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On a recent visit home to Masonville, NY I decided to transcribe the names of the Masonville War Veterans that are listed on the monument located at the center of the town, on the lawn of the Masonville Federated Church. I thought it might be a good secondary source for people researching military service of family members who lived in Masonville. --Barbara Palmer Grady -posted to this website June 14, 2010

Photo is a recent post card that was uploaded to our Ghosts of Masonville Facebook page
that shows the dedication ceremony for the memorial on Sep 5, 1948.

  Revolutionary War

Ezekiel Upson
Darius Smith
Gilbert Scofield
Hezekial Wells
Collins Brown
John Balcom
Case Van Tice
Gurdun Merchant
Elijah Whitman
Benjamin Olmstead
Asa Gillett
Abram Houghtaling
Jonathan Hale, Jr.
Jonathan Hale

War of 1812

Hazor Smith
Farington Parker
Rev. Simeon Brown
Ambrose Bennett
Ira Balcom
Benjamin West
Joseph Clark
Simeon Fuller
Irastus Stebbins
Nathan Shaw
Thomas Palmer

Civil War

Isaac Amner
Edwin Anderson
Alvin Alvord
Nelson Alger
Amos Arnold
John Barnaby
Lucius Balcom
Edwin Balcom
Ebenezer Balcom
Oliver Baxter
Ira W. Burch
Solomon Butts
George Butts
Marshall Bartow
Gilbert Bogard
Ethiel Burch
James Bogart
Jermiah Bogart
George Burch
Zeba Bronson
Andrew Brown
Abijah Brown
Remington Bennett
Hubbard Beach
Peleg Beals
Alfred Butts
Richmond Beals
Edward Bradshaw
George Baxter
Royal Burch
Nelson Bowman

Oscar Culver
Emory Covey
George Carroll
Jacob Cuyle
Henry Colvin
John Cutting
Stephen Chase
John Crawford
Albert Colvin
Ernest Chase
William Colgrove
Nathan Cuyle
John Cummings
William Cuyle

Silas Drake
Emory Drake
Nicholas Darling
Reuben Dean
Gustave Dean
Lyman Drake
Henry Dibble
Garrit Dedrick
Edward Davis
Lyman Danels
Alexander Fullerton
Lewis Fitch

Solomon Gifford
George Gifford
Olney Gifford
Robert Graves
Simeon Graves
Thomas Graham
Sylvester Gould
Aurea Getter

George Hager
Jacob Hyzer
Jeremiah Hyzer
Joseph Hess
Thomas Howland

Robert Inman
Jacob Ives

Alexis Jones
Franklin Jones
Adelbert Jones
Porter Jackson

Ezra Lawson
Arad Lyon
Jay Lewis

Morgan Makley
Samuel Merritt
Martin Merritt
Charles Mosher
William Metcalf
John Metcalf
Henry McIntyre
Augustus McMullen

William H. Northrup
William Northrup

Augustus Olmstead
George Olmstead
Amos Olmstead
Theodore Olmstead
Silas Olmstead
Kellog Olmstead
John Ostrander
David Oles
John Ottman

James Parker
Daniel Priest
Alexander Pellet
Harvey Palmer
Williston Palmer
George Phillips
David Pendell

Keller Robinson
Lewis Robbins
George Robbison

Dwight Stebbins
Dewitt Stebbins
Clark Stebbins
Austin Southworth
James Scott
Ellis Stickles
Augustus Stickles
Luther Sornberger
Charles Smith
George Scott
Cornelius Sturges
Harvey Shaw
Nelson Southworth
Emory Southworth
Chester Stoddard
Franklin Stoddard
George J. Stebbins
Mansfield Scott
George E. Stebbins
Richard Stockley
Thomas Stockley

Joseph Thorp
James Tripp
Alonzo Teed
John Tilliou

Nelson Van Slyke
Albert Van Slyke

Justin Warner
Milo West
William Wade
Charles Ward
Walton Walker
Baterman Walden
William Woodmansee
Deighton Waley
Wilson Wells
Rufus Whitman
Edgar Wilsey
Watson Wilsey
David Welch
Abner Welch
Charles Wright
John Washburn

Harvey Young
Daniel Houghtaling
George Littlebrant
Henry Littlebrant

Spanish-American War

Herbert Walker

World War I

William D. Jenkins
John H. Gifford
George Jones
Merton Mills
Harry Cutting
William H. Cook
James Burnside
Ralph Randall
Ray Fredenburg
Clair Cole
Clarence Peck
Clifton Sherman
Dexter Teed
Earl Teed
Harold Teed
Philip Gabriel
Kerr T. Hymers
Alton Dennis
Clarence D. Wilson
Julius Gifford
Everett D. Dean
Samuel Barnes
Eudell Barnes
Truman Gardape
Harry Mickelson
Zechariah Miner
Alfred H. Jones

World War II

Charles Finch
Marvin Gray
Harry Lockwood
Robert Martin
William Wagner
Robert Alger
Vernon Alger
Russell Alger
Kenneth Alger
Sherriff Alley
Eugene Alley
William Barnes
Mahlon Beach
Willis Beach
William Brizzee
Rufus Baker
Elwin Booth
Richard Booth
Kenneth Butts
Alexander Chlystun
Charles Carlson
Louise Carlson
Roberta Courtney
Albert Courtney
Eugene Cook
Theron Crawford
Fernley Cole
Clarence Dean
Raymond Dean
Richard DeMott
Kenneth DeMott
Henry Eckhart
Clifton A. Foster
Floyd Fisher
William Fisher
Harvey Ferry
Clyde Gray
Carl Gifford
Guy Gifford
Royal Gifford
Stanton Gifford
Gerald Gifford
Howard Huntington
Peter Hellerud
Edwin Hellerud
Keith Hard
Frank Jones
Edwin Jones
Harvey Jump
Clarence Jump
Carlton Kinch
Harold Light
Edward Lombardi
John Lombardi
Stanley Linder
Marvin McDonald
Stanley McCumber
Lester S. Ostrander
John Olmstead
Robert Peck
Stewart Peck
Robert Parsons
Robert Lockwood
Kenneth Houck
Charles Ryder
Olive Reed
Kenneth Ramsdell
Albert Schwartz
William Schwartz
Kenneth Shaver
Leo Scofield
Floyd Stoutenburg
Marvin Stoutenburg
Howard Stafford
Frank Teed
Warren Turtur
Gerald Tiffany
John Van Why
Milton Van Valkenburg
Connelly Van Valkenburg
Helen Wagner
Charles Wilson
Lynn Wilson
Mark Wilson
F. Joe Wright
James Wright
Frank Willis
James Wylie
Everett Young
Thornton Young

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