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from the notebooks of Amy Gavette
transcribed by Les and Dorothy Howland, California

The following records are courtesy of the Roxbury Library Associations History Room. Hard Copies of such records are available for viewing and duplication during normal library hours. This compilation is from the notebooks of Amy Gavette and was done in the 1960s. It was manually typed on typing paper. Needless to say some of it is faded and coping it is difficult. If dates don't match you may have to go to the Roxbury Library and see the originals, they too are starting to fade. This is not a public library, they run on support from their patrons and the History room is run by donations, and for such a small room it is packed full of information on the town of Roxbury and some Delaware county information. Vesti Snyder, Roxbury

Note: Les, Dorothy and I have been informed that in one particular incidence (one family), there are many inaccuracies in this compilation. This may prove to be the case throughout. As always, please use only as a jumping off spot for further research. As of today, September 21, 1999, there is another database of the Walton Cemetery online. Please work between the two to help solve your 'ancestral search'. Thank you! Joyce Riedinger.

CORRECTIONS for Amy Gavett's records in Walton Cemetery submitted by Nan Whitcomb, November 28, 2018.

Charles H. Covert b 1874 d 1955, wife Mary Catherine Scott 1868-1933, she was the daughter of David Scott and Margaret Strangeway.

Catherine (Delamater) Van Akin, wife of Albert VanAkin b 6 Mar 1806 d Feb 1882. Catherine was the daughter of Isaac Delamater, Isaac was the son of Cornelius Isaac Delamater and Blandina DeGraff. Albert VanAkin was son of Gideon and Catherine (Dumond) VanAkin.

Catherine and Albert's 1st child was Jeremiah b abt1831 d 14 Dec 1863 Folly Island, SC, he is buried in Beaufort National Cemetery FAG # 27743458.

Jeremiah married Sally/Sarah Miller 1 Jan 1861 in the 1st Congegational Church of Walton, no children. Sally remarried Lewis Knapp 22 Nov 1866. An 1865 Census for Walton, Sarah was living with Jeremiah's brother John and his wife, listed as a widow.

William VanAkin b 1809 d 1886, brother of Albert, married Sarah/Sally Delamater b 1811 d 1883, sister of Catherine. (Am still working on their offspring).

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