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Located off Rt. 12 just outside of Doonans Corners, Town of Kortright
Mary S. Briggs, Historian for the Town of Davenport has given us permission to transcribe the Cemetery Guide edited by The Davenport Historical Society, Davenport Center.
The Doonans Corners Cemetery compilation was taken from this guide. Data is in the format of month / day / year.
--Submitted by Collin Haight, March 18, 2000 -- photos by Joyce Riedinger September 2015 - click underlined names for photo

NAME                            BORN         DIED         AGE          NOTES 

LOST IN THYME                        September 2015      In Memory of the Unknowns 
ADAIR, J. Ward                  1868         1941
ADAIR, Margery                  05/17/1858   05/09/1930                Wife of Nathan Turner
ADAIR, Mary E.                               04/04/1885   29y-2m-4d   
ADAIR, Sarah                                                           Daughter of Andrew & Sarah
ADAIR, Sarah A.                              05/11/1869   41y-1m-14d   Wife of Andrew
BARTLET, Sarah                                                         Wife of Levi
BIRDSALL, Lydia M.                                                     Daughter of Oliver & Polly, wife of Orrin G. Cleaveland
BURDICK, John                                05/03/1861   67y-9m-25d 
BURDICK, John                                05/03/1861   27y          Co. E 67th... 
BURDICK, Thomas                              07/21/1810   18y  
BURDICK, Thomas                              04/28/185?                Son of John & Elizabeth
BURDICK, Thomas                              1950         14y          Son of John 
BURNSIDE, Mary                               1849         55y          Wife of John, died in Kortright
BUTTS, Elizabeth J.                          11/14/1865   32y          Daughter of Luther & Sally Butts, Wife of Orin G. Cleaveland
CAMPAION (?), Mary E. Orr                    01/21/1886   51y-6m-0d
CLEVELAND, Elizabeth J.                      11/14/1865   32y          Daughter of Luther & Sally Butts, Wife of Orin G.
CLEVELAND, Lydia M.                                                    Wife of Orin G, Daughter of Oliver & Polly Birdsall
CLEVELAND, Orrin G.                          04/30/1873   35y-3m-22d 
COCHRANE, Mary D.               1835         1894                      Wife of Robert McDonald 
COLWELL, William Hiram                       07/17/1838   2y-6m-0d     Son of Patrick & Lydia 
DIBBLE, Cornelius                            05/27/1862   80y  
DIBBLE, Delight                              09/08/1832   70y-3m-20d   Wife of Roderick? Patrick? 
DIBBLE, Mary                                 07/03/1856   70y          Wife of Cornelius
DIBBLE, Patrick                              02/13/1811   51y-6m-7d 
DIBBLE, Patrick                              12/13/1860   51y
DIBBLE, Phebi                                09/21/1822   1y-3m-12d    Daughter of Noah & Prudence
DIETRICK, A. Adelaide Orr       1875         05/03/1945 
EVERTSEN, William S.            1851         04/24/1916   62y
FIO......., Elanor                           1833         10m          Daughter of John & Angamel Fio.... 
FISHER, Jane Shiland            04/18/1812   09/28/1884                                                                                 
FISHER, Daniel                  12/02/1811   01/27/1900                                                                                 
FISHER, Ida                     1846                                                                                                    
FISHER, Thomas                  1852         1856         4y                                                                            
GOODFELLOW, Euphremia           1837         1889                      Wife of Thomas Spencer                                           
GOODRICH, Amanda                             01/17/1881   81y-7m-3d                                                                     
GOODRICH, Erastus                            07/31/1811   40y                                                                           
GOODRICH, Luther                             03/10/1814   35y          "Captain"                                                        
GOODRICH, Lydia                              08/09/1855   71y          Wife of Reuben Goodrich                                          
GOODRICH, Sally                              07/23/1806   22y          Wife of Jared Goodrich                                           
GOODRICH, Scilla                             04/01/1837   51y-6m-0d    Wife of Jared Goodrich                                           
GOODRICH, Jared                              01/25/1831   85y-29d                                                                       
GOODRICH, Sally                              08/03/1859   82y          Wife of Silas                                                    
GOODRICH, Silas                              03/01/1849   76y                                                                           
GUNN, George W.                 08/12/1855   03/20/1895                Son of John & Lydia Gunn                                         
GUNN, John Sr.                               11/26/1877                                                                                 
GUNN, Lydia                     12/14/1846   01/07/1907                Wife of John Gunn                                                
HADDON, Amee C.                              1862         1y-1m-0d     Daughter of William & Lois Haddon                                
HADDON, Anne                    1859         1863                      Daughter of William & Lois J.                                    
