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Note: This is a list of cemeteries in Delaware County as returned from a query to the Geographic Names Information System. --Joyce Riedinger, April 18, 2001


Achibald Cemetery            Margaretville
Arkville Cemetery            Fleischmanns
Austin Cemetery              Trout Creek
Barnes Cemetery              Franklin
Beech Hill Cemetery          North Sanford
Benedict Cemetery            Bloomville
Bennett Cemetery             Davenport
Blakely Cemetery             Davenport
Carroll Cemetery             Trout Creek
Charlotte Valley Cemetery    West Davenport
Covenanter Cemetery          Davenport
Croton Union Cemetery        Treadwell
East Sidney Cemetery         Franklin
Evergreen Hill Cemetery      Unadilla
Goldsmith Cemetery           Treadwell
Grant Cemetery               Harpersfield
Gregorytown Cemetery         Corbett
Hambletville Cemetery        Deposit
Harvard Cemetery             Corbett
Highland Cemetery            Unadilla
Laurel Hill Cemetery         Deposit
Locust Hill Cemetery         Hobart
Long Flat Cemetery           Corbett
McMinn Cemetery              West Davenport
Newell Cemetery              West Davenport
Oakwood Cemetery             Deposit
Old Scotch Cemetery          Delhi
Ouleout Valley Cemetery      Franklin
Paige Cemetery               Downsville
Partridge Island Cemetery    Fishs Eddy
Pine Grove Cemetery          Delhi
Plymouth Cemetery            Franklin
Post Cemetery                Delhi
Quaker Hill Cemetery         Davenport
Read Creek Cemetery          Readburn
Riverside Cemetery           Bloomville
Riverview Cemetery           Hancock
Rose Brook Cemetery          Hobart
Rural Cemetery               Andes
Sackrider Cemetery           Bloomville
Sacred Heart Cemetery        Stamford
Sanford Cemetery             Margaretville
Schemehorn Cemetery          Fleischmanns
Scudder Cemetery             Fleischmanns
Stamford Cemetery            Stamford
Stevens Cemetery             Harpersfield
Titus Hill Cemetery          Charlotteville
Tyler Cemetery               Roxbury
Valley View Cemetery         Hobart
Van Benschoten Cemetery      Margaretville
Vega Cemetery                Fleischmanns
Walton Cemetery              Walton West
Wetmore Cemetery             Bloomville
Wilson Hollow Cemetery       Corbett
Woodland Cemetery            Delhi

Welcome Page of the Delaware County NY Genealogy and History Site . . . | . . . Table of Contents Page . . . | . . . Contact Site Manager

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