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Maywood Cemetery


(Old Pioneer) Cemetery)

Sidney Center, Town of Sidney, Delaware County, New York

Looking at the cemetery from the road (basically standing in front of Highland cemetery (the current cemetery) and looking up the hill

NOTE: In the 12 years since Shirley's Transcription of Maywood/Old Pioneer Cemetery it has fallen into a very bad state of disrepair, very overgrown with brush and woodchuck holes. All the stones that I could find were fallen over or broken. The Cemetery is difficult to get to, and since I was there (May 28, 2008) I took the liberty of taking pictures of all the gravestones that I could find. The highlighted links in the transcription below go to these photos. --Kristen Morrison, August 11, 2008.

Two links to other compilations: NYSL Source . . and . . 9 Mar2021 update by Tina and Dale Utter at end of this page

The Following has been transcribed from "Etched in Stone in Sidney" by Shirley Boyce Goerlich, pages 459-461. c. 1996.
Basel, Jane. Wife of Samuel d. April 27, 1843 ae 27 yrs. (an old stone)
A Second taller stone reads Jane Bassel, wife of Samuel Bassel, d. Apr. 27, 
1843 ae 27 yrs. The Inscription reads:
Friends nor physicians could not save,
This mortal Body from the grave----
Nor can the grave confine it here, 
When Christ commands it to appear.

Winans, Eliza T.  d. Aug 27, 1851 ae 23 yrs., 11 mo. 
"Let me die the death of the ritcheous."

Evans, Rachel, Wife of Williams d. Feb 27, 184- ae 82 yrs.
	Note: SGHG says died Aug, 28, 1840 ae 32 yrs.

Evans, Harriet, Dau of Levi and Mercy Evans, Dec 19, 1824 ae 10 mo.
Bidwell, Jacob, d. May (Nov?) 29, 1846
Bidwell, Martha, wife of Jacob, In Memory of d. September 14, 1843 ae 76 yrs
Bassel, Infant of Samuel Bassel d. May 1, 1843
	Note: An Eraly Deleware County note says 1813

Evans, Lydia, wife of Simpson (Sampson) d. Dec 18, 1851 ae 60 yrs
Note: Early Delaware County note says Dec 1, 1841 ae 69 yrs.
Baker, Mercy Ann, dau of David and Rebecca Baker, d. Feb. 27, 1841
Foot, Orrilla, wife of William Foot, d. Aug 28, 1839
Note SCGH says 1830 ae 33 yrs
Evans, Venila, dau of Levi and Mercy Evans, d. Feb 23, 1825 ae 29 yrs.
Bidwell, Matilda, wife of Uri D. Bidwell d. Feb 12, 1832 ae 28 yrs., 10 (or 1) mo., 
7 da.

Hoyt, Mary, In memory of, who departed this life May 16, 1822 ae (either) 33 yrs, 
or 18 yrs., 33 da. (which I doubt)

Lawrence, Martin, son of J.B. & Anna Lawrence, d. September 16, 1835 ae 14 

Evans, Alvin, son of Levi and Mercy Evans, d. Feb 26, 1848 ae 31 yrs
Shannon, Betsy Ann, Wife of Oliver J. Shannon, d. May 8, 1852 ae 32 yrs., 10 
mo, 10 day,

Bassel, Hannah, wife of Samuel Basel, d. September, 19, 1847 ae 43 yrs.
Evans, Chleo, dau of Simpson & Lydia Evans, d. Apr 14, 1824
L., M.
Wood, O.M.
Wood, S.L.
	One slate stone, no face
	One Marble, totally worn off.
D., M.
B., P ae 10 mo AD 1814
Bigelow, Mary, wife of John d. Apr 13, 1829 ae 78 yrs. 
(Early record says Apr 20 1832)
E., R.
Seventy one possible gravesites were confirmed through Jan Loker, the Highland 
Cemetery caretaker, who accompanied me on the walk through and recording of 
Maywood Cemetery. Unmarked graves, marked only with a rough fieldstone. We 
counted 71 additional graves. Records for burials have not been found, if they 
exist at all. 

Maywood (Old Pioneer) Cemetery has not been in use for a hundred plus years. 
As cleaning and repair is done, much is also lost in the process. Gravestones 
which are laying broken on the ground are often moved and reset. Thus, 
compilation on the, my most recent visit to the this cemetery found me perplexed 
as to which belonged where, and concerned that now kept cemetery has lost 
much in the process. Armed with the data that I could be sure which belonged 
where, and wondering what has happened to the remaining stones, I sought to 
reconstruct those that I could not now find. The list below, compiled close to one 
hundred years ago, will supplement the lists on the previous pages. It is evident 
there are many errors, but so too, are the errors in my present day compilation. 
The following recorded stones were not now found:

In Memory of Eliza Ann. 1833
Blowers, .-------- wife of John, d. Apr 20, 1852
      Abraham, d. Jan 2, 1880
Evans, Phodalla, dau of Sampson & Lydia, d. Feb 26, 1845
Winnans, Silas, b. May 13, 1865 d. 1873
Most of the gravestone which I recorded were not found on the list from which 
the above names were taken. Thus, the researcher must piece together 
fragments of what remain of the Maywood Cemetery records.

UPDATED PIONEER CEMETERY - SIDNEY CENTER: we have been working in this cemetery for several years and this is an update on the current inventory of stones. -- Tina and Dale Utter, Cemetery Lovers - 9 March 2021 Inventory: Sidney Center Old Maywood or Pioneer Cemetery *AE or AET- age of BAKER- Mercy Ann Baker daughter of David and Rebecca Baker died Feb. 27, 1841 AE. 23 yrs.

BASSEL- Jane wife of Samuel Basel died Apr.27, 1843 AE. 27 yrs

BASSEL- An infant of Samuel Basel died May 1, 1843

BASSEL- Hannah wife of Samuel Basel died Sept.19, 1847 AE 43 yrs

BIGELOW- Mary wife of John Bigelow died April 13, 1829 Aet 78 yrs

BIDWELL- Jacob Bidwell died Nov. 29, 1846 in the 80th year of his age

BIDWELL- Martha wife of Jacob died Sept.11, 1843 AE 76 yrs

BIDWELL- In memory of Matilda wife of Uri D. Bidwell who died Feb. 12, 1832 AE 28 yrs. 11 mos 1 da. PB- 1814

E.J.C. appears to be a footstone in the back left corner of the cemetery

EVANS- Rachel wife of William died Feb. 27, 1840 AE 82 yrs.

EVANS- Venila daughter of Levi and Mercy died Feb. 23, 1825 AE 3 yrs.

EVANS- Alvin son of Levi and Mercy died Feb. 26, 1848 AE 31 yrs.

EVANS- Chloe daughter of Sampson and Lydia Evans died Apr.14, 1824 AE 2 yrs.

EVANS- Lydia wife of Sampson died Dec. 18, 1851 AE 60 yrs.

EVANS- Phedella dau. Of Sampson and Lydia died Feb. 26, 1845 age 14 yrs.

FOOT, ORRILLA- wife of W'm Foot died Aug. 28, 1839 Ae 29 yrs.

HOYT- In memory of Mary Hoyt who departed this life May 16, 1822 AET. 33.

MARTIN- Lawrence Martin son of J.B. and Anna died Sept. 16, 1835 14 yrs.

SHANNON- Betsey Ann wife of Oliver J. Shannon died May 8, 1853 AE 32 yrs, 10 m, 10 ds.

WINANS- Eliza T. Winans died Aug. 27, 1851 AE 27 yrs 11 mo.



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