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Marriages - 1875 State Census, Schedule II

Delaware County, New York
Marriages occurring during the year ending June 1, 1875

Symbol after age indicates civil condition. s=single; w=widowed; d=divorced

Some of the names were difficult to read. I tried to check the names I was unsure of against other census records. It was not always possible to do this, so I did the best I could with the spellings. I would like to thank Shirley Houck of the Delaware County Clerk's Office for her assistance. --Clarence Putman, November 2004

Town of Andes, 1st Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church        
George W Smith       Satie A Parrish      11/9     Andes    M.E.               
Joseph B Dreyfus     Bertha Walter        12/8     Andes    M.E.                
James E Dickson      Emma W Worden        2/4      Andes    M.E. 
Walter D Dunn        Isabella Fowler      12/20    Andes    U.P.

Town of Andes, 2nd Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Hiram S Fuller        Loretta M Washburn  1/13   Andes      Presb
Age 30-s              Age 28-s           
Charles W Christian   Adelade Warren      9/7    Colchester Meth
Age 20-s              Age 18-s
Leroy Decker          Elizabeth M Reed    7/4    Andes      P
Age 26-s              Age18-s
Rufus K Voohres       Emyr E Scudder      1/13   Andes      M.E.
Age 31-s              Age 23-s                
Isaac Finkle          Susan McNair        10/29  Andes      U.P.
Age 27-s              28-s
Ira E Miner           Jessie McCabe       11/10  Andes      M.E.
22-s                  18-s
David H Griffin       Emma J Silliman     4/27   Middletown NSB
35-s                  20-s
Frederick Miller      Mrs. Sophia Warren  10/1   Pa         P
28-d                  26-w  

Town of Bovina

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Fred R Farland        Phebe A Reynald     8/18   Roxbury   Bap
37-s                  29-s
Wm G McNee            Eupha Doig          2/25   Bovina    U.P.
24-s                  23-s
David Black           Mary J Scott        4/8    Bovina    U.P.
51-w                  43-s
Frank Gowanlock       Jane Liddle         12/16  Bovina    R.P.
30-s                  26-s
Platt N Chase         Mary L Smith        5/19   Windham   M.E.
26-s                  30-s

Town of Colchester-North of the East Branch

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Ebenezer Niles        Liela Miner         11/18  Hancock  Justice
22-s                  20-s                                Peace
Russell Powell        Harriett M Gregory  7/9    Downsville M.E.
35-s                  26-s
James Knapp           Florence White      12/24  Downsville Pres.
24-s                  21-s
Chester Wilson        Mary Signor         9/19   Hamden     Pres.
21-s                  23-s
Elihu Cornell         Linda Hartman       9/9    Downsville Pres.
23-s                  20-s
James H McDonald      Catherin M Veal     9/23   Downsville M.E.
26-s                  20-s
John T Reynolds       Sarah Gunn          4/1    Downsville Pres.
37-s                  38-s
Charles Barnes        Elizabeth Copland   1/21   Andes      M.E.
26-s                  20-s
Hiram Williams        Francis Hellsinger  7/30   Downsville M.E.
23-s                  19-s

Town of Colchester-South of the East Branch

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
John Delaney          Eliya Vaile         11/11  Hamden    Meth.
38-s                  46-s
Madison Lenox         Elisabeth Demond    10/8   Colchester Pres.
25-s                  23-s
William C Hawk        Elsa Francisco      9/28   Hancock   Epis.
23-s                  22-w
George W Fitch        Corie E Fuller      6/24   Colchester Meth.
27-s                  16-s
Charles S Elwood      Flanrasia Twaddle   10/4   Colchester ---
28-s                  23-s 
George W More         Isabell Grey        3/26   Rockland  Civil
30-s                  19-s
George Staddle        Isabell Tompkins    10/26  Colchester Meth
26-s                  18-s
Peter Lindsly         Jane McBay          3/15   Colchester ---
23-s                  21-s
Simon Jackson         Mary E Elwood       9/17   Colchester Meth.
43-s                  23-s

