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(Civil War Related)
National Guard N.Y.S.

hardcopy submitted by Shirley Houck, Delaware County Clerks' Office
electonic text by Joyce Riedinger, August 27, 2000

P1                  Davenport Sept. 28th 1862
I hereby certify that the following named persons are members of the National Guard
of the State of New York, County of Delaware
        Elisha B Fero                     Jacob More
        Angail R Gibbs                    A D Ham
        S D Fero                          J G Lockwood
        Wm W Smith                        Jessa Harlow
        Filander Smith                    Theadore E Miller
        Jas E Smith                       Jacob Houghtaling
        George Burdick                    Henry Michael
        Moses Hill                        I D Fish
        David Houghtaling                 Robert J Orr
        Y Willson Kenyon                  Wilson Young
        Leonard D Ham                     John Fish
        Aaron Millier                     Gilbert Goodrich
        John B Burdick                    Wm F Ford
        Palmer(?) Kenyon                  Delos Gifford
        William Harlow                    Nicholas Michael
        Daniel Coonley                    Thaddeus Michael
        Peter Snyder                      John Orr
        Giles B Gunn                      Isaac Butts
                                          Darius Butts

p2  In pursuance of sec 13 of the Militia law requiring an annual parade of the reserved
Militia of the first and classes, Notice being duly given the following was the only person
appearing viz
              George Dibble          Kortright
The following named persons having volunteered are exempt from the fine of one 
dollar imposed by the late Militia law

       John Crawford                       Rufus T Miller
       Geo W StJohn                        Nathaniel E Weaver
       Witter H Johnson                    Geo R Meckley
       Charles S Brodford                  Delos N Hoaglan
       Nathaniel H Hebbard                 Minor S Miller
       James F Graves                      Ashael Allen
       J Henry McKee                       James S Adsit
       Elliott Johnston                    Edwin Allen
       T F Gibbs                           Henry Banner
       Emerson E Warren                    Elbert Banner
       James L Clark                       James W Banner
       John Y Dixon                        Andrew J Blackman
       Jeremiah Harrington                 James H Bowen

    p3 Andrew Boles                        James McColl
       James K Butts                       Coonrod Marble
       Charles H Butts                     Peter Marble
       John S Burdick                      John N Mcchaughry
       Eggleston Burroughs                 Henry McKee
       Abram Bogart                        Sylvester Olmsted
       Stephen W Chase                     Stephen Olmsted
       Jacob B Copley                      Jordan Olmsted
       Joseph Case                         Anson Olmsted

       Robert H Covert                     Terry Olmsted
       Wm Davis                            Crane Parris
       Newton E Deveux                     Edmund Quackenbush
       Levi Decker                         Philip M Randall
       Joseph K Douglas                    Wm H Robinson
       Joseph Dewey Jr                     Daniel M Roe
       James F Dewey                       Niran E Delapp
       Milton 0 Johnston                   Jeremiah Elliott
       Henry B Johnston                    Benjamin E Evans
       Morgan H Mackley                    Rufus Edson
       Samuel McCall                       Austen E Fisher
       Manly W Mills                       Jacob S Flansburgh
       John McNaught                       Hezekiah Flansburgh
       James McKenzie                      Robert Freeland
       Wm Y McClaughry                     Adelbert D Fere
       Samuel McDougal                     Stephen S Gransbury
p4     Anthony Garrison                    Erastus B Sprague
       Thomas H Hern                       Daniel J Spencer
       John Houghtsaling                   Andrew C Scott
       Harrison S Handford                 Edward Turp
       John B Howe                         William Tait
       Henry Houghtaling                   Jesse Uller [Utter]
       Richard D Johnston                  Thomas M Wootten
       Ezra D Rae                          Albert Y Wilcox
       Joseph Rowland                      Charles L Wilber
       Charles Rae                         Alvin Walling
       James Rae
       Corbet Rathbone
       Andrew Reynolds
       Levi W Skinner

The foregoing persons are from the Company district comprising the
towns of Davenport Kortright & Meredith; in the county of Delaware
                                         Wm F Ford
                               Commandant of said company district
Filed: Oct.9th 1862

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