andrew         15      M                    Andes        Aug      farmer                 infl bowels                         8           
Franklin       James N.       28      M                    Del. Co.     Apr      carpenter              tephus fever cu                     38          
Armstrong      Velet          69      F           mar      Scotland     Jul                             infl. of lungs                      4           
Doig           Mary           3       F                    Andes        Jul                             croup                               3           
Dickson        Walter A.      2       M                    Andes        May                             infl. lungs                         11          
Gladston       Margaret       66      F                    Scotland     May                             gen. debility                       5 yrs       
Fletcher       Robert         96      M           wid      Scotland     Jan      farmer                 Irreceplac                          3 days      
Hamilton       Antha          78      F                    CT           Mar                             Dropsy                              4 yrs       
Thompson       Catharine      13      F                    Scotland     Dec                             putrid sore throat                  21          
Thompson       Henry          11      M                    Scotland     Dec                             putrid sore throat                  7           
Cowan          Ellen E.       12      F                    Andes        Jan                             putrid sore throat                  7           
Cowan          John P.        11      M                    Andes        Feb                             putrid sore throat                  12          
Cowan          Mary E.        8       F                    Andes        Feb                             putrid sore throat                  21          
Potts          Elizabeth      8       F                    Andes        Feb                             putrid sore throat                  8           
Potts          William        6       M                    Andes        Mar                             putrid sore throat                  5           
Potts          Robert         4       M                    Andes        Mar                             putrid sore throat                  5           
Potts          Mary           2       F                    Andes        May                             putrid sore throat                  14          
Cowan          Harriet        20      F                    Andes        Apr                             putrid sore throat                  11          
Cowan          Margaret       24      F                    Andes        May                             putrid sore throat                  13          
Neild          James          62      M           mar      England      May      farmer                 kidney complaint                    6 mos       
Mosier         Catharine      52      F           mar      NY           Jul                             cancer                              5 mos       
Stansbury      Elijah         40      M           wid      NY           Dec      carpenter              consumption                         2 wks       
Barhart        Sally          60      F           mar      NY           Nov                             dropsey                             8 days      
Crandal        Jerome G.      12      M                    NY           Feb                             putrid sore throat                  9 days      
Travis         John M.        4       M                    NY           Aug                             diharrea                            4 days      
Barnhart       Jacob          1       M                    NY           Mar                             gen dibility                        1 day       
Davis          Abel           4       M                    NY           Apr                             inflamation lungs                   11 days     
Davis          Nelson B.      1       M                    NY           Apr                             inflamation lungs                   11 days     
Mulnix         Charles        71      M                    NY           Aug      farmer                 diharea                             7 days      
Mulnix         Louise         35      F                    NY           May                             cold                                7 days      
Shaver         Levi M.        2       M                    Andes        Jul                             lung fever                          5           
Hyser          Thomas W.      3       M                    Andes        May                             putrid sore throat                  4           
Taylor         Janet          11      F                    Andes        Mar                             putrid sore throat                  11          
Taylor         Andrew K.      5       M                    Andes        Mar                             putrid sore throat                  11          
Hyser          Lucy Ann       7       F                    Andes        May                             putrid sore throat                  6           
Crosier        Issabella      22      F                    Scotland     Jul                             brain fever                         17          
Burtch         Jacob          5       M                    Andes        Mar                             inflamation lungs                   36          
Hamilton       Mary           51      F                    Bovina       Feb                             putrid sore throat                  11          
Marshall       Elizabeth      24      F                    Andes        May                             consumption                         10 mos      
McGibon        John           66      M                    Scotland     Sep      farmer                 gen. dibility                       5 mos       
Glendening     Cornelia       10      F                    Wisconsin    Feb                             putrid sore throat                  6 days      
Brotherton     Isaac          2       M                    Andes        Jun                             dihareau                            14 days     
Cuningham      Adam           82      M           mar      Scotland     Mar                             kidney complaint                    10 wks      
Elijah         Alice Jane     4       F                    Andes        Dec                             croup                               5 days      
Bussy          Rosella A.     1       F                    Andes        Mar                             dropsey                             3 mos       
Griffin        Susan C.       10      F                    Andes        Jan                             putrid sore throat                  6 mos       
Tuttle         Ann            72      F           wid      NY           May                             inflamation                         14 days     
Wooden         Mary J.        2       F                    Andes        Mar                             putrid sore throat                  30 days     
McCabe         Levi S.        1       M                    Andes        Feb                             lung complaint                      60 days     
Akerly         Marinda        9       F                    Allgany Co.  Mar                             putrid sore throat                  ---         
Burrow         Thomas G.      2       M                    Andes        Dec                             croup                               7 days      
Glendening     Sarah M.       1       F                    Andes        Apr                             putrid sore throat                  17 days     
Douglas        Mary A.        13      F                    Bovina       Mar                             putrid sore throat                  21 days     
Douglas        John M.        9       M                    Bovina       Mar                             putrid sore throat                  10 days     
McNee          Josephine      1       F                    NY           Jun                             unknown                             1 day       
Clark          Charlotte E.   3       F                    NY           Mar                             putrid sore throat                  5 days      
Merrell        George S.      1       M                    NY           Feb                             putrid sore throat                  17 days     
Forrest        Robt           4       M                    Bovina       Nov                             scalded                             2 days      
Wight          Isabella       38      F    1               Bovina       Jul                             child bed                           1           
Phyfe          Ellen          44      F    1               Scotland     May      milliner               inflamation                         10          
Turnbull       John W.        37      M    1               NY           May      farmer                 putrid sore throat                  10          
Liddle         Margaret       5       F    1               Scotland     May      labourer               inflamation                         8 mos       
Rutherford     Janet          82                           Scotland     May                             congestion of brain                 11 days     
McFarland      Robert         83      M    1               Ireland      Aug      farmer                 gen. debility                       7 days      
Reynolds       William S.     1       M                    Bovina       Aug                             cholera infantum                    5           
Hobbie         Joshua W.      60      M                    Bovina       Jan      farmer                 epileptic fits                      1 day       
Thompson       Mary E.        14      F                    Bovina       May                             consumption                         3 mos       
