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This is a list of 312 cemeteries compiled from various sources. Compilations of some of these cemeteries have been submitted to the Delaware website. In addition to that list of cemeteries, I have gleaned names from DAR indexes, the CETA Project, have queried the GNIS, and referred to the New York State Cemeteries compiled by the Association of Municipal Historians of New York State. Because some cemeteries are known by various names, there may very well be duplicates on this list. In an effort to be as accurate as possible, I welcome corrections/additions to the name, and/or location. With this list in hand, it should be a bit easier to spot these cemeteries as we meander about the Delaware countryside this summer. --Joyce Riedinger, April 27, 2001

TOWN          CEMETERY NAME                              CEMETERY LOCATION

              Austin Cemetery                            (Trout Creek USGS Quadrangle Map)
              Laurel Hill Cemetery                       (Deposit USGS Quadrangle Map)
Andes         Andes Rural Cemetery                       Above Main Street
Andes         Andes Village Cemetery                     Cemetery Road 
Andes         Cabin Hill Road Cemetery                   Cabin Hill/Herr Road                                            
Andes         Fall Clove Cemetery                        Fall Clove Road, near Barnes Hill Road                          
Andes         Herr Cemetery                              Herr Road & Cabin Hill Road beside the brook
Andes         Jennie Archer Plot                         Jennie Archer Road (private property)                           
Andes         Mary Smith                                 Smith Hill Road                                                 
Andes         Maxwell Cemetery                           Bryden Lake Road                                                
Andes         Miner Cemetery                             between the Tremperskill Road and Perch Lake Road
Andes         Neels (Nield) Cemetery                     Wolf Hollow Road                                                
Andes         NYC Road Burial Plot                       near Colchester Town Line                                       
Andes         Rehor Road Plot                            private property                                                
Andes         Shaver Hollow Road Cemetery                Shaver Hollow Rd/Above Murphy Rd                                
Andes         Tuttle Family Cemetery                     Co.Rt. #1, on Tuttle Farm                                       
Andes         Waterbury Cemetery                         Cabin Hill Road/Bullet Hole Road                                
Andes         Wolf Hollow Cemetery                       Wolf Hollow Road                                                
Bovina        Archibald Cemetery                         Boggs Road                                                      
Bovina        Ballentyne Cemetery                        off Co. Rt. #6                                                  
Bovina        Black Cemetery                             off Coulter Brook Road                                          
Bovina        Brush Cemetery                             Co. Rt. #6 and Maple Avenue                                     
Bovina        Burgin Farm Cemetery                       State Rt. 28 near Rt. 6                                         
Bovina        Livingston Cemetery                        off Rt 28                                                       
Bovina        Miller Cemetery                            Russell Hill Road                                               
Bovina        New Bovina UP Church Cemetery              Coulter Brook Road                                              
Bovina        New Gerry Cemetery                         Gerry Road                                                      
Bovina        Nichols Cemetery                           Cape Horn Road near Old Saw Mill                                
Bovina        Old Reformed Presbyterian Church Cemetery  Co. Rt. 6 and Bovina Road                                       
Bovina        Old Seacord Cemetery                       Pink Street                                                     
Bovina        Old United Presbyterian Church Cemetery    Co. Rt. 6 and Reinertsen Hill Cemetery                          
Bovina        Scott Cemetery                             Rt. 6 near Bovina                                               
Bovina        Snooks Cemetery                            Wickham Road                                                    
Bovina        Tuttle 1  Cemetery                         Lee Hollow Road                                                 
Bovina        Tuttle 2 Cemetery                          Lee Hollow (on private property)                                
Colchester    Baxter Mountain Cemetery                   Baxter Mountain Road                                            
Colchester    Bennett Cemetery                           County Route #26/McDonald Rd                                    
Colchester    Berry Brook Cemetery                       Berry Brook Rd., 1/2 mile south of Henderson Hill
Colchester    Cooks Falls Cemetery                       Old Rt. 17, Cooks Falls                                         
Colchester    Covered Bridge Cemetery                    Bridge St/Warren Drive                                          
Colchester    Downs Cemetery                             1/2 mile up hill/behind Paig Cemetery                           
Colchester    Gregory Cemetery                           Back River Road                                                 
Colchester    Gregorytown Cemetery                       Rt. 305, .5 miles below Gregorytown                             
Colchester    Horton Cemetery                            Old Rt 17                                                       
Colchester    Jacob Miller Grave                         Malcolm Terry Farm, MacDonald Rd.                               