HADDON, Lois J. Harkness        1831         1910                      For children see Lois J. Harkness                                
HADDON, William                 1830         1917                                                                                       
HANFORD, Charles A.                          07/19/1832   1y-5m-0d     Son of John & Sally Hanford                                      
HANFORD, Sally A.                            11/08/1837   31y-2m-25d   Wife of John Hanford                                             
HARKNESS, Anne E.               1859         1863                                                                                       
HARKNESS, Ira                   02/23/1872   03/14/1872                Son of James H & Sarah                                           
HARKNESS, Lois                               02/21/1871   78y          Wife of Thomas Harkness                                          
HARKNESS, Lois J.               1831         1910                      Wife of William Haddon                                           
HARKNESS, Susie J.              1866         1878                                                                                       
HARKNESS, Bartley                            11/29/1851   23y          Son of Thomas & Lois Harkness                                    
HUNT, Eliza                     1824         1895         72y          Wife of Hopestill C. Turner                                      
HUNT, Elizabeth                              08/25/1816   78y-11m-1d                                                                    
HUNT, Hannah                                 03/01/1811   79y                                                                           
HUNT, Peter                                  08/25/1836   78y                                                                           
HUNT, Ambrose                                02/24/1845   64y-1m-5d                                                                     
HUNT, Ziliah                                 11/13/1851   81y          Wife of Ambrose Hunt                                             
HUNT, Electa A.                              01/11/1863   2y-8m-11d    Daughter of William L. & Mart A. Hunt                            
HUNT, Emme J.                                01/06/1863   5y-4m-0d     Daughter of William L. & Mary Hunt                               
IRWIN, Catherine                             05/18/1832   41y          Wife of William                                                  
IRWIN, William                                                         Small stone C.D.I.                                               
JACKSON, Samuel                              12/22/1863   20y          Son of Samuel & Margaret                                         
JACKSON, Ann                                 01/09/1861   28y          Daughter of Samuel & Margaret                                    
JACKSON, John                                12/06/1860   25y          Son of Samuel & Margaret                                         
JACKSON, Margaret                            10/01/1863   67y          Wife of Samuel                                                   
JACKSON, Samuel                              10/07/1871   85y                                                                           
JOHNSON, Ezekiel                1751         08/23/1808   57y          Rev. Veteran
JOHNSON, Ezekiel                                                       SAR Flag Holder
JOHNSTON, Anna Bell                          07/01/1875   2-8m-22d     Daughter of James & Eliza Johnston                               
JONES, Charles A.                            06/01/1853                                                                                 
JONES, Charles A.               05/24/1864                                                                                              
JONES, Daniel S.                06/18/1853                                                                                              
JONES, Daniel S.                             11/04/1917   80y                                                                           
JONES, Ellen Leal               05/28/1837   11/04/1917                                                                                 
JONES, Hannah E.                             02/13/1833                                                                                 
JONES, Hannah E.                05/25/1857 or                                                                                           
JONES, John                                  02/18/1833   5y           Son of Solomon & Phanlove Jones                                  
JONES, Obed H.                  08/19/1825   03/09/1916                                                                                 
JONES, Rose L.                  06/14/1855                                                                                              
KEELER, ??                                   07/13/1862   3y           Son of B. & J.                                                   
KEELER, Anna                                 1803         1y           Daughter of B.& J.                                               
KEELER, David                                06/01/1861   82y                                                                           
KEELER, Franklin                             07/21/1803   11y          Son of B. & J.                                                   
KEELER, George Washinton                     09/05/1816   2y-1m-21d    Son of Martin Keeler Esq.                                        
KEELER, Ira B.                  1826         1894
KEELER, Jane Lawson                          01/23/1851   21y          Wife of David                                                    
