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Copy provided by the Delaware County Clerk's Office, Delhi, NY - March 28, 1997

After Delaware County was erected in 1797, from parts of the Counties of Ulster and Otsego, a separate Court System had to be established for it. Jurors, qualified to serve in those courts, were selected from Lists prepared by the Supervisor and Assessors of each respective Town in the County. These Lists were forwarded to the County Clerk and Jury panels were selected from them.

Juror Lists were made up of white male U.S. citizens, who were 21 years old but not 60, and who owned (in Delaware County could also be on land held under lease) of a set value above any mortgage, or other lien thereon. The Juror had to be a resident of the Town for which he was selected a Juror. Jurors became " Incompetent due to incompetency, death, criminality or moving from the Town.

The List that follows, is for the period before and for the period of 1798 through 1800, which was the first Federal Census after the erection of Delaware County. Many Lists from which this was compiled are missing and some Towns included area which later became separate Towns. At the end of this first list is a listing of the Town Officials.


Abby              Peter                                Franklin       1798
Adams             Abel               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Adams             Jesse              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Adams             Justis             Miller            Roxbury        1800
Akely             Jacob              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Akerle            Benjm, Jr.                           Middletown     1798
Akerly            Benjm., Esq.                         Middletown     1798
Akerly            John                                 Middletown     1798
Akerly            William                              Middletown     1798
Allen             Charles            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Allen             Eliphalet          Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Allen             John R.            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Allen             Robert             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Andress           William            Farmer            Walton         1798
Andrews           Samuel             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Andrews           Samuel             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Andrews           Seth                                 Franklin       1798
Andrews           William            Farmer            Delhi          1800
Atwell            Peter              Farmer            Walton         1798
Austin            David              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Austin            Pardon                               Middletown     1798
Austin            Thomas             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Avery             John               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Avery             John               Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Avery             John               Drum Major        Kortright      1800
Avrell            Ebenezer           Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Bachalor          Benjamin                             Colchester     1799
Bailey            Jacob              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Bailey            Jacob              Farmer            Delhi          1800
Baker             Ephraim                              Middletown     1798
Baker             Joseph             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Baley             Thomas             Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Banks             Thaddeus           Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Barker            Richard            Farmer            Delhi          1798
Barker            Richard            Farmer            Delhi          1800
Barlow            Joseph             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Barlow            Samuel                               Middletown     1798
Barnhart          Philip                               Middletown     1798
Barnum            Caleb              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Barnum            Calib                                Kortright      1800  to Meridith
Barnum            Eli                Farmer            Stamford       1798
Barnum            Eliphalet          Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Barnum            Eliphalet          Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Removed
Baroughs          Eden               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Barrett           Ephraim            Gent              Delhi          1800
Barrit            Elida              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Barritt           Ephraim                              Kortright      1800  Removed
Barrow            Daniel                               Middletown     1798
Bartlett          Levi               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Bates             Augustus           Druggist          Harpersfield   1798
Bates             William            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Baxter            Levi               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Beaman            Abel               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Beardsley         Abel               Farmer            Delhi          1800
Beardsley         Benajah            Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Beardsley         Daniel             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Beardsley         Daniel             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Beardsley         David              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Beardsley         Elijah             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Bebee             Samuel, Jr.        Farmer            Walton         1798
Beers             Jabes              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Bellamy           Joel               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Benedict          Ezra               Farmer            Walton         1798
Benedict          Mathew             Farmer            Walton         1798
Benjamin          John               Mason             Roxbury        1800
Bennett           Reuben                               Franklin       1798
Bennett           Silas                                Franklin       1798
Bennit            John               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Berdsell          Elemuel            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Berdsell          John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Betts             Henry                                Franklin       1798
Betts             Peter                                Franklin       1798
Birdsell          Isaac              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Birdsill          Samuel             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Birritt           Francis            Farmer            Stamford       1798
Bolton            Thomas             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Bolton            Thomas             Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Removed
Boomhour          Jacob              Farmer            Delhi          1800
Boomhover         Jacob              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Booth             Erastus            Farmer            Walton         1799
Bord              Abejah             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Bord              Ezekiel            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Borden            Joshua                               Middletown     1798
Borden            Joshua                               Middletown     1798
Boroman           Amos               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Boroughs          William            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Bostwick          David              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Bostwick          David              Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Boughten          James              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Boughten          Samuel             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Boughton          David              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Bouton            James              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Bouton            Samuel             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Bowers            Azel                                 Franklin       1798
Bradley           Peter              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Bradley           Roswell                              Colchester     1799
Bradt             Rufus              Farmer            Walton         1799
Brewer            David              Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Brewer            Elias              Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Brion             Elijah                               Franklin       1798