Murry          James          35      M    1               Scotland     Sep      farmer                 consumption                         3 mos       
Murry          Isabella       33      F    1               Scotland     Mar                             consumption                         6 mos       
Bramblee       Alexander      1       M                    Bovina       Jun                             influenza                           4 days      
Dean           Mary A.        23      F                    Bovina       May                             disease of heart                    10 days     
Bradley        Sally Ann      35      F           mar      NY           Sep      housekeeper            consumption                         6 mos       
Vernal         Henrietta      6/12    F                    NY           Feb                             putrid sore throat                  20 days     
Kyes           Mehitable      78      F           wid      NY           Sep                             old age                             ---         
Miller         Edwin          4       M                    NY           May                             putrid sore throat                  10 days     
Howard         Charles        7       M                    NY           Jan                             suddenly                            ---         
Miller         Burr B.        8       M                    NY           May                             putrid sore throat                  11 days     
Wagner         Andrew         1       M                    NY           Mar                             instantly                           ---         
Not Named                     1 day   F                    NY           Jan                             fit                                 ---         
Christian      George H.      3       M                    NY           Apr                             worms                               14          
Finch          Jacob I.       52      M           mar      NY           May      carpenter              consumption                         8           
Kinch          Alpheus H.     4       M                    NY           Feb                             dropsy                              14          
Flinn          Thomas         32      M                    NY           Sep      teamster               runover by wagon                    suddenly    
Vernal         Henry          61      M                    NY           Oct      farmer                 consumption                         15 mos      
Schweet        Christine      23      F                    Germany      Oct      housekeeper            ship fever                          8 days      
Shaver         Hattie         10/12   F                    NY           Apr                             inflamation                         3 days      
Williams       Helen          14      F                    NY           May      housekeeper            putrid sore throat                  7 days      
Taylor         Janett         10      F                    Scotland     May                             putrid sore throat                  10 days     
Peak           Anna E.        11      F                    NY           Mar                             putrid sore throat                  15 days     
Peak           William        4       M                    NY           Jul                             dropsy                              42 days     
Peak           Eliza Ann      3       F                    NY           Feb                             putrid sore throat                  5 days      
Keeler         William Marshal2       M                    NY           May                             putrid sore throat                  24 days     
Williams       Elen C.        9       F                    NY           Mar                             putrid sore throat                  14 days     
Rose           Mary           7       F                    NY           Mar                             putrid sore throat                  14 days     
Tiffany        Walter         13      M                    NY           Feb                             putrid sore throat                  13 days     
Tiffany        Julius         10      M                    NY           Feb                             putrid sore throat                  14 days     
Elwood         Hezekiah       75      M                    Conn         Apr      merchant               consumption                         6 mos       
Butts          Abraham        64      M           mar      NY           Apr      farmer                 influenza of lungs                  14          
Fero           Solomon        70      M           mar      NY           Oct      farmer                 influenza of lungs                  12          
Hoke           Ann E.         1       F                    NY           Mar                             scarlet fever                       10          
More           Polly          59      F           mar      NY           Mar                             inflamation of lungs                9           
Green          Sarah          66      F           wid      NY           Apr                             dropsy                              1           
McGuire        Elanor         77      F           mar      NY           Apr                             liver complaint                     44          
Munson         Eliza          52      F           mar      NY           Jul                             consumption                         90          
Couse          George W. *    15      M                    NY           Jan                             accident                            sudden      
Hawkins        Azubah         62      F                    NY           Aug                             consumption                         60          
Coonley        Betsey         30      F           mar      NY           Dec                             unknown                             365         
Scott          Jesse          43      M           mar      NY           Apr      farmer                 typhoid fever                       21          
Snyder         William        40      M                    NY           Mar      farmer                 brain fever                         11          
Coe            Charles        29      M           mar      NY           Feb      farmer                 heart disease                       7           
Shaver         Elizabeth      93      F           wid      NY           Feb                             old age                             4           
Briggs         Frances E. *   17      F                    NY           Jan                             house burning                       sudden      
Briggs         Warren L. *    13      M                    NY           Jan                             house burning                       sudden      
Briggs         Florence *     11      F                    NY           Jan                             house burning                       sudden      
Briggs         William E. *   7       M                    NY           Jan                             house burning                       sudden      
Briggs         Alva E. *      3       M                    NY           Jan                             house burning                       sudden      
Holmes         Betsey         34      F           mar      NY           Mar                             pleuresy and ulcers                 12          
Denend         Ezra           46      M           mar      NY           Oct      farmer                 consumption                         1 yr        
Smith          Andrew         58      M           mar      NY           Jan      farmer                 liver complaint                     4           
Banner         Mary E.        2       F                    NY           Jul                             dropsy of head                      1 yr        
Brown          William        75      M           mar      Ireland      May      farmer                 dropsy                              60 days     
Davis          Oliver M. *    27      M           mar      NY           Sep      farmer                 accident                            sudden      
Van Zant       Sarah          18      F                    NY           Mar                             unknown                             6           
Fanning        James W.       4/12    M                    NY           May                             dropsy on brain                     6           
Wolf           George         7       M                    NY           Feb                             scarlet fever                       4           
Almer          Charles H.     23      M                    VT           Apr      harness maker          consumption                         120         
Butler         Nancy          83      F                    NY           Nov                             old age and dropsy                  7           
Matthews       Mary           15      F           wid      NY           Jan                             consumption                         1 yr        
Graig          Eliza          54      F           wid      Ireland      Aug                             consumption                         7 yrs       
Lovel          Elizabeth      81      F                    NY           Apr      seamstress             dropsy                              1 yr        
"Remarks:  George W. Couse was killed by falling between two logs, the logs being in motion 
crushed his head, killing him instantly.  Frances E., Warren L., Florence, William E., and 
Alva Briggs were burned up by the house taking fire when they were in bed, they having no 
means of escape after the fire was discovered.  Oliver M. Davis was killed while in the act of 
driving in a building, sitting on his load he came in contact with the beams overhead and was 
crushed, breaking his back and injuring him so that death ensued in a few hours." 

