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War of 1812 Soldiers mentioned in death notices or other in the Bloomville Mirror.

(Note: these are citations that mentioned war of 1812 vets that I happened to notice in the issues up to June 1886.
The Bloomville Mirror was later published as the Stamford Mirror.)
Transcribed by Linda Robinson, October 2004

Major Joseph Duren Died at Middlebury VT. Dad of Charles E. Duren of Bloomville. BM 6-28-53 p.3 c.2
Capt. Ebenezer Hanford BM 10-10-54 p.3 c.2
Capt. Nathaniel Webb Died at Sidney. BM 5-1-66 p.3 c.1
Stephen Olmstead Died at Davenport. BM 2-12-67 p.3 c.1
Lyman Hulbert Died near Lumberville. BM 5-31-70
Henry W. Gregory Died at Danville. Obit. BM 10-31-71 p.2 c.4
David Hubbell (Davis Hubbell?) Receives pension. BM 12-12-71 p.3 c.1 & BM 2-13-72 p.4 c.2
Michael Dayton Receives pension. BM 12-12-71 p.3 c.1 & BM 2-13-72 p.4 c.2
Levi Seeley (Levi Seley?) Of No. Harpersfield. BM 9-5-71 p.2 c.2 & BM 1-23-72 p.2 c.3; BM 3-24-85 p.3 c.5
Peter J. Cross Of Ellenville. Robbed. BM 10-29-72 p.1 c.4
Hon. Lyman Hakes Died at No. Harpersfield. BM 7-22-73 p.3 c.1
Charles Leet Died at Somers Kenosha WI. Husband of Mary Kedzie. BM 3-10-74 p.3 c.2
William Preston Died at Roxbury. Obit. BM 3-10-74 p.3 c.2
Jonathan Beers Died at Walton. BM 4-13-75 p.3 c.2
Nathan Shaw Died at East Masonville. BM 4-27-75 p.3 c.2
Walter Waterman Died at Franklin. BM 10-12-75 p.2 c.4
Tjerck Wyncoop Of the town of Kingston. BM 12-14-75 p.3 c.1
David Brown Died at Seward. BM 4-16-78 p.1 c.4
Stephen Haines Died at Jefferson near Stamford. BM 7-3-77 p.3 c.2
Elijah Peake Died in Dayton OH. Form. of Delhi. BM 2-5-78 p.3 c.2
Arrival Blinn Died at Prattsville. BM 10-28-79 p.2 c.4; BM 12-16-79 p.2 c.2
John Houghtaling Died at Hamden. BM 9-9-79 p.3 c.3
Julius C. Landon (John D. Landon?) Death. Of Schoharie Co. BM 6-10-79 p.2 c.3
John Mickle Is 96 yrs. Of Gilboa Scho. Co.? BM 7-22-79 p.2 c.4; death BM 10-23-83 p.1 c.4
Alex. Cummings Died near Bloomville. BM 6-22-80 p.3 c.2
William Lee Of Gilboa. BM 6-29-80 p.2 c.3
Isaac Mabie (Isaac Mabey?) Of So. Gilboa. BM 8-31-80 p.2 c.4; BM 5-2-82 p.3 c.5
Smith Disbrow Died at Jefferson. BM 10-18-81 p.3 c.3
Levi Hanford Alive in Walton. BM 6-6-82 p.3 c.4
Mrs. Hannah Hawks Of Trout Brook. Receiving pension. BM 6-20-82 p.3 c.3
John Borden. Died at No. Franklin. BM 9-12-82 p.2 c.3
Cornelius Couse Died at W. Davenport. BM 3-13-83 p.3 c.5
Simon Knowles Is 98 yrs. Of Meredith. BM 6-5-83 p.3 c.3; BM 7-22-84 p.1 c.2& BM 11-25-84 p.2 c.1
John Raymond Died at Scranton. Born in Walton. Obit. BM 1-23-83 p.1 c.5
Benjamin Taylor (Benazah Taylor?) Died at Franklin. BM 4-3-83 p.2 c.4
Samuel Lyon Died at E. Worcester. Dad of Wm. K. Lyon. BM 8-12-84 p.3 c.4
Dean Fuller Of Simpsonville, town of Davenport. Vote. BM 5-26-85 p.3 c.3
Mrs. Calhoun Of Centerville Ulster Co. War of 1812 widow. BM 6-1-86 p.2 c.2
James McLucas Of East Fryburg. BM 4-13-86 p.3 c.1
Mrs. __ Minard In the poorhouse despite being a war of 1812 widow. BM 4-20-86 p.3 c.2
Ripley Walker Of Mt. Vision. BM 6-15-86 p.3 c.3

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