Bristol           John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Bristol           Richard            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Bromley           William            Farmer            Delhi          1798
Brooks            Gilbert            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Brooks            Thomas             Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Brooks            Thomas             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Brown             James              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Brown             John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Brown             John H.                              Middletown     1798
Brownell          Isaac              Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Brundiege         James                                Middletown     1798
Brush             Alex               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Brush             Eliphalet          Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Buck              Cephas                               Franklin       1798
Buck              Richard                              Franklin       1798
Bugbee            George                               Middletown     1798
Burgess           Archibald          Farmer            Stamford       1798
Burr              Jehu                                 Middletown     1798
Burrett           Francis            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Burris            Hubbard            Farmer            Walton         1799
Burrit            Philip             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Burt              Luther                               Franklin       1798
Butler            Comfort            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Butler            Elias              Merchant          Walton         1798
Butler            Elias              Merchant          Walton         1799
Butts             Jeremiah           Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Camfield          Elijah             Miller            Stamford       1798
Camfield          Ira                Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Campbell          James              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Camphield         Ira                Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Cannon            Blossom            Farmer            Walton         1799
Cannon            Clark              Farmer            Walton         1798
Cannon            Weight             Farmer            Walton         1799
Carles            Thomas             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Carpenter         William            Farmer            Delhi          1798
Carpenter         William            Farmer            Delhi          1800
Case              Roger                                Franklin       1798
Case              Roger              Farmer            Walton         1799
Chamberlin        Jarus                                Franklin       1798
Charchell         Stephen            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Chase             Walter             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Chisholm          William            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Clark             Daniel             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Clark             David              Farmer            Delhi          1800
Clark             Frances            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Clark             Francis            Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Clark             Henry              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Clark             John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Clark             Josiah             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Clark             Phineas            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Clark             Uriah                                Franklin       1798
Cleveland         Josiah, Jr.        Farmer            Walton         1798
Coddington        Joseph             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Coddington        Joseph                               Colchester     1799
Conklin           Eleazer            Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Conkling          Eleazor                              Colchester     1799
Cooley            Benajah            Farmer            Walton         1798
Cooley            Samuel             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Coon              Abraham            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Coon              Abraham            Farmer            Stamford       1798
Cornell           William            Farmer            Delhi          1798
Cornell           William            Farmer            Delhi          1800
Craig             Andrew             Farmer            Walton         1798
Crane             James                                Colchester     1799
Crane             Simeon                               Kortright      1800  to Meridith
Crane             Simion             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Cranton           Samuel             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Crawford          Alexander          Farmer            Walton         1799
Crawford          Joseph             Farmer            Walton         1799
Crippen           Roswell                              Colchester     1799
Crosby            Thomas, Esq                          Middletown     1798
Dale              Alexander          Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Dales             William            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Daniel            Charles            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Darlin            Daniel                               Kortright      1800  Removed
Darling           Daniel             Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Darrow            Isaac              Esqr              Walton         1798
Davis             Abner              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Davis             Gersham            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Davis             Joseph             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Davis             Nehemiah           Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Dayton            Isaac              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Delemarter        John                                 Middletown     1798
Demoney           Henry              Wainwright        Roxbury        1800
Denio             Joseph             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Denio             Joseph             Gent.             Delhi          1800
Denio             William            Gent.             Delhi          1800
Deniston          John               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Dennis            Thomas             Millwright        Walton         1799
Denton            John               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Desbrow           Henery             Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Dewa              John                                 Franklin       1798
Dewa              John, Jr.                            Franklin       1798
Dewey             Heman              Merchant          Stamford       1798
Dibble            Daniel             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Dibble            Daniel                               Kortright      1800  to Meridith
Dibble            Henry, Jr.         Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Dickson           John                                 Middletown     1798
Dimmick           Isaac              Farmer            Walton         1799
Dimmick           Shubel                               Middletown     1798
Disbrow           David              Mason             Roxbury        1800
Disbrow           Henry              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Doan              Samuel             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Dodge             Joseph             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Dodge             Joseph             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Doll              William                              Colchester     1799
Douglas           William            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Douglass          James, Jr.         Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Downs             Abel               Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Dumond            David                                Middletown     1798
Dumond            John                                 Middletown     1798
Dunbar            Thomas             Taylor            Harpersfield   1798
Dunham            William            Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Dunham            William                              Colchester     1799
Durfee            James              Farmer            Walton         1798
Dutcher           Simeon             Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Removed
Dutcher           Simion             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Earley            Gilbert                              Colchester     1799
Edgerton          Nathan, Jr.                          Franklin       1798
Edmonds           Andrew                               Middletown     1798
