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This is a list of feature names in Delaware County as returned from a query to the
Geographic Names information System, April 18, 2001

FEATURE NAME                              TYPE              USGS QUADRANGLE MAP

Abe Lord Creek                            stream            Long Eddy
Achibald Cemetery                         cemetery          Margaretville
Air Shaft Number 3                        locale            Horton
Al Fisher Brook                           stream            Hancock
Andes                                     ppl               Andes
Andes, Town of                            civil             Andes
Andrus Hollow                             valley            Fleischmanns
Apex                                      ppl               Readburn
Arabia                                    ppl               Treadwell
Arbuckle Hollow                           valley            Hamden
Arctic                                    ppl               North Sanford
Arena                                     ppl               Arena
Arena Reservoir                           reservoir         Margaretville
Arkville                                  ppl               Fleischmanns
Arkville Cemetery                         cemetery          Fleischmanns
Ash Clove Brook                           stream            Horton
Ash Run                                   stream            Corbett
Austin Cemetery                           cemetery          Trout Creek
Austin Lincoln Park                       park              Walton West
Bagley Brook                              stream            Hamden
Barbour Brook                             stream            Trout Creek
Barbourville                              ppl               Trout Creek
Barkaboom Mountain                        summit            Arena
Barkaboom Stream                          stream            Lewbeach
Barnes Cemetery                           cemetery          Franklin
Barney Hollow                             valley            Corbett
Bartlett Hollow                           ppl               Franklin
Basin Clove                               valley            Hamden
Basket Pond                               lake              Horton
Basset Brook                              stream            Harpersfield
Bassett Park                              park              Walton East
Batavia Kill                              stream            Fleischmanns
Baxter Brook                              stream            Corbett
Baxter Mountain                           summit            Corbett
Beales Pond                               lake              North Sanford
Bear Brook                                stream            Hancock
Bear Brook                                stream            Corbett
Bear Cub Pond                             lake              Corbett
Bear Kill                                 stream            Prattsville
Bear Spring Mountain                      summit            Walton East
Bear Spring Mountain Game Management Area park              Corbett
Bearpen Hollow                            valley            Horton
Bearpen Mountain                          summit            Prattsville
Beaver Kill                               stream            Fishs Eddy
Beaver Meadow Pond                        lake              Readburn
Beaver Spring Pond                        reservoir         Davenport
Bed Hollow                                valley            Roxbury
Bedell                                    ppl               Fleischmanns
Beech Hill                                summit            Lewbeach
Beech Hill Cemetery                       cemetery          North Sanford
Beers Brook                               stream            Walton East
Beers Brook                               stream            Walton West
Beerston                                  ppl               Walton West
Ben Gray Hollow                           valley            Horton
Benedict Cemetery                         cemetery          Bloomville
Bennett Cemetery                          cemetery          Davenport
Bennett Hollow                            valley            Franklin
Bennett Hollow School                     school            Treadwell
Betts Hill                                summit            Bloomville
Betty Brook                               stream            Hobart
Big Fork Mountain                         summit            Horton
Big Hollow                                valley            Fishs Eddy
Big Pond                                  reservoir         Arena
Big Tom                                   summit            Delhi
Bigger Hollow                             valley            Andes
Bittersweet Hill                          summit            Fishs Eddy
Black Ash Swamp                           swamp             Fishs Eddy
Blakely Cemetery                          cemetery          Davenport
Bloomville                                ppl               Bloomville
Blue Mill Stream                          stream            Hancock
Blue School                               school            Treadwell
Bob, Mount                                summit            Harpersfield
Bobs Brook                                stream            Walton West
Bolton Brook                              stream            Fishs Eddy
Boomhower Hill                            summit            Bloomville
Bouchoux Brook                            stream            Long Eddy
Bouchoux Hill                             summit            Fishs Eddy
Bourn Pond                                lake              Treadwell
Bovina                                    ppl               Hobart
Bovina Center                             ppl               Bloomville
Bovina Mountain                           summit            Hobart
Bovina, Town of                           civil             Bloomville
Brace Hill                                summit            Corbett
Brace Youth Camp                          locale            Trout Creek
Brady Hollow                              valley            Fishs Eddy
Bragg Hollow                              valley            Fleischmanns
Bramley Mountain                          summit            Bloomville
Bramley Mountain School                   school            Bloomville
Brier Creek                               stream            Franklin
Brock Mountain                            summit            Downsville
Brooklyn                                  ppl               Franklin
Brush Brook                               stream            Bloomville
Brush Ridge                               ridge             Fleischmanns
Bryants Brook                             stream            Margaretville
Bryden Hill                               summit            Hamden
Bryden Hill Brook                         stream            Downsville
Brydon Lake                               lake              Andes
Buck Hollow                               valley            Horton
Buffalo Hollow                            valley            Roxbury
Bullet Hole                               valley            Andes
Bullet Hole, The                          valley            Hamden
Bullock Brook                             stream            Trout Creek
Bullock Hill                              summit            Trout Creek
