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Partial and Preliminary

On September 20, 1999, and January 1, 2000, I visited the small cemetery on the knoll above Clovesville west of the church, which I understand was (primarily?) an Osterhoudt family cemetery. It is very heavily overgrown, and if there was a fence there before, I don't see it now, except for a very few stones which may be the remains of a low fence a few feet above the highway level on the south (Old Rt . 28) side. I was only able to get readable inscriptions off 9 stones (one with 3 names). There are at least 18 more stones so completely weathered that they show absolutely no remaining sign of any inscription, some of them being down to mere stumps. Because of the heavy overgrowth, and because a number of stones have fallen (including some in fairly good condition), it may well be that a more careful reconnaissance would reveal more stones with readable information. The locations and arrangement of the stones I found suggest that if the cemetery was at all symmetrical, there must indeed be substantially more graves there. - Steven Delibert, January 5, 2000 (with credit to John R. Todd, Sr., for giving me the idea)

Andrew Beadle* Nov. 2 1793
Julia Oakley Beadle wife of Andrew* June 5 1793 Dec 12 1861
John Beadle* Oct 9 1821 Apr 27 1868
Wm H. H. Bortle Dec 8 1857 39 yrs. 10 mo. 18
Charlotte wife of Richard Carpenter Nov 16 1867 55 yrs
Mary wife of Wm. H. Crandall Feb 26 1865 26? Years
Solomon Osterhoudt May 18, 1796 [top 1/2 of broken stone on ground]
Elizabeth wife of Solomon Osterhoudt July 20 1810** 38 yrs 3 mo 3 d
Sidney Osterhoudt*** Oct 8, 1865 19yrs? 7 mo 28 d
James Osterhoudt, son of Solomon S. and Ann Feb 18, 1862 20 yrs 2 mo ??d
Mandy A Bookhout wife of Solomon Osterhoudt May 6 1893 81 yrs 7 mo 2 days

* All on one monument.
** Seeming anomalous date, but the inscription is very clear.
***Adjoins James, below, same style & appears to have a similar "son of" inscription, but broken right at this point.

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