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NYC Rd. 6, Town of Andes

42° 5' 43.128" N ... 74° 51' 38.358" W ... 526.00

The construction of the Pepacton Reservoir in Delaware County, NY began in 1947 and was completed in 1955. Removals from the following cemeteries took place in 1953 and 1954. Arena (old), Arena (new), Cat Hollow, Conklin, Edget, Flynn, J. R. Shaver, K.E. Davis Burying Ground, Shaver, Shavertown, Union Grove, and Weaver Burying Ground. (see information regarding Pepacton Reservoir Cemetery Removals)

In 2016, Marianne Greenfield was awarded the bid from the NYC DEP to restore the Pepacton Cemetery in Andes. She hired professional gravestone conservators to do the restoration. The NYC DEP had a construction contract with Volmar Construction of Brooklyn and Volmar was actually in charge of the project.

The restoration work was completed in early Spring of 2017.

Done in two phases, the first part was to clean, reset and repair 300 gravestones and monuments. In the process Marianne located 68 unmarked graves and there were also 39 plastic name plates screwed to concrete blocks that the city used for some burials. The plastic plates had degraded in the sun and had been hit by the mower so most were either missing or unreadable.

Phase 2 was to put granite markers attached to bluestone bases on all of the unmarked graves and replace the plastic name plates with granite markers, also. She also placed flag holders at the veteran’s graves. The NYC DEP had been putting out flags directly into the ground When all the stones were cleaned and the names readable, Marianne found 26 veteran’s from the Revolutionary War to the Spanish American War.

Marianne can be available to give a talk and slideshow presentation on the Pepacton Project to any group. Contact her if you need a speaker. She only asks for travel expenses. Marianne Greenfield - Gravestone Cleaning and Maintenance Service, 3 Franklin St., Delhi, NY 13753 - (607) 267-2708 -


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See February 25, 2016 New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Release regarding Rehabilitation Project for Pepacton Cemetery

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