Edwards           Henry              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Edwards           Henry              Farmer            Delhi          1800
Edwards           Joseph             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Eells             John               Innkeeper         Walton         1798
Eliott            David                                Franklin       1798
Ellesworth        Joseph             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Emerson           Nathaniel          Farmer            Walton         1798
Emmons            Asa                Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
English           Robert             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Evens             William                              Franklin       1798
Everson           Nicklus            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Every             John                                 Middletown     1798
Every             Joseph                               Middletown     1798
Every             Uriah                                Middletown     1798
Fallet            Calven             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Fallet            Robert             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Farres            Samuel             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Farrington        Putnam             Gent.             Delhi          1800
Fay               Charles                              Middletown     1798
Fenn              Theophelus         Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Removed
Fenn              Theophilus         Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Ferguson          James              Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Field             William            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Fisher            George             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Fisk              Joseph             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Fitch             Silas                                Franklin       1798
Fitch             William            Farmer            Walton         1798
Flint             Edward             Saddler           Delhi          1800
Follett           James                                Franklin       1798
Ford              Ansyl                                Franklin       1798
Ford              Joseph             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Foster            David              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Fox               Allen              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Freeman           Jonathan           Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Frisbee           Gideon             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Frisbee           Gideon             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Frisbee           Samuel             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Frisby            Beniman            Merchant          Roxbury        1800
Fullar            Nathan, Jr.                          Colchester     1799
Fullar            Stephen                              Colchester     1799
Fuller            Benjamin           Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Fuller            John               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Fuller            Nathan             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Fuller            Samuel             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Furman            William            Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Furman            William                              Colchester     1799
Gager             Oliver                               Franklin       1798
Gassling          Richard                              Colchester     1799
Gaylord           Jedediah           Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Gaylord           Joel               Cord Wainer       Harpersfield   1798
Gee               Joshua             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Gee               Joshua                               Colchester     1799
Genung            Jeremiah                             Colchester     1799
Genung            John               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Gernsey           David              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Gernsey           Isaac              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Gibbs             Cyrenus            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Gilbert           Jessa              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Goble             Abner              Blacksmith        Walton         1799
Gold              Abraham            Farmer            Stamford       1798
Gold              Isaac              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Goodrich          Isaac              Farmer            Walton         1798
Goodrich          James              Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Goodrich          Jared              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Goodrich          Michael            Farmer            Walton         1798
Goodrich          Michael, Jr.       Carpenter         Walton         1798
Goodrich          Silas              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Goslin            Richard            Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Gould             Abraham            Blacksmith        Roxbury        1800
Grant             Alexander          Farmer            Stamford       1798
Grant             Alexander, Jr.     Farmer            Stamford       1798
Grant             Allen              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Grant             John                                 Middletown     1798
Grantt            James              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Graves            Silvenus           Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Green             Silas              Farmer            Delhi          1800
Green             Solomon, Jr.                         Franklin       1798
Gregory           Abijah             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Gregory           Abijah             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Gregory           Daniel                               Colchester     1799
Gregory           Russel             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Gregory           Russel                               Colchester     1799
Grennel           Chapman            Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Griffin           Heth               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Griffin           William            Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Griswold          Thomas W.          Innkeeper         Walton         1798
Hager             Peter              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Hait              Ezra               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Hall              Adam               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Hall              Robert             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Hall              Robert             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Hamilton          Eadon              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Handford          Garshom            Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Handford          Gersham            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Handford          Josiah             Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Hanford           Gersham            Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Hanford           Moses              Farmer            Walton         1798
Hanford           Samuel             Farmer            Walton         1798
Hanford           Uriah              Merchant          Walton         1798
Hardenbergh       Isaac              Merchant          Roxbury        1800
Harkness          Thomas             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Harper            Henry              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Harper            James              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Harper            John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Harper            William            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Harper            William            Weaver            Harpersfield   1798
Harris            Daniel, Jr.        Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Harris            John G.            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Harris            Robert             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Harris            Robert             Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Hartwell          Samuel             Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Hathway           Jacob              Farmer            Walton         1799
Hawk              George             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Hawk              John               Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Hawk              John                                 Colchester     1799