KEELER, Rilla                                01/28/1857   81y          Wife of Daniel                                                   
KEELER, Ward                                 07/23/1863   6y           Son of B. & J.                                                   
KEELER, Zevill                               05/16/1842   35y          Son of David & Anna Keeler
KINMOTH, Mary                   01/01/1812   06/01/1903                Wife of Peter McCausland                                         
KNIGHT, Mary M.                 1840         1867                      Wife of William Orr                                              
LAMB, Abigil                                 08/24/1816   24y          Wife of Julius Lamb                                              
LAMB, Mary                      1815                                   Wife of William Orr                                              
LAWSON, Christianna                          04/23/1879   81y          Wife of Lyman Lawson 
LAWSON, Lyman                                03/29/1885   89y                                                      
LAWSON, Jane                    1827         1907                      Wife of Ira B. Keeler                                            
LAWSON, Mathew                               12/19/1818   19y          Son of Lyman & Christianna                                       
LEAL, Barbara                                1880                      Wife of Robert Orr                                               
LONNELL, Polly                               11/26/1846   67y-2m-18d   Wife of John Turner                                              
McCAULEY, Lois J.                            09/10/1863                Wife of Thomas McCauley                                          
McCAUSLAN, Agnes                07/01/1852   03/15/1853                                                                                 
McCAUSLAN, James                04/18/1840   04/14/1848                                                                                 
McCAUSLAN, Mary Kinmoth         01/01/1812   06/01/1903                Wife of Peter                                                    
McCAUSLAN, Peter                01/01/1793   11/10/1868   76y          Native of Scotland                                               
McCLAUGHRY, James C.                         05/20/1875   64y                                                                           
McCLENAHAN, Martha                           01/10/1885   51y          Wife of James                                                    
McDONALD, John Bertie                        1878         5m           Son of Robert & Mandy                                            
McDONALD, Mary D. Cochran       1835         1894         63y          Wife of Robert McDonald                                          
McDONALD, Caroline                           10/05/1884   77y          Wife of Robert McDonald                                          
McDONALD, Robert                1839         1900         61y                                                                           
McHAFFY, Sarah Frances                       1836         75y                                                                           
McHAFFY, Benjamin               1841         1930         89y                                                                           
McHAFFY, Mary E.                             12/14/1867   32y          Wife of Benjamin McHaffy                                         
McHAFFY, Nancy                               11/30/1855   26y-2m-1d    Daughter of Sam & Suzanne                                        
McHAFFY, Samuel                              03/31/1876   75y-10m-14d                                                                   
McHAFFY, Suzanne                             10/11/1861   66y                                                                           
McLAUGHRY, Elizabeth                         12/27/1866   88y          also McLaury, wofe of James H                                    
McLAUGHRY, James H.                          09/06/1852   75y-7m-0d                                                                     
McLAURY, Rose Ann                            10/07/1885   79y          Wife of S.N. Willson                                             
McNAUGHT, Hector                1808         1888                                                                                       
McNAUGHT, Jennet                1813         1893                      Wife of Hector McNaught                                          
McQUEEN, Peter                               12/19/1845   59y          native of Scotland                                               
MURDOCK, Thomas                              07/21/1810   48y                                                                           
NICKERSON, Lorenzo D.                        05/15/1833   26y                                                                           
NICKERSON, Ranny M.                          01/28/1875   73y                                                                           
ORR, A. Adelaide                1875         1945                                                                                       
ORR, Elizabeth                  02/23/1820   01/10/1902   83y          Daughter of David & Agnes J. Orr                                 
ORR, Henry                      03/11/1849   12/07/1890                                                                                 
ORR, J. C.                                   12/03/1914   82y                                                                           
ORR, John H.                                 10/12/1891   2y           Son of William & K.E.                                            
ORR, Mary E.                                 01/21/1886   51y-6m-0d    Wife of William Campaion (Champion?)                             