Town of Davenport-1st Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
William H McMorris    Martha McNaughton   11/25  Davenport M.E.
23-s                  18-s
Robert Mathews Jr.    Angeline Bresee     12/16  Otsego Co. Bap.
23-s                  19-s
Homer Barrett         Mary Ann Dean       2/24   Davenport M.E.
24-s                  21-s
William S Turner      Hattie E McFarland  3/11   Davenport M.E.
34-s                  20-s

Robert McFarland      Libbie B Turner     10/28  Davenport M.E.
24-s                  20-s
John W Pierce         Lydia Oliver        Feb.   Davenport M.E.
(about) 36-w          24-w
John M Bresee         name & age not known May   Hartwick  ---
Alexander Gilmore     Adelaide Bloomer    2/2    Syracuse  Bap.
24-s                  23-s
George Mitchell       Sally Burnside      12/29  Worcester Luth.
24-s                  25-s

Town of Davenport-2nd Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Andrew Fagan          Jennie Sullivan     Nov.   Camden,   Presb.
24-s                  27-s                       Oneida Co. 
Seymour Copeland      Alice Adell Hammond 3/7    Worcester,Luth.
23-s                  18-s                       Otsego Co.
Horace Spencer        Nancy Houghtaling   1/31   Davenport Bapt.
54-w                  30-w
Wallace W Quackenbush Josephine Toby      9/9    Milford,  Meth.
25-s                  18-s                       Otsego Co.
Birge Georgia         Sarah Brower        2/3    Davenport Meth.
23-s                  21-s 
Jay Goodrich          Aleina Macky        12/23  Davenport Meth.
23-s                  20-s
William Coe           Ardell Brown        3/31   Oneonta,  Meth.
21-s                  19-s                       Otsego Co.

Town of Delhi-1st Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Thomas Young          Isabell Lawrance    1/2    Delhi     Presb.
62-w                  40-s
Emily Burdick         Gertrude A Avery    2/16   Delhi     Presb.
23-s                  17-s
Wm Glendenning        Ellen Tweedy        4/15   Delhi     Presb.
26-s                  21-s
Wm Thompson           Alice Fuller        2/24   Delhi     Bap.
25-s                  18-s
Charles Mortgage      Harriet Finch       3/31   Delhi     M.E.
26-s                  23-s
Elihu Chilson         Jennie Crofoot      1/12   Delhi     Bap.
22-s                  19-s
George W Hitchcock    Mary Chilson        8/5    Stamford  M.E.
29-s                  20-s
Abraham C Crosby      Jennie Hutson       3/16   Delhi     Presb.
28-s                  24-s
Vernon Hawkins        Phebe Smith         4/25   Delhi     Bapt.
28-s                  27
George Gilbert        Alice E Edwards     7/2    Andes     M.E.
27-s                  18-s
David Becker          Mary H Betts        2/10   Delhi     M.E.

Town of Delhi-2nd Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
William C Oliver      Jane Forrest        3/5    Delhi     P
31-s                  25-s
Christopher Granless  Jesse A Gordon      10/27  Delhi     P
31-s                  31-s
Alexander Bryden      Jessie Maben?       2/3    Delhi     U.P.
30-s                  22-s
Peter M Moscrip       Anna Frasier        10/28  Delhi     P
27-s                  23-s
Andrew Davie          Mary Archer         2/3    Delhi     P
28-s                  20-s
William S McKnee      Euphema F Doig      2/25   Bovina    P
25-s                  23-s
Edward Knapp          Jane Graham         8/12   Delhi     Prot.
28-s                  22-s                                 Eph.

