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Francis Herman Heimer Margaret O. Penet Heimer

FRANCIS HERMAN HEIMER and his wife MARGARET O. PENET HEIMER taken January 1894. The inscription of Margaret's photo reads "Margaret O. Heimer taken January 1894 - Died Aug. 13th at 8:15 A.M. 1894 in her 61th year-A Good Wife and Mother. F.H." - see obit below

Heimer Family Headstone - Andes Cemetery
The Heimer Family Headstone
Civil War picture of
Francis Herman Heimer

see also 144th photo
and "A Review of Events 1828 to 1894: The Memoirs of Francis H. Heimer"

submitted by Sue Hickey,
GG Granddaughter of Francis,
August 2004
Heimer Family Plot (Lot A 3) in the Andes Cemetery with Francis (Franz) Herman Heimer's grave to the front, left from the family stone (born 5 June 1828 - died 10 Feb 1910), and Margaret Olivia Penet Heimer's stone right front (born 21 Sept 1833 - died 13 Aug 1894) . Behind the family marker and to its right is the grave of their son Louis J. (born 15 Feb 1858 - died 1899) and their son Julius's marker is left, behind the family marker ("our Julie") was born 9 July 1860 and died 21 Oct 1869

from The Stamford Recorder, Stamford, N.Y., Aug. 18 1894
On Monday, Mrs. Heimer, who had been ill for some time, breathed her last, at her home in the village of Andes. She was born in the town of Andes, Sept. 21, 1833, consequently her age was nearly 62 years. Her father was Peter Penet, who held the office of town clerk of the town for a quarter of a century. The funeral services were held on Wednesday at 1 p.m., Rev. Robert Knapp, her pastor, officating, assisted by Rev. James Bruce. Mr. Heimer united with the M. E. Church in 1850, and was married in the same year to Francis Heimer. It is not too much to say that the church had no more earnest or efficient member, and the village in which she resided no woman more helpful or better beloved. It was the univeral feeling that a friend, a true christan and one of nature's noble women has been removed. Hearty sympathy goes out to the bereaved husband who very keely feels her loss.

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