Clark          Ellen          6       F                    NY           Feb                             whooping cough                      21          
Blair          John P.        3       M                    NY           Apr                             putrid sore throat                  12          
Fraser         William        2/12    M                    NY           Jun                             cankered mouth                      10          
McFadden       John           66      M           mar      Scotland     Apr      farmer                 inflamation of lungs                60          
Aitken         Robert         2       M                    NY           Aug                             dysentery                           7           
Maxwell        Hannah         7       F                    NY           Nov                             putrid sore throat                  6           
Hutson         Janett         59      F           mar      Scotland     Aug                             consumption                         4 yrs       
Burdick        Samuel         63      M                    NY           Aug                             ensypelas                           unknown     
Bennett        Walter         21      M  B                 NY           Apr      student                consumption                         1 yr        
Frisbee        Daniel         79      M           wid      NY           Mar      retired farmer         dropsy                              14          
Frisber        Ruth           75      F           mar      CT           Sep                             dropsy on head                      1 yr        
Philips        Della          2       F                    IL           Oct                             putrid sore throat                  7           
Blair          Sarah M.       3       F                    NY           May                             putrid sore throat                  10          
Rose           George         1/12    M                    NY           Jul                             inflamation of lungs                6           
Seeley         Truman W.      18      M                    NY           Feb      farm laborer           kick of horse                       10 minutes  
Roberts        Amos           63      M                    NY           Apr      farmer                 consumption                         6 mos       
Smith          Orrin          30      M                    NY           Oct      pauper                 unknown                             blank       
Avery          Seymour        18      M                    NY           Apr      pauper                 fits                                1           
Weldon         Warren         67      M                    NY           Apr      pauper                 dropsy                              42          
Allen          Jane           69      F                    NY           Apr                             diarrhoea                           28          
Robinson       Joseph*        6       M                    NY           Jul                             drowned accidentally                            
McTague        Ellen G.       4       F                    NY           May                             inflamation of lungs                90          
Weisner        Sarah          48      F           mar      CT           May      lady                   consumption                         1 yr 10 mos 
Moore          Mary R.        21      F                    NY           Mar      lady                   enlargement of heart                28          
Cannon         Persis         81      F           wid      CT           Aug      lady                   old age                             30          
Edgerton       Gurgen H.      64      M                    NY           Mar      retired hotel keeper   gen. debility                       11          
Sturges        Priscilla      54      F                    NY           Oct      lady                   consumption                         190         
Griswold       Mary           1       F                    NY           Jun                             putrid sore throat                  7           
Parker         Phebe          56      F                    NY           Oct      lady                   gen. debility                       45          
Thomas         Keturah        85      F                    Wales        Apr      lady                   infirmity                           8           
"Remarks:  Joseph Robinson, a lad, drowned accidentally in the flume of the woolen factory 
in Delhi village.  There has been some cases of putrid sore throat among children but it has ceased
to rage.  No other disease prevails to any unusual extent." 

Nichols        Thomas*        48      M                    Ireland      May      farmer                 suicide                                         
Nichols        George         49      M           mar      Ireland      Sep      farmer                 gen. debility                       2 mos       
Webb           George T.      1/12    M                    NY           Sep                             putrid sore throat                  2 wks       
Bebedict       Gibson         8       M                    NY           Jul                             dropsy on brain                     3 wks       
Lathrop        Charles N.     3/12    M                    NY           Jan                             inflamation in lungs                6 days      
Hodge          Amariah        75      M                    NY           Sep      pauper                 consumption                         5 mos       
Taylor         Betsey         60      F           mar      CT           May                             dropsy                              2 mos       
Fagan          Daniel         56      M           mar      NY           Dec      farmer                 typhoid fever                       6 wks       
McCall         Ira            90      M                    CT           May      farmer                 old age and cancer                  6 wks       
Treadwell      Julia E.       2       F                    NY           Sep                             congestion of lungs                 3 days      
Kellogg        Lucy A.        39      F                    NY           Dec      invalid                consumption                         2 yrs       
Taylor         Harry          7/12    M                    NY           Oct                             brain fever                         4 days      
Chapman        Christine      54      F           mar      NY           Feb                             dropsy                              10 yrs      
Fuller         Warren M.      2/12    M                    NY           Jan                             unknown                             7 days      
Stilson        Lydia          75      F           wid      CT           Jan                             consumption                         6 yrs       
Edwards        Abraham        1/12    M                    NY           Nov                             whooping cough                      3 wks       
Edwards        Josiah         78      M           mar      NY           Nov      farmer                 inflamation of bladder              3 wks       
Barnes         Bede G.        40      F           mar      CT           Jul                             chronic inflamation of bowels       2 mos       
Smith          George R.      1/12    M                    NY           Oct                             inflamation of brain                5 days      
Maxwell        Abigal         72      F           mar      NY           Jul                             apoplectic fit                      2 days      
Kerr           Theodore       1       M                    NY           Mar                             dasmodic affection of brain         8 days      
West           Henry          43      M                    England      Jul      harness maker          accident from a sythe               suddenly    
Waters         Joseph         87      M           wid      CT           Aug      retired farmer         paralysed bladder                   4 days      
"Remarks:  Thomas Nichols committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor.  He was 
a man of somewhat intemperate habits and had some domestic troubles with regard to property 
& c.  There has been no prevailing disease in this town the past year."

