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Route 10, Walton, Delaware County, NY - - - 42° 9' 23.49" N; 75° 9' 21.57" W; 376.00 m
Photos courtesy of Teresa Tierney, June 2008

Abigail Packard Seward
Betsey Pine Humphrey
Byron Gilbert
Caroline Launt (wife of Harmon Launt)
Cornelius Pine
Daniel Pierce
Daniel Pine
Dolly Howland
Elizabeth Lenox wife of Stephen Wood
Esther Washburn
Ezadore and Harriet Dumond
Flora Wakeman
George W. Pine
Harmon Launt
Harriet Andrews
Harriet Fowler Andrews wife of John Andrews
James B. Cook
Jennie Carroll
John Andrews
John Edwin Davis and Mary E. his wife (Mary Elizabeth VanValkenburg Davis)
John Pine
John Pine 1817
John S. Seward, his wife Abigail Parker
John S. Cole and Ethel A. his wife
John S. Seward
Joshua Pine (died 1918)
Joshua Pine (b. 5 Nov 1790 d. 3 Apr 1888)
Joshua Pine Sr.
Laura D. Woods wife of Stephen Wood
Laura J. Beers
Margaret wife of Joshua Pine
Mary Pine
N. Washburn
N. Washburn (2)
Olive wife of Cain Bowker
Osborn Wakeman
Peter Pine
Rachel Cole
Sarah Pine (d. 1808)
Sarah wife of Joshua Pine (d. 1800)

The following compilation is from the CETA project Directed by Victor Ronovech - it is not always reliable.
Please use only as a jumping off spot for further research. Corrections welcome!

Pine Cemetery, Route # 10

ANDREWS, Charles Elmer  17y       March 2, 1883       Son of John & Harriet
ANDREWS, Harriet Fowler 83y       March 10, 1911      Wife of John
ANDREWS, John         64y         February 10, 1891
BEERS, Laura J.       14y         1855
BOWKER, Olive         60y         1901                Wife of Oein S.
CARROLL, Jennie       16y         March 6, 1891       Dau. of George & Caroline
CLEAVER, Jerry        51y         January 4, 1892
CLEAVER, Polly        93y         1901                Wife of Walter
CLEAVER, Walter       79y         1887
COLE, John S.         63y         1874
COLE, William N.      44y         1884
COOK, James R.        38y         1882
DAVIS, Edwin          88y         1930
DAVIS, Mary e.        87y         1943                Wife of Edwin
DUMOND, Ezadora       58y         December 22, 1881
DUMOND, Harriet       63y         November 9, 1886    Wife of Ezadora
FREER, Cynthia        43y         February 21, 1887
GILBERT, Byron        26y         October 27, 1905
HOWLAND, Dolly         2y         May 2, 1873         Dau. of Harry & Ophelia
LAUNT, Caroline M.    43y         March 8, 1865       Wife of Harmon
LAUNT, Harmon         70y         March 22, 1887
LENOX, Elizabeth      51y         January 5, 1900     Wife of Stephen Wood
MOORE, Mary M.        33y         September 8, 1885   Wife of James
PIERCE, Daniel        39y         1867                Co B 144th Reg NYSV
PINE, Bashal          80y         1858                Wife of Daniel Pine
PINE, Betsey          70y         1874                Wife of E. Humphrey
PINE, Cornelieus      63y         1874
PINE, Daniel          82y         1851
PINE, Daniel D.       25y         1831
PINE, George W.       52y         1852
PINE, John            64y         1817                Rev War 1776
PINE, John            18y         1816
PINE, Joshua          57y         1818
PINE, Joshua          73y         1802                The first proprietor of this
                                                      soil-1785 Born in Walton
                                                      November 5, 1798
PINE, Joshua (Uncle)  89y         April 3, 1888
PINE, Margaret        84y         1854                Wife of Joshua
PINE, Mary            81y         1834
PINE, Mary            63y         1817                Wife of John
PINE, Peter           27y         1827
PINE, Sarah            3y         1808
PINE, Sarah           72y         1800                Pine family burial ground
 Wife of Joshua
SEWARD, Abigail Packard 79y       1899                Wife of John S.
SEWARD, John S.       56y         1872
THORP, Delana         48y         1896                Wife of William Cole
WAKEMAN, Flora        13y         August 27, 1861     Dau. of Abram & Bashel
WAKEMAN, Osborn        ?          ?
WASHBURN, Esther       ?          ?                   Wife of N. Washhurn
WASHBURN, N.          77y         November 10, 1880
WOOD, Laura D.        51y         February 24, 1893   Wife of Stephen
YOUNGS, Rachel A.     78y         1896                Wife of John S. Cole
8 Unknowns

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