Town of Frankln-1st Election District
(The handwriting was difficult in this district)

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Delaney Vanbuskirk    Jennie E Lord       12/24  Franklin  Bap.
22-s                  19-s
Virgil R Ogden        Ella J Shelman      10/28  Franklin  Bap.
21-s                  19-s
Charles Wheaton       Urana Gilbett       12/2   Franklin  M.E.
24-s                  24-s
Albert Lloyd          Mary M Goodrich     3/2    Sidney    Cong.
26-s                  19-s
George Wilson         Marion Freer        11/8   Franklin  M.E.
31-d                  26-s
Hainer Jester         Rosa Niles          12/30  Franklin  Epis.
25-s                  23-s
Huber Tiffiney        Catherine Graham    10/14  Franklin  Presb.
32-s                  27-s
Charles E Barnes      Hellen Cobine       11/24  Franklin  M.E.
21-s                  23-s
Samuel Burhas?        Mariett Pierson     12/24  Franklin  Bap.
24-s                  19-s
Harry H Walton        Emma Winans         10/1   Franklin  Cong.
24-s                  16-s
William Southwick     Libbie St. John     11/18  Franklin  Cong.
23-s                  19-s
Melvin Sornberger     Lucie Kerr          2/17   Franklin  Presb.
25-s                  27-s
Leonard Hamm          Susan Wakeman       1/15   Franklin  Cong.
33-w                  37-w
Isaac Birdsale        Agness Edgerton     9/8    Franklin  Epis.
27-s                  20-s
Isaac Millspaugh      Delia Ward          12/24  Franklin  M.E.
22-s                  24-s
Eugene Parmer?        Jane C Dart         11/10  Hamden    Bap.

Town of Franklin-2nd and 3rd Election Districts

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Harry Betts           Eva Bell            9/23   Franklin  Bapt.
25-s                  22-s
Ira McCall            Mary McMurray       2/11   Franklin  Bapt.
25-s                  26-s
Ransom Wilson         Emma Coe            12/14  Franklin  M.E.
20-s                  22-s

Town of Hamden

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Abram Howland         Sarah J Carman      10/8   Walton    Bapt.
27-s                  26-s
Erastus Oldes         Frances Stevens     3/4    Walton    Pres.
25-s                  20-s
Thos Mallis           Nancy Davidson      6/4    Hamden    Meth.
36-s                  32-s
John Delany           Eliza K Vail        12/2   Hamden    Meth.
37-s                  45-s
Peter Taylor          Jane McDougal       12/30  Hamden    Pres.
35-s                  26-s
Geo. R Schaufler      Mary G Shakelton    9/3    Delhi     Pres.
25-s                  18-s
Samuel Terry          Mary Reeley         4/6    Hamden    Pres.
27-s                  27-s
Ambrose Wannamaker    Mary Glendenning    12/23  Hamden    Meth.
30-s                  23-s
John A Russell        Betsey R Dart       3/24   Delhi     Meth.
23-s                  21-s
David Scott           Catharine Henderson 4/29   Walton    Pres.
21-s                  27-s
Martin Fish           Ellen M Knich       10/6  E Masonville Bapt
24-s                  20-s
Wesley Williams       Alice Doane         8/11   Hamden    Meth.
20-s                  19-s

Town of Hancock-1st & 3rd Election Districts

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
George Waterman       Elisabeth Ingersoll 12/30  Hancock   M.E.
28-s                  20-s
Ward Baxter           Mary Fuller         2/3    Colchester M.E.
27-s                  23-s
William Griffin       Harriet Apply       9/2    Hancock   M.E.
22-s                  18-s
Winfield Steenrod     Jane Ferguson       8/2    Walton   Justice
27-s                  16-s                                Peace
Charles Layton        Victorine Loomis    10/6   Hancock  Cong.
34-s                  28-s
Seymour Twaddell      Pauline Misner      1/16   Rockland M.E.
37-s                  18-s                       Sull. Co.
Jackson Francisco     Blanche Thomas      6/24   Walton   Bap.
41-w                  20-s