Moore          Jane           28      F                    NY           Jul      C.S. Teacher           disease of heart                    2 yrs       
Hoyt           Electa         7/12    F                    NY           Feb                             fits                                1 day       
Holmes         Elizabeth P.   4       F                    NY           Mar                             putrid sore throat                  12 days     
Gray           Alden          49      M           mar      CT           Sep      carpenter and joiner   dropsy on heart                     1 yr        
Shaw           Donald D.      25      M                    NY           Dec      law student            consumption                         2 yrs       
Lockwood       Jane           45      F           wid      NY           Jul      housekeeping           dropsy                              60 days     
Beers          Sylvia         4       F                    NY           Jun                             putrid sore throat                  7 days      
Hammond        Elizabeth E.   82      F           wid      NY           Jul                             consumption quick                   42 days     
Salton         Joseph         2/12    M                    NY           Sep                             putrid sore throat                  10 days     
Morrison       Isabbella      19      F                    NY           Mar      C.S. Teacher           inflamation of bowels               6           
Fuller         Elizabeth      84      F           mar      NY           Jun      housekeeping           old age                             3 days      
Fuller         Eliza A.       18      F                    NY           Jan                             disease of heart                    suddenly    
Fuller         Polly          54      F           mar      NY           Apr                             liver complaint                     60          
Miller         Eliza          6       F                    NY           May                             putrid sore throat                  8           
Simpson        William        54      M           mar      NY           Apr      farmer                 apoplexy                            60          
Vanalstine     Caroline       68      F           mar      NY           Aug                             rheumatism                          9 yrs       
"Remarks:  There has been no particular disease prevailing in this town except putrid 
sore throat which has prevailed to some extent and has generally proved more fatal among
 children than adults.  It is still raging to some extent." 

Thomas         (Blank)        5/12    M                    NY           Feb                             inflamation on brain                2           
Hawk           John           68      M           mar      NY           Dec                             (blank)                                         
Golden         James          32      M           mar      NY           Mar                             consumption                         90          
Hunter         Maria          1       F                    NY           Feb                             inflamation of lungs                14          
Roark          Patrick        8       M                    NY           Aug                             drowned                             (blank)     
Mallory        John           13      M                    PA           Nov      student                tumor                               48          
Howard         Eliza          56      F           mar      NY           May      housekeeper            consumption                         6 mos       
Newkirk        Savila         52      F           mar      NJ           May      housekeeper            typhoid fever                       17 days     
Wright         John           38      M           mar      NY           May      sawyer                 inflamation                         21          
Fish           Elizabeth      51      F           mar      NY           Oct      housekeeper            dropsy                              1 day       
Mack           Eva F.         4       F                    NY           Jan                             whooping cough                      42          
(Blank)        Ann            5 dys   F                    NY           May                             fits                                1 day       
Fry            Maria          55      F           mar      Ireland      Sep      housekeeper            child bed                           1           
Garrison       Sally          63      F           mar      NY           Jan      housekeeper            appoplexy                           (blank)     
Spurbeck       Daniel         2       M                    NY           Jan      housekeeper            inflamation                         3           
Loupret        Mary Ann       45      F           mar      Canada       Dec      housekeeper            inflamation of bowels               90          
Thomas         Clinton        1       M                    NY           Feb                             whooping cough                      14          
Deitz          Clarance H.    1       M                    NY           Mar                             inflamation in brain                14          
Proskine       Charles        20      M                    NY           May      farmer                 died instantly                      (blank)     
Parks          Rachel         78      F           wid      NY           Oct                             consumption                         6 mos       
Lewis          Lyman L.       43      M                    NY           Jan                             pleuresy                            7 days      
Maynard        Caroline A.    10      F                    NY           Mar                             inflamation of bowels               9 days      
More           Jacob          2/12    M                    NY           Sep                             bled to death                       12 hrs      
Clauson        Jacob          72      M                    NY           Jun      farmer                 dropsy on heart                     instantly   
Hawks          not named      1/12    F                    NY           Dec                             (blank)                             (blank)     
Lewis          Harriet        26      F                    NY           Jan      housekeeper            inflamation                         7 days      
Walworth       Maria          43      F                    NY           Sep      housekeeper            consumption                         5 mos       
Twaddell       Addison        32      M                    NY           Dec      lumberman              consumption                         12 mos      
Church         Thomas         61      M           wid      Ireland      Jun      farmer                 drowned                             (blank)     
Ingersol       Allice A.      24      F           mar      NY           Jun      housekeeper            inflamation                         7 days      
TOWN OF HARPERSFIELD  (included in Roxbury)
Buckingham     Chas D.        3       M                    NY           Jun                             consumption                         1 yr        
Pierce         Ebenezer B.    65      M                    NY           Mar      farmer                 dropsy                              3 mos       
Jackson        Eliza A.       5/12    F                    NY           Oct                             inflamation brain                   3 days      
Spencer        Samuel         3/12    M                    NY           Jun                             inflamation lungs                   4 wks       
Merchant       Sally F.       36      F           mar      NY           Jun                             consumption                         1 yr        
Mack           Cynthia        63      F                    NY           Apr                             inflamation lungs                   1 wk        
Wade           Emeline        55      F           mar      NY           Nov                             inflamation lungs                   1 wk        
Tate           Joseph         61      M           mar      Ireland      Jan      farmer                 cancer on face                      5 yrs       
