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Marriage Record Index

transcribed from Original Marriage Record Index at the Delaware County Clerk's Office
prepared by Laurie Kyle, Alan Malz, and Joyce Riedinger

this page established January 18, 1997 - project completed April 16, 1998

The following database was transcribed from Book number one. It starts in February of 1908 and ends in December of 1927. The second book starts where the first one left off. We stopped with the date of 1927 so as not to infringe upon anyone's privacy. There is the human error margin, some had the same bride/groom names, but we tried to cross reference these and correct.

For further information, parents' names, etc., go to Parents' Names

Should you find your ancestor in the index to marriage licenses, you may order a copy of Affidavit (see sample below) by sending a SASE to the Delaware County Clerks Office, P.O. Box 426, Delhi, New York. Cost for each record is $5.00. Please note that the date listed in this index is the date of filing, not the marriage date.

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Place of Registry - Kortright
Date - 13 January 1908              Groom                  Bride

Name                          Phares(Ferris) Edward Baken    Louie Bell Gorse
Color/Age                     W/32                           W/26
Place of Residence            Kortright                      Kortright
Occupation                    Farmer                         School Teacher
Birthplace                    Kortright                      Delhi
Father's Name                 John W. Baken                  Fletch W. Gorse
Father's Birthplace           America                        America
Mother's Maiden Name          Atkins                         Ella Wheeler
Mother's Birthplace           America                        U.S.A.
Date Marriage Performed       15 January 1908
Where Marriage Performed      Bloomville
By whom Marriage Performed    Rev. H. I. Hoag

Place of Registry - Walton
Date - 17 Feb. 1908

Name                          John Elwood Knapp              Georgiana Pine
Color/Age                     W/64                           W/39
Place of Residence            Scranton, Pa.                  Walton, NY
Occupation                    Manufacturer                   Housekeeper
Birthplace                    Colchester                     Walton, NY
Father's Name                 James W. Knapp                 Thomas A. Pine
Father's Birthplace           U.S.                           U.S.
Mother's Maiden Name          Jane Elwood                    Abigal Delamater
Mother's Birthplace           U.S.                           U.S.
Date Marriage Performed       18 Feb. 1908
Where Marriage Performed      Walton
By Whom Marriage Performed    Rev. Gilbert Pember
                              (2nd marriage)

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