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photos by D. J. Paul

Photos and data posted here 12 April 2016 courtesy of D. J. Paul

Former Uriah Odell Family Burial Ground, located on property (Lot 161, of Colonel John Harper's Original Land Patent in what is now the Town of Harpersfield), property then owned by the Revolutionary War Veteran Ensign Uriah Odel Family and located at was then called Odel's lake (now called Odell Lake).

Odell Lake Cemetery is located on a guarded privately held estate at the north end of Whiskey Hollow Road (an unpaved dead-end road) off Odell Lake Road in the Town of Harpersfield, Delaware County, NY (in the western foothills of the Catskill Mountains).

--D.J. Paul, November, 2015 - (Uriah & Esther Sheldon Odell (aka: Odel/Odle) are Dave's 5th great grandparents)

Old Cemetery on Old Gilmore Farm, Odel's Lake, Harpersfield
taken from records of Mr. McPherson, Stamford, NY

    BUTLER, Daniel          10 May 1841     63 yrs
GRINNELL, Margaret 11 Jul 1836 40 yrs (wife of Myron)
ODELL, Abagiah 23 May 1839 40 yrs 15 dys
ODELL, Abagiah 18 Jun 1851 25 yrs
ODELL, Ebenezer 1 Sep 1838 2 yrs
ODELL, Esther 28 Sep 1839 81 yrs (wife of Uriah)
ODELL, Uriah 12 Aug 1834 79 yrs
SHELDON, Amy 21 Nov 1807 35 yrs (wife of Jonathan)
SHELDON, Jonathan 5 Jan 1822 52 yrs
SHELDON, Sally 19 Nov 1817 36 yrs (wife of Jonathan)

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Daniel Butler
Wife Mary Polly
(Mary "Polly" Odell is the eldest child of Revolutionary War Veteran Uriah Odell and his wife Esther (Sheldon) Odell. Broken pieces of grave monuments surround her husband Daniel Butler's gravestone)
Margaret Grinell (wife of Myron)
(missing gravestone - see pieces of obvious gravestones)
Abagiah Odell
Abagiah Odell
Ebenezer Odell
Esther Sheldon Odell (wife of Uriah)
Uriah Odell
Revolutionary War Soldier & Veteran
Amy Sheldon (wife of Jonathan)
Jonathan Sheldon
Sally Sheldon (wife of Jonathan)
Parents of Arlene Miller, the current property owner of Odell Lake Cemetery

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