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Petition of condemnation of lands in Sidney

This is a list of people who were buried in the cemeteries and the different names the cemetery went by. --Linda Ogborn

IN THE MATTER OF the Petition of the COUNTY OF DELAWARE for condemnation of lands for the reconstruction of Bridge No. 1 and approaches on the Sidney Village - Main Street state highway No. 9230, County of Delaware, of a certain cemetery situate in the Village of Sidney, variously known as "Pioneer Burying Ground", "Pioneer Grave Yard", "Sidney Plains Burying Ground", "Pioneer Cemetery" and "Riverside Cemetery", and Alexander Wallace, John Kennedy, John Shaw, John Hamilton, Hamilton Young, Robert R. Waddell, Robert Alexander, Smith Ramadge, Anthony Van Dam, Thomas Marston, David Mathews, Charles Ramadge, John Miller, William Park (Pack), John Moore, James Stewart, Nicholas C. Low (Sow), Francis Stephens, Johnston Fairholme, William Hepple, William Newton, Hugh Gaine, JohnRice, James Leadbetter (Seadbetter), Charles Moore, Peter Middletown, James Rivington, Robert McAlpine, and any other original patentee of the Wallace Patent, if any, if living; and if not living the executors, administrators, heirs at law, next of kin, assignees or devisees of the persons before mentioned; the Trustee or Trustees of said cemetery, if any; the heirs at law and next of kin of the following persons known to be buried therein, to wit: Mercy Green, Henry Dayton, Mary, wife of Henry Dayton, Capt. John Chadic, Charles Parsons, Stanford W. Parsons, Isabella R. Parsons, Mary A. Parsons, Clara A. Parsons, Charles A. Parsons, Robert Avery, John Avery, Sally, wife of John Avery, Sally G., wife of Phinehas Newton, and daughter of John and Sally Avery, John A. Newton, Phinehas Newton, Dinah, wife of Joshua Merserau, Jane M., daughter of J. and Diana, Esther, wife of Jonathan Fitch, Jonathan Fitch, Elienthon Fitch, Charlotte, daughter of A. and L. Craig, Theodore Graves, Theodore Graves, son, Eliza M. Graves, wife, Hannah Westover, Theophilus Westover, Myron, son of Theophilus Westover, Mary Westover, Henrietta Belknap, Sabrina Belknap, Asenath Belknap, Esther M. Tinker, Horace C. Smith, George H. C. Smith, Henry Butterfield, Rosey, wife of Samuel Harris, Jerusha, wife of Linas Chittenden; Village of Sidney, Town of Sidney and the People of the State of New York.
Then following this is the metes and bounds of the property (not included on this web page), and ending with
Dated: August 8th, 1935.

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