Hawly             Abraham            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Hayes             John               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Hendershot        Michal             Shoemaker         Roxbury        1800
Hendry            John               Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Hendry            William            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Henry             Jonathan           Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Herick            Ebenr              Blacksmith        Stamford       1798
Heth              David              Taylor            Harpersfield   1798
Hicks             Ambros             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Hicks             Ambros             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Hicks             Levy               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Higby             Peter                                Franklin       1798
Hitt              Henry              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Hitt              Jared                                Colchester     1799
Hitt              John               Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Holister          Josiah                               Franklin       1798
Holladay          William            Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Holmes            Peter              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Holms             Peter                                Colchester     1799
Honewell          Isreal                               Kortright      1800  to Meredith
Honeywell         William            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Hopkin            Augustas           Yeoman            Walton         1798
Horton            John                                 Colchester     1799
Hotchkess         Ebenezer           Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Hotchkess         Roswell            Merchant          Harpersfield   1798
Howard            James              Innkeeper         Delhi          1798
Howard            James              Farmer            Delhi          1800
Howard            John               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Howel             George             Carpenter         Roxbury        1800
Howell            Abraham                              Franklin       1798
Howell            Isaac                                Franklin       1798
Howell            Isaac, Jr.                           Franklin       1798
Hoyt              Jared              Mason             Walton         1798
Hoyt              Thaddeus           Farmer            Walton         1798
Hubbard           Joel               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Hubbell           Enach                                Middletown     1798
Hubble            John               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Hubble            Samuel             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Hubby             Joshua             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Hull              Aaron                                Middletown     1798
Hull              Ebenezer                             Middletown     1798
Hull              Elijah                               Middletown     1798
Hull              Peter              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Humeston          Giles              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Hunt              Benjamin           Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Hunt              Peter              Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Hunter            Daniel                               Colchester     1799
Huston            Isaac              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Huyck             Jacob              Farmer            Walton         1799
Hyde              Azel               Farmer            Walton         1798
Inman             Eseck              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Jackeuish         John               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Jackson           Gershum                              Middletown     1798
Jackson           Mekir                                Middletown     1798
Jearom            John               Farmer            Delhi          1800
Jenkens           Samuel             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Jenkins           Nathan             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Jennings          Peter, Jr.         Farmer            Stamford       1798
Jerome            Timothy            Farmer            Delhi          1798
Jessupp           Abraham                              Colchester     1799
Jinkins           Nathaniel          Farmer            Stamford       1798
Jinkins           Samuel             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Johnson           Hugh                                 Franklin       1798
Johnson           Shubael            Farmer            Walton         1799
Johnson           Solomon            Farmer            Walton         1798
Johnson           Witter                               Franklin       1798
Johnston          Ezekiel            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Johnston          Samuel             Farmer            Walton         1798
Jones             Richard                              Colchester     1799
Joy               Gershom            Farmer            Walton         1798
Judd              Stephen            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Judd              William, Jr.       Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
June              Daniel             Farmer            Walton         1798
Keaton            William            Cooper            Roxbury        1800
Keator            John               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Keator            Joseph             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Kellogg           Benjamin           Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Kellogg           Benjamin           Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Kellogg           Nathan             Farmer            Walton         1799
Kettle            Frederick                            Middletown     1798
Kidder            John               Farmer            Delhi          1800
Kidzie            Adam               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Kiff              Andrew             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Knapp             Enoch              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Knapp             Enoch                                Colchester     1799
Knapp             Jehu               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Knapp             John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Knapp             Peter              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Knapp             Samuel             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Kneeland          Samuel                               Franklin       1798
Kneeland          Timothy                              Franklin       1798
Krouskoup         John                                 Colchester     1799
Lake              Abraham                              Middletown     1798
Lake              Isaac                                Middletown     1798
Lakin             Joel                                 Colchester     1799
Lamb              John               Merchant          Stamford       1798
Lamb              William            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Lamb              William            Joiner            Stamford       1798
Laraway           David              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Laraway           Jonas              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Larrva            John B.            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Larrva            Jones              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Lawrence          Clark                                Franklin       1798
Lawrence          John                                 Middletown     1798
Lawson            Peter              Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Leal              Henry              Farmer            Delhi          1800
Leal              James              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Ledue             Peter                                Middletown     1798
Lee               John               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Lee               Nathan             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Lee               Nathan             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Lendsley          Matthew            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Lewis             Samuel                               Colchester     1799
Little            Ephraim                              Franklin       1798
Loveland          Abner                                Franklin       1798
Loveland          Eliphas                              Franklin       1798
Loveland          Eliphas, Jr.                         Franklin       1798
Loveland          William                              Franklin       1798
Lowdon            Robert             Yeoman            Kortright      1799
M'farland         John               Yeoman            Kortright      1799  one of the Justis.
