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Centennial History of Delaware County, New York : 1797-1897
edited by David Murray, LL.D.

Transcribed by Tamara Sanford


The First Board of Supervisors.
The following is a literal transcript of the record of the proceedings of the Board:
At the first Annual Meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Delaware, held at the House of Grideon Frisbie in the Town of Kortight, in said County, on the 30th day of May (being the last Tuesday), in the year of our Lord 1797.


Enos Farker from .................................Franklin Robert North .................................Walton William Horton .................................Colchester Benjamin Milk .................................Middletown, Chairman John Lamb .................................Stamford Roswell Hotchkiss................................ Harpersfield Benajah Beardsley............................... Kortright

And the Board proceeded to vote for a Clerk, whereupon it was Resolved, that Anthony Marvine should be their Clerk for the ensuing year.

Likewise Resolved, that Anthony Marvine be Treasurer of the said County of Delaware upon his entering Into Bond with Security as the Law directs.

Whereupon the said Anthony Marvine produced a Bond with Jared Goodrich and Benajah Beardsley of the Town of Kortright as Securities, which was accepted by the Board.

The Board then proceeded to canvass and estimate the Ballots given for two Members of Assembly for said County, and it appeared on the close of said Canvass and Estimate that William Horton and Nathaniel Wattles Esquires were duly elected Members of Assembly for said County for the ensuing year. Whereupon they were declared duly elected and the proper certificates were made out and sent to their several addresses, according to Law.

The Board then adjourned to the third Tuesday in August next, at 9 o'clock A. M., at the same place. Test ANTH. MARVINE, Clk. of Board.

At an Adjourned Meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Delaware, held at the House of Gideon Frisbee on Tuesday, the 15 Day of August, 1797.


Enos Farker from .................................Franklin William Horton .................................Colchester Benjamin Milk .................................Middletown Robert North .................................Walton

And adjourned till tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock.

Wednesday, August 16, 1797. Board met pursuant to adjournment, and The other members attended, to wit:

Benajah Beardsley .................................Kortright Roswell Hotchkiss ................................ Harpersfield John Lamb .................................Stamford

And Proceeded to Business.

Resolved by the Board that each Town be charged with accounts exhibited to us for Services done in such Town previous to the passing the Law for erecting this County, altho the same might have been chargeable against the County, had this County not been erected.

Resolved, that for Services done in this County and auditable by this Board (except where otherwise ascertained by Law, or a Resolve of a Town Meeting) the sum of Ten Shillings pr. Day including Expenses be allowed.

Resolved, that the Clerk of the Board be allowed (for the ordinary Services, and for apportioning the Tax on the several Towns' duplicates &c.) the sum of twelve pounds per year.

Accounts audited against the Town of Franklin, £43 : 6 :8. Accounts audited against the Town of Colchester, £41 :15 :0. Accounts audited against the Town of Walton, £40 :16 :6. Accounts audited against the Town of Stamford, £96 : 3 :4. The Board then adjourned till tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock A. M. Thursday, August 17th,'97. Board met pursuant to adjournment. Accounts audited against the Town of Harpersfield, £23 : 7 :6. Accounts audited against the Town of Kortright, £36 :18 :3.

After the accounts were audited and finally adjusted the Board Besolved in manner following, to wit :

Resolved that the Clerk apportion the Tax of each Town upon the Inhabitants thereof and transmit the Tax Lists and Warrants to the respective Supervisors with due speed. And that be need not make Duplicates thereof, but if tho't necessary each Supervisor may make his own.

By the Supervisors of the Towns formerly In Otsego: Resolved, that we will each request the Collector to collect the amount of Otsego Deficiency as soon as may be after obtaining Warrants, and transmit It to the Treasurer, and that he settle up with the Treasurer of Otsego County as soon as convenient.

N. B.-Mr. Milk agreed to take the Warrant and List of his Town and make out the Tax thereof.

The Board then adjourned sine die.