Bundy Hollow                              valley            Sidney
Burnside Hill                             summit            North Sanford
Burnt Hill                                summit            Hobart
Burnwood                                  ppl               Horton
Busfield Pond                             lake              Hancock
Bush Kill                                 stream            Fleischmanns
Bush Kill                                 stream            Lewbeach
Bussey Hollow                             valley            Lewbeach
Butler Brook                              stream            Deposit
Butternut Grove                           ppl               Roscoe
Butts Corner                              ppl               Davenport
Cabin Brook                               stream            Deposit
Cabin Hill Church                         church            Andes
Cable Hollow                              valley            Walton West
Cables Lake                               lake              Downsville
Cadosia                                   ppl               Hancock
Cadosia Creek                             stream            Hancock
Calhoun Hill                              summit            Andes
Camp Deerhead                             locale            Fishs Eddy
Camp Highmount                            locale            Roscoe
Camp Hilltop                              locale            Cannonsville Reservoir
Camp Manitou                              locale            Horton
Camp Pine Cone                            locale            Fishs Eddy
Campbell Brook                            stream            Corbett
Campbell Hollow                           valley            Andes
Campbell Mountain                         summit            Downsville
Canada Falls                              falls             Margaretville
Canada Hollow                             valley            Margaretville
Cannonsville Bridge                       bridge            Cannonsville Reservoir
Cannonsville Dam                          dam               Deposit
Cannonsville Reservoir                    reservoir         Deposit
Carcass Brook                             stream            Corbett
Carmans Notch                             gap               Hobart
Carroll Cemetery                          cemetery          Trout Creek
Carroll Hill                              summit            Trout Creek
Carroll Hollow                            valley            Trout Creek
Carrs Creek                               stream            Unadilla
Castle Hollow                             valley            Fleischmanns
Cat Hollow                                valley            Downsville
Cator Roundtop                            summit            Roxbury
Catskill Park                             park              Margaretville
Cecil, Lake                               lake              Trout Creek
Center Brook                              stream            Davenport
Centerville                               ppl               Readburn
Central High School                       school            Hancock
Central School                            school            Downsville
Central School                            school            Deposit
Chamberlain Brook                         stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Chamberlain Hill                          summit            Oneonta
Chambers Hollow                           valley            Walton East
Chapel Hill School                        school            Franklin
Charlotte Creek                           stream            Oneonta
Charlotte Valley Cemetery                 cemetery          West Davenport
Chase Brook                               stream            Readburn
Cherry Grove Picnic Area                  locale            Corbett
Cherry Ridge                              ridge             Downsville
Cherry Ridge                              ridge             Horton
Chiloway                                  ppl               Horton
China                                     ppl               North Sanford
Chipmunk Hollow                           valley            Walton West
Chisholm Pond                             lake              Treadwell
Churchill Mountain                        summit            Stamford
City Brook                                stream            Fishs Eddy
Clabber Peak                              summit            Trout Creek
Clapper Lake                              lake              Schenevus
Clarks Pond                               lake              North Sanford
Clauson Brook                             stream            Corbett
Clay Hill                                 summit            Prattsville
Cleaver                                   ppl               Walton West
Cobas Hollow                              valley            Hancock
Cobble, The                               summit            Treadwell
Coe Hill                                  summit            Oneonta
Coe Hill School                           school            West Davenport
Colchester                                ppl               Walton East
Colchester Mountain                       summit            Walton East
Colchester, Town of                       civil             Downsville
Cold Spring Creek                         stream            Deposit
Cold Spring Hollow                        valley            Arena
Cole Hill                                 summit            Margaretville
Coles Clove                               valley            Downsville
Columbia Lake                             lake              Deposit
Community Full Gospel Church              church            Readburn
Conklin Hill                              summit            Downsville
Cook Brook                                stream            Roscoe
Cooks Falls                               ppl               Roscoe
Cooks Hollow                              valley            Horton
Coon Hill                                 summit            Hancock
Coon Hill Brook                           stream            Hancock
Corbett                                   ppl               Corbett
Coulter Brook                             stream            Bloomville
Couse Hill                                summit            Unadilla
Covenanter Cemetery                       cemetery          Davenport
Covert Hollow                             valley            Hamden
Cowan Mountain                            summit            Hobart
Craig Hill                                summit            Andes
Cranberry Marsh                           swamp             Fishs Eddy
Crane Hill                                summit            Walton West
Crane Hill                                summit            Unadilla
Crawford Brook                            stream            West Davenport
Creamery Pond                             lake              Davenport
Crescent Hollow                           valley            Hobart
Cross Mountain                            summit            Arena
Croton Union Cemetery                     cemetery          Treadwell
Crystal Brook                             stream            Treadwell
Crystal Brook                             stream            Horton
