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Bibliography for Delaware County, New York
  • Beneath Pepacton Waters
    The history of the farmlands and communities displaced when NYC needed another reservoir
    by Alice Jacobson

  • The Bygone Era - Rafting on the Delaware 1883
    A graphic account of rafting from Delhi, NY, to Philadelphia, PA
    by Joshua Pine, edited by Alice Jacobson

  • Cannonsville, New York 1786-1956
    Published by the History Committee

  • Civil War Record of the 144th Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry
    by James Harvey McKee; originally published as Back In War Times in 1903.
    Reprinted in 1994 - ISBN Number is 0-7884-0007-X.

  • Davenport, Fact and Fancy pawfull text on this websitepaw
    by Mary S. Briggs
    Editor and Co-contributor, Alan M. Strout
    Map and Photo Editor, David M. Griswold
    CD-ROM Editor, Nathan Preston
    CD-ROM Supplement, 'The Davenport Story', Jeffrey C. Griswold
    Davenport Historical Society, 2004

  • Delaware County - Fur Trading to Farming
    by H. Fletcher Davidson
    Published by R. B. Decker Advertising, Inc.
    Printed in June 1976 by Valley Offset, Inc., Deposit, NY

  • Descendants of Henry Hitt of Woodbury, CT
    by Maurice R. Hitt, Jr. C.G., Dunnellon, FL

  • Echoes along the Delaware
    Collection of stories and old photos of settlers near present Pepacton Reservoir. 138pp
    by A & J. Jacobson

  • Lost Villages: Historic Driving Tours in the Catskills pawExcerpt on this websitepaw
    by Mary Robinson Sive
    Delhi, NY: Delaware County Historical Association.
    2nd printing, 2002. 176pp. $15.95
    may be purchased online from

  • Margaretville: History and Stories of Margaretville and Surrounding Area pawfull text on this websitepaw
    by Ethel H.Bussy

  • Old Delaware County
    Memoir of life in Delaware Co. with Indians, treasures, various wars
    by Gertrude F. Horton

  • Recollections - The Town of Tompkins
    by Perry Shelton, Published 1984

  • Scintillator, Nov.,1962 (pamphlet)

  • The History of Delaware County pawfull text on this websitepaw
    by W.W. Munsell- 1797-1880

  • The Spirit of Delaware County - A Look Back from 1976
    Valley Offset, Inc., Deposit, NYv
  • Through the Years 1792 - 1992
    Sidney Center, NY

  • Three Centuries in Delaware County
    by John F. DeVine, pub. 1933

  • Vanished Village
    by Louise Adams Cady, Printed in serial form in the Deposit Courier in 1981

  • Walton Yesteryears
    by Frank and Helen Lane, printed by the Reporter Company, Inc., 1985

  • Water for New York City
    winter 91-'92, spring 92 issues of Kaatskill Life magazine

  • The Winding Delaware
    by Pierre DeNiro, published by Equinunk Historical Society, 1984
    PO Box 41, Equinunk, PA 18417-0041

SECTION 2 - as listed at the New York State Library and Archives at Albany, New York

974.736 qD343 96-6576
The Evolution of Delaware County, New York: being a history of its land / Shirley A. Houck, editor; Vicki Wells, typist; Haley Palmatier, graphics; supervised by Gary L. Cady.
Published 1995

974.736 qD343 92-44637
Cemetery guide for the Town of Davenport, Town of Kortright: also Maryland, Harpersfield, Meredith, South Worcester / edited by the Davenport Historical Society; [Mary S. Briggs, town historian].
Published 1991

974.736 qD343 89-5389
The First Presbyterian Church of Stamford, Delaware County, N.Y.: private records of Rev. L.E. Richards at the First Presbyterian Church, Stamford, Delaware County, N.Y., St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Hobart, town of Stamford, Delaware County, N.Y., the Presbyterian Congregation of Harpersfield, Delaware County, N.Y., Reformed Church of Roxbury, Delaware County, N.Y. / copied, typed, and indexed by Mrs. Jean D. Worden.
Published 1988

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Fuller and Williams families of Delaware County, New York / Joyce Williams Hoffman and C. William Hoffman.
Published 1987

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Two stones for every dirt: the story of Delaware County, New York / Delaware County Historical Association; introduction by Charles D. Cook; text by Douglas DeNatale; photographs edited by Linda B. Norris; book designed and edited by Wray Rominger. DeNatale, Douglas A., 1953-
Published 1987

974.736 S783 88-000208
A Post card portrait, with memorabilia of the Queen of the Catskills Grand Hotel Era, 1883-1942: Stamford, Delaware County, New York.
Published 1986