Town of Hancock-2nd Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Daniel H Warren       Mary C Doolittle    5/20   Manchester M.E.
24-s                  22-s
Peter Osborn          Catherine Schwartz  12/6   Hancock   ---
34-s                  21-s
Edwin Jenson          Sophia Rolin        7/4    Callicoon M.E.
23-s                  22-s
Royal Lord            Eva Price           12/25  Hancock   Cong.
25-s                  18-s
Samuel N Wheeler      Theodora Lea Burr   2/10   Hancock   M.E.
23-s                  22-s
Stephen E Watson      Emma Bull           10/9   Binghamton M.E.
21-s                  18-s
William Wakeman       Loretta Evans       5/18   Deposit   Bap.
61-w                  41-w

Town of Harpersfield

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Albert Scutt          Edith A Clegg       1/6   Harpersfield M.E.
23-s                  19-s
Jacob Milligan        Phebe A Titus       9/15  Harpersfield Luth
24-s                  26-s
Charles M Hendry      Ala M Humphrey      9/1   Harpersfield Pres
23-s                  20-s
Nelson Seley          Ela Odell           9/10  Delhi       M.E.
23-s                  19-s   
Azah Butler           Ela Youngs          12/25 Deposit   Unknown
27-s                  20-s
Francis Burnett       Malvina Manchester  7/2   Stamford    Bapt.
21-s                  16-s
Philip B Nichols      Emily Goodenough    12/30 Harpersfield Pres
26-w                  25-s
George Walker         Marie Kneeady       2/1   Harpersfield Pres
65-w                  38-s
Samuel Harley         Agnes Kenady        3/20  Harpersfield Pres
25-s                  23-s 

Town of Kortright-1st & 2nd Election Districts 

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Manansa Sanford       Mary H McLaughlin   3/18   Stamford  Presb.
65-w                  55-s
John Mitchel          Fanny Riclo?        6/24   Stamford  Presb.
40-s                  27-s
James H McCraken      Elizabeth Tate      11/20  Kortright Presb.
28-s                  26-s
Wallace Stewart       Jane R Brown        11/11  Kortright Presb.
26-s                  26-s
Thomas A Donnelly     Anna C Bolles       12/2   Kortright Presb.
32-s                  27-s
Henry Fisher          Jennie Douglass     11/5   Kortright Ref.
22-s                  20-s                                 Presb.
Edmund Hughes         Louisa McDonald     3/20   Kortright M.E.
25-s                  25-s

Town of Masonville

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location Church*
John M Parker         Sarah E Northrup    10/15  Norwich
69-w                  49-w
Charles B Hunt        Elizabeth Hill      6/25   Masonville
26-s                  19-s
Peter Cause           Emma Whitman        2/11   Deposit
23-s                  21-s
Sylvester Finch       Elizabeth Birdsall  10/15  Masonville
24-s                  23-s
Francis H Fraser      Hannah M Littebraub 10/27  Masonville
-w                    -s                  or 8/27
Ernest Hutchinson     Emma A Blinco       12/29  Masonville
-s                    -s
Harvey J Travis       Mary E Willis       6/3    Masonville
-s                    -s
W H Scott             Wealthry Dean       1/3    Masonville
23-s                  20-s

Town of Meredith

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Martin L Rynnls?      Maggie Williamson   2/18   Meredith  Presb.
30-s                  23-s
David Blakely         Elizabeth Mern      3/20   Meredith  Presb.
33-w                  24-s
Luther Cramer         Clarinda Smith      4/6    Meredith  Bap.
54-w                  54-w
Stephen Scott         Delia M Campbell    9/16   Meredith  Meth.
25-s                  22-w
Andrew Haselett       Calla Strickland    1/5    Davenport Bap.
27-s                  18-s
Eli D Champlin        Sarah L Barlow      12/9   Meredith  Presb.
30-s                  24-s
Andrew Davie          Elizabeth Archer    2/3    Meredith  Presb.
28-s                  20-s