Crystal Lake                              lake              Cannonsville Reservoir
Dark Hollow                               valley            Fishs Eddy
Davenport                                 ppl               Davenport
Davenport Center                          ppl               West Davenport
Davenport, Town of                        civil             West Davenport
Davis Hollow                              valley            Andes
De Lancey                                 ppl               Hamden
Deer Lake                                 lake              Horton
Deerlick Brook                            stream            Lewbeach
Deerlick Hollow                           valley            Fishs Eddy
Del Savio Airport                         airport           Lewbeach
Delaware Academy and Central School       school            Delhi
Delaware County                           civil             Hamden
Delaware Lake                             lake              Fishs Eddy
Delaware State Forest                     forest            Trout Creek
Delhi                                     ppl               Delhi
Delhi Reservoir                           reservoir         Delhi
Delhi, Town of                            civil             Delhi
Denver                                    ppl               Fleischmanns
Denver School                             school            Fleischmanns
Deposit, Town of                          civil             Cannonsville Reservoir
Devils Backbone                           summit            Hamden
Dingle Hill                               summit            Margaretville
Doe Brook                                 stream            Downsville
Dona Brook                                stream            West Davenport
Doonan Corners                            locale            Davenport
Downs Brook                               stream            Downsville
Downsville                                ppl               Downsville
Downsville Airport                        airport           Corbett
Dry Brook                                 stream            Walton East
Dry Brook                                 stream            Trout Creek
Dry Brook                                 stream            Corbett
Dry Brook                                 stream            Bloomville
Dry Brook                                 stream            Margaretville
Dry Brook                                 stream            Horton
Dry Brook                                 stream            Horton
Dry Brook                                 stream            Readburn
Dry Brook                                 stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Dry Brook Ridge                           ridge             Seager
Dryden Brook                              stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Dryden Community Church                   church            Walton West
Dufton Hollow                             valley            Cannonsville Reservoir
Dunk Hill                                 summit            Walton East
Dunk Hill                                 summit            Treadwell
Dunn Swamp                                swamp             Fishs Eddy
Dunraven                                  ppl               Margaretville
Dutch Hill                                summit            West Davenport
Earlys Flat                               flat              Fishs Eddy
East Branch                               ppl               Fishs Eddy
East Branch Cold Spring Creek             stream            Deposit
East Branch Delaware River                stream            Hancock
East Branch Handsome Brook                stream            Franklin
East Brook                                stream            Readburn
East Brook                                stream            Walton West
East Delhi                                ppl               Delhi
East Masonville                           ppl               Unadilla
East Masonville Creek                     stream            Trout Creek
East Meredith                             ppl               West Davenport
East Platner Brook                        stream            Delhi
East Sidney                               ppl               Franklin
East Sidney Cemetery                      cemetery          Franklin
East Sidney Lake                          reservoir         Franklin
East Trout Brook                          stream            Corbett
Edwards Pond                              lake              Downsville
Eel Weir Hollow                           valley            Fishs Eddy
Elk Brook                                 ppl               Horton
Elk Creek                                 stream            Delhi
Elliott Homestead Landing Strip           airport           Margaretville
Elm Swamp                                 swamp             Fishs Eddy
Elm Tree Ridge                            summit            Fishs Eddy
Emmons Pond                               lake              Oneonta
Emory Brook                               stream            Fleischmanns
Evergreen Hill Cemetery                   cemetery          Unadilla
Fall Clove                                valley            Downsville
Falls Creek                               stream            Delhi
Fan Hill                                  summit            Harpersfield
Farmers Hill                              summit            Margaretville
Feak Hollow                               valley            Walton East
Federal Hill                              summit            Delhi
Federal Hill School                       school            Bloomville
Fergusonville                             ppl               Davenport
Ferris Hill                               summit            Prattsville
Finch Hollow                              valley            Walton West
Fish Brook                                stream            Readburn
Fish Creek                                stream            Fishs Eddy
Fish Hollow                               valley            Walton East
Fishs Eddy                                ppl               Fishs Eddy
Fitches Bridge                            locale            Delhi
Fleischmann Mountain                      summit            Fleischmanns
Fleischmanns                              ppl               Fleischmanns
Flynn Brook                               stream            Lewbeach
Foote Hollow                              valley            Hobart
Fords Hill                                summit            Margaretville
Fork Mountain                             summit            Corbett
Fourth Hollow                             valley            Fishs Eddy
Franklin                                  ppl               Franklin
Franklin Depot                            ppl               Franklin
Franklin, Town of                         civil             Treadwell
Fraser                                    ppl               Hamden
Freer Hollow                              valley            Walton East
Freer Hollow School                       school            Treadwell
French Woods                              ppl               Fishs Eddy
Frisbie Island                            island            Long Eddy
Fuller Hill                               summit            Downsville
Fuller Hollow                             valley            Corbett