Colchester    McDonald  Road Cemetery                    McDonald Rd/Telford Hollow Rd                                   
Colchester    Paige Cemetery                             Rt 30, .7 mile from intersection with Rt. 206
Colchester    Phelps Burial Ground                       Back River Road, SW Downsville                                  
Colchester    Russell Brook Cemetery                     Russell Brook/Morton Hill Rd                                    
Colchester    Thomas Cemetery                            Fuller Brook                                                    
Colchester    Warren Cemetery                            Rt. 30, East from Downsville                                    
Colchester    Wilson Hollow Cemetery                     Wilson Hollow Rd/NYS #206                                       
Davenport     Butts Corners                              Rts 9 and 23                                                    
Davenport     Charlotte Valley Cemetery                  Co. Rt. 11, West Davenport                                      
Davenport     Davenport Center                           Rt. 23                                                          
Davenport     Davenport Village                          Rt. 23                                                          
Davenport     Ferguson Family                            Route #9/George Baker Property                                  
Davenport     Fergusonville                              Rt 9                                                            
Davenport     Goodrich Family                            Charlotte Creek Road                                            
Davenport     Harlow Family                              off Rt. 23 on the Charles Cersoaletti Farm  
Davenport     Houghtaling Hollow Cemetery                Houghtaling Hollow Road and Monkey Run Road
Davenport     McMinn Family                              Charlotte Creek Rd/Austin Property                              
Davenport     Neunzig Family                             Charlotte Creek  Road                                           
Davenport     Newell Family                              Rt. 23, east of High Point Road                                 
Davenport     Orr Family                                 off Rt. 23 at Hansen Road                                       
Davenport     Potter Cemetery                            Coe Hill Road                                                   
Davenport     Seacord Family                             back of West Davenport Baptist Church                           
Davenport     Smith Burial Ground                        between Davenport and Davenport Center                          
Delhi         Delhi Village Cemetery                     Court St - at top of Hill                                       
Delhi         East Delhi Christian Church                Rt. 10 near Fitches Bridge                                      
Delhi         Foote Family                               Arbor Hill Road                                                 
Delhi         Frisbee Family                             Rt 10 behind DCHA                                               
Delhi         Law Family                                 Meredith St. - on private property                              
Delhi         Old Scotch Presbyterian Church             Scotch Mt. Road (Plains Church)                                 
Delhi         Potter's Field                             Dirt Drive off of Arbor Hill Rd.                                
Delhi         Thompson Cemetery                          Maggie Hoag Rd/Route #2                                         
Delhi         West Delhi Presbyterian Church             Sutherland Rd behind church                                     
Delhi         Woodland Cemetery                          Delhi                                                           
Delhi         Yendes Family                              Rt. 10 below Hamden Hill Road                                   
Delhi         Yeoman Family Cemetery                     Co. Rt #18/Bramley Mountain Rd                                  
Deposit       Barbourville Cemetery                      Rt 8 - behind old school house                                  
Deposit       China Road Cemetery                        Co. Rt. 20 on Shiroloken Farm                                   
Deposit       Colvin Cemetery                            off Rt. 8 on Steam Mill Forest Road                             
Deposit       Eldredge Axtell Cemetery                   Rt. 28 - Axtell Farm                                            
Deposit       First Baptist Church                                                                                       
Deposit       Hambletville Cemetery                      Rt 8                                                            
Deposit       Oakwood Cemetery                           off Rt 10, Stilesville                                          
Deposit       Revolutionary War Cemetery                 Laurel Bank Ave/Orchard St.                                     
