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Franklin, Delaware County, N.Y., The Delaware County Dairyman, December 22, 1944

Grace Armstrong
Loyd E. Barlow
Eugene A. Barnard
Paul Barringer
Kenneth Barrows
William J. Batterson
Ralph Bedwell
Earl Beers
Lawrence Bennett
Winfred W. Bennett**
Donald Bertch
Edwin Bertch
Alvin J Boening
Herman Boening
Frank Bowers
George T. Boyer
Andrew D. Buell
John T. Burgin
Lavern Charles
Paul S. Cohoon
Stanley Cohoon
Ray Cole
Norman Constable
David Craig
Kenneth Davidson
Ernest Davie
Jay Edwards
John Henry Edwards
Leo E. Edwards
Maynard Elderkin
Robert Emerson
Norman Foote
Robert French
Michael J. Friery
Roy A. Fuller
Donald Gallup
Lynn A. Gardner
Ward E. Gardner
Frances Geertgens
Glenn Geertgens
Harrison Geiselmann
John Geiselmann
Joseph Giudice
Everett D. Goldsmith
Merton J. Goldsmith
Frank Greiner
Harry Greiner
William Greiner
Earl Halaquist
Walter Haynes*
Arthur J. Hirte
Arthur Hodges
Clarence Holmes
Wilmot Houck Jr.
John Howard
James Hyzer
Lewis Johnson
Lloyd Johnson
Robert Johnson
Robert Jordan
Raymond E. Knapp
Donald J. Law
Charles LeSeur
Alexander H. Lindsay Jr.
Benjamin B. Loveland M.D.
Clayton McClintock
Donald McKown
Douglas L McKown
Robert C. McKown
Clifton N. McLachan
Elaneor McLachan
Thomas McNutt
Ove T. Munk
Donald Nightingale
Edwin L. Niles
Frank C. Nolf**
Frederick North
Kenneth North
Doretha O'Brien
Henry Oechsler
Ira M. Ogden
Ernest Osterhout
Roland Osterhout
Clarence Palmer
Donald E. Palmer
Elizabeth Passmore
Francis Patrick
Jacob Peake
Norman D. Peake
Gerald Place
Richard E. Rhodes
James P. Rice*
Leslie D. Riddell
Earl G. Robinson
Robert Robinson
Frederick B. Rose
Alfred D. Ruling
George Ruling
Glenn Ruling
Leon Ruling
Nelson L. Ruling
Henry Rumeknapp
Francis Schmitt
Melvin J. Schmitt
Earl Seward
Norris Seward
Ralph Seward
Victor Seward
Edward J. Sharman M.D.
Oliver H. Shaw
Edward Sienicki
Everett M Signor
Donald Simmons
Kenneth Simmons
Ralph H. Simmons
Clifford E. Slawson*
George Slawson
Ralph L. Slawson
Frank J. Snyder
John Steffens
Burton E. Stilson*
Walter R. Stilson
Harvey Storck
Elmer L. Szabo**
Frederick G. Taggart
Ralph C. Taggart
Lloyd Taylor
Robert Theuner
Charles Valentine
Charles VanBuren
Ford VanBuren
Clifton V. VanDyke
Max J. Warner
Alva P. Wescott
Charles Wescott
Frederick Wescott
Lester Wilbur
Roney Wood
Austin Wormuth
Michhel J. Wormuth
Edward Wurfer
Ernest Wurfer
Robert Wurfer Jr.
Honorably Discharged, ** Died in Service

Submitted by John Whitney, October 6, 2001

Additional Notes:
In a letter from commanding officer of U.S.S. Nevada to my grand uncle Seymour McClintock regarding death of his son: Clayton Charles McClintock on 31 Jan 1945 - Clayton was a gunner's mate and killed on duty in action aboard this vessel in the south Pacific. His remains where placed at rest in Morris, Otsego County, New York on 21 Oct 1945. Dave McClintock in Minnesota, February 20, 2002

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