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This Diary was written by Mrs S.A. Hathaway. Her husband was Sam A . Hathaway, Cannonsville, Delaware County NY. There are only about 9 weeks of entries concerning friends and neighbors. The time frame is 1876. She never mentioned her name in the Diary . I guess her name was Mary Hathaway. She and her husband were in the cemetery removal page. My husband said the gentleman who had the bodies moved was his cousin. The people in the diary are Mr and Mrs Sam A Hathaway. My husband is a descendant of this family. - Linda Dabulewicz, March 14, 2001

Excelsior Diary - 1876

Saturday January 1 1876
warm as summer the thermometer stood 80 degrees above zero verry mudy we had company Father +Mother + Ellen Hathaway + Miss gertrude + Clauson was here to dinner had a good time had chicken pie and plumb pudding rode out in the evening the last night of the old year and the first of the new it thawed all night

Sunday 2
went to church Uncle Benjamine came home with us Aunt Cible came out in the evening they both stayed all night we rode out to day

Mrs. S.A. Hathaways
Diary Cannonsville
Dele. Co

Monday 3
Sam went to Delhi to sit as juryman at the Supreme Court Court of Sessions George came home from school about sick with a tooth ace

Tuesday 4
colder to day Mr Allen brought Mary Jucket home to day he stayed to dinner I am better to day been washing and sewing on my dress

Mourice Leenard drawed case from deposit for Lester Grandpa Hathaway called to day I have been sewing on my dress some colder snowing to night

Thursday 6
I have been iorning and finishing my dress Grandpa Hathaway called it rained some to day I made yeast and wrote a letter to Father Gilson and wrote one to Sam at delhi Moriz Leonard worked here to day

Friday 7
Been Making bread and pies and cookies to day Grandpa Hathaway called Mourise and drawed hay Mr W Sinez called to see Mary Jucket Miss G.E. Clauson ( could be Blanson) here to day went to Church came back and stayed all night had a present of a new apron from Mary Jucket

Saturday 8
Mourise Le her to day drawing hay Grandpa called to day Churned to day been sewing and visiting with Miss Clausin it is raining to day

Sunday 9
We went to Church Mary Jucket called to day George A Hathaway had the tooth ace verry hard it is raining to night

Monday 10
I have been sewing Mrs Hess called Mourise L here to breakfast some colder and snowing a little this evening

Tuesday 11
Been washing and sewing very cold and windy is snowing a little I received a letter from Sam to day Grandpa called to day

Wednesday 12
Grandpa called and I went to Deposit to day I went over to Grandma Hathaways and called on Mrs Woodmansee and went to Church this evening Uncle sandy Crawford called to see Grandpa Hathaway it is snowing a little bit to night

Thursday 13
Grandpa Hathaway called to day I have been iorning mending it is quite cold and snowing a little

Friday 14
Grandpa Hathaway called i have been Baking and sweeping sam came home from Delhi to day brought me a pair of shoes and a Diary it is snowing a little to night

Saturday 15
Grandpa called and A.J. Tanner also we churned and hung up the meat to smoke it is quite pleasant to day I have been sewing some it is snowing a little this evening The Tailor sent home Sam's suit of clothes to day

Sunday 16
We went to Church it is quite warm to day Mary Jucket and Mr Allin called Mrs Hess called

Monday 17
I have been washing and Grandpa Hathaway called Fred owens come and barrowed sams gear Mrs hess called had a letter from Mrs A. Clark Alfred Clark sent his picture Mr A.J. Tanner called it is raining a little to day

Tuesday 18
Been Iorning Ellen called to day it is raining some

Wednesday 19
Been baking bread pies cake and Ironing George Seymour here to help me get ready to go to Dunkerk after the Baby left from home half past 12 oclock got to Deposit half past 2 oclock left Deposit at 3

Thursday 20
Arrived to Dunkirk at half past 2 the next morning Bill met me at the Depot it was snowing some the roads was very muddy arrived to fathers about half past 3 went over to Lides( Could be Sides) saw Rachel and part of her family + Mr. and Mrs Smith

Friday 21
pleasant to day Father + Mother and myself and Lizzie went over to Lides to I stayed all night Lizzie Waldorf called

Saturday 22
Pleasant day Alfred Clark and Father and George Clark been to Dunkirk to day

Sunday 23
Pleasant been down to the Lake with Sarah and her Husband and Willie and his wife at Fathers this evening

Monday 24
Pleasant to day been washing at Lids and helping do up the housework

Tuesday 25
Staid at Alfreds last night I ironed and I went riding with Alf Clark called on Mrs James Spenser and Mrs Hery (Henry?)Wilson visited at mothers this afternoon with Mrs Gess Rachel Eliz and Noria

Wednesday 26
Very warm and mudy been up to Mrs A Smith in Fredonia to visit with Mrs Fasance and Sarah went and had some pictures taken for Lizzie came back and staid all night Willie called this evening