Barr           Infant         3 dys   M                    NY           Jul                             unknown                             1 hour      
Voorhees       John           61      M           mar      NY           Aug      farmer                 apoplexy                            9 days      
Hanford        Lois           46      F           mar      NY           May                             disease of heart                    8 days      
Hanford        Infant         3 dys               NY       May                   unknown                1 day                                           
Mattice        Nancy          72      F           mar      NY           Apr                             paralysis                           4 mos       
Grant          Margaret       70      F           mar      NY           Nov                             old age                             (blank)     
Goodrich       Jared          80      M           wid      CT           Feb                             typhoid fever                       3 wks       
TOWN OF KORTRIGHT                                                                                                                                         
Blakely        Margaret A.    55      F           mar      NY           Sep                             jaundice                            120         
Bull           Mary D.        1       F                    NY           Apr                             dropsey on brain                    5           
Leal           Lydia R.       1       F                    NY           Apr                             inflamation on brain                7           
Fisher         Elizabeth      34      F           mar      NY           Dec                             dyspepsia                           100         
Archer         Isaac          75      M           mar      NY           Mar      farmer                 inflamation lungs                   (blank)     
McWilliams     William        54      M           mar      NY           Oct      consumption            120                                             
Tate           Catherine M.   2       F                    NY           Aug                             fits                                3           
Tate           Margaret E.    6       F                    NY           Aug                             summer complaint                    7           
Tate           Isabella J.    8       F                    NY           Aug                             summer complaint                    11          
Goodrich       Sally          82      F           wid      CT           Aug                             summer complaint                    1/12        
Loudon         Robert W.      40      M           mar      NY           Feb      farmer                 consumption                         1 yr        
Butts          Julia Ann      30      F                    NY           Mar                             typhoid fever                       10          
Simmons        Frank          3       M                    NY           Aug                             whooping chough                     60          
Keeler         Martin*        79      M           mar      CT           Apr                             inflamation of lungs                3           
Grant          Janet A.       1/12    F                    NY           Nov                             croup                               1           
Burdick        Frances        17      F                    NY           Nov                             consumption                         182         
Hamilton       Margaret       77      F           wid      Ireland      Jan                             consumption                         4 yrs       
Beken          David          64      M           mar      England      Apr      farmer                 dropsy                              365         
Forman         Abigail        80      F           wid      CT           May                             lung fever                          5           
Tate           Mary           54      F                    Ireland      Dec                             dropsy                              350         
Wright         David          59      M           mar      NY           Mar      clothier               paralysis                           120         
Mitchell       Nancy          40      F                    Ireland      Nov      weaver                 disease in head                     121         
McCune         Ida H.         1       F                    NY           Jun                             whooping cough                      40          
McCune         Samuel Jr.     3 days  M                    NY           May                             inflamation of lungs                2           
"Remarks:  Martin Keeler had been sick of lung complaint for some 15 years, failing 
gradually, yet stable, to be about the farm until within three days of his decease when he
 took cold, and suddenly died."  

TOWN OF MASONVILLE  (Included in Tompkins)
Parker         Smith H.       47      M                    NY           Oct                             typhoid fever                       38 days     
Jones          Prudence       25      F           mar      NY           Mar                             scrofolous consumption              2 yrs       
Boyd           Fanny M.       37      F           mar      NY           Aug                             p ? fever                           7 days      
Gilbert        Simeon E.      44      M           mar      MA           Mar      physician              consumption lungs                   3 yrs       
Smith          Hazor L.       8/12    M                    NY           Apr                             consumption lungs                   4 mos       
Utley          Philip         54      M           mar      NY           Jul      farmer                 consumption liver                   4 days      
Brown          Quartus        62      M           mar      MA           Jul      farmer                 consumption liver                   11 mos      
Walters        Julia          1/24    F                    NY           Feb                             croup                               8 days      
Alward         James R.       3/12    M                    NY           Feb                             died by strangulation               sudden      
Smith          Elsie          4/12    F                    NY           Mar                             scarlet fever and putrid            3 wks       
                                                                                                        sore throat                                     
Beals          William H.             M                    NY           Apr                             consumption of lungs                5 mos       
Willis         Wearam         79      M           wid      CT           Apr      farmer                 old age                             1 wk        
Wells          Levi           86      M           wid      NY           Apr      farmer                 old age                             3 wks       
Claghorn       Betsy          64      F           mar      MA           Mar                             ovarran tumor                       3 yrs       
McKinnon       John           4       M                    NY           Jul                             dysentery                           8 days      
Vail           Deloss         1                            NY           Dec                             consumption of lungs                1 yr        
Neff           Hannah         76      F           mar      NY           Mar                             paralysis                           1 day       
Gilbert        Clarrisa       82      F           mar      MA           May                             old age                             8 wks       
McKinnon       John G.        37      M           mar      NY           Nov                             consumption of lungs                6 mos       
Jarvis         Richard        76      M           mar      England      Jan                             disease of heart                    12 days     
"Remarks:  Pine, hemlock, maple, ash, basswood, beach, chestnut, and oak 
comprise most of the timber indigeous to the region." 