Deposit       Upper Barbourville Cemetery                Rt. 8, Depost                                                   
Franklin      Arabia Cemetery                            East Handsome Brook Road                                        
Franklin      Baptist Burying Ground                                                                                     
Franklin      Barnes Cemetery                            Rt 357                                                          
Franklin      Cagwin Family                              Bill Whites Private Rd/Off Mackey Rd
Franklin      Community Baptist Church Cemetery          Maple and Center Street                                         
Franklin      Congregational Church Cemetery             Maple and Institute - Behind Firehall
Franklin      Croton Union Cemetery                      Village of Treadwell                                            
Franklin      Edgerton and Douglas                       Center Street - Firehouse                                       
Franklin      First Baptist Church Cemetery              357 & Rt 14 Intersection 
Franklin      Gay Brook Road Cemetery                    Gay Brook Road                                                  
Franklin      Kilborn Cemetery                           Gay Road                                                        
Franklin      Ouleout Cemetery                           Rt 28                                                           
Franklin      Ouleout Valley Cemetery                    Rt 357                                                          
Franklin      Plymouth Church Cemetery                   Rt 21 - D'Augustine Road 
Franklin      Presbyterian Church Cemetery               Institute Street                                                
Franklin      Red School House Cemetery                  Franklin                                                        
Franklin      The Knoll Cemetery                         Rt 357                                                          
Hamden        Archer Cemetery                            Hamden Hill Road at Covert Hollow
Hamden        Belcher Cemetery                           Terry Clove Road                                                
Hamden        Bostwick Cemetery                          Rt 10                                                           
Hamden        Brisack Cemetery                           East River Road                                                 
Hamden        Calhoun Family Cemetery                    Calhoun Road                                                    
Hamden        Coles Clove                                Basin Clove Road                                                
Hamden        Delancey Cemetery                          Back River Road                                                 
Hamden        Feak Hollow                                Feak Hollow Rd & Launt Hollow Road 
Hamden        Feak Hollow/Jamieson                       between East Brook Rd and Launt Hollow
Hamden        Goldsmith Cemetery                         Ridge Rd/Near Stoodley Hollow Intersection 
Hamden        Hamden Cemetery                            Cemetery Road                                                   
Hamden        Mundale Cemetery                           Munn Road and East Brook                                        
Hamden        Old Hamden Cemetery                        Launt Hollow Road                                               
Hamden        Terry Clove Cemetery                       on Terry Clove Rd.                                              
Hamden        Wiesmer Cemetery                           Hamden Hill Road                                                
Hamden        Yendes Cemetery                                                                                            
Hancock       Appley Cemetery                            O&W Road between Fish's Eddy and East Branch
Hancock       Christianville Cemetery                    Sands Creek Rd behind former school house                       
Hancock       East Branch Cemetery                       between Main St and Old Mill Rd                                 
Hancock       East Branch Cemetery                       Fish Road and Church St                                         
Hancock       French Woods Community Cemetery            Whiting Rd & Bouchoux Brook Rd                                  
Hancock       Gould Cemetery                             Rt 28 and Klondike Rd.                                          
Hancock       Harvard Cemetery                           off Harvard Rd. - 3 mi from East Branch
Hancock       Houck Family Cemetery                      off Readburn Rd.                                                
Hancock       Kerryville Cemetery                        off Rte 268 - private property                                  
Hancock       Long Flats Cemetery                        Rt. 30 5.4 miles from East Branch                               
Hancock       Lord Family Cemetery                       Warren Road, Lordsville                                         
Hancock       Lordville Cemetery                         Warren Road                                                     
Hancock       Marysville Cemetery                        Rt. 28 - on Hughs Farm - back of barn and house
Hancock       Marysville Cemetery                        Biffar Rd and Crawson Rd                                        
Hancock       Moore Family Cemetery                      Sands Creek Road                                                
Hancock       Old Village Community Cemetery             Behind Presbyterian Church                                      
Hancock       Partridge Island Cemetery                  Old Co. Rte 17 - Fish's Eddy                                    
Hancock       Pea Brook Cemetery                         Rt 97 between Pea Brook & John Deck Road
Hancock       Read Cemetery                              Route #17, Gibson Rd/Readburn Road                              
Hancock       Readburn Cemetery                          Dirt Road back of Old Sawmill off Readburn Rd.
Hancock       Rickard Cemetery                           Arlyn Milk Rd, Goulds                                           
Hancock       Riverview Cemetery                         Old Rt. 17                                                      
Hancock       Rock Valley Cemetery                       John Milk Rd off Rt. 28                                         
Hancock       Ryder Cemetery                             Rt. 28 Cor of Orchard                                           
Hancock       St. Francis Cemetery                       Gilleran Rd & Bouchoux Brook Rd.                                