At a Special Meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Delaware held (in Consequence of a Request of the Court of Common Pleas of said County lately held for Purposes mentioned in their Resolve No. 1 on file) at the House of Gideon Frisbie In the Town of Kortright, in said County, on Tuesday the 24th Day of October, 1797.


Enos Parker, Chairman..............................Franklin William Horton .................................Colchester Benajah Beardsley .................................Kortright Roswell Hotchkiss ................................ Harpersfield John Lamb .................................Stamford

The Board, after maturely consulting the Bequest in the said Resolve and the Interests of their Constituents, came to the following Resolutions, to wit:

Resolved, that we will present a Petition to the Legislature requesting a Law authorizing the Supervisors to raise a Sum of Money for the purpose of Building a Court House and Gaol In said County.

Resolved, that the Petition be for a Law authorizing the Supervisors of the County of Delaware for the time being to raise a Sum not exceeding twelve hundred Dollars for the purpose of building a Court House, &c., at such times as they shall think proper. And that the Clerk draw up a petition for the purpose and have it ready for signing by tomorrow morning.

Adjourned till 7 o'clock tomorrow A. M.

October 25th, 1797. The Board met pursuant to adjournment, and Resolved, that a Clause be added to the Petition ordered drawn up yesterday for our proportion of School Money, which was neglected in the Bill for erecting the County.

The Clause was then added accordingly and the Petition read, approved of, and signed by the Supervisors and forwarded to the Legislature.

Resolved further, that the Clerk make a Demand of a Deed from Levi Baxter for the Land he proposed giving for the Court House, &c., and also of Daniel W. Sackrider, if he comes openly into the County within 20 Days. If he does not come, to negotiate the Business (as to the Deed and £50 he was to give for the Court House, &c.) with George Fisher in such manner as is equitable both for him and the County. And that if the Business is not done by Baxter & Sackrider or Fisher to his satisfaction he notify the Board, &c., to remove the stake.

Resolved, that it Sackrider comes into the County and does not fulfill his Engagement as to the Land, &c., that the Clerk institute a Suit against him for Damages.

Resolved, that if the Deeds are given, the Clerk survey the Land proposed and make out the Deeds to the Supervisors and their Successors in office, and insert a clause therein of Seizen Warranty, &c. And that he be allowed for his trouble in transacting the above Business what is reasonable and just, and that the same shall be chargeable against the County.

Resolved, that the Clerk make Report to the next Board what he has done in the above Business.

The Board then adjourned sine die.


Record of First Election Canvass. ...

A. D. 1797.

I,.......................Supervisor of the town the County of Delaware do solemnly and sincerely declare and swear in the presence of Almighty God that I will faithfully, honestly and Impartially canvass and estimate the votes for members of Assembly for the County of Delaware contained in the inclosures delivered into the office of the Clerk of the same County, and that I will publish and declare the persons who have the Greatest Number of Votes for Members of Assembly to be severally elected to the said office respectively, and that I shall discover any of the other persons who shall attend with me for the purpose aforesaid Conducting or demeaning himself or themselves partially, unduely or corruptly In the premises, that I will divulge or discover the same to the end that the person or persons so offending may be brought to Justice.


We the Subscribers being the Supervisors of the County of Delaware, Assembled on the last Tuesday of May in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and ninety-seven at the house of Gideon Frisbee, Esq., for the purpose of Canvassing and Estimating the Votes taken at the last Election for Members ot Assembly for the said County of Delaware, Do hereby Certify that upon such Canvass the following Persons were duly Elected by Plurality of Votes, to wit, Nathaniel Wattles and William [Horton - omitted in record] Esquires. Witness our hand, May 31st, 1797.



I do Certify the foregoing to be true Copies of the Original form of an Oath and Certificate Subscribed as above and entered of Record by me,
EBENEZER FOOTE. Clerk of Delaware County.

Newspapers of the County. ...

The following summary record of the newspapers which have been established in Delaware county during the century has been prepared from information furnished by editors, and the writer is indebted for this compilation largely to Mr. John A. Parshall, who for sixty years has been connected with the Delaware Gazette.