Mabee             Daniel             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Mabee             Daniel             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Mack              Joel               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Mack              Orlander           Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Man               Whiting            Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Mark              John               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Marselus          Isaac              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Marsh             Charles            Farmer            Walton         1798
Marshall          Henry              Physician         Kortright      1798
Marvin            Anthony            Attorney          Kortright      1800
Mason             George             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Matthews          Gilbert                              Middletown     1798
Matthews          Stephen                              Middletown     1798
Maxwell           Alexander          Farmer            Delhi          1798
Maxwell           Alexander          Farmer            Delhi          1800
Maxwell           Christopher        Carpenter         Delhi          1800
Maynard           Stephen            Farmer            Stamford       1798
McCall            Benajah            Farmer            Walton         1798
McCall            Ira                                  Franklin       1798
McClaughry        Joseph             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
McClaughry        Thomas             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
McClaughry        Thomas, Jr.        Yeoman            Kortright      1799
McClelland        John               Farmer            Delhi          1800
McClure           William            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
McClure           William            Yeoman            Kortright      1799
McCullough        John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
McDonald          Alexander          Farmer            Stamford       1798
McDonald          John               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
McFarland         David              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
McFarland         John               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
McFarlane         Joseph, Jr.        Farmer            Delhi          1798
McGillevrae       Alexander          Farmer            Stamford       1798
McIlwain          Gain               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
McIntire          Dougal             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
McKee             Alexander          Weaver            Delhi          1800
McKee             William            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
McMorriss         Armstrong          Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
McPherson         Alexander          Farmer            Stamford       1798
McPherson         John               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Mead              Abner              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Mead              David              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Mead              James              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Mead              King               Farmer            Walton         1798
Merick            Joseph                               Franklin       1798
Merick            Perez                                Franklin       1798
Mericle           John                                 Middletown     1798
Merricen          James              Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Merwin            David              Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Milk              Jonathan                             Middletown     1798
Mill              Alexander          Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Removed
Millar            James                                Colchester     1799
Miller            Enoch              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Miller            James              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Mills             Alexander          Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Mills             Hugh               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Mitchel           Nathaniel          Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Mitchel           William            Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Removed
Mitchell          Joseph             Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Mitchell          Nathaniel          Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Mitchell          William            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Moffitt           Isaac              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Monfort           Peter              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Montgomery        John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Moore             John               Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Moore             Robert                               Middletown     1798
More              Alixander T.       Farmer            Roxbury        1800
More              John                                 Colchester     1799
More              John T.            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
More              Robert             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
More              Robert             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Morreson          James              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Mors              Joseph             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Morse             Benjamin           Blacksmith        Harpersfield   1798
Munn              Reuben             Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Munn              Whiting                              Kortright      1800  to Meridith
Murdock           John               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Murdock           John               Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Removed
Murwin            Stephen            Blacksmith        Roxbury        1800
Myers             Henry                                Middletown     1798
Nash              Johnson            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Nervill           Robert             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Newel             Robert             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Newton            John                                 Middletown     1798
Nickols           Ezra               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Noble             Zadock                               Franklin       1798
North             Gabriel            Farmer            Walton         1799
North             Gabriel            Farmer            Walton         1799
North             Robert             Farmer            Walton         1798
Northtrip         Joseph             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Odel              Uriah              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Odell             Jeremiah           Farmer            Delhi          1798
Ogden             Abraham            Millwright        Walton         1798
Ogden             Isaac              Millwright        Walton         1798
Osborn            David              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Osborn            Eleazar            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Osborn            Peter, Jr.         Farmer            Stamford       1798
Osborn            Samuel                               Franklin       1798
Ostrom            John               Farmer            Walton         1799