Hancock       St. Pauls Cemetery                         Within Riverview Cemetery Western end of Hancock Village
Harpersfield  Bennett/Locee Cemetery                     Quaker Hill Road - Parker Schoolhouse Rd 
Harpersfield  Bruce Plot Cemetery                        Peck Farm off Peck Street                                       
Harpersfield  Butler-Grinnell-Odel-Sheldon Cemeteries    between No. Harpersfield & No. Kortright 
Harpersfield  Capt Amos Hikox Cemetery                                                                                   
Harpersfield  Fenn Hill Cemetery                         Fenn Hill Road                                                  
Harpersfield  Free Methodist Cemetery                    Titus Lake Road                                                 
Harpersfield  Harpersfield Center Cemetery               Rt. 23                                                          
Harpersfield  Harpersfield Rural Cemetery                Peck Street (Stevens Cemetery)                                  
Harpersfield  Nichols Cemetery                           on former Nichols farm at No. Harpersfield 
Harpersfield  No. Harpersfield Cemetery                  Co. Rt. 29 - Middlebrook Road                                   
Harpersfield  Odell Lake Cemetery                        Odell Lake Road                                                 
Harpersfield  Pierce Cemetery                            Streeter Hill Road                                              
Harpersfield  Quaker Hill Cemetery                       Quaker Hill Road                                                
Harpersfield  Rexmere Cemetery                           Stamford                                                        
Harpersfield  Titus Lake Cemetery                        Titus Lake Road (Free Methodist Cemetery)                       
Harpersfield  Wiltsie Child                              Streeter Hill - private residence                               
Kortright     Bathrick Cemetery                          Co. Rt. 33 - Doonans Corners - West Harpersfield Road 
Kortright     Betty Brook Road Cemetery                  Betty Brook Road                                                
Kortright     Blakley Cemetery                           No. side of the Turnpike Road - between Kelso & Roberts Rd
Kortright     Braehead Road Cemetery                     Braehead Road and Co. Rt 33.                                    
Kortright     Covenanter Cemetery                        Doonan's Corners                                                
Kortright     Doonan's Corners Cemetery                  Co. Rt. 12 (Covenenter Cemetery)                                
Kortright     Gilchrist Church Cemetery                  Co. Rt. 33                                                      
Kortright     MacArthur Hill Cemetery                    No. Side of MacArthur Hill Road                                 
Kortright     McLaughry Cemetery                         North Road                                                      
Kortright     McMurdy Brook Cemetery                     McMurdy Brook Road                                              
Kortright     North Kortright Cemetery                   beside North Kortright Church                                   
Kortright     Rebel Hill Cemetery                                                                                        
Kortright     Riverside Cemetery                         River Road, Bloomville                                          
Kortright     Rowland Family Cemetery                    Left side of Co. Rt 33  - coming from Bloomville 
Kortright     Sackrider Family Cemetery                  Rt 10 - near Shaw Road  
Kortright     South Kortright Cemetery                                                                                   
Masonville    Beech Hill Road Cemetery                   Route #20/Route #206                                            
Masonville    Birdsall Hill Cemetery                     Olmsted Road                                                    
Masonville    Brundage-Boyd Cemetery                     Lake Cecil Road                                                 
Masonville    Brundrege Cemetery                         in pasture near Trout Creek -  
Masonville    Camp Brace Cemetery                        Rt 8                                                            
Masonville    East Masonville Cemetery                   Comming Road                                                    
Masonville    Getter and Bixby Cemetery                  Beach Hill Road                                                 
Masonville    Lake Cecil Road Cemetery                   Cecil Lake Road                                                 
Masonville    McCullen Cemetery                          East Afton Road                                                 
Masonville    Olmsted Cemetery                           East Masonville                                                 
Masonville    Pioneer Cemetery                           Rt 206                                                          
Masonville    Randall Hill Cemetery                      Randall Hill Road                                               
Masonville    Whitman Cemetery                           Rt 8, south from Masonville                                     
Masonville    Willis Cemetery                            Rt. 8 -  1 1/2 miles from center of Masonville toward Deposit 
Masonville    Youngs Cemetery                            Steam Mill Road                                                 
Regarding Town of Meredith Cemeteries 
Meredith      Benedict Cemetery                          Elk Creek Road 
Meredith      Meredith Hollow                            Rt. 28 - 1 mile from Meridale near Palmer Hill Rd.
Meredith      Carpenter Cemetery                         In a field between Peake's Brook Rd and Menke Farm   
Meredith      East Meredith Cemetery                     Across from Presbyterian Church                                
Meredith      Houghtaling Hollow                         Junction of Houghtaling Hollow and Monkey Run Rd.
Meredith      Meredith Square                            Behind Baptist Church at Meredith
Meredith      Pine Grove Cemetery                        Meridale, on East Meredith Rd.                     