No papers have been printed in Bovina, Hamden, Harpersfield, Masonville, Meredith and Tompkins.

When the county was erected there was not a religious paper published in the state, as far as can be learned. In 1838 there were but ten power presses running in the state, now there are fifteen in Delaware county.

The Delaware Gazette was the first newspaper published in the county, begun in 1819, and was the only one published prior to 1821. Sherrill E. Smith is the present editor and publisher, Delhi.

The Delaware Bepublican (No. 1) was started by Elijah J. Roberts in June, 1821, at Delhi. Discontinued.

The Delaware Republican (No. 2) started September 1830, by George Marvine, at Delhi. Discontinued in 1832.

Delaware Journal established In April, 1834, by Whipple & Wright, at Delhi. Discontinued.

The Delaware Express was begun in January, 1839, by Norwood Bowne, at Delhi, who continued its editor and publisher until his death January 7, 1890. William Clark is now editor and publisher.

The Voice of the People (Anti-Rent) begun in 1846, by W. S. Hawley, at Delhi. Discontinued.

The Deposit Courier the first paper in Deposit was established in 1848 by M. K. Hulce. In 1869 it was purchased by Chas. N. Stow, who is still editor and publisher.

The Stamford Mirror was started as the Bloomville Mirror at Bloomville in May, 1851, by Simon B. Champion, who has continued to be its editor and publisher. In 1870 the plant was removed to Stamford.

The Franklin Visitor was started by G. W. Reynolds March 28, 1855. In l863 it was removed to Delhi and consolidated with the Republican.

The Walton Blade established at Walton, May 1856, by B. P. Berray. Discontinued.

The Deposit Union Democrat was started in 1856 by C. E. Wright, but was soon merged into the Courier.

The Star of Delaware was established by Rev. C. B. Smith, at Delhi, in December, 1859, and published for a short time.

The Young Patriot was published at Delhi for a short time in I860.The Delaware Bepublican (No. 3) was started May 12, 1860, by Sturtevant and McIntosh. T. F. & R. P. McIntosh are Its present editors and publishers.

The Utilitarian published at Margaretville, was established July 7, 1863, by Dr. O. M. Allaben. In 1874 it was purchased by J. K. P. Jackson, present editor and publisher.

The Andes Recorder. The first paper in Andes was the Student, established September 5, 1866, by Peter Smeallie. A. D. Hitchcock succeeded it with the Recorder. The plant was removed to Stamford April 1, 1892, by William Clark. The paper was re-issued by S. F. Adee and T. W. Miller is now editor and publisher.

Hobart Free Press. This paper was started in 1866 by Charles H. Cleveland. The Delaware Chief and Village Record were also published at Hobart for a time.

The Franklin Register was started in Franklin by A. D. Hitchcook, June 30, 1868. In 1883 the name was changed to Delaware County Dairyman, and Joseph Eveland & Son are editors and publishers.

The Walton Chronicle was established February 3, 1869, by A. D. Hitchcock. It is now published by the Chronicle Association and Henry S. White is editor.

The Walton True Press was started by Harvey Ireland in 1872, and was subsequently merged into the Chronicle.

The Hancook Herald was started in 1873 and Henry W. Wagner is the present editor and publisher.

The Deposit Times was started by S. C. Clizbe in 1874 and discontinued in less than two years.

The Star was the first paper published in Sidney, beginning in 1870, by Owen & Wright. The following have also been published in that village but all have suspended: The Midland Times, 1874, M. W. D. Fenton. The Democrat, 1874, J. K. P. Jackson. The Sidney Herald, 1875, M. W. D. Fenton. The News and Wave, 1879, C. C. & C. O. Brown. The Valley News, 1879, Clayton Brown. The Rural Times, 1881, Mr. Jones. The Unahanna, 1890, Wier Bros. Daily Despatch, 1894, Wier Bros.

The Downsville News was started by A. E. Peck In 1875 and is still published by him.