Town of Middletown-1st & 2nd Election Districts

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Alexander Morrison    Jane Lawson         4/1   Middletown M.E.
25-s                  19-s
John Todd             Harriet Lynch       11/18 Middletown M.E.
54-w                  31-s
James Redmond         Estelle Rikirt      9/25  Middletown M.E.
26-s                  22-s
Seeley Slawson        Roxsalina Ballard   2/23  Delhi      M.E.
25-s                  21-s
Warren Scudder        Mary Hewitt         10/7  Middletown OSB
39-w                  27-s
Andrew McMullen       Achsah Ballard      11/16 Middletown OSB
24-s                  19-s
John P Osterhoudt     Mary Johnson        8/16  Middletown M.E.
21-s                  17-s
Zetus F Searles       Nettie Smith        6/28  Andes      M.E.
22-s                  18-s
Charles M Easley      Laura Green         10/20 Shandaken  M.E.
29-s                  23-s
William W Dimmick     Carrie Elmendorf    8/26  Middletown OSB
19-s                  18-s
Nathan Furman         Libbie Streeter     10/7  Andes      M.E.
30-w                  21-s

Town of Middletown-2nd Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Richard P Osterhoudt  Bertha Bouton       11/1  Middletown M.E.
24-s                  23-s
Samuel P Ives         Fanny(O'Conner) Grant 4/7 Middletown NSB
48-w                  35-w
Orson A Swart         Alice A Decker      1/12  Middletown M.E.
34-s                  22-s
John Y Dumond         Mary(Van Valkenburgh) 11/26 Middletown NSB
63-w                  Schmerhorn 41-w
Solomon Gavett        Clarissa Whitcomb   2/9   Andes      M.E.
30-s                  27-s
Martin Stewart        Julia Van Keureu    12/1  Andes      M.E.
22-s                  18-s
Robert Caimes         Delilah Yaple       12/1  Walton     Presb.
29-s                  26-s

Town of Roxbury-1st Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
John Rundell          Mahala Tripp        4/9    Stamford  Presb.
74-w                  33-s 
George Bunn Jr.       Emma S Clark        10/14  Grand Gorge E.M.
26-s                  18-s
John Ferris           Ellif Rator         11/28  Kingston  E.M.
76-w                  65-w
E G Wing              Julia Wicks         11/1   Roxbury   R.C.
33-s                  38-s
Archible P Crary      Morilia B Ryer      9/2    Flat Creek R.C.
24-s                  30-w
Avey Vandyke          Elizabeth Ceink     6/3    Roxbury   Presb.
21-s                  19-s
Samuel Hailey         Agness Kennady      3/24   Stamford  O.C.
30-s                  23-s
Charles B Hanes      Ida E Crary         11/12  Roxbury   E.M.
21-s                  17-s

Town of Roxbury-2nd Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Merrick Kelly         Phebe J Kelly       11/10 Middletown Bap.
22-s                  26-s
Mathew Misner         Ellen Jenkins       1/15  Roxbury    Meth.
32-s                  31-s
David Todd            Amanda Slawson      7/3   Middletown Meth.
21-s                  20-s
Suly Slawson          Roxy Ballard        2/14  Delhi      ---
24-s                  18-s
Alfred Garroning      Sillah Todd         6/20  Meredith   Bap.
26-s                  22-s

Town of Roxbury-3rd Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Horace Boice          Mary E Davis        9/24   Roxbury   Bapt.
32-s                  20-s
George Willert        Helen Kaltenback    6/16   Roxbury   Ref Ch
30-s                  27-s                                 N.A.
William Townsend      Sarah Matthews      9/30  Middletown Bapt.
24-s                  21-s
William W Mitchell    Mary W Preston      12/29  Roxbury   M.E.
35-s                  38-s
Daniel W Preston      Miranda C Spring    6/6    Blenheim  Ref Ch
44-s                  28-s                       Sch. Co.  N.A.
George Breen          Emma Clark          10/14  Roxbury   M.E.
25-s                  17-s
Edward D Collins      Emma Gilbert        5/26  Middletown M.E.
22-s                  18-s