Fuller Hollow                             valley            Hamden
Fyffe Cobble                              summit            Hamden
Gallop Hill                               summit            Franklin
Gay Creek                                 stream            Oneonta
Gee Brook                                 stream            Fishs Eddy
Gee Brook                                 stream            Corbett
German Hollow                             valley            Fleischmanns
Gillette School                           school            Unadilla
Gladstone Hollow                          valley            Andes
Glen Burnie                               valley            Bloomville
Glen Burnie School                        school            Bloomville
Goldsmith Cemetery                        cemetery          Treadwell
Gould Pond                                lake              Horton
Goulds                                    ppl               Horton
Graces 4000 Airport                       airport           Hobart
Grand Gorge                               ppl               Prattsville
Grand Gorge                               ppl               Roxbury
Granger Hollow                            valley            Corbett
Grant Cemetery                            cemetery          Harpersfield
Grant Mills                               ppl               Arena
Grays Mountain                            summit            Andes
Green Flats                               flat              Fishs Eddy
Gregory Hollow                            valley            Corbett
Gregory Hollow                            valley            Downsville
Gregorytown                               ppl               Corbett
Gregorytown Cemetery                      cemetery          Corbett
Griffin Hill                              summit            Hobart
Gulf Brook                                stream            Lewbeach
Gun Hollow                                valley            Lewbeach
Gunhouse Hill                             summit            Harpersfield
Hack Flats                                flat              Roxbury
Halcottsville                             ppl               Fleischmanns
Hale Eddy                                 ppl               Deposit
Hambletville                              ppl               Deposit
Hambletville Cemetery                     cemetery          Deposit
Hamden                                    ppl               Hamden
Hamden, Town of                           civil             Hamden
Hancock                                   ppl               Hancock
Hancock Reservoir                         reservoir         Hancock
Hancock, Town of                          civil             Fishs Eddy
Handsome Brook                            stream            Franklin
Handsome Hollow                           valley            Horton
Hanley Corner                             ppl               Fleischmanns
Hardenburgh Falls                         falls             Prattsville
Hardscrabble                              ppl               Roxbury
Harpersfield                              ppl               Harpersfield
Harpersfield, Town of                     civil             Harpersfield
Harvard                                   ppl               Corbett
Harvard Cemetery                          cemetery          Corbett
Hathaway Pond                             lake              Cannonsville Reservoir
Hawk Island                               island            Fishs Eddy
Hawk Mountain                             summit            Readburn
Hawks Hollow                              valley            Downsville
Hawleys                                   ppl               Walton East
Heathen Hill                              summit            Franklin
Hemlock Knoll                             summit            Andes
Hendricks Hollow                          valley            Lewbeach
Herrick Hollow                            valley            Trout Creek
Highland Cemetery                         cemetery          Unadilla
Hobart                                    ppl               Hobart
Hodges Hill                               summit            Franklin
Hoffman Brook                             stream            Horton
Hog Hollow                                valley            Corbett
Hog Mountain                              summit            Fleischmanns
Holliday Brook                            stream            Downsville
Hollister Hill                            summit            Delhi
Holly, Mount                              summit            Walton East
Holmes Hollow                             valley            Hamden
Honest Brook                              stream            Delhi
Hoolihan Brook                            stream            Long Eddy
Horse Brook                               stream            Roscoe
Horse Brook                               stream            Horton
Horton                                    ppl               Horton
Horton Brook                              stream            Horton
Horton Brook Church                       church            Corbett
Hoseaville                                ppl               Davenport
Houck Mountain                            summit            Readburn
Houghtaling Hollow                        valley            West Davenport
Hubbell Corners                           ppl               Roxbury
Hubbell Hill Hollow                       valley            Fleischmanns
Huckleberry Brook                         stream            Arena
Huggins Lake                              lake              Lewbeach
Hughes Brook                              stream            Delhi
Humphries Brook                           stream            Long Eddy
Hungry Hollow                             valley            Deposit
Hunt Hill                                 summit            Lewbeach
Huntley Hollow                            valley            Downsville
Interchange 84                            crossing          Deposit
Irish Mountain                            summit            Roxbury
Ivanhoe                                   ppl               Trout Creek
Ivanhoe Brook                             stream            Trout Creek
Jackson Hill                              summit            Treadwell
Jaclyn Hill                               summit            Harpersfield
James Carl Memorial Heliport              airport           Roscoe
Jensen Hill                               summit            Long Eddy
Johnnie Brook                             stream            Readburn
Johnny Brook                              stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Johnny Ridge                              summit            Fishs Eddy
Johnson Brook                             stream            Hancock
Johnson Hill                              summit            Franklin
Johnson Hollow Brook                      stream            Prattsville
Jones Hollow                              valley            Margaretville
Jump Brook                                stream            Roxbury
Jump Hill                                 summit            Roxbury
Kelly Corners                             ppl               Fleischmanns
Kelsey                                    ppl               Cannonsville Reservoir
Kerrs Creek                               stream            Walton East