The Charlotte Valley News was started in 1877, at East Davenport. It was followed by the Transcript and later the Standard which has ceased publication.

The Roxbury Times was begun in 1880 and John H. Dudley is now editor and publisher.

The Walton Reporter was first published in 1881 and is now published by the Reporter Company, with Paul Nichols and John P. White as editors.

The Sidney Record was started in the year 1882 by Arthur Bird, who is still editor and publisher.

The Walton Cyclone was started in 1885 by Eells & Son. In 1886 in was changed to the Peoples Press and soon discontinued.

The Delaware Standard a prohibition paper, was started in November, 1887, by Rev. W. M. Howie. After several changes, Wm. S. Cole, the owner, changed the name to the Delaware County News, which suspended in 1893.

The Arena Enterprise was started in 1889 by H. D. Ellsworth, and was published for about three years.

The Herald was established at Griffin Corners in 1890 by Wilson Bertrand. John F. Gregory is the present editor and publisher.

The Stamford Recorder was started in that village April 10, 1892, by the Stamford Printing and Publishing Company, William Clark editor. The present editor and manager is Edward A. Ackley.

The Walton Times was started November 19, 1892, by Wm. H. Eells, the present editor and publisher.

The Margaretville Messenger was established in 1894 by the Messenger Company, with John Grant editor, and is still published as above.

The Sidney Centre Transcript was started In 1895 by W. J. Weyrauch, and Chas. H. Schutts to the present editor and publisher.

The Church Review was published at Delhi for nine months in 1893, by Adee & Lawson.

The Sidney Advocate was established in 1895 by Bolton & Stanton, and J. F. Andrews is now the editor and publisher.

There have been two papers published for a time at Bloomville, and possibly the above is not a complete list of all the ventures in the field of Delaware county journalism.

C. Edick Wright, who learned the printer's trade in the Delaware Gazette office, in writing some reminiscences about ten years ago said: "The influence of the Press is felt in every nook and corner of our land. It penetrates the cabin of the poor as well as the marble halls of the rich. It reaches the prisoner in his cell and points him the way to reformation. Next to the Bible, and as an auxiliary, the newspaper is a guide to the statesman, a help to the clergy, and an indispensable article in every household."

Gush forth civil liberty's springs, Let the Press of the Nation and land, That dread foe of tyrants and kings, It's country's true sentinal stand. The Press of the Nation on progressions age, 'Tis the day-spring of youth, and the guide of the sage,. 'Tis the audible footfall of thought on the page, The articulate beat of the heart of the age- 'Tis the "Harp of a thousand strings.

Dates of Organization of The Towns.

Corrections and Additions.

On page 70, the date given for the organization of the town of Delhi should be March 17, 1798 instead of 1797. See Session Laws 1798, Chap. 43.

On page 72, in reference to the present court house it should be added that in 1894 an annex was built at a cost of about $10,000.

On page 75, sixth line from the bottom, 1846 should be 1845.

On page 77, the term of Judge Ebenezer Foote should be stated to begin 1823 instead of 1828.

On page 77, the term of Judge Baumes should be 1888 instead of 1889.

On page 77, the surrogate names Amasa J. Parker should be Amasa Parker.

On page 78, the date given for William McLaughry as county clerk should be 1846.

On page 78, the name given as sheriff should be Daniel Rowland instead of David Rowland. The same change should be make in the name (p.81) of the member of Assembly for 1853.

On page 79, the name of Samuel Rexford should have appeared at State Senator for 1829-30-31-32.

On page 80, at the head of the list of members of Assembly, it should be stated that the dates given are the years in which they were elected.

On page 85, among Supreme Court Justices it should be stated that in 1850 Levinus Monson was appointed in the place of E. B. Morehouse, deceased.

SHAD IN DELAWARE COUNTY: Since the paragraph on page 35 was written I have received from several directions information that shad have been caught in the East Branch of the Delaware river in recent years. One of these instances will be found in the history of Colchester in this volume.

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