Frederick Cower       Sarah Townsend      1/26   Roxbury   Ref Ch
65-w                  60-w                                 N.A.
Frank VanValkenburgh  Cassandra Haines    6/24   Roxbury   M.E.
19-s                  17-s
Peter Hillsinger      Betsey Simonson     12/10  Roxbury   M.E.
45-w                  35-w
James W Proper        Rosetta Mackey      12/23  Roxbury   M.E.
22-s                  19-s
Grant Russell         Emma McGarry        8/2    Roxbury   M.E.
27-s                  23-s
Elon G Wing           Julia Wickes        11/6   Roxbury   Ref Ch
35-s                  39-s

Town of Sidney-1st Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
George Evans          Hannah Goodrich     Nov.   Sidney    M.E. 
21-s                  18-s
Duane Hand            Henryett Finch      12/24 Masonville Bap.
21-s                  21-s
Nathan Hall           Jane Walker         2/16   Sidney    M.E.
28-s                  21-s
Leonard Bidwell       Clara Paluck        12/21  Sidney    M.E.
21-s                  19-s
Adebert Root          Delia Dibble        10/15  Sidney    M.E.
23-s                  20-s
Zachery Coy           Fanny E Maxwell     10/24  Unadilla  M.E.
25-s                  18-s

Town of Sidney-2nd and 3rd Election Districts

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Stephen H Waite       Maryette Hodges     10/20  Sidney    Meth.
25-s                  22-s
James Sigsbee         Hannah Sisson       10/29  Otego     Bapt.
24-s                  23-s
William D Edson       Matilda Allen       1/21   Lawrence  Presb.
25-s                  26-s                       Otsego Co.
Carrington Huftalen   Sata Samuels        12/10  Sidney    Presb.
22-s                  25-s
James D Reynolds      Mary White          2/11   Tompkins  Presb.
40-w                  39-s
Charles Nesbith       Hannah Champion     12/22 Richmondville Bap
23-s                  19-s                       Schoharie Co.
John Nichols          Emma J Nichols      12/24  Sidney    Presb.
21-s                  24-s
Arso? Emmerson        Hellen E R Nichols  7/3    Sidney    Christ
20-s                  21-s
Melvin Jerel          Charlotte R Nichols 2/16   Sidney   Justice
21-s                  18-s                                Peace
Joseph Presho         Annah Pugham?       4/21   Norwich   Bap.
24-s                  21-s                       Chenango
William Hodgens       Adelia Slitter      4/11  Bainbridge Justic
17-s                  19-s                      Chenango   Peace

Town of Stamford

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Barney R Fuller       Rosa A Vroman       10/7   Stamford  Bap.
18-s                  18-s
Edward G Canfield     Kate Mickle         5/9    Stamford  Meth.
20-s                  19-s
Ezra Wakeman          Mary E Barlow       6/18   Stamford  Meth.
23-s                  22-s
Lineret? C Hait       Sarah J Gilbert     10/17  Stamford  Pres.
23-s                  20-s
Edward S St. John     Hannah J Tompson    5/12   Hobart    Pres.
26-s                  27-s
Herbert Tanner?       Mary A Jolson       3/17   Bloomville Meth.
29-s                  30-s
Martin H Hait         Almira J Ballard    10/7   Middletown Bap.
25-s                  23-s
Joseph A Hill         Ella P Keeler       1/28   Bloomville Meth.
27-s                  29-s

Town of Tompkins-1st Election District

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Orrin C Smith         Elizabeth Bodley    11/12  Masonville Presb
24-s                  20-s
Lewis Schadding       Elizabeth Schriver  8/9    Masonville Presb
22-s                  20-s
Samuel N Burnside     Harriet Haight      12/28  Masonville M.E.
44-w                  38-s
James H Turner        Lousia Gray         4/4    Tompkins   Bapt.
19-s                  17-s
Lewis L Downs         Sarah E Hulce       11/20  Tompkins   Bapt.
27-s                  19-s
Charles Brown         Hattie Beagle       8/13   Tompkins   Presb
27-s                  21-d
Charles J Evely       Mary J Wilson       8/25   Tompkins   M.E.
28-s                  21-s
Hiram Butler          Margaret Schofield  3/25   Tompkins   Bapt.
27-w                  22-s
Henry Merrill         Ellen M Butler      10/29  Hancock    Bapt.
69-w                  52-w
Olver Bundy           Helen E Dean        9/24   Chicago    Presb
37-w                  31-s
David Williams        Sally E Humphrey    3/25   Tompkins   Presb
59-w                  35-s

