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Steam Mill Rd., Town of Deposit, Delaware County, NY

I recently spoke to George Stafford (historian for Town of Masonville) about the ever elusive 'Young Cemetery' on Steam Mill Rd, Town of Deposit, just south of Masonville line, not sure if it is just barely on State land or private property. He gave me directions and after about a half hour of tramping through the forest...I found it! Here are the precise directions in finding it and people buried there. My's sister and her husband and his parents and inlaws are their, among others.  -- Mark Avery, October 22, 2004 

Location: From Rte. 8 enter on to Steam Mill Rd. Set odometer to zero. Drive 'exactly' 1.9 miles. At this point, there is a break in the stone wall that is on the left (west) side of road. On the north end of the opening is a State Forest sign. If you pass "The Last Dollar" hunting cabin on your right, you've gone too far. At the opening in the fence, previously mentioned, walk due west aprox.750'. Cemetery is there and in pretty good shape. It is marked with a white cross.

People buried there are as follows:
Sarah M. Haight (wife of Stephen Young)
Died 11/4/1868 Age 38 yrs. 1 mo. 29 days
Birth 9/5/1830
Stephen Young
Died 3/13/1914 Age 91 yrs. 1mo. 21 days
Birth 1/29/1823
George Young
Died 4/7/1874 Age 22 yrs.
Birth 1852
Sarah Avery Young (wife of Herman Young)
Died 8/5/1891   Notes: Died while giving birth to son Robert.
Birth 2/26/1855
Herman Young
no death date but marker there
Birth 5/13/1856
Sally L. Haight (wife of Oliver J. Haight)
Died 2/21/1867 Age 71 yrs. 19 days
Birth 2/2/1796
Oliver J. Haight
Died 6/28/1883 Age 86 yrs. 10 mos. 2 dys.
Birth 9/4/1796   Notes: His daughter was Sarah M. Haight.
Leonard Haight
Son of Sally and Oliver
24 yrs. old
Rest of stone unreadable
Another stone that reads Leonard Haight
Rest of stone unreadable
There is one stone that simply says 'Mother' (on top of stone)
and 'Brother' (on face of stone)
There are 4 other small, unreadable markers. 

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