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1890 military census, Delaware County, New York. Hanson Heritage Publications (Firm)
published 1985

929.374736 qD343 82-37671
Delaware County, New York, genealogical research secrets / as collected by Loren V. Fay.
published 1982

016.974736 qG946 81-29703
Guide to historical resources in Delaware County, New York repositories. New York Historical Resources Center.
Published 1980

974.736 D343
Delaware County's war papers; abstracts of revolutionary war pension applications, pension laws and relevant contemporary events in Delaware County. Edited by Shirley A. Houck, Ann Marie Garti [and] Hugh N. Riddell.
published 1978

970.3 M468 77-20247
Early Indians of Delaware County: the Lenni Lenâgé / by Mary Ann Mayes.
Published 1976

929.2 qF353 74-15165
A genealogical memoir: Ferguson and Campbell [by Harry Earle Campbell and Bessie Campbell Gillette.
Published 1974

974.736 fAh5
Spans of time: covered bridges of Delaware County, N.Y. / written and illustrated by Ward E. Herrmann.
published 1974

317.4736 qU486
Census of Delaware County, New York, 1800. Delamarter, Charles Wesley comp.
Published 1965

974.736 qAb23m V.1-4
Marriages taken from the Delaware Gazette, Delaware County, New York 1819-1895. Barber, Gertrude Audrey.
Published 1958

929.2 qF644
Flower families of Delaware County, New York. Flower, Russell Sheldon.
Published 1957

974.736 Am7
Chapters in the history of Delaware County, New York. Monroe, John Duncan 1878-
published 1949

317.3 U587 REEL 45
Special schedules of the Eleventh Census, 1890, enumerating Union veterans and widows of Union veterans of the Civil War. United States. Census Office. 11th Census, 1890.
Published 1948

974.775 qS22c
Hills of home; including hunters' tales, early settlers, Anthony school, and the old Delaware road in the town of Sanford, Broome County, New York. Colewell, Edith G.
published 1944

333.5 M75
Anti-rent war in Delaware county, New York; the revolt against the rent system. Monroe, John Duncan 1878-
published 1940

974.736 qAb23L V.1-4
Letters of administration of Delaware county, New York. Barber, Gertrude Audrey.
Published 1939

974.736 qAb23
Index of wills of Delaware County, New York, from 1797-1885. Barber, Gertrude Aubrey comp.
Published 1934

813.5 M835j
John and Betty stories; tales of John More and Betty Taylor More, pioneers in Delaware county, New York. More, Grace Van Dyke.
Published 1930

929.2 L6754
Randall Lewis of Hopkinton, Rhode Island, and Delaware County, New York, and some of his descendants; a biography and genealogical record. Lewis, Frank Pardee 1851-
published 1929

929.2 P2692
Eli Parsons of Enfield, Connecticut and Columbia Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and his brother Thomas Parsons of Enfield, Connecticut and town of Franklin, Delaware County, New York. Parsons, John Alfred 1846-
published 1924

940.3747 W241n
Walton world war history; being a brief accunt of the participation, in that struggle, of residents f the town and village of Walton, Delaware County, New York. North,Arthur Walbridge.
Published 1922

974.736 W24
History of Walton, Delaware County, New York.
published 1900

974.736 M98
Delaware County, New York; History of the Century, 1797-1897; paw full text on this website paw
centennial celebration, June 9 and 10, 1897.
Murray, David 1830-1905 ed.
Published 1898

974.736 M98b
Delaware County, New York; Index to History of the Century, 1797-1897; centennial celebration, June 9 and 10, 1897. Tyne, John J. comp.
Published Heart of the Lakes Publishing. Interlaken, New York. July 1973.

974.736 qZA P.2
Biographical review. paw full text on this website paw
This volume contains biographical sketches of the leading citizens of Delaware County, New York.
Published 1895

974.736 R161
Ruts in the road / by John E. Raitt.
Publication 1982

974.736 G69
History of Delaware County, and border wars of New York. paw full text on this website paw
Containing a sketch of the early settlements in the county, and a history of the late anti-rent difficulties in Delaware, with other historical and miscellaneous matter, never before published. By Jay Gould.
Published 1856

929.2 qF969 89-33061
Fuller and Williams families of Delaware County, New York / Joyce Williams Hoffman and C. William Hoffman
. Published 1987

929.2 B258
Family genealogy comprising the ancestry and descendants of Jonathan Barlow and Plain Rogers, of Delaware County, N.Y. [and allied families] ... / compiled and edited by George Barlow. Barlow, George, 1832-
published 1891

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