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Rt. 10, Town of Walton, Delaware County, NY

42° 9' 27.942" N ... 75° 4' 57.162" W ... 386.00 m

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The following compilation is from the CETA project Directed by Victor Ronovech - it is not always reliable.
Please use only as a jumping off spot for further research. Corrections welcome!

Rosa Cemetery, Route #10

BUNTO, John             ?          ?
DICK, Nicholas        73y         April 16, 1846
FRANCE, Rachel        77y         October 24, 1880    Wife of William
FRANCE, William        ?          ?
HULL, Damon           21y         December 23, 1807
ROSA, Benjamin        77y         August 25, 1844
ROSA, Catherine       92y         February 5, 1896
ROSA, Eli             29y         1866                Co I 72nd Reg NYV
ROSA, James           72y         May 20, 1874
ROSA, Polly           60y         January 6, 1866     Wife of James
ROSA, Polly B.        81y         October 1, 1854     Wife of Ben
WILSON, Frances C.     2y         January 1, 1882         
WILSON, William       31y         June 5, 1888        Son of William & Hattie   
WOOD, Inez & Pearl     2y         May 29, 1888        Children of Mr & Mrs John Wood
WOOD, Julia               6wks    April 25, 1890      Dau. of Mr & Mrs John Wood
22 Unknowns

September 2019 - corrections to above and the following information from Phyllis (Betts) Place:
  • John Bunto was the father of my great-grandmother. Family records have him born about 1822.

  • John's daughter (my great-grandmother) was Addie Leonard (b.12-5-1859 d.8-10-1898. Our family records have her as Mary Adelaide Bunto, but known as Addie. Her daughter, Frances (Leonard) Townsend, while she was still living told me that she was buried in Rosa Cemetery, she believed somewhere in the lower front right corner without any marker, which Frances had wanted to do. France was going to take me there and show me, but due to her age and health, we were never able to do so. My sister, Linda, is married to a Rosa and the Rosas buried here are his relatives also. Attached is copy of Addie's death certificate.

  • Find-a-Grave has the following for William France: b.4-5-1801 d.3-16-1855

  • Polly Rosa, wife of James, maiden name BRINK

  • Polly Rosa, wife of Benjamin, maiden name BEARD

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