Palmer            Jesse              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Palmer            Stephen            House carpenter   Delhi          1798
Palmerter         Stephen                              Kortright      1800  Incompetent
Palmeter          Stephen            Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Parker            Amos                                 Middletown     1798
Parker            Dan                                  Franklin       1798
Parker            Enos                                 Franklin       1798
Parks             Jonas              Silversmith       Walton         1799
Parson            Solomon            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Patchin           Josiah             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Patchin           Josiah             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Patterson         Hezekiah           Farmer            Delhi          1800
Patterson         Michal             Weelright         Roxbury        1800
Patterson         Michel             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Peak              Roswell            Gent.             Delhi          1800
Peek              Oliver             House carpenter   Delhi          1798
Peek              Roswell            House carpenter   Delhi          1798
Penfield          Ebenezar           Blacksmith        Harpersfield   1798
Penfield          Peter              Blacksmith        Harpersfield   1798
Peters            Richard            Farmer            Stamford       1798
Phenix            James F.                             Middletown     1798
Pierce            Aazor                                Colchester     1799
Pierce            Benjamen           Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Pierce            Isaac              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Pine              Benjamin                             Colchester     1799
Pine              John               Farmer            Walton         1798
Pine              Joshua             Esqr              Walton         1798
Pine              Philip             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Place             Daniel             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Platner           Jacob              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Platner           Jacob F.           Farmer            Delhi          1800
Polley            John               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Prentice          Daniel             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Prentice          David, Jr.         Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Prentice          Gilbert            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Quier             Thaddeis           Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Raymond           David              Farmer            Walton         1798
Raymond           Thomas             Carpenter         Walton         1798
Reynolds          Andrew             Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Richard           Nehemiah           Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Rickie            Andrew             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Rider             John               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Robinson          Daniel             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Robinson          Daniel             Blacksmith        Stamford       1798
Robinson          Ebenezer           Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Robinson          Isaker             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Robinson          Stephen            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Rof               Henry                                Colchester     1799
Roff              Christopher                          Colchester     1799
Root              Daniel                               Franklin       1798
Root              Seth               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Root              Seth               Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Roth              Edwards            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Rowlins           Aaron              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Ruff              Henery             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Ruff              John                                 Kortright      1800  Removed
Ruland            Obadian            Farmer            Delhi          1798
Rull              John               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Rumsey            Joshua                               Colchester     1799
Sackrider         Solomon            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Sampson           Ezekiel                              Colchester     1799
Sands             Benj.                                Colchester     1799
Sands             Benjamin           Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Sands             George, Esq.                         Middletown     1798
Sanford           Cyrenus                              Middletown     1798
Sanford           Darius                               Middletown     1798
Sanford           Hezekiah                             Middletown     1798
Sanford           William                              Middletown     1798
Saroyer           John               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Scharmerhorn      Casparis           Tanner            Roxbury        1800
Scott             Elijah             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Scuder            Jotham W.          Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Sears             Eli, Esq.                            Middletown     1798
Sears             Richard            Farmer            Stamford       1798
Seward            Aaron, Jr.         Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Sharmon           George                               Middletown     1798
Shaver            Adam                                 Middletown     1798
Shaver            Jacob                                Middletown     1798
Shearman          Peter              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Sheldon           Jeremiah           Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Sheldon           Jeremiah           Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Incompetent
Sheldon           Jonathan           Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Shout             Emanuel            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Sillaman          Isaac              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Simmoson          John               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Simoson           John               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Sines             John               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Sines             John               Farmer            Delhi          1800
Sixsmith          Michael            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Sixsmith          William            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Sloan             Hugh               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Slocum            Ebenezer           Farmer            Delhi          1800
Slouter           Alabortis                            Middletown     1798
Smead             Daniel                               Middletown     1798
Smith             Alexander                            Franklin       1798
Smith             Daniel             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Smith             Daniel             Yeoman            Kortright      1799  Removed
Smith             David              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Smith             David              Farmer            Walton         1798
Smith             Ebenezar           Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Smith             Eliphalet                            Franklin       1798