Inghram        Elizabeth      25      F           mar      NY           Jul                             childbirth                          11          
Inghram        Sarah M.       4       F                    NY           Apr                             scalded                             1           
Whitlock       Peter          76      M           mar      MA           Oct      farmer                 old age                             1 yr        
Baker          Wm. H.         2/12    M                    NY           Jun                             unknown                             4           
Mackey         Benjamin       39      M                    NY           May                             consumption                         30          
Stilson        Moses          85      M           mar      CT           Nov      farmer                 old age                             1 yr        
Chapman        Christina      60      F           mar      NY           Feb                             dropsy                              1 yr        
O'Brine        Louisa         8       F                    Middletown   Dec                             inflamation of lungs                9 days      
McLain         Alexander Jr.  1       M                    Middletown   Mar                             fits                                3 days      
Akerley        Allen S.       6       M                    Middletown.  Jan                             putrid sore throat                  2 days      
Hendrix        Roswell        11      M                    Middletown   May                             putrid sore throat                  21 days     
Tompkins       Lewis Jr.      1       M                    Middletown   Jun                             infantum                            1 day       
Row            Lydia          53      F                    Durham, Green                                consumption                         6 mos       
Rifenburgh     Adalaid        1       F                    Andes        Apr                             inflamation                         1 day       
Henderson      Roswell S.     11      M                    Andes        Mar                             putrid sore throat                  40 days     
Furguson       Abigail        70      F    1               NY           Nov                             palsey                              6 days      
Crandall       Jerome G.      12      M                    NY           Feb                             putrid sore throat                  8 days      
Droine         Mary           27      F    1               Ireland      Oct                             dropsy                              5 mos       
Gaffy          James          18      M                    Ireland      Apr                             inflamation                         7 days      
Dumond         Catharine      86      F                    NY           Feb                             general debility                    4 mos       
Huffman        Maria          81      F                    NY           Aug                             old age                             (blank)     
Carley         Brookins       53      M    1               NY           Oct                             injuries from horse kick            1 day       
Doolittle      Joseph C.      67      M    1               CT           Oct      miller                 consumption                         3 mos       
Birdsil        Junli F.       4       F                    NY           Oct                             congestion of heart                 8 days      
Vandermark     Sally          71      F                    NY           Mar                             consumption                         1 mo        
Herington      James          36      M    1               NY           May      teamster               inflamation of lungs                21 days     
Mason          Mary E.        24      F                    NY           Mar      teacher                consumption                         30 days     
Akerley        Edward         1       M                    NY           Feb                             inflamation of lungs                7 days      
Yaples         Nelly          85      F    1               NY           Apr                             general debility                    1 day       
Delamarter     Abram J.       73      M    1               NY           Apr      farmer                 general debility                    3 mos       
Chism          James          47      M    1               NY           May      farmer                 inflamation of lungs                3 wks       
Miller         James          7       M                    NY           Feb                             inflamation of lungs                7 days      
Morse          Martha         76      F    1               NY           Aug                             general debility                    1 day       
Dumond         Polly          64      F    1               CT           Feb      tailoress              consumption                         4 mos       
Kittle         Henry          1       M                    NY           May                             croup                               2 days      
Bouton         Catharine      76      F    1               NY           Jun                             n ? palsey                          1 day       
Bouton         Dave           84      M    1               NY           Jun                             general debility                    5 wks       
Streeter       Oscar          3       M                    NY           Jun                             scalded                             3 days      
Carley         Phezon         23      F                    NY           Jun                             consumption                         3 wks       
Morrison       Elizabeth      93      F                    NY           Oct                             old age                             5 mos       
Vermilyea      William        6       M                    NY           Mar                             croup                               3 days      
Green          Catharine A.   3       F                    NY           Apr                             inflamation                         6 days      
TOWN OF ROXBURY                                                                                                                                         
Griffin        Hackaliah B.   60      M           mar      NY           Sep      tanner                 dysentery                           3 wks       
Garrison       Ruth           68      F           mar      NY           May                             consumption                         1 yr        
Jenkins        Nathan         83      M           wid      NY           Dec                             consumption                         1 yr        
Covil          Eleanor        67      F           wid      NY           Aug                             dropsy                              6 mos       
Slawson        Infant         1/24    F                    NY           Feb                             fits                                2 days      
Dean           Sarah J.       10/12   F                    NY           Dec                             worms                               1 day       
Ingles         Mary           2       F                    NY           Oct                             whooping cough                      2 wks       
Minkler        Ellen O.       18      F                    PA           Apr                             consumption                         2 mos       
Kelly          Jemima         59      F                    NY           Apr      tailoress              dropsy                              1 yr        
Reader         Mary           23      F           mar      Bavaria      Jul                             consumption                         2 yrs       
Caswell        Bruce S.       1       M                    NY           Jan                             fever                               1 wk        
Young          Caroline       7/12    F                    NY           Dec                             ensepilas                           4 wks       
Winslow        John           10      M                    NY           Mar                             brain fever                         3 wks       
Reed           Henry          53      M           mar      NY           Jun      hotel keeper           consumption                         2 yrs       
Reed           George         19      M                    NY           Mar      bar tender             consumption                         1 yr        