Kerry Siding                              ppl               Cannonsville Reservoir
Kerryville                                ppl               Readburn
Kettle Hill                               summit            Margaretville
Keyser Brook                              stream            Davenport
Kidd Brook                                stream            Bloomville
Kiff Brook                                stream            Bloomville
Kilgour Spur                              locale            Long Eddy
Kingswood Camp                            locale            Cannonsville Reservoir
Knapp Brook                               stream            Oneonta
Knowles Brook                             stream            Horton
Kortright Center                          ppl               Davenport
Kortright Creek                           stream            West Davenport
Kortright Station                         ppl               Davenport
Kortright, Town of                        civil             Davenport
Lake Brook                                stream            Hobart
Lake Delaware                             ppl               Andes
Lake Delaware                             reservoir         Andes
Lake Switzerland                          reservoir         Fleischmanns
Lakin Brook                               stream            Fishs Eddy
Lakins Island                             island            Fishs Eddy
Lanfield Hollow                           valley            Roscoe
Lang Hollow                               valley            Horton
Launt Hollow                              valley            Hamden
Launt Pond                                reservoir         Corbett
Laurel Creek                              stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Laurel Hill Cemetery                      cemetery          Deposit
Laurel Lake                               lake              Lewbeach
Lawton Hill                               summit            Franklin
Leonta                                    ppl               Franklin
Liddle Brook                              stream            Andes
Lindsley Hollow                           valley            Corbett
Little Delaware River                     stream            Delhi
Little Fuller Brook                       stream            Corbett
Little Pond                               lake              Arena
Little Red Kill                           stream            Fleischmanns
Little Spring Brook                       stream            Downsville
Locust Hill Cemetery                      cemetery          Hobart
Long Beach Hollow                         valley            Horton
Long Flat                                 ppl               Corbett
Long Flat Cemetery                        cemetery          Corbett
Loomis                                    ppl               Walton West
Loomis Brook                              stream            Trout Creek
Loomis Mountain                           summit            Walton West
Lordville                                 ppl               Long Eddy
Lower Beech Hill Brook                    stream            Lewbeach
Lumbert Hill                              summit            Treadwell
Luzerne                                   ppl               Fishs Eddy
Lyon Mountain                             summit            Hobart
Macgibbon Hollow                          valley            Walton East
Mallory Brook                             stream            Walton East
Margaretville                             ppl               Margaretville
Marvin Hollow                             valley            Walton East
Mary Smith Brook                          stream            Lewbeach
Mary Smith Hill                           summit            Lewbeach
Masonville                                ppl               North Sanford
Masonville, Town of                       civil             Trout Creek
Maxwell Brook                             stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Maynard Hollow                            valley            Fishs Eddy
McCabe Hollow                             valley            Deposit
McCoys Knob                               summit            Hancock
McGregor Mountain                         summit            Stamford
McKee Hill                                summit            Davenport
McMinn Cemetery                           cemetery          West Davenport
McMurdy Brook                             stream            Hobart
McMurdy Hill                              summit            Hobart
Meade Hill                                summit            Fleischmanns
Meeker Hollow                             valley            Fleischmanns
Meekers Hill                              summit            Margaretville
Mellis Brook                              stream            Corbett
Meredith                                  ppl               Delhi
Meredith, Mount                           summit            Delhi
Meredith, Town of                         civil             Delhi
Meridale                                  ppl               Delhi
Merrick Pond                              lake              Readburn
Merrickville                              ppl               Franklin
Methol                                    ppl               Horton
Michigan Hill                             summit            North Sanford
Michigan Hollow                           valley            Deposit
Middle Brook                              stream            Davenport
Middle Brook Hill                         summit            Harpersfield
Middle Mountain                           summit            Lewbeach
Middletown, Town of                       civil             Margaretville
Mill Mountain                             summit            Hobart
Miller Avenue School                      school            Bloomville
Mills Hollow                              valley            Corbett
Mimi, Lake                                lake              Roscoe
Mine Brook                                stream            West Davenport
Mine Hollow                               valley            Fleischmanns
Moffit Settlement Hollow                  valley            Roxbury
Money Point                               cliff             Downsville
Monka Hill                                summit            West Kill
Montgomery Hollow                         valley            Roxbury
More Park                                 park              Walton West
More Settlement                           locale            Roxbury
Moresville Range                          range             Roxbury
Mormon Hollow                             valley            Trout Creek
Morris Hill                               summit            Fleischmanns
Morrison Brook                            stream            Readburn
Morton Hill                               summit            Roscoe
Mountain Brook                            stream            Hobart
Mountain Lake                             reservoir         Arena
Mountain Lake                             lake              Roscoe
Mountain Top Airport                      airport           Davenport
Mud Lake                                  lake              Davenport
Mud Lake                                  lake              West Davenport
