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Photo above by Joyce Riedinger, June 2016 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Photo above by Alan Anderson, October 2017


Braehead Rd., Town of Kortright, Delaware County, NY

42° 24' 54.81" N 74° 46' 22.128" W 571.00

Mary S. Briggs, Historian for the Town of Davenport has given us permission to transcribe the Cemetery Guide edited by The Davenport Historical Society, Davenport Center, NY. The Braehead Road Cemetery compilation was taken from this guide. The Braehaed Road Cemetery is located at the intersection of Braehead Road and CR 33. This is the same location given for the Bathrick Cemetery, and I will correct this once I find out which cemetery it is. This cemetery is located and accessed easily. Its condition is listed as abandoned. --Submitted by Collin Haight, March 24, 2000

June 21, 2016 - This cemetery is abandoned and in very poor condition. It is likely that around half of original burial stones are simply beneath the soil. Many are tipped and lying flat on the ground with woodchucks taking up residence. Below are links to photos shot by me of stones that are legible and somewhat legible. --Joyce Riedinger, 2016

UPDATE-August 20, 2019 - Link to Alan Anderson e-mail

UPDATE-April 20, 2018 Marianne Greenfield of Grave Stone Art will be doing a one day workshop on the proper procedure and materials to clean gravestones. We will hold this Saturday, June 2, at the Braehead location. In the days prior to the workshop I will be doing more cleanup and locating fallen gravestones. - (see photos by Marianne at end of page) --Alan Anderson

UPDATE-November 3, 2017 - (see photos at end of page)

The Town of Kortright put up a new fence this summer. Marianne Greenfield of met with me at the cemetery on Saturday October 8 before I started cutting the grass, weeds, bushes, briars, and brambles. She and I will continue with our project next year. --Alan Anderson

UPDATE-22 May 2017

The Town Board for Kortright will be getting a couple of bids to put up new fencing. When, the fence is done the need for some volunteers to clean up the interior (cutting grass, and removing any small shrubs and bushes to see what headstones exist.) We will not be cleaning or re-setting of the headstones. --Alan Anderson

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NAME                               BORN         DIED         AGE          NOTES
BURRIT, Aaron                                   08/25/1804   23y 
BURRIT, Moses                                   08/02/1804   19y 
BURRIT, Philip                                  08/30/1864   54y 

DALES, John                                     05/02/1844   26y 
DALES, Samuel                                   10/02/????
GUNN, Lucy                                      02/09/1833   44y          Wife of Moses Gunn
GUNN, William                                   12/27/1833   18y          Son of Moses & Lucy

HARKNESS, Hannah Jane                           1862         71y          Wife of Robert Harkness
HARKNESS, Robert                                01/23/1815   12y 
HARKNESS, Robert                   06/23/1845                45y  

KELSO, Eleanor                                  03/31/1838   80y          Wife of Robert 
KELSO, John                                     03/21/1817   106y  
KELSO, Robert                                   10/06/1815   57y 
KELSO, Robert II                                11/19/1849   69y  

LEAL, Joseph                                    12/05/1821   25y          Son of James & Sarah Leal  
LEAL, Lydia                                     10/1798      2y-1m-0d 

LOUDON, Mary E.                    1859         1884         25y  
LOUDON, Emma J.                                 1898         31y 
LOUDON, Esther A. Orr              1828         1865         37y          Wife of Thomas C. Loudon 
LOUDON, Sarah                      1865                                   Daughter of Thomas G. & Esther A. Orr Lo
LOUDON, Thomas G.                  1816         1891         75y                                                  
LOUDON, Infant                                  1901 - 1901               Infant son of RJ&EV Loudon 
LOUDON, Ralph H.                   1896         1899         3y           Son of RJ&EV Loudon 
Loudon Monument Top
Loudon Monument Pieces           
LOUDON, Etta V. McKee              1870         1908         78y          Wife of RJ Loudon                       
LOUDON, RJ                         1863                                                                           
LOUDON, Jane                                    11/11/1850   68y                                                  
LOUDON, Robert                                  06/08/1842   70y                                                  
LOUDON, Samuel T.                      Son of Robert & Jane Loudon             
McFARLAND, ??                                                                                                     
McFARLAND, ??                                                                                                     
McFARLAND, ??                                                                                                     
McFARLAND, ??                                                                                                     
McFARLAND, Elizabeth                            01/01/1881   72y          Wife of William D. McFarland            
McFARLAND, William D.                           09/08/1873   68y 
McLAUGHRY, Hannah                               02/11/1871                Wife of Andrew McLaughry                
McLAUGHRY, Margaret                             11/06/1846   30y          Daughter of James & Elizabeth McLaughry  
McLAURY, Jane                                   08/21/1829   9y           Daughter of Richard & Hannah
McLAUREY, Mary                                  05/17/1854   66y          Wife of John B. McLaurey
McLAURY, Lucretia Waring                        11/14/1816                2nd wife of Richard McLaughry           
McLAURY, Margery Rose                           05/01/1865   82y-2m-0d    Wife of John B. McLaughry               
McLAURY, Rose Watt                              04/05/1829   6y           Daughter of Michael & Hannah            
McLAURY, Ann                                    07/27/1810   69y          1st Wife of Richard McLaury             
McLAURY, Richard                                08/10/1819   80y          Revolution
McLAURY, George                                 04/20/1822                Son of Richard & Hannah
McLAURY, Rosannah                               04/02/1820   15d          Daughter of Richard & Hannah            
McLAURY, Sarah                                  1847                      Wife of Thomas                          
McLAURY, Thomas                    1778         01/05/1859   81y 
McNEILLY, Elizabeth K.                          12/10/1866   71y          Wife of William McNeilly 
MURDOCK, Elizabeth                              07/12/1828   32y          Wife of Reverend Edward Murdock   
MURDOCK, Elizabeth   (looks like an earlier stone)      07/12/1828   32y          Wife of Edward Murdock  
MURDOCK, Christine                              03/18/1848   12y-1m-0d    Daughter of S. & S. Murdock             
MURDOCK, Samuel                                 03/22/1848   54y                                                  
MURDOCK, Sarah                                  10/17/1880                Wife or Samuel Murdock 
ROBERTS, Martha                                 09/08/1828   17y 
ROBERTSON, Martha                               09/28/1828   30y  
SIXSMITH, Esther	                                            
SIXSMITH, George, Capt.                         02/26/1828   30y                                                  
SIXSMITH, Georgia                               1855                                                              
SIXSMITH, Mary                                  04/12/1858   56y                                                  
SIXSMITH, Mary Ann                              03/08/1864   88y          Wife of Michael Sexsmith  
SIXSMITH, Michael                               04/08/1836   70y   
SPENCE, James                                   ??/25/1846

WARING, Lucretia                                11/14/1816                2nd wife of Richard McLaury 
Photos below by Joyce Riedinger, June 2016

The following are a few of the unknowns scattered throughout the burial ground

click photo above to enlarge

November 3, 2017 - photos below by Alan Anderson

click for larger size

photos left to right: 1st row: at the gate end looking from south to north; the main area of headstones; at the north end looking south

2nd row: southwest corner looking northward; northwest corner looking back south; northwest corner looking eastward

Photos below by Marianne Greenfield, taken during our headstone cleaning in 2018

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