Meredith      Post Cemetery                              West Peake's Brook                                             
Meredith      Turnpike Cemetery                          Elk Creek Junction at Turnpike
Middletown    Archibald Cemetery                         Thompson Hollow Road                                            
Middletown    Arkville Cemetery                          Arkville                                                        
Middletown    Bedell Cemetery                            2.5 miles from main street in Fleischmanns                      
Middletown    Clovesville Cemetery                       Fleischmanns                                                    
Middletown    Gavette Cemetery                           Millbrook Road                                                  
Middletown    Halcottsville Cemetery                     back River Road in Halcottsville                                
Middletown    Haynes Cemetery                            off Dry Brook Road                                              
Middletown    Kelly Corners Cemetery                     Route 30 between Kelly Corners and Halcottsville           
Middletown    Lake Hill Cemetery                         off Dry Brook Road                                              
Middletown    Sanford Cemetery                           Margaretville                                                   
Middletown    Scudder Cemetery                           Old River Road                                                  
Middletown    Taylor Farm Cemetery                       Co. Rt. 6, New Kingston                                         
Middletown    VanBenschoten Cemetery                     Taylor Farm, Co. Rt. 6, New Kingston                            
Middletown    Woods/Avery Cemetery                       on Dry Brook Road off NYS Rt 28 in the hamlet of Arkville       
Roxbury       Fairview Cemetery                          Grand Gorge                                                     
Roxbury       Methodist Church Cemetery                  Grand Gorge, Rt. 23                                             
Roxbury       Methodist Church Cemetery                  Rt. 23, Grand Gorge                                             
Roxbury       More Cemetery                                                                                              
Roxbury       Negro Hill Cemetery                        above Fanny Brook Rd.                                           
Roxbury       Schemerhorn Cemetery                       Rt. 30, Darling Farm                                            
Roxbury       Tyler Cemetery                             Cold Spring Road                                                
Roxbury       Unknown Cemetery                           Located past The John Burroughs Memorial Field.                 
Roxbury       Vega Cemetery                              Cartright Road and Rt 36                                        
Roxbury       Yellow Church Cemetery                     Rt. 41                                                          
Sidney        Crane Hill Cemetery                        Crane Hill Road                                                 
Sidney        Evergreen Hill Cemetery                    Poplar Hill Road                                                
Sidney        Flint Cemetery                             Co Rt 13, Youngs Station                                        
Sidney        Highland Cemetery                          Wheat Hill Road, Sidney Center                                  
Sidney        Old Family Cemetery                        Wheat Hill Road, Sidney Center                                  
Sidney        Pioneer/Congregational Church Cemetery     Main Street, Sidney                                             
Sidney        Prospect Hill Cemetery                     East Main St., Sidney                                           
Sidney        Sidney Center Cemetery                                                                                     
Sidney        Union Cemetery                             East Sidney  - Union Church Road                                
Sidney        Vandervoort Cemetery                       Crane Hill Road                                                 
Sidney        Youngs Cemetery                            Co Rt 13, behind old store at Youngs                            
Stamford      Barlow Cemetery                            Town Brook Road/Narrow Notch Road                               
Stamford      Champlin-Haynes Cemetery                                                                                   
Stamford      Cowley Cemetery                            Lake Street                                                     
Stamford      Decker Cemetery                            Turkey Hollow Road - on Decker farm                             
Stamford      Episcopal Cemetery                         Episcopal Chruch in Hobart                                      
Stamford      Grant Cemetery                             Back road to Hobart from Stamford                               
Stamford      Lamb Cemetery                              Co Rt 18 at Nichols Farm - Delhi-South Kortright                
Stamford      Locust Hill Cemetery                       Village of Hobart                                               
Stamford      Lyman Wilcox Cemetery                      off Lake Street in Village of Stamford                          
Stamford      Maynard Farm Cemetery                      Across from Scotch Valley Ski Run                               
Stamford      Murphy Cemetery                            Murphy Road                                                     
Stamford      Narrow Notch Cemetery                      Narrow Notch & Morse Road                                       
Stamford      Potter (Taylor Mtn. Cemetery)              Taylor Road                                                     
Stamford      Relay Cemetery                             Roses Brook Road and Morse Road
Stamford      Rexmere Cemetery                           Stamford                                                        
Stamford      Rose's Brook Cemetery                      Rose's Brook Road                                               
Stamford      Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery             Stamford                                                        
Stamford      St. Peter's Episcopal Cemetery             Village of Hobart                                               
Stamford      Stamford Village Cemetery                  Mountain Road                                                   
Stamford      Stevens Hotel Cemetery                     1 mile out of Stamfor before Jefferson 
Stamford      Trusdell Cemetery                          Town Brook Road                                                 
Stamford      Valley View Cemetery                       Rose's Brook Road                                               
Stamford      Wetmore Cemetery                           Hobart                                                          
Tompkins      Airport Cemetery                           Airport Road 
Tompkins      Cannonsville Cemetery                      Rt 67 - 1/2 mile up hill to Hancock from Cannonsville Reservoir
Tompkins      Carroll Cemetery                           Herrick Hollow Road                                             
Tompkins      Christianville Cemetery                    Rt 67-Dry Brook Rd and Lower Sands Creek Road                   
Tompkins      Dry Brook Cemetery                         Dry Brook Road                                                  
Tompkins      Dryden Brook Road Cemetery                 Dryden Brook Rd                                                 
Tompkins      Ewain Property                             Sands Creek Rd - private property                               
Tompkins      Flowers Cemetery                           Loomis Brook Rd - private property Rt 47                        
Tompkins      Martinelle Farm                            Herrick Hollow Rd                                               
Tompkins      Morman Hollow Cemetery                     Morman Hollow Rd.                                               
Tompkins      Peckham/Grant                              Sands Creek Rd                                                  
Tompkins      Readburn Center Cemetery                   Rock Rift Mt. Rd/Readburn Rd.                                   
