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Submitted by Linda Ogborn, September 6, 1998

Here's a cute little article I found in the paper. Can't remember which newspaper I got this from, but thought it was kind of neat. Might be of interest to someone looking for "old" names in Delaware County.

"In them days whenever I wanted to go to Albany, I'd leave my home on The Cat Ladder (now Cross mountain). I'd go through the village of Lumberville, (now Arena) and take the train at Arkville (Now Dean's Corners). We'd ride through Beaver Dam (now Roxbury) and go through Moresville (now Grand Gorge). Then we'd continue on to Devil's Halfacre (now Stamford). We rode down the West Branch to Tinkertown (now Hobart) and then to "The Bunghole" (now Bloomville). From here we went over the mountain to Klipnockie (Oneonta) where we caught the Albany. They might have added that when he got to Alameda the name was changed to South Kortright and the Middletown sign on the post office had been changed to Margaretville."

Submitted by Roger D Davis, October 31, 2000

Following is a list of names of places in Delaware County in 1896.
The names are taken from Spaulding's Business Directory of Delaware County -1896.

Almeda, Andes, Apex, Arena, Arkville, Barbourville, Beerston, Bloomville, Bovina, Bovina Center, Cannonsville, Chiloway, Cook's Falls, Delancey, Davenport, Davenport Center, Delhi, Denver, Deposit, Downsville, East Branch, East Masonville, East Meredith, Fergusonville, Fish's Eddy, Fleischmanns, Franklin, Franklin Depot, Grand Gorge, Grant's Mills, Granton, Griffin's Corners, Halcottsville, Hale's Eddy, Hamden, Hamletville, Hancock, Hancock Junction, Harpersfield Center, Harvard, Hobart, Horton's Switch, Keeryville, Kelly Corners, Kortright Center, Loomis, Lordville, Masonville, Margaretville, Meridale, Meredith, Merrickville, Methol, Middlebrook, Mundale, New Kingston, Northfield, North Kortright, Ouleout, Pepacton, Relay, Rock Rift, Roxbury, Sidney, Sidney Center, Shavertown, Sherruck, Shinhopple, Simpsonville, Stamford, Treadwell, Trout Creek, Tylers Switch, Union Grove, Walton, West Davenport and Youngs.

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