Byington       Eliza          2       F                    NY           Mar                             inflamation of brain                1 wk        
Johnson        Ellen J.       42      F           mar      NY           Mar                             ensipilas                           3 wks       
Corbin         Maria          44      F           mar      NY           Sep                             injury to ankle                     5 wks       
Dart           Phebe          6       F                    NY           Nov                             unknown                             1 day       
Easlin         Louisa         13      F                    MI           Dec                             consumption                         2 yrs       
More           Philena        28      F                    NY           Feb                             enlargement heart                   1 wk        
Smith          David          90      M           mar      Scotland     Sep                             old age                             (blank)     
McKeever       Polly          32      F           mar      NY           Aug                             consumption                         8 mos       
Booth          Phebe          67      F           mar      CT           May                             palsy                               1 wk        
McGuiness      Infant         10 dys  F                    NY           Feb                             jaundis                             1 day       
Shepherd       Alfred         8/12    M                    IL           Mar                             congestion of brain                 5 days      
Andrus         Clarissa       3/12    F                    NY           Jan                             inflamation of lung                 5 days      
Cronk          Harriet        3       F                    NY           Oct                             dropsey of brain                    4 wks       
Cronk          Harrison       1       M                    NY           Feb                             dropsey of brain                    4 wks       
Crary          Chas. E.       4/12    M                    NY           Nov                             inflamation of lung                 9 days      
Scudder        Temperance     47      F           mar      NY           Sep                             consumption                         2 yrs       
TOWN OF SIDNEY (included in Tompkins)
Goodrich       Jason          66      M           mar      NY           Dec      farmer                 dyspepsia                           2 1/2 yrs   
Bovee          Cynthia        57      F           mar      NY           May                             disease of heart                    sudden      
Siver          Elizabeth      88      F           wid      NY           Dec                             apoplexy                            2 days      
Westover       Theophilus     78      M           wid      MA           Dec      farmer                 disease of kidneys                  2 yrs       
Hathaway       Maria A.       53      F           wid      VT           Feb                             cancer of breast                    5 mos       
Graves         Theodore L.    23      M                    MA           Jan                             inflamation of brain                2 days      
Baker          Milton         52      M           wid      NY           Aug                             jaundice                            1 yr        
Bassell        Velma A.       8       F                    NY           Feb                             scarlet fever and sore throat       8 days      
Smith          Polly          86      F           wid      VT           Mar                             cancer on breast                    2 years     
Barker         George         1/180   M                    NY           Mar                             unknown                             sudden      
Seely          John R.        4       M                    NY           Feb                             inflamation of bowels               11 days     
Blowers        Abram          34      M           mar      NY           Jan      farmer                 quick consumption                   11 wks      
Swart          Charles        5/12    M                    NY           May                             epilepsey and inflamation           14 days     
Hughston       Lucy           87 1/2  F           wid      VT           Feb                             congestion of lungs                 11 days     
"Remarks:  The towns in my subdivision are well watered by fresh springs issuing from 
the hillsides.  Soil generally of a dark reddish color composed of the desintegrated sandstone 
and shale.  In the village are occasionally narrow strips of alluvirim.  The rocks mostly belong
 to the old red sandstone of the Catskill division.  Good quarries of stone useful for building 
and flagging are found.  There are many indications of iron ore."

TOWN OF STAMFORD  (included in Roxbury)
Hillis         Margaret       26      F           mar      Ireland      Dec                             consumption                         2 yrs       
Sloat          Emeline        1       F                    NY           Jun                             whooping cough                      1 wk        
Richardson     Dexter         21      M                    NY           Jul      silversmith            consumption                         1 yr        
Davenport      Thomas         43      M           mar      England      Nov      farmer                 consumption                         8 yrs       
Newcomb        Mary C.        44      F           mar      NY           Apr                             bilious fever                       1 1/2 mos   
Newcomb        Georgeana      2       F                    NY           Jan                             bilious fever                       1 mo        
Hanford        Charity        68      F                    NY           Feb                             consumption                         1 yr        
Bunnell        Virgil         76      M           mar      CT           Oct      farmer                 paralysis                           2 days      
Squire         Isabel A.      28      F           mar      NY           May                             child birth                         1 day       
Jennings       Ulitta         69      F           mar      CT           Aug                             dropsy of heart                     instantly   
Taylor         Hezekiah       64      M           mar      CT           Apr      cooper                 dropsy                              2 yrs       
McClaury       Janet          72      F           wid      Scotland     Jul                             disease of liver                    1 wk        
Grant          Jane           20      F                    NY           Sep                             bilious fever                       2 wks       
Grant          Peter C.       48      M           mar      NY           Jul      farmer                 kicked in bowels by horse           1 mo        
Wood           Artemesa       67      F           mar      CT           Mar                             congestion of lungs                 3 days      
Seely          Maria          45      F           mar      NY           Apr                             consumption                         5 mos       
Whiteford      Elizabeth      73      F           wid      Ireland      Aug                             bilious fever                       11 days     
Chapman        Jenny E.       8/12    F                    NY           May                             dropsy of brain                     5 days      
Barlow         Benj           82      M           wid      NY           Jan      farmer                 old age                                         
Forest         Mary           90      F           wid      NY           Dec                             old age                                         
Maynard        Helen M.       19      F                    NY           Sep                             consumption                         3 mos       
TOWN OF TOMPKINS                                                                                                                                         
Edick          Jacob          69      M           mar      NY           Oct      farmer                 eriysepelas                         18 days     
Thompson       Phebe          66      F           wid      NY           Sep                             unknown                             3 mos       