Mud Lake                                  lake              Davenport
Mud Lake                                  lake              Lewbeach
Mud Pond                                  lake              Roscoe
Mundale                                   ppl               Treadwell
Murphy Hill                               summit            Andes
Murphy Hill Brook                         stream            Downsville
Nancokus Hollow                           valley            Fishs Eddy
Narrow Notch                              gap               Hobart
Negro Brook                               stream            Davenport
Negro Hill                                summit            Prattsville
Negro Hollow                              valley            Fleischmanns
New Kingston                              ppl               Margaretville
Newell Cemetery                           cemetery          West Davenport
North Franklin                            ppl               Oneonta
North Hamden School                       school            Treadwell
North Harpersfield                        ppl               Harpersfield
North Kortright                           ppl               Harpersfield
Northfield                                ppl               Walton West
Notch Hollow                              valley            Corbett
Oak Hill                                  summit            Franklin
Oakwood Cemetery                          cemetery          Deposit
Odell Lake                                lake              Harpersfield
Old Clump                                 summit            Hobart
Old Scotch Cemetery                       cemetery          Delhi
Old Stone School                          school            Arena
Orleans Swamp                             swamp             Fishs Eddy
Ouleout Church                            church            Oneonta
Ouleout Creek                             stream            Unadilla
Ouleout School                            school            Oneonta
Ouleout Valley Cemetery                   cemetery          Franklin
Oxbow Hollow                              valley            Walton East
Paige Cemetery                            cemetery          Downsville
Pakatakan Mountain                        summit            Margaretville
Palmer Hill                               summit            Franklin
Palmer Hollow                             valley            Margaretville
Parker Cook Hollow                        valley            Roscoe
Parker Hollow                             valley            North Sanford
Partridge Island                          island            Fishs Eddy
Partridge Island Cemetery                 cemetery          Fishs Eddy
Pat Pond                                  lake              Franklin
Pea Brook                                 ppl               Fishs Eddy
Pea Brook                                 stream            Long Eddy
Peaks Brook                               stream            Delhi
Peakville                                 ppl               Horton
Peas Eddy                                 ppl               Fishs Eddy
Peas Eddy Brook                           stream            Fishs Eddy
Peas Eddy Island                          island            Fishs Eddy
Pepacton Reservoir                        reservoir         Downsville
Perch Lake                                lake              Lewbeach
Perch Lake Mountain                       summit            Lewbeach
Perkins Pond                              lake              Readburn
Peters Hill                               summit            Harpersfield
Pierce Pond                               lake              Fishs Eddy
Pindars Corners                           ppl               West Davenport
Pine Grove Cemetery                       cemetery          Delhi
Pine Hill                                 summit            Walton East
Pine Hill                                 summit            Unadilla
Pine Lake                                 lake              West Davenport
Pine Mountain Branch                      stream            Corbett
Pine Swamp                                swamp             Horton
Pine Swamp Brook                          stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Pines Brook                               stream            Walton West
Pines Brook Church                        church            Walton West
Pines Brook Ridge                         ridge             Walton West
Pines Lookout Tower                       tower             Readburn
Pinesville                                ppl               Walton West
Pink Street School                        school            Bloomville
Pisgah, Mount                             summit            Margaretville
Platner Brook                             stream            Hamden
Platte Kill                               stream            Margaretville
Plattekill Mountain                       summit            Hobart
Pleasant Valley Brook                     stream            Roxbury
Pleasant Valley Church                    church            Lewbeach
Plow Hollow                               valley            Walton West
Plymouth Cemetery                         cemetery          Franklin
Point Mountain                            summit            Hancock
Pond Hollow                               valley            Fishs Eddy
Pond Hollow                               valley            Downsville
Poplar Hill                               summit            Unadilla
Pork Island Hollow                        valley            Horton
Possession Hollow                         valley            Corbett
Post Cemetery                             cemetery          Delhi
Poverty Hollow                            valley            Treadwell
Prospect Hill                             summit            Hamden
Prosser Hollow                            valley            West Davenport
Prosser Hollow School                     school            West Davenport
Pumpkin Hollow                            valley            West Davenport
Quaker Hill                               summit            Davenport
Quaker Hill Cemetery                      cemetery          Davenport
Quinn Lake                                lake              Corbett
Ragged Brook                              stream            Horton
Rattail Ridge                             ridge             Delhi
Rattlesnake Hill                          summit            Fishs Eddy
Read Creek                                stream            Fishs Eddy
Read Creek Cemetery                       cemetery          Readburn
Readburn                                  ppl               Readburn
Red Hill                                  summit            Deposit
Red Kill                                  stream            Fleischmanns
Red Kill Ridge                            ridge             Fleischmanns
Renard Hill                               summit            Downsville
Reservoir Hollow                          valley            Fleischmanns
Rexmere Lakes                             lake              Harpersfield
Rich Creek                                stream            Readburn
Riverside Cemetery                        cemetery          Bloomville
Riverview Cemetery                        cemetery          Hancock
Roaring Brook                             stream            Treadwell
