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Photo courtesy of Tina Utter


On August 1st, 1998 I visited the BAXTER-NEFF Cemetery on Baxter Mountain in Delaware County, NY. The cemetery is located on the left hand side of Baxter Mountain Road about three miles up the mountain from Horton, just off Route 17. The road starts out paved but is primarily a dirt road used by the few folks living and/or WORKING on the mountain. Most of the land around the cemetery is posted and belongs to a rod and gun club in Cooks Falls. Someone is obviously caring for the cemetery as it is neatly trimmed and mowed. The cemetery is about 16 by 20 yards and is fenced-in but with access from the road where the fence has been turned back. It appears as though it was originally constructed in the corner of someone's property, as there is the usual stone wall marking the edge of a field that comes to the corner of the cemetery. --Jerry Cahill, September 8, 1998

The diagram below is of the approximate location of the markers with a description of each one given below.

Nov 30 2017 CORRECTION from Tina and Dale Utter: It is a marble stone not slate as stated below, and is of George Baxter. I did not see George at the top of the stone but only SON OF ALFRED AND CATHERINE BAXTER DIED AUGUST 16 1870 AGE 3 YRS 6 MOS.

    (1)    (2)    (3)   (4)    (5)    (6)    (7)    (8)    (9)    (10)

   (11)   (12)   (13)      (14)              (15)                 (16) 

   (21)                              (22)                                      

====  Baxter Mountain Road, a dirt road  ====>> Up hill this way.

Data from and observations on the individual graves:
(1).  A badly weathered slate stone that was difficult to read.  
      The father's name is essentially worn away but it may have been Uriah
      (a wild guess on my part!).

          Son of
     ___?___ & Catharine
      Aug. 16, 1880
     Aged 3 yrs 6 mos

This differs from the data given in the cemetery listing on the Delaware
County web page which lists this as "Catherine 3y - August 16, 1870"

(2).  A modern, very readable stone.

         Elsie A. Baxter
           Wife of
        Charles L. Smith
          1854 -1881

(3).  A small stone.  Also has a footstone that appears blank.

          Carving of a Dove
             Sarah Jane
             Daughter of
           Giles & Phoebe
           Sept. 15, 1860
         Aged 9 yrs & 11 mo.

Again this differs from the data given in the cemetery listing on the 
Delaware County web page which lists the date of death as "December 15, 1860".

(4).  A depression in the earth with a field stone footstone.  No headstone.

(5).  A modern gravestone with no footstones.

           Giles              Phebe Ann
           Baxter             his wife
           1813-1890          1824-1884

Note that the spelling of her given name is different here from that 
of her daughter Sarah Jane's marker.

(6).  A depression in the ground but no head nor foot stones.

(7).  A depression in the ground with a small footstone labeled:


(8).  A possible double depression in the ground with no foot 
      nor head stones.

(9).  A slight depression with a raw field stone at the foot 
      with no obvious lettering.

(10).  A large modern stone with two depressions and 
       two footstones.

           John B. Neff
           1847 - 1907
             Emma M.
            His wife
           1849 - 1913

The footstones are labeled "Mother" and "Father".

The lettering of all of these headstones faces the rear of the 
cemetery, i.e. you have to face back towards the road to read them.  
Was the original entrance to the cemetery from the property itself 
rather than the road as now?

(11).  An older headstone.

           Jane Baxter
           1817 - 1888

(12).  A headstone and a blank footstone.

           Julia Baxter
            Jan 9, 1871
            Aged 50 yrs

(13).  An older stone that has been broken in half, 
       no footstone.

            Joel Baxter
           Jan. 10, 1867
           Aged X0 years

(The aged line is difficult to read as the fracture has 
taken place through this line.  It may have been either 60 or 80 
years.)  The lower half appears to have no writing on it.

On the Delaware County web page the date of death is given as 
"January 10, 1887".  A genealogy by Mrs. O.E. Everett gives 
a DOB for Joel of 1789.  A DOD of 1867 would be more reasonable than 
one of 1887 with an age at death of 78 vs. 98.

(14).  A mound with a blank footstone and no headstone.

(15).  Another mound with neither head nor foot stones.

(16).  This area at the foot of the "Mother" and "Father" 
       footstones listed in (10) above is uneven and possibly 
       could contain additional unmarked graves.

(21).  A raw field stone headstone and footstone with nothing recorded on them.

(22).  This area to the left of item 21 contains several mounds and
       depressions that may be the natural topography of the land or may
       contain additional unmarked graves.

In a copy that I have of "Baxter Genealogy" by a Mrs. O. E. Everett of Pleasantville, N.Y. (no date given but I suspect it was written about 1940) there is a statement "I would like information as to the last name of Joel Baxter's wife - On tombstone - Baxter Mt. Cemetary (sic) - it states MARY - his wife."

The Joel Baxter marker I found had no MARY name and this may indicate that one or more of the old markers may have fallen and been covered by dirt and growth. Or that the bottom half has weathered away any notation of Mary in the probably 50 years or so since Mrs. Everett made her notation. If anyone knows who is caring for the cemetery, I would like to contact him or her to discuss the possibility of someday probing for possible missing stones and uncovering them and remounting them.

I now have photos of the major stones that are reasonably readable. I would be willing to make laser color photocopies (not original photos) for cost for anyone interested. --Jerry Cahill

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