ORR, Barbara Leal                            1880                      Wife of Robert Orr                                               
ORR, Mary Leal                               07/03/1872   18y          Daughter of Robert & Barbara                                     
ORR, Robert S.                  1821         01/05/1904   82y                                                                           
ORR, Mary M. Knight             1840         1867                      Wife of William Orr                                              
ORR, Molena L.                               05/22/1879   1y-3m-0d     Daughter of William & K. E. Orr                                  
ORR, William                    1837         08/29/1925   88y                                                                           
OWEN, Mary Jane                              10/30/1875   51y-8m-0d    Wife of Edmund Owen                                              
PARKERS, John                                07/02/1829   76y                                                                           
PARRIS, Hobley                               06/12/1845   21y-9m-9d                                                                     
PARRIS, Desire                               03/01/1830   80y-1m-6d    Wife of John Parris                                              
PARRIS, John                                 07/02/1826   76y                                                                           
PEASTER, Susie E.                            12/13/1862   5y-4m-6d     Daughter of John & Isabella Peaster                              
REYNOLDS, ??                                 01/23/1872   40y-3m-13d   Stone broken                                                     
REYNOLDS, Jerisha                            12/21/1832   32y          Wife of Charles                                                  
REYNOLDS, Andrew                             08/20/1853   63y                                                                           
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth                          ??/28/1833   12y-2m-0d    Daughter of Andrew & Sally                                       
REYNOLDS, Hepsabeth                          ??/28/1837   12y-2m-0d    Daughter of Andrew & Sally                                       
REYNOLDS, Sally Gilbert                      08/08/1815   51y          Wife of Andrew, Daughter of Jason & Sarah Gilbert                
REYNOLDS, Sarah                              02/04/1811   48y          Wife of Andrew Reynolds                                          
RICE, Solomon                                06/16/1832   71y    
RICE, John Rice                              04/10/1883   82y                                                                      
RICE, Martha                                 05/23/1886   79y          Wife of John                                                     
ROBERTS, Clarissa                            02/03/1835   7y-24d       Daughter of Joseph & Polly Roberts                               
ROBERTS, Sarah                               04/03/1835                Daughter of Joseph & Polly Roberts                               
SANDERSON, James W.                          12/06/1871   4y-9m-4d     Son of D. & I.                                                   
SANFORD, Stephen                             07/26/1850   66y                                                                           
SHILAND, Jane                   04/18/1812   09/28/1884                Wife of Daniel Fisher                                            
SMITH, Sarah A.                 06/1830      05/27/1885                Wife of Obed H. Jones                                            
SMITH, Wegall                                                          no other information                                             
SMITH, Mary                                  10/03/1823   81y          Wife of Peter Smith, former consort of S. Crane                  
SMITH, Peter                                 01/16/1843   100y                                                                          
SOUTHERN, Wilson                             1833, 1873?  48y          Son of Judson & Jane                                             
SPENCE, Wife of Joseph          12/28/1806   03/18/1892                                                                                 
SPENCE, Anna Louise             1863         1863                      Daughter of Thomas & Euphomia                                    
SPENCE, Euphomia Goodfellow     1837         1889         52y          Wife of Thomas Spence                                            
SPENCE, Jessie                  1868         1869         1y           Daughter of Thomas & Euphomia                                    
SPENCE, Thomas                  1831         1910                                                                                       
SPENCE, George                               08/01/1867   61y                                                                           
SPENCE, Jane E.                 02/09/1812   02/19/1890   78y          Wife of George Spence                                            
SPENCE, Robert                               01/14/1854   83y                                                                           