Roaring Brook                             stream            Roscoe
Roaring Brook                             stream            Horton
Rock Rift                                 ppl               Readburn
Rock Rift Mountain                        summit            Readburn
Rock Valley                               ppl               Horton
Rock Valley Church                        church            Horton
Rodgers Hill                              summit            Roscoe
Roods Creek                               stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Rose Brook                                stream            Bloomville
Rose Brook Cemetery                       cemetery          Hobart
Round Top                                 summit            Hobart
Roundtop                                  summit            Prattsville
Roundtop                                  summit            Franklin
Roxbury                                   ppl               Roxbury
Roxbury Runway Airport                    airport           Roxbury
Roxbury, Town of                          civil             Roxbury
Rural Cemetery                            cemetery          Andes
Russ Gray Pond                            lake              Corbett
Russell Brook                             stream            Roscoe
Russell Lake                              lake              Cannonsville Reservoir
Sackrider Cemetery                        cemetery          Bloomville
Sacred Heart Cemetery                     cemetery          Stamford
Sand Pond                                 lake              Fishs Eddy
Sands Creek                               stream            Hancock
Sanford Cemetery                          cemetery          Margaretville
Sanford Hollow                            valley            Margaretville
Schemehorn Cemetery                       cemetery          Fleischmanns
School No                                 school            Treadwell
School Number 1                           school            Bloomville
School Number 1                           school            Bloomville
School Number 10                          school            Delhi
School Number 11                          school            Delhi
School Number 11                          school            Treadwell
School Number 12                          school            Davenport
School Number 13                          school            Davenport
School Number 14                          school            Fleischmanns
School Number 15                          school            Oneonta
School Number 15                          school            Unadilla
School Number 16                          school            Franklin
School Number 16                          school            West Davenport
School Number 17                          school            Delhi
School Number 17                          school            West Davenport
School Number 18                          school            Franklin
School Number 2                           school            Bloomville
School Number 4                           school            West Davenport
School Number 4                           school            Franklin
School Number 4                           school            Hobart
School Number 5                           school            Harpersfield
School Number 5                           school            Delhi
School Number 6                           school            Unadilla
School Number 6                           school            Harpersfield
School Number 6                           school            Fleischmanns
School Number 7                           school            Davenport
Schultice Mountain                        summit            Roxbury
Scotch Mountain                           summit            Hamden
Scudder Cemetery                          cemetery          Fleischmanns
Sexsmith Lake                             lake              Davenport
Shackport                                 ppl               West Davenport
Shaver Hollow                             valley            Lewbeach
Shavertown Bridge                         bridge            Lewbeach
Shavertown Church                         church            Lewbeach
Sherman Hill                              summit            Franklin
Sherruck Brook                            stream            Trout Creek
Shinhopple                                ppl               Corbett
Sidney                                    ppl               Sidney
Sidney Center                             ppl               Unadilla
Sidney Mountain                           summit            Sidney
Sidney Municipal Airport                  airport           Sidney
Sidney, Town of                           civil             Unadilla
Silver Lake                               lake              Cannonsville Reservoir
Silver Lake                               reservoir         Andes
Simpsonville                              ppl               Schenevus
Skink Hollow                              valley            Andes
Snake Creek                               stream            Hancock
Somerset Lake                             lake              Fishs Eddy
South Kortright                           ppl               Hobart
South Kortright Central School            school            Hobart
South Mountain                            summit            Walton West
South Unadilla                            ppl               Unadilla
Speedwell Mountain                        summit            Cannonsville Reservoir
Spencer Brook                             stream            Readburn
Spooner Brook                             stream            Horton
Spring Brook                              stream            Roscoe
Spring Lake                               lake              Delhi
Stadel Mountain                           summit            Roscoe
Stamford                                  ppl               Stamford
Stamford Cemetery                         cemetery          Stamford
Stamford, Town of                         civil             Hobart
Starkweather Hill                         summit            Walton East
State Road Hollow                         valley            Andes
Steam Mill Branch                         stream            Trout Creek
Steele Brook                              stream            Delhi
Stevens Cemetery                          cemetery          Harpersfield
Stilesville                               ppl               Deposit
Stoddard Hollow                           valley            Hamden
Stony Hollow                              valley            Fishs Eddy
Stoodley Hollow School                    school            Treadwell
Straton Falls                             falls             Roxbury
Streeter Hill                             summit            Harpersfield
Stuart Lake                               lake              Corbett
Sturges Corner                            ppl               Davenport
Sugarloaf Mountain                        summit            Downsville
Swart Hollow                              valley            Oneonta
Tacoma                                    ppl               Trout Creek
Tanglewood Lake                           reservoir         Andes
Tar Hollow                                valley            Fishs Eddy
