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A self-guided tour of 29 public and family cemeteries mostly in Delaware County, and some in Greene and Ulster Counties. This tour, along with a panel discussion with local town historians, was organized as a fund-raiser by The Preservation Committee for the Denver-Vega Old School Baptist Church on Route 36 in Denver, New York and took place in May 1993. --Map and Cemetery Notes by Gene and Beth Thompson, Roxbury, NY.

Joyce's note: Put online September 3, 1998 - Map may be added to site at a later date.

1. VEGA CEMETERY (public) - Opposite the Denver-Vega Old School Baptist Church on Rte. 36 and Cartwright Road.

2. KEATOR CEMETERY (family) - Continue west on Rte. 36 for 1 mile, turn right on Howard Greene Road. Cemetery is behind the Roberts' farmhouse to the left on a slight hill, and enclosed within an iron railing.

3. DIMMICK BURYING GROUND (family) - Continue on Rte. 36 for 2.3 miles and turn left on Dimmick Mtn. Road. Go 1.4 miles, turn left on Big Red Kill Road. Go 1.7 miles to Joe Bellow's place, a dark brown house with a tall pine tree at the left, Fire No. RK830. Cemetery is roughly 100 yards in the back and to the left of the house. The cemetery is enclosed by an old stone wall. There are fieldstone markers, but no visible engraving.

4. BEDELL CEMETERY (public) - Return to Dimmick Mtn. Road, turn left. Go 2/10 mile, bear left on Little Red Kill Road. Go 6/10 mile; cemetery on left.

5. DINICOLA CEMETERY (family)- Continue on Little Red Kill Road 1/2 mile, turn left on Streeter Hill Road. Go 1/10 mile, turn left on Basil Todd Road. Go to the top of the hill (the end), about 1 mile, turn left onto Dinicola Road and proceed 2/10 mile to Sunset Farm on right. Cemetery is through pasture on small hill to the right and surrounded by tall pine trees. Old Todd family graves here. Note: Dinicola is spelled Denacola on the Jimapco Delaware County map.

6. THE INDIAN CEMETERY (family)- Return to Streeter Hill Road, turn left and go to the end of the road about 1 mile. Bear left on Halcott Road, then bear left again onto Rte. 37. Watch for gray house on the right (Bedi). Copse of birch and maple trees contain the cemetery. Park along the road and walk down to the cemetery, a satellite dish is at the left in the field. The cemetery is circa 1830; initials are visible on markers, but no names.

7. CROSBY CEMETERY (family) - Continue on Rte. 37/ Rte. 3 (Greene Cty.) about 1/2 mile; the cemetery is on the right. Park along the road. The cemetery is on a slight hill surrounded by an iron railing. Large Crosby marker.

8. HALCOTT CENTER CEMETERY (family) - Continue on Rte. 3 about 2.3 miles to Turk Hollow Road. Bear onto Turk Hollow Road and go 1/10 mile; cemetery is on the left. Historical marker-for Warren Scudder, anti-rent war hero.

9. CLOVESVILLE CEMETERY (public) - Retrace and take Rte. 3/ Rte. 37 to Main Street, Fleischmanns, about 4.5 miles. Turn right on Main Street and go 1.3 miles to Grochell Road. Cemetery is on the right. Within this cemetery is the Jewish Cemetery and the modern and old parts of the Clovesville Cemetery. Revolutionary war hero, Samuel Todd is buried here. His stone will be marked. He was 107 years old when he died in 1852. Also, on the other side of Main Street there are markers from the Catholic Cemetery.

10. WOODS/AVERY CEMETERY (public) - Return to Main Street (old Rte. 28) and continue to Rte. 28, about 1 mile. Turn right onto Rte. 28 and go 2.9 miles to Dry Brook Road in Arkville. Turn Left. There is no street sign for Dry Brook, but it is over a small bridge with an old yellow house at the right turn. Go about 3.5 miles; cemetery is on left in a copse of tall pines.

11. LAKEHILL CEMETERY (Family) - Continue on Dry Brook Road for another 1.3 miles onto Slade Raod, a slight left. Go another 2/10 mile; cemetery is on right. Cemetery is in Ulster County, and on a slight hill, surrounded by an iron railing. Cemetery dates to the early 1800s, and you'll find Lettys, Averys and Fairbairns buried here.