Smith             Frederick          Cord Wainer       Harpersfield   1798
Smith             Hubbard            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Smith             James, 2nd         Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Smith             Noah               Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Smith             Peter              Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Smith             Rheuben S.                           Franklin       1798
Smith             William            Removed           Kortright      1800  Removed
Snyder            Zachariah          Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Snyder            Zachariah          Farmer            Stamford       1798
Sole              John               Carpenter         Roxbury        1800
Soper             Jonah              Farmer            Delhi          1800
Soper             Jonas              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Spalding          Philip             Physician         Colchester     1798
Spalding          Phillup                              Colchester     1799
Sprague           Abraham            Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Sprague           Abraham                              Colchester     1799
Springs           Ephraim                              Franklin       1798
Squier            David              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Squire            David              Farmer            Stamford       1798
St. John          David              Farmer            Walton         1798
St. John          Sillick            Farmer            Walton         1798
St.John           John               Shoemaker         Walton         1798
Starr             Eleazar            Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Steel             Nathaniel          Farmer            Walton         1798
Stevens           Nathan             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Stevens           Nathan             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Stevens           Samuel             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Steward           Samuel                               Kortright      1800  Removed
Stewart           Jesse              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Stewart           Samuel             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Stilson           Jeremiah                             Middletown     1798
Stilson           Nathan                               Franklin       1798
Stilwell          Daniel             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Stilwill          Daniel                               Kortright      1800  Removed
Stocking          Alvin                                Franklin       1798
Stockton          Charles W.         Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Stout             David              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Stout             George             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Stoutenborough    Luke               Yeoman            Kortright      1800
Stratton          Joseph             Merchant          Roxbury        1800
Stratton          Joseph             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Stratton          Joseph             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Stratton          Samuel             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Strong            Caleb              Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Strong            Calib                                Kortright      1800  to Meridith
Sturges           Perry              Farmer            Stamford       1798
Sutten            Caleb              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Sutten            Henery             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Taylor            Andrew             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Taylor            Friend                               Franklin       1798
Terry             Urbanna            Farmer            Delhi          1798
Terry             Urbanna            Farmer            Delhi          1800
Thompson          Hugh                                 Franklin       1798
Thompson          John               Taylor            Stamford       1798
Thopp             Nathan             Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Thornton          Ezra               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Thorp             Daniel             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Thorp             Joseph             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Thorrington       Ezra                                 Kortright      1800  to Meridith
Tidd              Philip             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Tidd              Phillup                              Colchester     1799
Tidd              Samuel             Farmer            Walton         1798
Tiffany           Nath. C.           Farmer            Delhi          1798
Tilly             Ruban              Blacksmith        Roxbury        1800
Titus             Silas                                Franklin       1798
Titus             Silas, Jr.                           Franklin       1798
Tomkins           Joshua                               Middletown     1798
Tousley           Samuel             Blacksmith        Walton         1798
Townsend          Isaac              Farmer            Walton         1798
Townsend          Richard                              Colchester     1799
Townsend          William            Farmer            Walton         1799
Travis            Joshua             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Tredwell          Humphrey           Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Trip              Anthony                              Kortright      1800  to Meridith
Tripp             Anthony            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Turner            Paul               Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Tyler             Jehiel             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Tylor             Jehiel                               Colchester     1799
VanDemarck        Frederick          Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Vanderbogart      Peter P.                             Colchester     1799
Vanderzee         Garret                               Middletown     1798
Vanloon           Abraham            Farmer            Stamford       1798
Vanwagenen        Simeon                               Middletown     1798
Vanwagonen        John                                 Middletown     1798
Vermilya          Edward             Shoemaker         Roxbury        1800
Vermilya          William            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Waggonen          Henry              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Wainrite          David C.           Tanner            Stamford       1798
Wakeman           James              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Walker            Phillip            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Walker            Sulivan            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Walker            William            Yeoman            Kortright      1798
Wambugh           William                              Colchester     1799
Ward              Reuben             Farmer            Delhi          1798
Ward              Reuben             Farmer            Delhi          1800
Wardwell          William            Yeoman            Kortright      1799
Wardwell          William                              Kortright      1800  Incompetent
Waring            Ephraim            Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Warner            Enos               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Washburn          Ebenezer B.                          Middletown     1798