Thursday 27
Warm and Raining to day been visiting with father Mother and Willies wife at Rachael called at Lides on our way home this evening

Friday 28
Raining to day went to Dunkirk with Alf visited with Lizzie Waldroff sarah Bill Willie and Mrs Willso at Lides had Oisters for supper

Saturday 29
Raining started for home this morning on the No 8 express at 3.35 minutes Alf and Bill took us to the depot arrived at deposit a little after 2 oclock in the afternoon found Grandpa at the Depot went home with him and took supper at his house

Sunday 30
Home again pleasant to day Mary Jucket here to day Mrs George Seymour and Ella Christian called Been washing Uncle sandy Crawford Mrs Woodmansee Mr and Mrs. Witmore and children called to day Jan 31

Tuesday February 1
Plesent George Seymour called been making hoop brackets Mrs. Tiffany and Mrs. Smith called Mt Huych called and stayed all night

Wednesday 2
Storming and blowing Grand pa Hathaway called Sam is drawing bark been mending Sam's mittens George Seymour called and Mrs. Kidmar called

Thurday 3
Snowing and cold and windy Sam is drawing bark been Baking to day 4 calls Same after Bark Mr Seenard here to dinner and supper Mr Hess called

Friday 4
cold and snowy slighing Sam after Bark

Saturday 5
Keeps cold Sam and Maurise after Bark Ella Christian called been baking and Ironing

Sunday 6
Raining Sam been to church Miss Jucket called

Monday 7
Plesent Sam after bark pleasant to day

Tuesday 8
Snowing to day Sam after Bark I have been sewing on Mauds dress Mr William Smith here and Mr. Garlow to dinner warm to day

Wednesday 9
Been baking for the Donation and ironing Raining to day

Thursday 10
Raining to day I have been sewing Sam has been in the woods to work in the fore noon

Friday 11
Been sewing to day pleasant

Saturday 12
Pleasant and warm Sam and George on the Hill cutting wood I am Sick been baking bread the Doctor came to see me this evening Mary Jucket stayed with me night and Rob Riggs

Sunday 13
I am some better to day William Isble George Seymour Hathe Kidman called to day

Monday 14
I am quite poorly to day Sam is at home it is Raining some

Tuesday 15
It is raining and turns off colder Mary Jucket finnished woork at Mr. Sines to day and she came here to help me I am some better to day

Wednesday 16
Snowing and blowing I am quite poorly today

Thursday 17
Sam been to Deposit to day we have been Baking and churning The doctor and Grandpa Hathaway called this evening Snowing a little

Friday 18
Mary Jucket washed to day been sewing Mrs Hess called Doctor and Grandpa called

Saturday 19
Pleasant been over to Grand Ma's Hathaway to spend the afternoon with Miss Clauson and Ida Mills had a good time

Sunday 20
Pleasant to day and warm Sam and the boys went to Church to day

( she doesn't write for a few days)

Friday February 25
Mrs Shepard Smith here and George Seymour visiting pleasant to day

Saturday 26
A remedy for lice on stock the following is a sure cure Equal parts of salt pork grease and kerosine oil stir in sulfer to make it thick a few applications well rub in along the back and neck

(no entries until April 10 year is written in 1883) Mrs Brown washed and 25 lines the 1/2 June 18 July 3)
(nothing written )

Monday June 5
pleasant been washing and making flower garden

Tuesday June 6
cool and rainy been sewing usd babsing to day (?) The reason I have not written more in my Diary the children have all been sick with the mees els

( the next two pages have lines drawn like some one has been counting after a few lines are the numbers 96...116...196...112..805 ..817...and finally 10.09

(empty pages)
December thursday 28
for pickling pork and beef to every 100 pounds meat 7 pounds salt and 4 oz salt peter 1 quart molassis 3 lbs sugar 1 oz pepper and water to cover put the pickle on hot


            eggs                 Pr per doz
            4                         $.14
            6                          .14
            6                          .14

3 pair of stockings$.75
1 pair of stockings $.20
2 hats $.20
1 hat .15 4 skeins mr cotton .08
3 yel worsted .45
1 pair woolen stockings .50
2 hats 1.00
1 shawl 2.75
1 bunch of trim .15
one shawl $1.00
one parasol $2.00

sugar 12
" 12
" 12
" 12
Butter" xx

for 23 oz butter 1
sed corn

4 lb butter .012

Mrs Peckham begain getting milk to day Nov 11 1890 one qt a day
missed 1 gt
Paid dse 3rd $1.00 which balanced up to dec 1
Dec 25 no milk
(was written in pencil different handwriting)

In origional hand writing 1876 on January 2 Text Mathew 21 st and part of 28th verse go work in my Vineyard Jan9th Now is the accepted time Jan 12 th I will arise and go to my Father April 25 sold Mrs Woodmansee 2 pounds and one forth butter

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