12. OLD SHAVERTOWN CEMETERY (public) - Retrace Slade Road and Dry Brook Road to Rte. 28, turn left. Go 4.4 miles and turn onto Rte. 30 South. Go 7.8 miles and make a right onto Rte. 1 (sign for Andes and Delhi). Go about 2.3 miles and make a left turn at sign for Pleasant Valley Community Hall. This road is maintained by the City of New York. Follow signs to Community Hall. Turn right onto Shaver Hollow Road. About 1/10 mile the cemetery is on the right. Cemetery dates back to the late 1800s.

13. PEPACTON CEMETERY (public) - Go back out Shaver Hollow Road and turn right onto the NYC Reservoir Road. Go about 2.1 miles, cemetery on left overlooking the Pepacton Reservoir. This cemetery is maintained by NYC. Unknown and unclaimed bodies from the towns on this reservoir site, as well as bodies from other reservoir sites are here.

14. SANFORD CEMETERY (public) - Retrace roads to Rte. 28, turn left. Go 1.5 miles to New Kingston Road (Rte. 6) and turn right. Cemetery is 3/10 mile on the left.

15. WOODS CEMETERY (family) - Continue on New Kingston Road, about 4.3 miles to Dave Taylor Road. Cemetery is up Dave Taylor Road beyond gravel pile on the right.

16. YAPLE CEMETERY (family) - Just past Dave Taylor Road on New Kingston Road, cemetery on right surrounded by an old stone wall.

17. NEW KINGSTON CEMETERY (public) - Continue on New Kingston Road 6/lO mile, turn right onto Thompson Hollow Road. Go 2/10 mile, cemetery on right.

18. ARCHIBALD CEMETERY (family) - Continue on Thompson Hollow Road for 3/10 mile, cemetery on right on slight hill rise.

19. MARGARETVILLE CEMETERY (public) - Retrace Thompson Hollow Road to New Kingston Road, turn left. Go 3 miles and bear left onto Margaretville Mountain Road. Go 3.5 miles to Main Street, Margaretville. Turn left on Main Street (Rte. 30). Go about 1/4 mile and turn left on Cemetery Road.

20. ARKVILLE (CROSSROADS) CEMETERY (public) - Return to Rte. 30, turn left. Go 2 miles and turn onto Rte. 38. Go 3/10 mile, cemetery on left. One of the oldest cemeteries.

21. KELLY CORNERS CEMETERY (public) - Return to Rte. 30, turn right and go 2.6 miles, passing the sign for Kelly Corners; cemetery on the right.

22. RUSSEL HEWITT GRAVE - Continue on Rte. 30, for 1.1 miles, left onto Halcottville Road. Go about 1/2 mile and make a left onto Bragg Hollow Road. Go up Bragg Hollow about 3.1 miles to Kelkowski Farm on left. The actual gravesite of Russel Hewitt is unknown.

23. HALCOTTVILLE CEMETERY (public) - Retrace Bragg Hollow Road and bear right onto Old River Road. Go about 1/2 mile, and on left note stone pillars and iron gate. Park off Old River Road and walk up one-lane road to cemetery.

24. TYLER CEMETERY (Family) - Continue along Old River Road to Rte. 30, turn left. Go 1 mile, turn left onto Cold Spring Road. Go 1.2 miles, cemetery is on the right.

25. BOUTON CEMETERY (family) - Continue on Cold Spring Road past Stratton Falls, about 1 mile to West Settlement Road. Take West Settlement Road to Burroughs Road, about 2 miles; cemetery in on the left. Very small cemetery with fieldstone markers.

26. SCUDDER CEMETERY (family) - Continue on Burroughs Road for another 1 mile; cemetery is on the left. Another very small family cemetery with fieldstone markers; Scudder name is visible.

27. ROXBURY UPPER CEMETERY (public) - Follow Burroughs Road to Hardscrabble Road to Rte. 30. Turn right and take Rte 30 to Main Street, Roxbury. As you come into town, the cemetery is on the left. Large More marker to the front of the cemetery.

28. ROXBURY METHODIST CEMETERY (public) - Continue on Main Street, Roxbury about 4/10 mile. Cemetery is behind the white church on the right.

29. YELLOW OLD SCHOOL BAPTIST CHURCH CEMETERY - (public) - Continue on Main Street onto Rte. 30. Go 1.6 miles and turn right onto Briggs Road. Go to the end of Briggs Road and turn left onto Stratton Falls Road. Go 1/2 mile, cemetery is on the left next to the church.

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