SPENCE, Sarah                                08/20/1856   88y          Wife of Robert Spence                                            
SPENCE, John                                 03/25/1862   27y-15d      Son of Joseph & Nancy                                            
SPENCE, Joseph                               11/29/1862   59y-5m-0d                                                                     
SPENCE, Nancy                   12/28/1806   03/18/1892   86y          wife of Joseph Spence                                            
SPENCER, Lavinah                09/11/1770   07/20/1845   74y-10m-9d   wife of Phillip Spencer         
SPENCER, Phillip                08/12/1766   06/21/1833   66y-10m-9d                                                   
STEWART, Jane                                03/20/1873   57y-11m-20d  Wife of Samuel Stewart                                           
STORIE, Matilda                              03/12/1880   77y-0m-8d                                                                     
SUTHERN, Wilson                              1833or1873   48y          Son of Judson & Jane Suthern (Southern)                          
TURNER, Catherine                            12/09/1851   40y-10m-11d  Wife of Nathan Turner                                            
TURNER, David Irving            06/08/1891   05/15/1970   79y          PFC 330 Field Remont Sq., WWI                                    
TURNER, Eliza Hunt              1824         1895                      Wife of Hopestill C. Turner                                      
TURNER, John                                 10/05/1872   25y-5m-3d                                                                     
TURNER, Julia                                06/24/1871   20y-1m-0d                                                                     
TURNER, Melissa A.              09/15/1853   10/07/1894                                                                                 
TURNER, Hopestill C.            1822                                                                                                    
TURNER, Charles E.              1857         12/01/1935   76y-15d                                                                       
TURNER, Eva                     1844         1916         72y          on stone with Charles                                            
TURNER, Margaray Adair          05/17/1858   05/09/1930                Wife of Nathan Turner                                            
TURNER, Nathan                  04/24/1844   05/21/1900   56y                                                                           
TURNER, David                   1808         10/26/1886   78y                                                                           
TURNER, Mary Lamb               1815                                   Wife of David Turner                                             
TURNER, John                                 09/27/1852   78y-12d                                                                       
TURNER, Polly Lonnell                        11/26/1846   67y-2m-18d   Wife of John Turner                                              
WHICHAM, Martha Wilson                                                 Wife of Richard Whicham, no other info.                          
WHICHAM, Richard                             05/22/1896   79y                                                                           
WHITE, Alexander                             12/19/1848                                                                                 
WHITE, Alice                                 04/23/1858   62y          Wife of Alexander White                                          
WHITE, Ann B.                                04/03/1858   62y                                                                           
WILLSON, Rose Ann McLaury                    10/07/1885   79y          Wife of S.M. Willson                                             
WILLSON, Samuel M., Rev.                     01/21/1864   68y                                                                           
WILSON, Martha                                                         Wife of Richard Whicham, no other info.                          
WINSLOW, David                               07/16/1879   82y-5m-14d                                                                    
WINSLOW, Electa                              12/08/1841   45y          Wife of David Winslow                                            
WOOLL, Charity                               03/17/1849   50y-1m-17d   Wife of Jeremiah Wooll                                           
WORTEN (WOOTE), John            1812         1871


Correction from Leslie Granat, June 1, 2004: Hannah Benson Hunt was my ancestor. I have researched this family extensively. I have Hannah's date of death as March 4, 1841, based on probate records found in the Delaware Co. Clerk's office, as well as pension records in the National Archives, showing that she was alive in 1839. I believe that the discrepancy is caused by the wearing of the headstone, so that the number 4 looks liike a 1. She was 79 years old as she was born May 15, 1761.
Correction and omitted data from Lorraine Travers, whose husband is descendant of Spencer family.

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