Town of Tompkins-2nd & 3rd Election Districts

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Merriam Close         Emma Miles          6/3    Tompkins  M.E.
26-s                  23-s
Harrison Groff        Matilda Maxwell     7/22   Tompkins  M.E.
36-w                  26-w
Charles J Teed        Amelia McLaughlin   1/27   Tompkins  Presb.
31-s                  28-s
John Wakeman          Emma Earl           7/3    Walton    M.E.
19-s                  20-s
James Reynolds        Mary C White        2/11   Tompkins  Presb.
40-w                  38-s
Roswell Smith         Frances Tiffany     12/2   Owego     M.E.
40-s                  22-s
Melvin Sornberger     Lucia Kerr          2/17   Franklin  Presb
24-s                  26-s
Caleb Kelsey          Ellen Sherman       6/3    Tompkins  M.E.
41-w                  20-s 
John W Gransbury      Elmira Cole         7/29   Tompkins  M.E.
27-s                  24-s
George E Littell      Julia Gransbury     3/3    Tompkins  Bapt.
23-w                  17-s
George Taylor         Mary Hall           4/28   Bainbridge M.E.
28-s                  23-s
George Darling        Rosalia Pallamer    10/17  Franklin  Presb
25-s                  25-s
William Brazer        Lousia(Boice) Pank  11/2   Westford  M.E.
44-w                  36-w
George Moore          Mary McLean         10/8   Tompkins  M.E.
21-s                  18-s
Adelbert Boyd         Jennie Webster      11/4   Laurens   Ch. 
19-s                  19-s                                 Cong.
John Martin           Delia Moore         12/2   Tompkins  M.E.
25-s                  19-s
Benjamin Loomis       Amy Knapp           11/9   Hancock   Bapt.
27-s                  19-s  

Town of Walton

Husband                   Wife            Date   Location  Church
Philip Neish           Mary A Fancher      7/1    Walton    Cong.
26-s                  23-s
Walter Frank Randall Lillie Crackman Harris 12/9 Walton    Prot E
22-s                  20-s
David M Scott         Katie Hurdman       3/25  Walton    U.P.
21-s                  28-s
Frederick Hoyt        Maria  Cable Pine   11/25  Walton    P.E.
52-w                  47-w
Albert G Louden       Fidtik? A Bowker    8/22   Walton    U.P.
26-s                  19-s

Andrew J More         Sarah A Silliman    8/28   Walton    Cong.
46-w                  33-s
Jesse S Woode         Sarah S(Osborn) Freer 9/3  Walton    Cong.
67-w                  46-w
Roswell C McCall      Alice E Alexander   9/9    Walton    Cong.
23-s                  19-s
Albert D Peake        Martha M McLaury    9/10   Walton    Cong.
27-s                  25-s
William E Sloat       Sarah K Alexander   10/14  Walton    Cong.
22-s                  21-s
William S Halley      Jennie A Hull       10/31  Walton    Bapt.
24-s                  25-s
Robert Cairns         Deliliah Yaple      10/2   Walton    U.P.
-s                    -s(of Middletown)
Samuel D Burrhas      Maryetta Pierson    12/24  Franklin  Bapt.
24-s                  19-s(of Franklin)
Andrew Miller         Nettie Lathan       1/14   Walton    U.P.
-s(of Hamden)         -s
Chas Vandusin         Caroline Gransbury  1/28   Walton    P.E.
-s(0f Meredith)       -s
Edward S St. John     Hannah J Thomson    5/12   Hobart    ---
26-s                  26-s
Alexander J Bryden    Lousia VanAmburg    2/24   Walton    U.P.
-s(of Andes)          -s(of Delhi)      
* All marriages in Masonville are listed as before a clergyman
   and before witnesses; no specific church mentioned.

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