Taylor Hill                               summit            Fishs Eddy
Tedle Brook                               stream            Davenport
Teed Pond                                 lake              Walton West
Telford Hollow                            valley            Downsville
Terry Clove                               valley            Hamden
Thayer Hollow                             valley            Corbett
Third Brook                               stream            Walton West
Thompson Hollow                           valley            Margaretville
Thompson Hollow School                    school            Hobart
Tiffany Hollow                            valley            Downsville
Titus Hill                                summit            Harpersfield
Titus Hill Cemetery                       cemetery          Charlotteville
Titus Lake                                lake              Charlotteville
Toad Hollow                               valley            Prattsville
Toll Gate Brook                           stream            Delhi
Tomahawk Hills Airport                    airport           West Davenport
Tompkins Falls                            falls             Lewbeach
Tompkins, Town of                         civil             Cannonsville Reservoir
Touchmenot Mountain                       summit            Arena
Tower Mountain                            summit            Readburn
Town Brook                                stream            Hobart
Townsend Hollow                           valley            Fleischmanns
Township Valley                           valley            Hobart
Trask Pond                                lake              Readburn
Travis Brook                              stream            Hancock
Treadwell                                 ppl               Treadwell
Treadwell Creek                           stream            Franklin
Tremper Kill                              stream            Lewbeach
Trout Brook                               stream            Horton
Trout Brook                               stream            Corbett
Trout Brook Mountain                      summit            Corbett
Trout Creek                               ppl               Trout Creek
Trout Creek                               stream            Cannonsville Reservoir
Trout Creek Bridge                        bridge            Trout Creek
Tub Mill Brook                            stream            Corbett
Tunis Lake                                reservoir         Andes
Twadell Brook                             stream            Horton
Twadell Mountain                          summit            Corbett
Tyler Cemetery                            cemetery          Roxbury
Tylers Switch                             locale            Fishs Eddy
Upper Barbourville                        ppl               Trout Creek
Upper Beech Hill Brook                    stream            Lewbeach
Utsayantha Mountain                       summit            Stamford
Valley View Cemetery                      cemetery          Hobart
Van Benschoten Cemetery                   cemetery          Margaretville
Vandervort Hill                           summit            Unadilla
Vega                                      ppl               Roxbury
Vega Cemetery                             cemetery          Fleischmanns
Vly Creek                                 stream            Fleischmanns
WCDO-FM (Sidney)                          tower             Unadilla
WDHI-FM (Delhi)                           tower             Davenport
WDLA-AM (Walton)                          tower             Walton East
WDLA-FM (Walton)                          tower             Walton East
WSQC-FM (Oneonta)                         tower             Oneonta
WSRK-FM (Oneonta)                         tower             Oneonta
WZOZ-FM (Oneonta)                         tower             Oneonta
Wakeman Brook                             stream            Readburn
Walton                                    ppl               Walton West
Walton Airport                            airport           Walton West
Walton Cemetery                           cemetery          Walton West
Walton Mountain                           summit            Walton West
Walton, Town of                           civil             Walton West
Warren, Mount                             summit            Hobart
Watauga Falls                             falls             Delhi
Waterman Peak                             summit            Treadwell
Wawaka Lake                               lake              Fleischmanns
Weaver Hollow                             valley            Margaretville
Webb Hill                                 summit            West Davenport
Weeds Brook                               stream            Walton East
West Branch Handsome Brook                stream            Franklin
West Branch Trout Creek                   stream            Trout Creek
West Brook                                stream            Walton West
West Davenport                            ppl               West Davenport
West Delhi                                ppl               Treadwell
West Harpersfield                         ppl               Harpersfield
West Kortright                            ppl               Davenport
West Meredith                             ppl               Treadwell
West Platner Brook                        stream            Delhi
West Platner Brook School                 school            Treadwell
West Settlement                           ppl               Roxbury
West Trout Brook                          stream            Corbett
Wetmore Cemetery                          cemetery          Bloomville
Wheat Hill                                summit            Franklin
Wheeler Hollow                            valley            Fishs Eddy
Whirling Eddy Brook                       stream            Horton
Whisky Hollow                             valley            Harpersfield
Whitaker Brook                            stream            Deposit
Whitcomb Hollow                           valley            Lewbeach
White Birch Field                         airport           Cannonsville Reservoir
White Man Mountain                        summit            Roxbury
White School                              school            Oneonta
Whitman                                   ppl               North Sanford
Wilson Hollow                             valley            Downsville
Wilson Hollow Brook                       stream            Downsville
Wilson Hollow Cemetery                    cemetery          Corbett
Windfall Brook                            stream            Walton West
Winter Hollow                             valley            Margaretville
Wolf Hollow                               valley            Andes
Woodford                                  locale            Franklin
Woodland Cemetery                         cemetery          Delhi
Wright Brook                              stream            Bloomville
Yellow Church                             church            Roxbury
Youngs                                    ppl               Unadilla
Youngs Pond                               lake              Unadilla
Zion, Mount                               summit            Franklin

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