Lennon         Rhoda B.       59      F           mar      NY           Jan                             consumption                         7 1/2 mos   
Hager          Charles I.     6       M                    NY           Apr                             scarlet fever and sore throat       5 days      
Hager          James E.       1       M                    NY           Mar                             scarlet fever and sore throat       4 days      
Wakeman        William B.     5       M                    NY           Feb                             scarlet fever and sore throat       2 1/2 days  
Wakeman        James C.       8/12    M                    NY           Feb                             scarlet fever and sore throat       14 days     
Schrambling    Henry P.       59      M           mar      NY           May      farmer                 diabetes                            20 mos      
Bradley        Amos           24      M           mar      CT           Jan      sawyer                 consumption                         18 mos      
Culver         Anna           30      F                    NY           May                             childbirth                          3 days      
Pomeroy        Orange         70      M           mar      MA           Jun      farmer                 rheumatism and gravel               7 mos       
Taylor         Katherine      31      F           mar      Scotland     Apr                             unknown                             14 days     
Alverson       John           81      M           mar      Nova Scotia  Nov      farmer                 apoplexy                            3 hrs       
Reed           Cyrus          55      M           mar      MA           Mar      sawyer                 inflamation of lungs                3 mos       
Snyder         Isaac          2/12    M                    NY           Sep                             croup                               12 hrs      
Bennett        Jesse          72      M           mar      CT           May      farmer                 dropsy on chest                     25 days     
Crawford       James W.       2       M                    WI           Mar                             inflamation of bowels               2 days      
Constable      Sarah          1/12    F                    NY           Apr                             inflamation of lungs                21 days     
Morrison       Jenny          2/12    F                    NY           Jan                             inflamation of lungs                3 days      
Evans          Newell         67      M           mar      VT           Mar      lumberman              from fall recieved whilst           1 yr        
                                                                                                        walking in sawmill                              
Bird           Clarissa       35      F           mar      NY           Nov                             consumption                         28 days     
Whitaker       Huldah         83      F           mar      NY           Oct                             consumption                         5 days      
Knapp          Ruth           58      F           mar      NY           Aug                             dropsy on chest                     3 days      
Scott          Robert*        65      M           mar      NY           Jul      farmer                 accidental                          24 hrs      
Axtell         James H.       8/12    M                    NY           Dec                             scarlet fever & putrid sore throat  2 days      
Hall           Aaron J.       27      M           mar      NY           Mar      shoemaker              consumption                         5 yrs       
Hall           Marion         11/12   F                    NY           Jan                             dropsy on brain                     28 days     
Moore          Ellen*         10      F                    NY           Aug                             accidental drowning                 sudden      
Near           John           63      M           wid      NY           Dec      farmer                 unknown                             sudden      
Teed           Permeliette    37      F           mar      NY           Mar                             scoofulous consumption              2 yrs       
Clark          Samuel         13      M                    NY           Feb                             typhoid fever                       10 days     
Jones          Charlotte S.   10      F                    NY           Apr                             scarlet fever & sore throat         7 days      
Jones          Timothy        7       M                    NY           Mar                             scarlet fever & sore throa          3 days      
Lockwood       Henry          53      M           mar      NY           Sep      farmer                 fever, ague & quick consumption     28 days     
"Remarks:  Robert Scott came to his death by being thrown from his wagon whilst
 his horses were running away.  Ellen Moore fell in the Delaware river whilst crossing on a float.  
Scarlet fever and putrid sore throat prevailed to a considerable extent among the children in 
my subdivision during the last year."

Cable          Elsie J.               F                    Delaware Co  Feb                             inflamation                         28          
Miller         Polly          76      F           mar      NY           Sep                             congestion of lungs                 14          
Patchen        Lucretia       56      F                    NY           Oct                             consumption                         180         
Shakelton      Elizabeth O.   8/12    F                    NY           Jan                             whooping cough                      30          
White          Nathaniel S.   72      M                    CT           Nov      cooper                 complication of disease             6           
Olmstaed       Frances        12      F                    NY           Apr                             putrid sore throat                  5           
Middlemost     Isabel         29      F                    Scotland     Jun      housekeeper            consumption                         180         
Hanford        Henry C.       9/12    M                    NY           Feb                             whooping cough                                  
Shaw           Harriet        29      F           mar      NY           Sep      housekeeper            consumption                         120   
Bunto          Catherine      74      F           mar      NY           May      housekeeper            consumption                                     
Weed           Diana          43      F           mar      NY           May      housekeeper            complication of disease             1           
Rogers         Catharine      22      F                    NY           Feb      teaching               consumption                         30          
Griffin        Peter G.       85      M           mar      NY           Mar      farmer                 gravel                              6           
Houck          William        72      M           wid      NY           Mar      farmer                 dropsy                              49          
Skinner        Charity        78      F           wid      CT           Jul      housekeeper            consumption                         240         
Not named                     2/12    F                    NY           Jul                             inflamation                         8           
Steele         Asahel         77      M           mar      MA           Oct      farmer                 cancer                              1 yr        
Wakeman        Ann Eliza      25      F                    NY           Nov      housekeeper            brain fever                         21          
Davis          William H.     50      M           mar      NY           Mar      day laborer            quick consumption                   21          
Gilbert        Sarah          10      F                    NY           Mar                             burnt to death                      2           
White          Benjamin       60      M           mar      CT           Aug      farmer                 inflamation                         10  
Fancher        Elizabeth      17      F                    NY           Jul      student                consumption                         13  
Bostwick       Jabez          42      M           mar      NY           May      hotel keeper           complication of disease             6  

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