Waterman          David B.                             Franklin       1798
Watkens           Robert             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Watkin            Russel             Tanner            Harpersfield   1798
Watson            William            Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Wattles           Jehiel                               Franklin       1798
Wattles           Roger                                Franklin       1798
Webb              Jeremiah           Farmer            Stamford       1798
Webb              Joseph             Farmer            Walton         1799
Webster           Joshua             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Webster           Michael                              Franklin       1798
Weed              James              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Weed              Jones              Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Whitaker          Esquire            Yeoman            Colchester     1798
White             John               Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Whitney           Seth               Farmer            Delhi          1798
Whitney           Seth               Farmer            Delhi          1800
Wickham           John               Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Wiesmer           George             Joiner            Delhi          1798
Wight             John               Farmer            Stamford       1798
Wight             Joshua             Farmer            Roxbury        1800
Willcox           David              Blacksmith        Harpersfield   1798
Willcox           Eliab              Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Willey            Eleazor                              Middletown     1798
Williams          Ebenezer                             Franklin       1798
Willson           Daniel                               Colchester     1799
Willson           Daniel, Jr.                          Colchester     1799
Willson           Isaac                                Colchester     1799
Willson           Isaac D.                             Colchester     1799
Wilson            Daniel             Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Wilson            Daniel, Jr.        Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Wilson            Isaac              Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Wilson            Isaac D.           Yeoman            Colchester     1798
Wilson            James                                Middletown     1798
Winn              Jesse                                Middletown     1798
Winn              John                                 Middletown     1798
Wood              Palmer             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Wood              Philip                               Middletown     1798
Wood              William                              Middletown     1798
Wool              Robert             Yeoman            Harpersfield   1798
Woolf             Michael                              Colchester     1799
Woolsey           Daniel             Farmer            Stamford       1798
Worden            Joseph                               Middletown     1798
Wright            Gilbert                              Kortright      1800  Removed
Wright            Jacob              Farmer            Delhi          1798
Yaple             Christian                            Middletown     1798
Yaple             Nickolas                             Middletown     1798
Yaples            Philip                               Middletown     1798
Yendes            George             Innkeeper         Delhi          1798

Town Officials

Beardsley      Benajah                    1798   Kortright           
Beardsley      Elijah      Assessor       1800   Delhi               
Betts          Peter       Inspector      1798   Franklin            
Cannon         Clark       Assessor       1799   Walton              
Cermilya       Edward      Assessor       1800   Roxbury             
Clark          Josiah      Assessor       1800   Kortright           
Cornell        William     Assessor       1798   Delhi               
Crosby         Thomas                     1798   Middletown          
Daniel         Charles     Assessor       1800   Roxbury             
Danniston      John                       1799   Kortright           
Darrow         Isaac       Assessor       1798   Walton              
Denio          Joseph      Assessor       1800   Delhi               
Dibell         Daniel                     1799   Kortright           
Doll           Adam        Supervisor     1798   Colchester          
Downs          Abel        Supervisor     1799   Colchester          
Eells          John        Assessor       1798   Walton              
Fay            Charles                    1798   Middletown          
Foote          Ebenezer    Supervisor     1798   Delhi               
Frisbee        Gideon      Assessor       1798   Delhi               
Frisbee        Gideon      Supervisor     1800   Delhi               
Gaylord        Levi        Clerk          1798   Harpersfield        
Grantt         James       Assessor       1798   Stamford            
Hager          Peter       Assessor       1798   Colchester          
Hardenbergh    Isaac       Supervisor     1800   Roxbury             
Hayes          Nehemiah    Assessor       1798   Stamford            
Hayes          Nehemiah    Assessor       1800   Roxbury             
Hendry         David       Assessor       1798   Harpersfield        
Henry          Jonathan                   1799   Kortright           
Holaday        William     Assessor       1799   Colchester          
Lamb           Patrick     Supervisor     1798   Stamford            
Lawrence       Chauncey                   1798   Kortright           
Lawrence       Chauncey                   1799   Kortright           
Lawrence       Chauncey    Town Clerk     1800   Kortright           
Lawrence       Chauncy     Town Clerk     1799   Kortright           
Leal           Alexander   Assessor       1798   Delhi               
Leal           James                      1799   Kortright           
Lear Jun       Alexander                  1798   Kortright           
Marshall       Henry                      1799   Kortright           
Marvine        Anth.                      1798   Kortright           
McCall         Ephraim     Inspector      1798   Franklin            
McClure        William     Assessor       1800   Kortright           
More           John T.     Assessor       1800   Roxbury             
North          Robert      Supervisor     1798   Walton              
North          Robert      Supervisor     1799   Walton              
Osborn         Elias       Inspector      1798   Franklin            
Phelps         David       Town Clerk     1798   Colchester          
Polley         John        Assessor       1798   Stamford            
Riggs          Matthew     Town Clerk     1798   Delhi               
Root           Erastus     Town Clerk     1800   Delhi               
Sands          George                     1798   Middletown          
Smith          Joseph      Assessor       1800   Kortright           
StJohn         David       Town Clerk     1799   Walton              
StJohn         Sillick     Assessor       1799   Walton              
Van Wagenen    Simeon                     1798   Middletown          
Walker         William                    1799   Kortright           
Wattles        Sluman      Inspector      1798   Franklin            
Weed           James       Assessor       1799   Walton              
Wetmore        James                      1798   Kortright           
Wheeler        Aaron       Supervisor     1798   Harpersfield        
Willcox        John        Assessor       1798   Harpersfield        
Winn           John                       1798   Middletown          
Yeeman         Jonathan    Assessor       1799   Colchester          

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