Tompkins      Rifenberg Cemetery                         Rt 27 South of Trout Creek                                      
Tompkins      Sands Creek Cemetery                       Co Rt 67                                                        
Tompkins      Scott Cemetery                             Dry Brook Rd and Wagon Wheel Road 
Tompkins      Smith Cemetery                             Co. Rt 27                                                       
Tompkins      Tied Cemetery                              Rt 206                                                          
Tompkins      Windfall Cemetery                          Winfall Rd & Rt 206                                             
Walton        Andrews Cemetery                           MacGibbon Hollow                                                
Walton        Beerston Cemetery                          moved for Cannonsville Dam                                      
Walton        Benedict Cemetery                          near Finch Road, Northfield - Co Rt 23 
Walton        Bowker Cemetery                            Upper East Brook Rd/off Route #22                               
Walton        Bundine Cemetery                           Bundine Road                                                    
Walton        Christ Episcopal Church Cemetery           moved to New Walton Cemetery                                    
Walton        Dunk Hill                                  Dunk Hill off Rt 22
Walton        East Baptist Church                        Rt 10 - private property                                        
Walton        East Brook School Cemetery                 Rt 22 East Brook                                                
Walton        East Walton Cemetery                       High School Lawn                                                
Walton        Hanford Cemetery                           Dunk Hill Road/off Route #22  
Walton        Hinmen Cemetery                            Hinmen Hollow Back River Road
Walton        Honewell Cemetery                          Johnson Hill Road 
Walton        Houck Mountain Cemetery                    Houck Road
Walton        Howland Cemetery                           Rt 22
Walton        Jenkins Cemetery                           Pines Brook - private property 
Walton        Johnson Hill Cemetery                      Johnson Road
Walton        Landfill Cemetery                          Rt 10/Del. County Land Fill 
Walton        New Walton Cemetery                        South Street 
Walton        Niles Cemetery                             Palmer Hill
Walton        Northfield Cemetery                        Northfield - Co Rt 23 
Walton        Old Burying Ground                         Harby Drive   
Walton        Oxbow Hollow                               Rt 10 near Landfill
Walton        Palmer & Pierson Cemetery                  Palmer Hill 
Walton        Pine Cemetery                              Rt 10 south of Walton 
Walton        Rock Rift Cemetery                         moved for Cannonsville Dam 
Walton        Rosa Cemetery                              Rt 10 north of Walton  
Walton        Townsend Cemetery                          Howell Street   
Walton        Wakeman Cemetery                           Third Brook - private property  
Walton        Weed Cemetery                              Back River Road north of Walton 

Note: Re: Town of Meredith Cemeteries - the Mertins cemetery and the R(enwick) Burns cemetery are really the Meredith Hollow cemetery and was the first cemetery in that area. Meredith Hollow was later named Meridale and the new cemetery is the Pine Grove. Meredith Hollow cemetery predates both farm names of Mertin and Burns. Behind is a small dam, on the Jay Gould map and other references a fulling mill was there but has totally disappeared, it employed a number of workers and weavers. I believe this is all the cemeteries in the town. --Jeremiah Palmer, November 2004

Regarding the Kelly Corners Cemetery, you may want to add that it's proper, though seldom used, name is "Eureka Cemetery". I know this as the cemetery was started by my great-great-grandfather Elder John D. Hubbell and my father presently oversees the cemetery association. Hope this is helpful to you and other people doing research. Burr Hubbell

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